Gelirumeth's Inspiration

Myrdin! M'yr! We are so glad you decided to come play at Search with us. We hope your hobbitty Gelirumeth is everything you could have asked for, and more. We loved making him, but don't forget! These aren't hard and fast Rules To Gel (they're more like … guidelines) — he is yours to play, however you want. —Sin, S'eron, Thyia, D'baji

Myrdin's Second Breakfast Blue Gelirumeth

One Ring Egg

This egg is dark, almost forebodingly so. The ends of the oblong object have a few crackles of fire on them in the form of red lines that almost look like actual cracks in the shell. Murky, smokey grey blends into black on either side towards the middle circumference of the egg where they meet a ring of orangey gold. It is this spot that draws the eye more than the rest of the egg; this haunting gold band alone, that stands out from the darkness and proclaims its place, is pretty enough to be coveted by many.

Clutching Message

Spasms again rack the gold's body, this time the tremors more violent then the last. Lowering her head, Ryazusith doesn't even move to rake the black sands into place, instead taking two shaky steps over to a natural dip in the ground's formation. Dark Dangerous Egg appears, nestling neatly into the spot beneath it's mother, Ryazusith audibly giving a heaving breath as she begins to relax once more. Though, before she can pause, again, she shudders. Another hurried arrival appears, landing directly beside it's clutch sibling. One Ring Egg sits lopsided, stark in comparison to Dark Dangerous Egg.

Hatching Message

One Ring Egg has finally stopped violently rocking, as the struggling dragonet gathers its strength. Audible cracks are heard as fissures mar the dark surface of the shell, overlapping its fiery striations. Its goal near, the occupant gives one final push to roll the egg onto its side, breaking the rest of the egg with a scattering of shards. A gooey small blue dragonet comes tumbling forth, flopping head over tail to land in a heap on the hot sands.

Second Breakfast Blue Dragonet

All the queen's horses and all the queen's men have put this fair blue together again; crafted with more enthusiasm than skill, he is a child's caricature of a dragon come to life. The merry brilliance of his hide only highlights his disproportion: bright over bulky, bobble-headed form, it draws further attention to foreshortened limbs and rotund waistline. The undersides of stubby wings are streaked with color; flashes of green and yellow and darker blue. These same hues are echoed over the tops of overlarge feet, with thin strips of darkling blue creating, from a distance, the illusion of hair. The subtlest shine of silver is seen only when the light catches him just so, banded 'round his broad belly and at the base of a short, thick tail.

Impression Message

Second Breakfast Blue Dragonet's hungry whirling eyes rake through the white clothed candidates, now much closer, until they lock onto his target. Somehow, in his over-excitement to bound over to the young man, he never trips, though his momentum is too fast to stop. He skids, spraying sand around at the other candidates, and thumps his chubby body right into Myrdin, crooning with pleasure and concern all in one.

Personal Impression Message

The chaos of the sands is cut off immediately from your mind, leaving a suspenseful silence for just a few brief seconds. With only a little whistle of a warning, a bright eruption bursts forth in a spectacular array of colors and shapes. Explosion after explosion fill in the corners of your mind and the sugary taste of the sweetest of cakes springs forth in your mouth. « M'yr! Did you think I would let you go on this adventure /alone/? » A loud ruckus of disembodied laughter and merrymaking resound in the background between the fireworks. « Not without me, your Gelirumeth, you won't! We better get moving, our first stop /must/ be food. »

~*~ Inspirations ~*~


Gelirumeth has been pieced together from the words that Thyia picked out. Sin then helped stick them together to get the perfect name. 'Gelir' in the Elvish language, Sindarin, means happy, merry, or gay while the second half derives from the Quenya word, another Lord of the Rings language, 'ullume' which means forever. So your Gelirumeth is 'forever merry' which links back to your wonderful theme, of course. :) One way of saying his name is Geh-leer-u-meth, but you are free to call him in whichever way you want.


The One Ring born in the fires of Mount Doom and destroyed there by the brave hobbit Frodo inspires this egg. Desired by all who saw it the ring sought to seduce its wearer into returning it home to Sauron. Certainly one of the most well known artifacts in the fantasy world.


