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[[logged by Yla]]

Tier and tier of benches rise high in these galleries, encompassing a sweep along a full third of the cavern's wall. Seats worn to slippery-smooth likeness, they are broad enough to offer security — but each one is also high enough to offer a clear view over those in front. Several lines of rope cordon off this area from the Sands below, and a precariously narrow pathway offers access to the multiple layers of draconic ledges that line the walls.

Beyla clambers up the tiers, trying to hide the fact that all these steps are making her breathe more than a little heavily. Let's not mention that it's also rather warm in here. Noticing two people already present, she stares at them for a moment, continuing her climb towards a good perch to view the sands.

Merra arches a gold eyebrow and gestures to the white cord looped around her shoulder. "Green Ivrylth decided I smelled good," she quips. "Were you all here looking at the eggs?" Eggs. Glimmer. Fellow candi-cane gets a grin and a wave. "Hey, Beyla! This here's Tatia, green Vespurath's rider of High Reaches. Tatia, this is Beyla, one of my partner's in crime." This last is said with a wink towards said candidate.

Tatia wrinkles her nose in prompt reply. "Smelled good?" she questions doubtfully. "Well, I suppose it's better than some alternatives…. /wait/." Sudden comprehension dawns, and now the greenrider's gaze does travel up to the knot. A grin that could only be described as evil creeps upward. "You're a /Candidate?/ Oh, how lovely. And you, too?" Her gaze slides toward Beyla, who gets a short wave. "Nice to know I'm safe at 'Reaches."

Khaelyn gracefully walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Beyla stops her upward climb as she's called, pausing a moment to catch her breath before changing directions to head towards Merra and Tatia. "Yes, candidate. That's me. Well met." Close enough to hear them now, she sits down on a bench to take the weight off her feet. Not that she's lazy. Honest.

"Yes, I'm a candidate," Merra confirms. "And before you go and think such evil thoughts, remember that you were a candidate not so long ago!" She waves energetically to the newly-entered Khaelyn. "Come! Join us! Surround the 'Reaches greenrider!" Although who should be more afraid… "This is Tatia, green Vespurath's rider. Tatia, this is…er…who are you?" She'll just crawl under her rock now.

On the ledge, Berwynth lands neatly, and furls her wings.

On the ledge, Sya slides from Berwynth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

It just isn't possible to go anywhere anymore without being noticed. /Anywhere/. Khaelyn stops mid-step, blinks at the people, and ventures to wave back — or something resembling a wave, anyway. "Right," she mumbles, trudging forward again, trying ti find out what's going on other than surrounding the 'Reaches 'rider.

Tatia waves a hand in swift dismissal. "Ages ago," she informs Merra, head tilting to regard yet another entrant. "Shards. What do they do, pull you out of the walls? There aren't going to be any more crawling up those stairs, are there?" Said stairs get a suspicious glances from the 'Reaches greenrider. See, she's allowed to act as though Candidates were on the same level as irritating kidlets. Cause she said so. Gotta get in practice for the next clutch at 'Reaches.

On the ledge, Sya makes her way carefully down into the galleries.

Sya scatters down off one of the ledges.

"Out the walls? Oh no. I crawled out from under the rug, definitely." Beyla says, leaning back on her bench, looking less annoyed with the steps now, kicking her legs out in front of her and looking a little mischievous.

On the ledge, Zizth takes off.

Merra nearly falls over laughing. She's sorely starved for humor after days of chores, you see. "And I came from under an iceberg, I'm afraid…" Although that 'iceberg' happens to be the 'Reaches, but we needen't dwell on that. Sya gets a smile and a polite nod. "Good day, rider. We were just coming to look at the eggs when I ran into a 'Reachian," she explains quietly. Nothing like authority to get this woman in line.

Khaelyn flops down unceremoniously on a bench, belatedly remembering that yes, she's supposed to finish the rest of the introduction. "I'm Khaelyn," she adds absently on to what she said before. And she dropped out of the sky. She plucks another piece of hay out of her hair and… sits there. Following Merra's example, a half-smile of sorts and a respectful nod goes to Sya.

"That's Berwynth." Sya flips a finger over her shoulder to the lounging green, who is eyeing up each of the candidates with interested, "I'm Sya. And that would make you our new blood. Very interesting." She wanders yet closer, examining each in turn.

What? And Tatia doesn't count as authority? Evidently not.. but the greenrider's not arguing. If she had authority, it might mean responsibility… as it is, she's free to tease familar and not-so-familar candidates all she wants. "Don't you have anything better to do?" she questions, sliding hands into pocket. "Like.. I dunno. Peeling tubers?" A malicious grin slides into place as she folds herself onto a bench. A faintly startled glance goes toward Khaelyn, and she lifts a hand. "Oh. Tatia." And that, obviously, is all she's offering by way of introduction. Sya is regarded with a grin, and Tatia falls silent. Just as fun to watch others intimidate Candidates as to do it herself.

New blood? It's never a good sign when that term is used. "I'm Beyla." candidate introduces herself, tucking a stray curl behind her ear in an attempt to keep her hair away from her face. "I've been peeling tubers all last night." she says with a slight whine in her tone. Yeah, she'll have to do more. But pleeeeaaase not now?

On the ledge, Zizth lands neatly, and furls her wings.

On the ledge, Slippa slides down from Zizth's apple neck and lands gently on the ground.

On the ledge, Slippa makes her way carefully down into the galleries.

Slippa scatters down off one of the ledges.

"Blood?" Khaelyn echoes, looking a bit disgusted for a moment before the entire sentence sinks in. She gets more coherent as the day goes on, really. "Oh." With a shrug, she falls silent again, an eyebrow flicking ever-so-slightly upward at mention of tuber-peeling. Sigh.

Tierza walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Zizth soars in for yet another dainty landing, pinkish tinge showing a little more than usual under the light in the Hatching Cavern. Slippa pauses briefly after dismounting to peer over the edge at the eggs below, a nostalgic grin on her face, before she notices the small gathering down in the galleries. "Hellooo!" She calls, skipping down the steps, pink braided hair bobbing up and down, and, unusually, her clothes not matching the hue of her hair.

Tierza yawns as she slips up the stairs.. "Why is everyone hanging here? Oh hey, Tat.. come to see our eggs?" Didn't take her long to become proprietary, did it?

Tierza yawns as she slips up the stairs.. "Why is everyone hanging here? Oh hey, Tat.. come to see our eggs?" Didn't take her long to become proprietary, did it? (repose for Tatia)

Zizth soars in for yet another dainty landing, pinkish tinge showing a little more than usual under the light in the Hatching Cavern. Slippa pauses briefly after dismounting to peer over the edge at the eggs below, a nostalgic grin on her face, before she notices the small gathering down in the galleries. "Hellooo!" She calls, skipping down the steps, pink braided hair bobbing up and down, and, unusually, her clothes not matching the hue of her hair. <repose>

"The gorgeous view," Sya promptly responds to Tierza, but eyes her up quickly. "Candidates. Any of you have any experience with children?" Once again, she's on the prowl for a babysitter, and who better than the candidates for servitude?

Tierza leans over and waves up to the rider with the pink (?) hair.

