Hannah And N'ano Meet With Jueann


06:01 PM
Logfile from Hannah.

Central Bowl (#3812)

Seven spindles brush the clouds overhead, displaying a jagged, spired cotillion grey-stoned majesty. The bowl from here is expansively large, extending a full half-mile in both directions, and though a bit of a stretch at times, most of the hubs of activity can be easily observed. Hard-packed ground shows the common pathways, all of them meandering about the craggy bunch of boulders that form a centerpiece within the middle of the otherwise vast emptiness.

The hatching grounds and leadership weyrs are located to the north, while the sounds of herdbeasts noisily allude to the pens slightly east of there. Constant traffic marks the entrance to the westward living caverns, and a glance southeast reveals the cold, glittering, glacial lake.

It is an autumn sunset. Hardly any light penetrates through the thick clouds to colour the sky; it seems more like the sun is simply leaving, tired of the day. Rain still comes down endlessly, blown by the north wind.

Obvious exits:
Pens Northern Bowl Caverns Ground Weyrs Passageway Lakeside Guard's HQ

After you release the straps, Dhiammarath stretches out one pale, iridescent forearm allowing you to scoot down that pale hide. With a final release of grip, you fall the little ways down to the ground.

Open sky is exchanged for protecting stone.

Ground Weyrs (#2361)

Once a mere overhang in the bowl wall, this arched stone enclave was deepened in aeons past by who-knows-what to provide shelter for injured dragons and their mates. Craggy walls loom high to dwarf rider and dragon alike, sloping back from the weather-open entrance to a low opening into the infirmary itself. Stacked under rock-shaded cover are low supply chests of sturdy timber, flanked with long tables. Other openings are shaded by wherhide curtains, leading to smaller, private caverns for the dragonhealers' patients.

To the northeast, you see eleven dragons.

To the southwest, you see four people.

Settled on rough-hewn ledge are six firelizards.

Obvious exits:

Bowl Inner Ground Weyr Infirmary

Ducking 'neath the heavy weyrhide curtain, you enter a smaller cavern.

Inner Ground Weyr (#12481)

Widest at the wherhide-hung entrance, the neat cavern slopes back to barely man-height. There's room enough in here for an ailing bronze, a pair of cots tucked against the inner wall for any accompanying riders. Glows are tucked along niches in the wall, shaded to provide a semblance of peace and privacy.

Tucked in with the glowlights are four firelizards.

You notice B'ane, Yulianna, and Liesana asleep here.

Fasulkad, Oralia, Jueann, and N'ano are here.

Obvious exits: Out

Jueann stands, straightening out her skirts, "Well, I was just catchingup on soem of my pleasureble reading." Adjusting her glasses, as she peers down at the young apprentice, "And studying this sticky situation. I had Milo go to the Hall with a note for all the records of what happened back then. He came back with a note saying someone will be bringing them by." Milo being her trusty little blue fire lizard. She smiles at both men as she returns to her chair.

N'ano offers a crisp salute and nod towards Hannah upon her belated arrivalwasn't she right behind him? "Thought y'got lost or somethin'!" he chuckles, waving her towards the opposing seat from where he stands, "Hannahthis is apprentice Fa—uh…" Let's play the name game here, huh? N'ano's never been one for remember names 'less they're repeated about a half dozen times to him. "He's… apparently been brought back in time by our very own B'ane," is soon stated, a frown overtaking his features as he pushes himself off and away from the wall.

Hannah smiles gratefully to N'ano at his gesture to the seat, muttering, "What can I say? Dhiammarath insisted.." It's not important. Eyebrows shoot up at the Weyrleader's comment. "Our B'ane? /Timing/ it?" Fasulkad is given an appraising glace as she takes the seat.

