Foot Race

Log provided by D'baji.

Southern Weyr Beach
This wide strip of sparkling white sand is a popular hangout for the Weyr's dragons; at almost any time you can find them lounging in the sun. The clear blue waters of the ocean roll up onto the soft sands with a gentle hiss. Fairs of firelizards wheel and dive in the air, some popping in and out of nooks and crags on the cliff, others diving and playing in the waves. Occasionally you spot a firelizard dive into the water and emerge with a wriggling fish in his claws.
It is a winter noon.
Curled up in the sand are six firelizards.
Green Lenculoth, blue Nazkriuulth, green Szarabhayanath, and gold Kaelidyth are here.
You see Eating Contest Booth, Rib Eating Sign-Up Sheet, Ista Weyr Preparation Tent (iwpt), High Reaches Weyr Preparation Tent (hwpt), and Order of Events! here.
You notice Andru, K'rru, Kangarru, and Mhaer asleep here.
Jhiedrik, S'eron, Il'ad, and Linny are here.
Obvious exits:
Cove Stairs

And on Pern …
The time is 13:16.
It is afternoon of the thirty-second day of summer.
It is the thirteenth Turn of the Tenth Interval.
It is a winter noon.

Talicanitath glides in for a landing.

Retired healer Zoveran paces the course traced along the beach, occasionally stooping (slowly, and with a groan) to clear a rock from the course. The strength with which these rocks are flung out of the way is rather impressive for such an old guy. He gets to the pole that has been planted in a hole dug in the sand, testing it with a few hard shoves to make sure it won't come loose and go flying should some competitors run into it. Meanwhile, at the end of the course, cotholder Yasta is making sure the two pegs (both well to either side of the course, used for the viewing of the judges) are lined up nicely with the finish line.

And in comes a flurry of 'Reachian riders, here to dominate. At least one greenrider has that mindset. Dismounting from his lifemate, Il'ad starts stretching but also beckons the other black and blue riders over with a hand gesture for perhaps a pep talk.

Dex unbuckles from Nazkriuulth's riding straps, sliding down his dark form to once again have feet on Pern.

What a little baby Linny is. Her and Kaelidyth look to be the youngest ones here. Slightly embarrassing, and to her, doesn't bode well for her chances of winning, but maybe being the youngest means that she'll have the most energy. Yeah. Sure. That's it. When Linny dismounts, she stays in Il'ad's shadow, since he is her escort and all, following after him.

Amuirnith glides in for a landing.

Tilla slides from Amuirnith's neck and lands gently on the ground.

D'baji already seems to be warmed up, and is currently balancing on one leg - a bit awkwardly, and with the occasional hop - as he stretches out his left quad. Nverath seems to doze near the surf, nicely out of the way of the competition. But Deb's stretching is broken, and his focus too, it would seem, by the arrival of a TinyGold. Daww. A few jogged steps over toward Linny, and then a grin. "Well hey there, girl. Betweenin', are ya?" Kaelidyth is nodded to, included in the conversation.

Lendai arrives in a glory of gold wings, her pink riding clothes being shed off almost instantly to reveal… pink running clothes! Who would've guessed? "We are so going to rock this." She states, walking away and leaving her dragon to hang out with the other 'Reachians. Moving over towards Linny and Il'ad, Lendai practically skips along. Arms start to get stretched, legs as well. We're on like Donkey Kong.

T'zyn comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

Dominating Reachians is /right/. There's quite the flair, it seems, and among those bearing the blue and black knots is Dex, looking aptly prepared for the next event. She's even in her running clothes, a thinner, more flexible fabric covering her legs and torso with the — of course — Reachain proud colors. For the moment, she's just stretching; but she's giving Il'ad quite a funny look, amidst her movements. "Nice Weyr pride, there," the bluerider mutters, noticing Lendai passing by in her usual pink attire. Some length behind, lumbering around the edge of the Weyr beach, is Nazkriuulth, attempting to hide in the tree's shadows.

"Shards yeah we are," Il'ad easily agrees with Lendai, giving her a wicked grin. "If there's one thing we're good at, it's running." Dex on the other hand, is given an even bigger grin before Il'ad yelps "HIGH REACHES!" in an attempt to get a chant going, blood flowing and adrenaline rushing.

It is possible T'zyn is not in the /ideal/ condition for racing, in the wake of the rather painful obstacle course that was the last event. Still, with typical teenage-boy bravado, he is dressed and ready in his running clothes in proper Istan orange and black, heedless of the bandaged burns on his arm. After all, you don't need arms for running, right? He stands a short distance away from Nymerith's watchful eyes, stretching as he takes measure of the other contestants.

Kyan, one of Ista Weyr's younger messengers, has been stretching all by his lonesome down the beach. Dressed only in a pair of khaki shorts and a deep orange tank top, the 16-Turn-old trots over to join the other runners, then keeps rubbing at his legs to keep them warm.

