Hannah And N'ano Join The Island Gather


05:26 PM
Logfile from Hannah.

Hannah's Gather Description:
Silvery blond hair falls to about mid-shoulders, showing signs of recent trimming. Pixish face is framed by faint wisps of hair while pale coral lips hide a gap-toothed smile and crooked teeth. As if a thousand emeralds had been squeezed dry of their color, her eyes sparkle a dark emerald green. A light dusting of freckles dance across the bridge of her upturned nose and the pale, milk-white skin of her cheekbones. Facial features come together to bring about a plain face with crooked teeth; overall, not very pretty. Only slight curves enhance a figure that is more waif-like than woman-like. Height only averages about four foot nine while she looks to weigh about 80 pounds.
Simple, clean lines form the shape of her dress that hides her thinness and gives a sense of round curves. Loose and flowing, it is empire waisted with a pendant gathering the folds of her dress at the highest point of the empire waist. It is dyed a green to rival her eyes and while not quite making her pretty, it does allow her to appear a bit less plain. Shoes of the same hue peek out from beneath the hem. Sleeves and neckline are edged in silvery thread, complementing her outfit's formal look.
A double cord twines itself into a triple loop that ends in two tassles with a silvery-gold ribbon threaded through the cords, marking her as lifemate to gold Dhiammarath and senior weyrwoman of Ista Weyr.

Beach Party! Beach Party! @move me to #10778 for RP and contest fun. VIPs come dressed in your best. Everyone else come dressed as fruit. Please no OOC! If you're looking for the maze, go 'bonfire' and then 'dunes'.

— entered by Nuff on 2003-09-26 19:08 MOO Time. (13 minutes and 49 seconds)

Waters off Tillek's Desert Isle (#11092)

The island beyond is wind-swept and bleak, nearly devoid of vegetation among the rocks and narrow strips of sand. Unlucky in the way of wind and rain, the island receives mil to none over the course of the turn… what little moisture there is comes from the sea, and is laced with salt and minerals. But in the waters offshore, it teems with the life commonly found in the colder waters. Alas, only adding to the forlorn and ragged appearance are the unmistakeable and flagrantly hazardous rocks that broach the ocean's surface now and again, a danger to all who navigate these tight waters.

It is an autumn afternoon. The day is grey, covered in unchanging clouds. The air is cool, but there is no wind. The light begins to fade as the sun draws westward.

To the west, you see seven people.
Gold Tiareth and gold Dhiammarath are here.
Elyisabet is here.
Obvious exits:
Tillek Head Beach

After you release the straps, Dhiammarath stretches out one pale, iridescent forearm allowing you to scoot down that pale hide. With a final release of grip, you fall the little ways down to the ground.

Tiareth greets the landing Istan queen with a rumble that sets the ground rolling beneath her feet. She shakes out her wings, making herself look as large as she can. Good to see you, yes. My beach, by the way. Mine. Good Dragon.

Dhiammarath does not make a sound or movement until her rider has safely dismounted, then she curls her pale self into a comfortable ball of silvery gold dragon and rumbles a lazy greeting to Tiareth. Glittering eyes notice the other queen's possesiveness but ignores it to settle into lazy slumber while Hannah walks toward the crowded section of the beach.

You go to the Desert Isle Beach.

Desert Isle Beach (#10778)

Of sand and stone, primarily the former, this small isle's beach seems to unbelievably stretch on forever. Worn by crashing waves, relentless winds and even Threadfall, the land is nearly flat except for the odd sandy ripples and a vague impression of low hills further more inland of the barren isle. Be it plant or animal life, both are virtually nonexistant but for that which resides in the rock-strewn ocean shallows.

It is an autumn afternoon.

To the east, you see two gold dragons and one person.
Hovering over the water are Dusk, Rush, Aodhan, and Lishe
You notice Fawn asleep here.
Liesana, Nuff, Andron, Livesta, and Jhishivyl are here.
Obvious exits:
Isle Waters Feast Tables Central Isle By the Bonfire Main Tent

Dhiammarath> Hannah swims to the west.

Dhiammarath> Elyisabet stands awkwardly to the side, arms poking out of her hastily-made costume. Her fellow apprentice reappears, and Ely quickly hisses a question to him. He shrugs, winks, and vanishes. "Oooh…I'll get him for this," she mutters, eyes narrowing beneath the twiggy hat. She pulls her arms in, planning to escape. Only one problem: she's sewed in. "Oh, he's /definately/ going to get it."

Over by the feast, Aenix heads back to the beach.

Aenix drags themself away from the feasting tables.

Nuffie the Fruitcake. Yes. That might have worked. "No, really, its been a logistical nightmare bringing everyone down here, and I haven't a clue where most of the watchriders have gotten to. But the afternoon's meetings and greetings are done, now we are to just settle back and enjoy the evening. Yes indeed. Food? Drink? You two find what you need, of course." And, turning, "Oh look. Here's Ista. Ho, Hannah. Get Dhiammarath to give Tiareth a smack for me, would you? She's been brooding about down there all day."

Dhiammarath> Tiareth is /not/ brooding. She's, erm, lurking around in a dignified sort of way.

Jhishivyl vents some mental steam by a silent tirade against a blueberry that bumps into him whilest running full-tilt towards a person who suspiciously looks like he dressed up like a certain weyrleader of a northern weyr. Now, /that's/ a funny constume. Jhish edges past a delegation of Seacrafters, and promptly pulls up on his focused stride in order to not walk directly into a non-fruit. Andron's edged past, and another dour look is tossed all about, before the banana heads around the watermelon, moving towards a vacant area. Fresh air, here he comes.

Dhiammarath> Elyisabet shifts from foot to foot, rather dangerous seeing how unsteady she is. After another few moments of indecision, the apprentice sets off in the direction everyone seems to be going. It has to be better than just standing around…

Dhiammarath> Elyisabet swims to the west.

Elyisabet swims in from the east.

Liesana meets Andron's fashion statements with a wry smirk of her own, and allows that "Considering how long it took me to get practically sewn into this dratted dress, I am going to declare myself dressed, and let it stand at that." with dry emphasis and a swish of her skirt. Because she's gotten stuck a skirt, and she's going to swish it. Darnit. "And I can well imagine, Nuff… you're a braver woman than I am. Is there dancing planned?" A hopeful look over at Andron.

Livesta notes the comment about temperature and giggles, ever the more glad she had chosen not to stuff her costume, instead using that ingenous frame one of her friends had made. Watching the trio, she smiles and traipses past in all her glittering glory of greens and yellows. About then that banana goes by, though, and the little lass switches direction to avoid collision, moving closer to the rather important trio that she had meant to.

Hannah offers a smile of greeting Nuff's way. "I'll see if Dhiammarath is in an accommodating mood. " Lips quirk up a little at her quiet comment, "I'm not sure if N'ano will be here. He's still recovering a little from his threadscore. He's been released to fly between, so if he's able he should be coming later." After making the excuses, goldrider glances curiously around. "There are a lot of, ah, fruit here?" Brow furrows in bewilderment.

"Liesana, I firmly maintain that Dashvard has luck beyond all rationale, and that you are one of the loveliest women to behold, beskirted or not." Shameless flattery -is- Andron's forte, and he employs with a certain consummate skill that speaks of long, long, long turns of practice at it. An echo of Liesana's hopeful look flashes in green eyes, Andron turn his attention to their nominal hostess as well. "I do hope so. You ought to know, Liesana. Any Harpers in attendence other than yourself?" Speaking of Harpers: With a nod to Hannah, Andron shifts his weight slightly as he moves, the turn and flex of his leg ill-timed with Jhishivyl's passage. Trip.

Nuff eyes the Devil… erm… Harper in the blue blue dress. "It is rather impressive, Master Liesana. And it suits you." She waves behind her to the large and apprently empty looking tents. "We boarded the beach, beneath the tents, so there shall be dancing in deed, Harper's willing, of course. But the Hall was most generous in its loaning of musicians, so…" Nuff grins, keen on the sanding herself, though she is rather slow these days. "I am glad to hear he will be okay, Weyrwoman. I hear most of Benden is still smoking at the edges, from their latest run. Though none seriously, thank Farnath. " So easily to slip into Weyrchat, it is. Back to Liesana, "Dashvard, is it then? Good for him. Ah, here's the man himself." She inclines her head, "N'ano. High Reaches duties to you and yours."

Ashlao walks in.

Ashlao heads towards the feast.

Over by the feast, Ashlao wanders in from the beach.

Over by the feast, Ashlao heads back to the beach.

Ashlao drags themself away from the feasting tables.

Trip goes Jhishivyl; since his costume doesn't allow for all too much leg motion, the yellowclad apprentice nearlyfalls towards the hostess herself- but flailing arms see him flat on his face in the sand. He lies there for a second, before a string of heavily accented curses spill forth, and he flails back to his feet, spittin' dirt. Now, he's spat sand before, but never- well, because of that. Andron's sent a heated look, and the fruit stomps off. Steamin' banana, muttering about how 'everything evil -always- happens to him'.

Ashlao wears a nice Apple costume

Elyisabet steps tentitively into the area, arms still pulled into her redfruit suit. Her doubts are calmed somewhat by the sight of more fruit - but she's put off by the sight of even more people in fancy outfits. She swallows hard. "Right. Well, I think I'll just be going…" And the redfruit turns tail and begins to head back from whence she came. Just avoid those bananas.

