N’ayl! We cannot begin to tell you how excited we are to have you here with us at Ista Weyr! It was a difficult decision for us whether to impress N’ayl to bronze or brown, but we thought that with your firm grasp on your character, as well as your love of a challenge, that a brown would enable N’ayl to grow and add a unique dimension to his and his dragon’s bond. Remember, you are not required to follow all or any of this outline, Gudrotgoth is /yours/. We have put many hours into the creation of your ruthless barbarian brown (a true labor of love), and we are SO excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. — Lida (Lead), D’baji, and T’sei



Drums of War Egg
Denial's sickly pallor shines wan light on ill-fated facade of cream at the apex of this mighty egg. Dissolute, cracking, this facade is unable to disguise the inevitable: cream crumbles to feuding hellfire red against the powerful staccato of uprushing ebon. Bloodlust's hold falls to the overcoming, rising darkness; at the bottom of shell's curve, bloodsails of sunset fall to midnight, absolute. The visual rhythm of jagged tribal patterns of pitch against crimson at the middling girth of the egg seems ever-changing, second to second, so chaotic is the meeting of the two colors. One moment, midnight warfare wages further on crimson's spikes; the next, the blood of fallen heroes trickles to muddle, forgotten, at the hollow base of night's blackest depth.

Egg Emits
There in the distance, on the edge of your mind you can feel a pulse. Thump. Thump. Thump. It grows ever louder, coming closer and closer, sending tiny intangible shock-waves throughout your form. There is no loneliness here in this almost primal beat, a darkness that envelopes and sucks you into the rhythm begins to swell. Louder. Faster. Higher. And then.. it stops. All at once it's over, and those beats retreat once more into the distance. (Lida)

In the back of your mind there begins a pulse. A low, throbbing beat that seems to begin in the soles of your feet and travel upwards across your spine. The rhythm grows louder, louder, and stronger, until it seems your body is vibrating with the same rhythm. And then, abruptly, it stops. (Sienna)

OH HEY FINALLY an egg that isn't trying to win The Quiet Game. This one reacts to your touch almost immediately with a nearly tangible *whump.* Then a moment of silence, enough to maybe make you wonder if you hadn't imagined it (or worse, broken something). But the whump returns soon enough, quiet at first and growing louder: it's a deep, rhythmic pulse of both sound and pressure, almost like a gigantic heartbeat if a heartbeat kept perfect time. The thumping soon grows to a crescendo…and then stops abruptly. Maybe; there's still a beat thumping at the very edge of your consciousness, but that may just be the oddly catchy beat getting stuck in your head. (Ei'es)

Hatching Message
The Drums of War Egg has been so far mostly unmoving, and seems to have planned its strike carefully. The egg pulses once: a warning. The second pulse heralds a symmetrical crack which runs its way around the circumference of the egg, splitting it into two almost equal halves. The first glimpse of this dragonet comes from the large claw which rips through the remaining membrane of the egg, allowing some of the goo to come flying outwards towards the sands. What follows is the bulk of a forge built crag, and with whirling eyes red with hunger March of the Mercenary Brown Dragonet demolishes his shell and begins his purposeful gait on the sands.

March of the Mercenary Brown Dragonet
From blackened talons grow grievous limbs, angular charcoal pillars fading to the drab durance of rocky shale enshrouding sharp shoulders. Road dust bites ragged ripples up formidable faded flanks, crossing haunches' cragged crest to tarnish the tan of cudgeled tail. Fearsome ferrous, fixed firm on back's fell foundation, frames dark discord of wicked unworked wingbones, ashen sails slowly incinerating outward to smudges of soot, ragged edge beguiled in gold. Pointed peaks yield their place to unpolished plated 'ridges, razed and rasped to rounded regularity clear to horned hematite headknobs, grafted to either side of darkling grimace.

