Hannah Joins N'ano And Jozzie


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Logfile from Hannah.

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And on Pern …
The time is 20:09.
It is evening of the fifty-second day of autumn.
It is the thirty-seventh Turn of the Tenth Pass.
It is an autumn evening.

Dhiammarath lowers one iridescent, pale forearm, allowing you to scamper up and grab ahold of her neck. With a slight lunge, you finally settles yourself between white-gold neckridges.

You take off, soaring out over the bowl.

You fly northwest, towards the center of the bowl.

You fly westward over the bowl.

You fly west.

You wing down and land on the beach.

Main Beach

The beach here is of a fine, glittering black sand… volcanic sand, remnants of a long-past eruption. The beach is fairly wide, which is a good thing since many of the Weyr's dragons like to come here and lounge in the sun. The crystal blue waters of the ocean roll up in gentle hissing waves on the shoreline, sometimes leaving shells or other treasures from the sea in their wake. On the north and south ends of the beach, the cliff from the plateau retreats into the forest, and trees flank the beaches.

It is an autumn evening.
Out on the pier, you see two ships.
To the south, you see a bronze dragon.
Curled up in the sand are fifteen firelizards.
Green Alishath, green Kitiarath, bronze Aboleoth, blue Valedath, blue Agzanth, green Myrrheth, green Hiakith, and brown Beniodyth are here.
You see Smith Booth, Herder Gather Tent, Minecraft Booth, Runners For Sale Corral, Wine Table, Party Table, drink tray, The Harper's Band, Kissing Booth, Dolphincraft Booth, and Risana here.
You notice Zixane, Lib, Serlan, Dot, Nanli, Kyren, Brid, Caeri, Serina, Janaelis, Kia, Alaizabel, Trik, Xveiya, Lexi, Bryann, Yue, Cynda, and Lyria asleep here.
N'ano, Shimmer, Andron, and Sapha are here.
Obvious exits:
Plateau Hillside Path North Beach Pier Water South Beach

Keriny walks down the trail from the plateau.

After you release the straps, Dhiammarath stretches out one pale, iridescent forearm allowing you to scoot down that pale hide. With a final release of grip, you fall the little ways down to the ground.

Well, Sapha's got a good point there, but N'ano's not one to become submissive to such an accusation. Yet. "Ah, but food'll hold you out longer, I'm quite certain. No, this task must be done in all fairness—on an empty stomach." Or they could -both- eat, but that suggestion doesn't even cross N'ano's mind. But since the Weyrwoman has made an appearance, N'ano stops right there, offering a quick salute to the petite woman at her arrival, "Hannah!"

Shimmer has disconnected.

Inside Kissing Booth, Keriny enters the Kissing Booth.

Keriny enters the Kissing Booth.

Inside Kissing Booth, Keriny has left.

Keriny has arrived.

After dismounting from Dhiammarath, the gold takes herself off and out of the way to curl up in a puddle of pale creamy gold while Hannah, upon hearing her name, makes her way over to the weyrleader. "N'ano," is offered with a smile by way of greeting. She nods her head to the others she passes by and those standing around N'ano. "How are the festivities going? I'm sorry I've been so absent, there were some things that just couldn't wait," she murmurs in apology.

Lookie, lookie. Andron's grin widens as Hannah makes an appearance, but he does not -quite- leap in with flattery to spare as she nears. He mutes himself, tipping his head in the Weyrwoman's direction. "Ah, Hannah. A pleasure to see you again so soon. Might I introduce Lady Risana? Risana, this is Hannah, Ista's loveliest goldrider." He'll let Risana deal with N'ano's fair offer.

Which, of course, Risana does, grin faint. "The longer you hold out, as you put it, the more vintages one can sample. Logically, food would then be a -good- thing." Attention redirected by Andron, she shifts green eyes to Hannah with a dip of her head, greeting the Weyrwoman as equal. "A pleasure, Weyrwoman," she says politely, elbow finding Andron's side to add to a row of bruises his shameless flirtations have earned him.

