Hannah's Phsyical

Logfile from Hannah

Infirmary (#4059)

This large bubble shaped cave is most obviously natural. Showing sighs of recent renovations and overhaul, the walls are freshly painted and the fittings look quite new. One wall of the cave is covered in cupboards, one prominent one is marked with a black skull and crossbones, a heavy lock bolted to it. In the center of the room directly under a large glass glow basket is a stone bench covered in a padded sheet, this area is obviously the examining table. Around this bench are racks, draped carefully with sterile cloths. A bench against the back wall contains a sink and a water heater as well as some research equipment including a white cloth draped over what must be a microscope. The wall opposite the cupboards has three beds against it with curtains designed to be drawn around them on tracks, a chair beside each bed. The room smells faintly of redwort and numbweed.

On top of the cupboards are Lazuli, Bastiaan, Frost, and Kender.

Blue Aztereth is here.

You see Wild Orchid, Hyti's Haversack, and Physical Board here.

You notice Tynar, Kara, and Char asleep here.

Hytiaf is here.

Obvious exits:

Weyrhealer's Quarters GroundWeyrs Caverns Crafters'Area

You notice Hytiaf looking at you.

Hytiaf is bent over some collection of hides, an expressionless look on her face. her stylus swiftly crosses the light colored material as she traces something against the page. She doodling. She shouldn't be, but she is. It was a lot more fun than her normal schedule. As of yet, she hasn't noticed Hannah.

Hannah slips in on bare feet, her lower lip between her teeth. Glancing about hesitantly, the young woman murmurs, "Hello, Hytiaf," in her soft, shy voice. Standing near the doorway, the candidate waits for Hyti to notice her presence.

Hytiaf raises her eyes and smiles softly at the you 'Reacher that enters. She rises slowly and walks over, hovering just a little bit outside of arm reach. "Ahh.. you were searched agian. I'm glad. YOu here for your physical?"

Hannah smiles shyly, but happily, "Yes, ma'am. I'm here for my interview.. and I got searched again." Excitment glitters in her emerald eyes, warring with the natural shyness that tends to overwhelm her.

Tynar has connected.

Tynar wakes up.

Hytiaf smiles and nods, and gestures to the changing room, sure that she doesn't want to really mention it again. Last time the meer thought put the girl in tears.

Hannah,herself, is not looking forward to this part of her candidacy, and so she blithely tries to put it out of her mind. Large, wide eyes rov the room for something interesting to pique her curiousity. Gulp. Last time she was here… not that she's grown much. She's still the same ol' Hannah from before. Hesitating, she inches towards the changing room, smiling weakly. "Hyti….."

Hytiaf raises an eyebrow and smiles at her. "Yes Hannah? What can i help you with?" She smiles, her large blue eyes twinkling. "There's nothing to be afraid of."

Scolding herself for acting like a 13 turn old, Hannah scoots back into the changing room with a last, hesitant glance toward Hytiaf. Quickly, she slips out of her clothes and into the thing that just never covers one's body right. Being petite and small boned, it fits her better than maybe someone else. Peeking her head around, her face seeming to be swallowed by her large eyes. "I-I-I-I….I-I'm r-read-y."

Hytiaf nods, and gestures that some venture out further into the room, and actually sit on the examination table. "How have you been? Have you been sick lately? Do you have any healing wounds I should know about?"

Hannah peeks about the room and scurries over towards the examination tablethink mouseand scoots her skinny self up on the table. Shaking her head quickly she murmurs, "No, ma'am. I'm fine. No illnesses." Can you tell she's nervous.

Hytiaf nods quietly and pulls a glowtube from her pouch, lifting it and shining it in Hannah's right ear, then walks around to her front, shining the light in her right eye. "How is your foster mother? I haven't heard much news from High Reaches lately." She nods and smiles, then shines the light in her left eye, then walks around to her left ear, peering inside.

Hannah tries to keep herself still and not interrupt the healer. However, speaking while trying not to move proves almost impossible for the weyrbrat turned candidate. "Momma's good. "

Hytiaf nods and smiles, shining the glow tube up her nostrils for a moment, then gives Hannah a silly look. "Say Ahhhh." She shows her how, her mouth large and tongue sticking out, one eye closed and the other cocked open as wide as she can, trying to get Hannah to laugh.

