Food Fight

[[logged by Yla]]

Living Cavern

The smooth, rounded walls of the vast living cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light up toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient lustrous tables run along the long axis of the cavern, and at the far end is the raised dais and high table, where the Weyrleaders and their honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is chiseled into the stone: a smoking mountain in black, on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.

Filli smiles softly, Fear what fear, never been around a proddy green rider she has no fear..well yet that is. "How are things up to the 'Reaches, Hyzen?" Filli's never been there but maybe if she keeps Hyzen talking Mer can escape.

You overhear C'ran mutter, "… Why … … riders … seem … think … immune? Without fail, … amazing." to Carelock.

Beyla hops into the living caverns, for once looking like she has a purpose rather than just wandering through. Still hoping into one of her boots, she pauses by the food table to seize up cookies and stuff them in pockets on her bag, before she notices people about her, waving at the ones she recognises.

Carelock very carefully keeps a straight face, and glances quickly at Hyzen to see how much, if any, of the muttering she caught. Hiding the motion from the green rider, she nods at C'ran. "Indeed," is quietly murmured.

Nanoc shifts his gaze over to C'ran, but as to not pry, he quickly returns to his knee. That's right, his knee. Finger idly draws an imaginary design upon it. But alas! A real distraction! "Heya Beyla—y'get your sleep after the feline brawl?" It's something, no?

You overhear Carelock mutter, "… … … … … … toe, … … … … … I'm not … … admit …" to C'ran.

Merra still isn't phased, though her face is slowly starting to explore the red spectrum. If you can't beat them, join them, yes? So she obligingly leans towards the greenrider, smile taking on a coy air. "Nah, I never -dreamed- for a moment that you were affected…" She rests one hand on Hyzen's shoulder. "I'm afraid I can't visit. Rules and all, but I certainly miss y'all," she drawls.

Beyla throws a glance at Nanoc, and if it had weight, it would have knocked the other candidate out. "Oooooh yeah." she hisses, trying to work her foot into her boot still. It's not going in for some reason. "Soooo much sleep that I'm now late!" Hiss. Oops. Maybe it wasn't such a good thing to admit with riders in the room.

Nanoc grins "Well, Jupiter won… just 'case you wanted to know." he replies "Though that's 'cause Mechelle didn't really give Noccy a chance." he near snorts. "Ah well, there's always a second round, eh?"

Carelock raises an eyebrow. "Late for what?" Nothing like an excuse to change the subject.

Hyzen manages to contain her look of surprise. So she's used to folk freaking out, do you blame them? Taking it into stride, she giggles softly and continues her motions, all the while shaking her head. "Many people like to say I let my dragon influence me too much." Glowing eyes are tuned upon the other candidates. "But I don't believe them." The muttered words don't make much sense to her, of what she caught. But a curious glance is cast Carelock and C'ran wards. Hrm. "I know… I remember my candidacy here— and at the 'Reaches. They didn't like letting us leave for anything." And now she's going to put the rest of her plan into action… as in, moving on? She doesn't stay long with one person— and maybe that was good. Eyes focus and peer intently at Carelock. Oh ho, old friend. But she waits for Merra's reply first. Mrah.

C'ran just rolls his eyes and nods in agreement, an amused grin playing upon his lips, not quite out into the open just yet. He leans over to whisper quietly "Aye, … … the same … its … amusing, its … they wander … … … additude … 'I want you to want me'.

Filli beams a smiles towards Beyla. You know Filli is sure there is something to be done around here somewhere maybe she should just kinda stand up and walk away. She can get away from all of 'em with out getting caught right?

Shellcrack. WHat's in the boot that's stopping Beyla from getting it on? She drops into a seat even as she answers Carelock, with obvious reluctance at admitting fault. "The stables. Meant to be there twenty minutes ago. Overslept." She notices Filli's smile and returns it quickly even as she fishes in the toe of her boot.

Carelock grins, feeling somewhat generous. "If you get in trouble, tell 'em it's my fault." She winks at Beyla. "And if anyone has a problem, they can take it up with me." She carefully avoids the appearance of agreeing with C'ran, but the twinkle in her eyes is irrepresible.

Wait for Merra's reply, indeed. The candidate's gaze flits briefly to Carelock and C'ran; and if her smile seems a bit mischievous for a moment, she won't admit to it. Arranging her expression into a pout, she answers, "But then you'd know that candies aren't allowed to do anything… extracurricular. Mayhap you ought to talk to another rider…" Innocence floods her expression with those words, and she doesn't quit look at the two C's.

Filli grins towards Beyla, "Need some help I was just thinking of heading that way myself." Yes escape route. She stands up rather to quickly almost knocking the chair she was sitting in over. Ick.. She moves towards the bowl entrance useing her long stride to get there as quickly as possiable. Now if she can just slip out. Yeah so Hyzen is honestly scaring Filli.

Shards. Now she's done it. Carelock scowls, and mutters at Merra.

You overhear Carelock mutter, "… … good … … … riders … … … … … … … … … Chores, you …" to Merra.

You overhear Merra mutter, "… it's … Candidates … … … Besides, … … … … … handling … … … than … … …" to Carelock.

Beyla blinks at Carelock. Oookay, that wasn't quite the response she was expecting, more along the lines of 'well what are you doing here, get out there and work your fingers to the bone' was what she anticipated. But hey, she's not objecting. She grins at Filli. "Oh sure. Help is good. If I can ever figure out…" A glance towards her boot. "Wait… this isn't mine!!" She picked up the wrong boots! Most definitely overslept then.