N'ano promptly salutes Nuff upon his entrance while wiping sweat with his opposing arm from his forehead, ""evenin'," he greets, taking a breather for a moment's time before sidling up towards Hannah, offering fellow weyrleader-type a slight bow, "Sorry I'm lateLesa /insisted/ that I dress up that scar extra well for whatever reason. The thing's healed just finedunno why such a conniption," he snorts, only taking time now to scan the crowd.

Aenix warbles encouragingly at Elyisabet… He may not be in any sorta costume since he is a little winged one but he knows she could be braver…

"Other than myself? You think anyone tells the Craftsecond anything?" Liesana wonders with expression deadpan but a twinkle in the corner of one eye as she pats Andron on the arm in approved socialite fashion. Even if she's more barn-bred than socialite, of course. "Well, I believe I recognized that banana you just reversed the old trip-on-a-peel gag on. And probably there are a few more wandering around. I got ordered not to overwork after all the latest political fun, so I decided to listen in my old age." Ah, shameless fishing for compliments. And Nuff just gave her one! A pretty smile and the woman even manages a curtsey. "My thanks to you, Weyrwoman, and I see you're supporting your old Craft in your colour choice tonight?"

Kia walks in.

Kia slips off towards the fires.

Farleai walks in.

Farleai slips off towards the fires.

Hannah coughs to cover a burst of chuckles, turning when hearing Nuff offer greetings to N'ano. "Ah, there you are," she murmurs dryly, "A bit slow.." The last is said softly under her breath on the heels of, "Thank you Nuff. The weyr has been suffering to the lack of the Weyrleader. But things should be getting along better now." Huffing banana is eyed, "Who are all the, ah, fruit?" She returns Andron's nod as well, before adding to N'ano's comment, "Because it would do Ista no good to lose your active duty for yet another half turn."

Nuff manages to miss the attack of the killer banana, which is good, because she's already been at the wine. Of cuorse she's taken the course. She knows what to do if someone tries to attack her with a banana. "Hrm? Oh, yes. Well. Noone every tells me anything either, Master Liesana." Granted that's for a very good reason. She runs her hands down over purple sisals, "Lavender suits me. And I do try and keep up with my Weavering, as I can. High Reache's blue and black are a bit stark for this Nuff." The assorted Fruit Salad of people on the beach get another long look. "I suspect its retribution, for something, but I haven't as yet figured out what. Still, some of those costumes look like they were a lot of work."

Andron leans against Liesana at the heated look, seemingly hiding from the dread apprentice; the apology lingering on his tongue has yet to be given voice as he bites down instead, to prevent an ill-timed snicker. How often do you see a cursing banana glaring at you fit to kill? "Sorry about that," he drawls after Jhishivyl, legs readjusted with sheepish care to those around him. Andron's a smooth operator, yes he is. "You know the banana?" Bizarre phrase, that. Dark eyebrows arch in surprise, Andron half turning to catch another glimpse of the fruit in question. "Old age? You never grow older, Liesana, merely more refined." He narrows his eyes at Hannah briefly, memory striking. Oooh, Andron's hit on her before. She reacted -most- amusingly, too. "I see Ista Weyr is sending out it's loveliest. Good day, Weyrwoman." Of course, he doesn't -ignore- N'ano: "Weyrleader."

Livesta nearly falls over as well, she's giggling so hard. So much for people slipping on banana's. Seems the banana's are a danger unto themselves. Still, the small one regains control of herself before falling, thus saving the fragile supports in her suit. So she collects herself a tray of foods and, grinning impishly, heads toward the high and mighty. "Excuse me, would anybody like food from the fruity?" she quips, offering the tray of fingerfood to the various important peoples.

Nissionath glides in for a landing.

Nuff never declines food, even if its being offered by a watermelon. Predictably she chooses something that looks most like a cookie and nibbles at it. With her free hand she flicks it up and down, top to toe and back up again. "Ta, lass. What's up with the rind and seeded redfruit, child? Was there to be a contest I have forgotten about?"

Dhiammarath> Bydelth has arrived.

Jhishivyl huffs more, because that's his job. He's no peel; not yet, though he won't comment on the heated look a certain yellowfruit's giving him. Skillful in the art of dodging females, he finds a section of sand behind a particularly large melon and pulls it up, mournfully muttering about this or that. Most notably, the comment that he voices the loudest when he notices a couple of redfruits ganging up on someone who had the gall to dress up as a tomato— "We're doomed." Then, once more, he's shooting DarkLooks at Andron and rubbing his poor, injured foot. And nose. Because his nose feels funky, for some reason.

Vaeli makes use of the dainty rope ladder on one side on Nissionath, and scales down the side of the pudgy, sooty, queen, skipping the last two rungs and landing onto the floor with a clanking thud.

Dhiammarath> Tiareth is still sulking and skulking. With a look at Bydelth, she sinks back into the water and leaves only her nostrils, eyes, and headknobs sticking out.

Dhiammarath> Bydelth was here the entire time, really… how else would his rider've gotten here? Ahem.

Dhiammarath> Dudum.

Dhiammarath> Dudum.

Dhiammarath> DudumDudumdudumdadumdadumdadum.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath snorts a little at Tiareth's movement and Bydelth's landing. Istan queen settles back down again into a lazy bulk that sees more than she lets on.

"I 'unno," N'ano replies, eyeing the fruit with an amused grin upon his face, "But they're makin' me hungry, that's for sure." Hannah's reply is regarded with a huff but attention turns towards Andron before a comment is allowed, "Loveliest? Why, I'd like to think so," he snickers, speaking for himself, of course. "Nice you see you 'gain, sir," he grins, offering Andron his own—get this, salute! Feel privileged or something like everyone else.

Elyisabet pauses, apparently having second thoughts - probably about her missing companion. Grimacing, she turns around again and moves towards the stately group. "Excuse me," she says, voice soft. "I'm sorry to disturb you, but I'm afraid I'm at a loss as to why I'm here, and why some people are not dressed as fruits." Her breeding has kicked in, and she speaks with more confidence. "I would curtsy, but I'm afraid I'm not…capable right now."

Livesta giggles again and smiles up, rather impishly, at the goldrider. "Half of Pern is fruit tonight, Weyrwoman. Heard that if we came to the party dressed as fruit, we wouldn;t get in trouble." Gone completely is her drawl or any sign of a childish voice. No, she is talking to respectable people here, and they deserve her best voice. "I didn't think many would go to the trouble of making up a costume like this. Took a bit, but looks nice and is comfortable to wear. Do you mind awfully much that we're here, Weyrwoman?"

Liesana beams at Andron, and doesn't even bother to mock him for his compliments for once, strange but true. "See? -This- is why I keep on pulling his dangly bits out of the political fire." is the Keroon-bred Master Legist's statement, followed by poking Andron in the ribs in sisterly fashion as he ogles Istan Weyrwomen. "Weyrleader N'ano, Weyrwoman Hannah," she greets with grins and nods. "I -definitely- need to talk to you both about the recent event affecting both our areas, but I think Jueann'll kill me if she hears I mixed business with partying… oooh. What a well-trained fruit." A tilt of her chin at Livesta, and she helps herself to some vague meat-and-pastry thingum.

Nefret walks in.

Hannah remembers Andron, probably more than he remembers her. It's been many turns since that fateful trip with Saria and so weyrwoman only manages a nice blush before offering him a quirk of her lips. "You're too kind…" is murmured at him. Vaeli gets a lift of her hand in greeting and a quiet greeting. A frown mars her brow at the mention of the Unfortunate Incident. "Ah, well. That can wait until after the party, I think." Livesta's answer to Nuff's question garners a smile, "It sure does make an interesting group.."

Nuff gives the redfruit a once over. No, make that a thrice over. "Careful that. I'm surprised someone hasn't made you into a pie." Back to Livesta, "Oh /reeeeally?/" She tries to look evil, but its just not in her, so she ends up taking in the fruits again and collapsing into giggles. "I don't know whose idea that was" TrubbleTrubbleTrubble, "But I can't imagine you'd have gotten into trouble in any case. Still, we should do something with all these wayward organics, eh?" She nods to the arriving Vaeli and more, then turns to Liesana and Andron. "No politics, no politics! Its party time. But any ideas, Harper Liesana? I mean about the fruit?"

Andron spares a moment to cast a wink in Jhishivyl's direction with impish impudence, sullen banana spied mid-DarkLook. Spreading joy wherever he goes. That's Andron's creed. "Handsomest, good Weyrleader, is the word I'd use for you. Dashing, maybe, but then even as creative as I am" And modest, too. "I'd run out of words that could be applied in shameless flattery. It was an art really designed more to be applied to women, the fairer sex." An art? Pffft. "Good to see you again, as well. I hear we have a child of yours at the Hold, too." Without missing a beat, he shifts away from pesky Harper fingertips, slanting an amused look back at Liesana. "I do hope the Hold gets a version of your secrative reports, dear Liesana." Curiosity piqued, he slants a grin at Hannah. "Never too kind to a lovely woman like yourself. I've counted the days since last we met, in the hopes they would pass faster." Blatant lie, right there. But he does it with such -charm- and, at the very least, humor.

Vaeli slides off the paw of her sooted queen, although not without a bit of trouble. Tugging at the hem of her dress, she attempts to stroll across the sand towards the crowd of people and fruit, curses muttered under her breath about the Weyrwoman causing her to be late. Vaeli returns the gesture of greeting towards the Istan goldrider with a faint smile and nod of the head, and steps towards Nuff in time to hear the ending bit of conversation. "Fruit? Politicking fruit, are we?"