Ever so quietly, as the Apprentice is prone to be since his arrival, Fas slides out of the bed, and makes his way over towards the table, offering a sleepy, yet polite smile over at N'ano filling in quickly, "Fasulkad. Fas is fine, though. And he brought me /forward/ in time — not back. I think the situation's confusing enough, we don't have to get too confused about which direction I came from, eh?" Despite the severity of the situation, Fas grins, and takes the seat closest to the bed he just came from, still looking like he'd prefer to have stayed there for a while despite his mobility and long rest.

Jueann hmms and nods as a harper journeyman appears with a bundle of scrolls. "Ahh.. some answers I hope." Smiling at Hannah and N'ano as she takes the scrolls. "Although I can't condone what happened, it was a terrible loss losing those records but at least Fas left good copies in their place when he di…. er was pulled forwarded." Opening the records and spreading them on the table. "Let's see…."

"Or should I say he was brought forward?" Taking a moment to think that situation over, N'ano finally gives in to a quick nod after Fas's confirmation. Starting a pace back and forth beside the cots, he adds "Regardlessyes, from what I've heardwhich hasn't been a lot, B'ane timed it, greatly riskin' the life of not only his lifemate, but a very talented and dependable rider as himself. How" N'ano pauses, shaking his head before landing his attention first on Jueann and then on Hannah, "How are we to assess this situation? Surely Fasulkad can't go back to his own time, can he? That's too much of a risk'pecially considerin' the history it'd change… and B'ane?"

Hannah turns full attention to Jueann, "I think answers would help shed light on this situation. I agree, B'ane risked much in timing it. Why would he have done that?" The last is more of a thoughtful muse than a real question. At N'ano's comment, Hannah adds, "I don't think sending him back would be safe, considering I don't think we should risk having another rider go back, much less risk the apprentice's life should something happen to the rider pair that did go back. I think he," quick look at the quiet Falsulkad, "is well and truly stuck in our time."

Hand reaches across the table for the pitcher of klah that was brought last night, which already sits with half of it's contents gone, perhaps indicating why, at the very least, Fas slept so late. Pitcher is drawn close, and mug is filled as Fas listens, passing his attention between the others in the room. "I'm afraid I don't have any choice but to agree — no matter how much we sit here thinking about it, it looks like we've drawn the same conclusion. I can't go back, because I /didn't/ go back." Blue eyes close, and Harper takes a quiet sip from the mug, sighing. "I disappeared with the hides. Unless there's some special mention of anything /peculiar/ in those hides…" Eyes open, and glance moves over towards Jueann, but without much hope in the idea.

Jueann hmms. "Alright here it is." Looking over the notes and Fas' file. "According to the records. The cothold burnt to the ground. Remains were found that point to the death of the then young apprentice. Threadfall was the next day and a burrow was sighted near the cothold. That's how the cothold was found." She sighs. "I'm sorry Fas but we had to list you as dead. Everything pointed to it. It was thought your remains was eaten by Thread. You were identified by your cloak pin and a buckle." Watching the young harper for any reaction to her news.

"Mmm… considerin' the situationwell, you're right. This has got to be the most interestin'" N'ano trails off, nodding absently to himself before settling upon a chair himself. "I'd really love to hear the whole story 'hind this—in particular what B'ane has to say, but since the man ain' present apparently, why don't you fill us in a little, eh?" is beckoned of Fasulkad with a small waving hand gesture though as Jueann speaks, all direction is pointed to her for the moment.

B'ane has connected.

Hannah sits back and listens to Jueann reading the hides, keeping quiet in lieu of finding out more information. She nods a little at N'ano, but stays quiet until more information can be cleared up.

Absent grin makes it's way to Fas' face in response to Jueann's appraisal of his items found. "Great. I take off my cloak 'cause I'm comin' in out of the cold. It was right next to the door, too — was in too much of a rush to pick it up on the way out. I was regretting that once we got between, too. And it was longer than usual, too…" A quiet sigh, and shake of the head concludes Fas' explination of his lost cloak pin. Eyes turn up towars N'ano, and he sighs. "The whole story? It's not exactly an /entertaining/ tale — at least from my perspective… You sure you wanna' hear?"