Hannah blinks at Hytiaf before dissolving into a fit of the giggles. "Ahhhhhh…" The young woman's own mouth opens as her tongue waggles out, though with both eyes scrinched shut. "Like this?" is asked with her mouth open as wide as it is. An interesting picture, the girl makes.

"Exactly" She shines the light deep down Hannah's throat and sniffs her breath for a moment, then uses her finger to tickle Hannah's side. "Ok. now, i have to check your breathing. YOu do know how to breath, right?" Her hands fish in her pouch and withdrawl a listening tube, warming one end in her hands.

Hannah giggles again and then says, "I think so." Taking deep breaths and letting them out slowly, she looks to the healer to ask if she's doing it right.

Hytiaf nods for a moment as she places the tube on Hannah's back, down near where her diaphram is. "Now.. breath really big… slowly." She listens for a while, then moves the tube up to her throat, listening to her esophogus while she breaths. When Hyti walks around to face her again, she places the warm end of the tube on Hannah's chest and listens to her heart beat. "Goood. That was lovely. Let me test your reflexes now." she turns back to her pouch, hiding the tube with in and continues to look.

Hannah waits for the healer to pull out the right instrument, smiling when she turns back around. "I have good reflexes. At least Momma thinks so—I manage to avoid Ysbryth quite well. Sometimes, she doesn't take to having her headknobs bequeathed in ribbons…" She winks at the healer, shyly of course, but a little more bravely.

Hytiaf grins and smiles, pulling out the small mallet, and taps the first knee, then the second, watching the reflexes. She wrinkles her nose then looks up at the girl. "Aw.. well, I've always thought that dragons would look good with ribbons. Can you lay back please?"

Hannah giggles. "Ysbryth does. I put all manner of colored ones on her." Lying back dutifully, her moon-pale hair pools around her face as she cranes her head. "What are you going to do now?"

Hytiaf smooths out the makeshift gown over hannah's stomach and watches it. "I'm looking for hernias.. just sit up on your elbows. ok?" She wrinkles her nose watching her stomache carefully. "How's the rest of your family?"

Hannah's own gaze travels over her painfully thin looking form. "Lonie's doing good and so is Papa. " A yawn escapes the Candidate unwittingly, though her attention hasn't strayed from Hytiaf's ministrations.

Hytiaf nods. and walks down to her feet. She sighs.. and washes her hands in a basin, then rubs redwort all over them. With a smile she doesn't feel she wanders over to Hannah again. "Ok Hannah. I'm going to need you lie really still. I have to check that one last thing now. YOu're going to feel my fingers, but i'm not going to hurt you, ok?" She tries again to smile. All she wants to do is be sure the kid won't kick her in the face while she's checking, then she'll do it as fast as she can.

Hannah tenses at Hytiaf's tone. "What are you going to do?" Pale head pops up, her eyes wide and luminous. Gulp. Gone is the easy attitude of before. "Why are you rubbing that stuff on your hands.." Oh, dear, is it going to be like -last- time?

Hytiaf eyes her quietly and nods. "how about you close your eyes and think about the last time you when for a ride with Areiah and Papa and Lonie on Ysbryth. Just think about that and hold your breath." She nods and sighs, waiting for the girl to close her eyes.

Close her eyes?! The healer must have gone mad! Hannah shakes her head, her eyes only widening further. "Do we have to? I mean.. can't we skip this. I mean…" Tears begin to well up in her big eyes, not quite spilling over onto her cheeks, but close. She knows she's acting like a child, but still. No. Uh-huh. Not gonna.

Hytiaf sighs, and walks around to the side of the examination table and kneels down to smile at Hannah. "Look, sweetie. I have to. It didn't hurt last time, and its not going to hurt this time. Can you please be brave for me?" elsewise she'll be seeing her Mum really soon.