Elyisabet shifts uneasily, before retreating again. "Thank you, ma'am." She gives Nuff a tight smile, and then ducks away entirely. She stalks - as best a puffy redfruit can - away, only to take up pacing in a wobbly manner a few feet from a small group of fruit. "Making me come here when he knows /perfectly/ well how I feel about being disrespectful." Hmph. "If I had /known/…" She continues to mutter in this manner, nursing her anger on the subject.

Livesta smiles again, still impish, and nods to Nuff. "Fruity bunch! It's funny, really. Seen lots." As more important people arrive, she offers them foods from her tray, smiling at everyone and repeating the words to Nuff when others ask her the same question.

Valedath glides in for a landing.

An accommodating incline of foreleg from Valedath allows Tye to disembark with the assistance from this cavalier.

** Nuff just set the @party! Type @party to check it out! **

Jhishivyl just /sits/, yanks off his hat, and musses at sun-faded hair. Scalp gets itched at, fingers digging through his hair annoyed-like. He catches the wink and just shakes his head, but it will be noticed he's not darkly glaring at Andron in particular anymore. Yes. For gags, he leans out one booted foot every now and then, to watch people slide past him with their own dark glares. Okay, so maybe he is a peel. A regularly-garbed someone or another slides over to him: some blonde bombshell dressed in a second-skin red dress, barely recognizable as a ranking Herder. A few swift words, and the dour lad slams his hat back on and gets to his feet, muttering as he hauls off towards— somewhere.

Beach party continues! @move me to #10778 to come RP. You can try go get through the maze by heading to the 'bonfire' and then 'dunes'. Fruit-costume judging in about 15 minutes on the Main Beach!

— entered by Nuff on 2003-09-26 20:01 MOO Time. (19 seconds)

Liesana gives Vaeli a grave nod, more unfamiliar with the younger weyrwoman than with some of the older members of the crew, but seeing that as no reason not to tease a little as she relaxes. Although not too much. The fitted dress sees to -that-. "Politicking fruit." is confirmed. "The redfruit are plotting against the citrons, while the bananas are secretly playing both ends against the middle, and the watermelons alone remain uninvolved. Greetings… Vaeli, right? Nissionath's rider?" Andron just gets a nod, as she shuts up about business. For now.

N'ano holds an index finger up briefly at Liesana's comment before giving way to a nod, "Ayelet's relax this evenin' 'n settle with the businesslater… after the festivities tomorrow." So like, next month or something. With that, he turns back to Andron with a quick nod, "That so?" Arms cross over one another as he absorbs the compliments with a mused grin. Aye, my second youngest, Kiano," is replied to the latter before eyes shift towards Tye, not hesitating to give her a once-over as he normally does.

Touching to the ground, Ista Weyr's blue Finniganth allows his rider to dismount along with their 'towage', Ista Hold's Nefret, cousins Stina and Rowan, and siblings Nehen and Khepera. His rider, O'toole, need not mention that Khepera is his weyrmate? But running from the crowd right away, Nefret shuffles quickly to Andron — as in, the only person she knows. "Good day, sir," she smiles up at him. "Interesting costumes, hmm?" Stina follows her, Rowan does as well. Khepera and O'toole stay with Finniganth, and nobody knows where Nehen went.

Nuff giggles, again, "It could be a food fight any minute now." Though most of the fruit seems to be sweet and enjoying themselves along the beaches. Only a few sour ones in the lot. "Still, I suppose we should do something with them. After all their hard work." She glances down along the beach and then back to the gathered group. "Weyrleaders. Harpers. Perhaps I can talk you into judging an impromptu Costume contest? Y'know, pick of the harvest sort of thing? I'll supply a prize, you four choose a winner?" Or, "And Vaeli too, if you would? That way we wouldn't end up with a tie."

So, technically, Tye isn't supposed to be here, but who is to say she isn't dropping off people? No one can deny that she has or hasn't, since the 'rider leaped off her dragon's back the moment he landed and shooed Valedath off as quickly as humanly, or dragonicly, possible. After a few downward jerks at the hem of her far-to-short shirt, the bluerider sets off into the crowd, mingling and whatnot until she can find someone who she actually knows.

Hannah coughs a little, cheeks reddening even further. "I can only imagine it's been a long — ten turns is it? How many days did you count..?" she quips before attention turns again to the arriving weyrwoman. "Good evening.. Vaeli. Ista's greetings to you." Quietly, goldrider suggests to Nuff, "Maybe we ought to put them on display.." Hannah falls silent then, content to give attention to her surroundings as she is a naturally reserved woman.

Kia walks in.

Elyisabet continues to pace, slowly becoming aware of a rather disturbing fact. Not only is she hot…she's beginning to itch. Her arms are quickly pulled inside, and the costume wiggles strangely as she scratches at her upper arms. "Oooh…" She mutters darkly, arms reemerging. "This is a /highly/ unpleasant evening. "

Andron tips his head in a nod in Vaeli's direction ever so politely, absorbing Liesana's recollection of her name when he is able only to supply the dragon name. "G'day," he says, fixed smile turned on the younger woman before someone from his own Hold directs his attention. Nefret, spawn of one of Ista Hold's more well-off bloodlines, recieves his smile with only a -faintly- pained look in his eyes. He's heard bratty things of her. "Nefret. You're looking lovely. Should your parents really let you out looking so impossibly lovely?" Flattery is tamed down to a light teasing edge in defference to her -age-, Andron knowing better than to hit on those half his age. Unable to resist Hannah's temptation, he drawls ever so softly, "It was a very long time, but as expected, seeing you know makes it worthwhile." He sidesteps the expected elbow from Liesana's direction, a nod sent to Nuff. He's game, if she wants a Hold opinion to balance out Craft and Weyr.

Kia swims to the east.

Dhiammarath> Kia swims in from the west.

Hold. Right. Nuff meant that. Hold, Weyr. Craft. See? Perfect.

Iqe wanders back over from the fires.

Mimi walks in.

Dhiammarath> Kia swims to the west.

Kia swims in from the east.

Aenix chirples as his human makes an appearance from in the dunes… Seeds just drip from him…He's gone off and eaten or ripped up lots of fruit for his 'costume'…The Seeds left behind

Livesta giggles often as she works her way through the crowd, offering food to leaders and not alike, stopping by the tables often to refresh her selection. Thus she completely misses the idea of a contest, but still is nearby, and having loads of fun with her scintilating costume.

Vaeli peers in the way of the scurrying lad a moment before turning back to the woman addressing her. In turn, she also receives one of the goldrider's scrutinizing looks, but quickly turns it into a respectful smile. "Well, let us hope the watermelons stay neutral, lest life as fruit know it will cease. Vaeli I am, and Nissionath is my mount. And you would be..?" A courteous nod of her head goes with the last inflicting word. She repeats the tip of head towards Hannah. "And a merry good evening to you, Weyrwoman Hannah. I trust all goes well at Ista?" Most of the faces were vaguely familiar, even if she couldn't place the names to the people. She manages another 'good evening' to Andron, his face not clicking inside her mind.

Aenix lands on his friend's shoulder, as Roeberan reaches to get some delights from Livesta's tray, being careful not to drop seeds upon it….

Jhishivyl is perfectly capable of hauling around tack for people— it's executed in impeccable manner. One herder ordered up her best tack to display to fellow herders, for— well, whatever? You know Herders, they're simply insane—so she receives one banana (a very dour banana at that) carting over what appears to be a mass of silver-plated hide. The expense, the expense! After dumping the saddle into the woman's arms, Jhish stalks off, making sure to keep the non-fruit Nefret between him and the Tripper as he half-waddles, half-diligently strides past. Back to his section of dirt, and muttering evily about the gooseberry that edges over to talk.

Liesana's elbow arrives right on schedule, the Harper leaving out her favourite party trick of a kick to the shins in deference to the setting and the fact that she's supposedly mature now. "Andron, Andron, Andron, just wait 'til you get old and wrinkly and realize just how charmingly ridiculous you sound… And I'm Liesana, Master Legist and Crafthead's Second of Istan Harper Hall." she introduces herself to Vaeli before twisting her lips. "But that takes forever to say, so Liesana is much preferred." Finally getting around to actually -eating- the meat-and-pastry hors d'oevre she snabbled, a vigorous nod is given to Nuff in lieu of spoken agreement. Apparently the Crafts are accounted for too.

Iqe scratches herself wishing that she had a better idea for a stuffing. The straw was definatly not good. For Iqe, even walking is hard now because of her bright purple costume. She plops down on the ground nearly falling over. Then she just sits there forcing herself not to scratch.

Aenix whistles as Roe gives him a bite of a nice meatroll. Roeberan bows carefully, a handful of seeds dripping off of him as he passes the Elite…Yeah he was trained well.

Jatraenik wanders back over from the fires.

Hannah has never been good at flirtation and so she dissembles nicely at Andron's flirtatiousness. "I can imagine," is said softy, before turning attention to all the fruit-sporting revelers. Casting a quick glance at N'ano, she remains quiet, content to watch and listen, as there are some here that she doesn't know just yet.

Nuff excuses herself from the VIPs then, ducking out while they're discussion how pretty eveyrone is and starts rounding up the fruit. "This way, this way. Seeing as you're all here, c'mon up to the main beach and we'll have a proper look at you! Yesyes, citrus can mix with the apples. Oh, you're not blueberries, together you're all a set of grapes? Well then, lets hope noone gets desperate for some wine later. C'mon, line up now. Don't push there, you bad lemon." Nuff bustles. She hustles. She herds. Its worse than herding cats, this herding of fruit. "Shove over a bit there, Pineapple. Oh, sorry, I didn't realize that was party of your leafage."

