Grouping In The Lc. It's Painting Time

Logfile from Sapha.

Keilan eyes the new arrival right back, and mumurs to Aradia, "Watch out for her, she doesn't like people."

"Of course you're new here," Xveiya mutters, whispering something to Fangy before speaking again. "I'm Xveiya. I won't thank you to call me that, but you /will/ call me that." Without waiting for an invitation, she takes a seat beside Keilan. "Don't mind me. I feel like listening today."

Aislana walks in from the Kitchen.

Keilan actually grins at this. "Good. No kicking?"

Aradia tilts her head a little, raising one slender brow and shrugging lightly. She replies to Keilan, her voice equally soft. "I give every'un a chance. Most people are nice if'n y' treat 'em right." Her attention returns to Xveiya for a moment, and she offers another friendly smile. "Is there anything you'd prefer me to call you?" she asks chirpily, her head tilted to one side. She's in far too good a mood to be snappy. Idly hugging her knee, she watches the two.

Aislana walks in, a bubbly pie in hand. Fire lizards are bickering on her shoulder, but not so loudly as to bring much attention. She brings a hand up to flick away a few flakes of crust off her mouth and looked around, frowning slightly as she saw others around. She hated accidentally walking on on other people's conversation. She tries to make as little attention draw to herself as possible and goes to sit in a chair that wasn't occupied. Why oh why did her mentor want her to come with her to deliver tithe? She had to admit seeing the dragons was lovely, but she could do without being around so many strange people.

Xveiya quickly shakes her head, setting Fangy on the table. "Nope. None. Promise." Of course, that doesn't really mean anything. She kicks her feet under the table, but the motion is meant to harm only the air. "Call me Xveiya. Call me anything else, and I'll have to take back that promise."

Aradia nodnods easily enough, and smiles. "Okay, Xveiya." she agrees; her attention flickers now to Aislana, and she waves to the girl. "Don't sit over there all by yerself! Come say 'ello!" She's not insane, just lacking in that bit of shyness which makes most people socially acceptable.

Ildiko walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Keilan on the other hand, has more than his fair share of the inhibiting gene, and is starting to look uncomfortable as the cavern fills up.

Xveiya nods, satisfied with this for the moment. "So, talk," she instructs, finger tapping impatiently. "I promised no kicking if you /talked/. I came here to listen, remember?" She's giving everyone a chance /not/ to listen to her. It's a miracle.

Aislana looks up, mouth wide as she was about to take a large bite out of her bubbly pie. She politely closes it to waggle her fingers shyly in a sort of wave. "euh.. okay if you say so…" she mumbles, then gets up out of her seat to walk over toward the others and taking a chair that was closer to the others.

Aradia can't help but laugh softly, beaming up at Aislana. "Hi. I'm Aradia." is her simple introduction. Her gaze flickers over the little group of people, and notes Keilan's discomfort; mentally, she berates herself for not asking if the extra company was wanted by the others. Ahh, well. Too late now. "This is Keilan, and this is Xveiya." She tilts her head after a moment, eying the girl's knot. "You're a Herder aren't y'? What're you doin' so far from Keroon?" she asks. She'll just keep talking to cover for those who won't. something like that, anyway.

Aislana smiles politely toward Aradia, flashing the same almost obligatory grin as she looks toward those who were being introduced. "I'm Aislana" She giggles slightly at the question. "Ah, yeah, herder apprentice, that I am" She makes a bit of a point to point herself out as apprentice. To her, the title 'herder' was far beyond her reach as of then. "Well, I came with my mentor to deliver tithe"

Xveiya shoots a glare in Aradia's direction, but resists the urge to kick the other in the shin. "I can introduct myself, thankyouverymuch. I am not incapaciated for that!" She stares sulkily at the table, prodding it with her finger. "Do they have any fish around here?

Keilan nods to Xveiya. "We will have, just as soon as they catch enough to feed the entire weyr."

