Hannah Lifts The Ban On Alcohol

Logfile from Hannah.
September 16, 2003

You go to the The Living Area.
The Living Area (#15967)
Chaos plain and simple describes this part of the Weyrleader's weyr. The walls have been painted a bright cheerful yellow, at least that's the color of the parts you can see. Doorways leading to other parts of the weyr and outside are scattered just about everywhere. Each doorway has a covering of some sort to block out drafts and prying eyes, some door hangings are more creative than others. Off to one side near a hearth of rather large proportions are the high-backed comfortable chairs that many of the occupants tend to favor. Worn rugs dot the floor in places; a few rugs have toys strewn about them however so beware of walking around barefooted. Another corner of the room seems to be creeping out to claim the rest contains the rest of the many children's things. At least the seemingly small amount of things they have that are allowed in here. The rest of the area is taken up with whatever projects people have in action at the moment, along with the pegs along a wall near the exit for all the riding straps to rest.
To the southwest, you see one person.
Gliding about is a bronze firelizard.
Bronze Bydelth is here.
You see Sea Painting and Naela here.
You notice Norsia and Kia asleep here.
N'ano, Uiije, and Shayla are here.
Obvious exits:
Children's Area Parental Corner Ground Weyrs Landing Overlook

Uiije tends to the pair of black boots on his lap, buffing a soft chamois over the toes. Already a shine seems to be present, but not by magic. He's been at them for a few candlemarks. "Who?" The cloth is paused right where it is as he peers up, his neck cracking in the process. "Oo, that sounded like it hurt didn't it? But it really didn't." Okay. "Ah, preeeeeeeeecious!" The boots fall to the floor as he gets to his feet and peers at his latest grandchillun. "You must be the beautiful mother, I can tell Naela takes right after her mum." Yep, he's N'ano's dad.

N'ano clouts his father on the shoulder—not enough to knock the man over, hopefully, but just enough to give him a good shove, that's all. But since the Weyrwoman has made a presence, he spares his comment, instead directing his attention towards the woman, "Hey! Come to brin' me more hidework?" he asks sarcastically, motioning to the large pile sitting aside on the table.

Shayla grins and chuckles lightly, passing little Nae off to her grandfather, already taking a liking to him. "Aw, well she looks a bit N'ano too I suppose, but yeah, I guess she takes after me a bit too." She makes some small talk with him for a bit, and then smiles over at Hannah when she makes her enterance.

Hannah coughs a little as she hesitantly steps into the weyr. Smiling back at Sapha, she bristles a little at N'ano's comment. "As a matter of fact, no I didn't," is muttered softy before glancing quickly at Uiije, even while offering a smile that indicates she isn't quite sure who he is. "I came to see how you were faring."

Uiije knows how to cradle an infant after he's raised several and gotten the job of holding his son's growing personal army. "Lady Hannah, it's good to see you, I'm N'ano's lesser-known father Uiije. You here to scold my son again? It's okay with me, you know." That means less he'll have to do. Naela coos in his arms and the grandfather bends his head to make silly faces by crossing his eyes and so forth. It's a myth that they'll permanently stay like that, even though he threatened that tale to many children. Evil.

"Farin' well, thank you for your concern," N'ano replies towards Hannah, waving a hand towards a chair, should she choose to take a seat. And since the bottle that Jala brought over earlier still exists, N'ano maneuvers over towards it casually, tossing a dirty tunic on top in attempt to cover it. "Hey Hannah—y'ever meet my father?" he asks in distractment, quickly sidestepping towards the man who apparently, is holding the babe now. And since the man spoke for himself, N'ano can spare the proper introduction.

"Well met, N'ano's father," is commented a little wryly for lack of a name. Hannah turns to eye N'ano and his ill-concealed attempt to hide the contraband. "Mmmnnn. I thought you weren't supposed to have wine?" goldrider says in a carefully controlled voice, lending no hint to her mood. She quirks an eyebrow at Uiije, "He does need scolding often, no?"