Impression Message
March of the Mercenary Brown Dragonet moves with a singular purpose, to take down the target. That target just happens to be a certain freckled boy with eyes of hardened marble. Finding the precise moment to attack, the large brown aligns his body like a battering ram and charges, using his head and limbs to drag Lyzan down onto the sands. Snarling a challenge to all that would dare interfere with his captive, the brown’s claws dig just slightly into the boy’s limbs as nostrils exhale heated breath into Lyzan’s face even as whirling eyes make contact with those of stone.

March of the Mercenary Brown Dragonet stares down at Lyzan with furiously whirling eyes.

Personal Impression Message
The pain that tears through your system coupled with the weight pressing down on your chest could all but take your breath away.. but wait.. the pressure caused by the physical onslaught seems to permeate all your senses: the ultimate invasion. The sands become the secondary landscape as the heat around you becomes smoldering burn piles, the smell of smoke coupled with the tinny scent of rusted metal. « N’ayl, » comes the dry and gritty voice, scratching across the surface of your mind even as those smoke tendrils threaten to suffocate. It is in this moment that the laughter begins, a low, hoarse rumble with a razor’s edge. « I am Gudrotgoth. » The laughter continues even after he has identified himself, letting the smoke subside if only to allow you to focus on reality and those whirling eyes poised just above your own. « Get up. There is much to be done. »


The dragonet theme was “World Music” for this clutch, and Lida wracked her music nerd brain to attempt to find some sort of foreboding marches to describe your Gudrotgoth. As he is a compilation of mercenary style warriors and especially that of the Viking, the first and most obvious source was to examine Viking Music. Unfortunately, not much remains in the way of records on the subject, but a Scandinavian band entitled “Krauka” does its best to imitate the style of music-making by using replicas of historical instruments.

You can find their music here:

As you can tell, their music has erratic melodic and rhythmic changes, something which we thought really described your dragon, even if it’s not as deeply menacing as we’d originally intended. The laughter, the humorous side to Gudrotgoth, can be characterized by this music. It is unpredictable and surprising, and just a tad jarring to the ear. He is all these things.

The second bit of music your dragon is loosely based upon is not /exactly/ “World Music”. Lida would argue that Wagner lived in his own little world, so it still coincides. The music from Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring Cycle), specifically Götterdämmerung (Twilight of the Gods) describe Siegfried (a warrior)’s journey which ends in his eventual death. The music to his Funeral March we found to be strangely fitting for your brown, if only because it is not sad as the subject implies, but deeply foreboding with the use of the horns and other brass instruments.

You can find the music here:

Name Inspiration
When trying to come up with a name to fit your domineering and rough around the edges mercenary dragon, Lida started first with the lovely list you provided us, and then went from there. She found a treasure trove of Viking names and went straight to the ‘G’ section and found the name Gudrød. In Viking lore, Gudrød refers to the figure of Gudrød the Hunter, a semi-legendary King in Vingulmark in the early Viking age (804-810 AD), who is grandfather to the first King of Norway. He is mentioned in the skaldic poem Ynglingatal as well as in Sturluson’s 1230AD text, entitled Heimskringla, which outlines the King’s life. The entire text can be found here. Gudrød also means “conspiring with the myth gods” which we thought was perfectly appropriate for your brown. Then, noting your slight preference for longer names, Lida returned back to your list to find ‘Gongoth’ and liked the harsher sounding ‘G’, thus adding it to the end of the name.

Lida has been pronouncing the name “GOO-droe-goth,” almost letting the syllables bleed into each other.

D’baji has been pronouncing it goo-DRO-goth, with just the slightest hint of a fall to a half-silent hard alveolar, more like ‘d’ than ‘t’ before the final ‘g’.

Obviously, you can pronounce his name however you would like.

Egg Inspiration
When listening to Disturbed's Facade, I always fixate on the drums. It pounds the song to an entirely different level, much like the drums on Disturbed's previous hit Down With The Sickness did. The drums are represented by the black; the guitar by the red — and though David Draiman's vocs are incredible, the cream pallor represents the words trying to overcome the music. In this song, it's impossible.