Beyla rubs the bridge of her nose, shifting uncomfortably in the heat coming off the sands. "Uh… do seven brothers and sisters count?" she asks, peering up at the rider.

Tierza sighs.. not more babies… Isn't her night shift at the nursery enough? And the screamer who's teething /was/ at it again last night.. all night. In a mumble, she acknowledges she does. "yea, well sorta…"

"Something like that," Tatia mutters before her eyes swing to settle on the questioner - Tierza. "/Shards/. Not you too? They /are/ coming out of the walls." The greenrider glances toward the entering Zith, seizing on clutchmates in faint relief. "Slippa! G'day, Zizth." Sya's question fades into the back of her mind. Doesn't pertain to her.. and so she'll ignore it.

Children? They're not that bad, but Khaelyn would prefer to stay away from them. She shrugs, seeing as Beyla's already volunteered an answer, and sits there a little more, waiting for something to happen that needs her involvement in it.

Sya instantly skedaddles closer to Beyla, nodding at Tierza who is spared, for now. "Yes, they count, darling." She's possesive, now, and offers up her half-asleep ugly infant. "This is my son. I need someone to care for him, you see, and given that you're at the Weyr …"

Tierza says, "hey, not my fault Tatia, all I was doing was trying to find Elle at Gar for Char.. " Does that make sense? "And Az decided to take me home with him." But she's grinning and it's obvious she doesn't really mind. "How's Vesp doing?"

Beyla looks warily at the child, then up at the mother. "Uh… will this get me out of peeling tubers until my hands feel sore?" she asks, a hopeful note in her voice.

"Hey there, Tat! Come to oggle too?" Slippa grins, sliding into a seat on the edge of the group. She hears children mentioned… but partially ignores it. She's not too good with them - never has been, most likely never will be. Pink-haired rider glances over the people, seeing white knots - "Hey, are you all candidates?"

Khaelyn is dragged out of daydreaming about a land of no tubers by yet more conversation and a question that partially pertains to her. "Um. Yeah, I'm a candidate.." She's got the knot, anyway. And having said so, she promptly goes back to staring off into empty space.

Tierza nods and smiles.. well, she is and the others can answer for themselves…

Sya hears /that/, and pounces. "Yes, of course it would. If I just choose you for my special candidate, I could have you released from chores, just for helping me with him." The baby is awake now, peaceful for once, and burbles at Beyla, too. "Care to hold him?"

"Course! What else?" Tatia questions with a grin for Slippa as she rises to slide toward her. "Hy was here earlier, too, but Imbri decided she was hungry." Her gaze slides across the group with a faint smile. "Scary, isn't it? Did we huddle like that, Slip?" An afterthought of a blink, and she remembers to answer Tierza. "Oh, she's fine. Great. Napping in the sun, thankfully."

It's official. Sya is Beyla's all-time favourite-est rider. And how hard can a child be? Heh. "Um… of course." She straightens from her lounging position and holds out her arms to take the little one. "What's his name?"

Slippa smiles, eyes drifting from Candidates to baby-holding rider to the Sands and eggs, then to Tatia. "I don't think we did…. Well, maybe." She chuckles, looking down at the eggs once more. "There's a one down there which looks kinda gold-ish. Zizth says there may be a gold egg… but she's always making stuff up. Do you know if there's one or not?"

Huddles? Who's huddling Tierza's not huddling.. she is staring round-eyed and everywhere, but definitely not huddling. Well, maybe not round-eyed either. After all she hasn't had much sleep lately.. but still, no huddling ehre!

Sya blinks. "He don't have one, yet. I'm still working on that." But she hands over the baby, very proud of herself for nabbing a helper and sparing one candidate from the torture she went through. /Twice./ And makes an attempt at polite conversation. "This your first time at the Weyr?"

Tatia gives a faint half-shrug. "Well, Hy said there was.." A short pause and the greenrider shakes her head emphatically. "No, we definately didn't huddle like that." Isn't it wonderful how time can skew the memory? "I was much too busy slicing tubers to huddle. I sliced tubers till my hands were raw. /Both/ times." Anyone sensing a bias against tubers?

Khaelyn is drawn out of her daydreaming. Again. And again. With a sigh, she slips off the bench and makes a break for a bench a little further away, going back to staring off at… something probably only she can see.

Beyla takes the baby, holding him carefully. Who would have thought that monstrous group she calls her family would actually give her some useful skills. "Oh, well he's still lovely." Never hurts to compliment the mother, after all. "Oh, yes. First time ever. It's certainly… different than the hall." To put it mildly.

Mechelle walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

"Tubers? You got away lucky. I was stuck down in the cellars. I got /filthy/!" Slippa rolls her eyes, running a hand down her leg as if to try and remove some dirt. "Oh, it was horrible. I think cleaning out the vats back at the Craft was better than doing /that/."

Sya's face is nearly split in half with a smile, because she's found someone else who thinks that her ugly baby is beautiful — or will at least lie and make her feel better. "What hall did you come from?" Now that she's decided to spare Beyla from many of the normal candidate tortures, she's interested in the person who will be — she hopes — relieving her of her duty.

Tierza says, "Ha.. you think that's bad? How about being up all night in the nursery with screaming, teething spit-uppy baies who refuse to let you sleep.. then being expected to do some chores during the day as well.. I washed dragons yesterday!" Doesn't wnat to hear it from these has-been Candies, even if they /did/ get dragons. "I think tubers sound wonderful after this."

"Fine, Slippa, don't say hi to your fellow 'Reaches," Merra finally interjects, grinning. Not like she really expects the greenrider to recognize her, considering they rarely saw each other at High Reaches. Beyla gets a glance, and for a moment, the woman almost looks wistful. "I admit, I kinda do miss when my daughter was a baby…" She looks back at Slippa and Tatia. "I don't know, I've mostly folded laundry, washed dragons, washed dishes, and done random mending for people. Okay, and peeled a few tubers…" Understatement of the Turn? Of course.

Tatia snickers softly - she can't help herself. Really. "Well, that's easy to say until you've peeled barrel upon barrel of the things…" The greenrider's eyes stray up to the ledge for a moment before they suddenly fly back to Slippa. "Oh! But you won't /believe/ what I got Lylia to believe.. did I ever tell you about that?" Only half an ear is directed for the reply.. the other half's listening with faint interest to the canidate chatter. You never know when information might come in handy.

Khaelyn's off-into-space gaze brings her eyes to rest on the eggs down on the sands. At mention of washing dragons yesterday, she visibly winces. Dragontails and Khaelyn-ankles are not good when put together. She finally gives up on trying to daydream in peace, stands up, and peers out at the eggs from the rail beside Mechelle proper.

Ah, babies…children..nursery…She inches closer to the group of candidates and riders, thinking to listen closer. She keeps her eyes on the eggs below, though, studying them curiously. Have they hardeded at all? Have they moved?

Mechelle * Mechelle, that is.. :)

Beyla wouldn't say if she were lying, but grins in response to Sya's smile, absently rocking the little one in her arms. "The Starcraft hall, at Gar." she says, tilting her head in the vague direction of said hold. Never mind the fact it certainly can't be seen.

