Hannah Punishes Tstar

Hannah - Friday, August 31, 2001, 12:22 PM

Ground Weyr 1 (#754)
You enter into a comfortably sized weyr that is large enough for two dragons to curl up in peace without disturbing the other. A few tapestries hang on the walls giving the place a feeling of home, instead of a place to just convalesce away from the others. In the back a divided sleeping chamber with a couple of beds is curtained off so the riders can sleep with a bit of privacy.
Gliding about is Ze'ia.
Gold Quarith is here.
Tstar is here.
Obvious exits:

Hannah enters the ground weyr, her steps only slightly halting. "Tstar?" comes the soft voice of the newest weyrwoman, "Good morning." She hovers near to the doorway until Tstar invites her in.

Tstar nods. "Enter, weyrwoman." Her voice is almost coldly polite. Formality seems to be her mainstay at the moment. Emerald eyes reflect the voice, cold, calm, polite and guarded.

Hannah clasps her pale hands together so that the greenrider may not see their trembling. Taking a deep breath, the goldrider coaches herself on what to say to Tstar. Green eyes fly around the room, not landing on anything for more than a mere moment. "How are you this morning?" Question is inane, but the weyrwoman hasn't the gumption to just jump right into her mission.

Tstar grimaces. "I've been better, had early sweeps, and Elbareth's gotten it into her head that I'm clamer for sweeps if we fly strait." She's probably right, A few aerial stunts generally improve the rider's mood. She frowns at Hannah. "You have something on your mind?" She prods almost gently.

Hannah keeps her hands tightly bound within one another before she starts out, "It would be about your, ah, conduct towards another rider of this weyr." Biting her lip, she tries to not look quite so shy and be more firm, like Saria, or Annie, or her own dear mother. Firm. "You, ah, threatened the man with your, ah, sword? And, you, ah, hit him rather hard?" Leaving her comments as questions, she gives Tstar the benefit of the doubt that maybe her information is wrong.

Tstar grimaces and nods. "Threatened yes… though the blade was never drawn." He got it away from her before that. "This was just before Elb went up." It is a time reference, not an excuse, at least in her mind. "R'ley has something of a black eye at the moment." She's not the kind to try and wheedle her way out of trouble she's gotten herself into.

Hannah nods her head, "Yes. Um, well, okay." Pausing, the goldrider nibbles on her lower lip again, her mind seeming to wander. Suddenly, she says, "Ah, yes. Well, despite Elbareth being proddy, we mustn't be hitting people and threatening them with swords." Gaze is given imploringly to Tstar before she continues, "So I must reprimand you and give you a few extra chores."

Tstar nods and grimaces. "Understood, ma'am." She responds calmlly. "I have a feeling L'vo will have a few words to say about it, if he wasn't the one who came to you." A beat. "what precisely will the extra duties be?"

Nodding her head, Hannah releases her hands to rub them against her riding leathers. "Well, now, ah, I will let L'vo know of my, ah, extra chores," it just seems to hard to say punishment," but for the next sevenday, I need you to do a bit of scrubbing for me." However, where shall she do this scrubbing? Wracking her brain, the goldrider thinks of a suitable place to really get down and clean all the grime and dirt. "I do believe that the inner caverns could use a bit of a good, deep down scrubbing. Floors, walls, et cetera. However, you only need to do this for the next sevenday or so. After all, Elbareth was proddy." Weyrwoman peeks up at Tstar from beneath her lashes — of course most of her little speech was delivered to the floor — hoping that the greenrider won't take too much exception to the punishment. She didn't ask her to clean the living caverns, no need to embarrass her like that.

Tstar has seen those caverns. The living caverns would have been easier! "Understood, weyrwoman. I take it there will be inspections?" there are always inspections, paranoia is a good thing when it comes to chores. It gets them done. She does not take exception to the punishment at all. She'll take it out of R'ley's hide. Or perhaps she already did.

Hannah nods her head, "Yes, there will be inspections. Either myself or L'vo will inspect," mental note to remind L'vo, "your work and deem it acceptable. Of course, I surely do hope that there is no more violence during the sevenday of punishment? Physical violence, that is." Her voice is a tad bit firmer and she's able to look the greenrider in the eye.

Tstar nods once. "Understood." Though the grimace on her face indicates that that might be the hardest part of the punishment to abide by. R'ley is being annoying, more so than ususal. "Is there anything else, Weyrwoman?" Her posture is a ridgid parade rest.

Hannah shakes her head, almost in relief. "Um, uh, nothing else, Tstar." Thank Faranth. Turning to head out of the ground weyrs, she pauses and in a flash of forsight that is not inhibited by her own innate shyness, she adds, "Might be best to stay way from the, ah, troublesome ones. I would hate to have to lengthen the scrubbing time.." Voice trails off before she starts again for the door.

Tstar nods and chuckles softly. "Indeed, I've been working on it. But Elbareth has developed a liking for his dragon." A devious creature. "I won't injure him. I promise. I don't wnat to be scrubbing any more than you want me to be scrubbing."

Hannah flashes Tstar a parting grin, endearing in it's brief presence on her lips. "Yes, well, that is true. Good day, Tstar. Clear skies."

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