Hannah Enjoys A Relaxing Interlude At The Waterfall S Basin

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Logfile from Hannah.
August 24, 2003

And on Pern …
The time is 22:25.
It is late night of the fourth day of summer.
It is the thirty-seventh Turn of the Tenth Pass.
It is a summer late night. The misty smell of rain fills the air after the storm's passage. A fitful breeze blows, dying down as the evening wanes on.

Waterfall's Basin
The weyr's fresh-water pool flows clean and clear, almost undisturbed by the river that rests here after crashing down from the heights above. This small bay is neatly surrounded by a series of smooth stone steps and hidden beaches, a haven from the wider lake beyond before the water drops further to the sea below.
One gnarled, ancient tree has survived the ravages of time and Thread, reaching up towards the cliff above and the water below. A set of cruide boards makes the climb an easy one. The beach stretches, wide and warm, the waterfall quite a swim distant.
It is a summer late night. The misty smell of rain fills the air after the storm's passage. A fitful breeze blows, dying down as the evening wanes on.
Gliding above are four firelizards.
Green Imacinth and bronze Bydelth are here.
You see Radnazak here.
Rishk, N'ano, and Diraija are here.
Obvious exits:
Branch Forest Path

After you release the straps, Dhiammarath stretches out one pale, iridescent forearm allowing you to scoot down that pale hide. With a final release of grip, you fall the little ways down to the ground.
N'ano tickles Hannah! Hannah squeaks and runs away!

Hannah hugs G'deon! G'deon spins you into Nylanth's arms who whuffles at your pockets for select knickknacks.
G'deon hugs Hannah! Hannah squeaks! My, what a grip G'deon has.

Rishk's eyes flicker from the water to Imacinth only when she makes a noise. Said rider has not forgotten the green's antics and her dealings with Almirath. Suddenly, the red-haired girl perks a little bit, looking at the green. "I know you're sorry, but you have to learn Aboleoth is not /yours/." Pause. "No, he's not, Ima." Sighing, the rider stares at the water and shakes her head. And just how is Rishk dealing with the glowing of her dragon, to put it simply, she's turned into a normal person.

"That was some shardin' storm we had!" N'ano exclaims as he dismounts his lifemate, ushering the bronze off and through to the water's edge where he continues to stand, persuading Bydelth to meander deeper into its depths. "Wooohoh! Imacinth's lookin' ever so lovely today," N'ano grins, tossing a look back towards Rishk with a swift salute before he turns on his heels, walking in her general direction, "Y'better keep her close to the Weyr, y'know…" He won't state why, but it's quite obvious, isn't it? "Hannah! I figured out the charts!" is how he greets the Weyrwoman, aside from a flippity-wave-like-salute. And for Diraija? A pint-sized salute. "Hey there, little lady." He's not a pedophile. No worries.

Hannah quirks an eyebrow at N'ano's comment, "You did, did you?" is asked quietly, while dusting her hands off. Dhiammarath curls up in a silvery lump of pale gold, absently rumbling at the other dragons, but not so inclined to be personable. Rishk is given a quick, shy smile as the weyrwoman turns an amused eye to glowing green. "Your first time?" is asked, while another quick nod is given to Diraija.

If this weren't prime trundlebug time, Diraija wouldn't be here. But a girl's got to make sacrifices… and show off her new firelizard. The young red-head tips her head to one side and cocks an eyebrow at the strange N'ano. That dirty creep. Bright blue eyes flick from dragon to rider to other dragon to other rider to other /other/ rider and other /other/ dragon. Now, if /Daddy/ were here, she wouldn't feel so darn young and dragonless. "I'm hungry, Barfy," is addressed to the puce-coloured firelizard slung inside her t-shirt with it's pukey-coloured head sticking out. Yummy. And all alone. Sniffle.

