Greenrider's Revenge

[[logged by N'ano]]

Logfile from Nanoc

Living Cavern

The smooth, rounded walls of the vast living cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light up toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient lustrous tables run along the long axis of the cavern, and at the far end is the raised dais and high table, where the Weyrleaders and their honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is chiseled into the stone: a smoking mountain in black, on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.

T'nar walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Nanoc wanders out of the northern caverns after having visited the patients in the infirmary, making his way to his source of nourishment, that being the table full of nummies for his tummy. Cocking his head slightly to the side, he notices T'nar, and offers him a half wave as other hand busily glops food onto his plate "Can I get ya anythin' while I'm over here?"

T'nar glances over towards Nanoc and smiles a little, shrugging one shoulder lightly, "A glass of juice if you have a free hand. If not, I can get it, not a large bother." He shucks off his riding jacket as he wanders through the cavern, pulling out a random chair and draping the garment over the back.

Serafa wanders in from the Northeastern Caverns.

Nanoc has had balancing practice, so he bobs his head "Certainly!" he says, lowering his plate to the table, retrieving said glass and handing it off "There'go." Turning sideways, he startles, having almost run into the fellow healer "Heya Seff, y'want anything?"

T'nar smiles and nods lightly as he takes the offered glass, "Thanks. You two enjoy your time away from the weyr, and chores?" He smiles a little before turning his chair about and settling heavily into it.

Serafa looks at Nanoc then at the food, and decides not to. "Um …er …No thank you Nanoc. I can get it myself?" she says, and gets herself a mug of klah, independant woman and all that. Sitting down she takes a sip and smiles. "I guess" she looks quizically at Nanoc, she doesnt remember too much at the moment.

Nanoc nods his head "Y'bet I did!" Well, sorta. "It was nice to go 'way from the Weyr for a little. Great break from the chores…" yeeah. He sits back down onto his chair, munching on a stale roll as eyes glance around and the surprisingly empty cavern "Heh… 'wonder where everyone is? Y'think they're off hidin' or something?"

T'nar chuckles quietly and nods his head a little, taking a sip of his juice, "That's good. When I was a candidate, I don't think I got taken out of the weyr at all." He glances aorund at Nanoc's question and shrugs lightly, "Chores, practice, studying. As long as it means I get a few moment's rest, I'm more than happy to sit alone in here."

Serafa smiles into her mug as she takes another sip of klah, she agrees with the rider…Just as long as they are doing her chores naturally. "I hear that" she agrees. And yes she is in a much better mood than yesterday, even if she is feeling slightly unwell.

Nanoc grins "Aye… eatin'… good stuff. Yup." he states, near-burying his head back into his plate, that is, until its contents are non-existant after consumption. Surprisingly, he's not up for seconds yet. A first for him, almost alarming. Sitting back, eyes dance around once more for boredom's sake though unwillingness to do anything productive is out of the picture for the time being.

T'nar smiles a bit and settles back, musing on topics to talk about. Eventually, he glances over towards Nanoc and Serafa, "Where are you two from, anyways? Anywhere I might've been?"

Nanoc rolls a shoulder, snapping his attention back to the rider "Where I'm from? Well, started out m'life in Igen—till I was 'bout five or so… then we moved to the Istan Beasthold… then to Paradise… and now, well, here!" Simply put.

Khaelyn hurries in from the South Caverns.

Naomi bounces in from the South Caverns.

Khaelyn scurries in, plopping down on the closest chair and just sitting there. People in the room? She doesn't notice them… She's intent on staring at the ceiling. Again. And /now/ is the time she notices that there's people. In the room. With her. "Um."

T'nar nods softly and hmms a little, "A little further than I've traveled. At least, before Sal, that is." He shrugs a little and glances over towards the new arrivals, waving a hand towards them, "Greetings.

Naomi struts out from the southern caverns with arms around a basket — an empty basket, or so it seems. And one would probably remain thinking of it as such, except soft gurgling noises from inside hint at the presence of… -something-. However, the candidate seems unaware, dropping a pile of blankets into it, conveniently silencing whatever it was. Gaze roams across the caverns, and a hand drops to her hip, before giving a sloppy salute to T'nar. "Yeah… whatever."

"Whatcha gals up to?" Nanoc questions of the new arivees while casually munching on a biscuit to suffice his lack of hunger "Ain't seen ya'll 'round all day… been busy with chores?"