Those two C's are likely quite a lot more experienced, and at least one of them has fangs of his own. Before a proddy rider decides to set her sites upon him, she should remember that said blue rider enjoys using those fangs to bite… and kiss, and nibble, and [Content Censored] Ahem, at any rate, he's dangerous.

Nanoc could just take off now, couldn't he? Leg lowers to the ground in contemplation. Oh maybe… With a quick stance and shuffle to the food buffet, he lingers about, pausing to sample just about everything. It's a good distractment for him, no? Plate is filled slower than the changing of seasons, but eventually it over-piles. Returning to the table somewhat cautiously, he stares intentionally as infamous eating habits take their part.

Carelock blinks at Merra, then laughs. "True." A glance at C'ran, and thoughts of mongooses, er mongeese, er… RikiTikiTavi and the snake cross her mind, but she doesn't voice said thoughts.

"I just might do that… maybe they'll listen…" Winking at Merra and the other candidates, Hyzen meanders slowly to a Carelock/C'ran table. Biting her is bad, considering her thoughts on the whole pregancy issue. Blame Kino and Kwa! Ahem. Leaning on the table with her hands, eyes dart between the other two, older riders. "'lo Carelock… C'ran." Dragons are so helpful, you know. "You two are looking rather… fine today." Start out slow and work your way up? That's Hy's motto.

C'ran leans over to give Carelock a peck on the cheek "At any rate, its about time I was getting my tail into bed, I've been up and out all night and could use a spot of rest. See you later wingmate." he rises and makes his way out of the caverns. (ooc: lunchtime, thanks for the rp guys)

C'ran wriggles on his way, shake it groove thang, shake it groove thang, yeah yeah to the Bowl.

Merra stands abruptly. "Nice seeing you again, Hyzen, but I know there're still some back rooms I have to de-web, and all that. See you later, Nanoc… Beyla… Filli. Good day to you, riders." Thoughts of dust have driven her to generalizations, see. With a last wave, she heads to the depths of the Weyr.

Merra walks to the Southern Caverns.

Carelock's eyes shoot daggers at her wingmate as he leaves. "Yah, go ahead and desert me, you coward!" Ahem. "And I'm feeling rather fine, Hyzen. Fine and dandy. Fine and dandy and rather tired, to tell you the truth." Erk.

They're dropping like flys. Perhaps… Well, Nanoc better finish off his meal at least before he attempts any type of getaway. With his stomach churning the way it is, he's not going to last long. Cautious eyes, flick up every now and then on the situation in hand, or perhaps out of hand soon enough?

Filli waits by the entrances, waiting for Carelock to flee as well. Green eyes flick to Nanoc not really wanting to leave the canidates alone. Filli is better than that always taking care of the other and normally always putting the others up to something.

Beyla hasn't been here that long, and so doesn't quite get why people are so eager to escape the cavern. In fact, she hasn't even noticed most of this, her focus firmly on the boots. "I wonder whose they are…" is muttered, before she scurries back to the barracks, returning a few minutes later with her own boot, fiddling with the fastening as she walks.

Hyzen waves as Merra and C'ran depart before slipping into a seat near Carelock. "That's good. Very good. I've missed you. Talking with you and spending time with you." Eyes flash dangerously as it seems the others are thinking of escape. No leave yet! She's not /through/ with you! Scooting her chair, she tries to sit side by side with Carelock, a coy look crossing her face.

Carelock takes a deep breath, then grins openly at Hyzen. "Do sit down, then, and tell me everything that's happening in your life." She leans back in her chair, propping her feet on the table in front of her. She waves at the candidates. "Do come listen, Hyzen tells the *best* stories. And as Candidates, it behooves you to hear as many rider stories as you can."

Nanoc groans, motioning to his plate-o-food, perhaps a fair excuse not to go anywhere near the green? We'll just see how well it works. "I can uh, here from here, really."

Filli blinks softly as from Hyzen to Carelock. She don't wanna come listen. A small sigh escapes her lips as she moves over to join the pair or riders. Gives knew meaning to the words to do what must be done. She grabs a chair but stays out of reaching distance from Hyzen.

Rider stories? Beyla seems to notice Hyzen's presence for the first time, as she finishes lacing her boots. Hmm… well, if it means she doesn't have to go muck out the stables for at least a little while longer - gotta be the worst duty, next to latrines, naturally - then she's all up for it. Completely ignorant of the danger, she sits fairly close to the riders, in order to hear them better.

Carelock grins at Nanoc. "But you aren't close enough for me to thump you if you stop paying attention, now are you?" Impeccable logic.

Nanoc grumbles inaudibly as he huffs, carrying his plate over to the table, setting it down reluctant. He tosses on a fake grin to show his unwillingness, but he's not going to disobey. Twisting his chair around, he sits, arms draped over as he starts playing with his food again, /listening/.

Hyzen scoots as close as she possibly can without ending up in Carelock's lap. Leaning towards the others, she offers a meager glance towards the surrounding candidates. Are they trying to cramp her style? Oh well. "Stories?" she breaths… she's learned some things from Lis, you see. "I have lots of those, but…" And here she trails off, eyes seeking Carelock's before she— and she's learned to be fast 'bout things like this— wraps her arms around the other and plants a kiss on her cheek. "I have better things to do sometimes…" Now. Will she end up knocked on her rump? Or actually get what she's giving? Mwahah. "Watch and learn, candidates…" Evilness.

You remember that Tatia is the rider of green Vespurath of High Reaches Weyr.

