Hannah And N'ano Ponder The Effects Of Growing Older


06:13 PM
Logfile from Hannah.

You go to the Path to Waterfall's Basin.

Path to Waterfall's Basin (#3923)
Carefully tended, this winding path cuts back and forth from Caldera to the base of Waterfall. It is close, but quite a climb, and cooly refreshing as the cascading water fills the air with a fine mist. Stones and shells line the trail, a stone bench here and there offering respite and escape from the climb, as well as an exquisite view: Istan beaches lie ahead, beyond the fresh-water pools and across the plateau to the sea. Cerulean ocean tosses waves of blue up against the gleaming sands, the shallows alive with life and color.
It is a spring evening.
To the southeast, you see a green dragon.
Gliding about is a brown firelizard.
N'ano and Shayla are here.
Obvious exits:
Waterfall's Basin Bowl

Oh, talk about a Kodak momentwell, it would be if those cameras were existant on Pern. But anywho, N'ano's sitting there nearto but not quite at the water's edge, one baby on the left and the other on the rightidentical ones at that! Only one's in blue and the other green. Aww. Anywho, they're at that stage where crawling's something to accomplish, and what better place than to do it on the nice soft sand?

Naela toddles in, holding Shay's hand, pulling her. Why? Well, Nae has found N'ano! Immediately, Nae begins running towards him, "Daddy!" but she's stopped by the babies. She pouts. "Who 'dey?" Someone else getting daddy's love? No fair. Oh and random comment…Nae is gonna be 3 soon! Squeak!

Jonian has arrived.

Hannah wanders her own way down the path, her expression rather vague as she seems to be lost in thought. However, a man with two babies is not something you don't notice and thus she manages a quick wave at the group. Whether they notice her or not, she continues on her way to the water herself. Shayla and her little one also get a quick wave in greeting.

Rele comes up from the beach below.

Trik roves with uncouth grace up from the basin's path.

Jozzie moves gracefully with a habitual swing of her hips, up from the basin's path.

Jozzie continues down the path, heading towards the misty pools of the waterfall.

Jozzie comes up from the beach below.

N'ano continues down the path, heading towards the misty pools of the waterfall.

Rele continues down the path, heading towards the misty pools of the waterfall.

Jozzie continues down the path, heading towards the misty pools of the waterfall.

Astet continues down the path, heading towards the misty pools of the waterfall.

Trik continues down the path, heading towards the misty pools of the waterfall.

Shayla continues down the path, heading towards the misty pools of the waterfall.

Down down down you go, heading along the well-worn path to the base of the Weyr's great falls.

Waterfall's Basin (#3408)
The weyr's fresh-water pool flows clean and clear, almost undisturbed by the river that rests here after crashing down from the heights above. This small bay is neatly surrounded by a series of smooth stone steps and hidden beaches, a haven from the wider lake beyond before the water drops further to the sea below.
One gnarled, ancient tree has survived the ravages of time and Thread, reaching up towards the cliff above and the water below. A set of cruide boards makes the climb an easy one. The beach stretches, wide and warm, the waterfall quite a swim distant.
It is a spring evening.
Gliding above are three firelizards.
You see Radnazak here.
N'ano, Rele, Jozzie, Trik, and Shayla are here.
Obvious exits:
Branch Forest Path

Crud. Another turnday. Perhaps N'ano should've thought about turning in his equipment many moons ago. Surely he must be broke by now for having to buy so many turnday pressies! But anywho, the random group forming on the beach does seem to catch his attention somewhat, including Hannah and her wave. One's sent back in her direction and another to everyone else as a whole. "Woahhi sweetieum, these are your little brothers?" The ones hidden away from little Naela for fear of the jealousy factor kicking in? Eh heh. "There a party startin' that I didn't know about?" he muses.

Astet suddenly disappears ::between::!

Shayla shrugs, finally catching up to Naela since she's run off. "Naela and I just decided that it was such a nice day that we would take a walk. She thought she spotted you and she just /had/ to come and find daddy." Eye roll towards the girl. Naela peers closely at the things called her brothers. "'Dey juss bebbies? Mommy said I's was a bebbie once!" Well isn't she a smart one.

"I'm shirking some duties and thought it would be a wonderful time to visit the waterfall." Hannah looks around and adds thoughtfully, "I see it's a rather popular choice today."