Gelirumeth is all hobbit, all the time. We took several things from,subcat-LANGUAGE.html and tried to incorporate them int a visual medium. He's on the small side, he's awfully chubby, with bright colors under his wings like an eye-searingly bright set of clothes. The silver bits across his stomach and under his tail represent the belts that Galadriel gave to Merry and Pippin: silver, with gold flower buckles. Some of the language in his desc was also the result of a desperate lack of sleep and overdeveloped sense of whimsy — but we decided that we liked it, and it fit him. (Sin's note: if you want to tone down my crazy a little bit, feel free to edit out the first line, about the queen's horses et al.. I was more than a little bit punchy.)


Emits from an egg touching:
Despite its foreboding appearance, the moment your fingers brush against the shell, an upbeat pulsing, reminiscent of a jig, urges at your feet. The smell of fresh-baked pastries and roasted meat erupt in explosions of delight from the mind within, hospitable and welcoming to all.
Festivity met with delight can only mean an increase of both, right? While your hand stays in contact with the shell, the sensations become a bit more focused. Each celebratory puff of scent begins to take on visual qualities as well, marked by bright streams of colour bursting outwards from an unseen central source. And one could almost hear the sounds of chatter and laughter echoing against the walls of the hatching cavern.

Gelirumeth's mind voice is based on the hobbits' party in the movie 'The Fellowship of the Ring'. As such, he conveys his thoughts and emotions in the smells and sensations of food and drink, the background noises of a crowd, and the sights, sounds, and thermal sensations of fire and fireworks. (The heat, of course, being more related to fire than to the fireworks, while the visual of the fireworks will be far more intricate than that of the fire, and will even sometimes take on shapes of things - they are modeled after Gandalf's fireworks, after all.)

In his more calm and quiet moments, whether he's feeling thoughtful, content, puzzled, or what-have-you, Gelirumeth's words will generally carry the smells of roasted meat and potatoes: good, hardy, tummy-warming comfort foods. The glow of a fire and coals will underlie his general comments, while those of more importance - the things he holds near and dear, the more complex ideas, or the humorous comments - will be sparked with purple, blue and green explosions of light and colour, varying in size and brilliance based on the intensity of the comment. When simply thinking, and not speaking directly to you, you'll hear the murmur of voices in the back of your mind, not clear enough to make out words, but certainly sufficient to convey his mood to you.

In his more excited phases, the smells will include, or shift entirely over, to more intense offerings. There will be sweets and cakes when the excitement is positive (expect him to cram your mind full of sugary mallow goodness when you guys get to fly together for the first time). Along with these sweets will be the ringing sound of laughter and gleeful shouting - never distinguishable words, of course. When the excitement is more a matter of intensity, like in flights, or when he's focusing on a complex and urgent task, you can expect not only the smell of ale and tobacco, but the sensations of them as well: bubbles at the roof of your mouth, and a warmth in your chest and lungs. When he first catches a green, the aftertaste of ale will probably stick with you for a while, and the first few puffs of tobacco could well be intense enough to make you want to cough. For both intense and positive excitement, expect his fireworks to be going like crazy with yellows, whites and oranges. When he's angry or frustrated, Gelirumeth will send you the odors and tastes of charred meat, moldy vegetables, and the feeling of dry, stale bread in your mouth. (You'll probably learn how to placate him pretty quickly, just to keep from gagging.) The crowd-noise will be angry shouts or menacing muttering, and his fireworks will abandon him completely, substituted by the flare of coals, or, when he's really mad or scared, complete cold.

That said, in general Gelirumeth's mind voice will be a pleasant and festive experience. Though it might confuse your senses at first, especially around meal times, he'll be a source of warmth and comfort, and, like a hearty breakfast, a good, solid base from which you can face all the challenges and experiences that you both encounter.