Oralia is minding her own business, tending to the fire and glancing around the room at Fas and B'ane. She was altogether curious about the going ons of the past days. All she had put together was that B'ane had timed it and Fas was a blast from the past. Her gray blue eyes scanned the room looking for ways to keep herself useful, not wanting to be a burden to anyone.

Jueann sighs as she looks over the report. "There was some evidence that a dragon had been there. Footprints and such. But no dragonrider claimed to have been anywhere near the place. A note was made but no follow up. The hall mourned the death of one of it's own. Aife took it very hard. She was his mentor at the time." Looking up at N'ano and Hannah, "He was listed as dead by both Master Seamus, and confirmed by Master Harper Oriana."

N'ano quickly shakes his head as a hand idly runs through his messed hair, "Well, I'm thinkin' more so from B'ane's perspective—I mean, I think a very important thing here is the answer to -why- he took such a risk timin' it, no?" is asked to the crowd in general, despite his obvious attention on the young harper. "Now where -is- that man? I hope he ain' skippin' 'tween 'gain…" Cue the bronzerider stage left.

Hannah purses her lips, "I agree. I want to know why he did and what made him even think he /could/ try to do it." It is apparent from her expression that the weyrwoman is none too amused with the situation. "Yes, I want to know where he is as well." After listening to Jueann's report, she adds, "It's no wonder he was listed as dead, but, "quick glance at Fasulkad, "it's good that he's not."

B'ane prances onto the stage, well more like leisurely walks in from out of doors, now clean-shaven and smoke-stink free from a round trip to the bathing pools. "Forgive me, I just got back from hunting Aboleoth. He's got quite the appetite," a quick survey around the room tells him that those assemble don't give a wherry's behind about his dragon's hunger pangs. "So where to begin.. it all started with this certain scroll.."

Ever so slowly, grin spreads across Fas' face, and after a moment, he lets out a bark of laughter. "Here's a good one for you — what if the only real reason he went back was because he already /had/ gone back?" Apprentice pauses, taking a quick sip of his klah as if to stimulate the idea, and then grins again. "No, forget it. It'd take me all the time I've been gone to explain /that/ one…" A light wave is offered towards B'ane in welcome. From what he's seen, he may be one of the few people in the room who /doesn't/ have any ill will towards him at the moment.

N'ano taps a stylus that appeared out of no where, against his knee as he listens with anticipation—brows raising in the slightest. "Go on." How's that for a cheap pose?

Jueann frowns at Fas. Now isn't the time for jokes, puns or comedy. She is glad to see the apprentice alive and whole for he was a friend once. She's got one major headache coming up. Turning to N'ano and B'ane. "yes, please, continue."

Hannah scowls a little when B'ane enters the room, eyes narrowing in ire. Weyrleader's said it all and she merely looks at him in anticipation of more words spilling out of his mouth. Fingers slowly tap-tap the table as full attention if focused on the errant bronzerider.

Oralia seats herself on the bare floor, crosses her legs and leans her chin on her palms, watching the scene unfold. Glancing from Hannah to N'ano, she tries to put titles to faces, but in the end only gets confused and instead pokes the fire some more while keeping her eyes and ears open. She couldn't help but notice B'ane was in a lot of trouble. But all thoughts are interrupted as the Weyrleader and Tye enter.

R'gis enters.

Rather than joining his peers, hands are locked behind his back as he begins to slowly make his way around the room. "This particular scroll was of an asset to the StarCraft and it was made clear that if I could secure this then I could be of some help. I admit, I was curious as to see the ramifications of 'timing it,' but more to investigate how it could be implicated in things like Threadfall, natural disasters and other untimely events that could be made much less severe if anything. We recived the proper coordinates and found ourselves in a small cothold outside of High Reaches. Apparently, the building had just starting smoking, I don't know what started the fire. All things aside, I went to see if the cabin was occupied and saw our Fasulkad there. I don't think our timing couldn't have been more perfect." And away he keeps walking, absently wandering around the table with the soft sounds of his boots hitting the floor.