"Watch and learn?" Beyla repeats, blinking at Hyzen for a moment. Alright… so if Hyzen had done this a few sevendays ago, Beyla might have gone and had a nervous breakdown, but by this point, she's selectively ignoring what she privately calls 'weyr insanity', and at least appears unshaken by it. Appears, you understand. "I can do that any time…"

Carelock blinks, then her mouth slowly forms a pout. "But I like your stories, Hyzen…." as her voice trails off in a whine. Kiss is ignored; Carelock *invented* the idea of playing hard to get.

Filli's eyes grow wide at Hyzen. "Um.." She looks around maybe if she runs.. Yeah they can't catch her if she honestly runs. She sits there looking around unable to do anything. Durn it.

Nanoc just widens his eyes, sitting back stiffly without falling off his chair. Watch and learn. Well, this could certainly get interesting. He's safe, and the other candies seem to be safe for the time being, so why not sit back and enjoy the show?

Hyzen looks taken aback. No reaction what so ever. No hot retorts nor comebacks to her, *cough*, love. Hrm. Now, greenie won't go as far as to… 'feel up' folk like Aiana seems to think. Well… at least not to a point of needing a weyr. *wink* Her mind works fast… it has to to keep up with the insanity that is any of the Weyrs. "Maybe later? You're so pretty, Carelock…" A soft, enticing giggle is emitted before she slants another glance to the watching others. But Carelock going to play hard to get. Maybe if Imbri started in on Morath… Tracing a finger along the other's cheek, she winks. "You sure you want to stay here?"

What can Beyla say? They're just so darned calm at Ista Weyr. That, or they've been desensitized to it. She hasn't quite figured out which yet. She rolls her eyes and fishes a cookie out of her bag, munching on it. If she's still not doing chores, she's not gonna speak up.

Carelock raises an eyebrow. "Of course I want to stay here. Here's where the klah is." She uses her index finger to make circling motions next to her head. "Silly." Her brain finally parses the first part of the conversation. "Me? Pretty?" She looks concerned. "When did you hit your head?"

Nanoc is mildly amused by this whole matter now. Folding his arms across the back of the chair, he scoots back and leans his chin upon them, eyeing the riders, back and forth. Well, he was strived for entertainment, so this'll suit for now.

Filli eyes the people eating around her. Like on cue her stomach starts to rumble. Slowly she stands up making her way towards the food. See still here just getting food.

Carelock eyes Filli as she moves toward the food. "Yes, do please bring some this way. Hyzen's apparently in need of nourishment. She's hallucinating."

Hyzen doesn't scowl. She's not one to show such a… vile emotion unless she's in a fight. Heh. "Klah will always be here. I won't. C'mon, Carelock!" Pleading now. Maybe someone /should/ knock her flat. Not that it will help anyone else. "I haven't hit my head. Truth hurts sometimes." Another wink. And no one dare try to escape either, because a certain green is keeping… guard by the exit. Haha! "I am not!" Now it's her turn to pout.

Filli nods softly towards Carelock, "Sure." She very quickly fills a plate of a varitey of things. Fruit, bread, meat, etc. She glances back towards Hyzen, as she nabs a couple of meatrolls for herself. She will just offer the plate to Carelock you know safe that way. She walks back over and holds out the plate, "Hope that's good enough."

Beyla wouldn't try and escape, it's too amusing to watch all this. She is /kinda/ curious as to what's going on with Hyzen though. Or is she like this all the time?

Nanoc rolls his eyes at the greenrider. Ok, he's getting fed up now. Enough whining from those brats in the nursery, this just reminds him of it "Shardit, can't you find anyone at your own Weyr?" he questions "Ain't it obvious that she doesn't really care? I'm sure there's plenty of other people 'round ya that ain't gonna care who they get hooked up with, eh?"

Carelock blinks again at Hyzen. "But *klah* is what I want at the moment," she explains patiently, ignoring the fact that she is implying she does *not* want Hyzen. She accepts the plate from Filli. "Perfect." She offers the food to Hyzen. "Sure your blood sugar level is okay?" She shakes her head sadly. "'Cause anyone whose brain is working right would know I'm not *pretty*, I'm *handsome*." Thppt.

Filli glares at Nanoc, Oh that was good. She has a strong urge to slap him on the back of the head an call him a numbwit. "Leave her along Nan or you mite bite off more than you can chew." She whispers towards him. Before trying to move back to her own seat.

Beyla is very tempted to start giggling at the scene. Really, she should have brought some popcorn or something. She manages to cover her smirking by pretending to choke on her cookie, though, which saves her a little. "Opinionated, aren't we?" she asks Nanoc, teasingly.

Carelock hides a snicker at Filli's comment. "Oh, I care, Nanoc. I'm just… um… conserving my energy. I've got to fly sweeps later today." Yeah. That sounds good.

Hyzen turns blazing eyes upon Nanoc. "Dare you to speak to a 'rider in such a manner?" Mood swing central! Glowing eyes can be seen at the entrance to the bowl, curious as to what had caused such a shift. Moving slightly away from Carelock, she takes a roll and bites savagely into it. But she can contain herself. "I've got to go," she manages to spit out before standing abruptly and dusting herself off. "I'll see you later, Carelock. If I stay any longer, I might get… tainted." She's not good at insults, see.

Nanoc snorts "Hey, I ain't one to not speak m'mind, alright? If I'm fed up with someone, I simply tell the truth. Ain't no reason why I shouldn't." with that said, he huffs and nods once.

Carelock hides a laugh by coughing. "Yes, do please come back later Hyzen, after I've finished sweeps and had a chance to bathe," she purrs. Always keep 'em guessing, that's our Carelock.

Hyzen meekly steps to the Bowl.