Gelirumeth is a hobbit. Generally speaking, he moves like a hobbit. He will jaunt around and dance from time to time, finding himself light on his very large (and hairy looking feet). Light is one thing - gracefulness quite is another. Gelly will bumble about, bumping into things at first, since he's still getting used to his body. Don't expect him to grow out of it. It will be his exuberance in the future that causes him to run head long into a wall or another dragon or a tree. Don't worry though! He will never be in the habit of crushing things smaller than him, because he is keenly aware of their existence. Your toes, and the toes of your fellow weyrfolk, are safe.

Once flight time comes, you will discover that Gel has a lot in common with a bumblebee: he's lumpy and frumpy and completely off balance, with a tubby-chubby body and tiny wings — but through some accident of nature, or sheer power of will, he can fly anyway. It must be something to do with the amount of food he eats - or the fact that he eats every day. His stubby wings beat like mad, and it's this very motion that makes him able to lift his considerable bulk, fly quick and steady(ish) and hover.

He flies like a bumblebee. Zip here! Zip there! Gone in a flash, yet looming right around your ear - oh, wait. He's a bit big, but if there were giants, Gelirumeth would hover at about ear level. He'll be especially good at landing on a dime and snatching things from the ground. (We highly recommend the games unit for your blue when he's all grown up - but that's really up to you.)

Gelirumeth will also favor ground-level flying. The higher altitudes won't quite hold his attention since it's so very boring up there. He prefers dodging obstacles and seeing the sights, which may or may not be dizzying for you. You will have to learn to watch for things for him, since his attention span is selective and focused and it will get very old if you keep running into the Weyr's walls together.


Meriadoc Brandybuck, Merry to his friends, embodies loyalty, friendship, and a great love for life (and food). Gelirumeth may appear to be lumpy, disproportionate and silly, with a joyous nature to match, but don’t let that fool you.Like Merry, Gel is quick-witted and chock full of common sense and keen observational skills that rival the most attentive school marm. He’s kind of like your cool older brother that takes care of you and keeps you from getting into /too/ much trouble, but really knows how to party.

And does he ever! Gelirumeth enjoys long walks on the beach, ground level weyrs (or as close to it as possible) and food - lots and lots of food. Your Gelly-Belly or Ru-ru-bear will have a unique palate and the ability to differentiate between different cuts of meat from the day he is hatched. You will, of course, have to supply the names, so you better get your terminology straight - or at least consistent. This doesn't make him a picky eater though; he just knows a lot about his favorite topic. (It is, after all, his focus of most every day.) As a freshly hatched dragon, his hunger will seem insatiable. As he grows up, his appetite will finally settle down and become a little more normal - at least for him. Instead of practically gorging only once every three days, he'll eat every single day like clockwork - with a husky wherry here and a young herdbeast there. (He's always saving room for elevenses.) He'll also have a taste for root vegetables, so keep some tubers on hand for snacks. Just wait till he starts enjoying human food through you. Hope you don't mind a couple extra pounds around the middle.

Merry: I don't think he knows about second breakfast, Pip.
Pippin: What about elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper? He knows about them, doesn't he?
Merry: I wouldn't count on it.

Now, Gelirumeth isn't just about the food. Singing and dancing go very well with eating - as does playing. His way of always eating gives him the energy to keep going longer than the Energizer bunny. When the gather goes late into the night, your Ruu will be high in the sky, participating in the dancing from a safe distance (when he isn't dive-bombing the gather square to liven things up a bit). When you're ready to take a nap after a long day in your unit, Gelly's off investigating a new cave or watching the foals being birthed. He absolutely loves runners and will call every single one of them Tom. He will urge you to get one of your own for a pet but understands that his proximity sets them into a panic. (Your inspiration team suggests that you get a stuffed runner for Gelirumeth to sleep with.)

Gelirumeth is also a social creature! Not only is he constantly chatting up dragons, he'll be keenly interested in the conversations with humans. He doesn't always join in, but he wants to and will often pass along quite a few things through you to them. He has a great mind for gossip - just for the sake of knowing the information, mind you. He would never use it maliciously. He only wants to see all his (and your) friends happy and enjoying themselves - whether that's settled together in loving little couples or having grand adventures in the land, sea or air. He will definitely invite others along on camping trips or quick hops between to Southern. You better hope your friends stay happy, since Gelirumeth is more than likely to try and lend a hand if they are not.