Hannah purses her lips and blurts out, "Why would you do it without asking permission? Why would you do it by yourself? Without anyone wiht more experience there to help you?" Pausing after her little speech, she grits her teeth in an attempt to calm down. "You endangered your lifemate without any kind of safety net."

" S'at so?" Mouth quirks at B'ane's explanation as N'ano does a little recording himself, scribbling down small notes onto his notebook. "Y'do realize however, that 'spite you bein' a hero in all of this, we can't just leave it be—" A cross look is sent in Hannah's direction briefly before caught in the movement of the newest arrivals. Salutes are sent their way before attention is brought back to the scenerio at hand, a curt nod given at Hannah's reprimand.

A slight wince passes from Fas as the fire flickers in response to it's poke, and a quick glance is spared towards it, to ensure it remains contained, before Fas turns to look back at B'ane, and waving lightly at those assembled with a rather weak smile on his face at mention of his name. Otherwise, however, he remains silent, and simply takes a few sips from his klah, deciding that perhaps now is a good time to say nothing at all.

Sii'kyn charges in with crisply precise strides, a thundercloud brewing on his brow. He's silent, however, stopping short of no more than four strides into the room, moving precisely to the left to let whoever might be behind him in. He scans the room, eyebrows slowly rising as he takes in account the fact that he's got the unexpected— or perhaps not too unexpected, considering— leaders of Ista Weyr and Harper Hall, along with what must be the participants of that particular incident. He returns N'ano's salute in turn, silent as he simply watches the proceedings, not officially announcing himself. Oralia's noticed, and one eyebrow raises slightly.

R'gis slips into the inner portion of the ground weyrs and stops dead in his tracks so he doesn't run into his Weyrleader. People…lots of people, definitely not what he expected when he came to get a certain crock from the dragon meds. Hesitant to intrude by nature, this greenrider tries to edge around the crowd to get what he came after in the first place without disturbing anyone. Though from the looks of it, there might be a nice bit of gossip to pick up too.

Oralia glances at Fas as his head swivels to look at the fire, thereby putting her in his path of vision. She shrugs her shoulders and tries a light smile; she wasn't going to burn down the weyr you know. Turning to look at Sii'kyn, she flinches when he raises an eyebrow at her precense. She pokes the fire again calmly. See the fire? That's my job. She nods politely in his direction, as it is best to be on everyone's goodside at times like these.

Tye walks in not a moment after Sii'kyn, falling into step with the weyrleader and stopping short just behind him. Arms are crossed and the bluerider stands to attention, a frown marring her face as she scans the room quickly. The quiet greetings are repaid with a small jerk of her head, though a small bow is issued to the Istan Weyrleaders and Harper craftmaster. After the pleasentries are done, Tye simply stands to attention, waiting and watching as to what will occur.

B'ane shakes his head. "No, no, it was more than that. You know I'm not the type to be so bloody negligent. I had this absolute calm and confidence from Aboleoth, I just can't put it into words. I don't regret my actions. If I saved one man with the price of my hide being verbally flayed and hung out to dry, then it was worth it. But, I realize this sort of thing cannot be taken lightly and that precedents must be set, so I'm fully willing to take any punishment, any .. penalty that both you and Hannah see fit, sir." Ironically the same word he loathes to be called is referred to N'ano. So what'll it be, latrines, a substitute nanny for a turn, bumped back into the weyrling wing..

Looking up from the record and collecting her thoughts. She waits her turn at the young rider, or maybe wait until all the explanatiosn were done to get to the next step in this mess. As the new weyrleaders walk in, she starts to stand but insteads stands where she's at. With a friendly wave-like salute, "I take it, you've heard."