No one would ever suspect hiding such stolen goods in the trees, or at least, not your average bear. The swooshing of the wine skins is present as they appear to be stashed under Trik's armpits and chin. Swooshswooshdrop! "Aw, Shardit! They jus dun' taste as good when theys dropped on the ground, y'know?" A disgruntled snort and Trik turns to take a gander at her following crime buddy while picking up the skin. "C'mon now, pick up the pace! They'll be searchin' for people! Just gotta shimmy up that there tree branch."

Rele toddles behind Trik, equally loaded down with wineskins. "I'm comin', I'm co-mprh!" The latter part muffled by the woman's snatching of a skin in her teeth. To say the least, the whole load looks precariously and hastily stacked, and all-around wobbly. Frontal vision obscured by her load, the greenrider proceeds to dodge her head to either side in an attempt to see. Hmm, rock there, divet there…

"Ayeit's a gorgeous spring day, so why not shirk! I've been doin' it all afternoon!" N'ano grins, scooping up Zian into his arms as the little one tries to explore closer to the water, though eyes trail after Trik and Rele, amusement setting in his features as he snorts silently. "That better not be the bottles of Benden I just got in!" he calls out to her, turning back just as quickly tolose track of the other baby.

Trik seems to be somewhat…shocked? One could tell by her facial color that's turning the wildest shade of red and her mouth hanging ajar. Hm. How to correct the situation? They'll just claim them as presents! Releasing A nervous chuckle is barked out when approaching the few at the basin. "Ehehe…" N'ano is in turn noticed and spoken to, "N'ano, you big ol' lunk!" Cough. "Yer kid there's turnday is comin' up, we thought you could use some wine!" And she's safe! "It's not /all/ Benden! We just thought, seein' as, y'know, kids can really be a rather large pain in the… — Ehhhyeah! Right Rele? Nae's turnday!"

Hannah bends to undo her boots, slipping them off to allow her to wade a little into the water. Her gaze moves from N'ano to Trik and Rele. Her eyebrows lift slightly, but she merely says, "Mmm. Yes it is a good day to shirk ones duties." Still, Trik and Rele hold her attention.

Jozzie goes home.

Well since Naela is the older sister, she starts watching over the newly dubbed "brothers". She starts talking to them, explaining to them how herbs work and all of the things she's learned by being in the infirmary so much with her mother. Shayla raises a brow and eyes Trik and Rele, "N'ano can't even remember his kids turndays, I can't believe other people do!" That's a new one for her.

Rele nods vigorously, barely visible behind the stack. Toes wiggle in the sand slightly, hearing Hannah's voice. Uh-oh. "Uh, yes ma'am! Wine for the turnday!" It's a safe enough excuse, anyway. Arms shift a slight and the entire stack sways with the movement. "Yipe!" can be heard as the 'rider behind moves to compensate. "Uhh… any particular place… you want this?" All the wine is getting a little heavy and clumsy to manage.

"So if I go back to the storeslook underneath the burlap that's coverin' the box I've got there, there's gonna be a half dozen bottles there, yeah?" Woah woah, waitasec. "Yeah I can! I knew her turnday was comin'," he snorts. Yeah, only because Shay just mentioned it, right? "'sides, I'm allowed to forget every now and then, aren't I? I'm a busy manI lose track of what day it is too, y'know." Sagenod. With that said, N'ano plops the two boys aside Naela, as if they could really hold a true conversation with her.

Hannah tilts her head a little, staring hard at Rele, perhaps thinking of a recent problem with the idea of stealing. "A turnday gift, hmmm?" She wiggles her toes in the clear water, enjoying the moment of relaxation.

Oh there'll be bottles. Empty -placeholder- bottles, but there'll be bottles. "Of course there will be, N'ano! What do you take us for, thieves?" There's a moment of silence in which a trio of wineskins drop to the ground by Rele's foot and are gently nudged aside by her toes. Another weight shift sends even more skins dropping to the ground, which causes Rele to finally give up, kneel into a very awkward position and just sort of let them drop into the sand. "Oomph,"

"That's because I'm.." Ahem. Rele is eyed with the dropping of all wineskins and then Trik drops hers. "We're thoughtfull of other people!" Trik's brows come together for a moment with said comment from N'ano and her mouth starts to run a little in the process of coming up with an excuse, "Y'know N'ano, the /strangest/ thing happened today! I was in the Kitchens, right, and I saw this Drudge and she was all stealin' the bottles and mumblin' about how much she hates you!" Her head bobs up and down with a few nods. "And I said, 'Drudge! I must defend N'ano's honor due to you hatin' him so!' and then I snatched her away from the Kicthens and gave it to her good!" She draws a finger to her lip for a moment in thought before muttering over to Rele.