Hannah bites her lip and gazes around the infirmary, so close to sobbing, but not wanting to appear the child. Squeezing her eyes tightly shut—forcing the tears to course down the sides of her eyes into the soft, downy hair of her temples. "Please. Hurry." She hates this part. REally. She does.

First, Char's brows furrow — the sounds of pleading and cajoling filtering in through her sleep fogged mind. Then, she scowls — the realization that this isn't just some strange alter-reality and therefore part of her dream. Finally, she groans, shifting her weight into a sitting position, peering through slitted orbs at the commotion occuring over on the other side of the infirmary. "You know…"

Worse than the nasty drink after? Hyti strides down and lifts up Hannah's gown and examines her.. to see if she's pregnant, then is standing up fast, like she didn't bend over at all. Immediately, Hyti's at the basin again, washing her hands furiously. "its ok now.. I'm done. Go get dressed and i'll fix your drink." SHe doesn't look back at Hannah, afraid to show the girl that her tears made Hyti cry.

Hannah nods and gulps, quickly brushing away her tears as she scutters back behind the curtain. Glad, she is, to don her normal clothing, but she takes an extra few minutes to wipe away the last vestiges of her tears. It's over. For now. She scolds herself yet again for acting like a child, but she can't help it. The tears just come. Sniffling one last time, she peeks her head around the curtain and smiles at Hytiaf, all forgotten. Spotting Char, she smiles shylyOh, for Faranth's sake, the young woman hopes the rider didn't hear!and says softly, "Hello, Char."

Char frowns at the young woman. Of /course/ she heard. She saw a bit of it, too… "Such fuss over a simple examination neccessary for you to Stand. One would think you'd show a bit more courage." She tosses her legs over the side of the bed, the frown immediately turning to a smile as she greets the healer. "Good morning, Hytiaf. Think we can move out today?"

Hytiaf has poured a few liquids into a glass and has wandered over to Char's bedside, gesturing that Hannah come see her over there. She smiles at Char and wrinkles her nose. "Yes. But.. ya gotta stay off your feet, keep riding Az to a minimum and ask him to fly you gently… and definately not between." She looks over at the blue, and grows a little bold. "YOu hear that. I don't want her to start bleeding inside, so don't let her talk you into flying between till i say its ok." She smiles and looks back to Char. "Always keep your daughter warm and well fed, and both of you will be fine." she turns to Hannah now. "drink this down quickly."

Hannah gulps and blinks owlishly at Char. Uhhhh—this Candidate is definitely a scaredy feline. Yep. Uh-huh. Bowing her head at Char's words, she follows Hytiaf over to where Char is. She does avoid looking the bluerider in the face and instead, stands there biting her lip. What a fool she made of herself!

Char grins at the idea of being able to be up and about — with a daughter to show for her downtime. She ignores the fact of the child's mild deformity, noting that it is easily hidden beneath the blankets. "Thank you, Hytiaf." She eyes the nervous candidate with another frown. "Are you all right?"

Filli walks with cat like grace in from the Northeastern Caverns.

Filli walks in and glances about comming to check about her physical. She smiles softly as she notices Hannah and Tynar.

Hytiaf is sitting behind her desc working on something when she hears footfalls. She looks up at Filli and smiles. "HEllo there, can i help you?" she wrinkles her nose and smiles at the young woman who just entered.

Filli smiles and nods softly, "I was told to come here to get a Candidate Physical?" she says in a question hopeing she is in the right place.

Hytiaf nods a few times and smiles at the girl. "I'm weyrhealer Hytiaf, and i'll be the one conducting your physical. Are you ready to get started, or do you need a moment?"

Filli smiles softly, "I'm ready I guess." she shrugs softly never really having a physical before. "I'm Candidate Filli" she offers.

Hytiaf nods and raises a hand to guesture to a curtained off area in the back, the one preferred by hold girls and weyrfemales with actual modesty. "I'll need you to disrobe. YOu can if you wish, use that area over there, and don one of the makeshift robes that i keep there, but i'll guarentee you, they won't be comfortable. Then i'll need you to come back out here and sit on this table. How does that sound, Candidate Filli?"