Fasulkad sighs quietly, and leans forward, before standing up, but keeping his head down. "I'm sorry, forgive me for a moment here — but if you're going to punish B'ane, you might as well add me in to any punishment you've got too. After all, I /was/ there for /half/ the ride… Or, well, if you don't like /that/ reasoning, I /do/ owe him my life, so I'm gonna' hafta' ask that I lighten his load /somehow/ if you're gonna' punish him…" As an afterthought, he adds almost meekly, "It's only fair…"

Sii'kyn lifts the other brow at Oralia, just to see her response. Maybe he can influence a wince. He turns his head slightly, noting Tye and R'gis, and glimmering something of approval to the bluerider; his face masks over in carefully cultivated impassiveness, as he listens to the proceedings, arms folded across his chest. "Yes, ma'am," he murmurs reply to Jueann, deep voice tinged with something just below annoyance. "We've.. heard." Read, someone forgot to inform Sii'kyn. Again. No respect— and no memo's! He seems to pay more attention to Fas than to anyone else in the room, however, when the boy speaks; lips tug upwards at the corners, despite himself.

R'gis catches Sii'kyn's glance in his, and Tye's, direction and flushes. He certainly does not try to put himself under his Weyrleader's eye, but he's here now and if he can help he will. Catching the word 'punishment' he flinches slightly in sympathy as images of such pass thru his mind. Greenrider longs to ask just what 'we' have heard but it doesn't seem such a smart thing to do at the moment, he merely stands his ground as if he's accompanying the two High Reaches riders his gaze scanning the group of Istans and harpers curiously.

Jueann sighs, turning to Fas, "Fasulkad, calm down. The weyrleaders are trying to put things together. They have reasons for timing it. And this is one of them." Looking up at Sii'kyn, "Well met. I don't beleive we've met, Master Jueann. I'm sorry all this got dropped in your lap."

Oralia raises her own eyebrow in response, stops poking the fire and folds her hands in her lap instead. She then drops her confused expression and flashes a bright smile in his direction instead. Diverting her attention, she tilts her head to gaze on the rather noble Fas, who has offered to take part in the blaming. Her eyes sparkle with respect towards the apprentice, who seems to have gained the respect of many.

Tye does her best to keep the small grin from replacing the currently placed frown, though it upturns just a little bit. R'gis is nodded at, even a flick of her hand being evident as she greets the greenrider before turning back to the meeting. Throat is cleared slightly as the bluerider's eyes turn towards the harper apprentice, head tilting slightly as she gives him a once over. Oralia is also finally noticed, the girl getting a confused look from Tye, but she decides to say nothing and just go with the flow for now. There will be time to talk later.

"I know you're not negligent, B'ane. That's why I'm proud to have you in my wing," N'ano reminds, "And I actually agree with you thereone life saved is another one treasured." Or something like that? "But, as well, it cannot be taken lightly for the great risk you've taken that could've greatly damaged the Weyr as a whole… however, I for one can't think of a reasonable punishment for such an endeavor." Thus why he'll need Hannah's help, of course! "It does not mean it'll be passed to the side, nobut it will have to be thought over for however long it takes for a decision."

B'ane sends a restrained smile to Fas that if given free-range, could possibly have melted ice. "No, there are just some things a guy just has to face alone my friend. 'sides, you really would have been oblivious had I not barged in like that." And then his Weyrleader is looked at once B'ane's traversing around the room comes to a temporary end. "I accept that fully and will submit to any repercussions. And my apologies to High Reaches for ensnaring you into all of this. Your hospitality /and/ patience is still far unmatched." Sii'kyn and his contemporaries are studied repentantly.

Quick glance is spared towards the Harper Master present, but Fas doesn't sit back down, but instead raises his head to look towards the one whom he expects to hand down the punishment — and doesn't. It's only stated as a pause until a suitable punishment can be found, but a stay of execution is a stay of execution. A quiet sigh passes from Fas, and though he wasn't addressed in the decision at all, he seems to take it as if it were anyway. For the moment, at least, Fas takes his seat again, hand wrapping rather firmly around the mug as a light smile tugs at his lips. When the time comes, Fas will offer again. But for now, the mug is drained completely, and Apprentice glances over at B'ane, grinning slightly.