Nefret nods once more to Andron, smile afixed upon her gaunt face. "My parents are here somewhere, sir, or else they should be." Jhishivyl is spotted out of the corner of one of those bluegrey eyes, and a curious look is placed upon him. "Hey, errand boy!" is the slightly rude call, "Who landed you with that job?"

Mimi has arrived! All hail. Or not, since there's really no reason to. Mimi pauses to survey the area momentarily, sending a smile over in Lies' direction and small waves to various apprentices. The harper journeywoman finds a spot to put her things down, pulls her gitar out of its case and starts to pluck out a nice little background tune - one that she hopes to find a bit raspberry-like, wandering over to check out the fruit as she plays quietly. Fruity background music is always the best background music.

"Who says I'm unaware of this?" With a dose of typical jaunty cheer, Andron spares a wink for Liesana, a fond hand patting hers. Convienently, he takes the chance to steer her elbow away from a second, or more accurately, third go at his side. He's gonna have -bruises-. Tendering his introductions belatedly, he echoes the Harper with his own, eyes on Vaeli. "Ah, where are my manners. I'm Andron, former Warder of Ista Hall. Risana couldn't make it, unfortunately, due to a cold that has her, at the moment, ex-cessively- grumpy." Don't go repeating that one, either. He has a job to keep. Pondering his next tactic for flustering Hannah, she's given a spare moment as he schemes. "Give my regards to your parents when you see them next, will you?" Semi-distant request asked of Nefret, he's clearly still plotting. Evilly, even.

N'ano knows a fair lot of the group gathered, save for the fruit, of course. As the group of them are ushered into their line, N'ano steps back and towards Hannah after catching her glance. "Ain' this the most peculiar thing y've ever seen?" he muses, hand reaching up to rub idly at his chin. "Surprised I ain' seen Sapha here—this seems like somethin' she'd do," he chuckles, raising his brows slightly.

"Err… yeah. Nice to uh, see you too." A strange look is given to a wondering red fruit who obviously knows Tye from somewhere. "Maybe I'll see you later?" Or not, since the bluerider really has no clue who said person is. Turning on her heel, she marches off, almost pumping into what looks like a sad excuse for a banana. "Excuse me." Tye clears her throat and turns her head away, only to see Vaeli. A breath of relief is given and the girl all but runs over to where her clutchmate stands. "Shards and shells, I think I've just about lost my taste for fruit with all these dressed up people." is muttered under her breath as she makes it to the goldrider's side.

Livesta manages just barely to get her tray to safety before Nuff herds her along with the other fruits. Careful of her fragile outfit, she dodges about the other fruits, keeping an eye out for anything which might catch the fabric or wodden supports of her costume. Finally, she makes it safely to the herding point and joins the line, smiling brightly, cap at an angle on her carefully braided hair.

Elyisabet pales at the thought of a costume contest. "Oh, no," she says, wiggling her arms frantically out the sides of her costume, trying to avoid Nuff. "I'm sorry ma'am, but I've undermined my dignity enough for one evening, thank you." She backs away, not noticing a rather large rock directly behind her. With a squeak, Ely topples over, landing firmly on her padded rump. She curses under her breath, and leans forward to get up. "Err…" Her arms don't read the ground, and her costume doesn't afford much range of motion. "This can't be good."

Nuff promptly kills all the conversation as she arranges whatever fruit she can get her hands on. "Oh c'mon, don't run off. We'll award prizes and everything." Nuff has no idea what to award as a prize, not yet, but she doesn't tell them that. Eventually it looks like all the fruit that's staying, stays. She trundles back up the others. "Well? Watcha think? Red, purple, green or gold?" Not your standard dragon colors, that. "Anyone got a favorite?"

Aenix and Roeberan avoid the lines and Roeb goes to get rid of the seeds in his hair… where? Back in the dunes of course… itchy head…ugh.

Jhishivyl turns and settles icy glare on Nefret. He's about to snap and go off, but he notices the Nuffster gathering fruit for a fruitbasket - and right now, he really wishes he was a riceball, so he moves towards the Nefret, trying to keep her between himself and the hostess. "My journeyman escort," he sourly replies to Nefret, eyes narrowing. "I find it liberating, actually -working-." Is he inferring anything? Of course. He wants to cause a political incident. Snicker.

Hannah is quite grateful for the lull from Andron, "Yes, this sure is something," is said quietly. "I don't think I've seen so many fruit.." N'ano gets a quirky grin, "Maybe she is.. buried in all the fruit?" And that cuts her conversation off when she sees that Nuff's arranged the Fruit.

Iqe steps into the line, as a bright purple. Smiling the entire time she walks up very puffy in her costume. Still, at least she tried, this is Iqe's resonings.

"That's… a massive conglomeration of fruit." is Liesana's erudite summary of events as the Harper surveys the cotillion of the cornucopia lines up for their delectation. "I have to say I like the watermelon… although I'm tempted to award pity points for a few of these people, having to wear what they are…"

"I like the shiny one," Andron declares intelligently, green eyes drawn to the twinkle of Livesta's costume. He can't help it! He has the attention span of a firelizard, at times. He spends a moment to actually -try- to consider the others rationally, sparing a moment of amusement thought on the sullen banana. "Watermelon. Yah, that's it." Shiny, watermelon. Whatever. "Although that yellow thing sure has charm, doesn't it? He."

Mimi simply stands /near/ the fruit. Although she would technically be a fruit herself, but she has no particular desire to go be all bunched into a basket with the other fruits. She just happens to be wearing a dess that makes her look like a raspberry, right? Right. Raspberries are free spirits, don'tcha know. Besides, she's the source of music which has turned into a repetitive little tune (something akin to Jeopardy music) for the Viewing of the Fruit.

Vaeli shuffles her weight a bit, the texture of the sand shifting under her feet. Her belated reply finally comes to words, her attention finally abating from the fruit costumes. "Liesana it is then, and it is my pleasure to have met you. My apologies for the slow reply. The sights around here are rather.. distracting." Her gaze shifts to Andron, and she decides to address the both to save herself a double introduction. "Vaeli is a simple enough name to call me by, as I tend not to like the formalities of my full title. Well met, Andron, and do give my regards to Risana. I hope her health recovers quickly." Her face brightens at the sight of a clutchmate, her stern look of formality falling from her features. "Tye! How good of you to make it..as an..orange." Her pauses are made during the period in which Vaeli regards the bluerider's outfit, her chuckle quietly muffled. "Now now, you could have been a berry of some sort, then you could have knocked the obsession with bubblies you have." A sly smile creeps over her lips as she turns towards the other fruity people. "My my, Nuff. Must I pick a favorite? They all look rather scruptous. Except..that one." A vague gesture makes it impossible to tell which she is talking about.

Livesta doesn't stand still, no indeed! She wiggles and giggles and sets her suit to sparkling, and apparently, that is drawing a great deal of attention! Good thing she had talked a rider into taking her to the beaches with him. The glitter stuff from the sand(mica) sure does look nice attached with a bit of sticky gum from those plants she found, and scatter across the green, yellow, and nearly white fabrics, it sure does look a bit like dew, doesn't it?

Nuff takes a good look at them herself, then. Nodding when she's being polite, gigglign when she can't help it. "Aye, Tye. You make quite the succulent little orange you know." And, beyond her down the line, "Lessie, we have redfruit and orangefruit, bananas and grapes, that pineapple just looks /sad/." Nuff turns her back on the fruit to hide a quick and animated discussion with the Weyrleaders, Holder, and Harper. Occaionally you can catch a word here and there "… fruit .. … squash them into jelly .. …. .. "

Hannah eyes the fruit, "I like the shiny round one," she gestures to Livesta, "but the Banana's rather interesting too." She looks around the crowd, and asks, "Is there anything to drink?" She might just be too distracted to see where, "I'm a little thirsty looking at all the fruit."

Aislana walks in.

"Well, I wouldn't doubt it," N'ano grins, rolling a shoulder before crossing his arms over one another, "Say—we get to eat 'em all after this? My stomach's startin' to do flips or somethin'," he laughs lightly, quirking his mouth as he gives each fruit a once look-over before conspiring with the group. Yuh.

Someone hires the best, or at last not all the help arrived as fruit, and a slim lad with large blue eyes and hair that won't stay tidy appears at Hannah's side with a tray of glasses: white, red, bubbly and water. He is too nervous to say anything, so just stands there.

"Distracting is only the beginning," Andron says, spotting an easy opening for flirtation and running with it. "Not only is the beach littered with fruits of unusual size" That'd be FOUS's, for the uneducated. "but the Weyrs have turned out distraction a plenty. I see Ista isn't the only to be blessed with lovely goldriders." With a grin in Hannah's direction, Andron skips along from flattery to formality without batting a lash. "I'll pass on your regards, and second your hope." Then, of course, it's all closetted jam and jelly discussion, so he hushes to cast his oh-so-important vote on behalf of the Hold.

Iqe smiles showing off her grape costume as she itches herself all over. She keeps her face looking happy even though she was so close to screaming because of how she stuffed herself with straw. If only she had chosen something soft…

Elyisabet rolls about on the ground, her face turning the same color as her outfit. She manages to maneuver herself into a sitting position, where she rests uncomfortably, periodically reaching inside her costume to itch. "Imagine…putting yourself on display like that," she mutters, tone disapproving. "I wouldn't do it. At least not by choice." A berry towards the middle of the group is giving a dark look - that the apprentice who dragged her here.