Song Link:

Description Inspiration
You wanted a mercenary dragon, and it got me thinking about violence and raw power. What’s more powerful than the earth itself, stronger than the rocks and minerals and metals that come from it? And what greater innovation was there to warfare than the introduction of metal?

Gudrotgoth is the evolution of weaponry. He starts out within the earth’s crust, minerals and ore deposits that have been happened upon at his legs, smashed and quarried over his shoulders and sides, refined and worked over his wings (and I couldn’t not include the scum from the molten metals on your dingy dragon!) and ‘ridges, and brought to perfection at his headwith helmet and an axehead.

His harshness is in his shape, not the hues of his hide. I envision sharp drops and craggy peaks where muscle stretches his skin; those are the sharp changes, but his colouration is more of a gradient, dust and debris from one work site blowing into another, tracked into the shop.

I tried to stick to the grayish colours you wanted, but I found that with all the metal I wanted to include, he was getting a bit more gray than brown. Oxidization did the trick; he has rusty accents that profess his colour without going toward reds that would make him too bright, or wooded or earthy browns that would make him too dark. The rusty colour also is vaguely reminiscent of old bloodstains, which seemed appropriate.

The colour theme is pretty well expressed in his name banner, but I’ve included some links of what I was using as well. (Part of this is ‘cause I figure you’ll probably be drawing him at some point, so I wanted to at least give you a reference of what I had in mind before you decide how you might want to render it.)

Iron: (note the bit of oxidization on the left vertical face!)

Gudrotgoth is jagged, but not ill-proportioned. I know the desc doesn’t really bring it out (in part because I know you’ll be able to cover that side in poses), but I picture him a tight-packed warrior, muscled more like a Spartan hoplite in the training ring- wiry and flexible, but strong enough to be sturdy - than like one of the poor elephants that Hannibal tried to bring across the alps. I see him as overall pretty well proportioned; he’s one of the bigger browns, but he isn’t massive to the point of being unable to move easily on the battlefield (like some other big-ass brown I could mention); he’s sharp and carved, not by a master sculptor, but by one who appreciates efficiency, and has a knack for inspiring intimidation in onlookers.

I had a lot of fun with him (not least of which because for some parts I just went through the section of the dictionary with the sound I wanted, and learned new words like ‘dross’ and ‘guerdon’ and that ‘fell’ can mean a highland plateau), and I wanted to share some of the bits that I especially enjoyed:

You mentioned armour without him actually looking like he was wearing this, so I tried to work this in where I could. His ‘grievous’ limbs are absolutely a case of wordplay based on ‘greaves’, and I’ll admit I still grin to myself when reading it over. The dolomite on his shoulders, obviously, is an allusion to plate armour, but still in the un-refined stage; I thought it worked pretty well with how rock can shield the minerals from scarring by mining and the like. (No such luck for his flanks, of course!) His ‘ridges are plate armour as well, and yes they look like Klingon armour, but I swear that’s not what I was trying to allude to - just something that happened. The fact that I was trying to define him from the ground up worked well here; his ridges are marshalled like a good battle formation, simple and effective, and by being rounded and regular, will help differentiate him from Kzydnth and Ysvarth. (I was trying throughout to give you what you wanted while making him unique.) Finally, his headknobs are definitely a shout-out to horned viking helmets. I couldn’t help myself on that one.

I also wanted to get some sense of weaponry in there, which is where his tail and wings come in. His tail is a cudgel more than a pretty spade-point ending; a basic but effective weapon. His wings (well, pinions, anyway) are sort of what I envisioned as swords-in-progress; not quite sharp yet, but if you whack someone with that, it’s still gonna break some bones. All in all, not quite refined, but definitely doing damage. There is a blade on him, based (at Lida’s request) on the Viking mammen axe, but rendered in garnet (T’sei’s suggestion for what to call the colour when my brain was dead beyond all reason at the end of the desc), with gold inlay. I stuck it behind his headknobs so that it was less accessible to the public; it’s an axe, a weapon, sure, but it’s also a prize, and one that he’d hoard away for his own enjoyment. Oh, P.S., you get to see it when you’re mounted.