The smile Aradia offers now is apologetic, directed towards Xveiya. "Sorry - I just thought I should, since you said you were going to be listening rather than talking. My apologies for that." She's not desperate to make friends, nooooo. Her gaze flickers over the contents of the table as she listens to Aislana, nodding thoughtfully. "Is it fun being a Herder?" she asks, before shaking her head. "I can't see any fish. These pastries are nice, though." She points to a tray of pastries similar to the half-eaten one in her hand.

Aislana nods, giving a tight-lipped smile while she chewed her food and swallowed before speaking. "Yes, very much fun indeed. I get to travel around a lot, and I get to be around runners a lot"

Keilan hrms to himself. "How long you been traveling?" he asks the apprentice, curious. "You'll get tired of it eventually."

"Apology accepted," Xveiya says, gracious for once. "Just don't forget next time, alright? Not that there will be a next time, but don't forget." She nods with satisfaction, focus shifting to Keilan. "Why the entire Weyr? Don't they have some fish now? Preferably uncooked."

Keilan grins, able at last to trot out Baker Lesson #1. "We have to make sure we have enough food for everybody. Otherwise folks go hungry, and they don't get the nutrients they need." parrot-like. But hey, at least he's trying. "I'll see if we can't get some riders to hunt the big fish that supposedly live in the sea."

"oh, only the past few sevendays. I'm usually too busy in the stables for anything else." she finishes off her bubbly pie and licks her fingers. Her eyes wander toward the tray of pastries.*Aislana pose*

Aradia tilts her head, watching the three thoughtfully. "I think, in some people, the urge to travel never fades. It is fun, though, going places you've never been before." she comments softly. She has to suppress a soft giggle as she listens to Keilan - he sounds like her brother did when he was an apprentice Smith, and came home to visit - but simply smiles. "I lke fish." It's a basic, cheerful statement. Truthful, too. Much like Aradia herself.

Keilan grins. "I think everybody likes fish in some way or other. Personally I like it best when it's pit roasted. Practically falling apart, that is."

Xveiya snorts, and shakes her head. "See, that's a /stupid/ rule. People who can get the food from the people who make the food should get it first. Forget the other people." She smirks nastily at Aradia. "I like it raw. Slimy. Still wriggling." Maybe not /that/ far, but the other bit is true.

Aislana listens to the conversation, watching them behind the pastry she had snatched while no one was really paying much attention to her. She personally doesn't like fish all that much, but she wasn't one to speak up and voice that out. She can't help but frown with disgust at the thought of raw fish. Raw /red/ meat maybe, but fish!? Ick.

Aradia tilts her head. "I like fish most ways, I think, but… I haven't ever tried it raw. Is it nice, then? You'd have to cut the head off first, I think, and clean it - I'd hate to eat anything that was still looking at me." Then she frowns a little. "Everyone needs to eat, though - and if everyone thought only for, and only helped, themselves, we'd all be in a lot of trouble, if we even existed at all." Her voice is more thoughtful than berating; she nibbles at her own pastry, eyes a little far off.

Keilan chuckles. "You sure do have some strange ideas."

Aradia's control breaks, now, the slender girl shuddering. "Ohh, that sounds horrible. Isn't it poisonous to eat raw fish, anyway?" she asks - the question is more directed to Keilan, who, she's sure, would know such things. On the subject of the Pernese equivalent of Darwin's theory.. "But then wouldn't we all die out? It's working together that helps us survive plagues and Thread and such, isn't it?" She shrugs lightly. "I think I'd rather work in a team, really - by myself, following a 'survival of the fittest' life.. I'd be dead."

Lok chirples a loud greeting to the incoming fire-lizards (well, as loud as a less than day old baby can), while Keilan tries to keep his focus on the conversation, simultaneously waving to the familiar faces he knows.

Keilan nods to Aradia. "I like to work with other folks too. I don't know if it's good to eat raw fish or not. We always had dried or salted fish where I came from."