"Don't be sorryreally," N'ano grins, giving the woman a pat on her shoulder before motioning towards the others gathered, "We werejust discussin' Weyr-Hold relations, or the creation thereof. "You're quite correct, I must admit," N'ano replies to Risana with widened eyes. "Perhaps a meal then and fine vintage to follow?"

Sapha continues to peek about the various assembled persons. Oh wait! Was that him? Perhaps. "Oh It was lovely meeting you all, but I've got to be…over there now, I think my son is getting into mischief." Oh nice diplomatic save there Saph. With a nod of her head to Risana, Andron, N'ano and Hannah, she rushes quickly over to what looks like a gathering crowd. Yup her son is right in the thick of it.

Sapha scrambles up the sandy trail to the plateau.

Hannah smiles at Risana, "A pleasure to meet you, Risana." Gaze flicks back between Andron and N'ano, before she murmurs at Andron, giving him a quick sideways glance, "Is it?" She hmms softly before adding softly, "Seems I got here just in time for the dinner festivities."

Risana's smile broadens markedly, amusement clear in the curve of her lips. "Indeed, I am correct. Your offer sounds like a good one to me. I think, however, I shall take my escort here and spend some time sampling the rest your Gather has to offer. We shall be back shortly."

"We shall?" A nod on Risana's part has Andron sketching an amused bow to the two notables, mirrored by Risana. "In that case, I look forward to talking with you at greater length, Weyrwoman. N'ano, I'll keep you to that promised wine, if only for Risana's benefit." He does it out of the goodness of his heart, really.

Jozzie moves gracefully with a habitual swing of her hips, down the trail from the plateau.

"What?" Since N'ano and Sapha happen to have something in common, the forementioned son, N'ano's attention naturally turns towards the crowd. Hesitantly, he takes a step after Sapha, but reclines back into the group. She'll take care of everything, no doubt. "I do believe dinner will be served shortly anyway, up at the caverns, however. The cooks are brewin' up quite a meal so if ya'll care to join us in a few candlemarks, I'd be very much obliged." At the Holders' departure, N'ano turns back towards Hannah, just in time to catch a glimpse of Jozzie returning, "Hey! You two ladies care to join me for a little browsing?" Aka, wandering aimlessly around the gather.

Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Jesiya puts Sea Shell Weaved Bag in DolphinCraft Display Case.

Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Jesiya removes Sea Shell Weaved Bag from DolphinCraft Display Case.

Jozzie waves in N'ano's direction after making sure that her kids are doing well with the nannies. She wouldn't want to hide N'ano's parents away from such festive activities in and around the Weyr. "Ah.. little browsing, huh?" she asks, arching her eyebrow towards N'ano. She purges ger lips for a brief moment before sparing Hannah a glance, which changes that look drasticly into a smile. "Hello Hannah," she says. Yep, first name bases here.

Hannah lifts a hand in greeting to Jozzie, "Hello, Jozzie. How is Riyth doing?" Nodding, the goldrider accepts the weyrleader's invitation. "Yes, I would like that. Especially since I've just been available to enjoy the ending of it." Lips quirk wryly.

"Aye, browsing." In other words, N'ano asking for Jozzie to buy him this or that, no doubt. And since both women are seemingly up to it, he offers them each a looped arm to grab onto. "Maybe we can catch some tail-end bargains!" Very unlikely, but it doesn't hurt to try.

Jozzie smiles towards Hannah, "Oh he's doing just fine." She gives a rather flip of her wrist towards the forests where their forest weyrs lie. "He's on his ledge, seeming to be a little tense tonight. I imagion it has to do with all the crowds. We have had quite a turn out." The bluerider smiles and looks to N'ano. "I see you," she says, "Where did you sneak off to?" The question is… where did she seek off to. Hmm.

