Hannah Surprises N'ano With A Vist

Logfile from Hannah.
September 04, 2003

The Living Area (#15967)
Chaos plain and simple describes this part of the Weyrleader's weyr. The walls have been painted a bright cheerful yellow, at least that's the color of the parts you can see. Doorways leading to other parts of the weyr and outside are scattered just about everywhere. Each doorway has a covering of some sort to block out drafts and prying eyes, some door hangings are more creative than others. Off to one side near a hearth of rather large proportions are the high-backed comfortable chairs that many of the occupants tend to favor. Worn rugs dot the floor in places; a few rugs have toys strewn about them however so beware of walking around barefooted. Another corner of the room seems to be creeping out to claim the rest contains the rest of the many children's things. At least the seemingly small amount of things they have that are allowed in here. The rest of the area is taken up with whatever projects people have in action at the moment, along with the pegs along a wall near the exit for all the riding straps to rest.
To the southwest, you see a bronze dragon.
Gliding about are two firelizards.
You see Sea Painting here.
You notice Norsia, Uiije, and Jozzie asleep here.
N'ano, Serina, Kia, Musuko, and Nali are here.
Obvious exits:
Children's Area Parental Corner Ground Weyrs Landing Overlook

Dea toe dances in from the Landing Overlook.

Musuko blinks, and sticks close to Kia, keeping away from N'ano. "Sounds interesting.." not to mention fun… but she won't say that out loud! 'Suko takes a tuber, and munches on it a bit, taking small bites and listening to the conversation, keeping her mouth shut unless someone adresses her directly..

Kia bows at N'ano's explanation of herself "That would be. He's better at being a parent than I am so I moved in to be close to our son." a gesture towards the children's area "He stays in there with the others for the most part. Just turned a turn old not too long ago." doesn't she look proud. Serina gets a sympathy look "I craved this weird concoction of foods when I was pregnant. Now just the smell of it would make me sick." 'Suko's sticking is noticed but Kia just giggles "Hiding?"

Dea sneaks in, stopping short. Uh oh. The bottle of Gar Cider is quickly hidden from the sight. "Uhh I just stopped by to see how N'ano is doing?" Uh right…..

"It quite fits you," Seri informs N'ano as he boasts of being 'harem pet'. "So you have a weyrfull of people then," she says vaguely looking at the vanishing plate with disdain. "I'll go fry s'more," she tells him leaving a good size portion for him to eat. "D'ya think you can eat more?" She'd come back if he wanted her to.. Or she'd let him rest, as well as he can with such goings on. Seri follows Kia's gesture toward the childrens area with a smile. "I've been craving fried tubers quite a bit of late," she says with a smile and shrug. "I'm for the kitchens," she tells everyone.

Serina has disconnected.

Hannah wanders in, one hand gripping a stack of hides, but pauses when finding the weyr so crowded. She didn't expect to find a party and hestiates for a moment before slowly walking further into the weyr. A quick glance is surreptitiously cast about, perhaps checking for unmentionables before seeking her quarry. "N'ano?" is called out not too loudly.

Yeah, it's kinda fishy finding N'ano's weyr full of females, huh? Nice. But no, there's no unmentionables scattered about, unfortunately. "Huh? Oh—hey!" N'ano greets the weyrwoman, offering a crooked grin, "Got some visitors," he beams, quirking his brows at the stack of hides, "Those for me?" "Hey!" he belatedly greets Dea as he takes notice of her too.

Musuko blinks and nods, realizing that the word hadn't gotten out about her yelling at the weyrleader… yet.. "I don't know him all that well… and I do know you." is said simply, "and I didn't make a good first impression I don't think." A shrug is given, then she goes back to nibbling her tuber, watching the people go in and out, and listening to the conversation. Listening well, since she's been starved for news since she left the healers, she is silent and hesitant to anwser to anyone but Kia.. She hides behind Kia even more as the weyrwoman walks in, trying not to look like she's hiding, but hiding anyway.
Dea gives a tentative wave, trying to hide the bottle under her jacket. "If this is the wrong, time, uhh… I can come back?" She edges to the door, and passed Hannah. "Uhh… Just stopped by to see how's it going….?"

Kia grins Hannah with a wave "Hey there! We're here to cheer up N'ano I guess you'd say. That and apply numbweed when the need arises." 'Suko gets a smile "Ah that's alright when Bydelth decided to search me, me and my friend Zeja were talking about kidnapping him and holding him hostage on a ship. Just for kicks" note the cheeky look she directs at the Weyrleader. Dea's entrance and well almost exit is noted with a quirked brow.