Sii'kyn nods slightly from his stance somewhat by the door, before striding over towards Jueann, inclining his head. "Sii'kyn," he offers by way of introducing himself; "Tye and R'gis, as well," he introduces at large, motioning first at the bluerider then at the greenrider. "High Reaches offers only her continued hospitality and patience, along with the services of the creative punishment masters as we've had" Images of Tatia and Lylia collaborating with eachother to perfect the absolute punishment for the situation no doubt will give him nightmares; "in our ranks." There /is/ a wry smile along those lines. "If we can be of any help, please let us know," he murmurs, finishing his spiel as he steps back towards Tye, resuming his stance, eyes resting on B'ane, this time, considering.

Oralia looks somewhat flustered. What's with the staring at her anyway? She may not be /very/ important but hey, someone has to make sure the fire doesn't go out. And besides, she's quite the wallflower, and tight-lipped too. No worries for Ora, she just happens to be here because she helped out yesterday in all the confusion. As Tye's eye lands on her she simply shrugs and half smiles. I'll be good, promise!

R'gis returns Tye's nod and relaxes somewhat, at least he's not going to be shooed away like a bothersome flit. He might even be able to contribute something, what he's not sure, but something surely. A slight frown creases his brow wondering just what 'great risk' the bronzer could have taken to deserve such a lengthy, and public, debriefing. At the introduction from Sii'kyn, greenrider inclines his head slightly in greeting. A soft chuckle as that same image of Tatia and Lylia conspiring against the rather handsome bronzer in question.

Jueann sniles up at the weyrleader, "I found the guest weyr I slept in last night, quite comfortable, thank you." But back to business at hand, The smile fades as she looks over at the young harper, "I guess the best thing for you is to recall you to the Hall and get you caught up on …. er… life itself. Thank goodness you are still an apprentice and not a journeyman. It would be hard to explain putting you back in lessons with the other apprentices."

Jala enters.

Jala makes a silent entrance, obviously expecting the secluded cavern to be relatively unoccupied. However, she is brought to an abrupt halt as she is greeted by a small gathering, and she is frozen in place by the rather tense mood that pulls the air tight in the room. Clearing her throat, she nods respectively to the appropriate leadership types, and then announces in a quiet voice, "I was just…coming to check on the fire and to make sure the water was boiling and all that. Sorry to interrupt." She hovers uncertainly in the doorway, and then steps decisively towards Tye, coming alongside the bluerider with a faint smile of greeting.

A wink is sent Oralia-ways, along with a small smile, as Tye peers back towards her. Though the moment her name is announced, she snaps her head back and looks foreward. Once again, her head is nodded in a quick and thorough greeting before a shudder racks through her. A High Reaches punishmen is a frightening thing, more so when one contemplates the various dragonriders who live within the Weyr. "Seems a bit harsh." is muttered under her breath, but then again Tye doesn't exactly know the entire story. Only bits and pieces. Jala is looked at as she enters, an eyebrow raising at the greenrider. Though she does smile back in greeting.

"If you'll excuse me," N'ano frowns, heaving a sigh as he pushes himself up from his seated position, "I've got to head back to Istafamily emergency." With a quick sigh, he gathers up his riding gear, tossing it carelessly over his shoulder, "B'aneI expect you to return to Ista once y'all set. We need you tomorrow for fall if you're fit!" And to Ike: "Can I expect to see ya'll at Ista this month for our games and gather?" Surely the festivities haven't been forgotten!

Hannah belatedly nods a greeting to the HRW leadership, not intending slight but so caught with her rider's inappropriate actions that it took her a while to absorb the rest of the situation. "Yes, I think a suitable punishment will come after calm, rational examination of the facts. All the facts." To the HRW leadership, she offers a grateful smile and, "We appreciate all the hospitality you have shown. I only wish it weren't needed or that it could have been given under happier circumstances."