Tilla flutters down from the cliff with her lifemate. Oddly enough they both match?! Tilla is wearing a midnight blue tanktop and black shorts, and she even has 'HRW' painted on her exposed belly again. Amuirnith even has a giant H.R.W painted on her side, and she has a blue bandanna tied around her right foreleg. Trumpeting their arrival, the green flaps and looks rather excited, while Tilla slides off her neck and takes her seat on the sands.

Oh, awkward. Because as much High Reaches spirit Linny may have, she's still an Istan at heart, so she can only muster a smile at Il'ad's shout. She quickly starts stretching to loosen up those muscles of hers, even though she's been stretching all morning. Can't be too loose. Well. Yeah.

Zoveran finishes his inspection of the course, and Yasta, using that shrill voice that comes from Faranth-knows-where, calls from the judging area at the start line, "Runners, get to your marks!"

"Shells yeah," Dex responds as well to Il'ad, ducking down into a quick lunge to get her legs a bit more warmed up. "With all that training you put us guards through, Il'ad, I haven't been able to force myself to /stop/ runnin' for the past few Turns. I /so/ can't see us losing." After stretching the other side, she bounces back up, and gives a big, over-enthusiastic fist pumpm. "HIGH REACHES, Hoo RAH!" With that, she gives Linny a VERY hard thump on the back — "C'mon girl, we got it!" — before strutting up to the starting line, sending Tilla a wave when she sees the greenrider land. But now, it's time for /business/. Ista-butt-kicking-business.

Kyan gives a few of the racers nearby a cocky, lopsided smile as he flexes and stretches, then jumps in place a few times, feet shifting slightly on the sand. At the judge's instruction, he lines up with the others at the start line and crouches, ready to run.

"That's it, that's it! Hear that, time to go!" The 'Reachian goldrider is all a twitter, jumping up and down and full of far, far too much energy. Dex is totally ignored as she moves over to the starting line. "I'm so ready to destroy this race and everyone in my way." More bouncing around, more stretching, adrenaline running. "HIGH REACHES WEEEEEEEYR!" Lendai joins the chanting, only to stop after a few moments and take a deep breath. "Let's do this." Just to prove her High Reachian Pride, the butt of her shorty-running-shortys have 'HRW' painted on them. So all those behind her, eating her dust, can see HRW bouncing around.

"Alright ladies, this is it!" Is Il'ad seriously the only male 'Reachian competitor? It seems so! "Bring one home!" A trophy! Or just the pride of winning as the case may be. Before taking his mark, Il'ad offers a hand slap in 'good luck' fashion towards his fellow Weyr-mates. And then he gets settled, ready to bound forward.

T'zyn is devoid of pep today, leaving the enthusiastic shouting to the 'reachians as he straightens from his stretching and walks quietly to the starting line. He rolls his shoulders and gets into position, mostly ignoring the other competitors in favour of eyeing the track intently.

Ow. Linny grimaces at Dex's thump, trying to reach a hand around to rub at the spot as she walks over to the starting line. A nervous breath is taken in and let out as she gets set, eyes narrowing. Oh yeah baby, let's do this. She's in the zone now.

"Good luck, kid. Anyone takes y'out, I'll be first on 'em. Well, maybe after your dragon." And with an oddly paternal grin (you act parental to your kid's friends), D'baji's off to the starting line, chucking his shirt to a nearby bit of sand. And revealing that marvelously hairy back, with the waxed 'I' and shaved - though growing in - 'W'. Now that's team spirit. "C'mon Ista!" is bellowed as the judges take their positions.

Dex is getting all hyped, now! She starts to duck down, into her starter position, but then Lendai's up next to her, and there's… HRW, on her bum. That is /so/ not right. *SMACK* "For good luck!" she utters quickly after, giving Lendai a 'it wasn't me, but you deserved it' look. To her other side, there's D'baji, and even /more/ Weyr spirit… in his hair. "Ew," she mumbles under her breath, before settling down onto her fingertips again, ready to go!

Aevryscienth glides in for a landing.

Rhaeyn dismounts the war-chariot of Aevryscienth's fortressing neckridges, slip-sliding down to land firmly on the ground below.

Jhiedrik goes home.

Tilla bounces. "GO HIGH REACHES. GO GO HIGH REACHES! May your seven spindles always be pointed, and your mountain slopes always be snowy. Your men always be burly and your women strong willed!" She jumps, claps and stomps. "GOO DEX. GOO Il'ad..GOOOO LINNY!!!"


Healer Zoveran signals Yasta from his place near the turning marker, but outside the course - ready to watch for any cheaters. Yasta, for her part, lines up the two posts in her visual range, waves a Telgar rider who was a bit over the line back, and then, once everyone's set, shouts, "On your maaaarks! Get seeeeet!" Two big wooden paddles (that surely she's been holding all along) are brought up, and, *BANG*, "GO!"