Finally, the copper in his chest: you said one of the things you absolutely wouldn’t want would be a dragon with a heart of gold, and I just couldn’t leave that alone. The copper is nothing to do with his personality or anything - really, I wanted to include it so that he’d be more obviously brown, and also so you’d have all you’d need included in him to make bronze (good for whacking people with, defending other whacks, that sort of thing). The joke happened sort of by accident when I was trying to find a good way to talk about how it was right at the centre of his chest without saying ‘middle’ (I tried to avoid most soft sounds in his desc), and ‘heart’ came up on a thesaurus check. And everything just fell into place (literally and figuratively!).

Finally, a word about language. I (uh, obviously) went crazy with the alliteration, but there was more to it than that. I tried first to bring out all the consonants in his name - lots of ‘gr’ and ‘d’ and a tiny bit if ‘t’ (‘cause I don’t much pronounce that one, as you can see in the name insp, and beause I found the ‘gr’ and ‘d’ sounds more appropriate). I also quite liked the hard ‘c’ sound, especially paired with ‘r’. I tried to keep the softer sounds to ones that had a threatening overtone: ‘r’, ‘f’, ‘sh’ and ‘s’ hisses. I also tried to stay away from anything mellifluous, sometimes even breaking alliteration to get a more angry, Anglo-Saxon sounding word instead of something more Latinised and smooth.


Smoldering Flames on the Barren Wasteland

Gudrotgoth’s mental landscape is all crackling and smoking grounds — suggesting one thing: conquest. The area of his mind is desolate, almost it has been ravaged by some sort of war, or burnt by Thread. His visuals will be extremely vivid when he chooses to share them with N’ayl, the heady smoke of the smoldering burn piles stinging your nostrils even if he is no where near an open flame. His mindscape is /vast/, stretching acres and distances N’ayl cannot even hope to fathom. Off in the distance, in those reaches of his mind you cannot hope to explore without preparation, his emotions are displayed in flares of natural elements. N’ayl may hear the rumble of thunder, see a flash of lightning, or see dark clouds coupling with the tendrils of smoke to cast deep dark shadows over the land. It is in keeping these manifestations of emotion at a distance that Gudrotgoth is able to retain FOCUS, a concept which N’ayl will come to understand the longer you are bonded. The land itself is barren. Nothing green grows here. His mental world is awash in neutral shades: black, grey, and ruddy browns. It is not at all comfortable, and N’ayl will have to find a kind of safe haven among his jagged crags whilst he remains there, careful not to trod where remnants of metal lurk unseen.

At first, Gudrotgoth’s mental intrusions will feel almost like an invasion. His assaults on N’ayl’s senses will be ruthless and purposeful, perhaps taking him off guard with the amount of noise and imagery that tends to block out the rest of the world. When Gudrotgoth wishes something of N’ayl, especially in the early days, this sneak attack tactic will prove his secret weapon as the two struggle to find a comfortable balance in the bond between them.

Gudrotgoth’s voice is an entirely different matter. As if contrasting with the almost desolate yet potent conditions of his mental battlefield, his voice is a low and ruddy baritone, easily booming over the smoldering fields. There is almost a growl behind it, a snarl as he forms his consonants and vowels. If he is amused, its tambre can take on an almost raspy sound, the dryness of his humor echoed in his words. His laugh follows the same pattern, a dry, crackling thing in the back of N’ayl’s mind, almost causing you to cough when it catches him off guard because of its throaty, growling nature. It is not a pretty sound, or charming. It is sometimes downright disturbing, beginning softly like a crackle of a flame, before growing louder and sending N’ayl’s ears ringing with his mirth.

"Never before I have heard uglier songs than those of the Vikings in Slesvig (in Denmark). The growling sound coming from their throats reminds me of dogs howling, only more untamed." - Arab merchant visiting Hereby, Denmark, in the 10th century.