Rishk would have shot N'ano a look that would kill save for the reaction of her dragon to the newly entered bronze. "Oh, but I thought /Aboleoth/ was yours.." Pause. "I know I said he wasn't. But neither is HE," she says irritably before turning towards N'ano and saluting back. "G'day, sir. Yes. I shall keep her close to the Weyr." At the same time, she keeps a wary eye on the green. At Hannah's question, she bobs her head. "That it is, ma'am." Attempting to smile, though it looks slightly more like a sad smile than a genuine one, you can't say the green rider doesn't /try/. Imacinth, has now worked her way over to the gold and bronze, crooning to both in a greeting. Rishk, now standing, pulls a stand of hair out of her eyes and offers a sympathetic smirk to the kid. "Barfy?"

"I did!" N'ano beams, much like a child bringing home their first piece of artwork in kindergarten. "'mind me to show you after, eh? They're back at the council roomhopefully no one messed 'round with 'em." Pause. "Who's gotta barf wha'?" Regardless… "Hey Byddie! No haraalright. Iyeah. Alriergh. Woah—okayokayokayokay… okay." Yep. With a grunt, N'ano toddles back towards the water, kicking off his sandals and tossing his tunic aside. Oh la la. With a rather audible sigh, he splashes his way into the water, "'n Y'couldn't get one of my blues to do this?"

Hannah's eyebrows raise even higher at N'ano's rather eccentric mutters and behavior. "Hmmm. The first is always a rush," goldrider says to Rishk, "When you don't know what to expect, it can kind of overwhelm you. How long as she been proddy?" Dhiammarath grumbly croons at the proddy green, not at her sociable best. She shifts wings and tail a bit, settling more comfortable in the sandy area she's picked out for herself.

Diraija shoots those brilliant blue eyes up at Rishk with a blank stare before the dawning of a bright smile. The child carefully untucks the bottom of her pink shirt and displays in her two petite hands the very name-fitting firelizard. "Barfy," Diraija introduces to the entire crowd. "She's my new flizzard, see?" Y'/See/?! Diraija eyes N'ano once again with a tipped head and shuffles a bit nearer to Rishk. "When Daddy talks to /his/ dragon, he doesn't look silly," she murmurs to Barfy most likely. "And he doesn't take off his clothes either." Sageheadshake. "No, no, no. Not Daddy."

Jhishivyl strolls in, a rather large and flat book tucked under one arm, a half-drawling smile settled on his face. Taking in the scene in front of him, Jhi seems to contemplate turning around and sauntering right on out, but— for whatever reason, he continues, whistling a note of a tune nearly underneath his breath. A jaunty salute tossed to the current denizens, and Jhishivyl plops down at the base of the tree.

Seems to be a first time for Rishk, in regards to everything, so the rider simply nods numbly to the Weyrwoman. "Only a few days, ma'am," Rishk says softly, walking towards the green to give her hide a pat. "We're handling this the best we can," she says with a wry smile, though forced, before offering a true smile to the child. "I think he's.. very well named." Pausing for a moment to regard Diraija, she grins. "I hope I don't look like that either," she confides with an-un-Rishk-like wink. Following Hannah's example and turning an eye to N'ano, she manages a, "Huh?" Oh yes, that was profound, Rishk.

No sooner after N'ano makes his way into the water to meet his lifemate chest-deep does the bronze fwump his way back onto shore, preening happily as he settles 'tween green and gold with a whuffle towards both. Mmm. N'ano on the other hand, has ceased to move as he stares out after his lifemate with brows quirked and jaw hanging low. Merf. "Did anyone just see that!? He shardin'—!!" N'ano trails off, flapping his arms about like a fledgling learning how to fly once his legs start the voyage back to shore.

Hannah smiles politely at Risk's words, "That's all you can do." Tucking short strands of hair behind her ear, she leans against Dhaimmarath's side, watching the bronze dup his rider. Amusement flickers across her features before she just ends up shaking her head at N'ano's comment. "Seems like he wants to be with the ladies," is her quiet remark before she nods a shy greeting to the newcomer.