Lendai is getting in 'the position'. No. Not that position. The getting ready to run position. Though the smack from Dex does get a husky, sexy giggle. "If you want to hit it again, I'll totally le—" BANG! Distraction. NOOO! But it's okay, cause Lendai is surging forward after the millisecond of panic, running with the rest of the group. No more screaming, no more jumping around like a hyperactive tool, Lendai is all about the running now. Legs pump, pump, pump, arms going as well! Air goes in, air goes out, air goes in. "EEEEEEEEEEEE!" No more screaming? Nah. She needs at least once more. Trying to dodge around a few people in front of her, the goldrider keeps on trucking. Wheeeeeee!

Il'ad was not busy looking down the busty top of the lady beside him. Really, he wasn't, but it'd sure give him a good excuse for being half a second behind everyone once they're told to start, no? Good thing he has long legs! He easily catches up to the front runners… which is pretty much the majority of them at the moment. It's a nice gaggle. It just sucks that there's no punching or shoving allowed, as fair game as it may be.

D'baji crouches at the line, big shoulders rippling a little (well, beneath the hair - it's harder to see that way, I guess) as Yasta shrieks about being set. And the loud clap, and the man shoves off, big hairy quads a-pumpin opposite big hair arms doing just the same. There's a slight jostling between him and an Igenite, but power and bulk overcomes at least this first little hurdle, and the bronzerider pulls in front, already starting to breathe pretty hair. Good, now his big hairy chest can heave a little.

Kyan crouches a little lower and digs his feet into the sand as Yasta begins shouting. The racers to either side of him are ignored as he focuses on the marker at the other end of the course. As the starting signal is given, he leaps forward in a spray of sand and begins running as if Minka herself were chasing him with a hot iron. The initial jostling is left behind once the racers spread out, but if he's one of the ones throwing some elbows, he's discreet about it. Running mostly upright, knees high, arms at a low right angle, he shows his messenger's running form. But does at 16-Turn-old possess the stamina?

Rhaeyn is quiet as she approaches, not quite incognito but not necessarily playing her weyr up as much as— some. She's in a blue bikini, a scant black wrap falling to mid-thigh from the position low-slung on her hips. Was that a 'bang' and a 'go'? Yeah. Sounded like it. The brunette turns in that direction, meandering through the crowds to position herself next to Tilla. "Not racing, today?" she quips to the greenrider, errantly smoothing her touseled, dark hair back as she tosses a smile over to the redhead.

Linny's little legs dig into the sand as she starts running, already knowing that she's going to be at a disadvantage with her short legs, so they start pumping for all they are worth, quickly carrying her away from the starting line. Though not wanting to use all of her energy up at the very beginning, she falls into an easy rhythm, eyes locked on that marker, not paying attention to where anyone else is around her. Linny, though short, is working hard to make sure that she doesn't get trampled.

T'zyn is off at the sound of the clap, initially a bit behind as two much bigger runners to either side of the tiny Istan jostle him back a bit. His legs pump all the harder for it, expression determined and intent as he struggles to make up the slow start, his feet pounding hard into the sand.

Aaaaaaaand they're off! Elbows in, legs out, feet a'flouncin' like a brand new batch of flubber, Dex is out onto the track, starting off with a steadier, but still quick-footed pace. Unfortunately, not speeding up too quick, she gets a /real/ good view of Lendai's HRW-painted behind, and it's a tad distracting. Okay. Eyes back on the course. Flying alongside the others, she tries not to weave into anyone for fear of bumping, and flying onto the ground onto her behind. That would be tragic. "Gottawin gottawin gottawin," heaves the competitive ego in Dex's lungs, trying to talk her blueridin' self into speeding past the others. Unfortunately, if words could win her the race, she would've won three Sevendays ago when she was talking about entering into the events. She keeps on truckin', but still doesn't pull very close in front, catching up a lot of dirt from D'baji's shoes as they speed along. /Great/.

Tilla is still waving and stomping when she sees Rhae make her way over to her. Impulsively, she leans over to hug her about the shoulders tightly. "No, not today. I gave a little /too/ much in the surfing competition, so I'm a little sore." She releases out of the hug to give her a big grin. "Reaches did win the obstacle course yesterday, though. Did you hear? It was M'ntos. I think he ended up bruising his rib and his dragon got burnt but they still powered through. We need more wins though if we're going to totally beat Ista, though."

The few extra helpers - apprentices and what-have-you - along the course watch as the runners clump and jump and generally shoulder for position. When a Benden rider gets frustrated and sends an obvious elbow to the one running next to him, there's a sharp shout from one such judge, and a note is made. Zoveran, at the end, crouches down a bit, resting his hands on his knees, watching the oncoming runners, and then setting his attention to that turnaround pole. The all-important turnaround pole.

Lendai has what some would call a hypnotic booty. The jiggle-jiggle-bounce of her butt alone makes those watching fall into a witless stupor. With each foot that comes down, it causes one side of H-R-W to dip towards the 'H' and then with the other foot going down, the first going up, the 'H' comes down and the 'W' goes up! And it keeps doing that with each pump of each leg. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. A small burst of speed gives way, Lendai gains on a Telgar and a Fort dragonrider. Her eyes are on the prize, that marker. It gets closer and closer and then… IT'S THERE! And Lendai is following the rules and appropriately going around the marker and heading on to the other half of the race. Run, run, run!