Slippa screws up her face at Tierza's baby task. "Ew… that's horrid. Bathing dragon's ain't all that bad… but staying up with babies?" Slippa shudders, only glad to have not been given that task. Them 'Reaches brats… "Merra?" She says, peering around the Candidates, finally noticing her. "Oh, I didn't notice you there! Didn't know you'd been whisked off to Ista?" She smiles, and winks. "I wish you the best of luck, then! Lots of luck that you don't end up with a dragon like Zizth…" She grins, then her eyes cloud for a second as she talks to her dragon…"No, dear, you're wonderful. I'm just saying that another one of you on Pern wouldn't be good. One's enough." Pink-haired greenlet rolls her eyes at Merra, and chuckles.

"Happy to be here?" Sya continues her line of interrogation, happy now that she doesn't have to hold the baby. "I mean, had you ever thought of riding before you were searched? I didn't for sure."

"What, are you saying Zith's a pain in the…" Tatia stops suddenly, train of though interrupted, though her grin remains in place. This time is shifts to Beyla, though, and faint curiousity echoes in her eyes. "StarCraft? /Really/?" That's not excitement in her voice, now is it? Of course not. She's not going back to the hall, remember? Cause they're mean there. "You just came from the hall? How is it? How is everyone?" Nevermind that she doesn't know Beyla.. or that the Candidate might not make the connection between Tatia and former StarCrafter.. or any of a hundred other things that might come to mind. It's an opportunity for gossip, folks!

Mechelle's eyes alight on the baby, moving closer still to take a better look. Hmm..she hasn't seen /this/ one in the nursery…" Who's baby is this?" she ventures to ask, looking around at each, as if just looking at them will tell her who the mother is.

"Oooh no." Beyla shifts her arms slightly, so she can hold the baby without cramping her muscles. "I was many concerned with actually turning up to all my classes. This is just… such a surprise." She blinks as Tatis delivers the barrage of questions at her, umming for a second to thinks. "Um. Yes, really. Elle searched me and everyone's great. Fine. Wonderful." The condensed version. And no… she doesn't recognise Tatia, but that might have been because she wasn't paying attention.

Khaelyn has disconnected.

Khaelyn's eyes glaze over, and her attention drifts elsewhere..

Short Merra isn't all that hard to miss, actually, but that doesn't mean she has to like it. Nevertheless, this is all taken in stride. "Well, we'll see if I even end up with a dragon, now won't we? You'll both be at the Hatching, right?" Of course they will. Wouldn't abandon a fellow 'Reachian, would they? "Shells, but the eggs are gorgeous. And the queen egg…simply beyond description…" Certainly better than Cadge's clutch, but we won't go there.

Sya eyes Mechelle, and answers — "That's my son."

Mechelle nods, "Ah, I see, Rider…I was just curious. I knew that he wasn't one from the nursery.." she smiles politely, "How old is he?" she bends slightly to take a closer look at him, babies, of course, are her weakness…"I'm Mechelle, one of the assistant nannies.." introductions made, that's better!

"Oh, no, /Zizth's/ a gem." Slippa smiles, suppressing a giggle. "She talks constantly, is obsessed with being clean, loves pink and green, and, is, well… well, she's Zizth." Slippa shrugs, as if that should explain it. "It's like have a chatty kid with you all the time. Oh, Shards. That reminds me… Yes, oh Green one, I'm coming…" She calls out to the ledges where Zizth's resting, her dragon eyes whirling bright. "Sorry, Tatia, I've got to go… I'm meant to be on an errand… Eggs seem to draw one in, don't they?" She chuckles, standing up. "See you back at the 'Reaches. Oh, and good luck to you Candidates, in case I don't see you before the Hatching!" She waves, turning to skip up the stairs towards Zizth.

Slippa slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

On the ledge, Slippa comes up from the galleries looking for a dragon — I know I parked around here somewhere.

On the ledge, Slippa climbs up Zizth's apple neck to settle between silver-fuchsia iridescent 'ridges

On the ledge, Zizth takes off.

Tierza says, "Speaking of the nursery, who is the little teething screamer I have been trying to get to sleep through the night since I've been here? I don't mind the night duty, if I could rest!"

The housekeeper arrives to cart Khaelyn off to bed.

Or it could be that Hall time didn't overlap for the two former StarCrafters.. not that Tatia's willing to put the effort in to clarify. "That's good. Definately good," Tatia responds with a nod and a beaming grin. She's getting to pick on candidates - thus in a good mood - thus not inclined to question after those she might wish to be less than well. "Of course we will!" the greenrider responds, shifting topics and gaze effortlessly. "What with all the free food? And maybe dancing, if we're lucky." See, it's not the Hatching that's exciting.. it's afterwards. Slippa gets a short wave and a disbelieving glance. "A gem, I'm sure," she mutters in response. "Safe flight home!"

Mechelle sighs, looking at Tierza, "Ah, well, you're probably speaking of Naton…He's getting in his eyeteeth and it's taking just forever…Nothing seems to calm him down, either. We've tried everything we can think of…" she sits down on a bench, leaning forwards and placing her arms on the rail so she can continue gazing out, "Beautiful, aren't they?" she murmers.

Elle saunters with the best of 'em up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Tierza waves to everyone and decideds it is time for bed.. "See you all later, after I've slept about 36 hours…" Yawning she heads for the stairs.. Naton, she'll rememebr that name and avoid the babe!

Tierza heads down the stairs.

Mechelle grins as the candidate leaves the galleries, "Hmm…guess all the candidates are acting that way. There's more and more of them arriving daily." she sighs, "Gotta start watching the children closer. Make sure they stay out of everyone's way.."

A blue firelizards *pings* in and glides over to Merra, chirping. "I stand corrected," candidate says dryly. "I seem to be needed in the kitchens for tuber peeling." Sigh. "It was good to see you, Tatia. See you later, the rest of you," she finishes, heading for the stairs. "Oh, hi, Elle, bye, Elle," she comments as she passes the greenrider.

Merra heads down the stairs.

Beyla shifts her hold on the baby again so she can lean forward a bit and peer at the little eggies on the sands. "Candidates acting what way?" she asks idly. Acting insane? Well, she won't argue.

Tatia grins, fingers lifting to waggle in response to Merra's exit. "Do have fun," she calls after the 'Reachean. "Peel a tuber or two for me!" Enjoying this? Nah. She shifts, frowning slightly as some unheard comment before she rise, stretching. "Nice to have… met.. you all," she notes, head tilting slightly to stretch the muscles there. "But I've got to be going." A faint rumble can be heard from the bowl, and Tatia's eyes head in that direction. "I'm /coming/," she mutters under her breath before she's sliding back down the stairs.

Nevarre walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Tatia heads down the stairs.

It's midmorning, and Nevarre's already bound her hair up in a scrap of robe material, armed with a duster, mop and bucket. This, at the very least, hasn't changed from her Residency. "Good morning," she calls, nodding at the small crowd.

Beyla sighs as everyone seems to take the opportunity to head out. Personally, Beyla's going to eke out every second of this bit of chore-less time. "Morning Nevarre." is called out cheerfully, not daring to move an arm from holding onto Sya's kidlet to wave at her fellow candie.

Mechelle turns as yet another makes her way up the stairs, "Hello.." she says, smiling at yet another familiar face.