Hannah nods slowly, "It's possible we might. And we might not." She loops one arm through the weyrleader's offered arm before using the other hand to heft up the skirt of her gather dress to prevent too much sand from clinging to the fabric. "That's good," goldrider says to Jozzie, "It's always best to have a happy lifemates. Grumpy ones can be unnerving."

Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Keriny enters Dolphincraft Booth.
Keriny enters Dolphincraft Booth.
Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Keriny has left.
Keriny has arrived.
Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Jesiya drops DolphinCraft Display Case.
Keriny walks to the Pier.
Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Jesiya puts Sea Shell Weaved Bags in DolphinCraft Display Case.

Keriny swims in from the northwest.

"Eh? I've been here the whole time, my lady," N'ano grins, being quite truthful in his mini-explanation. "I thought you were returnin' several candlemarks ago! It was hard not to miss you, y'know…" he winks, adding "Luckily I was able to occupy m'self with quaint conversation!" he chuckles, leading the women around in a random direction.

"Had a little trouble with Corona. She wanted to spend time with me, while I was being dragged in every which direction. Did you know that there are a few herders here?" Jozzie asks N'ano, although also directing her question to Hannah. "The cooks have even wanted me to be the first to make sure the wherry was cooked." The woman seems delighted.

"Are here?" Hannah asks absently, more content to follow and listen to N'ano and Jozzie chatter. Her gaze roams across the beach and gather tents, taking it all in. She is quite happy to be on the silent side of the conversation.

"Aye! Indeed I didsaw Master Myra down here earlier. I think my parents might've met up with her too. Hey!" Something has obviously caught N'ano's eye as he tugs the two women towards a particular booth, beaming like a child with a sweetstick, "Woah! Look! It's likewoah!" What is it? Let the imagination wander.

Jozzie nods her head. "Yes, I saw her. She waved at me, but we didn't have a chance to chatter. I thought I might have seen Squaln too, but I could have been mistaken." Then, as N'ano tugs them towards the candy, she gives a light roll of her eyes.

Hannah echoes Jozzie's eye roll. "It's like.. bad for you N'ano. This is the stuff that gives way to a little extra around the gut." She eyes the wares of sweetstuff with raised eyebrows, lips quirking just a bit. "All of the good tasting stuff is bad for us."

"Pfft… I was hardly 'llowed it when I was a kidso why can't I enjoy it now!?" N'ano protests towards the two women, breaking free just for a moment to toss the vendor a 1/16 mark for the goodies. "Relax," he states, tucking it into his pouch. "I'll save it foruh, later. Or I'll give it to the kids if they get their chores done… 'n I ain' gettin' fat!" N'ano again protests, poking his slim tummy. It's a nice one, you wanna see?

Jozzie reaches over to poke N'ano. "Sooner or later that is going to catch up with you," she replies. At least she is slim when it comes to sugary foods, otherwise (despite her metabolism) she'd be gaining weight. She leans over towards Hannah, "Watch… he'll be snacking on it later." No doubt the kids have been given a few extra marks this evening to purchase their own candies, like Jozzie's kids. Find Corona later, her face will be covered in bubblie juice.

Myrrheth goes home.

In the Smith Booth, Keriny enters the Smith Booth.
Keriny enters the Smith Booth.

Hannah lets Jozzie get all the peeks, thank you. "One day you're youthful firmness will start to sag. And you'll get that little bit of blubber hanging over your pants…" Stifling a grin, she ostensibly turns to look at the candies on display to hide her escaping chuckles. Sneaking a look at Jozzie, "I'm sure. When I was younger I would sit in the kitchens and stuff myself with all the sweet stuffs I could find in some vain hope that I would get the soft curves of the lower caverns women. Didn't ever happen. I couldn't gain weight even if I shoved the sweetrolls directly to my hips.."

Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Jesiya puts Dried Blue Mushroom Coral in DolphinCraft Display Case.

Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Jesiya removes Dried Blue Mushroom Coral from DolphinCraft Display Case.
Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Jesiya puts Dried Blue Mushroom Coral in Sea Shell and Coral Display Case.
Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Jesiya puts Dried Golden Mushroom Coral in Sea Shell and Coral Display Case.
Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Jesiya drops Sea Shell and Coral Display Case.

In the Smith Booth, Keriny leaves the Smith Booth to join the rest of the Gather.

Keriny leaves the Smith Booth to join the rest of the Gather.

N'ano pats his belly, "But not till I allow m'self too after I retire." Or so N'ano can hope, anyway. ""n ya'll know very well how I eat." Everything in sight? "I ain' gained weight yet from my habits so I doubt I'll be gainin' weight any time sooneven with this candy!" And to prove his point, he slips a hand into the pouch, purposely pulling forth one of the sweetsticks to chew on intently. "Heywe should get some of 'em bubbly pies. I ain' had one of those in pro'lly a turn!"

Sylara walks down the trail from the plateau.

Inside Runners For Sale Corral, Kirai steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

Jozzie gives a light chuckle, slowly shaking her head and says nothing; however, she is too shaken with laughter that she can hardly speak for a moment or two. "I don't think I have had one in five," she replies, although, she has had a half dozen High Reaches' cookies. The bluerider wraps her arm around N'ano for a brief moment, leaning her head against his shoulder. "You are something…" she says, smiling. Something other than a Weyrleader, a Wingleader, and a clutch daddy… of course. What are you thinking?

Inside Runners For Sale Corral, Kirai returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.

Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Jesiya puts Jasmine Fox Coral in Sea Shell and Coral Display Case.

Hannah coughs a little, turning away from the display of affection, to look at another display of wares. "Bubblie pies," she muses softly, "Yes, it has been awhile since I've had those."

Keriny has disconnected.

N'ano simply beams, biting into his sweetstick again before leading them towards said bubbly pies. "C'mon—there should be some blueberry ones. Or strawberry!" Could N'ano get any more excited? Er, perhaps. Ahem. "Ya'll want some? My treeeeat!" he lures, giving them the 'come hither' gesture with his finger. "Three please!" he says, whether or not they want one. "Over here, ladies," he says, chin-nodding towards the abandoned log. "Let's spoil ourselves, eh?"

From above, Chelath glides down from above the plateau.

Sylara notices someone has bubbly pies…'mmmm. Those look good."

Inside Runners For Sale Corral, Kirai walks out.

Jozzie walks along with N'ano, leaning over the case as she looks at all the pies. Wiggling up her nose, she sniffs the distintive aroma of the pies. "Ooo!" she says, then slips a few steps back before she ends up fainting over the delicious fragrance. "I used to eat a lot of those as a kidlet," she comments.

Sylara says, "How much are the bubbly pies?"

From above, From Chelath's neck, Auric suddenly disappears ::between::!

Auric blinks in from ::between::!

Hannah watches N'ano snag a few of the bubblie pies and then follows the group to the log. Taking care to sit while still being 'ladylike', she tucks her skirt around her ankles and eyes the steamy pies. "What kind did you purchase?"

From above, Chelath wings down and lands on the beach.

Chelath lands, scattering sand about with his wings.

Inside Runners For Sale Corral, Beka has left.

Beka has arrived.

Beka scrambles up the sandy trail to the plateau.

Chelath takes special care to scatter sand towards Na'ano and Hannah.

"Who didn't?" N'ano quirks a grin at the bluerider, and hearing Sylara's inquiry, he flicks her a 1/16 mark, "Herego buy one." She might've had marks, but N'ano's in a generous mood tonight. "Mmmgot… actually, I 'unno, we'll see!" Each woman is handed one as he settles in the middle 'tween them on the log. "AlrightyI think I got anice! Strawberry!"

Inside Runners For Sale Corral, Moonbright has left.

Sylara says, "oh, thank you.""

Z'diah slides from Chelath's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Z'diah calls to Auric, who flies over and lands on his shoulder.

Sylara grins hugely, and runs off to find the bubbly pies.

