Hannah's Search Yet Again

Ysbryth's Ledge (#12281)

Slate grey stone underlies, subtle flecks of silver interlain with other touches of darker, more intense obsidian. Smoke drifts, pales, shades the well-worn ledge itself with a cloud of soft charcoal, balancing an otherwise drab slide of stone.

It is an autumn afternoon. The sky seems a bit brighter, the high clouds a little whiter, with occasional breaks in the cloud cover. The north wind continues, chilling you. You notice Fionchadd and Areiah asleep here.

Obvious exits: Inner Weyr Stairs

The broad, steep steps devour the distance 'tween ledge and bowl.

Central Bowl (#3812)

Seven spindles brush the clouds — quite literally — overhead, a jagged, spired cotillion grey-stoned majesty. The bowl from here is expansively large, extending a full half mile in both directions, and although sometimes a bit of a stretch, most of the hubs of activity can be easily observed. Hard-packed ground shows the common pathways, all of them meandering about the craggy bunch of boulders that form a centerpiece: carven, hand-worn and foothold-full, it gives a bit of centerpoint to the otherwise vast emptiness of the area.

To the north lie the hatching grounds and leadership weyrs, while the lows of herdbeasts mark the feeding pens to the northeast. A flurry of ever-present activity marks the living caverns to the west, and another time-traveled path the ground weyrs just adjacent to the southwest. Southeast, a glint of blue shows the lake, glittering and cold.

It is an autumn afternoon. The sky seems a bit brighter, the high clouds a little whiter, with occasional breaks in the cloud cover. The north wind continues, chilling you. Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are seventeen firelizards.

Brown Fallanth, green Zoryanth, green Miravith, blue Lainnoth, green Alymath, bronze Soquilith, Brown Dsalth, blue Mzadith, and green Zaqith are here.

You see a wagonmaster, Cattysaur, Box, Dustina, and Wagon Three here.

R'sli is here.

Obvious exits: Pens Northern Bowl Caverns Ground Weyrs Lakeside Guards HQ

Above, Larisseth drops down towards the Bowl. Larisseth drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.

Hannah blinks as a familiar green drops in from out of the sky. "Elle?" She shades her eyes and peers up the dragon to try and distinguish the rider.

From Larisseth's neck, Lime suddenly disappears ::between::!

R'sli moves around Zaqith as he hears Hannah's voice, blinking as he sees the green. Part and parcel of living in the Weyr; one gets used to having dust swirled around from dragons lifting and landing. He waves at the other rider, and shifts the bundle across his middle, glancing down briefly.

From Larisseth's neck, Elle mock shivers down to her toes as gloved fingers grip at one of the green's neckridges. "Beasly climate." No matter if it is in the heights of summer, High Reaches will always be cold to Elle. Helmut remains on her head as well. Nose twitches as she glances down, "Good, my reputation has spread this far. Nice to hear." Eyes squint down, "Oh… Its Hannah." She is supposed to know her name. "Good day, Hannah."

Elle swings a leg over Larisseth's neck, sliding swiftly to the ground with a *swish*.

Larisseth steps toward Hannah intently, once her rider is done dismounting, pausing in front of the girl only to extend a forelimb so the 'Reaches girl can examin her talons. Hannah spots R'sli when he moves around Zaqith and she offers a shy little wave. "Hello, R'sli." She allows her lips to curve slightly in a little grin. "Oooh, Larisseth,"

Hannah begins, examining the talon. Always feeling more secure with dragons than with people, she whispers, "You need a toe job.." Turning she asks of Elle, "What brings you to the 'Reaches?"

R'sli grins at Hannah, and opens his mouth to speak when a definitely non-riderish gurgle is heard. Blushing furiously, R'sli shifts his bundle again, revealing a shock of deep-red hair and a pair of curious green eyes. "My apologies—Elle, is it?" he looks at Hannah for confirmation, and nods. "Welcome. I'm R'sli, and that's my Zaqith right there," he says, jerking a thumb at the gilded green, who is now peering curiously at the new arrival.

"Must be the friendly atmosphere… certainly isn't the climate." Elle's gaze seems to have wandered R'sli-wards. Body's weight shifts onto one foot as she cocks one leg. One gloves hand drops to her waist as the other reaches up to twirl a curly-ended lock of wayward hair about a finger. Looking through lowered lashes at the other rider, she awards R'sli one of her sidling grins. But, her words are for Hannah, "Larisseth just so wanted to come here today."