Elle allows her hand to slide along the back of the the chairs as she slowly moves down one aisle of seats, head turned to the sands but an ear to those present. Nearly silent footfalls as she moves forth, finally making her way to the stairs and starting upon them 'til she reaches the bottom tier.

Nevarre swishes her duster over the seats, a practiced economy of motion whisking what little dust there remains after so many rear ends have been planted thereupon. A scrub with the damp rag follows, and then Nevarre makes her way to the next tier. She pauses, looking up at Mechelle. "'lo. What're you up to now?"

Sya goes home.

Mechelle shrugs slightly, looking at Nevarre, "Ah, nothing much really. I got a chance to take a break from the nursery, so I thought I'd come and have another look at the eggs. There's so many of them, it's hard just to look once and then leave them alone." she smiles, "Besides, it's nice up here…"

Sya added to your monitor list.

Beyla is quite literally left holding the baby as Sya disappears and shrugs in response to Nevarre's question. "Um… just sitting here. Looking at eggs. Getting babysitting duty." Well, it beats peeling tubers, right? Even if it is a little too warm around here.

Nevarre peers, an almost sour look upon her face, at the babbling crowds. "Nicer when we don't have a clutch on the Sands," she notes, then smiles faintly. "That's just my opinion, however. I prefer quieter areas." Another bench is dusted and wiped, then promptly sat upon. "So Sya /did/ have her baby."

Elle has disconnected.

Elle's eyes glaze over as her lids begin to droop…off to daydream about men and draggies.

Mechelle turns to look at the baby again, held on Beyla's lap, "It's a good job, isn't it? If they're not teething or cranky or something of the sort." she smiles.

Beyla grins, looking down at the baby as he burbles at her. "Well, I lived through seven brothers and sisters, alright, two were older, but I think that the other five always were screaming or crying. This one's wonderful by comparison." It hasn't tried to tear her hair out or anything as of yet, for example, which is all to the good.

A long-suffering sigh escapes Nevarre, plonked down upon the bench as she is. "Another reason I will /never/ have children. Speaking of which-" Her eyes begin to sparkle slightly, mischief appearing in the sudden arch of pale eyebrows. "-have you had your physical yet, Beyla?"

The housekeeper arrives to cart Elle off to bed.

Mechelle smiles, "Ah, children are wonderful, though…I wish to have five, myself…" Of course, what else can you expect of a nanny?

Five? That's… quite a few kids. Beyla shakes her head. "After suffering through my family, I do not want kids. At all." She glances at Nevarre, then coughs self-consciously. "Ah. No. I haven't gotten round to it yet." she admits.

"The advantage of being at the Weyr — the main one, in my opinion-" And Nevarre's quite opinionated. "- is that it's easy to get ahold of the green stuff. But they'll make you drink it for the physical, anyway." Pregnant Candidates. Frightening thought, really. "And it's the usual poke and prod, cough and breathe deeply stuff aside from that."

Mechelle grins, "Five…of course first I'd have to find someone suitable, of course." she shrugs, then she turns quiet, looking out at the eggs once again and listening as the candidates talk.

Beyla grins at Mechelle. "Oh yes… that's always important." she agrees. "Not that I know anyone suitable, so the green stuff might just be redundant." They're probably still going to make her drink it though.

Mechelle sighs as she hears her name being called at the bottom of the stairs, "Sounds like it's time for me to get back to the nursery…Good luck to you when it comes hatching time." she smiles and heads away.

Nevarre turns to Mechelle now, arching an eyebrow. "But… five children? How would you deal with changing and washing all those diapers? Feeding all of them, cleaning up after them — the list goes on and on!" She's really quite anti-children. Annie must've gotten to her. Tugging at the knot of the piece of cloth around her head, she turns back to Beyla. "They'll still make you drink it; they don't want any accidents."

Mechelle goes home.

Beyla shrugs delicately, careful not to jostle her charge too much, absently rocking him as she speaks. "Well, it's unlikely, but since I have to I will."

Nevarre peers warily at the child, shaking her head as she folds, then re-folds, the small piece of cloth. "He hasn't spit up on you yet?" she asks tentatively, almost crinkling her nose in disgust. Children, really. "How have you been doing with the chores and everything?"

Beyla looks down at the baby, who doesn't seem to be completely awake, and shakes her head. "Ah… not yet. Give it time though." Chores. The blight of candidacy. "Oh, fine. I peeled and scrubbed so many tubers last night I think my hands went raw." She looks at her fingers, still a little pink from said activity.

Nevarre's lips twitch in pure amusement, though she swallows her laughter. "You'll get quite good at that by the end of Candidacy, believe me." She glances down at her own hands briefly, then holds them up, displaying slight calluses upon the palm. "I still have the calluses. I couldn't do anything but peel tubers and muck out the Weyr stables, so I got used to it.

Beyla flexes the fingers of her right hand a little before passing the baby's weight over to her other arm, to stop the muscles from cramping. "This isn't the first time you've stood?" she asks in idle curiosity.

Nevarre shakes her head, fingering the tail end of her coiled braid. "No, actually. I stood with Orbit and Torey and R'kan, several Turns back. The last time there was a gold egg, actually." A wry chuckle escapes her at that, and she tugs faintly upon her braid — a gesture reminiscent of that time. "But this time, Weyrwoman Saria asked if I'd stand."

Beyla ahs, bobbing her head slowly. "Maybe you'll have better luck this time. I'm sort of convinced I'm not going to Impress, really. You'd make a good rider." she comments, as the baby starts shifting and wriggling.

Nevarre tilts her head, sliding along the smooth bench to settle closer to her fellow Candidate and making a face — a silly one, mind — at the baby. "Why do you think you're not going to Impress? Everyone's got an equal chance, really."

Libby strides up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Beyla shrugs as the baby coos at the silly face beaming down at it. "I don't know. No hopes, no disappointments I suppose." She turns and smiles cheerfully at the new entrant. "Hi Libby!" she calls.

"Libby!" Nevarre greets the older candidate with a warm smile and a wave of her hand. "Come and join us. No chores, for the moment." A more Puckish grin appears at the statement, then fades slowly. "We're just having a Candidate talk."

Libby is slightly hesitant as she enters, not quite comfortable with being this close to the big gold momma dragon. She perks up slightly when she notices Beyla and Nevarre though, smiling and waving as she wonders over. "Hey there you two. I just thought I'd come see what all this is about…" That being the eggs, of course.

"Pull up a bench," Beyla advises, nodding to the huge amount of space by her and Nevarre. "Well, I've still got my chores. RIght here." she bobs her head to the little baby held in her arms. "Sya asked me to babysit."

Nevarre nods, making another face at the baby. If it'll keep him quiet, she'll sacrifice her dignity for a short time. "Plenty of space. The eggs aren't going to Hatch for a while, but it's fun to watch them all the same."

Libby does as suggests, finding a bench and picking it up, rather than pulling it, so as not to desturb the babe too much. "Kezz's baby, Rasha, is the only one I've ever really been around…" Lib notes as she takes a look at the infant, wrinkling her nose slightly.