Hannah gives Dea an odd look, but so far hasn't spotted the contraband goods. Back to N'ano, "Yes, these are for you. More storehouse counts that you could work on balancing while languishing in bed." Kia is given a quick, shy smile accompanied by, "Hi," and she doesn't see Musuko at all.

N'ano waves his good hand about, "Nonsensethere ain' better time than the present!" At Kia's little story, N'ano can't help but grin, "Like I would've minded that?" Oh the warped mind he possesses. "Soanyone want somethin' to drink? I've got uh—" N'ano pauses, holding up a pitcher of juice for a close examination, "Grape juice… guess it's the next best thing when I can't have the real stuff, eh Hannah?" he says, tossing on the most pathetic looking grin.

Musuko nods, then whispers to Kia, 'I yelled at him, and blamed him for my family's deaths..and I was crying at the time.. and the weyrlady walked in on it..' she knows others may be able to over hear, but soon enough it'll get out.. Keeps hiding, and waves to Dea, making sure Hannah doesn't see her, since she'd probably give her a stern lecture.. 'Suko hates lectures..

Kia rolls her eyes at N'ano "We knew that N'ano though I'm sure someone would have minded though" 'Suko is glanced towards "The past is the past don't let it worry you. Besides this is a time for cheering people up not dragging them down" this is said in a near whisper which is directed at her foster-sister. Grabbing a cushion from somewhere, a nice plump one at that she settles down in a cross-legged position "How've you been Hannah? Aside from.. " a thumb is jerked at N'ano "running herd on him?" boy she's awfully plucky tonight.

Dea exits for a moment but when she returns, the bottle is carefully missing. Whee, that was a close call. "So how is our current bad boy? Behaving himself?"

Hannah shakes her head at N'ano, "Don't beg, it doesn't become you." Dropping the hides in his lap, she turns attention to Kia, "Pretty good. Yourself? Valanth is well?" Dea is given another odd look, plainly trying to figure out what she's up to. Musuko is given a quick, curious glance and a small smile of greeting before commenting to N'ano, "I think /grape juice/ is just the thing."

"Bad boy? I ain' nothin' but the portrait of innocence," N'ano beams, tossing on his most cherubic smile towards the Weyrlingmaster. "And of course I'm behavin' m'self. Can't do much to get m'self in trouble now, can I?" Don't answer that. Mistakingly, N'ano adjusts his posture, applying pressure against his arm which of course, has a chain reaction of pain—an utter whine heard shortly after as his free hand reaches up to grasp at the wound.

Musuko eeps as Kia sits down.. and looks away from Hannah, maybe she won't recognise her? Hopefully…. probably not… 'Suko sits down on the floor, stretching her legs out streight and crossing her ankles.. Maybe Hannah won't remember what happened? or mabye Hannah will be forgiving? Probably not… 'Suko's never had much luck with authority figures… doesn't that just figure that she'd loose her temper at the weyrleader? "Good day Weyrlady.." is said softly, shyly, not at all in the tone that she yelled at N'ano in..

Kia wiggles in her seat to get more comfortable. "Oh Valanth is fine, caught a green the this morning so he's smug at the moment." 'Suko is sent a look rather of exasperation [sp?] N'ano's movment and gasp of pain has her reaching for numbweed "Need anymore or did you just move to fast?" green eyes watch him carefully. Boy isn't she such a nice nursing assistant.

Dea appears to be innocent. She's behaving herself, after all, she has a responsible position to uphold, returning the cherubic smile back at N'ano. "So know how long you going to be laid up?"

"Till this shardin' thing's all healed and the healers give me the okay?" N'ano replies to Dea with a helpless sigh. "Pro'lly 'least a few sevendays, unfortunately. This is gonna kill me." Not literally, but just emotionally. "Feel like I'm completely neglectin' Bydelth for not bein' out there to bathe 'em and oil 'em… 'n I know the kids are out there to do that, but still." Aww. "Shardit! I feel so—GAH! /Why/ did this happen!?" he grunts, slamming his back against the couch purposely. Shaking his head at Kia, he just waves the numbweed away, despite the pain.

Hannah's attention is grabbed by N'ano's yelp of pain. "See? You shouldn't be moving. " Snatching the hides back up, goldrider decides, "Never mind. I think I'll have D'baji see to these. Or Vivian." Musuko is given another gentle smile before she returns in kind, "Good day." Dea is given a rather unbelieving look, sensing that she's not quite getting the situation. "A green, eh? Which lucky green would that be?" is inquired of Kia almost absently, but not unkindly.

