Ista Weyr's Guards

Ista Weyr's guarding force is divided into two parts: Uprush Wing, the dragonrider guard wing, and a non-rider guarding corps stationed at the Weyr. Although IW's guards overall are charged with the security of the Weyr and its beholden areas, the duties tend to be divided between the wing and the corps in such a way that the wing is more responsible for outlying areas (or, of course, rider-specific issues) while the corps is more concerned with the security and of the Weyr's residents and supplies.

Uprush: the sudden surge of water up the foreshore following the breaking of a wave.

Uprush is responsible for the scheduling and rotation of watchriders in both the Weyr and the holds, and in supplementing the guard forces in the Weyr and holds with dragonriders to contribute to overall security - essentially, reinforcing the security forces already in place. The wing also offers a better, more 'internal' means of dealing with the (generally rare) incidents involving fellow dragonriders.

In the wake of recent raidings of tithing trains and strange disappearances of seaborne shipments, the guard wing has also begun offering out its services as an aerial escort to prevent the loss of important goods in transit. (For more information on the raiders, see here.)

Uprush meets regularly for scheduled physical training (PT) and guarding drills, as often with the corps as within the wing itself for dragonrider-specific training. The wingleader is responsible for maintaining open communication between the guard wing and the guard forces of the Weyr and the holds, as well as maintaining the training and duty standards within the wing. The wingsecond(s) administer(s) the watchrider rotation, organise PT, and assist in whatever other way the wingleader sees fit.

Uprush is currently led by Ji'n (Wingleader).

Rider Color Dragon Position
T'ab bronze Tyroth Weyrleader
Ji'n brown Kzydnth Wingleader
D'rani bronze Injolnith Wingsecond
Danae green Almirath Wingrider
Melsa green Xhuryth Watchrider (Keroon)
S'keegan bronze Sfarath Wingrider
Asli green Safuriketh Wingrider
R'lar bronze Cojiroth Wingrider
N'shin brown Pygaroth Wingrider
L'fei green Utonalloth Wingrider
Sienna green Kehemath Wingrider
Zari green Ghwerigeth Wingrider
Reana blue Eabryllth Wingrider
R'co brown Deveriteauxth Wingrider

Guard Corps

The corps is charged with basic security around the Weyr proper, including, in light of recent raiding events, the surveillance of the Weyr's stores and new community garden, the supervision of the arrival and unloading of tithing trains, security at large events, and keeping general order among the Weyr's resident community.

IW's guard corps will sometimes assist Uprush in supporting the guards of Ista's beholden areas at major events, or whenever otherwise requested by the area's holders.

The guard corps regularly meets for PT, hand to hand combat training, and other basic drills. These exercises occur as often with the members of the wing as exclusively within the corps. The members of the corps (like the members of the wing) must be able to stay level-headed in times of crisis, and must be able to make fair assessments of potentially volatile situations on the fly.

The captain of the corps is currently Lemarkis (NPC), assisted by Lieutenants Symach and Ardine (NPCs).

Guard Position
Lemarkis Captain
Symach Lieutenant
Ardine Lieutenant

Other Wings:

Search/Rescue/Exploration Wing - Riptide

Diplomacy Wing - Breakwater

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