Beyla eyes the eggs. "Yeah… fun… and they're all so pretty…" Of course, pretty is her catch-all term for most things that need describing. "I've spent way too much time around brothers and sisters. Little ones."

"No children?" Eyebrows are slightly raised over the question as Lib considers this. "For me? No way. I've never really given it much thought, but I really can't see myself with kids…" That's a pretty scary image, so Libby's lucky she can't see it… "I wouldn't know, I've only have seen firelizard eggs before, but those sure are nice to look at."

Beyla giggles, only to attempt to still the movement as the baby starts to fuss. No. Most definite not want the kid to start crying. "Well, we're all agreed. No babies." She tickles the baby in her lap, the action at odds with the thoughts behind the words. "I think dragon eggs are nicer. If only because they're bigger."

Nevarre nods, sparing a moment to glance at the sands — and the half-buried eggs — once again. "They're more colorful, usually, because they're bigger. You can see lots of patterns on them." She taps her chin, a slow grin appearing upon her face. "There was one that had a sword on it once. A silvery-black shadow that looked like a sword, at least."

Libby narrows her eyes a little as she looks out over the Sands, trying to get her own eyes to pick out patterns, but only managing to see heat haze. "It looks awfully hot out there…" Libby's gonna make sure she checks her sandals over before she sets foot near those eggies.

Beyla looks down at the burning sands, and then at her own feet. "You'd think they'd let us wear boots or /something/ rather than sandals. Burned feet isn't fun." she wrinkles her nose in distaste and back at the sands.

Nevarre smothers laughter behind a hand, though her eyes dance above it. Her words, slow though they are, are muffled by the barrier. "They want to make sure that we're strong enough to tolerate pain, I think. Extremes of temperature and all that. ::between:: is awfully cold," she theorizes, shrugging.

"I'd noticed that…" Even the memory of her trip between makes Libby shiver just a little bit, though a quick glance at the Sands soon rights her. "I think if I wore boots I'd trip over." Candidate considers with a grin at the image of herself trapising into the heat in heavy duty footwear.

Beyla shrugs. "I don't know, a little practice walking on the sand of a beach and you might do ok." The baby starts to make a sort of creeling noise, and Beyla absently pats him on the back.

"You'd burn your cheek first," Nevarre notes idly, patting her left cheek in demonstration. "But it's happened before. Two of the Candidates last time I Stood sewed their robes together somehow and wound up nearly burning their bottoms." A reluctant chuckle escapes her at the memory. "The beach sand isn't hot enough, really."

Libby bites her lip, eyes going a little wide at that story. "If I help anyone with their robe, I'm making sure that mine is far away when I do it!" Lib doesn't want to repeat that mistake. "Beach sand'd have the same sort of feel though, to get practice at walking? I think I'll stick to sandals anyway."

Merra walks in.

Nevarre taps a finger absently against the bench, thoughtful. "I suppose it would work," she admits, nodding at Libby's suggestion. "As for the robes, I'll help as well. Or, if something goes /really/ wrong, I could always ask Poppa if he'd loan someone his robe. He's got to have his around /somewhere/."

"Poppa?" Seems Libby is starting to get a little bit more curious and a little less nervous now. Eyebrows get raised again in Nevarre's direction, though Lib is still taking the odd glance in the direction of the eggs.

"Hi Merra!" is called as Beyla sees the new entrant into the galleries, juggling the baby, not literally of course, to hold up a hand to wave. Before realising what Nevarre said. "Your dad's a rider?"

Back, and not in a terribly good mood, Merra stalks up the stairs, just sick enough of peeling tubers to not even exert herself in the slightest. She stops short when she spots the new candi mix, changing course to head towards them. "When this Hatching is over," she announces, "I am never touching a tuber again." Disgruntled? Yes. "Hi again, Beyla. Hey, Nevarre. Hey, Libby. Say, do you two ever go by Nev and Lib?" Nevarre gets a long look. A weyrbrat? To Mer's mind, that equals insta-rider. But, she has been known to be wrong, of course.

"Err, maybe not…" Nevarre shakes her head. "It probably rotted, or something." And she shouldn't call him 'Poppa' anymore. She's nearly twenty. "Z'diah's my father. And if you want to call me Nev, or Varie, just go ahead. I don't mind." This last is directed towards Merra as the Weyrbred teen waves her fellow Candidate up to their tier. "Flight with a greenrider, the usual Weyrbrat story. Greenrider Asuka's my mother."

"Sure?" Libby answers, wiggling some fingers at Merra. "Hey you usually works too." Starcrafter then blinks at Nevarre. "Really? I kinda know Z'diah. Well, Audria knew him and I knew her, if you get what I mean."

Insta-rider? As in add water and stir? Beyla shakes her head. "DOn't know either of them. But then I've never been to a weyr before."

Well, perhaps not exactly like that, but then, Merra isn't any sort of cook. "Don't know 'em either, but I'm also from the other side of the continent." That's her excuse, and she's sticking to it. "Anyone get a chance to work on their robe? I started mine. It's turning out okay, so far."

R'kii walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Nevarre flaps her hand absently at her fellow Candidates, having spotted a certain bronzerider. "R'kii! Or… yes, you're R'kii," she calls, hopping upwards and then making her way down the stairs towards the rider. "I haven't seen you for a while. I haven't seen R'kan, either. Is everything all right?"

Beyla shakes her head. "Nope. Not a stitch." she says. In fact, the whole idea of having to sew something is filling her with something akin to dread.

G'deon quietly strides up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

"I didn't even grab any material yet…" Eek. Lib meant to do that, but then some one placed a large basket of laundry in her arms. "I'll have to do that on the way back to the barracks…" R'kii and G'deon get a slightly curious look and a smile each as they enter,

R'kii puffs his chest out just the least little bit. He was recognized! As himself! Take that, Karnie… "Yeah, I've been hermiting myself a touch lately, I admit… Getting everything settled with Inya and Orb." He settles onto a slip-smooth bench, flicking a salute to the entering fellow bronzer. "I don't know /what's/ going on with R'kan. He and Nali, I don't know, I've heard all sorts of things…" But we'll not go into that, shall we? Kii offers smiles all 'round.

Merra grins. "Beyla, would you like some help getting your robe started? It'd be no trouble, really." Her gaze follows bouncing Nevarre…and stops, candi freezing. Oh…Faranth… "G'deon…Hi. Here to p-peek at the eggs?" Unfortunately for her, the bright red of her face is -not- sunburn this time.

G'deon slowly walks up the stairs as he removes his riding gloves. He offers a nod of welcome and a warm smile to those already in the galleries. "I knew I'd find people up here," he comments. He returns the other bronze rider's salute, then winks at Merra. "Of course I did, it's a fantastic clutch."

Beyla would have answered Merra's question, if not for the fact that the sudden appearance of G'deon seems to have stunned her into incoherence. She just bounces the child on her knee a little, saying, "Look little one, a nice cute bronze rider." Maybe it's a bit mean to tease Merra like that, but she really can't resist. She nods her head at R'kii and said bronzer with a teasing grin.

Why R'kii wouldn't be noticed is beyond Nevarre's comprehension. The way that they act is entirely different. "I missed you, really," she notes, pointing a finger at his chest. "And your brother." That, at least, is an afterthought. "Inya and Orb, though? What's been going on?"