You overhear Trik mutter, "… … N'ano's … find out … tan our …" to Rele.

You overhear Rele mutter, "… more … … … … out. … … me … … and … me … in … … wing!" to Trik.

While Naela is left rambling about how to give a physical, Shay slowly warms up to the idea of Nae's so called turnday present. If it's in the name of her daugther, Shay will drink until she's blue in the face! "Oh come on N'ano, we've never really got to celebrate Nae's turnday with a big bash. I don't see any harm in it!"

Rele goes home.

"Nah nahI didn't say nothin' of the sort," N'ano replies, waggling a finger at Rele before clamping his hand down to hold Zian in place from wandering off again. But since Trik's so inclined at making up the most ridiculous story, N'ano can't help but stare at her, brows raised. "…" Really, it's so pathetic he's speechless. Mouth hangs low for a moment's time before head quickly shakes and attention diverts elsewhereShayla! "Harm? Shay, I've got sweeps early…" Wow, ever think you'd hear N'ano turning down a good vintage?

Hannah stares at Rele, then glances at N'ano before turning back to the greenrider. "Mmmm. I seem to remember being in a similar situation and discussing the merits of resisting temptation and not stealing," she comments blandly. She stares after the retreating greenrider for a moment, and then carefully takes a seat on a rock, still allowing her feet to stay in the basin.

"Pshhh!" Shayla waves N'ano aside. "/You/ may have a ton of kids and may third Turndays to celebrate in your life but /I/ however may never be able to celebrate this again!" Girl power. "So therefore, we drink, we celebrate, and we be generally merry. And if you have a problem with it…" Shay waggles a finger at him.

Trik is at a loss for words before waving a hand in a careless fashion, "Naaah. No demotion or nothin'! Because we didn' steal." A simper of malicious intent is flickered Hannah's way beforing offering a wink. Aw, they were just out to have a good time, anyways! N'ano's decline to a skin or two is taken almost gratefully as she begins to pick up the skins into her arms again, leaving a few for takers. "Well, then, I'll just take these back to my Weyr and, Y'know, Keep them for a rainy day!" Trying to whisper under breath but coming out in a rather audiable hush, Trik proclaims to herself, "Yeeeah. That'll work!" Ahem. "But I must run back! I think I hear Tye calling for me to…do…something?" Righto! And she's off with a little jog and swooshing of skins.

N'ano, being the smartarse that he is, mockingly salutes Shayla with a roll of his eyes to follow, "Yes ma'am… but I only want a littleI've got responsibility here!" And he's not just talking about work herehe's got 25% of his children present! Not a good influence if he's drunk, y'know.

Hannah watches the pair with a small smile. "How old will she be?" is asked of Shayla before her attention is back to swooshing her feet back and forth in the water.

"Three" Shay says with a heavy sigh. "Three. Yeah, time has really flown. She's becoming a little genius and /already/ she had the boys chasing after her." Well, she is N'ano's daughter after all. To N'ano, she declares, "You'll drink as much as I say! There are nannies, they can take care of them while we are drunk. And I really doubt that they would be able to remember you being drunk while they are so young. Naela, on the other hand, has seen you rather drunk." Nope, not the greatest influence.

"You better keep them boys away from her!" The last thing N'ano wants on his mind is having to protect his little girl from little boys. To Shayla's latter comment, N'ano turns speechless, jaw dropping again before he resigns with a sigh, "Alright alrightbut I don't wanna be smashedmaybe just a buzz. Like I said, I've got sweeps in the morning and it wouldn't be too good if I don't show up."

"They do grow quickly. Seems like only yesterday that Rhavie was barely out of the nursery." Hannah watches the couple with amusement. "N'ano, it does look like you're quite caught."