He will never be the most vocal of dragons, preferring to strategize with you before going to any other source. When he /does/ choose to have extended conversations with others, there is a much greater chance of him moving to inhabit their mindscape than letting the other dragon tread into his own. Once there, he will move around and survey that unfamiliar landscape, looking for weaknesses in defenses, all the while putting up a front of disinterest. His mental presence, when elsewhere, is as rocky and weathered as his physical appearance: strong, unyielding, and powerful.

Because of his ruthless and oftentimes rough treatment of others, it should be noted that it will be on extremely rare occasions that Gudrotgoth would bespeak any human than his bonded. If he would, it would be out of sheer necessity, and most likely frighten said human with the sheer intensity of his words and speech, a quality which N’ayl will have to get used to over time.


Gudrotgoth is a warrior, intimidating in his looks and movements, but not at the price of efficiency. Normally, he won’t move with any particular grace, not out of a sense of awkwardness, but out of a sense of presence. He wants the earth to shake a little bit at his approach; he’d rather snap twigs by walking through them, even risking a little bit of a nick to his skin, than step up and around. But all this is not to say that he doesn’t have the capacity for lighter movements and agile motions. He can go from looking like a mountain, rooted on broad feet in the ground itself while exulting over his kill, to turning, baring teeth and flaring wings, crouched and ready for action and looking like all the fury of the underworld about to be unleashed on the cocky blue who came too close, in a split second. These changes will never be fluid; they’ll be lightning-fast, trained (yes, he will work on this in Weyrlinghood, developing his own natural abilities further with cold calculation and incredible discipline for a young dragon). He’ll be creative in his movements as well, unafraid to use a shoulder or his tail or the side of his leg to propel himself one way or another, when the opportunity suits. He has incredible explosive strength in all his limbs, and can strike from a standstill with crushing power, or leap well into the air. He’s something of an intimidating Viking (in the way he purposefully crashes around) paired with a quick UFC fighter. (Okay, UFC guys can crash around too, but they also need to be up on the balls of their feet, ducking, dodging, rolling back up when they’ve been knocked down, and striking fast and hard.) He’ll tend to intersperse his quicker movements with the more ground-shaking approach, in part to allow himself to rest; Gudrotgoth, in the end, will be a bit more a dragon of endurance than of quickness, and though he has the capacity for the faster moves, it will slow toward the end of an extended ground-based drill or intimidating display. He’d be one to wear the enemy down through quick raids amidst an extended siege, but in the end his strength lies just a little more in the siege.

In the air, Gudrotgoth’s movements will be much the same. He’ll prefer low-level flying, where the power of his limbs can propel him that extra bit more, or effect a sudden change of motion. When airborne, for much the same reason, he’ll prefer to fly in windy conditions than in calm skies. Calm skies offer no resistance, nothing to push back against his wings, and he’ll be frustrated both by the lack of challenge and the lack of manoeuvrability that comes with a slightly shorter tail like his. But when that unseen foe is presence, Gudrotgoth will find few dragons who can match his prowess in anticipating the gusts of wind, in using their opposition to his own advantage. His pinions are iron, his ‘sails come from molten metals; they’ll be hardy and will be able to take more of a beating than the majority of other dragons. It’ll take probably the first flight in the wind with others for him to figure this out, and from then on he’ll know it innately, and use it to his advantage without hesitation or remorse. His movements won’t be as quick as on land, but the principle - for every awesomely powerful action there is an equally awesome and opposite reaction - will better apply.