Filli looks at Nanoc, "Boy you need to learn there is a time and a place for everthing, This was not one of 'em." She tells him as she watches Hyzen leave. "Bye Hyzen." she calls still eyeing Nanoc. One of these days he is going to really get a rider after him.

Carelock eyes Nanoc. "Got a deathwish, boyo? There's *PLENTY* of reason not to speak the truth to a proddy greenrider." She sighs. "But I have to admit, this is one time it paid off."

"I think it's just a male thing," Beyla says ponderously, waving the remains of her cookie in Nanoc's direction. "A general lack of tact and diplomacy. I mean, show me one male who knows how to speak to a woman properly and I'll show you… a hat made for a dragon…"

Filli grins at Carelock, "She will be back you know." Yes she knows Hyzen well enough to just about be she will be back. "Nan It paid off this time but next time she may not just leave."

Nanoc smirks "Ain't like that hasn't happened 'fore. Can't help it. I get angry, I get angry. As Sya sometime. She ain't likin' me none—I crossed her line 'fore when she was blaimin' her pregnancy on men in general… I ain't gonna sit back and take that, so I stood up and told her what whas on m'mind!" Simply put.

s/as/ask …

Filli yawns softly and stands up, "I should go get on my chores now." She pops the meatroll in her mouth and tucks the others in her pocket. "I'll see you all later." she mummbles after swollowing the meatroll. (ooc: I've gotta go but will be back later all, Thanks for the RP)

Carelock nods at Filli. "Yes, but I won't necessarily be here when she does come back." She blinks at Beyla. "Morath says he might like a hat…. 'Round here, men learn to tread lightly 'round proddy riders, or they don't last long." She grins lazily at Nanoc. "There's unreasonable, and then there's proddy. Don't mess with proddy. You'll find yourself ::Between:: with no dragon, if you get my drift."

"Have fun," Beyla addresses Filli, with a cheerful smile. Since she's got the time away from chores, she's gonna make the best of it. "It's just an amusing image." she says to Carelock. Of the hat. Naturally. "I think tail warmers might be fun."

Filli walks to the Southern Caverns.

Carelock grins at Beyla. "Morath says one of those might be nice, too." She adds in a whisper, "And he says if it's big enough, he could pull it over his head and hide when he needs to." She howls with laughter at the thought. Ignore the big dragon-shaped lump of cloth, nothing to see here, move along, move along.

Nanoc is thoroughly frightened, really he is. But he has an ego to withhold, and this isn't going to stop him "I ain't worried none." he simply states, eyeing the departees.

Carelock grins evilly. "Oh, but you should be," she warns softly.

Nanoc raises a 'brow "And why is that? I ain't going near any more greens for /their/ own sake. It's obvious they can't handle the truth in some matters."

Beyla giggles, trying not to cough up her cookie crumbs as she does so. "Dragon sized accessories. Weavers having heart attacks." she mutters, shaking her head. "Just remember," she says, raising a finger imperiously. "The hat idea is mine." So no snitching. UNless she says you can.

Carelock nods. "As long as Morath has dibs on the first one. He says he looks good in green." Carelock's head whips around to stare out toward the bowl, muttering under her breath. "Thank Faranth Hyzen wasn't here to hear that one."

Beyla blinks for a second, her mind working through that particular reference, until it clicks, and she engages in more than a little bit of sniggering. "Woulda been interesting to hear her response." Beyla finds it all very amusing, rather than traumatising, by this point.

Carelock struggles with her conscience for moment, then gives in and does a little snickering of her own. "And the big lunkhead meant it in all innocence, which is why I didn't realize what I was saying until I heard it coming out of my mouth." She grins. "Interesting isn't necessarily the word I would use…"

"True," Beyla allows, dusting her hands off on her skirt to rid them of any residue crumbs. "But it's the most… euphemistic that I can think of at this point."

Carelock mouths quirks for a moment. "Euphemisms are good. I see you are learning. Well done." Whee. And another Candidate is corrupted. :)

Nanoc just eyes the two of them for some time, choosing now of all times to be quiet. He's good like that, really. Food on his plate is prodded once gain, and arranged in an orderly fashion—just merely a pastime.

That's 'Carelock's mouth quirks…'

Beyla inclines her head gracefully at the compliment, grinning. She's corrupted now? Coo. Does she get a certificate? "Why thank you." she says. "I have more where that came from."

"All that stable duty, I'm sure you've learned how to pile it higher and deeper, eh?" Carelock grins. "But save some for the other riders. I'm sure they would appreciate it too." Uh-huh.

Khaelyn hurries in from the South Caverns.

Nanoc offers a chin-nod of a greeting to the herdie-candie as she makes her entrance "Heya… roll?" basket is offered to her as well, that is, the /entire/ basket.

Beyla grins and fishes about in her bag for her second cookie. Oh dear. It's crumbled in her bag. As she scoops the bits out she says, "I'm sure they would… oh hi Khaelyn!" Crumbs go all over the cavern floor, but since she's not the one cleaning here today, she doesn't seem to be all that bothered.

If the entire basket is available, Khaelyn'll probably eat everything in it — and if she's really hungry, the basket, too. Nanoc gets a headbob back, Beyla and her crumb-flying recieve a half-grin and a, "Hey, Beyla," the basket is swiped of a few rolls, and she sits down. All in a minute's work for this herder.

Carelock raises her mug to her lips, and seems surprised to find it empty. "When did I finish this?" she mutters, as she waves to a passing drudge for a refill.

Beyla doesn't know, just responding to Carelock's muttering with a shrug of her shoulders. Hand sneaks out and swipes a roll from Khaelyn's basket, clutching it to herself as she sits back down. That wasn't her, nope.