B'ane dusts off his coat hanging from a peg and dons it, either unaware of it's blistered, crack condition or not caring. After barely surviving Threadfall and now a fire, the leather is no longer supple nor really suitable to wear. But it'll make a nice mantel trophy to inspire the grandbabes one day. "I can return today as a matter of fact. I'm sure the Reachians will be pleased to go back to their original state of calm before all of this, huh?" Although is HRW ever really serene? "You going to be alright here?" Expressing concern for the time-corsair, he looks to Fas. "And don't worry about disrupting, Jala. A sort of resolution has been reached." Now now. Dundundun.

N'ano goes outside.

Quiet grin remains on Fas' face as he turns to face Jueann. "Come now — I think it's gonna' be a little awkward no matter how you look at it, but I think we'll manage something…" Briefest of responses said, Fas turns back to B'ane, and offers, "Don't worry about me, I think I'm gonna' be fine after a little while. But, I want you to know that while I know what you said — I don't care. I owe you one, and if you take the punishment alone, I'll owe you /two/ — and considering the first thing I owe you is my life, I'm gonna' try not to get in your debt /too/ much more…" Grin remains, and with a nod that says Fas considers that case as closed as it can be for now, he glances back at Jueann. "So, what's your plan for me now, Master Jueann? Time off to recover?" Grin indicates he doesn't really think so, but he does wait for /some/ kind of instruction at this point…

Sii'kyn lifts a brow, sending a sharp half-look out of the corner of his eye towards Tye; yes, he heard that. To N'ano, he offers a lazy smile. "Traj and I wouldn't miss it for the world- and all of High Reaches will have leave to go," he remarks in reply. To Jueann, he dimples— Ike, stressed? Nah, he'll leave that to the Istans in charge of the punishment of B'ane— and offers some sort of murmured acknowledgement. Hannah, now, gets the rare treatment, a half-bow. "It's no problem whatsoever, I assure you." Then, it's back to being background. Ike the Observer. Specifically, observing B'ane and Fas, scrutinizing both of them, nodding oh-so-slightly at B'ane's words. Sii'kyn seems to relax more, when people start to, you know, disperse.

R'gis steps to the side of the entryway so that he doesn't block the Istan Weyrleader's exit, a pleasant expression covering a rather frightened interior. Seeing that there's no real reason for him to continue helping to represent High Reaches Weyr, the greenrider edges to a cupboard and reaches down a crock of salve. Going back to what he was actually here for settles him down, though he does wonder what his dragonhealer mentor will think of him being gone for so long. Crock in hand, he heads back out the way he came to minister to that itching dragon.

R'gis goes outside.

Jala is busy shifting her weight slowly from foot to foot, voice to her discomfort at interrupting. However, B'ane's vocalized reassurance catches her attention and her stance readjusts as an instant smile cracks her face. "Oh. Okay then! You're looking much better today, B'ane," she comments. "Its good that you're coming home." And her features soften to express genuine compassion for the bronzerider. This look is passed slowly to Fasulkad, and the line of her mouth alters slightly to depict a touch of pity. She remains silent as the rest of the pleasantries and closing arguments, per se, are exchanged, her gaze steady upon the interloper.

Oralia grins at Tye and returns to the present conversation, as the Istan dragonriders prepare to leave good ol' High Reaches. Noticing for the first time, yes she can be slow sometimes, she winks in the direction of Jala and smiles. So N'ano is out and B'ane is ready to go, so what were they going to do with Fas? Oralia looks to Master Jueann, because you know, she's so very interested.

Hannah dips her head at Sii'kyn's bow and stands, "Thank you. I must head back to Ista as well, as there is work to still be done this day." Smiling pleasantly if a bit strained at the HRW folk, she adds, turning attention to B'ane, "If you can, come. And when you get to Ista Weyr, I would suggest not leaving again until this has been formally settled." Nodding to Tye and the departed R'gis. "Good Evening." And then heads out.

Sheltering wherhide curtain is moved aside as you exit.

[end of log]

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