D'baji is breathing /hard/, not breathing hair. Though probably some of that too - at least, if a wind comes up and blows through the mess on his chest. Ew. He's not the first around the marker, and he certainly loses some ground there, not as agile as he was back when his knees were younger. There's a skid in the sand, and for a moment the bronzerider looks like he might be on the verge of falling, or at least blowing out an ankle or something - but no, recovery! in the form of a few almost leaping strides as he flings himself forward, trying to make up the ground he's lost. Time to shame all these young whippersnappers by beating them, and at such a ripe old age.

Too many competitors seem to be crowding the inner side of the pole, taking the path of least resistance. Only problem is that it's bound to cause a traffic jam. Though intending to maneuver towards the outer edge, Il'ad gets caught up in the crowd, his pace slowing until he's able to get around the pole. "Move your hides!" Yeah, that's the spirit. He's allowed to startle people out of the way, right?

Hey now. Lendai can't steal all of the nice-butt glory. Linny's got a good one, too, but hers is currently camoflaged by her black pants. Such a shame. Anyway, the weyrling easily swings around the marker with a group of people, her petite body getting jostled slightly there, but this is where she uses that young energy of hers to give her a boost of speed to move her away from that group. And while she's at it, she'll use that reserve of energy she's been saving up and kick it into high gear now that they are on their way towards the finish line, legs pumping even faster now.

"Well, we'll do our best," Rhaeyn placidly replies to Tilla. "This is more about having fun than beating Benden's ass. Cleared house at the unofficial poker competition last night, so, really, what else matters?" She may be, in fact, smug over this. What? Don't look at her like that. "I think if Dex would quick staring at Lendai's ass, we'd have a better chance of winning this particular event, though," the goldrider observes.

By the time the runners are getting down to the marker, T'zyn has mostly made up the slow start he got, legs moving doubly hard to try and work past the disadvantage of being about the shortest person running. Turning around the marker he gets a facefull of sprayed sand as a runner from Telgar skids and falls right in front of him. The boy nearly goes down, too, skip-hopping to get over the downed man's legs and continue around the marker, wiping sand from his face as he goes.

Kyan is still going strong as he nears that turning point, but he reaches it at exactly the same time as a rider from Igen, both older and bulkier than the messenger lad. As Kyan tries to take the inside, the rider gives his ankle a hard stomp that nearly sends the boy sprawling. Instead, Ky ducks in his attempt to keep his feet, and the Igenite ends up tossed over the boy's back, drawing the attention of one of the officials' assistants. The rider's shouted contention is left behind as Kyan sprints, trying to make up lost ground, though his cheeks are now a bright red as he starts to reach the end of his stamina, having used up too much of it in the first stretch.

Dex /almost/ misses going around the marker. Almost. In fact, she's pretty close to knocking into the marker, and tripping herself up — but that quick skid, nearly bumping into the person closest to her side, saves her from a timely fate, and sends her swingin' round the bend. She's pushing her limits to try and steal into the front, and considering that the woman is no speed racer, it's not exactly the easiest task for the bluerider. But, she's doing good; she's caught up along-side Lendai — yes, Rhaeyn, she's stopped looking at Lendai's badonkadonk — and is, yet again, trying to weave around to get in front of the Istan Weyrleader. To no avail. Especially once, out of the corner of her eye, Kyan almost beats it, and there's officials making a commotion. But. There's a race! Focus on the race! Forcing her heart to pump harder, her arms to pump faster, and her legs to stretch longer, she at least /starts/ to make some headway. Vrooooooom!

Yasta crouches at the end, glancing up to where a blue Fort weyrling circles with a judge from harper hall for a birds' eye view, and then to a Keroon holder facing the runners as they return - but well enough out of the way so as not to be bowled over once the finish line is crossed. Everything is set at the finish, at least as best it can be. And here they come…

"Oh, right the poker. I always knew you'd do great things, Rhae." Tilla grins cheekily over her. "Most splendid, then." She starts to choke with laughter over the Dex comment. "I must admit, the combination of hot pink with the spirited painting of Lendai's backside drew my eye at first, also. Perhaps it was a distractiont technique? I can see how it might blind other competitors from other weyrs if they're not used to it?" She claps, "Focus, Dex!!"

