Foot Race

IC: Foot races will be held on the beach. Everyone may participate, riders and non-riders alike. There will be several categories to cover differences in age and sex.

The racers will be lined up at a start line. A judge will signal the start of the race. When the race is started, racers will sprint to a marker further down the beach, loop around it, and return to the start line. The first to cross the line will be declared the winner.

Disqualification will result in dangerous behaviour towards other racers, false starts, or failure to go around the marker before turning back.

Competitors Judges
D'baji (IW) Zoveran (Healer)
Kyan (IW) Yasta (Ruatha)
T'zyn (IW)
Dex (HRW)
Linny (HRW)
Il'ad (HRW)
Lendai (HRW)

Results: A little bit of jostling got a Benden rider R'gann disqualified, along with Igen rider Ch'vran and 'Reachian Dex. Kyan, IW Messenger, was declared the winner.

OOC: The number of categories played out on-camera will depend on interest.

For this event, PC and NPC characters are equally eligible to win. The winner will be determined at random from those eligible to win. The winner will be decided before the final pose in the race, so that all those involved in the scene may do their final race poses appropriately for the IC outcome.

To sign up as a competitor or a judge, please @send D'baji.

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