"Fruits of unusual size? I really don't think they exist." Liesana replies airily, although with a hurried glance around to see if any are going to take umbrage at that remark. Her voice lowers to join the others in the conspiracy, although a stage-whisper for the fruit's benefit can be heard now and again. "Marmalade."

Kia releases Astet, who launches into the air.

Kia goes home.

Livesta giggles as she overhears Elyisabet, smiling at her. "Fun, though! And pretty!" Back to kid-speak she is, though thankfully it isn't combined with any of her assumed accents as she watches the judges, trying vainly to hear a word they are saying.

Hannah takes a glass of red and thanks the boy with the tray, offering him a soft smile. She sips her wine, grateful to be able to hide her face from Andron and his lusty comments. "I could stand for a few munchies myself," is muttered at N'ano, her eyes watching the assembled fruit. Sipping her wine, she watches the happenings over her the rim of her glass.

Nuff risks the dangers of the firebeach and, as a decision is made, wanders on down towards the array of fruit. "Well well well", and, to be more intersting, "Myohmyohmy". That done, she heads back again, walking the entire line once and then twice before finally coming to a halt in front of the mica-flaked fruit. "Watermelon? It is my pleasure to announce you the winner!" For lack of anything better, Nuff pulls off her very own High Reaches Weyrwoman knot and hands it out to Livesta. "Congradulations, lass. What's your name?"

"Well, I wasn't about to go all out as some of them and you know I'm more of a citrus then a sweet." Tye comments, fluttering her lashes and then tossing a look over to the various different fruits huddled about. "And since there was a 'type' of theme to this whole thing, I figured I might as well join in." The bluerider smiles, going so far as even twirling around once to show off her nifty outfit. "Don't care much for getting a prize though. Just came to get out and about." Let alone Val made her. "Ah, thank you Nuff! I gave it a go, at any cost. Just think of me as a nice, /slim/ fruit." Tye grins, winking at Vaeli before turning to see who won.

Mimi edges a bit farther from the fruit. Sorry, no raspberry jam for anyone tonight. A look over her shoulder to Liesana,"I think the watermelon is evidence that they do indeed exist." The harper ceases her jeopardy-like music, trying to think of a song or tune of some sort that has to do with watermelons. The thought flops miserably - who would write a song about /watermelons/? - and she simply goes back to idle strumming, adjusting the raspberry pin on her shoulder just a bit.

Jhishivyl edges off from Nefret, making a break for a different viewing spot, finding a good one after a bit. He mutters about this and that, settling down with a tray of some sort of (ironically enough) fruit-filled pastries. Munch, munch, chew. Mmm, good pastry. He'll hoard it, and watch the entertainment. And the poor watermelon, who's been awarded a— knot? Snicker. Amusing. He chomps into a pear pastry. "Now, this is good," is muttered under his breath; he significantly eyes a banana one. "I think that'd be cannibalism," he reflects to the air, finishing off the pear one.

Lorsalia walks in.

Livesta giggles as the Weyrwoman walks past, /twice/, and continues to wiggle, enjoying the play of light across her watermelon-suit. Then, of course, Nuff pauses before her and the slight lass glances up, blinking with suprise. "Oh! Really? I win? Neat! Erm, my name is Livesta, ma'am. And thank you for the pretty knot! Does this mean I get to be a Weyrwoman now?? And ride a pretty gold?!" Enthusiasm fills her face as she looks up at the goldrider, and a twinkle of hope.

Liesana would write a song about watermelons! If, of course, she had any songwriting talent beyond the odd scrap of dirty tavern song. And a dirty tavern song about watermelons would just be -too- racy. "Congratulations to new Retired Weyrwoman Watermelon and her golden Fruith?" she wonders in an aside to the other judges.

Well that must be an interesting promotion for the watermelon. Watching Nuff march up and down the ranks of fruit, Andron glances over at his companion with a look of inexpressable amusement. Leaving the discussion of fruit aside, he lifts a glass of wine from a passing tray with a subtle sort skill that implies frequent repetition of the gesture in the Mug. Andron has a bad, bad habit of stealing the wine from drudges and requiring them to go back for more. A white is lifted for Liesana, a little hint of mock-chivalry in Andron's smile as he makes to offer it to Liesana, then reconsiders. "I -even- made sure to grab a red, instead of a white, but in light of -that- pun, I'm reconsidering, " he teases.

Elyisabet doesn't seem to care much as she's passed up for the prize - of course, she wasn't in the contest to begin with. "Err…I hate to interrupt, " the redfruit says, attempting to attract some attention by waving her arms, "But I'm afraid I've fallen and I can't get up…" She glances about for assistance, adding, "And could someone free me from this? Please?"

Jhishivyl points and laughs, appropriately. Well— points. He's not much for laughing.

Livesta giggles a very little at Elyisa's plight and offers a small hand to her while waiting for Nuff's answer, bracing herself to allow the other contestant a chance to get up without pulling Livesta over.

Nuff glances down the beach where Tiareth lurks somewhere just offshore. She grins back at Livesta, "Yuh. A pity one can't award dragons as prizes, sometimes. But you just hold onto that knot till I can find you something appropriate, lass."

Lorsalia dismount from Yajisarath rather slowly and painfully. Her brownish green pencil-skirt makes moving her legs just a little difficult to do. She grumbles and glares and manages to kick her golden-green dragon more than a few times on her way down. Yajisarath, for her part, looks as insulted as a dragon can look and as soon as Lorsalia has feet firmly planted on the ground, takes off for shores far away from the rider. It's understandable, really.

Vaeli politely retrieves a glass of fruit juice, of some kind, from a passing person. Wine will just reward her with Nissionath's crankiness at drinking too much. She regards Andron with a calm stare, finally deciding that it is only simple flattery in the way of getting on her favorable side. "Well, I thank you for that kind remark, Andron." A nod is given at the confirmation of her words being passed. She turns slightly towards Tye again, her brow quirked. "Well, I'll have to agree with the fact that you're more bitter than sweet. I believe your prize is coming to dine on the gourmet food, hm?" Vaeli surrenders a clap for Livesta. "Well, she'll fit in your shoes perfectly, Nuff." Whatever that meant will be left unsaid.

Livesta smiles at Nuff and nods, not really suprised and not in the least dissapointed. "Alright! Thank you, Weyrwoman! And judges, too!" She raises her voice slightly for the last to project over the general noise and deliver her thanks to those who decided that her glittery work of art was worth a knot.

Elyisabet takes the offered hand gratefully, and manages - somehow - to stumble to her feet. "Thank you," she says politely, making a futile attempt at brushing herself off. "If you would be so kind as to assist me? There should be something in the back that you can untie…" She turns around, hoping Livesta will pause in her victory speech to help a fellow fruit in her time of need.

Liesana has disconnected.

Livesta does, indeed, pause in her slight bit of chatter and aides Elyisabet, deft fingers finding the ties and working them free. "There you go!" she says brightly, as usual a bundle of innocent amusement and laughter, and always the aiding hand.

Nuff ducks sideways then, dropping a purple glove into the Banana's lap. "You came in second, by the way, Mr. Banana. How about a free Ride on a dragon, to anywhere you want on Pern? And back again, of course. If you're good." She goes to help the not-so-stranded redfruit then, offering Elyisabet some belated hands, and the second pruple glove. "C'mon lass, upright again are ye? Believe it or not, the judges found you the most believable of all the redfruit. So third place is yours, if you want it." Nevermind she's' beginning to look more like applesauce.

Aikaterine walks in.

Aikaterine slips off towards the fires.

Ashlao slips off towards the fires.

Ashlao wanders back over from the fires.

** Nuff just set the @party! Type @party to check it out! **

Congrats to Livesta, Jhis, and Elyisabet for their winning Fruit costumes! Firelizard eggs hatching in about 30 minutes, so here's your last chance to @go #10778, 'bonfire', 'dunes' and figure out the maze. Or just @move me to #10778 for some more party Rp!

— entered by Nuff on 2003-09-26 20:58 MOO Time. (14 seconds)

Elyisabet wiggles quickly out of the suit, revealing a plain tan shirt on underneath. "Thank you," she says to Livesta, wearing her first smile of the evening. "You don't know how good that feels." Startled, she turns to face Nuff, eyeing the crumpled costume at her feet. "…Thank you, ma'am?" She manages finally, unsure if she truly desires this…honor.

Ashlao walks in from futily trying to find that flit clutch.

Jhishivyl gets prodded by an older grape, who's irritated manner marks him as sure-bet for Party Steward; appropriately, Jhish makes a circuit with a fresh, new fruit-filled pastry platter. "Pastries," is his droll advertisement. "Get them while they're.. cold." He remarks on a few costumes as he passes, just because he's being prodded to— but Jhish? /Diplomacy/? Not happening. Instead, he examines some poor person's costume closely, opens his mouth— and pauses as he gets a purple glove. Slow, owlish blink towards Nuff. "A" Oooh. A free trip across Pern? Even Jhish can dig that. Second place. Dude. So much for last costume off the rack. "Er, ah thanks?" He manages to choke out the word. Sourly. Of course.

Mildly intrigued by the lack of response Vaeli offers to his flirtations, Andron's attention is naturally refocused upon her. Liesana may be the lovely woman at his side, it's true, but it should be obvious to all and sundry that he can't seriously flirt with a woman as prone to elbowing him in the side as she is. "Did she really just say 'Mr. Banana'?" Andron's tone is a study in incredulous amusement, a mark made to use that phrase again. Mr. Banana.

Qeu suddenly disappears ::between::!

Qeu blinks in from ::between::!

Michel walks in.

Michel heads towards the feast.