Water will be Gudrotgoth’s least favourite medium of transportation. He’ll feel bogged down by it; its added mass, as compared to air, will mean that the displacement that comes from swimming will foul up his instinctive calculations. He won’t be one to go into the water around others, if it can be helped; his natural tendency towards quick rather than fluid movements will work against him, and he’ll despise the show of weakness, even around members of his own Weyr, even around his own clutchmates. Gudrotgoth will be most willing to enter the water after some feat has been accomplished where he has made his dominance known; killing the biggest buck in the herd, stealing some great treasure and adding it to the hoard in his weyr, catching one of the craftier females - then the water can be a means of displaying his triumph, and he can move at the more languid pace that it requires. But if it’s even an everyday sort of display of strength? Good luck getting him in there. The seasons will also play a part: Gudrotgoth will not want to enter the water in the winter - it’s bad for the health, and an unhealthy mercenary is a dead mercenary. In the end, the only water he’ll go into eagerly, short of for a triumphant march, will be the rain. The wind kicked up by storms will appeal to him, and in the air water will sheet off of him.

As to Gudrotgoth himself, physically he’ll be hard as rock and metal. He may start out a bit gangly and wiry when he’s young, a bit overlarge in the wings and feet and headknobs, but as he matures he’ll become stronger, tighter; carved out of stone. This won’t just manifest itself in lean, strong, tight-packed muscle; it will manifest itself in his hide. As he grows, Gudrotgoth will dry out (or perhaps cool, like molten metal left out instead of plunged), not in any consistent way, but in patches that will eventual leave his entire head rougher to the touch than most suede-textured dragons. Gudrotgoth will be more like new leather, still a bit tough to the touch. As far as upkeep goes, this will mean lots of oiling for you, and probably some disapproving looks from the weyrlingmasters before they realise that Gudrotgoth is just… like that. This tougher hide will have the added bonus of making him a bit more impervious to lesions, tears, scrapes, and the like. By the time he’s full grown, there will be no exceptions to this trend, no gentle, soft places; his hide will be a reflection of his personality, tough, rugged, unforgiving and unapologetic.


Gudrotgoth is, to put it bluntly, barbaric. He is nightmare mixed with mercenary, all wrapped up into one ruthless being who is undeniably certain of his entitlement to all things. If it were up to him, Pern would be run like a war, with pillaging and taking what is needed reigns in the favor of diplomacy. He operates off of base instincts, slaking his thirst for whatever it is he desires in an unabashed and brazen way that often favors the less than subtle. The way his mind works is that if he wants it, he takes it. Simple as that. Should there be unforeseen barriers to his conquest, well.. that’s when other measures have to be taken. That is where N’ayl often comes in.

“A man's own hand is most to be trusted” - The Havamal

N’ayl is, effectively Gudrotgoth’s hand, and of this the brown is mightily aware. Their combined sense of entitlement will cleave them together at the beginning, but not long after impression Gudrotgoth will begin to act upon that sense, perhaps causing N’ayl some problems in the beginning. He will not understand the concept of restraint or patience when it comes to things that both you and he want, especially if it is feasibly in his power to obtain it by force. Once his base impulses are restrained, it is best when you both agree upon a strategy that the best outcome is achieved. Working in tandem forms an almost unstoppable force of nature between the two of you, and you will find it easiest to achieve your goals when you work this way.

Denying Gudrotgoth what he wants will be almost like fighting mental sandpaper. He does not beg, wheedle, or stew in frustration as other dragons might, but he almost seeks to torture you until you reach compliance. He is perhaps overly confident in his methods and reasonings, and thus, should you not put your complete trust in him - he fights back. Being that you are both strong willed creatures, this battle can wage on for long periods of time, until both of you can arrive at a mutual and united decision on the matter – making convictions only that much stronger in the end and in effect justify the dragon’s means.

Some matters, deemed too small by Gudrotgoth to be worthy of discussion, he will deal with on his own. This is especially the case when it comes to physical possessions. Your dragon likes shiny things, and he likes stealing things. It will amuse him greatly that even though he is incredibly noticable as a large brown dragon, that he is able to get away with pilfering things from others. This will be especially evident while you make your start in the Weyrling Barracks, as N’ayl may find some of his clutchmate’s items in HIS couch and spend some time returning things until he realizes the SOURCE.