Jhishivyl clips off a grin to Hannah and a snicker to the bronze. Ha. There's Murphy's law for ya. Book is openned, and pages soon flip. Flipflipflip. A stylus, a clean page, and ready subject matter— mmm, the trio of dragons for something other than his regular still-life for once is picked. Snuggling himself back into a more comfy seat, the young man entertains himself by dropping eaves and exercising his (pathetically enough) one true love: sketching.

"See what?" Rishk asks of N'ano, eyebrows raised. And that's when Imacinth's enjoyment at having the bronze near seems quite apparent to her rider. "Ima.." Sigh. "I thought you like Aboleoth!" Her dragons newfound men-lust is sort of frightening her rider, as you can see by the semi-scared look on her face. Now. Quickly enough, it vanishes as she nods to Hannah. "Yes, ma'am." The newcomer is greeted with a half-smile. "'ey there.." Imacinth has begun oh-so-innocently crooning to Bydelth, and nudges him with her muzzle. Rishk's eyes immediately diver to her green, as she clears her throat. "Ima?" Green dragon simply snorts.

"Ladies, mmm. Didn't notice," N'ano wryly replies towards Hannah, making purpose to shake his wet self much like a canine to rid the excessive water from his body. With a sigh, he flops over onto the sand, instantly turning himself into one of those shake 'n bake breaded pieces of chicken—y'know, with the way the sand's clinging? He might just taste good, too. Ahem. "So whatch'all up…to…?"

N'ano goes home.

As everyone leaves, Rishk decides to innocently check her armpits. Nope. She doesn't smell bad or anything. Shrugging, the woman walks over to her dragon and pats her. "See, Bydelth definately wasn't yours. I'm sorry." Imacinth is looking pouty, and leans her head down for her mask to be scritched. At about this time, Rishk turns to spy more dragons. See, she DEFINATELY doesn't smell. "'ey there," she calls absently, to those who might be in earshot.

Danae and Almi make their way to the pool, the green quick to plunk into the water with little splashes after her rider dismounts, "Yea yea, no scrubbing tonight, just play." says Nae with a smile while her dragon gives a little squeal of delight, baths can be so tedious. When Rishk calls out Nae bites her lip and looks a little abashed, "Oh, hey Rishk.. um, about Almi the other day? I'm really sorry, she's kinda odd sometimes."

Rishk would laugh if she wasn't so miffed at her dragon right now, but she simply looks surprised. "You, apolgize to /ME/? Ima was the one that was being rude and stuff. It wasn't Almirath's fault." Just blinking, the rider pats Imacinth's tail. "Go make up with her. Now." Pause. "Nevermind what you did, just go." And so the glowly green makes tracks for the water and innocently spits water at the other green. She's being playful as proddy Imacinth can be, humor her.

Danae raises both brows, "Well yea, Almi shoulda known that Imacinth was proddy and to just leave her alone. But she doesn't pay attention much." she looks over at the greens and smiles just a touch when Almirath pops her head up just in time to get splooshed in the face. The petit green sputters and then trills, play! But before she can get overly exuberant Nae stops her with a little mental nudge, so Almi just gives a little splash back instead of the tidal wave she was planning. "Anyhow, Ima can't help it, it's hormones."

"Unfortunately it's also a personality trait that chooses to manifest itself every so often. Especially when she wants something." Shaking her head and rolling her eyes, Rishk runs a hand through her hair. "Well, she knows of my liking - not in the like like way - but you know, I have fondness for him. He was my teacher and stuff. And so I think she felt she had a right to his dragon or something. I don't know how her mind works." That was a close call Rishk, yep. Real smooth. "It's only gotten worse with hormones, I think." A glance is given glowy-green-wards, and Rishk actually smiles. Imacinth has apparently forgotten her last bronze failure, and is playing with Almirath as if nothing has happened, and continues to shoot water at her. Only pausing once to look at a fish. "No, Ima, it's not made out of metal.. it's just shiny." Smirk.