Over by the feast, Michel wanders in from the beach.

Over by the feast, Michel heads back to the beach.

Michel drags themself away from the feasting tables.

Tye is going to pretend she didn't hear that comment about being bitter. At least until later when she has time to come up with some way to get back at her goldriding friend. "I have to say that the gourmet food was a big portion of me coming today as well. The Weyr food is pretty good, but you can't beat something different every so often." And more flavorfull. "Luckily, I brought other clothes so I'll only have to stay in this outfit for a little while longer." Once again her short shirt is tugged at, the 'rider being rather uncomfortable with her mid-drift showing. "So Livesta won?" Tye asks outloud, raising up to her tiptoes to get a better view. "Shardin' good costume she made. Deserved to win, I'd say."

Nuff grins. "Same offer, to you, by the way. Trade that purple glove in for the Ride of your choice. High Reaches, of course. We'll see you safely home again." She drags herself away from the fruity kids and wanders back up to the rest. "Well? Dinner? Our Cook Michel has arranged the most splendid of feasts." She tries herding the VIPS towards the Feats Tables this time.

Mimi wanders back over to the fruit now that talk of marmalade and jam has ceased and offers out her congratulations,"Good job, Fruit." Takes a lot of guts to go and…well…be a fruit in the face of non-fruits. Jhishivyl is eyed,"/If/ you get permission, you can go." Which Mimi is very likely to give, but it's fun to give apprentices a hard time. Especially apprentices dressed like bananas. You don't come across those often.

Nuff heads towards the feast.

Over by the feast, Nuff wanders in from the beach.

Michel heads towards the feast.

Over by the feast, Michel wanders in from the beach.

Aenix heads towards the feast.

Over by the feast, Aenix wanders in from the beach.

Andron heads towards the feast.

Over by the feast, Andron wanders in from the beach.

Livesta releases Roan, who launches into the air.

Roan heads towards the feast.

Over by the feast, Roan wanders in from the beach.

Over by the feast, Nuff trundles in, "Michel, Michel, all set? The natives are getting restless, and are about to start banging their forks on their plates. Mind you, we haven't given them any forks. Or plates."

Adjusting her skirt, Hannah sips her wine slowly and watches Nuff hand out the rewards for winning the contest. "Mr. Banana" is given another quick glance, but then attention gives way to the others.

Iqe goes home.

Over by the feast, Aenix watches and waits for a moment…Yahhooo Clam! he snags one from the top and flies to a safe high spot in a tree… and watches the food like it's a treasure… and he's a pirate raider…

Over by the feast, Michel has been on the Beach a long time, trying to make sure there are enough sumptuous foods to feed all the folks coming to the Party. When addressed by Nuff he grins and motions toward the groaning Feast tables and nods. "Aye, goldrider. It's all laid on and I've more on the fire. Trenchers are at the end and I've made sure it's mostly finger food. If folks are too picky about eating cooked fish with their fingers, I guess they can use their beltknives." he says as he stirs a steaming kettle.

Jhishivyl quietly gives Mimi a baleful look. "Of course I'd get permission first," he grumbles. "How stupid do you think I am?" Wedge-quote, technically, but it fits all the same. "Food" Dourness slides off in a second, as Jhish scents more food. Like a bloodhound on the trail of something hot, he highballs it. /This/ Mr. Banana is going to go get some roast herdbeast or something akin to it. Something good. Something juicy. Something meaty. Okay, bread would work, too— but he's a growing lad! … Or something.

Elyisabet glances down at her costume one final time, uncertain quite what to do with it. "I suppose I can leave it here, and pick it up when this is over," she murmurs, before turning her attention to Nuff again. "Thank you, ma'am. I'll remember your kind offer." She tucks the glove into the waistline of her leggings, creating a rather odd bulge with fingers on her hip. She turns to the person nearest her, asking, "We…are invited to the feast, are we not? If not, I'm certain I can procure a ride home…"

Jhishivyl heads towards the feast.

Over by the feast, Jhishivyl wanders in from the beach.

Over by the feast, Nuff beams at Michel as if he were her most favorite person in the entire world. She winks at Andron, too, and then snags herself a couple of sturdy green palm fronds before moving towards the tables. "Don't be shy, don't be shy. Dig in and enjoy the feast."

Ashlao as a pear grabbed some pastries, she wasn't much of a socializer, keeping much to herself and people watching. She grabbed a few pasties and sat back to watch, her costume wasn't much, but it was pearish.

Livesta smiles at Elysiabet again, then turns as she hears a rather familiar voice. Searching hte crowd with those stunning eyes of hers, she spots Tye and grins broadly. Wuickly she excuses herself from her current conversation and darts through the crowd toward her favorite(well, a favorite) dragonrider. "Tye! Hi-hi! Pretty costume! Fruit looks funny!" She grins again and dances from foot to foot, excited to see someone she actually /knows/ and isn't just distantly aquainted with.

Qeu suddenly disappears ::between::!

Lorsalia mince-steps towards the party, still tossing glares over her shoulder at her departed dragon. She struggles to keep her balance, but somehow manages to find people she knows without falling flat on her face (it wouldn't be the first time /that's/ happened, but, well…) "Can you /believe/ Yajisarath?" She starts up, to anyone who will listen. "She says she's embarassed to be seen with me! I /swear/, it's so wrong. She's my /dragon/." Whine. Pout.

Over by the feast, Following the lure of his stomach, Andron is duly herded with an eye towards the finger things in life: food, wine, and of course, good company. "If I'd known High Reaches' hospitality was such a marvel, I'd visit more," Andron says Nuff-wards, a smile sent to the goldrider as he eyes the spread. "And not a fish muffin in sight." Long story, that. Spotting Banana Boy, Andron parts from Liesana briefly as the Harper goes to chat with a Harper from the mainland she recognizes. Andron stalks Jhishivyl, a curve on his lips. "You seem to have recovered from that tumble you took quite well," he says by way of non-apology, smile of the smirky sort. "Sorry about that, by the way, Mr. Banana." He missed Jhishivyl's name, so he uses the phrase as a matter of convienence.

Over by the feast, Michel returns Nuff's smile since he's always been on good terms with the High Reaches goldriders. His eyes sparkle with delight as guests and fruits head toward the Feast, obviously hungry or they wouldn't be heading there, now would they? Apprentices scurry around as well, setting more steamed spiderclaws and roasted fish on the mounds already there as well as replenishing whatever containers need to be filled. Hopefully the Vintner apprentices know how to serve all that lovely wine.

Over by the feast, Nuff grins back to the Holder, "You should, you should. We've the most interesting of winters, especially on cold clear nights when the northern lights come out. It is amazing Andron."

Mmmm… food. yes. This way, this way, food food food.

Feasting Tables (#8851)

Long rows of tables, draped in black cloth edged in bright blue geometric designs, line the beach. Mounds of brightly hued green, yellow and orange citrons and prickly brown and green pineapples provide decoration as well as fresh fruit to the feast. Piles of green seaweed cradle freshly steamed spiderclaws, silver platters of grilled and roasted fish, huge mounds of steamed clams and oysters and baskets of flatbread are loaded upon the groaning boards. At the end of each row of tables are arranged a nice variety of wines, ales and ciders. For those who wish non-alcoholic beverages there are huge kegs of Redfruit juice and sweet, clear spring water.

It is an autumn evening.
To the south, you see a gold and a blue dragon and eight people.
Gliding above are Aenix and Roan.
You see Menu here.
Nuff, Michel, Andron, and Jhishivyl are here.
Obvious exits:
Main Beach

Out on the beach, Mimi slips off towards the fires.

Out on the beach, Elyisabet frowns as she doesn't recieve an answer. "Well, then," she says, indignant. The nasty berry who dragged her here heads towards the feast, and Ely reluctantly trails behind. "Bad manners to go uninvited," she comments, and is ignored by her fellow seacrafter. "Well it /is/…"

Out on the beach, Elyisabet heads towards the feast.

Elyisabet wanders in from the beach.

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Out on the beach, Tye blinks with surprise as Livesta seems to appear out of nowhere. "G'day Livesta." She nods to the girl, giving a slight grin. "Thank you, your costume is very nice as well and I must agree, that the bunches of us do have a rather… amusing look among those in their gather best, don't'cha think?" Though as amusing as this is at the moment, Tye does throw a look over to where her blue resides, knowing there are normal clothes but a few dragonlengths away. She just has to wait for the right moment to dash away and change. "Congrats, by the way." is said as she centers her attention back to Livesta. "On winning and all."

Out on the beach, "Thank you, Tye, for the congratulations. Are you staying as a fruit or will you change to something more comfortable?" she asks, smiling as she does so and knowing htat few of the other fruit-clothed people had outfits as comfortable as she had managed to make hers. "It is very pretty, but I can't imagine running around as a fruit all day. I'm changing back to my normal clothes soon, myself." Talk about giving Tye an opening!

"Being something of a warm-weather child, I don't know that my delicate self could handle the cold I fear I'd find." Andron stages a shudder, picking an assortment of food to match the wine he'd snitched earlier. He tips his head in Michel's direction, knowing well enough to appreciate a good baker when he finds one. "But if the food is as good as this leads me to believe, I imagine I could work up a suitable layer of insulation. Flee Istan summers, perhaps."

Michel catches the holder's comment about fish muffins and shakes his head as he drops off another steaming bowlful of mussels on the depleted pile nearby. "I'd not dream of serving muffins, fish or otherwise, to one of Nuff's parties. She'd have my knot at the very least, I'm sure." he says with a mischievious wink. He returns the nod with a good natured smile, knowing he's done a good job and that folks are enjoying themselves.