Daily sprints up and down hills should be beneficial, should they not? Only problem is that Il'ad hasn't done them since he was training the guards. It's not to say he's lost his stamina, but just that he has to push harder for something that used to come so easily. As he rounds the marker and makes his way down the last leg of the race, his second wind is caught and he just lunges forward, eyes and mind entirely focused on the end point. So close…

One thing about running around the bowl turn-'round is that you stay in shape. And D'baji does indeed seem to still have some wind left (or maybe this is his second), even if the man's fur is starting to glisten with sweat, and the 'IW' on his back is looking even redder and shinier than the sunburn had it looking alone. There's an involuntary growl as the Deb tries to command his muscles to pump even harder, nearing the front of the group now… And then a hoarse shout back of, "C'mon Ista!" between gasps. Almost there…

Lendai is a blur of pink! The Pink Blur is her new name! Chest heaving as air is devoured into her lungs, only to be expelled and then drawn in once more. Booty still bouncing, her stamina is truly starting to suffer, though many around her seem to be having the same issue as well. So she keeps at it, ignoring the slow, growing scream of both her legs and her lungs. Just need to hold on, the end is so near. Scrambling to pump out some extra reserve of energy, arms almost flail in front of her as she desperately reaches out for the finish line. Oh? What's that? A small amount of WTFRUN is still left in her. Call it the second wind, the reserves, whatever! But Lendai is suddenly shooting forward once more, still drawing in large gasps of breath. But she hasn't thrown the towel in yet! The finish line is soooo cloooooose! If only those around her could also be distracted by her mystifying booty!

Kyan bears down on that last ounce of steam as he tries to propel himself toward the finish line, entire face now flushed and face pinched as lungs begin to seize. Bare feet pound the sand in tiny puffs as he strains to draw ahead, leaning forward now as if stretching his neck will do that much good.

Even if she started to pick up the pace a little bit before she should have, Linny still seems to have the energy to keep her pace up, the adrenaline kicking in and pushing her even farther. Despite the handicap she thought she'd have, the girl is really having no problem keeping up with the main pack, and deciding to /really/ push herself, she kicks it up another notch to see if she can blow past these old fogies. Linny is totally the Little Engine That Could. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….

T'zyn is breathing hard, his floppy hair clinging to his forehead with sweat that drips down into his eyes as he runs. D'baji's shout makes him push himself harder, feet pounding hard as he breaks into an all-out sprint, his dark skin still managing to flush redder.

Dex hears her name being called somewhere outside the blur of the beating heartbeat in her head, but there's no way she's looking outside The Zone in order to figure out who is cheering her on, from where. It's just her, her legs, her breath… And this sharding bronzerider's bum that she just /can't/ seem to get around. She goes this way, so does he. She goes that — gasp — so does he. She can't even break his speed, and… there's the finish line. She can see it. They're almost there, and at this rate, he's going to catch it first. "RRRGH!" she growls deep in her throat, before finally deciding that What Must Be Done, Must Be Done. She's not letting an Istan take the prize if she can help it! With a cry that would turn Xena Warrior Princess green with envy, Dex not only jumps into a flying lunge towards the finish line — she jumps /right at D'baji's legs/. With one swift, solid movement, she twines herself around the man's limbs, and, oh-so-victoriously, brings them both crashing to the ground.

Kyan nearly gets tangled in the Dex/D'baji collision, but a last-minute leap sends him flying forward… and across the line! Where he staggers a few more steps before going sprawling in a shoulder-grinding skid on the beach. That'll leave a mark.

Lendai crosses the finish line a few moments after the Istan messenger, swear words already spewing out of her mouth. Rather colorful curses, really. "Where the shardin' /HELL/ did I put my flamethrower? I'll turn that kid into a bloody crispy fried piece of /doom/!" Good thing she left that at home! Stopping completely, Lendai tries to catch her breath and not fall to the ground in a big lump.

Linny has to leap over a leg flying about in the collision, which certainly slows her down, and she crosses the finish line a second or two after Kyan does. It's then that one of those awful cramps hit her, doubling her over in pain as she falls down on her back in sand, rolling her one side as her hands grip the other side. Ow.

Buh. Buh. Buh. Another one bites the dust! Or rather, the sand. And it's with a yell as D'baji hits the ground, arms flailed out in front of him, just like a metre or two away from the line. Though they hardly rest there, the left arm almost immediately raised, with a fist at the end of it, as the weyrleader demands, "What the shells is-" and his dragon looks up, farther down the beach, and alas for the drama, D'baji does /not/ punch Dex. Of course, he probably trips one or two people up as he kicks her off his legs and sets to getting up.

Il'ad did unfortunately get tangled up in the Dex/D'baji collision, and has to jump out of the way to avoid going down himself on top of them, which just causes someone from Telgar to trip against him, sending them both down to get a face full of sand. There's an emitted Bad Word as Il'ad just lays there, unwilling to get up. "I'm going to kill you, Dex." And a death threat.

T'zyn tries his hardest, but can't quite make his short legs work fast enough. He is gasping for breath as he hurtles towards the finish line — but then there is a pileup in front of him, and he swerves to avoid everyone, but skids sideways in the sand, flailing as he loses his footing and goes down. He makes it across the finish line, though! At least, his arm does. He inches forward, dragging himself on his belly across the sand till he is all the way across. Whee.

"Dex…Il'ad….NOOOOOO!" Tilla starts cheering but abruptly stops, seeing how things have worked out for this event. "Shards, Dex better not be too injured to compete in the acrobatics…" She grumbles, kicking up sand with one of her feet. Amuirnith emits a little wail and flumps down in the sand, not bothering to waggle her painted sides so much now.