Lack of hunger? Khaelyn's never been properly afflicted with that. "Getting food," she calls over to Nanoc, standing up at sight of biscuits and scurrying over to the table to fetch plate and fill it with any food item that doesn't resemble a tuber — as usual. T'nar's greeting is taken note of, and after a moment's consideration, she stares and squeaks out a, "Um. Greetings. Sir," before hastily retreating to her chair and poking through the food for a few seconds.

T'nar chuckles quietly as he glances from Naomi to Khaelyn. Two rather different greetings. Ah well, he muses quietly, sipping a bit at his juice. He glances over to Nanoc but doesn't really interrupt as he asks questions of thew newcommers.

Nanoc slumps down as far as he can in his chair, but it's got reason, really. Those would be his feet on the opposite side of the table, tucking the chair in where it shall act as a wonderful foot rest for himself. Ah, much better. Glance is given to Khaelyn as she prepares her own plate "Ain't no surprise there.." he responds to her response.

Khaelyn shrugs in Nanoc's direction — if that's possible — and, having sufficiently poked through her food, starts inhaling it. It's exactly as the other candidate puts it: no surprise, at all. Once about a quarter of the plate is cleared, she sends a furtive glance around, and goes back to eating.

Kwa creeps, delicate ebon material swirling about her form, in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Serafa has disconnected.

Serafa drifts off to sleep

"And when you're finished with that, Khaelyn, dear, you can help me fold laundry." Naomi is all sweetness and light as she watches the herder/candidate with feigned interest, dragging her chair over by Nanoc, and dropping the basket onto the table before him carelessly. "You can start while she's eating."

"No. It's as simple as that." Comes the firm statement from the little entering greenrider. "It's not impossible to do you know. You just… won't rise! How hard is /that/?" Pause. "Then… then… I'll unimpress you!" Kwa hisses under her breath as she slides the young baby boy further up upon her hip. The look on her face definitely looks as if she really was serious about unimpressing somethingmost likely her dragonif it was at all possible.

Nanoc feels his head turn towards the candidate of laundry express, a mock grin appearing over his features "Oh, how very kind of you!" Now would be the time to demonstrate his lack of skill in this particular field. Ooh, distractment! Attention flicks towards the *shudder* greenrider, one of whom he's yet to meet. Well, perhaps she's not as bad as the others? "Biscuit?" his usual greeting as he offers the small basket to Kwa.

Naomi rubs her temples gently, reaching forward to tap Nanoc's nose gently with a fingertip. "You're welcome. Now start folding, and put them in a pile -there-." She indicates a place on the table, before turning, eyeing Kwa up and down. "Yes, ma'am. Whatever you say, ma'am," is muttered monotonously, as she crosses her eyes for just a moment, hands quickly going to the mess of blankets in the basket.

Well, Khaelyn can't exactly tell who the basket's aimed at. The herder eyes Nanoc, but doesn't move, since she's probably a bit too overdone on the food she has at the moment. A pear is picked up, looked over carefully, and bitten into, while she just sits there and tries to eat slower for the sake of getting out of laundry. Kwa's entrance is blinked at, but she can't manage a greeting around her mouthful of pear.

Nanoc just blinks at that. His attention does not, however, return to the laundry sprawled out in front of him since it's fixed on the disgruntled rider. Ok, so now he's curious "Wh—what's wrong with your dragon?"

"Well, I wasn't planning on Impressing a door, ma'am," Naomi replies matter-of-factly, not quite turning to look at Kwa, fingers still on the blankets. She pushes out her chair, dragging one out onto the floor — despite it's just-cleaned state — and folds it up the slow way, before dropping it onto the table in front of her. "How tedious." A sigh follows, as she again flicks at her hair, but continues on with a second blanket to fold, that gurgling sound becoming a little more audible as the blankets are lifted. Hand is patted against Nanoc's shoulder, and then the finger of that hand is pointed towards the blankets. "It'll be done faster if we stop chatting and -work-."

"That's a dragon?" Khaelyn looks a bit alarmed, once she's swallowed a mouthful of fruit, staring at the door with an occasional glance back to Kwa. "That can't be a dragon," she mutters, shaking her head a bit and going back to her food. That was a really long-lasting whack from the Literal Stick. Yeah, it's probably best for her to just go on eating and not ponder over the physics that recreate a dragon into a door.