Jozzie peeks at her own, "Ah, yeah…" she replies. "Stawberry, it looks." She looks over towards Hannah, arcing her brow. "Did you get a strawberry too?" The bluerider doesn't seem to mind which favor she gets, they are all delicious. She takes a seat next to N'ano. "Its still really warm too, very good…"

Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Jesiya puts Weyrhide Coral in Sea Shell and Coral Display Case.

Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Jesiya removes Weyrhide Coral from Sea Shell and Coral Display Case.

Hannah glances down at hers, sniffing it delicately. "Yes, I do believe I got strawberry as well." Neatly, she nibbles hers with care, savoring its sweet flavor. "It has been awhile. Too long I think." She gives her companions a rare smile, free of natural reserves and simply the product of enjoying the moment.

Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Jesiya puts Weyrhide Coral in Sea Shell and Coral Display Case.

N'ano's is surprisingly (or not?) almost gone. Yep, he pretty much inhaled the thing. "Well, if -that- didn't spoil m'dinner," he chuckles, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, "SHards—didn' think to grab a towel or anythin'," he frowns, giving way to a shrug soon after. "So…" How 'bout a conversation here aside from the sweetness of bubbly pies?

Sylara says, "I miseed what happened in the mating flight. Who caught the queen?"

Jozzie tries not to make a mess, although that is rather difficult. The slower you go, the messer it gets. The bluerider ends up dribbling bubbley juices down her chin. "Oh Shells," she hisses softly, licking and trying to not make more of a mess. Then, right then, a few kidlets rush past, causing her eyes to widen. "I do not say that around my kids…" she murmurs. Often. She does not say them around her kids often. Bad Jozzie, bad. Then she closes her month and goes back to trying not to make a mess.

Xveiya has connected.

Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Jesiya puts Blue Sea Star in Sea Shell and Coral Display Case.

Hannah manages to get all of hers into her mouth with little mess nor fuss. However, she does seem to be slow about eating hers. "Yeah, rather sticky.." Goldrider wriggles her sticky fingers in Jozzie's and N'ano's direction.

N'ano would do something to help Jozzie clean up a little, but it's probably a little more than rated-G, so he refrains. At least on camera, so let your minds wander. Ahem. Sylara's inquiry causes N'ano to cock a look over his shoulder, "My Bydelth did, actually," he chirps, grinning with pride. He's had much luck with that. "Want me to clean you up too?" N'ano jokes, sticking his tongue out towards the weyrwoman with a smirk.

Sylara blushes at the man's antics. "Oh. well, congratulations, then."

Jozzie lightly smackes N'ano's shoulder and laughs. "Enough bronzes in this weyr, although Bydelth sits at the top." And Riyth, somewhere near the bottom-middle. Poor blue.

Hannah snatches her fingers out of vicinity of any nasty thoughts that might jump out into action from the weyrleader. "No, thank you." She finishes her pie and then sticks the tips of her fingers into the sand, using the grains to rub the stickiness off. Ends up being messier than she hoped, but finally stickiness and clinging sand falls off her fingers and she has non-sticky if sandy fingers. "Bydelth is a lusty dragon," mutters Hannah, sneaking a quick look at Dhiammarath, who's continuing to slumber nicely.

Inside Runners For Sale Corral, Crepe walks out.

"ThatI actually have to agree with… maybe that's why he ain' exactly 'settled'sure, he'll act all cozy wozy with—Dhiammarath for instance, but the second another green or gold goes up, BAM!" N'ano pauses, slapping his hands together in the air, "He's after 'em…" Like rider like dragon? Ahem. "He means well, anyway… pro'lly just wants all the females to be able to share 'em or somethin' so the others don' get jealous?" And N'ano'll stop now, making excuses for his lifemate.

Xveiya has disconnected.

Sylara says, "Isn't the music great?"

Sylara says, "I haven't been to a gather in a very long time."

Mailli walks with slow and deliberate steps down the trail from the plateau.

Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Mailli enters Dolphincraft Booth.

Mailli enters Dolphincraft Booth.

Rhavie walks down the trail from the plateau.

Sylara sits down and munches on a bubbly pie, taking care not to drip onto her dress.

Rhavie comes trotting down to the beach and all the goodies, giving a glance back over her shoulder as if to make sure she's not being followed. Once in the fray of the gather she skids to a stop and looks around. This way… that way.. no nannies… good. She smiles and hones in on her target, sweets!

Sylara notices the child headed for the sweets and chuckles to herself. She remembers those days.

(Of course, it hasn't been that long,) Sylara thinks.

"Dhiammarath is not one to care about fidelity. The closest draconic affection she has is for Soquilith, so in that respect, Bydelth is safe." Hannah teases N'ano lightly before turning gaze into the crowd. She sees the weyr's children, up way past bedtime, and the weyr's residents all enjoying the booths and sweets.

"Mmmperhaps that's it. Y'knowDhiammarath has Soquilith… Miyakath has Nverath… and Bydelth? He just moseys on 'tween 'em all or somethin' with no regrets, it seems. Somehow I don' see 'em gettin' close to Riyth anytime in the near future though," N’ano chuckles, winking at Jozzie. "-That'd- certainly be somethin'."

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « I bespoke Rhavie with « You sense that Dhiammarath touches your mind very gently. « I see you, youngling. » » »

Jozzie looks to the kidlets passing and hope that the nannies were able to put her own to their beds. She looks thoughtful for several long moments before she looks to N'ano as she hears something about Riyth in the conversation. "Oh…" the rider places on a disgusted look. "I hope not." Even though the two are weyrmates. Isn't it nice to have a weyrmate like that? "I don't think Riyth would either."

Even trying as hard as she can, Sylara still manages to get blueberry juice all over her fingers and drizzling down her arm. She stands up and walks to the water to wash her hands before it gets on her dress

Rhavie seems to be recognized by at least one person, the cook tending the bubblies. He grins at her as she comes to his booth, her eyes barley at the tables level, "Well hello there Rhavie, aren't you up a little late?" to which Rhavie smiles as sweetly as the deserts in front of her, "Nooo… may I have ah sweet?" cutting right to the punch. The cook smirks, not quite sure if the kid is telling the truth, but it is a gather, "Well, it'll cost ya." Rhavie frowns to that, "I don' have any marks." but right at that moment she jumps a little and turns around very quickly, looking very caught! Grey-blue eyes scan the dragons now, her captor then found in golden hues. She bites her lip and peers at Dhiammarath from across the crowd and whispers, "Don't tell!" The cook is now rather confused.

Sylara walks back to her corner of beach and sits down watching the gather fun and listening to the beautiful music.

Hannah leans away to eye N'ano, "Just so long as you don't think you can, ah, bed hop between all the female riders." Tilting her head to the side, she frowns a little. "Hmm. That's odd." Lips purse a little, "I think it would be very weird if Bydelth started courting Riyth. Weird, indeed."

Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Jesiya puts Knotted Sea Shell Necklace in DolphinCraft Display Case.

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « I bespoke Rhavie with « You sense that Dhiammarath I will not tell, but I will not hide you from your mother, youngling. You should be sleeping like a good hatchling. » »

N'ano coughs quietly into his hand, eyeing Hannah with mock surprise, "Me!? Why, I would never! I've gotmy lovely Jozzie here. I don' need to do -that-," like he hadn't already done so over the past turns. Hannah's last comment causes N'ano to let out a whoop of laughter, "Ironic that you said thateveryone always jokes 'bout /Bydelth/ goin' up—'cause he always seems as if -he's- the proddy one!"

Jozzie leans against N'ano some as she looks over towards Hannah. "We've been through this before. Right, N'ano?" she replies. Yes, lots of discussion about things between these two. Then, she gives a little wiggle of her nose. "Teehee."