Hannah tilts her head slightly, the child in R'sli's arms is spotted but her attention is given back to the Istan rider. "Larisseth must want her nails painted. They are sadly lacking in any kind of adornment.." And to think, they looked so pretty when she was down at Ista.

Larisseth takes another small step forward, pushing her foot almost onto Hannah, but stopping just short. She cocks her head to the side and gives an ever so slight croon of welcome.

Hiliza steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Hiliza is hardly outside before she remembers, ducks back in, and is out again a mere moment later, cloak being wrapped around her arms as she exits again. A polite smile is given to the people in the Bowl, and she makes her way for the lakeside, holding the black fabric close to her petite and easily chilled body. Thee lizzen flit after her in their fashion, twittering amongst themselves and eventually coming to huddle 'round her against the chill. And these are creatures that go /between/. Hm.

Elle continues to look most coquettishly at R'sli, her grin deepening to be almost illegal with all the innuendo. "Yes, Elle… you say that so perfectly." The flesh above her chest pebbles as if brushed by a cold wind, and immediatly the rider is wrapping arms about her middle and pulling up the lapels of her jacket. "Fradling well freezing up here." Really now. A twinge of a smirk taints her features as she glances back to Hannah, "Hrm? Oh yes. Like we discussed before. We've managed to hone her nails quite well. Perfectly formed, they just need their polish upon them. You know, dark and starry skies or something of that sort."

Hannah raises a hand to gently touch the bare talon. Hiliza is given a shy smile as she comes out of the living caverns. She does say shyly to R'sli, "Cute little one you have there…" Talon is eyed again, "I think midnight blue with little silvery stars?" is whispered to Larisseth right before Elle's suggesting. "Yes, that sounds good.."

Banzai steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

R'sli grins lopsidedly at Elle, and chuckles. "Well, it's just early autumn," he says apologetically. "We're all sort of used to it up here." He indicates his own casual dress and notices Daget about the time that Hannah mentions him. "Oh, yes. This is my sister's child, Daget. He was dropped off last night."

Larisseth is pleased enough, scooting forward just a bit, then sitting back on her haunches, one forelimb extended, ready to be made pretty.

Hannah begins to examine the talon with delicate care. "Cute little cherub," she says to R'sli over Lari's nail. "I think I have just the thing, though it's in the brat's cavern. But it will take awhile to paint, Elle. Because once I paint the base midnight blue coat.. I'll have to wait before I can paint the little stars. And then Lari will not be able to fly until it's dry. Or else," she adds, finally looking up, "she'll mess it up."

Elle quirks her grin to Hannah. "I talked to the Smiths about polish and they came up with the most wonderful idea. They put little flecks of mica, or something like that, in the white polish, it actually makes it sparkle. I plan on using some of it myself. They gave me /two/ buckets of the polish. Says it will even stand up to flame and minor thread scorings. And the navy is to die for. It'll complimet her hide and my eyes superbly." Greenrider gives R'sli yet another of her patented grin, "Maybe some time you could help me get used to it? Hrm…"

R'sli actually blushes at Elle's bold suggestion, and clears his throat. "Um, perhaps," he says with a tight voice. "I'm sure there's mulled wine or cider in the Living Caverns," he suggests. "I've got to find some warm milk for this one, anyway." He shifts Daget again, who shoots him a dark look at being jostled so.

Hannah beams up at Elle, some vestiges of her shyness falling away. "Now -that- sounds nice. I think your suggestion will be perfect. But.. I believe it will still take some time.." WArm cider does sound delicious. It's awfully chilly just hanging around outside.

Elle's dark eyebrows rise slightly at Hannah's own polish suggestions. "Oh, might we have to try both possibilities and see which will look better? Invte some others over to the weyr for a polishing party." Instantly the wheels beging to turn in her head, you can almost see the progress such thoughts make as her eyes light up with something more than the setting sun. At the moment, R'sli is flat out ignored for thoughts of fashionable entertainment.

Larisseth turns her head to look at her rider a moment, before scooting forward so that tail can work it's magic about Hannah, quickly ensnaring her. Nope. No one's going no where, not until her pretties are done.

Hannah tilts her head and giggles, "I think Larisseth wants her talons done now…" Tucking a strand of moon-pale hair behind her ear, she attempts to twist in her sudden snare. "I am quite firmly caught…" Um.. help?