If it's one thing Kwa can't stand, it's insolent candidates, and this one… that girl just wears down on the already irate greenie. "Not the door you little… wherry brained fool! The-" Pause. "-No! Don't you /dare/! Keep your muzzle and the rest of you /outside/." A glare is sent door-wards. "The /dragon/ on the other side. Shards, are you daft girl?" It wasn't Khaelyn who gets the verbal insults, but of course Naomi. As for Nanoc, Kwa leers at himhe's male and, well, he's malebefore rising up, plopping Kao in the nearest drudge's arms. "I'll /show/ you what's wrong with her." Once more the weird little gothic one twirls on her toes and starts off for the door.

Phoenix blinks in from ::between:: with an audible sigh of relief!

"I'm afraid I'm too busy for this conversation," Naomi replies tartly, jerking a finger towards the basket and blankets, and then towards the door. "Feel free to go out and fix your dragon, though, if it'll calm you down. And if I can do -anything- to help you… oh, anything at -all-, do let me no. Bye now!" Fingers are wiggled at the greenrider, as 'insolent' candidate drags out another blanket.

If it means getting out of folding laundry, he's there! Standing up, Nanoc wiggles his fingers at the other candidates, "Ya'll comin' to see or—?" but he doesn't wait for a response. Who knows what he's getting himself into this time.

Living Cavern
The smooth, rounded walls of the vast living cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light up toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient lustrous tables run along the long axis of the cavern, and at the far end is the raised dais and high table, where the Weyrleaders and their honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is chiseled into the stone: a smoking mountain in black, on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.
Perched near the food are twenty-nine firelizards.
You see Moufles, Sketch, Snow, Calandra, Nappa, What's for Dinner, and Ale Cabinet here.
T'nar, Khaelyn, Naomi, and Kwa are here.
Obvious exits:
Northeast Caverns Kitchens Bowl Southern Caverns

Khaelyn just stares. Well, at least the ranting isn't directed at her, but.. leave her food to see what's wrong with a dragon? She sighs, nodding at Nanoc, and stands up relucantly to head over toward the door and presumed dragon behind it. "Yes'm," she mutters, most likely to Kwa — seeing as Nanoc isn't a ma'am and Naomi is just Naomi.

Kwa slides on towards the door, muttering something under her breath before pausing at the threshold and sending a clear. "You should be hearing from the Assistant Weyrlingmasters soon about how to deal with riders." That was quite obviously directed at Naomi. "I'm sure a sevenday or so of mucking out the latrines will help cure that sarcastic streak in you." Kwa chimes in that /oh/ so sweet and innocent voice before motioning towards the other two to join her out in the bowl.

Kwa creeps, delicate ebon material swirling about her form, to the Bowl.

You head out to the bowl.
Southeastern Bowl
This area of the bowl is the highest point of the bowl floor; from here, it slopes down and to the northwest, spilling out to the plateau below the wide gap in the Weyr rim to the west. Various tunnels here lead into the Weyr's inner caverns; the living caverns, hatching grounds, and main Weyr tunnel all branch off from here. To the west lie the stables where the Weyr's runners are housed. There is also a stone stairway that leads up to the Weyrleader's weyrs.
It is a winter afternoon.
Perched on rocky crags about the bowl are Restless, Archer, Selig, Etera, and Rhiannon.
Blue Cherenth, bronze Nhamarath, blue Kyanth, blue Wraeth, bronze Maraith, blue Bezath, blue Decuth, blue Magnolth, blue Celth, brown Morath, brown Djarreth, bronze Salbaheth, and green Jhiateshyrth are here.
Kwa is here.
Obvious exits:
Hatching Cavern Central Bowl Weyr Tunnel Living Caverns
Naomi bounces in from the Living Cavern.

Khaelyn hurries in from the Living Cavern.

Of course, Naomi is perfectly timid as she barrels out of the caverns, her smile wide. "Ma'am, I don't know what you're talking about. I really -do- wish to help you with whatever you need." And most riders haven't been too upset with that, even if it is sarcasm. Eyes scan the bowl for a moment, and she trudges forward a bit, eyeing Jhiateshyrth carefully. "Yours?"

Tstar walks in from the Living Cavern.

Jhiateshyrth is the most innocent and sweet dragon in the weyr. Don't you let Kwa pollute your minds. Or at least the way she's just lazily sitting in the middle of the bowl and giving that 'puppy-dog' look to the arriving group. "Oh stop. They aren't going to fall for it." Jhia huffs quietly and rises up from her cute posture to one more like a regal queen. "Still won't work. Try again." Is Kwa never happy? Once more Jhia shifts, tail snakes about her legs and her head is tilted to one side as she takes an interest in Nanoc. "Don't even try it, you aren't proddy yet you overgrown lizard." Kwa pauses and then turns back to the group, eyeing Naomi with cool pools of blue. "You're still going to get an extra sevenday of latrines to your already hectic schedule." Pause. "But anyway, there's my freak of a white dragon." Even if she's more minty green then white, that's still close enough in Kwa's book.