"Certain types of fish can be eaten raw, I believe" Aislana spoke up. She has heard of people who eat raw fish, but from what she has gathered, it is wise only to eat certain kinds. "Well, at least I believe so. I'm not entirely sure" She casts her gaze back down at the table top.

Xveiya smirks, getting a sort of nasty delight from Aradia's shudder. "I'm still alive, aren't I?" Unfortunately for some people…"Besides, it's better raw. You don't cook off all the good stuff, and you don't add anything else to it." Her gaze shifts from Aradia to Keilan, and back again. "See, I live off everyone else. That's my survival of the fittest."

Sapha meanders in from deeper in the weyr, lifes good like that, you never quite know when Sapha will appear. Humming softly to herself she runs her fingers through her inky hair, twisting and playing as they go from her scalp to its tips. However her attention is turned to the conversation at hand by the mention of raw fish. "Raw fish?" She pales, slightly, but otherwise stands stock still. "Thankfully the weyrs cooks would never serve such a thing." She states finally before making her way to the hearth and collecting herself a bowl of hearty stew, and of course a mug of klah.

Keilan chuckles. "Yeah, you're a moocher, all right. A bloodsucker." Keilan clumsily gives respect to the greenrider entering the cavern. "Evening, rider."

Xveiya doesn't seem at all daunted by this insult. "Bloodsucker." She cants her head, considering. "From now on, you're not to call me Xveiya. You will call me Bloodsucker, or I'll draw blood from your shins. Get it?" She smirks, completely ignoring Sapha's entrance, save to say: "Yes, raw fish."

Aradia shivers again, hugging her knee a little more tightly, her head tilted slightly. "I guess everyone has their own tastes. Raw fish… isn't one of mine, I don't think. Sorry, but it sounds horrid. So does working alone all the time. I'd get horribly lonely." Yes, true, but Ara's an isolophobe. The entrance of Sapha earns a mental giggle, and a wave. "Evenin'!" she calls. Let's see if she's memorable. Probably not. Sapha's attention was elsewhere for the most part, at the Mug.

Aislana's eyes also dart toward the rider. Ooo.. pretty… and a greenrider… Her thoughts wander toward Nylca, and she blinks a few times. Was she just comparing this other rider to Nylca? She shakes her head slightly, then nods toward the rider and smiles courteously. "Good day, greenrider"

Sapha makes a face as all all the bright young residents start greeting her. "Don't you all have chores or something?" She asks, chewing on her lips as she settles herself and her meal at a table. "I could give you chores if you like." She smiles brightly, oh the joys of being a greenrider, when your dragon as an itch that needs scratching. "Evening."

Keilan shakes his head. "I'm a bakercraft apprentice, and this is my free time," he blurts out. "Am I supposed to be doing something with my time?"

Aislana's bright expression seems to dampen a bit. Does she have chores to do? Blah. She gives a derisive sniff and takes out her pastry from her pocket and begins to eat it again. She had been traveling for quite a while. /She/ had no chores that needed to be done around /here/. Growl.

Xveiya snorts, and pokes idly at Fangy causing more dirt to land on the tabletop. "I don't /do/ work." At least not when she can get away with being lazy. "But you're welcome to make them work. Just as long as I get some fish, eventually." Aradia simple recieves a look. "If you can't handle the heat, get out of the fire."

Sapha nibbles upon her lips before offering all and sundry a beautific smile, oh yes she's found something that will occupy them all for a few days. "For those of you who don't know me, I'm Sapha, Rider of Green Phirath, and formerly of the WeyrlingMaster Staff, before I became WingSecond." She stuns them all with a formal declaration of rank. "And I have a job for you all. Especially you." She points at Xveiya. "I don't like the looks of you. So no going anywhere just yet." She of course chooses the suspense option as she eats and drinks her fill.