"Quite a while 'go, actually…" Nanoc responds to the rider's inquiry. Sighing, he backs out of his chair to get his own mug full, or rather, only half full, as he makes his way over to the table to pour in some redfruit juice.

Khaelyn has too much of a mouthful of roll to protest to Beyla's roll-snatching, so she bears it in silence. Hrmph. Carelock's question has already been answered by Nanoc, so she bobs her head in agreement. Still too much of a mouthful to talk.

Carelock peers at the Candidates. "It was a rhetorical question," she comments quietly. "Grief. Has *everyone* around here been hit with the literal stick?"

Beyla blink at Carelock, fairly innocently. "Well… I did get whacked over the head by a broom…" Don't hit her! It's a joke. Really, it is!

Khaelyn is still working with that piece of roll. When it's finished, she eyes the roll in her hand for a moment. "What literal stick?" Her? Being literal? Yeah, right. "What's a literal stick?"

Nanoc nods his head "'fraid so. Only exlanation, really…" it probably isn't, but oh well. Finger idly stirs the klah/redfruit juice, as it's luke warm temperature is far from burning. Mug is raised, sip is taken… dun dun dun….

Carelock boggles. "It's a broom," she finally adds, in a dry voice. "So I guess you're excused, Beyla."

Beyla grins, then blinks frowning, trying to work out if there's a hidden meaning in there. Unfortunately, even when she's /not/ being daft, she tends to take things literally. People have odd meanings in their words sometimes.

Khaelyn just shrugs it off. "Right. Ma'am." It's the dreaded Ma'am-habit. She rolls the roll around ni her hand for a moment, looks at it again, and finally takes a nibble. No more big bites.

"You have an excuse for trying to answer a rhetorical question," Carelock explains to Beyla, with all the apparent patience of a firelizard waiting for a tunnel snake to emerge, so it can pounce. Blink. Blink-blink. "Ma'am?" She peers around. "Where do you see a Ma'am?"

Nanoc mm's as he downs the rest of the contents within his mug "Shards, you guys gotta /try/ this! It's… delicious!" And he's being honest too! Grinning, he stands up again, makes his way to the hearth and starts the routine over again.

Beyla ahs. "That's good." For a second, she thought the bump on the head was making her all confuzzled. Although she hardly needs concussion for that. "That's quite good." for lack of anything better to say, she pics at the rolls in her hands.

Carelock looks at Beyla, question writ large on her face. "Is he *always* this weird?" she whispers, trying to keep her voice low so Nanoc won't here. Mutters to self, "Can't be too crazy, he wouldna been Searched…. Maybe I just need more klah." More klah. Yeah. That's always a good assumption.

Beyla tilts her head, as if examining Nanoc like a bug she'd find creeping around on her cot. "Yes," she finally pronounces, with a mischievous glimmer in her eyes. "And sometimes he's worse." She grins widely at Nanoc.

Nanoc overhears, he has good hearing like that "Add a little redfruit, it works wonders!" he beams proudly, returning to his seat with new 'invention' between his figers "I wonder if this would make a good cake…" If they consider this weird, then what's he like /normal/?

Carelock prefers her klah straight up, thanks. "Ah, no, that's okay." She gulps hastily. "Just wanted to make sure it wasn't *me*…. Getting old, you know." Sigh.

"Redfruit cake can be tasty," Beyla says solemnly, and with great authority. "I know. My mother used to make it. Yummy. But I could do without the klah bit…" Not a klah fan, then.

Nanoc sighs, holding up his mug, toast-fashion "Ye don't know what you're missin'!" he grins, downing the rest of the mug before setting it back down on the table, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. "Shards, That was good." Just a little re-emphasizing.

Carelock blinks, nonplussed. "Well, then, just be glad we're letting you have it all," she says reasonably. Her mug is raised in a return toast.

Marianne sweeps confidently, with just the slightest hint of a whisper in from the South Caverns.

"Uh-huh." is Beyla's only response to Nanoc's 're-emphasising'. You'll never be able to convince her of the worthiness of klah. She has enough trouble sleeping as it is.

Nanoc shivers a little upon Marianne's entrance, but offers a friendly hand toss in the air for greeting aside a "Hey…" That seems to be about all anyone's getting lately.

Walking into the caverns with a sharp stride that gradually collapses when she reaches the nearest chair possible from the door, Marianne collapses into it, her long hair falling over her face as she just seems to sit there for a moment, her legs curled up into the chair. A moment later, however, a pair of green eyes look out at the room's occupants. "Do any of you have any *idea* how many tubers it takes to make enough food to satisfy three greenriders?" The soft groan that emits from her lips and the wry look in her eye shows her personal opinion of their eating habits.

Nanoc grins wryly "As many as it'd take me for one sitting?"

Carelock shakes her head, and ponders her reply. Nope, nope, nopenopenope. Gonna keep her mouth shut. She is most emphatically *NOT* going to say that greenriders aren't generally interested in tubers when they're around her.

"Absolutely no idea." Beyla says cheerfully, grinning at Mari. "But I can guess what you've been doing all morning."

A look is cast over to Nanoc. "That's what *you* think. That's what I always thought, too. But then again.. I hadn't seen greenriders when they're famished…." She shakes her head and groans softly, rubbing her hands, which look to be slightly reddened, with a few stray scratches here and there at random. "By Faranth, my father and his entire wing would eat less than what I had to peel this morning…." Her eyes laugh faintly as she gives a suddenly impish smile. "Although, I had the sneaking suspicion that after the third helping they were just getting a kick out of the entire procedure," she grumbles good-naturedly. "Lucky that they're riders, those three. Otherwise I would have thrown my - Hello, rider," Marianne smiles sweetly as she notices Carelock sitting there, shifting her fact into one of absolute innocence. "Do *you* know how many tubers?"