Khaelyn stares. That's a fairly common habit for her, it would seem; she evidently has never seen a dragon this shade of green before. "Um." That seems like a mild enough comment to try to avoid giving offense to anyone, whether it be draconic, human, or anything in between. She settles for looking Jhia over, instead of trying to say anything. Um.

Tstar strides in at the speach, and blinks. Won't fall for what? Proddy. Rider and green are only then registered. Someone else on latrines? Maybe this means she gets /off/ them for a while. She sneaks a little closer, her errand can wait a little.

Nanoc follows behind, cautious as ever, seeing as the last time he followed a green rider out to her dragonwell, let's just not go there. He blinks a few times, looking about in curiosity until eyes become focused upon the green of solitity. "Eh? She looks fine to me, I think?" That is, until /he's/ looked at, causing a natural reaction of taking a few steps back "Whawhat was wrong, then?" Definitely more unique that the other greens…

Imbriath circles in and lands.

Hectic? Well, that, Naomi's schedule may be, but if so, it's only from all the negotiations that must be made to -avoid- latrines. "Yes, ma'am," is chirped to Kwa, with a sickeningly sweet smile, before she turns instead to take a look at Jhiateshyrth. "She does look pretty weird," Nao admits, before turning once again on her heels to note Imbriath's arrival.

Kwa gapes silently in Nanoc's direction for a few moments. Eyes blinking wildly, "Can't you not /see/ it! She's.. she's… /look/ boy /look/!" Once more finger is aimed at the weird hued green, the one with that dark line of emerald 'scaring' her face. She definitely is an odd one. "Wait, nevermind, just… go up and rub her nose, she likes that." Kwa gives one of those sweet innocent looks, or at least until Imbri arrives and eyes light up. "Imbri? Hyzen!" Beam. Jhia on the other hand just regards the other green silently. Wasn't she going to try to steal her doll or was that just rumor around the dragon-vine she heard? But green's attention isn't long and once more Nanoc gets a cute 'Come rub my nose' look.

Nanoc firmly gulps, taking even more steps back before the 'command'. He vowed never to cross with a green again, so he better keep her happy. Baby steps are taken, his head slightly looking away as it reaches out hesitantly to her nose where fingers gently scritch that "She ain't gonna eat me or anythin', is she?"

Flare wings shine with the harsh glance of the sun as Imbriath slowly spirals down from the heights— visiting. Haha. Couldn't keep her away for long, could you! Hyzen is perched in the usual place, betwixt ridges of sun-kissed emerald and the flashing brown/gold of the saddle itself. A gloved hand rises in a frantic, happy wave to Kwa and her greenlet as they land with a soft thump. "Mother!" Ooh… Kwa spawn? No, not really but as close as one can get! Helmet is torn off and gloves and shoved into a large pouch before she scrambles down her dragon's glowing green hide. Imbriath eyes Jhia curiously… nope, not proddy. Does that mean Imbri has the pick of the flock?

Hyzen, glancing towards the ground far below, slips down the smooth hide of Imbriath and towards the ground with help of lifted paw.

Tstar blinks… Isn't proddy? This is /normal/? Note made, though it is a disconcerting tendency. As she doesn't seem to have been noticed, she creeps a little closer, then chuckles at Nanoc. "I don't think she will." She says softly, hopefully it carries just to Nanoc, though it's likely the others will hear as well.

Just pretend she's invisible. Khaelyn hangs around, shifting a bit nervously from foot to foot again, hands unconsciously linking behind her back. Wouldn't Jhia-teeth hurt a lot more than firelizard-teeth if she bit? Tstar is granted a half-smile, as the herder stands there.

You notice Hyzen looking at you.

Naomi seems to be out cold and sleeping well.

Aera walks in from the Central Bowl.

Kwa's face flushes with red before she pushes it away and once more flutters lashes. "Of /course/ she… won't eat you!" Words are sort of forced rather then natural before she rubs the toe of her boot in the dirt, trying all the more to give that sweet look. But that only lasts for a little while before the little gothlet bounces off towards Hyzen and arms are wrapped around the other greenrider. Jhia on the other hand just… sort of 'smiles' at Nanoc and glares at Imbri. Imbri's proddy! She's not! She'll be soon though, no stealing /her/ males. 'specially Orbyth, he's hers. Tongue suddenly flashes out of her mouth and wiggles all the more closer to Nanoc's hand. Muahaha. "Go on guys, go touch Jhia, she won't bite… hard…" Kwa offers to the other lingering candidates.