Dea waves to Hannah, looking very innocent or trying, but at N'ano's yelp, she tsk's. "Scoring is a terrbile thing to be laid up with. Just terrible."

Musuko keeps her mouth shut while everyone's busy with N'ano, and looks concerned… She used to be a healer…. She knows about injuries.. "Thread score is pretty bad… how bad is it?" is asked softly, so that if anyone hears they can anwser, but if not oh well. She perks up at the oppertunity to help N'ano.. perhaps, she could talk to his dragon, keep him company, or even bath him! If only she could get N'ano to agree… She pleads with her eyes, looking towards the other area where the dragon is…

Kia winces at N'ano's self inflicted pain. Not knowing what to say she glances over at Hannah with a shrug "Oh it was Aira's green..Sardalyth or something I think." sometimes her memory is worse than Valanth's it would seem. Glancing towards her own part of the weyr she frowns "Actually it would seem he needs something. I'll see you all later. Hey N'ano just let me know if you need anything sometime. I'm usually around." with that the bluerider makes for her weyr.

Kia strides to the Valley of Perfection.

"Bad 'nough to keep me out of m'duties for way too long," N'ano replies after catching Musuko's questions. "Alright Kia—thanks. I'll be sure to give ya a hollar." With that said, his pillows pulled in front to his lap, his bad arm resting carefully above it. "Anyone seen Bydelth recently? He lookin' alright, at least? I know he was feelin' really worried 'bout me. I hope he's eatin'…" With a sigh, N'ano makes an attempt to get up to give a peek out towards the bowl.

Musuko looks after Kia, almost getting up to go with her, then settles on her vacated cushion and watches the preceedings with wide eyes. Patients in pain she's used to… dragonriders upset at her… no.. But pain she can do something about! "You sure you don't want numbweed?" is asked, "I could put some on.. Or check on… Bydelth for you if you want.." Sure, she loves dragons.. a bit nervous that they'll bite her head off, but she likes them just the same.

Hannah is quick on her feet and with a quick wave to Kia, she's back a the bed brandishing the hides in the Weyrleader's face. "Don't get up! You'll tear or rip something. Bah, Dhiammarath will make sure Bydelth eats. And reassure him." Dea is turned to and sized up with a quick glance. Being quite a bit taller than the goldrider, Hannah asks, "And Dea will hold you down if you try to move again, right?"

Dea gives hannah a side ways look. She has the perfect remedy for pain but it's outside and going to stay there. "Uhhh Ftors says, Bydelth is fine. Dhiammarath is taking good care of him."

Dea nods to Hannah at her statment. "you betcha!"

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « I bespoke Bydelth with: Dhiammarath thinks « Eat. You're lifemate is trying to get out of bed to make sure you eat. Reassure him you're eating. » »

Hannah says to Musuko, "I don't believe I know your name.." by way of apologizing for almost ignoring the girl.

N'ano cracks up laughing after a long moment of well, blankness. With a grin, N'ano settles back down onto the couch, "ManI hope he don' go eatin' the entire stock now!" He won't share what else his lifemate had to say. "Alright," N'ano finally says in defense, holding one hand up, "I ain' movin'. Promise. I want this thing to heal just s'much as ya'll dobut it's just so hard not bein' able to do everythin' I used to doin', y'know?"

Musuko smiles at the thought of anyone holding down a man who wants to get up. "I'm Musuko.. healer Journeyman Kiriya's little sister, and Kia's foster sister.." she bobs her head and smiles… "Former healer as well." is tacked on, her voice letting out a bit of pain in that last bit… "Now I'm just a traveler.. until I find a place that I fit in." Lowering her eyes she fidgets with the ends of her hair, her eyes darting up to the others. "Numbweed would help it heal with less pain… And maybe faster too." A tone of reminder is in her voice.. she know's N'ano used to be a healer.

Hannah's eyes narrow, "I'm sure it is." She backs away, hides still in hand, smiling a little grateful smile to Dea. "Just be careful." To Musuko, "Well met," is replied in her naturally reserved voice. "Enjoying your stay at the weyr?"