Dex is not touching D'baji any longer than necessary — it's the hair. Really. So, she deftly rolls away as he gets up, trying to avoid a confrontation with one angsty male, onle to be troubled by another. "Oh stuff it, Il'ad," she sputters while wiping sand off her face and out of her hair. "He was gonna win, and I ain't frickin' losin' to an Istan!" Despite the fact that, indeed, she did anyways. "An /old/ Istan, at that." That would've just made the lose that much worse. At least this way, Dex was defeated under circumstances that she controlled! She briefly gets up onto her knees, now on the side of the track, to avoid getting hit by anyone else. "Not my fault you couldn't avoid /trippin'/ over me, /Il'ad/."

"It's totally your fault! I was /right/ there." And he could've won. Il'ad totally could've. Finally, the greenrider stands up, brushing sand first from his face, spitting most of it out of his mouth, and then finally shaking his shorts out. "But whatever. I think you just like saying my name, just like in the sack." Okay, that's probably not true, but it gets the greenrider smirking as he bounds off towards the finish line, finally.

Kyan pushes himself up to his hands and knees with a wince, spits sand out of his mouth, then starts gingerly brushing sand from his shoulder. Definitely some road rash going on there. Or sand rash, anyway. Lungs still fighting to catch up, he wobbles to his feet and approaches Linny. "Hey… you all right?" he asks the slightly older former Istan.

At the finish line, rapid notes are being made as people cross, and the judges from along the track are gathering to compare notes. Some random volunteers help the limping ones to a rest, break up any fights necessary, and all that. Once disqualifications are checked and everyone confers, Yasta hops up onto a chair with Zoveran helping her keep her balance, and shouts, "The winner: Ista Weyr Messenger Kyan! Disqualified: Benden bluerider R'gann, Igen brownrider Ch'vran, and High Reaches bluerider Dex!" A pause to look at the chaos below her, and she adds, "The Healer tent is open for those who need it."

"I think…my body…is breaking…in two," Linny groans out as Kyan approaches, wincing as she continues to clutch at her side, in too much pain to think through it so that she can just take deeper breaths to make it go away. Nope. Apparently, she'd rather lay on the sand in excruciating pain. "Congrat…ulations," she at least has the manners to say to him, trying to grin up at him. It comes off more as a grimace.

"BOOOOO!" Yells the disgruntled goldrider. "Boooooooo!" If she had a tomato, poor Kyan would totally see it flying towards his face. Lendai is not so good at the 'good sportsmanship' thing. "This is ridiculous! He's like /five/!" Or sixteen. Same difference. "Five turn olds shouldn't be allowed to compete!" Kicking and stomping and being generally annoying and annoyed, Lendai stomps over by the High Reaches tent. "This makes me want a drink. A hard one! A BIG, HARD DRINK!" Arms are thrown into the air and the goldrider goes to throw a personal little tempertantrum.

Dex realizes there's bit of a scrape on her face, now that she's had ample time to wipe the grit from her cheeks. But, there's no path to the healer tent. Not now. Apparently, D'baji isn't the only one to try the bluerider's nerves, today. A bronzerider to cut off her path, a greenrider to blatantly ask for it. "Oh you LITTLE—" And, there's Dex, leaping away again, but instead of charging at Il'ad's legs, she leaps at the man's lower back, tackling him into the sand. They're both tired, they're both still breathing like mad, gasping for breath, but heck if that means that Dex isn't going to beat his butt to a bloody pulp. The announcement of the winner, the disgruntlement of the other participants, all disregarded — Il'ad is going /down/.

D'baji's face is as red as his sunburned, and now somewhat sand-encrusted, 'I' on his back. He looks about to say something to Dex, and then… changes course. To kneel alongside Linny and Kyan. "Y'need help up?" Kyan, for is part, gets a big grin from his weyrleader. "Best go get fitted for your sandals, kid." Meanwhile, some big burly looking volunteers - guards probably - are headed toward Dex to try and pull her off… whoever.

T'zyn dusts sand off himself as he gets up — well, mostly. Some of it clings, thanks to the sheen of sweat covering his skin. "Great job!" he calls brightly to the Istan winner, trotting over. "— what on earth was /up/ with that 'reachian anyway is she " He looks around just in time to notice Dex attack Il'ad, now. " er, crazy. Woah."

Tilla runs over to Linny, bending over her. "Do you want me to get you a drink or something? You ran a good race, I thought. I'm not sure why Ista keeps winning so much stuff…" A frown. "The way you're laying there reminds me of me after the surfing." A sidelong glance over to the Dex and Il'ad situation, but she figures she should stay out of it.

Kyan winces again as he drops down to a crouch near Linny. "Gotta force yourself ta relax an' take breaths even if it hurts." No duh. He's always been a bit of a simpleton. Maybe Linny remembers him. He seems to remember her. But then he hears his name, so he gives Linny a crooked and somewhat shy smile before murmuring his thanks and turning to join Yasta. The boos bring a pinker tinge to his cheeks that has nothing to do with the exertion during the race.