Nanoc nearly meeps at that little tongue move, just causing him to pull his hand back slightly to safety, eyes glancing over at the gothie one during her reassurance in the matter "Y'so sure 'bout that?" He's not, but he's also not going to stand there like a wimp, cause he's really not one. Hand reaches out once more, this time scritching at the green's muzzle "Ooh, you like that?" he baby talks to her as he had done before with the little Noccy feline.

It's winter. In the afternoon, even. But it's also Ista, and thusly, the little girl that skips into the area, in front of her little 'brat group isn't really wearing anything more different than she would at any other time of the year. There is no sweetstick in her hand, but there is a bronze firelizard clutched to her chest. Emerald optics slide over the gathering, immediately noticing Jhia. Squeal! And sprint. Little legs motor her toward her beloved green friend. And then, with a beam and a wave of a chubby little arm — the one that /used/ to be carying K'el — from her position plastered against Jhiateshryth's side are offered all of them. "Hyhy! An' Momma!"

Hyzen giggles as she returns the hug from her mother— at least she'd changed out of that rediculous costume she'd worn for the song and dance she and her clutchmate-greens had done. The greenie has seemed to put her emotions in check for now— considering it had taken a lot of that to keep from laughing in the middle of the song. Glancing towards Jhia and the candidates, she scowls when she notes Nanoc. "What's he doin' by Jhia?" she murmurs to Kwa, leaning gently into her mother as she stares. She has a certain… dislike for the male candidate. Then Aera's spotted and her face lights up. "Aera!" Imbriath is eyeing a close blue carefully, ignoring the other green for a moment. Hey. Who was the proddy one here? Sniff. Just /let/ her get a look at Kwa-doll… just /let/ her. Mwahaha.

Tstar chuckles softly and moves to the mint green and tenatively reaches out a hand. This is different than dragon scrubbing, when you /know/ you've got their undivided cooperation… well sort of. "Want some suport, Nanoc?" HEr voice stays quiet.

Magnolth goes home.

Khaelyn eyes Jhia warily as that tongue makes its move, before carefully moving forward — no hand is offered yet. Nope. She's keeping her limbs to herself until she's sure that they're going to stay attached. "Um.. Yeah… What Tstar said."

Nanoc peers over, grinning "Aye, all the merrier, I guess?" is his sole response to the question before he glances over his shoulder at the other green, rolling his eyes. "'think the question is, what're /you/ doin' here? Don't you 'long at the 'reaches or somethin'?"

Jhiateshyrth is /really/ enjoying this, she has several little snacks… er… candies… er… candidates rubbing her and… Oooh! The smells! Greenie attempts to latch onto Nanoc's hand with her tongue and wrap it around his wrist. Male humans always tasted best. But as little Aera wanders on up, a distorted trill of sorts is given and her tail snakes about the curl around the young child. She's hers! And Imbri isn't allowed /near/ her weyr. Yup, and that's final.

Kwa blinks quietly up at Hyzen and then back at Nanoc and their reaction towards each other. "He's a candidate here?" She offers quietly before planting a kiss on Hyzen's cheek. "Boy I've missed you!" Her own young daughter's arrival gets a bit of a chuckle. "Guess she figured out I left."

Tstar watches the entire scene utterly bemused, but reaches out for an eye ridge to scratch… hopefully she'll stay out of the way of that toungue. Just incase! Hyzen is given a polite nod, and the little girl gets a bright smile, and a cheery wink, though wheather she sees it or not is yet to be discovered.

Khaelyn basically imitates Tstar, with the small exception of wink and brightness in smile — those are omitted, as she tentatively reaches for someplace to rub. "You won't bite.. I hope.." she mutters, keeping her other hand behind her back. If she's going to lose a limb, it may as well only be one — she needs the other one.

Jhiateshyrth will only nibble a little, and besides, Nanoc is the only one with his hand in her grasp… or is he?…

"Yeeesh…" the candie boy exclaims at the green's attempt and seize, himself trying to pull his arm away once again. "Ye /so/ sure she ain't tryin' to eat me?" He's not convinced. Well, just to be sure, he attempts to wiggle free to make his way to the opposite eye ridge, away from the tongue, or so he hopes, but it's really not working. "Ain't needin' to get all slimy or anythin' y'know."

