Hannah Meets With N'ano Malek And Rielle


03:00 PM
Logfile from Hannah.

In the beginning…

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « I bespoke Bydelth with: Dhiammarath thinks « You are taking the Candidate home? His crime was that great? » »

Dhiammarath senses Bydelth isn't too sure himself « I think my rider has a plan… he seemed devious when we left. Right now—the candidate and him are fighting. Or maybe they're playing? I often play like that with my wingmates. »

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « I bespoke Bydelth with: Dhiammarath seems alarmed. « They are /what/? The Weyrleader and the Candidate are fighting? » »

Dhiammarath senses Bydelth rumblings, amusement in his tone, « No, N'ano took his knot off as did Malek… they're fighting as cousins now… » Boys will be boys! « But they don't mean to harm one another. »

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « I bespoke Bydelth with: Dhiammarath thinks « Where did you take them? » »

Dhiammarath senses Bydelth thinks « N'ano asked me to take Malek to Bitra. It gave him a good scare. He doesn't like it back here. »

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « I bespoke Bydelth with: Dhiammarath seems to retreat for a moment, but comes back full of sage and lemon that swirls through her voice. A very faint edge of irritation lingers on the last of her words. « Mine is very angry. She says if it weren't dangerous for her, we would be heading there. As soon as you bring yours to the weyr, mine wants to see him. » »

After a while…

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « I bespoke Bydelth with: Dhiammarath seems to lazily seek you out, irritated at being disturbed from her nap on her rider's whim. « Kindly inform yours, that mine wants to see -all- who are involved. As soon your feet touch the bowl floor. » The gold sinks back into the darkness of her nap. »

Dhiammarath senses Bydelth seems interested, a hint of flirtation in his tone, « All, hmm? Does that mean I get to see you, pretty thing? » Like rider like dragon, no doubt.

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « I bespoke Bydelth with: Dhiammarath sends her words as if from far away, twisting them into a swirling string of tones that echo just slightly. Her mind thread is reminiscent of hanging lanterns as each word seems to drift along her currents. « Not likely. It is not my season. Go bother someone else. » Maybe a little flirtatious herself? Maybe not? Slowly her presence slinks back away into the darkness. »

Even later…

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « I bespoke Bydelth with: Dhiammarath thinks « You might consider telling yours to pick up his pace. Just a thought. Mine is getting antsy. » »

And finally…

Dhiammarath>Bydelth circles in and lands.
Dhiammarath>N'ano slides from Bydelth's neck and lands gently on the ground.
Dhiammarath>Malek slides from Bydelth's neck and lands gently on the ground.
Dhiammarath>Rielle slides from Bydelth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Dhiammarath> N'ano disappears up the stairs to the Weyrleaders' weyrs above.
Dhiammarath> Malek disappears up the stairs to the Weyrleaders' weyrs above.
Dhiammarath> Rielle disappears up the stairs to the Weyrleaders' weyrs above.

N'ano walks nonchalantly in from the Landing Overlook.
Malek walks in from the Landing Overlook.
Rielle strides purposefully in from the Landing Overlook.

Muttering something about a certain Weyrleader -seriously- lacking a sense of humor, Malek follows at N'ano's heels with little cheer. He pays no attention to where he goes, glaring at N'ano's back — just because.

Hannah happens to be sitting down, fingers click-clicking on the arm of her chair, waiting. "So. You're back." Her voice is very calm and very quiet. "I want an explanation," she eyes the rather rough looking Weyrleader and Candidate, "And I want the explanation -now-."

Too bad N'ano's not -really- a crossdresser. Some lipstick would be really nice right now to cover up his split lip. At least he's not sporting any extremely noticable bruises… except under his chin. As he enters, ushering the others behind him, N'ano takes a stance, knowing all and well what's about to come. And there it begins. "Uh—" Malek's eyed momentarily, his look anticipating for the other to start.

Rielle walks in behind the two bloodied males, glowering at them both and covered in a fine sand of firestone. Rielle lines up beside Malek and salutes the weyrwoman politely. "Weyrwoman," she addresses, though it quite likely goes unheard. … Haha. Malek and N'ano are screwed, and for once Ri's not in the one in trouble, but she'll stand by and be calm, and look really really ticked at the males.

Doing what he's best at, Malek stays silent and eyes N'ano in return. A red mark on his cheek shows a promising soon to be black eye, but his lips are -not- split. He turns a bland look on Hannah, shuffling a bit to stand behind N'ano and Rielle. Coward? Why yes!

Hannah stares at N'ano, Malek, and Rielle. "Did you beat his tongue out of him, N'ano? Did he beat your tongue out of your own mouth?" Giving Rielle a considering look, she says, "You. Explain. You were there. You must have been involved. I want explanations -now-. And by -now- I do not mean for everyone to stand there shuffling their feet." Despite her harsh words, the Weyrwoman has thus far reigned her temper in enough to still be speaking calmly and quietly.