A omniscient voice notes… oh. Wait. It doesn' thave to note. She put a name on the pose. *beams* Never mind.

Carelock blinks. "Is this a joke? 'How many tubers does it take to satisfy a greenrider?'" She grins at Beyla and Nanoc. "Maybe we should get someone to ask Hyzen when she comes back?"

Beyla sniggers tactlessly. "I think it'll take more than tubers to satisfy /that/ greenrider." she notes, eyeing the fruit juice thirstily.

Khaelyn looks up — or rather, looks down, from her oh-so-interesting trance-like state of staring at the ceiling. The conversation that she assuredly wasn't hearing when she started spacing out is blinked at in general, before she goes back to spacing out, though paying a little moer attention than before. Whatever.

Nanoc laughs literally out of his seat "I ain't thinkin' Hyzen will be carin' 'bout that… she's more hungry for—" Yeeeah. *cough* "Any more of those tubers left? I'm starved!" Nevermind that he /just/ ate.

Thankfully, Carelock wasn't drinking klah at the moment, or it would be everywhere. "Right-o."

"So, how many tubers does it take?"

Carelock asks, innocently.

A gleam appears in Marianne's eye. It was intended as an honest question after this morning's… endless task. She had been truly curious.. but who is she to pass up on the good joke… "Infinite. You know those greenriders. Always wanting more of everything…" Winking once at Carelock, Marianne follows it up with a purely innocent smile and then turns to Nanoc. Her face stays sweet as she asks him in a sugary tone, "If you'd like to be buried with them, I'm sure we could arrange that…."

Nanoc takes his attention to Marianne, smiling just as sweetly "That'd be wonderful. I /adore/ tubers, let m'tell you! And I'm /sure/ Khaelyn would love the same thing. Wouldn't you?" he purposely asks, knowing her distastefulness towards the nummy things.

"You're mad." Beyla pronounces of Nanoc, having gotten up and retrieved a cup of juice, sipping at it slowly. "I would have thought you'd have an automatic hatred of tubers now. Most of us do."

Khaelyn is jerked back into reality and the conversation on tubers as she hears her name. "What? Oh, sure," she agrees absently, going back to staring at the ceiling without another thought. It's so much more interesting up there to look at than to listen to talk about tubers. Hey, is that a crawler? Eeew.

"Well, ladies, I believe that it's down to the question of who gets first dibs on throwing him in the lake," Marianne says casually, just as if she were discussing something as inconsquential as the weather. "I place bids on being the one to dunk him under…." Marianne casts a look over to Beyla as she idly tosses a piece of fruit in the air… whoops. And looses control to send it flying at Nanoc. Wince. Marianne smiles apologetically to him. "Oh, dear, I'm awfully sorry…"

Azlynn walks in from the South Caverns.

Azlynn walks to the Bowl.

Carelock blinks. A food fight, in front of a rider? Good grief. What *have* these Candidates been drinking? She shrugs. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. A roll is idly tossed at Nanoc.

Hmm… well, that was an accident, so technically Carelock started it, but never say that Beyla isn't one to go along with the crowd. Bits of roll are flung in Nanoc's direction. Just to keep up with the others, you understand.

Food fight? That's nothing in comparison to the crawler-webs up on the ceiling. Khaelyn's oblivious to the flying food projectiles. That web looks almost like a firelizard if you imagine really, really hard.

Nanoc is quicker than a feline on the prowel because he's SUPER NOCCY! No, he's just dodged the bullet so many times, he's getting pretty good at this. "EEE" and "Heeey" are emitted as he dodges the fruit and biscuits, getting clonked in the head by one strand roll, which only does more than fire up his temper. Hopping out of his chair, he hobbles cautiously over to the food table, picking up this and that and pucking behind his 'fort', aka, a chair "Prepare to suffer!"

Even though Marianne did not mean to start anything… since the rider started it, who is she to complain about the chance to throw things at the tuber-lover? Reaching over, Marianne plucks out small bits of fruit by the handful, which she flings piece by piece in Nanoc's direction…. One by one, by one… Until her eyes catch sight of Khaelyn. Nodding her head at Khae to Beyla and the rider with a small wink, she tosses a rather *large* stale roll at the other girl, using careful aim. "Aieee…." Marianne laughs in response to Nanoc's attack and flips backwards out of her chair to land behind a table, only her eyes visible as projectiles come out in quick sucession.

Beyla's already been hit with a broom. She has to suffer the indignity of bapping with a roll too? Honestly. "Ow! Those things hurt!" she proclaims, tossing it right back at Mari, before looking about her for food that she doesn't want to eat in the near future but would be good projectile material.

Carelock tosses a meatroll at Beyla. "Here. Throw this." Whoops. Maybe Carelock's aim was a little off? Surely she meant for Beyla to catch it with her *hands*….

Nanoc pops up every now and then from his barely protective chair the fling things in all directions. Grinning maliciously, he scurries as fast as his hide can carry him to grab the ultimate, a /big/ bowl of mashed tubers. Muwaa… He hops back over his chair, takes handfulls and fuh-lings! "Take that! Show you to hate tubers!"

Carelock thumps a bit of mashed tuber from her shoulder, face impassive. Surely that was a mistake?

And stop calling me 'Shirley!'

Miraculously enough, Khaelyn hasn't been hit with anything. Yet. Until… thud. That was a roll, too, glancing off her shoulder and startling her enough to notice the handfuls of mashed tubers that are rapidly circulating the immediate area. Instinct calls for her to duck — she does so, and recieves a handful of tuber in her hand. Everything in her hair. Eeew.