" Numbweed don' help it heal in the least bit—just numbs the pain, really. But that salve that Lesa made up for me will…" N'ano trails off, looking around for it, "I'll put it on 'fore I go to sleep. My shoulder's still a little numb from what Kia put on it." N'ano still -is- a healer, silly! Just with a dragon specialty now, that's all. But no less, he gives a waving motion towards a table, "If you wouldn't mind grabbin' it for me?" is asked of Musuko.

Dea eyeing Hannah and the handful of hides, "Uhh do you need help with those? I'm not much good with figuring and the like but …."

Musuko jumps up and gets it off the table. "No problem!" is said, her eyes gleaming happily now that she's able to help. "Want me to put it on?" she hands it to him, and sits on the floor by his bed. "I won't hurt you." she laughs, and sighs. "Well met to you as well Weyrlady." That last bit is said to Hannah. "I can't stay much longer if I'm to make it to a place to spend the night…"

Hannah looks from the hides, a bit rumpled now, to Dea, her thoughts plainly flickering across her face as thus far the hides have been used almost as a swatting stick for the recalcitrant N'ano. "Sure. They do need to get done and he," finger quirked N'ano-wards, " isn't fit to even move. If you don't mind." Lips curve a little as she almost reluctantly offers Dea the hides. "You can always stay at the weyr for the night. We have plenty of guestrooms. Just see the Headwoman and she'll set you up. You're welcome to stay as long as you like," Hannah replies in response to Musuko's comment.

N'ano shakes his head, instead pointing to the small end table nearby, "No thanks—just gonna wait till I'm ready for bed to put it on. Its effects'll last longer that way," he replies, sticking his tongue out at Hannah childishly, "I can write just fine, I'll have you know… and I can certainly read."

Musuko bows, then shakes her head. "I promised my sister I'd stay with her… I've got a long walk.." she sighs, and looks at N'ano.. "Hope you get better soon." she bows to all, then makes her way to the door, and steps out, ready to walk. "Bye." is called over her shoulder, and she dissappeares.

Musuko goes home.

Dea smiles at Hannah, "I'll help make sure they are done to your satisfaction Hannah. Just leave them with me."

Hannah just lifts her eyebrows, "Maybe you can. But probably better you don't." Musuko is given a parting wave as Dea takes the hides from her other hand. "Good. Good." Staring hard at the brownrider. "And make sure there's no sneaking of anything alcoholic. If there's anyone I can trust with this, it's you, Dea."

" Hannah Hannah Hannah. N'ano's not about to go drinkin' anythin' alcoholic at the moment, despite his overwhelmin' urges to," N'ano grins, adding, "Like I said, I want this thing to heal just as quickly as you do so that I can be back in action." Of course, if he had his way, he would've been flying sweeps today.

Ista Weyr: The watchrider announces the arrival of Kal.

Hannah just frowns at N'ano. "Sure. Yeah. You strike me as the kind of man that would sneak off to try to /work/ though. Therefore… constant vigilance!" Such a good idea.

Dea decides to stay out of this. She really does. Trust Dea? uhh sure? "Don't worry Hannah. He'll do just fine."

"Hey, y'can't really blame me for bein' a hard worker now, eh? If I had my way I would! But no—I pro'lly got twenty dragons blockin' my weyr entrance from the outside, not to mention if I even blink wrong, ya'll are gonna jump me like a madman!" N'ano laughs, quirking his brows at the weyrwoman, "So I'll just sit here for a month doin' absolutely nothin' productive… and lose this nice body of mine to junk food and lack of exercise."

Hannah raises an eyebrow. "Me? Jump you? Not hardly." Tilting her head, she adds quietly, "But I can see parking a few dragons near your weyr entrance." Corners of her lips quirk in a light tease, "For encouragement, you know. Ah, you won't get too soft. Before you know it, you'll be exercising your gut back off with drills."

Dea grins, "Now N'ano, I'm sure Hannah and the healers can find a way for you to keep your bod in peak condition. And you can of course, exercise other er…. parts of your body while you recover?" Waggling her eyebrows.

"How'm I gonna get a gut if I ain' 'llowed to drink?" N'ano grins, quirking his brows at both women, "Honestly though—I doubt I'll even have an appetite anyway… hardly got one now. I was actually sick to m'stomach from the pain earlier today," he admits, tossing a hand towards the now-empty bucket off to the side.

Hannah shudders and shakes her head, "That's rough. Just make sure you take it easy. I'd rather see a gut on you than have to watch you sit another month in bed because you took it too fast." Dusting her hands off, she adds, "I've got to go back to my duties. Take care, N'ano," before heading out of the weyr.

[end of log]

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