Danae chuckles, "At least they arn't both proddy, Almi is rather clingy with all the males when she starts to glow." her smile sticks as she watches the two play, Almi swimming through the water and nipping at the fish to show Ima how much fun they are to chase, "We'll have to keep that in mind eh? But Almi doesn't hold a grudge, she barly remebers what happened two hours ago."

Rishk shakes her head and grins, "Very true. It could be dangerous." Imacinth follos Almirath's example and begins chasing them as well. Imacinth is easily amused when she tries to figure out how things work. "Imacinth has an enemies list, but they don't last long. And I simply don't remind her." Sending a look towards the dragon, she then sighs. "I'll be glad when this is done."

Danae finds a spot to sit and kinda flops down, "You'll get used to it after a few more turns. With a green you just can't help it." she giggles a little as Almi catches a fish and just lets if flop around on her tongue, gurgling as she shows it to Imacinth, "I'm kinda lucky though, Celth is very good at catching Almirath." It's nice to not have slept with every male rider in the Weyr.

Rishk is unfortunately un-weyrmated, and lacks the flirtation skills to get one. "I certainly hope so. Because if she's like this every time, it's not going to be a fun sevenday or so." Nope, not at all. "Wouldn't surprise me if Aboleoth caught just because she likes him, but then again she seems to like everyone.. so, I don't know." Rishk is certainly adverse to the whole having to sleep with people thing. As comfortable with men as Imacinth is, you'd think Rishk would be, but she's not. An uneasy look crosses her face before she shrugs. "Won't know until she rises." Imacinth is busy peering at the fish, and trying to find her own. Here fishy, fishy, fishy.

Almirath does her best to teach Ima how to catch fish, but Almi being Almi, she's not a very good teacher. Nae just chuckles more and then smiles over to Rishk, "They do tend to let the ones they like win… they won't admit that they let them win, but that's what happens. There have been many times when Celth wasn't at the right place at the right time and Almi just dove for him. But she'd never admit she did it on purpose." Then a little twinkle alights in green eyes, "So, B'ane huh?"

Rishk smiles at Danae's story. That's somewhat comforting at any rate. She ever finds one, then Imacinth can just go for him. Hopefully. But Ima being Ima, she'll go for a different one each time, or stick with two. "What about B'ane?" she asks, being typical Rishk once more, and shrugging. Imacinth is trying her best, and then manages to catch one. Ah-ha. Who's the genius? She is. Bugling at her rider, distracting her from the issue, Imacinth presents the fish to her rider like a cat who's caught its kill and wants to show it off. "Thanks.. Ima.."

Almirath trills at the success! Coming up with Ima to show off, she taught her how to do it after all. Not really, but still. Pastel princess prances around the much larger jade laced lady. She even comes round to point it out even more, setting her nose on the ground right next to it, rear going up in the air and tail wiggling up to the sky, « It's a fish! Ima caught it. Isn't it neat?? » Nae is used to all of this, so she just grins, "Very neat lovee." then back to Rishk, "Yea, B'ane… you like him?" he's her wingman, she's allowed to be nosey?

Imacinth is very proud of herself. And being the overly dramatic soul that she is, lifts her head proudly. « I caught a fish. » she says proudly. Then suddenly looking confused, she looks at Rishk, as if to say, 'now what?'. Rishk pats Imacinth's muzzle and grins, "It's a lovely fish, Ima." Almirath is given an impish grin before she suddenly 'erks'. If that's possible. "Like him? Sure, he's a great guy." Suddenly sensing where this is going, Rishk turns to Imacinth. "Lets either eat the fish or put it back in the Basin." Imacinth chooses the later, prefering other forms of sustanance. "Good girl.. now we must get going. I have a Thunderstreak meeting to get to. We'll talk later, Danae." And so mounting her dragon, Rishk heads off with a wave. Saved by the Wing. Yay.

Imacinth offers an absinthe forearm to Rishk, who settles in between her neckridges
Imacinth shifts, stretches, and then springs into flight.

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