Don't wink at the poor woman, you're likely to stop her heart. Luckily for all involved, Merra's heart doesn't stop, though it might be beating a bit erratically. Beyla gets a glower before 'Reacher looks back at Gid. "Aye, it is fantastic…" She is not, however, looking at the eggs. "You were…at the clutching, right…?" If her voice is a bit more breathless than usual, let it pass.

Libby raises an eyebrow slightly at Beyla's words, but makes no comment of her own. It's all she can do to catch the names of the two arriving. Candidate then leans over to Beyla slightly. "Same here. If I'm not doing chores, I'm happy to lend a hand or two."

R'kii leans back, nibbling on a thumbnail. "What's been going on? Urm…" What hasn't? "Well, Orbit had her baby, and Inya- well. It's just taking some time to get used to… three in one weyr, y'know, it's different." And difficult. He ducks head in a smile, though, for the candidate's comments. "Well, thanks. I've missed you, too, doncha know. But I should be around more, if things work out." He quickly stifles a chuckle as eyes track from G'deon to a suddenly blushing candie. Heh.

Beyla smiles over at Libby, still bouncing the baby gently, who seems to be intent on looking at all the people. "Oh… it's alright. I don't mind. Ask me again later when my arms are tired though." she grins mischeivously as the baby coos and gurgles.

G'deon grins at Merra as he saunters over and takes a seat. "That I was. First clutching I've been too since Nyl's." He glances around and offers yet another charming grin. "I'm G'deon, by the way. High Reaches rider of bronze Nylanth." He takes a good look at everyone's knots and just smiles again.

Nevarre purses her lips, plucking at a sleeve of R'kii's orange sweater. "I remember Orbit from when she was a Candidate with me and Torey and Hannah," she comments idly, then frowns up at the man. Hazards of being short: she's dwarfed. "Why don't you ever wear something lighter? In blue, or some such? Orange is just so bright." And it clashes with purple, too.

For that matter, don't smile charmingly in her presence either, or you may have to catch her when she swoons. Merra, if it is possible, turns an deeper shade of red as he settles next to her. "Oh…um…the one with the baby is Beyla, and that's Libby next to her. And, Nevarre's talking to the rider… So…h-h-how're things at 'Reaches?"

R'kii picks self-conciously at a citrus sleeve. "Orange is Firestorm's color, and- well, you know, blue's kinda Karnie's thing." And that's because Karnie's the twin with the fashion sense. "Why, you don't- hrm- like it?" Halfway through that last sentence he inserts a cough, abruptly morphing light tenor into a somewhat strained baritone. Clothing. Girly talk. Yeesh.

Beyla looks up as she realises she's being introduced. "Oh, the baby's not mine. I'm just looking after it." she says, just to dispel any doubt. She don't want babies. Nope.

"Oh, and I'm R'kii, rider of bronze Shymnith. Well met," Kii sticks in there.

"Well met." Libby offers in G'deon's direction, inclining her head slightly with a touch of a smile on her lips. Grin grows as she watches Merra, candidate biting her lip to keep from smiling too much. Isn't it sweet?

G'deon just continues to grin, still in a rather chipper mood for whatever reason. "Oh, I see," he replies to Beyla with yet another smile. He's full of them today. "And 'Reaches is… 'Reaches," he informs Merra with a shrug. "It's been drizzling today, so I figured I could think of a good excuse to come down to Ista. Nyls loves the ocean down here anyway."

Nevarre is, thankfully, a girl. "You have a point," she admits, nodding and releasing the sleeve. "But orange is just so bright. And Karnie has a decent fashion sense." That /was/ how he fooled them all, after all. "You could always wear black. That would look nice with your hair and eyes." For a girl so determined not to be interested in fashion when she was younger, she's certainly changed. "Anything but orange."

Merra laughs. "I was wondering just where you'd managed to hide a big bronze hulk," she replies without thinking, only afterwards falling into awkwardness. "Yeah, it…it's lovely down here. I like the warm weather…" Blush, blush, blush. "So…you're looking cheery. What's up with you?"

R'kii arches an eyebrow. "Black. That's a thought. And it's a Firestorm color, too. Maybe I'll get some black leathers, if I can ever dig up a couple extra marks…" One toe taps, flopping bright orange bootlaces. He's keeping the bootlaces. "So you're a candidate again, huh? That's awesome." Grin, grin. "I'll be up in the galleries cheering for you."

Beyla nudges Libby rather unsubtlely with an elbow, leaning in conspiratorially. "Is it just me," she says in a teasing sotto voce. "Or can I see a crush here?" She grins, showing she's not being truly mean.

Nevarre grins wryly at the worn knot, nodding. "Weyrwoman Saria asked me to Stand again." Her voice, too, contains that wry note. "And thank you, R'kii. For cheering for me. Though-" Here, she dons a sly manner, digging him in the ribs with an elbow (quite a reach for her). "-you and R'kan still owe me for not telling about his secret."

Libby rubs her side a bit, pretending like Beyla actually dug her arm in. "Oh… I don't think it's just you." Candidate replies good-naturedly, keeping her own voice down to the same level.

Corlis walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

G'deon shrugs, an amused grin on his face as he glances out at the eggs. "Dunno, Merra, I just am. Nylanth is flying well, the weather is for the most part holding for the herders and farmers to get ready for winter. Ista has a great clutch… things are just going well."

Kaltia walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Beyla nods her head sagely. "Ah… good. Then I'm not going mad. Just yet." She sticks her tongue out at the baby when it looks straight at her.

Corlis slips out of his caretaker's grasp and scampers across the gallery ledge, followed by a shrill cry of, "Get back here, young man!" Leaving the befuddled nanny standing amongst strangers, he slips to the front edge of the gallery and hangs over for a good long look at the eggs hardening on the sands below.

R'kii releases a chuckle, lifting one hand to scritch thoughtfully at the back of shaggy neck. Haircut time. But… "We owe you? And what manner of favor d'you require, then?" He kicks a leg out in front of him, wafting a wave towards the newly-entered Kaltia. "I couldn't bear to be in debt."

Kaltia climbs carefully up the stairs, her step a bit slower then usual as she continues to absorb the new atmosphere of the Weyr, even it its not /truly/ new. Smiling at the others, she waves with a bit more energy, happily moving over towards the other Starrie-candies.

Nevarre grins victoriously, green eyes sparkling happily. "You two have to get matching black leathers!" she announces for all to hear, poking R'kii in the chest with one slim finger. "/Tight/ black leathers." Orbit's going to kill her, she just knows it.

Is it against the rules to kill your fellow candidates? Merra thinks it might be, but that doesn't stop her from entertaining the thought. She smiles warmly at fellow 'Reacher. "It -is- nice weather here. Makes me remember that outing to Southern we took." That's a collective 'we', folks. As in, several people, thank you.

G'deon glances at the Candidate and bronzer for a moment and grins. He really doesn't try to listen in, it's just a habit. Turning back to Merra he nods, a warm smile to match the weather. "We could go again if you want. If I remember from my own Candidacy days, you can leave the Weyr. We could all go down to Souther when it gets cold here…"

R'kii chokes. Orbit's going to kill her? /Inya's/ going to kill her! …For that matter, R'kii might get in line, if this little plot is carried out. "Uh- whoah, uh- Tight? How tight is tight? And you /know/ I don't wear matching stuff with R'kan…" Oh, this is bad. Very bad. Forget any future favors, Nevvy dear.