Just as Shay makes the comments about nannies, she spots some responsible riders along the beach to take the bebbies and Naela to the nannies. She beams, proudly. "SEE! I told you! Now, lets get some of that wine flowing!" That order is directed towards N'ano, of course. Now to Hannah. "Caught? What do you mean?"

"But!" N'ano's cries of protest are futile so giving in's his only alternative. "If I'm drinkin', then so is she!" Yes, N'ano's pulling Hannah into the mess-o-booze. "Y'know, Jozzie's gonna kick my hide when she finds out I went drinkin' without hershe likes in on the fun too, y'know!" Or she likes to watch over N'ano to make sure he's a good boy. Something like that.

Hannah lets out a little squeak, "Excuse me?" She shakes her head emphatically, "I think I'll pass." In a belated answer to Shayla's question, she offers, "Yes, I think he's well and truly caught in that he's losing his drinking battle."

Shayla beams, she loves convincing people to do what she wants them to do. "First of all….Like you could really resist me," another beam, "Second of all, you could /never/ resist wine. I know you too well." Another decisive nod. "Now come on, let's start drinking!" She's ready to get her drink on. Haha.

"Hey," N'ano says, semi-sternly as he waggles a finger towards Shay, "Well, maybe just to prove you wrong, I -won't- drink at all! Or—I'll only drink if she does," he states, thumbing over at the weyrowman. Hannah won't crack, right?

Jozzie arrives from the Weyr-paths, accompained by the crash and tumble of the waterfall.

Hannah holds out her hands, "Woah. Why are you dragging me into this, N'ano?" Spotting Jozzie come jaunting down the pathway, she points, "Have her be your drinking buddy!" No, she's not going to crack.

Jozzie finally has her chance to slip into the Waterfall Basin after a long day of whatever it is that keeps this woman busy. "What?" she asks, looking confused as her eyes wander from Hannah to N'ano.

Shayla is tired of waiting. She grabs a wineskin and opens it up, taking a good many swigs all by herself in just a few seconds. Hey, she learned from the best, eh N'ano? "You people and your drinkign decisions. Just drink and be merry, huh? To Naela!" She raises the skin up in toast before downing some more wine.

"Because I know you won't do itso if I drag you into it, then I won't have to either!" But, since Jozzie's here, why not! "Jozz! Shayla's just about to open up a bottle of Benden to celebrate Naela's turndaycare for some?" Amazing, isn't it? "I wasn't gonna have any… but I might reconsider."

Hannah shakes her head, giving a little smile. "Yes, well, from the looks of it, it's looking like you don't have much choice." She climbs off of her rock and onto the sandy area to stretch out and relax. "See, N'ano?" she comments when he mentions reconsidering, "You are already falling prey to your weaker side." That loves the drink!

Jozzie shurgs her shoulders and smiles at N'ano. "I don't think I could ever turn down an offer," she chuckles. She still has to live up to Teza's glory after all. Who knows if she will ever be able to pass up her aunt's drinking consumption. Heh. "Hey, now… I like his weaker side."

"Nah! Nevermind, I won't!" N'ano challenges, sticking his tongue out childishly towards Hannah. Oh, he definitely will—y'know, when no one's looking. N'ano's definitely not one to turn down a vintage, especially a Benden one. "I haven't had a drink in about a sevenday… I'm doin' good!" Of course, that excludes water and the gallons of cider, right?

Jozzie sits beside N'ano and leans against him slightly as she looks across to Shayla. "How are you, Shayla?" she asks the woman. Then, she asks the same to Hannah as well. She doesn't need to ask how her weyrmate is doing, she probably already knows.

Hannah lifts her eyebrow. "Is that right? Somehow, I just don't believe you have the gumption to stand up to wine." Jozzie is given a quick smile, "That's what weyrmates are for." She tips her head back and closes her eyes. "I'm doing fine," she answers quietly, without opening her eyes.

Shayla nods happily over at Jozzie, quickly quzzling down her first bottle of wine. It's been awhile since she's had a drink. "Oh, I'm fine, thanks! Feeling old, but you know how that is…how about yourself?" She looks around at no one else drinking, "Come up, I'm lonely. Grab a bottle!"

"Nah, I'm seriously not going to have any." Not until the other three are trashed and don't realize that he's actually drinking. "I'm cuttin' back and that's where I stand." For give minutes. N'ano can't resist temptation—well, he can, but of alcohol? Not likely. Who's he fooling?

