Dragon: Giavistoth
Color: brown
Name: N'ano
Egg: Relentless Lahar Egg
Egg Desc: Raine
Dragonet: Different Time and Place brown Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Martin, S'eron tweak
Messages: S'eron
Inspiration: S'eron, N'ano, Lzi and Martin

Relentless Lahar Egg
Hints of white border the solid dark brown encircling the egg, the snowy banks holding back a raging torrent. A riot of earthen colours curl around themselves within the banks, the muddy river taking out all in its path. Hints of green float a long amidst the debris, the sticks, leaves and other vegetation having no resistance against the relentless, viscous flow of the lahar as it makes its way from the mountain to the sea.

Hatching Message:
Relentless Lahar Egg gives a shudder as its only signal before the shell simply begins to disintegrate. Gooey liquid spills forth from the top, mixing with a cascade of tiny pieces and rushing away from the form with in at an amazing speed. The mess mixes with the sand and starts to push it away, leaving the dragonet in the slight impression of the mess's wake, the brownish form stretching and unwinding to its full length.

Different Time and Place brown Dragonet
White tipped peaks grace the brown ridges that run down his neck, along his back and down his tail. Thin, wispy lines of ochre and henna begin at the base of the icy caps and create even striation across the base of the ridges and spreading out over his shoulders. His head, sleek in shape and rounded in muzzle, rests on a short neck, the thick band of muscles wrapped in dark, burnt brown. Mahogany tinted eyeridges sweep back, lending a devious or perhaps dapper look to his expression. Beginning at the base of his throat, a splash of bright white sand sprays across his chest and down his flanks, sweeping across his elongated and bellowing wingsails. The splash of brightness out shines all else on his body, making his ridges look very small and distant. His hide is pebbled in such a way that the markings seem realistic, showing texture as well as depth. Beyond the wings, the body and legs are attenuated; thinning out as they stretch back. The pattern dissolves into darkness on his exceptionally elongated black tail and onyx claws.

Impression Message:
Searching the rest of the candidate ranks seems pointless once the Different Time and Place brown Dragonet catches sight of one in particular. His attention is immediately fixated by one heck of a shiner, causing him to slow his pace, but he doesn't stop walking yet. His head has to crank to one side as he studies the blue-eyed, blond candidate a little closer. He continues to move, his head directing him in a turn that takes him face to face, or rather, face to legs with the candidate in question, almost as if he were sizing him up. Is he really as tough as he seems? He tilts his head to the side a little as he examines Micail and waits… just waits.

Personal Impression Message:
« Hey… » A voice that's neither timid or reluctant begins to seep into your senses the moment your eyes lock with this brown dragonet's. « I like ya. How about you and me, we travel the world togetha'? » Bright colors begin to play in the corner of your mind's eye, just out of visual range, riding on the pure exhilaration of weightless flight. « You can be my M'cai and I'll be ya Giavistoth. Sound great, don't it? I mean, who wouldn't wanna be linked up in such an amazing way? »


Name Inspiration:
Giavistoth: Già visto = Déjà vu in Italian. Yeah, that about sums it up. I was playing around with Babelfish translation and wanted something Mediterranean, if only for the self-renaissance-type idea that we're playing around with. Già visto, being Italian, fit pretty darn well. It's an easy one to sound out so no tongue twisters there.

Egg Inspiration:

I chose the lahar as my natural disaster to base an egg off because of the interest there's been in lahars recently here in New Zealand, and my own personal interest as a geologist. On Christmas Eve in 1953 a lahar destroyed the Tangiwai bridge as a passenger train was coming along the tracks in what has become known as the Tangiwai disaster. But more to the point are the recent announcements that the crater lake of Mount Ruapehu is getting high and will likely burst through the tephra dam, causing another lahar. Fortunately a better warning system is in place and the bridges have since been strengthened.

Description Inspiration:

We wanted to incorporate our theme of rebirth in your Giavistoth's description. The idea of your rebirth or personal renaissance harkens back to yesterturn, when Micail was Searched at High Reaches Weyr. We left the snow capped mountains on his neck ridges to remind you of where you were when you began this process. The mountains are small, however, and easily forgotten when you get a glimpse of the rest of Gia. Majority of his shape came from you. You said you wanted a narrow dragon and a fast one. We though about aerodynamics and gave him a neck and shoulders the wind would roll over, with the rest of him tapers off like a fighter plane. He’s skinny, he’s fast, and his head looks like a fine Italian car, specifically like this:
- Only in brown. Enjoy!

Mind Voice:

Giavistoth’s language might seem a little non-rhotic; in other words, the sound ‘arr’ does not appear at the end of a syllable or immediately before a consonant in his speech. Thus, there is no ‘arr’ in words like butter or here. Sound a little familiar? How about this: Often times, an original question is preserved in indirect questions, at least those introduced by wh-words, for example: ' Kayganoth wanted to know when will he come' instead of 'Kayganoth wanted to know when he will come'; or, 'Imadrith asked why don’t you want any' instead of the standard 'Imadrith asked why you don’t want any.' But hey, are you really going to fault him for that? As long as you get the jist of what he’s saying, that’s all that really matters.