Aww… but if Merra kills the others candies, who's gonna tease her. Beyla grins at Merra, then looks down at the baby. "Now, little one, if you grow up to be all big and cute, this is what happens when you meet girls." Maybe it was a bad idea to let her babysit. She'll stop now. Promise. (not).

"You will for me!" Nevarre's perfectly set on this favor. "I don't mean C'ran-style tight. Just… tight." She waves a hand absently through the air, that victorious grin not wavering an inch. "You could always ask Weyrwoman Vivian to make them for you. She'd do a favor for me and R'kan."

R'kii, the quintessential drowning man, grasps at all straws within reach. "Vivian?- but- I, but- I don't have enough money!" Ahhh. "No- no marks. Setting up the weyr, been spending all my savings, I really couldn't afford a full set of leathers right now, thanks anyway but I'm afraid it's a no go…" Kii pauses, belatedly remembering to breath. There's one crisis averted. He hopes.

Red-faced and sputtering, the nanny - not much more than a kidlet herself, from the look of her - makes her way across the stands, awkwardly brushing past those gathered there with a murmured 'excuse me', finally hauling Corlis up by the back of his shirt. "I told you not to leave my side!" she hisses through a patently false smile. Corlis responds by dropping to the ground, all his not-so-considerable body weight pulling against his captor. "Aw, NannySherra, I only wanted a look!"

G'deon glances at R'kii. "Aren't leathers included in the Weyr's stores?" he offers helpfully. "I know mine were, didn't have to pay a singe mark."

R'kii flashes a glare at G'deon. Oh, thanks a lot, dude.

"/Thank/ you, Bronzerider," Nevarre says, tossing a brilliant smile towards G'deon. "Now, do you see, R'kii? And, knowing Vivian, she'll do them for free because it's for you and R'kan." Abruptly, she sticks her lower lip out in a childish pout. "You wouldn't want to disappoint me, would you?" Looking for all the world like an eleven-Turn-old, the teen continues to stare pleadingly up at the hapless bronzer.

Hapless, helpless, hopeless. R'kii sets glare setting on simmer. How did he get into this again? Grumble mumble. "Maybe. I'll- I'll talk to her. And Karnie. Maybe. If I feel like it. But- but it might take a long time, like, you know how busy Vivian is…" Kii storms from his seat, cowed and grumbling. He heads down the stairs muttering under his breath, and pointedly forgoes any goodbyes. There goes one ruffled bronzer.

R'kii heads down the stairs.

Pout vanishes, as does the air of a much put-upon child. Nevarre smiles cheerfully after R'kii's disappearing back, waving at him. "See that you do!" she calls merrily. "You'll look really good, too!" That said — or, more correctly, shouted — the teen hops lightly up the stairs, settling beside Kaltia. "So, what did I miss?"

Corlis is dragged, pouting, back where he came from. No eggs. No fun. Sulk.

Corlis heads down the stairs.

Kaltia giggles, shrugging her shoulders, still more then a little confused from all the pieces of conversation she heard from everywhere else. "Um…. what /did/ you miss?" She's really not the best person to ask. Emerald optics shimmering, she glances curiously over her shoulder at the sands below.

It's back to blushing for Merra, when she's not glowering at Beyla of course. "You know, you are going to corrupt that baby," woman points out in a rather strained voice. She turns back to G'deon, trying to regain some form of composure. "I would…like that. Sunburn notwithstanding, it was lots of fun… Besides, I like riding Nylanth…" The look she shoots Beyla and Libby suggests that they probably shouldn't comment on her preferences involving Nylanth's rider.

Beyla wouldn't dream of it, dear. The temptation to tease is great though, as is the temptation to make comments about riding Nylanth. But she won't. It would spoil her appearance of a nice girl, after all. She just plays with the baby some more, grin on her face.

Libby simply coughs, trying to hide her slight laughter behind that and a hand, and only succeeding in making herself cough for real. She's not saying anything. Breathing is enough for her after that minor coughing fit.

"Ah, and this from someone who'll have to drink the green stuff soon," Nevarre notes idly, watching Merra blush with interest. "Riding is certainly fun. You get to hold onto the rider." Whoever said that Nevarre didn't delight in voyeurism was certainly wrong. What Beyla wouldn't say, Nevarre has no problems calling down the tiers. "And those riders are quite handsome, aren't they. /Riding/ is such an interesting task." Never mind the twist on the word…

G'deon winks at Merra and nods. "Sounds good. We'll just bring the oil next time." He glances at the others in the galleries. "Perhaps next time the weather isn't so nice up here I could talk Saria into letting me kidnap you guys," he adds, laughing softly.

"Nevarre! Would you…??" Let's all watch Merra choke now. After all, it's not like the bronzerider is interested, as such, in 'Reaches candi. She can't point this out, however, without making the situation worse. "Aye…the oil," she responds weakly, knowing full well, with her luck, that Gid would end up being the one rubbing it into her back. She makes a mental note to work on contortions that will allow her to reach her own back.

Nevarre stands, completely ignoring Merra's outburst as she walks slowly down towards the pair, suddenly all flashing green eyes and brilliant smiles. She circles G'deon once, tilting her head this way and that consideringly. "I can /see/ why she likes you," she purrs, smiling brightly at the bronzerider. "A good fashion sense, broad shoulders, worker's hands-" She'd reach for one, but Merra'd probably kill her. "-and a bronzerider, to boot." Subtlety never was Nevarre's modus operandi.

Nevarre, Libby, Beyla, Merra, Khaelyn, and Nanoc

G'deon glances first at Merra, then Nevarre, then the others. His amused smile slowly turns into a decidedly roguish grin. "It's a deal then. I'll wisk all of you away to Southern one of these days." He leans back a bit farther and stretches out his long legs. "As long as we remember the oil and wi… wait, you can't drink wine as a Candidate, can you?" he asks, blinking slightly. Then another blink is given the other Candidate. "What?" he querries, genuinely confused.

Beyla can't help it, at Nevarre's rather frank statement, she actually bursts out laughing, trying not to fall over. In her lap, the baby starts fussing and makes as if its about to cry, and she tries to calm both herself and the baby down at the same time. "Nevarre…" is said rather sternly. "No coming onto people while a candidate, remember?"

Libby gives up on trying to hide her amusement, chuckling openly at Nevarre's little display. "No, we can't drink wine, although cans and can nots don't seem to apply too much today…" Lib adds to Beyla's comment, just laughing a little under her breath.

"Ah, Beyla was it?" G'deon says, turning to the other woman. "You're not allowed to, uh… /do/ anything. If I recall correctly of course." He winks at the Candidate, including Libby in the gesture before glancing at Merra and Nevarre again. "And what's all this about green stuff and liking someone." Though… he /is/ the one in white…

Merra turns so red that it's probably a wonder she doesn't have a coronary. "Nev…" she says softly, pleadingly. "Don't…please?" If there's one thing this woman is not, it's confident with men, and she knows it. Trying to ignore fellow candidates, she smiles shakily at G'deon. "I'm holding you to that…" She trails off; that probably was the wrong word-choice.