"Eeeww…" Beyla's top bears the full brunt of the flying meatroll, turning into a squidgy mess on the front of her clothes, which she swipes at with her fingers. Part of her is fairly worried about this. What if they're caught… but no… it's not the candidate's fault. Clinging to that thought, she pitches some slices of orangefruit in Carelock's direction and then at anyone who happens to be in her eyeline.

"Evil never prospers! And tuber-loving evil is even worse," comes the call from behind the collapsed table where Marianne lies concealed. Catching sight of the mashed tubered rider during one of her hit-and-run missilie launches in the direction of Nanoc, she tosses a nearby cloth to her. "Wha-?" Luckily, Marianne manages to duck and roll this time.. her roll strategically carrying her across the floor to the table where Nanoc stands with the mashed tubers. At which point, she leaps to her feet and commences to fire at point blank range with large handfuls. "Hah!"

Marianne falls asleep.

Thudthudthud. That's a trio of orangefruit, narrowly missing Khaelyn's just-raised face. She ducks again, makes a dive for the nearest table, and pulls herself underneath while looking for some ammunition. "Eeew," is her soft comment from the depths of UnderTableness. Splat. That would be another mess of mashed tuber hitting the ground next to the table. "Eeew."

Orangefruit lands in Carelock's lap, and is peered at with a jaundiced eye, before being scooped up and tossed back. "I think you lost something." One last piece is saved, then fired at Nanoc with deadly accuracy. "That's for the misplaced tuber." Calm. My, yes, she's remarkably calm.

Nanoc is running low on fuel, but he's not giving up yet. The last of his tubers is flungeded at his fiends before he makes a mad dash to the table to gather whatever possible, getting clonked in the head with fruit on his way, nearly knocking him off balance and slipping, but he manages to recollect himself and dives for safety.

Beyla is trying to get out of this with minimal casualties to her clothing. At the moment, it's more than obvious that Nanoc and Marianne are going to have tuber covered clothing before long. Beyla reflexively holds out her hands to block the tubers from hitting her, however the orange slices catch her on the nose and she flinches backwards out of reflex.

Carelock makes a long arm, and grabs a basket of fresh rolls. One is quickly eaten - got to keep her strength up, you know - while the rest are fired off in rapid succession. "One for you and one for you and one for you…." Ooops. "Did you want butter with that?"

Pyrene wanders distractedly in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Beyla squeaks and ducks the flying rolls. "No! No butter!!" is called out. "It'll never come out of m'clothes!!" Horror of horrors! Clothes are all important after all.

Nanoc gathers a bunch of goo in his hands, chucking it at whatever moving form he happens to see. No one's getting out of this safely! Muwaaa… Is that someone trying to escape? No no no, not going to happen! Leftover oatmeal from the morning is tossed in that direction… erples…

Liuea walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Khaelyn shrinks as much as is humanly possible under the table, cringes as another roll flies her way, grabs it and launches it out in a random direction. Scary. Once the roll is gotten rid of, she hides herself again.

Carelock hides the basket, and does her best to look totally innocent. The blob of mashed tuber on her shoulder is the only thing ruining the effect. "Hst!" she hisses at the Candidates. "I think we've had quite enough of that!" she says in a stern voice.

Pyrene enters, still stretching in exhilaration at the warmth of it all, only to pull up sharply at the sight of… food. Flying food. Interesting approach to pre-weyrlinghood they have here. "Is this a bad time?" she queries, keeping back to one wall.

Naomi bounces in from the South Caverns.

Carelock blinks. "Depends on your definition of bad, I suppose. Want a roll?" Evil grin.

Beyla hurriedly gets out from under the table she ducked under, attempting to look like she's been sitting in her seat all this time, wiping tuber-covered hands on her skirt and swiping at meatroll on her top. "Bad time?" A weak laugh. "Oh no… goldrider?" Oh shards. They're in for it.

Nanoc hears a voice, and that's basically where he tosses what's left of the mush as orangefruit pieces sting his eyes. Round and round to goo goes, where it lands, who knows.

Pyrene decides that this probably /is/ a bad time, but on the other hand, nobody has told her to leave. "Well, when you've got a moment…" she murmurs discreetly, preferring to keep out of it until the food achieves a more stationary condition. In the meantime, she'll just locate whereever they keep the redfruit juice in this corner of Pern.

Naomi is practically glowing as she steps into the caverns, once again holding the unattractive, yet sweet, baby Aiken. She does manage to catch sight of those in the room besides herself, however, and edges back to the wall. "Whoa. What's goin' on?" Eyes widen a little, and she continues sliding against the wall, as Aiken chews on her hair. "-What's- happening?"

It appears that Carelock has to pretend to be a grownup now. "I suppose we've got one now." She glowers at the Candidates. "You will all behave now, won't you?" Yeah, right. Hand casually swipes tuber from her shoulder as she pretends that she wasn't involved. "What can we do for you?"

Pyrene decides that this probably /is/ a bad time, but on the other hand, nobody has told her to leave. "Well, when you've got a moment…" she murmurs discreetly, preferring to keep out of it until the food achieves a more stationary condition. In the meantime, she'll just locate whereever they keep the redfruit juice in this corner of Pern. (repose)

Nanoc runs out of ammunition, it's sad to say. Wiping the reminisence of fruit and tubers from his eyes he blinks. The food seems to have taken a turn for the worst, to say the least. Oh well, at least he's not directly responsible for this fiasco. Standing to his feet, he tosses on his most innocent grin, which doesn't say much, and nods at Carelock "Yes'am!" *splat* *splat* effects happening as he makes his way to a semi-clean upright chair.