In a peculiar turn of things, Gudrotgoth is obsessed with eggshells - particularly his own and those of his clutchmates. Expect that at some point after the Hatching, or even perhaps during, he will insist that you return to the Sands and gather up as many of his own egg shards as possible. Should his other clutchmates do the same, you should not be surprised if Gudrotgoth finds some way to pillage their stashes, ending up with a sack full of eggshells. What, one might ask, does he want with these eggshells? Oddly enough, they’re to be decoration on his straps. Should N’ayl ever run out of shards to use, he should be prepared to steal some from the next Hatching to occur.

The problem with Gudrotgoth stealing things stems beyond the obvious repercussions of your friends being miffed: it starts to pile up. Soon enough your weyrling couch will be filled to the brim with knick-knacks, valuable or not. He will actively choose to sleep among them, spreading his body out over his hoarde no matter how uncomfortable you may think it seems. The more you return, the more he steals, so finding a delicate balance between the two is almost necessary for your comfort. And this is only the beginning, because once Gudrotgoth is cleared to hunt.. this becomes a whole other issue.

“The longer the vengeance is drawn out, the more satisfying it will be.” – The Havamal

Killing for your brown is truly an art form. He has many different styles of hunting, depending on his mood. Some days he will feel the urge to stalk his prey, taking long minutes in circling around the pens to finally corner his prey before pouncing. Other days he’ll charge at the closest beast and rip it apart in a bloody feast. True to Viking form, Gudrotgoth will have a marked preference for a wooly diet. Part of the joy will probably be that such animals tend not to be readily available for draconic consumption. Careful that he doesn’t steal someone’s flocks, and be ready to deal with it when he does. He will certainly eat other animals, but from whence he has his first wooly, he’ll be hooked. Once the killing is achieved, the real trouble begins. Gudrotgoth loves to play with his food. He will take a long time to eat something, relishing in the taste and texture of it all. Hopefully N’ayl isn’t too squeamish, because along with the ashy landscape of Gudrotgoth’s mind he will be more than ready to share the joy of the kill with his bonded. You’ll have to dedicate a good portion of your day to allowing him time to eat, since this is an issue he won’t likely budge upon. Only in the case of emergency can he be called away from an unfinished carcass.

Once he has devoured all of the flesh from the beast (and he’ll eat EVERY part of the beast, and is particularly fond of the eyeballs and brains), the bones and skull will be of particular interest to the dragon. These will come to litter your couch, and later your weyr as rather sinister decorations. Unfortunately with his weight, when he goes to sleep amongst this collection of skelatons, he’ll break them, causing his couch to be littered not only with bones but spiky bone fragments. From time to the time, he may call upon you to remove one or two from his hide, but it will only be with the tiniest amount of mirth he asks such of you, and certainly won’t let a little pain deter him from his collection of spoils.

Apart from his obvious penchant for selfishness and self entitlement, Gudrotgoth is ruthless. He views others as a means to an end, and this shows in hisinteractions with them. He is not violent, as such goings-ons would obviously affect his ability to attain some of the goals of power that he will set for himself and for you, but he is unrestrained with his avid distaste for the actions of those which he views as not equal to him. His clutchmates, for the most part, are spared this indignation, and are viewed more along the line of comrades than adversaries. It is much more likely that he will bond with the other males over any of the females, although Rakshamanith’s unforgiving nature and Ghwerigeth’s earthiness will gain his respect.

“Kinsmen to kinsmen should be true.” – The Saga of Olaf Haraldsson (St. Olaf)

Gudrotgoth is, ultimately, a social dragon, even if his interactions with others are tainted with mirth. When he needs to be polite, it is still with a calculating edge to his tone in which he speaks. It will be as if it pains him to reel himself in, and you’ll be able to tell the difference in tone in so much as it will take on a quieter presence in your own mind. He knows full well that it is only through gritted teeth that he will win his way up the power ranks of the weyr. His interactions with dragons in power positions will vary greatly, depending on their nature. It is likely he will find Tyroth, and his drunken fixation on getting his rider laid, to be borderline ridiculous. Should he ever have to be put in his place by the older bronze, it is likely that you will feel the thunder looming in the distance as Gudrotgoth boils below the surface, unable to express himself without harming his own ambitions. A dragon like Vrykth, however, he will hold at least a monicur of respect for, as the midnight blue’s manipulative scheming will be appreciated by your brown. Vrykth’s fatal flaw to Gudrotgoth is his unyielding devotion to his lifemate, a sign of weakness to your brown, and thus while the two may scheme together over a hunting spree, Gudrotgoth will take what the blue says with a grain of salt.