Nope, not memorable. She wins, or some such. But chores? Eep. She hasn't been told she had chores. Does she have chores? Uhoh. "Uh.. I'm new, I wasn't told if there were any chores I needed to do.. uhm…." Aradia flounders a bit, now, but has time to poke her tongue out at Xveiya. "I never said I /couldn't/ handle it. I just prefer the snow to fire." She's not sure if she got the metaphors right there, but that's beside the point. She could eat raw fish if she had to. Maybe.

Aislana ahems politely. "I'm sorry but I don't know if I will be able to participate in your chores, good greenrider. My mentor will be needing me most likely to help with some things." She pushes her hair away from her shoulders, allowing her herder apprentice knots to casually show.

Xveiya crosses her arms and narrows her eyes at Sapha. "Well I don't like the look of you, either. I've kicked shins for less proliferation." One arm slips out of the crossed position, finger jabbing in Sapha's direction. "I'm not going to work. You can't make me." Hmph.

Aislana sighs, looking around in desperate hopes that her mentor will come to save her, but she knows that she has probably went to bed by now. She sighs. "Well, actually I think maybe I could help"

Aradia blinkblinks. Bigrank. She glances at Xveiya, eyes wide. "I don't think you should be like that, Bloodsucker." Despite everything, she giggles softly. It's a fun name for the person she's inclined to think of as a friend, even if said person doesn't appreciate that. "What is the job, Lady Sapha?" She figures it's safest to be respecting and all that.

Hannah walks with youthful grace in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Sapha smiles once more, this time however it is with a distinct feral edge. "I'm sure your mentor won't mind once I've had a chat with her. It's your bit to help the Weyr." Or something. "And you." She points out Xveiya once more. "Kick me in the shins and I'll make sure you can't sit down for a sevenday." You think she's bluffing? I don't think so. Slowly she finishes her meal and allows the drudges to take her bowl and Mug. "Follow me." Is all she states simply, before she cocks her head in Xveiya's direction. "Except you, I think I want you to go in front of me so I can keep an eye on you.

With a huff, Aislana stands up and follows grudgingly, her flizzies chirruping and creeling with the same disgruntled attitude that their bond seems to be feeling.

Aradia rises to her feet, quickly devouring the rest of her pastry. Wasting food is baaad. And it was a good pastry. She won't argue. She has to earn her keep at the Weyr somehow… and the job can't be too bad, right? With a last longing look at the tray of pastries she's been molesting, she follows Sapha. Hey, maybe it'll be a fun job!

Xveiya blinks, absent-mindedly rubbing the bruise from Keilan's punch of the day before. "I could kick you back," she says, chin jutting out. However, it's less of a threat than it was. Aradia recieves a glance, and a nod of satisfaction. "You learn quickly." Her attention is redirected at the command, and her face darkens. "I'll go where I want to go, thank you /very/ much." Despite this protest, she gets to her feet, snatching Fangy off the table and hugging him tightly. "How'm I supposed to do first if I don't know where I'm going, huh?"

Hannah slips into the living caverns, her nose buried in a stack of hides since she's conquered the art of walking and reading at the same time. Hearing Sapha's comments, goldrider lifts her head, blinking. "What's going on?" is inquired, eyebrows lifting in curiousity.

Keilan hastens to explain. "Wingsecond Saphra wants us all to work for her. Not that I mind, but I don't think it's stuff that's part of my craft." It's feeble, but years of training to obey anybody in authority over him hasn't yet been squished out of him. Clearly he is a little leery of this female who comes into the cavern and promptly begins to order the weyrfolk around.

Sapha smirking, Sapha makes her way closer to Hannah, nodding her head and giving a respectful "Goldrider." Before Leanding closer and whispering. "….small…..deep… …dark…. ….caverns….. … ….yes." Is about all that can be heard above the normal noise of the Living caverns before she straightens up, still smiling broadly. "I'll give you a little tap when I want you to turn." She states, obviously she's done something like this before. "Okay, lets get moving." She grins, gesturing to Xveiya to precede her.