Il'ad goes down! Into the sand. Again. He's definitely caught by surprise too, thus the little yelp that he emits as his face meets sand again. Despite this, he has nothing but laughter as he attempts to roll on top of Dex (height and weight does have its advantage sometimes) to pin her down in a restraining move. Punches? Nada. He's above that. "Are you /serious/?"

"CEASE, and DESIST!" That would be Rhaeyn's thundering contralto as she presumes a stalk towards Il'ad and Dex. A hand raises in Lendai's direction, too, one finger pointed. Back to her sparring guards. "You two are making us look like IDIOTS," she hisses once she's close enough to communicate in such a low tone, reaching down to get a handful of something of Dex's. Hopefully, her hair. That's what she was aiming for. Maybe an ear. That would work, too. "OFF." It's a command, barked with all the soft sympathy of a veteran drill sergeant.

Luckily, Kyan's reminder does the trick for her, Linny taking a deep breath in and letting it out. D'baji is nodded at, though she just needs a helping hand up instead of being picked up. "It's starting to go away now," she says, a hand still rubbing at the affected side. "I shouldn't've run that hard," she says to both D'baji and Tilla, now that the greenrider is there. She gets a grin and a shake of her head. "No, I'm fine, thanks." Finally, she catches sight of the /real/ thing to see, Dex and Il'ad of course, snorting. It /is/ amusing.

D'baji simply offers the girl a hand, then (kinda sweaty, but certainly strong) to help her up. "Well, y'went all out for your Weyr. Ain't nothin' wrong with that, huh? Just a cramp, anyway, it'll go away." The Istan Weyrleader throws a glance to Kaelidyth, to make sure there's no freaking out going on in that quarter. Ex-Weyrlingmaster instinct. "'Least y'ain't gonna be on crutches or somethin'. /That/ would be a sight."

Szarabhayanath deigns to crack open one eye to watch the antics of her lifemate. There is an air of expectation.

Dex has just a FEW mental issues, apparently. That, and she's been meaning to break a few of Il'ad's bones ever since he cut off her braid, almost 7 Turns ago. "Yes I'm bloody /serious/," she growls, shoving her knee into Il'ad's back, and shoving his face deeper into the sand. "Goadin' me about that flight ever since, I'm bloody friggin' /sick/ of it!" And, who cares if it climaxed on a beach, at 'games for partnership', in front of loads of people? However, before she can start laying into him anything particularly painful, there's a very sharp pain on the left side of her hair. She's reluctantly tugged to her feet, fingers clawing at Rhaeyn's fingers on her scalp. "Alright alright I'll stop I'll stop, lemme go, frack, lemme go."

"Shardit!" Il'ad exclaims as his back is kneed. And before Dex can be yanked away, Il'ad goes for the ultimate weapon—yeah, he totally reaches up to /kiss her/, right on the mouth even. We'll just see if his eyes get poked out before he can. With a little "You know you liked it!" said towards her, he scrambles up before Rhaeyn can reach for any of his appendages, and out of the way.

Tilla nods at Linny, "Fair enough." Her attention is then diverted to the yelling of Rhaeyn and growling of Dex as she steps aside to let D'baji help Linny to her feet. When Il'ad lays it on Dex, Tilla's eyes widen and she does a headshake. Oh, this can't end well.

Szarabhayanath slowly drifts back to a lazy dragon-cat-nap. Yawn.

As Kyan makes his way toward the judges, Zoveran moves forward to greet him. "There's a tanner's tent over there," the man points, "so just give 'em this," and now a bit of clay marked with the Tanner seal is held out to the Messenger, "and they'll get you measured. I'll trust as a messenger you won't have any trouble getting hold of the sandals when they're sent to you."
Rhaeyn doesn't slacken her grip in Dex's hair, even after Il'ad's shenanigans. Or perhaps that should be /especially/ after that. "/Il'ad/," she glowers at the greenrider, "Go. See after Linny. Now." She jerks her chin off towards the weyrling, then caustically calls, "Try not to sexually /assault/ her, okay?" after the assistant weyrlingmaster. Then. Back to the bluerider at hand. Her other hand has come up to maintain a strong grip on Dex's nearest wrist, and the tall goldrider eyes over at her with an ironic eye. "Look, I'm not really dressed to wrestle with you today, so calm the eff down, will you?" Bikini-clad Rhae. Wrestling. Ohyeahbaby.

Sweaty or not, Linny accepts the hand, groaning as she's standing mostly upright as the last of the pain goes away. "You do realize that they are my weyrlingmasters, right?" is asked idly of D'baji, peeking up at him. "And I need one of them to at least be alive so that I have an escort home. Though, it is amusing that the people who are supposed to help lead and guide me as a dragonrider are the ones currently fist-fighting." A quick smirk is wiped off of her face. Bad ideas must go away now.

Kyan laughs, nodding to Zoveran as he takes the Tanner seal. "Thank you sir. Gotta get my shoulder cleaned up first." So he wanders off to do that. No victory laps for this kid.