“Wake early if you want another man's life or land. No lamb for the lazy wolf. No battle's won in bed.” - The Havamal

Weyrlinghood will suit Gudrotgoth well, if only because it gives him a certain field in which to excel above others. He will often wake you up early to practice a certain skill, if necessary, and his stamina is virtually unmatched. Should you not attain the Weyrling Wingleader position, he will feel more than slighted, and either attempt to bully the pair which receives it into resigning or focus his efforts onto what’s soon to come: your eventual career as a full fledged rider. A career in guarding will ultimately suit Gudrotgoth the best, as he will be able to use his inimidation skills on a daily basis. N’ayl’s preference will also be taken into account, so either guarding or diplomacy as a possible future are viable options. Intimidating will factor highly into his wing efforts, often taking the jobs which suit him best, and going after a higher position even if straight out of weyrlinghood.


"The speech of a maiden should no man trust, nor the words which a woman says; for their hearts were shaped on a whirling wheel and falsehood fixed in their breasts." – The Havamal

To a Viking, romance is just another nonsense word. Gudrotgoth is not some Cassanova, to woo the ladies with pretty words. No, he’s a warrior who believes fully in taking what he wants, when he wants it. This extends to flights. No preening, peacock show for him, the glory of the flight is not in the chase, it’s in the final conquering of the female. He’s not out to win, he’s out to plunder. Females, gold and green both, are good for one thing - slaking his thirst. To this end, he won’t engage in pretty aerobatics or indulge in some of the more esoteric exercises demanded of the females in their flights. No, he’s more like to bull his way through the competition, engaging in snatch and grab tactics to win the flight.

Gudrotgoth is not picky. He likes females for one reason - they assuage his need for sexual relief. The pillager in him is more inclined to chase the demure ladies who flee, rather than the seductive vixens who taunt, but he’s not above taking a willing companion when the need is upon him. For instance, Charli’s demure Dzakath is far more likely to compel him to chase than, say, Alys’s earthy green Rakshamanith, though if he’s ready when she is, her willingness won’t stop him. Golds, being a path to power, are more likely to pique his interest than greens (and, hey! Gold for the hoard!), though green flights are common enough he’ll likely indulge in pursuit of them on a regular basis.

Once the flight is won and he’s satisfied his own lusts, Gudrotgoth won’t stick around. Rather than cuddle his conquest, he’ll simply let her make her own way back to her weyr and return to his own pursuits - perhaps quite likely to finish off the meal he left behind when he blooded those sheep for the flight. And, as usual, once the flight is finished, the female will mean nothing to him, so should she become indignant by his lack of concern over her own pleasure, he’s just as likely to turn a shoulder to her complaints.

Dragon: Gudrotgoth
Colour: Brown
Name: Lida
Egg: Drums of War Egg
Egg Desc: Rikane
Dragonet: March of the Mercenary Brown Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: D’baji
Messages: Lida
Inspiration: Lida, D’baji, T’sei

N’ayl’s Brown Gudrotgoth
Harper's Tale: 59th PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Sadaiya’s gold Jivayath and T’sei’s bronze Xhiyanth
April 15th, 2011
Alys (Alyssa) and Green Rakshamanith
Charli (Malachai) and Green Dzakath
Zari (Zaharis) and Green Ghwerigeth
Trek (Trekana) and Blue Kanyith
Kanga (Kangarru) and Brown Ruenalth

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