Xveiya curses under her breath, whispering something to the stuffed canine in her arms. She shoots a glare in Sapha's direction before starting off, taking each step as slowly as possible. "Where am I /going/?"

Hannah opens her mouth to murmur an, "Ahhh," before nodding her head. "I see. Yes that would be a good idea." Shuffling the hides so that they can all be carried in one armload, she adds, "I think I might follow you? Just to see this project?" At Xveiya's glare, the weyrwoman says a bit sharply, "Please show some respect for a wingsecond?"

Aradia watches Xveiya a moment, brows furrowed a little. She thinkses Bloodsucker is gonna end up in trouble. Ahh, well. She follows along, a skip in her step. Yes. Enthusiasm. She's a hyper little horror, when she wants to be.

Keilan scoops up his baby lizard, and stands, of course upon the weyrwoman's entry. Is she really going to enforce this? He looks confused and slightly suspicious.

Sapha chortles. "I wouldn't threaten the Weyrwoman with kicked shins girl, she may just make you do something you don't want to. Like take a bath." She wrinkles her nose before checking that her work crew is all sorted. "Okay this way folks." She beckons tapping Xveiya to take the corridor to the Southern Caverns.

Xveiya opens her mouth as if to shoot a retort in Hannah's direction - but shuts it again. Apparently she has enough sense not to threaten the Weyrwoman. "Fine," she says darkly, shuffling off in the direction Sapha instructs her to go in. "But someone else'll get a kick in the shins for this." Watch out, fellow recruits.

You go to the Candidate's Barracks.

Hannah walks with youthful grace in from the South Caverns.

Aradia walks in from the South Caverns.

Xveiya walks in from the South Caverns.

Keilan walks in from the South Caverns.

Keilan looks around. "Are you sure we're supposed to be here?"

Sapha smiles broadly as thier little tour of the intricate twists and turns of Ista Weyr's tunnels. Somewhere along the way she's picked up a few pots of paint, left overs from the numerous weyrs that have been redecorated recently. "Piffle, you're with the Weyrwoman, of course you are allowed to be in here." She dismisses his worries with a wave of her hand. In the other she has the nessecary brushes to paint the room with. "Okay, now. I want you all to move the furniture to the center of the room, and cover it with sheets. -Then- you can start painting." She smiles, gesturing for them to get started.

Aradia skips along into the barracks, pausing a moment at the entrance. She doesn't actually recognise the room, having been at the Weyr for only a few hours… but that's beside the point. "I'm sure we're allowed, Keilan. It's not like we don't have permission or anything… where are we?" As Sapha explains, her eyes light up, and she bounces a little on the balls of her toes. "Are there any limits to what we can paint?" This sounds like /fun/. She skitters over towards one clothespress, and begins to carefully pull it towards the center.

Hannah purses her lips at Xveiya's look and comments. "What is your name?" she asks, digging through the hides for her stylus buried deep within to mark her place. "I think you should be showing /respect/, miss. Not threatening anyone with kicked shins." She offers a smile of encouragement to Keilan, as he reminds her so much of herself back in her younger years. "Yes, you're allowed to be here. This is where the Candidates stay when it's time for them to stay at the weyr." Turning to Sapha, "That's coming up soon, isn't it? I'll need to make sure I have the weyr in readiness."

Nogagon strolls in from the South Caverns.

Keilan looks pretty non-plussed. He's good at being the brawn, and has his part of the barracks furniture in the middle in a short time, but then, he stands there, completely unsure what to do next.

Aemergin quietly wanders in from the South Caverns.

Xveiya thinks fast. "Uh…Fangy. And I really should be going." With that, the girl ducks under the arms of the riders, and scoots as fast as she can towards the door. There will be repercussions, no doubt, but for now she's safe.

Aemergin heard the call for help, and in the candi barracks of all places, so he lept at the chance to help out, but now only stands by the door wondering what he is supposed to be doing. Give him a brush, paint, and a place to start, and He'll paint the weyr..