N'ano shares a few silent words with Malek before returning his attention towards the weyrwoman, stepping forward to relieve Rielle for the time being, "There's really not much to explain… We've been at dispute foroh, many many turns nowhe'smy cousin," N'ano admits, thumbing behind him to indicate Malek, "Andwe just had a few things to settle. And they are—all's well now. Honestly."

Rielle clears her throat and begins. "N'ano's canine was missing so he came into our barracks looking for it." Ri begins, maintaining a polite, straightened stance. She pauses, as N'ano steps forward, and quiets. Oh she'll tell the whole story, but she's not about to talk over N'ano. Nope. She'll be polite, sweet little girl and let /Hannah/ deal with it.

No denying the ties of blood, is there? Malek shrugs slightly, nodding at N'ano's words. However, Hannah picked Rielle to speak, so he stays silent. Quietly fingering the area N'ano punched, he leans over to whisper to N'ano. "I take it back. Not a bad punch at all," he asides in the lowest of possible undertones. He says nothing to Hannah, striving to look inconspicuous.

Hannah watches Malek whisper something to N'ano. "You can speak, afterall," she comments before standing and taking a deep breath. "You, and you," she says pointing to Rielle and Malek, "You'd better get back to the Candidate Barracks. From now until the Hatching you're to be chaperoned around by someone who can watch to make sure you don't suddenly leave the weyr like that again." She turns to N'ano, "I think we had better speak privately, no?"

Malek's little aside causes nothing more than a mere smirk—a smirk that'll probably get N'ano yelled at, no doubt. But he can't help it. Malek -is- the weakest link! And here it comes. Gulp. Offering a quick nod towards Hannah, he steps forward slightly, eyes focusing upon his boots until the others are gone.

Rielle bows to Hannah. "Myself included?" She'll argue with and yell at N'ano, but she's far too sensible to argue with Hannah. The chaperone she means. Upon receiving her answer, Rielle bows again and shuffles out the door behind Malek, reaching out to offer her candidate pal a pat on the back. "Come on, let's go to the infirmary and get you cleaned up." Aww, isn't she sweet.

Suddenly leave the -Weyr-? Malek can't let that go. He leans around N'ano and eyes the goldrider. "Weyrwoman, I think you're under a mistaken impression." He slants a look at N'ano, waiting for him to argue his point. "I'm no— well, maybe I am." Malek pauses, utterly confused. "Were you joking, N'ano?" The joke -sucked- if so, but it does mean that Malek is still a candidate — but it also means he kicked N'ano around as a candidate. Who else can boast that? He's confused! Nodding at Rielle, he offers a quiet look to N'ano. Good luck, man. -Good luck-.

Hannah watches the two prepare to leave, holding her tongue until they're both gone. She doesn't want to berate N'ano in public, after all. He is still the Weyrleader.

" What?" N'ano asks, twisting his torso around to look at Malek, "Ohno, I meanI really was upset with you—but I reinstated you as a candidate… since everything's all worked out now…"

Rielle offers a final bow to Hannah on her way out, inwardly echoing Malek's internal sentiments. Good luck N'ano.
Rielle strides purposefully to the Landing Overlook.

" Eh, right," Malek says, puzzled. He shrugs and moves after Rielle. Poor N'ano. Poor, poor N'ano.
Malek walks to the Landing Overlook.

Hannah rounds on N'ano, "So. Are you going to explain? Really explain?" She puts her hands on her hips, which rather emphasizes her growing middle. "Bydelth tells me you were -beating up on a candidate-. Tell me, tell me this is not true. Although I see the truth in his bruises and your split lip."

N'ano takes a deep breath, electing to stand whilst the story begins, "You seeMalek 'n I've had it for each other ever since we were kidsgrew up together… cousins 'n all that… we used to rag on each other all the time. I was holdin' a grudge against him from something very painful he did back when I was ten… and he'd been holdin' a grudge 'gainst me 'cause when I went to visit my family over in Bit" Oooh, so the truth comes out. N'ano's not -really- an Igenite, despite having been born there… posting, y'know? "Bitra, there was a girl… and we kissed a few times. Well, I didn't know Malek liked herhe saw and got all worked up about it… well, the grudge hadn't lifted-it only got worse once Malek was searched… we'd both go out of each others' way to insult one anotherI know, it's childish but" N'ano sighs, lifting his shoulders. "I just figured we had to end this battle once 'n for all… 'n knowin' the only way we were able to resolve stuff in the pastI took 'em to Bitra to first give him a scare 'cause I was seriously 'bout to kick him out of candidacy… even told 'em that I did. And then we just had at it—but everythin' was resolved."