Elle blinks out of her daydreams as Larisseth moves. There went her windbreak. Rider immediatly shuffles closer, going so far as to bask in the heat of the dragon as she leans on the green's side. "Larisseth has had alot of experience captureing people lately." Rider's grin lilts to the side as she considers Hannah with prospective eyes. "Then its settled. You'll come with us to get that paint, /again/." Oh yes, Elle certainly remembers the last time this happened. So, she hastily adds, "But there is no kidnapping involved. We'll bring you right on back here when Larisseth and I are done with you."

Larisseth considers this a moment, then flexes a few muscles, squeezing caught victim just a bit, before turning to Elle with a somewhat plaintive croon.

Hannah gives a little "Oof" as she's squeezed a tiny bit harder. "I think I could come for a visit. Mother won't mind.. I"m all caught up in my work." She pats the tail that has ensnared her, "No need to squeeze to convince me. I want to see old friends anyway and walk those nice *warm* beaches."

Elle's eyes suddenly burst wide open. Rider hasitly glances askance to Larisseth, nearly at some kind of gape. She swallows, attempts to compose herself by brushing both hands down the front of her jacket. And now, she finally looks to Hannah, a quick grin added to stop any queries before they begin, "Yeah, when Larisseth is done with you." *gulp*

Hannah quirks an eyebrow and grins, "When Larisseth is done with me, eh? She'll have a pretty toe job then." A grin curves her pale lips to show off her crooked, endearing teeth. Already, she is thinking of how each talon should look.. and how each should be different.. Hmmm… She taps her chin with forefinger.

Larisseth isn't letting Hannah loose until Elle explains fully, dragon just sits there and watches her rider, eyes whirling a merry blue as she waits.

Elle immediatly steps up to Hannah and gently urges her t'wards the caverns, working to remove Lari's tail-clinch on her. "Just run along now and gather up what you think that you need. Hey, you might even get to spend the night. Who knows just how long this nail painting will take."

"Okay.." Hannah attempts to free herself as well before turning to say. "Lari, dear, I can't paint you if you won't let me go get my brushes.." She gives the green an imploring look and points to the stairs to Ysbryth's ledge, "See? I'm going right up there.. and if you'll just let me go..? "

Larisseth ever so reluctantly loosens her tail grip, scooting away a bit and settling down to watch. She isn't moving 'till she gets back?

Elle scowls mightily in Larisseth's general direction as she bends over the green's tail, practicly wrestling with the unrelenting tail. "Will you please… Please… Puh-lease." She definitly sounds like she is pleading with the green there. It shows in her face. "Gah!" The rider stumbles and rights herself as the tail moves, leaning close to Hannah, but her eyes glance everywhere but at the girl as she speaks in a lowered voice. "Trust me… pack for a /long/ stay and remember to bring your old candidate robe with you."

Hannah blinks at Elle and lifts an eyebrow. A long stay? Old candidate robe? Hmmm.. Howver, she does scurry up the ledge and disappears into the weyr. Voices can be heard and Ysbryth's head peeks out to see for herself. A faint, "I'll be back, Mother. Might be tomarrow before I finish those hides.." is heard before the assistant comes scurrying back down the ledge, complete with her sachel, of which big brushes protrude from one of the side pouches. "Just how long of a stay do I plan?" She can correct what she told to her mother later.. once she founds out just how long of a stay it'll take to paint her friend's dragon's talons.

Elle is immediatly working to bundle up Hannah right on up to the green, framing the girl's body with urging arm. "Just… just get on up there. The sooner we are out of here…" Elle's eyes grow as wide as marks at the sight of Ysbryth and she hazzards a finger-twiddling wave. "Oh, prolly about as long as to when the next clutch of eggs hatches at Ista Weyr, that kind of thing."

Hannah halts in midstride. "What?!" Her tiny, wiry frame is stronger than it looks and won't be budged until Elle explains. "ARe you…. asking…" Her gaze turns from Lari to Elle and back to Lari again.

Elle comes to a sudden and abrupt halt as all progress is stopped. "What? What?" Is there an echo in the bowl? Greenrider blinks and immediatly hunches closer to Hannah, "It was all Larisseth's idea. I swear to Faranth that I have nothing to do with it." What, this makes it the third time Larisseth has sniffed out Hannah? "There isn't really any asking about it. Larisseth wants you to stand on the sands again." She immediatly straightens and does her level best to look at ease. Her voice sings out, "So, lets get on now, /shall/ we?" Allbeit that last is growled.

Hannah grins and nods, "Yes, let's go."