"You can trust us to stick to you through thick and thin - to the bitter end. And you can trust us to keep any secret of yours - closer than you keep it yourself. But you cannot trust us to let you face trouble alone, and go off without a word. We are your friends, Frodo." The Fellowship of the Ring: "A Conspiracy Unmasked," p. 115-16

This is the older brother side of him: he takes care of people, you especially. He takes care of you, My'r, by keeping you honest. He wants you to laugh at yourself, so he offers amusing sentiments to bring you back to Pern. The inside jokes are often shared between you two, but don't be discouraged if you become the butt of his sense of humor. He only teases those he loves. Just remember to laugh with him.

Pippin: A mug of ale in my hand, putting my feet up on a settle after a hard day's work.
Merry: Only, you've never done a hard day's work.

Life is here to enjoy - and he's around to make sure everyone enjoys it properly.


Pity filled his heart and great wonder, and suddenly the slow-kindled courage of his race awoke. He clenched his hand. She should not die, so fair, so desperate! At least she should not die alone, unaided. //
''The Return of the King: "The Battle of the Pelennor Fields," p. 116

Unlike his easy-going lifestyle, Gelirumeth takes flights as an unknown battlefield. It would be different than Threadfall, had he been around during the Pass, where he would have been proud to fight alongside with his brothers and sisters. He wouldn't back away from his life's purpose and leave his comrades-in-arms to defend against the enemy all alone. No, in a flight, he will at first be completely insecure of himself. This was a battle he will win for you, of course, and it just added to the pressure as a whole.

Insecure of himself at first, Gelirumeth will keep an eye on the competitors at first; he will mimic the more confident and experienced chasers. He might even pull some of your own charming personality off, as it was more your area of expertise. But given time he will slowly gain the confidence needed to approach the green, if she is one that is willing to be approached. Gel will protect his hide and keep a distance if the green is lashing out at the males. It will help your blue if the green decides to blood, using it as a comfort food. Though restraining him from eating here will become a problem, and Faranth forbid if he gets too caught up and misses the flight entirely!

When it comes down to the actual chase, all greens are the damsel in distress. He will grow competitive, though he never plays dirty against the other dragons. His building confidence, with much encouragement from you M'yr, will give him the advantage to push forward through the masses. Gel's short wings and broad body might not prove to be as dexterous as the green or the other blues, but you can be sure he puts his whole heart and body into it, hoping to pull the green away from the other males and into his protective embrace.

Pippin: Merry! Merry! Merry. Merry, it's me. It's Pippin.
Merry: I knew you'd find me.
Pippin: Yes.
Merry: Are you going to leave me?
Pippin: No, Merry. I'm going to look after you.

Should he lose, it will definitely affect him. A gloomy Gelly will be waiting for you, for the comfort that he needs you to provide; because on occasion, you will find yourself in the position of soothing your dragon's less-than-likely surly moods. A distraction will help put it out of his mind, most likely a trip to the feeding grounds to finish off some of those discarded wherries or a snack. Of course, this might be a pain to you, having to go to your blue; and should you decide otherwise, Gelirumeth will not leave you alone. If it is a capture, Gel will be beyond thrilled. It will be a celebration, and he will have to express it as much as a dragon can. He is not one to get easily attached to the little lady— not at all! It is just an immense relief that he was able to chivalrously lead her safely back down to the ground.


Name: Thyia, Sin
Egg Desc: Invisible @ Tempus Fugit; D'baji tweak; Lanti tweak
Dragonet Desc: Sin, D'baji tweak
Messages: Thyia; D'baji tweak
Inspiration: Thyia, Sin, S'eron, D'baji

M'yr's blue Gelirumeth
Harper's Tale: 51st PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
August 3, 2008
from Minka's gold Ryazusith and D'baji's bronze Nverath
(clutchmates also from Lendai's gold Talicanitath and R'yn's bronze Azmaioth)

Pippa's gold Jeyth
Risya's brown Sonhoth
Jana's green Stilith
Kriane's green Ikkasanaith

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