Folding her arms together across her chest, Hannah listens to him silently. "So, instead of working out your differences like grown men. Or instead of acting like your position demands. You decide to take two Candidates to Bitra for a freeforall in fighting. You, the Weyrleader, hitting on a Candidate. Family issues aside, that's what you did." Unfolding her arms to put her thumb and forefinger against her temples, she sighs, thinking.

" Believe me, I've tried. It's -seriously- the only way to—work the kinks out of that guy…" And in attempt to save his own hide, N'ano adds a small, "We took our knots off it that means anything? That way it'd only really representin' family fightin'… but I know, that's still no excuse." Oh boy, N'ano's really in for it. He's had enough lectures to know this one'll probably be the worst of them yet.

N'ano adds, "And I really did boot him out of candidacy… so technically, he wasn't a candidate when that happened. I reinstated him on the way back here…"

"You think that by taking your knot off, that you've somehow become Non-N'ano? It doesn't work that way. You don't just stop being the Weyrleader. You -are- the Weyrleader in -every- action that you do." Hannah seems a bit flabbergasted at N'ano's circular way of thinking. "You may have booted him out, but did you discuss it with anyone? With me? Was your reason a valid reason for booting him out? Family issues does not mean that he's no longer a suitable Candidate." She sighs, "You know, you are the weyrleader, but I think I would have expected something a little bigger of you. And what about Rielle? How did she get dragged along?"

"His constant line of disrespect 'n shrewed comments towards me? Yes." At least N'ano hopes that's a good enough reason. It's probably not though. Eek. "Rielle? She's Malek's friend—I asked her if she wanted to go to see Malek off since well, I was brinin' 'em back home." And then N'ano sighs, becoming silent as he does so. He's probably not getting out of this one alive, that's for sure. He'll just hang his head in shame now.

Hannah nods her head, "Yes, you know that would be a valid excuse if you weren't adding to it with your own snide comments, which you freely admitted to doing just a moment ago." Throwing up her hands, she stares at him, "Assuming that because you took Rielle, I can take it that you didn't take Malek to Bitra in a planned attempt to start this childish fight?" Let's hope N'ano's answer is yes. "I won't even go into the fact that you exposed Rielle to this … this situation."

N'ano doesn't speak for a long moment after that. Really now, he's feeling as if he's some adolescent being spoken to about some really extreme bad doing. Eventually though, N'ano nods his head, "You're right you assume 'cause it wasn't planned like that. My actions took over my thoughts once we landed after he continued to deliberately toss comments out to irk me. I was obviously a misrepresentation of the Weyr, of my own self, and—it's just inexcusable. My sincere appologies, weyrwoman." My, aren't we getting a little formal with this.

Hannah seems to think for a moment, gazing at the floor quietly. "Now you see why this upsets me so much. If you'd just come to me first? Instead of just taking him off to the Hold, allowing Rielle to join you." She sighs, "We're supposed to be a /team/ here. Friends. Things like this? It seems like you're not really working on the 'team' aspect. And /that/ more than anything through this whole fiasco is what gets me the most."

" Hannah, really, I'm sorry," N'ano says in deep appology, resting his hand on her shoulder as he faces her, "I really just felt like things had to be resolvedin our own way. They were personal issues that should've been resolved someeight and eighteen turns ago when they happened, y'know? But they didn't 'n we allowed them to carry on foolishly for this long. It's not goin' to happen again… we're back on good terms with each other. I can honestly assure you that much."

Hannah nods her head slowly, allowing him to put his hand on her shoulder. "I hope so. I really do." She lifts her gaze to stare up at him, "Next time, something like this happens, come to me? Since Malek -is- a Candidate, it wasn't just you and your issues." That said, she moves on with, "Now. Let's talk about the Candidates. Concerning today's episode, Malek and Rielle will be chaperoned and I swear, if I hear another snide, rude, generally un-nice comment coming from /any/ Candidate, I think we should seriously think taking them to task for it.

N'ano allows a slight grin to take over before he nods ever so slightly, "AlrightI promise." He'll have to write that one downhe's promised so much lately, it seems. "Well, I don't think Malek'll be sayin' anything further, in all honesty. And since they kidnapped my canine—-I issued them all an extra chore for tomorrow…"

Hannah sighs, "Sometimes, I hate this time of the year when there are Candidates around. They can get so mouthy and all of the pranks." She rubs her temples, "It's tiresome. And what I need right now is something good. I'm tired and cranky." Giving him a slit-eyed look, "See that Malek doesn't. And see that the others don't as well. Maybe post a sign or something on the barracks walls."

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