N'ano is actually blushing. Hand reaches up to rub at his necka nervous gesture he's acquired. "Aheh, c'mon… it didn' hurt none. It was a present, too. I couldn' just say, no, y'know?" Nor could he -not- drink it right away? "It's just 'bout healedlast stages, y'know? I don' think it's gonna slow it noneshards, I'm even gonna see 'bout askin' Lesa's approval to unground me. It's just a little tender right now—like a sunburn. Nothin' more too it, see?" And with that prompt, N'ano rolls up the sleeve to his tunic, nearly shoving the former wound into Hannah's face with glee.

Uiije does some necessary tickling and is only marginally paying attention to his surroundings. "Pfff, does Thread still fall?" Using his little quick remark at Hannah's question, a sly look is pegged onto his Weyrleader son. "Honestly though, he's one of the few of my brood I actually see. The middle ones are both riders and the youngest I have no idea where he's about. Of course he's at that 'difficult' stage of a teenager and so he's 'finding himself.' You know how it is.." Nothing is said of Jala's contribution, probably Uiije himself having drunk from the bottle.

Hannah wrinkles her nose and gently pushes the bronzerider's shoulder away. "Mmmn. I see that." She tilts her head, thoughtfully, noting at how the room is practically salivating at the idea of the wine. "I guess it's time to lift the restriction. Probably doing it anyway," lips quirk as she lifts the tunic between forefinger and thumb to expose the goods. "Looks that way, anyway." Lips quirk in a quick grin.

Excuse the powerplaying, but N'ano actually gives Hannah a nice embrace, beaming as if it were Christmas. "You're awesome, y'know that? 'n noooowell, just this one'n that time y'caught me down with my secret stash that Tasi locked up… but I swear those were the only times!" he pleads, holding up a hand in his defense after backing away somewhat. "This'll just call for celebration, y'know—'pecially if I can get Lesa to completely unground me!"

Hannah slowly returns the embrace, her eyebrows lifted in amusement, although it's apparent from her expression that she doesn't quite believe him. "I'm sure. And you're welcome." She takes the proffered seat before adding, "If your wound is healing as good as you say, Lesa will probably unground you."

"It is… it don' even hurt anymore," N'ano comments in an aside as he too, settles upon a chair with a light huff. "I'll talk to her tonight if I can catch herI wanna go see m'sister 'fore winter hits in the 'reaches!" Right. "'n it'll feel so good to be able to fight thread 'gain'n to fly with m'wing, y'know? I feel so neglectful 'cause of this score," he sighs, reaching over to finger the empty wineskin idly.

Shay slipped out of the room silently after handing Naela to Uiije, just do the fact that she had a few errands to run. But she just as quickly as she slipped out, she slips back in, smiling, tickling little Nae's belly like she was never gone.

Uiije goes back to occupy his former chair and drapes an afghan over his thighs before placing Naela there. "Here, lemme show you how to properly shine boots.." Bending over, his old projected is resumed, showing the babe just how it's done. Like he cares about shoes when she can barely touch her toes. "Aw, isn't that nice, we can drink again!" Oh yeah. "The hug was nice too.." Shayla is looked at with a grin. "By two, she'll know how to polish a boot like a professional."

Shayla takes a seat near to where everyone is grouped, smiling over at Uiije, "Well I'm sure that she is learning from the best!" She eyes around the room, grinning over at N'ano and giving him a wink. Sometimes grandparents can be so funny….and Shay thinks this is kinda funny.

Hannah murmurs, "Better to feel neglectful than not be able to be a part of the wing at all." Seeing Shayla enter the weyr, she offers another smile of greeting and a quiet, "Hello." Casting a look askance at N'ano, goldrider adds, "At least you're nearing the full recovery point. I"m sure Lesa'll have you out and about in no time."

"Hey, dad, y'wanna shine mine after, too?" It's worth a shot, no? "But I ain' been -able- to be a part of the wing for the last two shardin' months!" N'ano responds to Hannah, his tone rather emotional, "Ain' been able to fly with 'emfight thread or even go to wing parties! 'n I sure hope soI don' think I can handle bein' cooped up on the ground for much longer… thankfully Bydelth's still been exercisin' so he ain' gonna be weak in the least bit when we take to the skies 'gain."

Hannah stands, "Well at least you're alive." Backing away, she adds rather hastily, "I've got to go, however, Dhiammarath needs me.."

You go to the Landing Overlook.

[end of log]

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