Elle uses Larisseth's politely extended foreleg to mount the petite green, bestriding viridian neck.

You clamber up Larisseth's neck and set yourself between two neckridges.

Larisseth (#2962) [Central Bowl (#3812)]

Elle is true to her word, being as quick as possible to secure Hannah's things and then Hannah upon the green. "I'm going to get banned from High Reaches if this keeps up. Nothing like stealing the…" She trails off with a series of grumbled words. Hands move to slide over the green's skin, "Lets be quick about this, shall we?"

Above the Bowl

Larisseth is there and now she's not…*blam* gone ::between:: :::BETWEEN!:::

You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::…absolute darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you… you wait, and count…




Larisseth streaks from ::between:: leaving a green-sparkled, ice-flecked wake.

Sky High Over Central Bowl (Ista Weyr)

Sky High Over Southeastern Bowl

Sky Over Southeastern Bowl

You spiral down for a landing in the bowl.

Southeastern Bowl

This area of the bowl is the highest point of the bowl floor; from here, it slopes down and to the northwest, spilling out to the plateau below the wide gap in the Weyr rim to the west. Various tunnels here lead into the Weyr's inner caverns; the living caverns, hatching grounds, and main Weyr tunnel all branch off from here. To the west lie the stables where the Weyr's runners are housed. There is also a stone stairway that leads up to the Weyrleader's weyrs.

It is an autumn sunset.

Perched on rocky crags about the bowl are Restless, Nymph, Archer, and Selig.

Blue Cherenth, bronze Nhamarath, blue Kyanth, brown Sevareth, blue Wraeth, blue Magnolth, bronze Maraith, blue Abracath, and green Briganth are here.

Obvious exits:

Hatching Cavern Central Bowl Weyr Tunnel Living Caverns

Elle swings a leg over Larisseth's neck, sliding swiftly to the ground with a *swish*.

You slide gently down Larisseth's neck and land with a soft thud.

Elle moves to removes Hannah's things from their place on Larisseth's straps and then hand them over to the young woman. "You aren't like mad at me or anything. I mean, this is like the third time Larisseth has said that you would be a good candidate. I wouldn't want anyone mad at me for dragging you over here again and again and again and…" Well, lets hope it doesn't happen again.

Hannah jumps down and pats Larisseth's leg gently. "Smooth ride as always, Lari." Turning to Elle, she shakes her head. "No.. I'm not mad. I'm doubtful that I should be standing, but…" She shrugs, "It's still exciting."

Elle would typically pick this time to faint with relief, but instead she manages to remain upright. "Well, good. Thats good." And just as quickly, the rider goes defensive, "Hey, Larisseth wouldn't have picked you for nothing. She certainly must smell something." She then follows that up with a quirky grin. "I'll lead you back to the barracks. Though I'm sure you know the way."

Elle saunters with the best of 'em to the Living Caverns. You go into the living cavern.

Living Cavern (#4190)

Elle saunters with the best of 'em to the Southern Caverns.

You go to the South Caverns.

South Caverns (#7009)

Elle saunters with the best of 'em to the Candidate Barracks.

You go to the Candidate's Barracks.

Candidate's Barracks (#1942)

Long and low, this large room angles back into the mountain in a near-perfect rectangle, devoid of windows and hearth. A functional room — all black volcanic rock and simple earthen tapestries, there is nothing but stark simplicity in the seemingly endless rows of cots that scatter back into the shadows. A small clothespress sits at the end of each puce-covered bed — yes, puce. Every cot sports a rather gaudy and obnoxiously purple cotton coverlet, leftovers from PranksPast. Boys to the right, girls to the left. Enjoy.

Hanging out on a long wooden shelf on the wall are eight firelizards.

You see Saille's Cot, Sorcen's Cot, Tierza's Cot, Tstar's Cot, Beyla's Cot, Libby's Cot, Merra's Cot, Khaelyn's Cot, Kaltia's Cot, Nevarre's Cot, Nanoc's Cot, Filli's Cot, Marianne's Cot, Naomi's Cot, Jozelle's Cot, Egan's Cot, and Izzady's Cot here.

You notice Kaltia, Sorcen, Naomi, Libby, Beyla, Egan, Khaelyn, Jozelle, Filli, and Tierza asleep here.

Elle is here.

Obvious exits:


Elle sends a drudge running for a cot. After a few minutes the drudge returns dragging a big heavy cot for Hannah.

End of Log.

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