Sapha nods at Hannah. "Yeah, you'd have to talk to Yulianna about how soon however. I just know that they did the Weyrling Barracks not so long ago…" She murmurs as she watches. "Oi, Get going. If Miyakath clutches tonight, then the Candidates will have no where to live tomorrow." Of course Miyakath is no where near clutching, but they don't know that do they?

Nogagon wanders in, just casually popping into the barracks. He stops dead in his tracks when he realises there are people there, before shrugging, and deciding to go with it. "Hey." he says, nodding to people he has never met before, like he knows them. Someone will tell him what to do soon enough. If not, well, he won't have to do anything. Bonus.

Aradia finishes with the chests in the section of the room she's working on, and pouts as she gets to the cots. Tugging at them a bit, she pauses as she hears Xveiya lie about her name… but she says nothing. She doesn't want to get her 'friend' in trouble. She works at the cots, then, pulling them one by one into the center - a bit more slowly, chewing on her lip, her slender arms straining. She's just a little weak. Once she's done, however, she looks around. "So no limits?" She takes a brush, and eyes the colours availible. Stripe. And spots. And flowers, and hearts, and stars. Everywhere. Muahaha.

Keilan takes up a brush and starts methodically painting the walls beige. Granted, it's a light beige, almost a cream, but it's still awfully boring. He concentrates on doing a good job, and looks pleased to see neither drips nor streaks.

Hannah adds in her comment, "Let's make sure it looks nice, though. Nothing that clashes too much." Juggling the hides again as she takes a seat to watch everyone. "I think this is a good idea, Sapha. Best to be prepared.."

Sapha scowls. "Oi you." She points to the painting boy. "Do a proper job, Move the furniture first, cover it -then- start painting. And where'd you get that paintbrush anyways?" She asks with a cock of her head, so much for her monopoly of the prized utensils. However she does continue to keep a tight clutch on the rest of them until the furniture is arranged to her satisfaction. Oh well you get what you paid for, and it's free labor. "Yeah and they we talking about raw fish." She tacks on as explaination.

Nogagon notices people just painting the walls with whatever they like, but it seems too much like hard work. So he sits on a cot, conspicuously idle.

Aemergin shrugs and finally follows Keilans example, taking up a brush and bucket as well, though it happens to be a lime green, and jumps on a bed, starting int he middle of the ceiling and working out. Painting on the ceiling isnt the easiest, and the drips keep inching closer to Nogagon.. "oops, sorry bout that.."

Nogagon rests back on the cot, closing his eyes. No-one has told him to do anything yet. He's quite obedient when told to do something, but takes it as a given that all the rest of the time he is allowed to do his own thing. He yawns, and stretches, beginning to nap a bit.

Aradia pulls at one of the cots, crouched over it in a manner that's sure to give her back problems in later life; having brought this one to the middle, she heads for another one. "Can I do a mural, Greenrider Sapha? Of the sky and the grass, with the sun and trees and flowers and such? And a rainbow! It'll be really cheerful and bright!" she asks as she reaches the cot Nagagon is on. "Hey, get off, lazy! I gotta shift this!"

Sapha sighs as yet another paint brush emerges, and settles to lean against a wall that hopefully won't be painted anytime soon. "You all can do what you want now." She comments, letting the paintbrushes trickle from her hands. "But I warn you if there is even a speck of paint on the furniture you'll be scrubbing the rock at the Waterfalls basin for a month. And that's after you've removed your spots." Aradia's comments bring her attention to Nogagon. "This isn't a slumber party, get off your bum and help her move furniture mister!" Oh boy is she cranky now.

Nogagon opens an eye lazily, glancing up at Aradia, before leaping right off. See how obedient he can be? He salutes briefly, then wanders off to stand against a wall and watch the activity. Much of the helpfulness.

Keilan looks around for more furniture to move.