Jozzie takes one of the bottles as Shayla offers them. "Thanks," she replies as she sits back down again. N'ano could also wait until Jozzie gets trashed enough to haul her back to the weyr. Isn't that right? "I am alright, been pretty busy between weyr duty and the twins." Enos and Corona are almost old enough now to look after themselves.

Whooo, halfway done with a bottle. Shay's such a lush. "Yeah, they are getting big. I couldn't believe that it was really them when I saw them! I'm having a hard time believe that Naela is three." She shakes her head as she swallows a few more gulps. "Oh come on N'ano. Your daughter is turning three. It's something to celebrate. Atleast have some. For Naela?" Aww, how can you resist that?

"C'moooon, I really don't want to have any!" Oh, but N'ano definitely does. That's probably why his hand's reaching for the bottleoh, but he's not drinking from it. No, he's casually observing the label… fingering it. Peeling it. Tampering. Whatever you want to call it. And it really was due time before the first swig of the night is taken. "No morethat's all I'm having!"

Jozzie takes several gulps from the bottle, trying to relax from a labor-intensive day of work. She stretches out her legs and takes a moment to rest her head on N'ano's shoulder. "My day was horrible," she says softly.

Shayla beams proudly, knowing that once N'ano has started drinking, he's not going to stop. She says nothing more to him about drinking, knowing that the less she says the better. Instead she just continues on with her drinking, thoroughly enjoying the wine. "Hmmm, good wine." 3/4ths of the bottle gone.

"You better slow down thereKiriya's off tonight, ain' she? That means you're supposed to be mannin' the infirmary, yeah?" Or not, but he's good at convincing. "And you don't know how to appreciate a good vintageyou gotta drink it slow! Savor every sip." Definitely something N'ano left out of Drinking 101.

"Ppsssssh!" Shayla directs again towards N'ano. "I can drink it however I want to!" Plus, Shay practically get drunks off of smelling wine, so drinking it slow or fast will have the same exact effect. About the infirmary part, she shrugs, "Kiriya is just watching over apprentices I think. She'll be fiiine! Don't yooou worry!"

"Suit yourself, but when some little child comes into the infirmary lookin' for a bandage, and you ain't there and no one else is, then don't look at me!" Actually do, 'cause likely, N'ano'll be the one applying the bandage to the poor child. Oh hey look! He's taking another swig, but unconsciously.

Jozzie shifts her gaze between Shayla and N'ano, remaining quiet as she nearly drains half the bottle of wine in one go. Look who is on a role tonight, hey-yeah.

An eye roll and a head shake follows N'ano's comment. "Oh, stop it. I'm a grown womannnn and I deserve some time to myself!" Insert tongue-sticking out here. "I spend all of my time is that blastiiinnn' infimaaary, and ifff I wanna drink, I'm gonna drink!" After that comment, Shayla downs the rest of the bottle. "Woo! I win!" What does she win? Another bottle, maybe? Ho-ray.

"If you deserve some time to yourself, then how did I get wrapped into drinkin' too, hmm?" N'ano asks, lifting a brow as he waggles the bottle about in front of Shayla's face. Alas though, N'ano takes another swig, but soon after sets it down with a sigh. "That's it. No more." Right, how many times has he said that already now?

Shayla shrugs as she pops open her second bottle. At this rate, Shay will be on the ground very shortly. Very very shortly. However, she's still sober enough not to tell N'ano to drink more. He'll do it. "Well…I usually just spent my time with Naela, but then when I am in social situations I like to drink. I really hate drinking alone, which is what I do most of the time."

Jozzie just listens quietly. Is that no extremely odd or is the bluerider just acting a little grown-up and mature for once. That does not mean that she is completely sober though. The blonde-haired woman hiccups loudly. "Excuse me," she murmurs. "Maybe you should ask Teza to drink with you," Jozzie suggests. The aging greenrider would surely take up the offer with the healer.

"Y'know what?" N'ano says, pulling himself up to a stance, "I'm gonna go get us all some dinnerwe'll make a uh, picnic or something out of this." Sure. Or he'll go hide. Either way, he's sprinting upor down? the path and towards the caverns. Why? Because N'ano's player is tired and is posing out. The end.

N'ano has disconnected.

[End of Log]

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