Filli nods, "That's fine." she makes her way over to the area that was pointed to. She dose not have alot of modesty but she is polite. After a few moments she returns with the robe on. Moving back over to the table and sits down.

Hytiaf smiles, always amused at how the candidates react to that command. Hyti simply slips over to her desc, lifts her physical pouch, shoulders it and wanders back over to Filli, talking as she goes. "Now, how are you feeling? Have you had any illnesses lately or anyhealing wounds i should know about?"

Filli shakes her head, "Feeling fine, I've got a small cut on my leg from and accident with a pitchfork that is healing though." She points down the the spot on her right leg.

Hytiaf grabs her leg and lifts it up to examine it. She nods in affirmation, then digs her hand into her pouch and withdrawls a glowtube. She smiles up at her patient and raises her left hand. "can you look over here please?"

Char moves with slow, deliberate strides, a slight limp marring their fluidity, to the GroundWeyrs.

Aztereth swaggers with an awkward half-grace to the GroundWeyrs.
Hytiaf shines the glow tube in Filli's ear, and shines it around, looking for anmalies. she pulls her hand from Filli's right to her left. She hopes she'll follow the sign, then Hyti checks her other ear. "Can you please look at me now?"

Filli nods softly watching the glow tube. Not hearing Hytiaf at frist she jumps "Oh..yeah..sorry about that." she looks at Hytiaf and smiles softly. Addle brain Filli? not normally, it's all these chores.

Hytiaf smiles and shines the light in Filli's right eye, then her left, checking for clearness and no cataracs. SHe then tugs on your chin a bit and tilts your head upwards, shining the glow tube in your nostrils. "Now.. Say Ahhh.."

Filli grins softly and complies, "Ahhhhh…" she says trying not to laugh. She use to do that when she was kid alot it's funny to her now.

Hytiaf shines the glow tube into her mouth and looks about, even venturing a sniff at her breath. she slips the glow tube back into her pouch and withdrawls a listening tube, warming one end in her hands before plunking it on Filli's throat. "Take a deep breath please.."

Filli nods and takes a deep breath as asked. She watches Hytiaf as she end of the tube is still a bit cold but not bad. She takes another breath just to be sure.

Hytiaf moves the listening tube from her throat to her chest.. then after a breath or two of listening, moves it to her back just above Filli's diaphram. She bites her lip as she listens a breath longer then stands up, stuuffing the tube in her pouch and withdrawling a small mallet for testing reflexes. With out explaining, with out saying a word, she taps the top of one knee and waits for the response. Tis easier than the whole discussion about whether or not she's done it before.

Filli eyeballs the little mallet not sure what Hytiaf was going to do with it but thinking of other uses for it. She giggles softly and watches her leg jump. Niffty..

With another tap, Hyti creates another reflex reaction. She smiles and slips the mallet back in her pouch and smiles at the candidate. "Can you lay back for me? I want to check out some things in your stomache area."

Green eyes blink softly as the candidate shrugs, "Sure." she lays back moveing her hair out of the way to keep from pulling on it as she lays down. durn hair. Filli smiles softly and watches her intrest perking up.

Hytiaf uses one hand to flatten out the makeshift robe over your abdomen. "Can you sit up to your elbows and hold yourself there?" SHe smiles and waits for her comply, before turning away and walking to a wash basin. "Now. My dear. I have to check to see if you are pregnant. The weyrleaders want to know. I'm warning you, because that is next." She dries her arms then rubs redwort on up to her elbows. "is that ok with you?"

Filli raises and eyebrow and Hytiaf. "I can already tell you I'm not..but if the Werleaders must know it's okay with me." she says not completely sure what is going to happen next. Green eyes grow a bit wide as she watches Hytiaf.

Hytiaf nods and walks back over to Filli's feet and lifts the robe and examines her quickly for pregnancy. Ofcourse she's accurate, and swift, not wanting to inconvience Filli any more than possible. She wanders back over to the wash basin and cleans up. "YOu can go get dressed now, and then come find me. I'll have something i needed for you to drink."

Filli nods softly and hops down from the table, "It is going to taste bad isn't it." she grins and head to get dressed. Comming back out a few moments later.

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