"And innocent, as well!" A fine catch, in Nevarre's mind. Turning innocent green eyes upon Beyla, she tilts her head to one side. "No, no, it's 'No serious relationships while a Candidate.' Believe me, I know," she replies demurely, then turns back to G'deon with another bright smile. "Come, now, bronzerider," she wheedles, laying one hand upon his arm lightly. At Merra's words, however, she pauses only briefly. "Isn't Merra pretty?"

Beyla nods at G'deon, still trying to bring her giggles under control while rocking the baby, occasionally ssshing it. "Green stuff. Yucky. Have to drink it if you're a girl. Stops weyrs from getting preggers candies." Ooh. Concise. She grins at Nevarre, then rolls her eyes.

G'deon arches a brow at Beyla, feigning innocense. "So… if Candies have to take the green stuff, that implies… what?" He stops just short of batting his eyes. It's the dust, surely. At Nevarre's comment, the bronze rider just stares for a moment, first at her, then at Merra. "Well, of course she is, anyone can see that." The Smithcraft was certainly no charm school.

"So," Nevarre continues as though it were blatantly obvious, "You should give her a kiss. It's as simple as that." She'll never be a matchmaker, true, but she'll give it her best try. Arching a brow at Beyla, she grins shamelessly. "This is the Weyr, Beyla. That's the normal thing. Save that it's usually the waterfall pool."

Beyla rolls her eyes and hitches the baby up so she can rest it against her body and try and rock it to sleep. "Ah yes, as I found out last night." A brief eye roll accompanies that statement. Someone could have warned her before she had a near coronary discovering certain facets of weyr life.

Libby rolls her eyes at Beyla, nudging her slightly with her elbow. "You're settling into weyr life a little /too/ well." Candidate teases, poking her tongue out briefly. Nevarre simply gets a grin, and Merra a compassionate smile. Poor thing.

Oooooh, goodness. Please excuse Merra while she crawls under the nearest rock and DIES. "Nevarre, is it not possible for a woman to look at someone from a distance?" From a distance being the key words, of course. She can't touch since she's a candidate, and she couldn't touch even if she weren't. Bronzerider equals off-limits in her mind. "I take green stuff regularly since my second child was born," she murmurs, somewhat incoherently.

Beyla grins and winks at Libby. "I pride myself on being adaptable." she says mischeivously, as the baby continues fussing.

"Waterfall? You guys have a waterfall?" G'deon asks, an almost boyish grin gracing his features. "I'd love to see that sometime. And I'm sure Merra is well acquianted with Weyr life, aren't you Merra?" he offers helpfully, grinning at the woman. He then blinks. "You've had two children already?"

Nevarre, on the point of leaning heavily upon G'deon's arm, halts to stare blankly at Merra. "You're younger than me. You /can't/ have two children." Not only has her fun fallen flatter than a cake without baking powder in it, she's learned something that she would rather not have. "Well, you /could/. But where /are/ they?"

Merra looks away. "Misra, my first, is basically another random weyrbrat being raised by the nannies, and Idalyn was fostered out right away from Daeyn and Michel to raise as their own. The father has been…deceased…for a couple Turns now…" She attempts to change the subject, arching an eyebrow at Nevarre and G'deon. "Would you two like to be alone?" It's not even that funny to her, all things considered.

"Besides," Merra adds, "I'm twenty-one, almost twenty-two. What's so strange about having two children at my age?"

G'deon never catches on quickly, unfortunately. "Oh, who was the father? I might have known him," he comments, studying Merra as if he just met her. At the 'Reachian's own question though he frowns and glances at Nevarre. He really needs to learn to read body language. "Alone? Well… I came for the company…" He shrugs and smiles slightly, not quite as sure of himself as earlier.

Hands off. Nevarre releases G'deon's arm, settling upon the bench and gesturing for Merra to sit beside her. It's one of her shifts from immature girl to a somewhat mature woman. "I'm sorry, Merra. I really didn't know. I thought you were younger than I was, for some reason, and I saw that you liked the bronzerider." Tossing a faintly irritated glare to G'deon — men and their cluelessness — she sighs. "I wouldn't have done it if I'd known."

Blinking a lot, as she seems to have spent a lot of her time recently, Libby looks from one person to the next, then settles on leaving her eyes on the eggs. Safer that way, and she honestly can't get enough of taking them in.

G'deon seems to slump slightly as it's obvious he's yet again missed out on some vital clue. If he catches any meaning, however blunt, in Nevarre's comment, he makes no sign of it, instead choosing for once to keep his mouth shut.

"You wouldn't have known Araamis. I think you were at the SmithHall when he came to High Reaches, and he died a little before Nylanth's clutch, I think," Merra answers absently. She shrugs. "You know, I miss him, but I've also chosen to move on with my life. And I'm happy. Getting Searched was incredible," she continues, a gentle smile curving her mouth. "Don't worry. It's not something many people who weren't at 'Reaches that time would know, and I'm fine with that." She glances at G'deon. "Well, we're trying to be company?" she offers almost apologetically.

Smart boy. Nevarre pats Merra's shoulder awkwardly, frowning. "The point is, though, that I /am/ sorry." She stands, tapping her chin in a characteristic motion. "You know, I think Halic has this shift at the kitchens. Do you want something good to eat, Merra? Something sweet, I'm thinking."

Beyla looks at the baby again, even though it seems to have gone to sleep. "Now, little one, when you grow up, this sort of thing is why you don't want to live in the weyr. They're all strange people who jump at each other." she advises in a sing-song voice. She doesn't mean it. Really, don't kill her. That's just the view of a little craftbred girl who came to the weyr less than a sevenday ago. She regards the trio in amusement, joining Libby in staring at the nicepretty eggs.

G'deon nods slowly, a gentle smile on his lips as he glances once more at Merra. "I'm sorry, Mer, didn't mean to bring it up… curiousity may have been a good trait as a Smith but.." He shrugs his shoulders slightly. His eyes roam over to the mound of eggs, slowly but surely hardening on the sands. For a brief moment his eyes unfocus and he smiles gently.

Merra shakes her head in answer to both of them. "You know, I don't mind talking about him. I loved him, we were 'fasted, and we had a wonderful life together, albeit a short one. And apology accepted, Nev, for whatever it's worth." She follows suit, climbing to her feet. "Food sounds good right about now. Sorry to abandon you, Gid, but eating is always good… It…was nice to see you. I hope you'll be at the Hatching…?"

G'deon nods quickly, also standing. "I wouldn't miss it," he replies, then waves. "Maybe I'll see about taking all of you to Southern. It'd be good to get out once in a while."

Nevarre nods, hopping lightly down the steps and heading through a shortcut to the kitchens. "Right. We'll go bother Halic, then. He won't mind." Especially if it's Nevarre who asks.

Nevarre heads down the stairs.

G'deon heads down the stairs.

Merra grins. "It's a deal, G'deon. Hey, see you later, Beyla…Libby." Still smiling, she turns and follows after Nevarre.

Merra heads down the stairs.

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