“Yeah he's a mouth… a mouth with a brain, and if you got half of one you'll listen to what he's gotta say." –Jack “Cowboy” Kelly - Newsies

His light soprano tone can easily be characterized by one of those tough pre-adolescent boys, much like Les Jacobs on Newsies. What’s there not to love about that kid? He’s a little squirt compared to everyone else, anyway. Remind you of somebody? He knows what he’s talking about, too. Or at least he’ll convince himself so. If you at least listen to what he has to say, you’ll be better off. It’s better than bickering, anyway. It’s not to say that he’s not smart, though. Sometimes he could definitely sound like he’s full of it, but maybe that’s just the way he projects his thoughts.

Like humans, dragons do grow. With maturity, Giavistoth’s voice may alter slightly, blending into a light tenor. Should he have lacked it previously, his confidence level may have risen as well, giving him an air of prosperity… or just an extra dose of ego, as it may seem. He just wants to share what he deems best for you, that’s all. Maybe he’ll become a role model of sort for his clutchmates… hey, if someone’s got a clue, then they’re worth listening to, right?

Giavistoth’s build is a singular one. A short neck, long tail and wide wings may sound like an imbalance on a narrow dragon, but on Giavistoth, they lend him unparalleled speed, putting him in league with the faster blues. Unfortunately, the faster he goes, the more quickly he will run out of fuel. He has endurance typical of his color and size, but since he prefers sprinting above all else, he is out of practice in long distance races and will quit quickly. His wings that are his real crowning glory. They provide him with speed, but also can act as a parachute, and allow him to hover on jet streams for surprising periods of time, making up for the lack in other areas.

Aside from his impressive speed, Giavistoth’s build allows him to go places most other browns can’t. Sinewy and thin, he could curl up easily enough in a smaller weyr, or hide between trees in the forest more easily than any other of his color. The high metabolism that keeps him thin and wiry will give him a particular distaste for colder climates, where his lack of pudge would keep him from maintaining much warmth in the winter months. He is prodigiously proud of his tail, « At least as long as a bronze’s, » he may be prone to tell people and demonstrates the near prehensile qualities it possesses.


Boy, are you in for a rough ride. Giavistoth is an individual through and through, making and forming his own opinions based on personal experience rather than the advice of others. He lives by these opinions, refusing to change with every last fiber in his being. The problem with this is that he seems to purposefully go out of his way to make an opinion that is the opposite of what the weyrlingmasters or his leadership is trying to express. If they say fly straight, he'll follow the air current wherever it goes. If they direct him to catch an updraft above the clouds, he'll dive bomb to the directly to the ground. If left to his own devices, he would be the worst dragon the weyr has ever seen, but fortunately, Giavistoth has become Impressed with you. He listens to your words when he'd rather argue and when he chooses to turn the other way, your guidance will keep him in line.

Giavistoth is remarkably possessive, but not in the way that you'd expect. He doesn't want you all to himself for his own personal gratification or needs, but because he wants to take care of you and protect you from getting hurt. Why? Because you were hurt in the past. Don't think you were that hurt in the past? Well, Giavistoth has other opinion. Since he hatched with a thirst to know everything about you, he ingrained your past into his psyche immediately - and as you know, as soon as he forms an opinion, it's difficult to get him to let it go.

« As long as you have me and I have you, nothing else matters. » Initially, he'll be desperately over-protective of you. As a dragon born out of everything that went wrong in your life, prior to this moment, he's keenly aware of the hurts you faced and the challenges you overcame to get to where you are today. He wants to pamper you and shower you with affection while you make sure he's fed and well oiled. Don't be surprised when he grabs you up in his claws and holds you close while he's sleeping, when you'd rather be doing something else.

« You don't need that anymore, it's time to move on deal! » As Giavistoth grows, he will begin to see life more through your eyes. He's definitely still going to be clinging to some of the more awkward moments in your past, but he's willing to let you spread your figurative wings and learn to fly as well. He will push you toward your clutchmates and new acquaintances. As far as relationships go, his attitude toward your lovers will be to 'love'em and leave'em' rather than getting attached. He'll be firmly against any type of commitment you might make and will lean heavily on you to break it as soon as possible. Watch out for lusty thoughts toward new, potential lovers and scorn toward anyone you've already slept with. Any old friends? Well, you're just plain out of luck there. Giavistoth will, in some cases, bodily shove them out of your life and redirect your vision away.

It's a maturing process. All of his over-protective, obsessive desires will remain with him all of his life, as will his fiercely independent spirit. However, the more you show your own personal strength, in the decisions you make and the actions you perform, the more he will begin to believe in your ability to take care of yourself. He really is a sweetroll underneath it all, but only to you.


Giavistoth will be a fan favorite of the ladies, to be sure. And while the ladies may like him, he can’t win ‘em all. Luckily, he’s a good sport when it comes to losing, and his main concern will be how you feel. Expect him to be even more attentive in the days following a losing flight, making sure that you aren’t upset over it. After all, there will always be another flight, and therefore another chance. And don’t worry about him. He’ll nurse his wounds in silence. Those flights you do win, however, will be cause for celebration. But keep in mind just because you won one doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen every single time. Giavistoth will continually remind you of this, making sure that your head doesn’t get too big. Rejoice, celebrate, and move on. Until the next flight when you get to do it all over again.

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