"Shards," Hyzen mutters before she nods at her mother. "I know that." Even her proddy nature won't allow for kind feelings towards the male. Arms tighten around her mother— she'd always felt safe around Kwa for some reason. Eyes glint as Jhia's tongue goes to surround Nanoc, a soft chuckle rising. "Tha's showing 'im, Jhia! You don't want me to talk to the Weyrlingmaster about your treatment, do you boy?" She's had enough of his sharp edged tongue. Sniff. "I've missed you too… it's been so long since you visited me. So I figured I'd come here! How are you and Jhia?" Tstar is given a smile and polite nod. Imbriath, meanwhile, is sidling towards a brown, head tucked coyly as she flashes brilliant optics at him. See, isn't she purty with this glow 'bout her?

Dsalth circles in and lands.

The remainder of Aera's class follows after her. Of course, there are some who skip ahead, but for the most part, they stay with the couple of nannies assigned. The nanny opens her mouth to scold 'Ra, before she sees both Jhia and Kwa. "Oh, heyla, Kwa." Catalyne greets, her grin large for the folly of the little girl. Aera, meanwhile, apparently speaks to no one, Jhia given a huge grin, "I's gotta swim 'n stuff!" The girl notes, happily. "An' 'tis warm out." Nanoc is eyed and then Jhia gets a whisper — only it's a child-whisper, one of those ones that everyone can hear, "Canni like 'im?"

Jhiateshyrth has a rather dry tongue thank you very much! She's not like a blue who drools enough to fill a lake after all! Eww, and she finds that rather sickening. Although she lets Nanoc get away… for now and goes after another candidate's hand, trying to lick and get a hold of it. Mmm… candies…

Tstar chuckles at Nanoc. "Could be worse!" Seemes to be her motto at the moment. Then to the green. "Trust me, I don't taste good, at all. Call it a survival trait."

Dsalth is here! Brown bugles, voice vibrating with that musty, rusty, bark sound as he swoops in for a landing, little lifemate busy eating from his seat between neckridges. Bag of bones bristles, not letting Purr dismount until he has meandered up beside Imbriath, rumbling a greeting to fellow Reacher…and then Jhia is regarded. *snort*

"Just… don't bite me." Khaelyn has no excuse not to be eaten. She rubs, but her stance is a bit awkward — she's standing about as far away from the green's mouth and not-as=drooly-as-a-blue tongue as she can get without losing rub-contact. "Please."

Rishi blinks in from ::between::!

Dsalth watches with interest as P'rru descends carefully

Nanoc quickly scurries over to the side, his safe haven from draggie tongue. He examines his arm for any harm done, finding it completely stable and surprisingly dry? "Thank y'ma'am." he grins, patting her muzzle once again before caressing and scritching around the left eye ridge. "Y'like that?"

Almost on queue the drudge she 'dumped' Kaorru on comes back and holds out the little boy for his mother to take back. "Shards, knew there was something I forgot! Thank you." Pause. "Oh! Catalyne! She was being good wasn't she?" But Aera's always good, it's Eranel one has to worry about. And at Dsalth's entrance Kwa tries to slip away of Hyzen's grasp. "Hold on darling." Finger points the drudge in the direction of the entering P'rru. "Give him to his father." Please? Kwa still has her hands full here! Jhia on the other hand, the non-drooly green suddenly snaps her mouth closed and whirling green eyes flicker brightly. She ignores Dsalth. Stupid brown, it's his fault Kwa got knocked up by P'rru. All /his/ fault. Hrmph.

Oooooh. Check it out. Nanoc's tasty. With a conspiratorial, rather obvious wink Jhia's direction, the girl dashes forward, lifting up Nanoc's shirt, licking across his belly. She tastes the taste and, whether or not she actually thinks she tastes good, a beam flows across sunny features, "'e does!" She notes, 'Teshryth's direction. Catalyne, meanwhile, chuckles, "Oh, as good as always, th' dear. Full of energy and such. Would you like me to come by and pick 'er up again on my way back by? Or did you just want to take her for the evening?" Aera, as could be expected, is hopping from one foot to the next, clapping her hands before skittering back to Jhia's side. And 'whispering,' once again, "Whatabout 'er? D'ya think she tastes good?" A significant glance sent Khaelyn's direction.

Tstar watches the jaw snap shut and swoll

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