Rhavie smiles at Dhia and then quickly turns back to the cook who is eyeing like she's lost her mind, "You alright little one?" to which Rhavie smiles, "Uh huh, but I still want ah bubblie." The cook still seems a little confused, but this is the Weyrwoman's daughter, gotta be nice eh? "Well, you talked me into it. Just don't go tellin' all your friends, alright?" Rhavie nods her head very vigorously and then takes the offered bubblie and runs. Once a good distance away she begins to zig zag around the crowds, slowly getting closer to Dhiammarath as she nibbles her sweet.

You overhear Sylara mutter, "… … … sure … weird." to herself.

Inside Dolphincraft Booth, Jesiya puts Petite Creamy Conch Bracelet in DolphinCraft Display Case.

Sylara goes home.

"Absolutely!" So all the chicks know N'ano's intentions. Or whatever. No need to further discuss that, eh? Oh look, distractment! "Hey, ain' that your daughter?" N'ano asks casually, pointing out the young child running around like a wherry. "I hope to Faranth Nanli ain' doin' the same thing—I did see her earlier with some of the children…"

Hannah is distracted by N'ano and Jozzie, giving them an amused grin. "Yes, I imagine you have. Still.." Thought is left unsaid as her lifemate catches her attention. Dhiammarath has stood, seemingly about to get closer to the crowds. Her interest lies in the mix of the crowds and not on her lifemate who's safely sitting on the log. "Daughter? What is Rhavie doing out of bed?" Petite weyrwoman stands, an obvious attempt to look over the crowds. "Where?"

Rhavie is almost to Dhia when she is spotted, probably should have known that the dragon would be close to her rider. But she doesn't seem to notice her mother and company quite yet. She hops the last few steps to the gold and grins, speaking in her usual soft little voice, "Thank you… you want some Dhia?" offering one little bubblie to one huge beasty. It's the thought that counts, right?

"Right" N'ano pauses, half standing himself to point out the child, "She was right there a second ago…" he trails off, scanning the crowd for a mischievous sight. "Mmmoh! There! She's near Dhiammarath…" Ha! Ze culprit es found. With a chuckle, N'ano settles back on the log, slinking an arm behind Jozzie's back with the given chance. "Y'know, I think dinner's right 'bout ready—I can smell it." Yes, N'ano's sense of smell's /that/ good. So N'ano stands, offering a hand to either women for assistance in standing should they need it.

Jozzie goes along with N'ano, heading in the direction of the smell of food… well dinner, actually.

Jozzie goes home.

Hannah waves a hand of farewell to Jozzie and N'ano and then starts off in search of her daughter. Striding into the crowd, she happens to give a glance back to Dhiammarath and sees movement. "Rhavie!" is called out sharply, "What are you /doing/?"

Rhavie's eyes go wide at the sound of _that_ voice behind her. She looks back over her shoulder, spots Hannah, and then squeaks and runs to hide behind what ever appendage of Dhia's is closest. Dhia will protect her?

Dhiammarath stays immobile, whuffling only a little, allowing Hannah to do as she will. "You are supposed to be in bed young lady," goldrider intones to her young daughter. "How did you slip past out of the weyr? Your father was supposed to be watching you." She squats a little to look her daughter in the eyes. "And with sweetmeats to!"

Alain has arrived.

Alain walks to the North Beach.

Rhavie winces just a little, peering out from behind Dhia and frowning, "Daddy is sleepin'… an' I was hungry." she does the puppydog eyes, those work sometimes. See, she was just /starving/ and dad was sleeping and she just /had/ to come to the gather. Really she did.

Hannah sighs softly, "Rhavie, sweetie, give me the sweetmeat," she takes the sticky food from her daughter and wipes her little hands with the folds of her gather dress. She then picks up the little girl and says, "Let's get you back to the weyr and tucked into bed. You can have the sweets tomorrow if you're good."

Valedath goes home.

You scramble up the sandy trail to the plateau.

[End of log]

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