Nuff nods, "Perhaps, perhaps." She to grins at Michel, once more, and nods to the rest entering even as she takes her own overflowing palmfrond to the side and nibbles at things off the top. "And a nice knot it is too, Michel. And a lovely dinner. As always."

Hannah manages to balance a small plate of food she's pillaged while holding onto her red wine and takes a seat away from the fray.

Jhishivyl broods. "No herdbeast," is brooded more, even as the short lad stiffens. "I generally do," he replies to Andron, one brown eye suspiciously eyeballing the ex-Warder. "Jhishivyl." Lips twitch at 'Mr. Banana'— and he snags a flatbread, filling it mournfully with roasted fish. Then? Silence, as he edges away. He's a wary banana, at the moment. 'Sides, the greens are over… /there/. And he wants them. Yes. Good excuse. (He manages not to trip on his way over, of course.)

Michel chuckles at the amount of food Nuff's piled on her palmfrond and bows slightly. "Thank you, m'lady, I think so as well. I'm glad that you like it, I hope everyone else will also." he says. "I'll keep filling the tables for as long as anyone cares to eat so it'll always be fresh, no worries there." Returning to his kettle-stirring, the Master eyes the apprentices a bit sternly so that they won't shirk their duties before the Important Personages assembled.

Andron spies his next victim, though of course, he'd never think it in such a way. Eyes on Hannah, he turns attention to Michel with a grin. "Given a choice, I'd rather not have experienced fish muffins myself." He is distracted from Hannah, to the goldriders undoubted relief, by Jhishivyl's response. "Didn't know Harpers made it a habit of tumbling often. I don't suppose you play, do you?" Here, banana, banana, banana.

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Out on the beach, "Something more comfortable, for sure." Tye says, playing with one of the ribbons in her hair. "I'm not as covered as I would rather be. I think I'll give standing around in this for a little while longer though. Val seems preoccupied with a green as it is. Don't think he'll stay still long enough to give me some cover space to change."

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Lorsalia wanders in from the beach.

Elyisabet steps cautiously towards the tables, painfully aware of her lack of gather-wear. So as not to be intrusive, the well-bred girl allows the non-fruits to pass through first, before she steps up to pick out a few things. Nothing much, to be certain…just a little snack. She avoids anything associated with fruit.

Lorsalia follows her little group of people, with whom she's been whining about the unfairness of her dragon, to the feasting area. They are hungry.

Jhishivyl cloaks the fish with greens and slivers of fruit, just for fun, and munches. He balefully eyes Andron, not answering— hey, he's chewing, give him a break— before drolly replying. "We don't make it a habit— but the ground and I get along so well, we sometimes get together a little too vigorously." That's a speech, for the Jhish. Andron should be honored, he should. Cough. At the question of him playing, a derisive little noise is made and he shakes his head, deciding to watch Elyisabet with clear amusement.

Hannah only gives a cursory look around before nibbling her snackies. Ducking her head when she spots Andron's attentions pretending not to notice. Content to eat alone, the reserved weyrwoman is more than happy to just watch the crowd.

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Nuff nods once more to Michel then, and actually lets him get back to work. She nibbles — okay, she pigs out — but in a dainty Ms.Piggy sort of way. ITs amazing how she can't hold a scrub brush to save her live, but can juggle a heaping palm frond, a glass of wine, 3 cookies and two Lord Holders all at once. She leads the Holders over to a small table and makes them sit with her for a minute.

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Not expecting that little outburst of witticism, an entirely unstaged laugh slips past Andron unguarded. "Perhaps you ought to rethink your close friendship with the sand," he suggests lightly, making his exit when Jhisshivyl turns attention elsewhere. Andron has a captive audience elsewhere in mind: Hannah! He doesn't do it to be cruel, really. "Mind if I have a seat, Weyrwoman?" He hesitates, not actually taking the seat just in case she -does- say yes. But lookit that: he's being all polite.

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Michel sniffs the fresh salt air critically, something isn't right and his Baker nose can smell it. "Jarod! Pull those out of there, you'll burn the fish. Wake up, youngling, or I'll send you back to the Weyr." he says harshly to you young man at the next firepit where packtail seems to be roasting in seaweed and palmfronds. Stepping over to the side, he peels away the casing and sighs with relief. "A little longer and they'd be rubbish. Plate these up and get them to the table, the packtail there is almost gone." Secure in the knowledge that the young apprentice will be more aware now he returns to his own delicate foods, mussels and shrimps and the ever popular spiderclaws.

Elyisabet takes a small bite, chewing demurely. After swallowing, she comments, "Excellent. My compliments to the cook." She grimaces as she passes the redfruit, quickly turning away. She's surprised to find Jhishivyl studying her. "Can I help you, sir?" She asks politely, forcing a smile onto her face. "Am I doing something of amusement?"

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N'ano didn't really wander away—he was just talking to some fruity-looking chick off to the side. But he's back now, picking himself a plate stocked full of grub with one hand and pouring himself a glass of wine with the other. Such talent. "Hannah!" he calls across the table, waving a finger roll about, "Where'd y'get that?" Whatever it is that she's munching on, that's what he indicates.

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Hannah looks up, blinking at Andron. "Uh.." disassembling again, she adds, "Sure. Have a seat." She nibbles more of her light dinner, she waves her hand in the general direction of the feast. "From over there, N'ano," goldrider calls out, then picks up her wine and sips again. Her glass is getting near to empty.

Jhishivyl darkly eyes Andron. "I like my close relationship with the sand. It's comfortable. I don't have to buy it flowers." At that junction, he beelines over towards Elyisabet. "Just— the costume," he states vaguely, making his way to the end of the table. Undercover Banana, that's what he is, dodging through people as cover. Ohyes. He'll just— stand over the packtail tray and eat remorselessly.

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Elyisabet gives Jhish a tight smile. "I'll have you know, sir, that I was forced into that outfit against my will, and forced to come here in the same manner. If I had known that there would be people of note here, I would never have done such a foolish thing. If you wish to compromise my dignity more than I already have tonight, I have no desire to speak to you." She throws her shoulders back and turns around, indignant.

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Michel empties the kettle once more of it's freshly steamed spiderclaws into his transport bowl and heads to the table to deposit more on the dwindling pile. Sharp blue eyes scan the crowd, noting full and nearly empty trenchers as well as wineglasses and estimating how full mugs are. "Elise, Marcus…get a tray and a pair of wines, white and red for each of you, mingle with the guests and make sure they have enough to drink." he says softly, motioning to the vintner's table. He returns to the firepits to stoke them again and pour in a bit more sea water and a new batch of shrimp.

Nuff sits at her table, indiscriminantly eating off her plate, or those around her. It doesn't really seem to matter which. She discusses the various types of purple, it seems, and how you make the dyes for it. Oh her poor poor seatmates.

Aenix flies at a poor drudge carrying meatrolls and practically chases him towards the dunes….

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Vaeli steps away for a moment to write herself a note.

Elyisabet releases Barrel, who launches into the air.

Barrel heads back to the beach.

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Jhishivyl flickers a surprised look towards Elyisabet— well, she's managed the impossible, by the look on the Harper's face: intrigue. "Ditto," is his final, droll comment to the young woman, dark eyes flashing a pointed 'touche', before he escapes the tables. His player has a maze to beat. Again.

Jhishivyl heads back to the beach.

Out on the beach, Jhishivyl drags themself away from the feasting tables.

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Vaeli steps away for a moment to write herself a note.

Andron settles next to Hannah, trying to spot the Harper he arrived with to little avail; Liesana has ditched him most thouroughly, likely to be recovered only when they leave. A careful eye goes to Hannah's glass, Andron unable to help the ingrained catering to the wine level. "It's a sin to carry an empty wine glass when there as such fine vintages to be had," he drawls, his own half-full glass lifted as evidence. "How are matters at the Weyr?"

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Elyisabet manages an actual smile as Jhish vanishes. Touche indeed. With satisfaction the woman turns back to her small meal, picking at it gingerly. Her bites are pefectly measured - almost too perfect. Her satisfaction drains away as she realizes that very few fruits remain. "Perhaps I overstayed my welcome," she murmurs, worried.

Hannah eyes her empty glass ruefully, "True, that. But I have no desire to fight the crowd for more." Watching him take a seat, "Things at the weyr are the same as usual." Except for the Unfortunate Incident. "We're all doing well. When was the last time you were at the weyr?" she inquires?

Elise and Marcus do exactly as the Master has instructed, not wanting to be sent back to the Weyr just yet. Young Elise pauses near a goldrider when hearing the plaint about fighting a crowd. She curtsies slightly as she replenishes the empty wineglass from the bottle of Benden White she's carrying, goldriders do prefer the best, don't they? If not, she'll hear about it from Michel. Marcus, however, seems to be running back and forth to the kegs of redfruit cider and water at his side of the gathering.

"Far too long ago, to tell the truth," Andron says wistfully, green eyes gone distant. Weyrbred boy, right here. "Last I heard from my mother she was taken up with some greenrider named Tez or Reza or something. I wasn't quite clear on the name, but it was one of your riders, I believe." Yup. That's right. Greenrider spawn, too. So how'd he end up Warder? Momentary insanity on Charis' part. Courtesy demands he find Hannah a refill, so he makes eyes at a passing server only to have one he'd missed out on come to Hannah's rescue instead. "Ah, and here you have it. I'm sure this charming girl would agree with me that a wineglass is meant to be kept full."

