Gold Application - 2010

Ista Weyr Search 2010
Gold Jeyth (Pippa) x Bronze Raeklith (I'no)

Thank you for your interest in Ista Weyr's search cycle in summer of 2010! We'd like you to answer a few questions to help SearchCo get to know you, and to get you thinking about what Search might do for your character. First, some quick instructions:

1. Be SURE to include the questions before each answer, so that we all know what you're answering.

2. Be SURE to check your spelling and grammar. As this is a text-based world, they do count!

3. Be SURE to get your area's permission before applying! We must receive permission from you area staff before we will Search you; just ask your staff to @send a line to *isearch letting us know it's okay with them if we snatch you up.

5a. ONLY send your completed application to SearchCO in .txt format. We will not accept HTML, MIME, .doc, .wpd, .rtf or anything like that.

5b. Completed applications can be e-mailed (remember, as a .txt attachment!) to moc.spuorgoohay|ochcraeswi#moc.spuorgoohay|ochcraeswi. Please make the subject read: <Your Name's> Completed Search Application.

6. After you have sent the application, you will receive a confirmation @send from a member of SearchCo. If you do not receive one within 24 hours, you may @send *isearch to make sure we have it. Be sure you have a saved copy of your application in case something went wrong!

7. Once you have received confirmation, please DO NOT pester SearchCO about timelines for Search, whether you will be Searched, when you will get an interview, if there will be a gold egg for sure, etc. Any information will be posted to *ann, and we will page you or @send you if we have something you need to know.

8. We MAY have a gold egg this cycle. If you are interested in applying for gold, don't forget to send us BOTH the Standard Application and the Gold Application.

And now, on to the questions!

This is the Gold Application. You must also fill out the Standard Application if you wish to impress gold. If you do not want a dragon, see the Stand-Only Application.

1. How long have you been playing Harper's Tale? Why do you want to ride gold on this game? Why do you want to ride gold at Ista Weyr?

2. What OOC qualities would you look for in a potential gold rider? Rank them according to what you think is the most important to the least. Why?

3. What do you see as the pros and cons of goldriding? What is the fishbowl effect, and how does it manifest itself? What makes you qualified to handle the negative aspects of goldriding?

4. As a goldrider, people will tend to turn to you for consolation and advice. What makes you mature enough to handle such things? What sort of experience have you had with comforting without necessarily giving advice, or telling someone 'no' when they're out of line without hurting their feelings?

5. Just because you impress gold on HT does not mean you are required to be on staff or instantly make you an area leader. What are your personal goals regarding OOC leadership? Would you want to be on staff at some point?

6. If you impress gold, you could remain a jr. weyrwoman for quite some time. Does that bother you? On the other hand, you could be thrust into the senior position early on. How would you handle such a significant change?

7. How do you think you as a player can encourage activity in an area? Would there be something that you could do with a goldriding character that you wouldn't be able to do with another colour, or without a dragon?

8a. If we do decide to have a gold egg this cycle, there will only be one. This could mean disappointment for several candidates. How would being left standing affect you? Would you be willing to wait until Ista decides to have (another) gold egg? Would you apply again?

8b. If we do not decide to have a gold egg, would you like to participate in candidacy as a stand-only candidate or apply for another colour, or would you rather not be Searched?

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