Lendai peeks her head out of the tent she had run to, eyebrows going up as she sees Il'ad reaching towards Dex. With his lips. "Awww, Rhae! Don't stop them. It's true looooooove!" Now cue the kissy noises from Lendai. Seems her temper-tantrum is finished and she's still sober. A good sign! Maybe.

"Good t'see you're in good hands. Strong ones, at least. Y'know what it takes to tackle me?" There's a feigned laugh from the Weyrleader, though his frustration will be hard to miss in the undertone. Only once Linny's up does he think to brush some of the sand off his chest. "Well, y'do wind up needin' an escort, y'let me know." No, any connotations to that are not caught. "Was Weyrlingmaster back 'fore your mom even impressed, y'know."

Hair is yanked, and face is… kissed? What on *Pern*? If Dex weren't restrained, the kiss would've bargained a very, very swift kick in Il'ad's family jewels, but unfortunately, there's little she can do when she's at Rhaeyn's mercy. When the greenrider skitters away, she pouts — though not much, considering her face is flinched up under the pain of her tugged hair. "Yeah I'll calm, I'm calm, just lemme go. Tell'im to leave me alone or go get a pair of boxing gloves, because the next time, I'm totally kickin' his ass, I don't care what you say." She still claws at Rhaeyn's hand, careful not to bump around too much into the bikini-clad goldrider, as not to give anyone.. ideas. She audibly growls at Lendai's taunt, but, for the moment, says nothing; she'll set her flamethrower to the Explode on Contact setting later.

Tilla starts to snicker and just stands there watching the drama unfold, happy its not involving her at this time.

"Bring it on!" Il'ad challenges, even if he's not serious. He does make a couple boxing gestures in front of him though, mostly to tease his fellow weyrlingmaster. He then straightens up, snaps a little salute towards Rhaeyn, and says "Aye aye, captain," while turning to seek out Linny with a snicker at the Weyrwoman's words. "Linny. You dying or something?"

Rhaeyn takes a deep breath. When she next speaks, her voice is just loud enough for both of them to hear. "After the closing ceremony, I want to see both of you in my office. Immediately." She releases Dex's hair, and turns, walking away while shaking her head. 'Damned idiots' is the clear, /clear/ subtitle to her expression.

Of course, Linny /could/ be a snot and make a comment about how old that makes D'baji, but she knows better than that, simply smiling up at him. "I think I remember hearing that before." Il'ad's arrival causes the girl to blink up at both men, shaking her head. "Not that I know of. Just had a cramp after the race, is all." An easy shrug, and then she removes her hand from her side, the pain completely gone now. A chinnod over to Dex is given before Lin looks back at Il'ad. "You were really pushing your luck over there, weren't you?"

With Il'ad showing up, D'baji's duty - perceived or otherwise - to Linny seems to be largely over. "Best go look after mine. Seen a few of 'em take some falls." Il'ad is given a quick nod and half-salute, Linny another one of those damned near-fatherly smiles, and the bronzerider is jogging off toward the healer tent. Not a look to Rhaeyn or Dex - better to wait 'til the original anger clears before pursuing such things.

Where Il'ad is teasing, Dex is quite, quite serious. She'll get him in the ring, sooner or later! "Yes, Weyrwoman," she mutters after the departing Rhaeyn, straightening her shirt and her hair once the goldrider has released her grip and departed. Perhaps Rhaeyn was always the heat control on Dex's flame, but she can't help but dislike the fact that she had to be stopped, right /then/. Mmmph. "I need a drink," she mutters to herself, heading off in the direction of the Healer's tent to find some bandages for the sand-scrapes on her face and arms.

Tilla figures its time to take her leave. "Dex, I'll see you later at routine practice, if you're allowed?" She shrugs and frowns when she sees that Dex is going to get a drink, but says nothing more as she rejoins her lifemate who apparently wants to go get a meal.

"Yeah," is Il'ad's comment towards the weyrling goldrider, flicking back the same half-salute towards D'baji as he departs. "You wanna wait around for a bit to cool down and stretch or did you want to head back? Up to you."

Linny makes sure to give D'baji a salute as he leaves before she turns her full attention on Il'ad. "Might as well head back. I mean, there's not much I can do here since I can't drink." Another shrug is given as she glances around to make sure she doesn't have to say goodbye to anyone. "Unless of course you want to stick around. I'm cool with killing time if there's socializing you have to do," she adds with a hint of a smirk a-la-Lzi-style.

"Yeah, me neither," Il'ad snorts. "Inferno's now a "dry wing"," Il'ad says, complete with the air quotes. "There's no socializing I have to do. I've done enough for the day. So I'm ready when you are."

"Oh." That would be Linny getting caught up to speed with the latest wing gossip. "Okay, then. Let's go home." No, Linny's not going to take advantage of this little vacation. Time to get home and get to work. Though, she refrains from reaching out and slapping Il'ad's butt in an attempt to get him moving, though that /would/ be amusing.

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