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N'ano finally finds what he was looking for before making his way back towards the seats, settling on the opposing side of Hannah. Butting into the conversation at hand 'tween the Weyrwoman and ex-warder, he contributes "Mmm—long overdue, y'are… can we expect to see ya at our celebration tomorrow? We can set you up with accomodations if needed."

Elise colors prettily at the compliment and murmurs something that could be taken as agreement. She offers shyly to top off the holder's glass as well before she has to continue with her duties. A glance further down her path of service, a slight curtsey and she's off again to mingle and refill wineglasses.

Hannah thanks the girl for the wine refill before turning attention back to Andron, swirling her glass gently. "Teza?" she inquires quietly then turning to watch N'ano land in the seat. "Mmm, yes. If it's been that long, you must come to the gather. It shall be full of fun, I think."

Kaysa goes home.

Elyisabet finishes off her meal, and glances about, uncertain what to do with her plate, or where to go next. She catches the arm of a passing pineapple, asking the girl about the whereabouts of a certain berry. The pineapple points in the direction of the dunes, and Ely gives a quick nod of thanks. "Making my life difficult, isn't he?"

Marcus grumbles softly as he makes his way to Elise's side, "Wanna trade? Those young highbloods seem to think it's funny to make me run back and forth for different drinks…keep changing their minds." Elise shushes him and leans close to mutter something about holding his tongue and not letting then get under his skin….or so it sounds.

"That's it. Teza." Andron tips a finger at Hannah, grateful for the correction. "She sounds interesting," he allows with a slight smirk, wordlessly asking if the stories he hears are quite true. Nodding around the Weyrwoman to the Weyrleader, he offers a grin. "I suppose it wouldn't damage my pride overmuch to grab a bunk in the dorms, but Lady Risana would like to attend if she's feeling better and she -would- like better accomodations. We both hope to make it. What all is planned? Any amazing displays of aerial acrobatics to be attempted?"

Elyisabet heads back to the beach.

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"Shards yeah!" N'ano can't help but offer, quite proud of the aerual maneuvers his own wing's been practicing over the past few sevendays, "Gonna have some competitions 'tween the wings'n Weyrs. Should make a most excellent show, I think," he grins, waving his glass about in the air before taking a nice long swig, "Not to mention we're gonna have traders 'n vendors from all the craftsfew demos, too. 'n to top it all off, a nice banquet to conclude it."

"That she is. Teza is an Original." Hannah murmurs quietly, before adding, "But I'm sure we can find suitable apartments for you and Risana. Something that is indicative of your rank." Sipping a little of her fresh wine, "Yes, the gather and games should be very interesting. And fun." Lips quirk a little before head dips and she nibbles more on her dinner.

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Andron slants a look around the immediate vicinity, leaning in with a stage-whisper a Harper would envy. "Got any tips as to where I should place my bets?" That there -will- be bets seems obvious. He just wants a bit of insider information to trade on. "Mind you, try to keep your wing bias out of this." Distracted from betting plots, he grins over at Hannah. "I'm not terribly picky. I've been on foot, or runner, or boat, or even dragonback as the case may be for Risana a fair amount of late. Some of those smaller cotholds can barely spare a corner of straw." He exaggerates, it's true, but only slightly. "Find quarters for Risana and I'll make do. I'm sure you'll have a fair amount of traffic to the Weyr, after all."

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Michel drops off the last batch of shrimp at the Feast table and smiles contentedly as he sees the depleted state of the foods there. Scanning the remaining feasters he nods and turns to his apprentices again. "Make that the last batch, Jarod, looks like folks are at the nibbling stage now." he says as he rakes coals out from under the kettle to cool it faster. He still wonders if he shouldn't have fixed some kind of sweet for desert by the fruit should be good enough for that anyway since it's so fresh and juicy. He waves in the mingling apprentices and sends the three of them off to grab some of the Feast foods, admonishing them to remain on their best behavior in company.

Nuff is getting as stuffed as a newborn firelizard. He stomach is threatening to spill out over the tops of her purple skirts.

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Out on the beach, Mraleh drags themself away from the feasting tables.

Out on the beach, Mraleh slips off towards the fires.

"Bias or not, you really -should- place 'em on Maverick," N'ano smirks, offering a helpless shrug. "Best of the best!" he can't help but offer, a wide grin soon to take over his face. "'n don' worry, man. We've plenty of places for you to stay—there ain' gonna be no straw sleepin' for ya… 'can promise you that much, 'least."

Hannah nods her head in agreement, "Yes. We'll find something nice and cozy." Lips quirk, "Afterall, you're one of our contacts for the Hold. Wouldn't do to get on bad, ah, terms." Coughing a little, goldrider slants a quick glance at Andron, "Dawnsister is good too." Don't discount the women of the weyr!

"That's reassuring," Andron drawls, making a show of wiping his forehead of non-existant sweat. "And let it be said, that so long as the Weyr's leadership is so charming, I can never foresee a Hold and Weyr schism." There's that flattery he's famous for, admittedly tamed a bit behind the wry note of his tone. N'ano's smirk is impossible -not- too return, but an appraising look is turned on Hannah. "Dawnsister is the goldriders, correct? An impressive sight that would be. But greens -would- be the most agile." Obligatory bit of parental flag-waving, there.

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Released from their duties, however briefly, the three Baker apprentices take palmfrond trenchers and make selections of the things they've been cooking for the party, quite ready to savor the fruits of their labors. Wine is eschewed out of habit, a difficult to break habit for some apparently, and cider or water is taken to drink before the three wander off to sit and chat under a tree nearer to the waves than the tables.

Out on the beach, Ashlao walks in from the Central Desert Isle.

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"Yeahwe've got a few of 'em… some blues too. But let's not underestimate the bronzes 'n browns!" Thus you've got a lucky rainbow with lots of talent. "So like I said, Maverick's a good choice to place bets on… hey" fingers snap towards a bottle resting nearto Andron, "Would you mind passin' me that?" N'ano sniffs, soon tapping the side of his empty glass.

Michel very carefully puts the coals into a metal basin to keep the packtail and silverfish warm while it's still on the table. Everything else is just a savory when it's cold so he doesn't bother too much about those. When -his- duties are finished, then he can take a moment to grab a bite to eat before the major cleanup begins.

Nuff has lost her Holders, it seems, and though over full and sleepy she waves Michel over to her little table. "Come. Sit. You deserve it Oh'Master'Cook."

Out on the beach, Ashlao wanders back over from the fires.

Out on the beach, Ashlao slips off towards the fires.

Hannah dips her head in acknowledgement, "Yes. Greens are far more agile and can perform incredible feats." Eyeing the weyrleader's enthusiasm for the wine, she adds, "Maybe you should just come and see who's best."

Michel grins and nods to Nuff as he takes a glass of ale for himself, wine not agreeing with him…not to mention what his weyrmate would say to him if he came home smelling of wine. Giving a slight bow to the goldrider he settles onto a bench across from her. "Thank you. I hope that everyone enjoyed the food. It seems to have been well received." he says cheerfully, not seeming the least bit tired yet.

Never averse to the spread of good cheer and good wine, Andron passes over the bottle with a bartender's skillful flourish. That is, after all, the guise in which he first met Hannah. "Well, if you've a variety of colors, you could undoubtedly handle most anything thrown at you," he acknowledges, verbally hedging future bets with a grin. "It sounds as though it will be an event I can ill-afford to miss. Risana's looking forward to the chance to see her mother, too." Andron, however, shall avoid Charis, and the greenrider she hides behind. Both women can be intimidating, and in a pair, they are terrifying.

Nuff sinks back into her chair, "M'pleasure. You deserve a break. Lots of leftoverse do you think?" Nuff's a big fan of leftovers.

Michel chuckles and nods as he chews a bit of the packtail. After swallowing he's free to answer, "Oh yes, we'll have a nice bit of leftovers to take back to the Weyr, though not too much to make folks sick of something new." A sip of ale and he's back to munching, tidy bites so that he can carry on a conversation without being rude.

Nuff grins, "Aye. Well. They'll be those too drunk to go home tonight, I"m thinking. I hear the dancing has started up in the tents next door. So I'm sure the breakfast vultures will plow their way through a lot of it before too long."

Michel laughs and nods as he tilts his head in the direction of the music. "Aye, sounds like it'll be lively. I've already have Elise, Marcus and Jarod volunteer to stay overnight to pack up tomorrow so I'll have C'lumsy and Clutzth stay with them to keep them out of trouble." he says thoughtfully. "I'm afraid I've got to get back to the Weyr though, Damia is taking off again in the morning. I'd stay myself otherwise." He says the last rather apologetically.

Nuff grins, "Oh, yuh, C'lumsy's sorta usefull, I guess." Like Nuff is one to talk. "You should get home as it suits, of course, Michel. You've done more than enough."

Hannah finishes her food and stands, "Yes, well, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself. Dhiammarath is requesting to go back to the weyr to feed and I need to see to Rhavie and do more hide-work." Lightly, she adds, "Come visit more often and bring Risana. We need more Hold-Weyr relations." Nodding to both Andron and N'ano, "Until later." With that she heads out toward her slumbering dragon.

Michel waves to the old blue making the most of the heat radiating from the sand and nods. "He's been good enough to offer his services to us Baker's whenever we need to go places now that he's been retired from Threadfighting." he says. "I guess it makes him feel useful." A yawn escapes before it can be stifled and the Master Baker blushes with embarrassment. "Pardon me! I guess I'm more tired than I thought I was. I'll finish my food and then head off to bed, I think."

[end of log]

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