Aemergin is pulling the drawers out of one clothes press, dumping out the scraps and weird things that candies shove in others drawers. "hey look what I found!" he says, holding up a petrified tunnelsnake, then flinging it on Nogagon

Nogagon nods to Sapha then, and moves out to help. Aemergin's tossed tunnelsnake gets a glance, but he grins widdely. "Takes more'n a dead snake to scare me." he says, even if he wasn't expecting it. He happens to be a tunnelsnake hunter. Deciding that this Aemergin person is interesting, he moves over to assist him, and possibly get to know him a little better.

Keilan instinctively makes a swift move to the tunnelsnake and pummles the carcass to dust. "There! Gotcha!"

Hannah shakes her head and sighs softly, "They don't listen much, do they?" is asked of Sapha. "If anything is on that furniture, then they will have to see me for extra chores," she calls out on the heels of Sapha's threat, "after seeing Sapha, of course." Eyes flick around, watching the workers intently. "Think we'll get a good looking paint job, Sapha?"

Aradia squeaks as she finds a tunnelsnake flying through the air; she backs away abruptly, and almost trips over a can of pan, barely missing it as she lands on her rear. "Ewwwwww." is her comment as she struggles to regain her composure; she rises to her feat. "Meanies." She goes back to work, though, her tiny muscles bulging as she drags the cots into the center.

Aemergin smirks. "Well, lets see what else we can find in these things, Im sure thers bound to be better gags in here." he says, turning to the press behind him and starting on those drawers. "WHOA! who ever had this one had a weird attraction to old firelizard eggs!" he says after pulling a drawer open and jumping back from the smell. Inside are nearly a dozen rotten firelizard eggs, some broken, some… who knows how green inside.

Keilan makes a face. "Why do you suppose they didn't hatch?" Well, at least this forced labor is interesting! He makes a face. "Get rid of them!"

Sapha wrinkles her nose. "No it doesn't appear that they do. Shocking. No wonder they were all just sitting around." She comments conversationally to Hannah. "At least with the drudges they follow your orders." She winks, watching the progress.

Nogagon jumps back a bit too, "Euurgh." he comments, the closest he's ever come to disgust. Even then, it's more of a shock reaction. Slowly he edges back towards the drawer, then glances to Sapha and Hannah. "What should I do with these then?" he asks.

Aemergin smirks. "We could Egg a brown riders weyr.." he suggests, but goes ahead and pulls the drawer out, carrying it out though the door to dispose of the eggs, carefull not to smell anything../

Aradia shudders as she smells the eggs even from a small distance; she's not game to go near them, though, simply keeps herself as far away as possible while still working. Satisfied that she's done as much as she /can/ do, she turns to Sapha, offering a hopeful smile which doesn't quite cover the roiling nausea a quick glance at the eggs causes. "May I have a brush, Lady?"

Nogagon blinks at Aemergin's suggestion, then shrugs. He moves off to a cot instead, since the drawers have all sorts of nasty things in them, and begins moving it.

Hannah stands, settling her hides back into her arms, "I'm sorry, but I've got get back and do some more work. Keep up your good work… and make sure it looks /nice/." With that, she scurries back toward the Council rooms.

Aemergin wanders back in the room with the drawer, he must have only gone to the kitchens to deal with the mess.. what ever he did, the drawer is decently cleaned out now and he puts the thing down on a bed to dry out. "I guess those two never got along well, and their last tricks never found their victims." he wanders over to the chest and pulls it away from the wall.

Aradia watches as supervision of all sorts goes away, and mentally bother ohdears and rejoices. Finding herself a paintbrush, she takes a pale blue and a green, heading over to one of the shorter walls, the one opposite to the door. Frowning a little, she eyes it a moment. She'll need help with the top of the wall - she's far too short. She looks around, gaze pleading. "Can someone help? I can't reach up there. Sapha only told us to move them into the center - we can clean later, while the paint's drying."

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