Khaelyn hides. Just hides. That is, until something just forces her to peek out from underneath a chair acting as the wall behind her. Well, there's a lot of legs out there, but no more food hitting the floor, and the conversation has changed to a more or less normal tone, so she comes out the rest of the way and sits in her chair. She was there the entire time, really she was. "Yes'm." That's what everyone else is saying, isn't it?

Pyrene's subconscious infant radar kicks in and she automatically slides away from Naomi's part of the room, shrugging at Carelock. "Oh, well—High Reaches duties and all that. I came down to check on our candidates really.. You've stolen a few from us this time. Came to make sure you didn't want us to take them back." It's a pathetic excuse for a visit to warm weather, but it's got her this far. "Although… I don't /think/ these are any of them." She peers carefully at the candidates through however many layers of food.

Beyla picks a slice of orangefruit out of her hair. Odd. She thought she's gotten all of them. Ah well… she tosses it back on a plate for some helpless sap to munch at later. Eyes go to Pyrene. Nope, she didn't come from the 'Reaches, so she must kinda be safe. Right?

Carelock grins. "Who could tell, with all the flying food? I'm Carelock, Stormcrest wingrider with brown Morath. I don't *think* we're ready to get rid of any of them, yet, but then, I'm not in charge of 'em."

Naomi shakes her head slowly, biting her lip. "Y'all have been eating my cookies, haven't you?" Eyes narrow to a mere squint, and she shuffles on over towards Beyla, then cranes her neck around to stare at Khaelyn. "Whaaat?" Baby is dropped off on the nearest chair, and she flees towards Carelock, snatching out another chair to perch on carefully, legs lifted off the floor as though it were quicksand. "'m Naomi," is offered with a slight smile, before Pyrene gets another stare. "Who're you?"

Nanoc feels only natural reaction to start cleaning up some. Sliding out of the chair, he swipes the bucket and rags from the drudge that came scurrying out, and shoes him away. Time to take matters into their own hands for once. Rags are tossed about to the others while soapy water in neutralized in the center of the room "Ain't wanting to get in trouble, are we?" In other words, get'a'cleaning!

"Pyrene, rider of gold Cadgwith," the introduction is returned with due formalitywhich is then broken by a wink. "Well, this is your last chance. No refunds after today. Weyr policy." Amused eyes run over the candidates. "No cookie crumbs that I can seeprobably not Reaches then, are you?" She breaks off, as Naomi mentions cookies and gives the girl an appraising look. "Although some might have potential anyway…"

Carelock's eyes go unfocused a moment, then she stands regretfully. "Duty calls. I'm sure one of these Candidates will be glad to give you any assistance that you need, however." She frowns at the mess on the floor. "And the rest will be glad to find some mops…." She spies Nanoc's industry. "Good lad.

Carelock strides to the Bowl.

Beyla is very tempted to point out to Carelock that they weren't the ones that started it, and to Nanoc that he's being a goodie two-shoes, but instead, she just seizes a cloth, grits out a smile, and starts swiping at the mashed tubers. "Cookies equal potential?" is all she manages to get out. Interesting…

Khaelyn catches a rag just before it hits her face; all this food-throwing must have reawakened those dormant catching reflexes. "Sure," she murmurs with a sigh, first using the rag to halfheartedly try and swipe the tuber out of her hair. Eeew. "'Course not." She takes the initiative to actually get up, walks over to the bucket of soapy water, and start cleaning the lumps of mashed tuber no the ground, halfway listening to the conversation. Hmm.

Naomi shudders slightly at the mention of High Reaches, hugging arms about her knees. "No, ma'am!" is nearly shouted at Pyrene, as she stands a little taller on the chair, looking across the caverns to locate the misplaced Aiken. "Reaches isn't the place for me." Beyla gets another glance, and the starcrafter/candidate commences chair-hopping, dropping from one chair to another, until she's once again found the baby. "Shush." Eyes are raised again, and she stands up on the chair, arms crossed over her chest. "I'm not cleanin' it up."

Nanoc swipes his rag against the surface in front of him, sending glomps of it helter skelter back onto the floor. No hazard there, really. Turning to glance over his shoulder, he frowns "'reaches eh? Ye ain't nothin' like that greenrider, are ya?"

Pyrene huffs a little at Naomi's sharp negation of Reaches, but doesn't press the issue. "They can," she assures Beyla with conviction. "Especially if they're High Reaches cookies. Best cookies in all Pern, we have there. Secret recipe… Which greenrider…. lad? What're your names anyway?"

"Beyla," comes the self-introduction from the blue-stripy one as she swipes at the mashed potato, flicking bits at Naomi when she thinks Pyrene isn't looking for the 'no cleaning' remark. "Candidate. If it's not obvious from the hard working and the white knot." Well, you never know what people might miss.

Nanoc stands up, willing to offer a hand in greeting, but well, it's covered in tubers and gruel, really "Uh, Nanoc, healer—well, candidate… and Hyzen I 'lieve her name was…" he frowns, glancing out towards the bowl to make sure she hadn't returned so soon as was expected.

"Khaelyn," the herder offers by means of introduction, if a bit quieter than the other ones. She's got a one-track mind, see, and that one track is trying to avoid the re-helter-skeltering of Nanoc's cleaning efforts. "Candidate, too…" She's a little more careful about the cleaning, now. Scary cleaning candies.

"My cookies are better," Naomi protests indignantly, seating herself atop the back of the chair. Hearing Nanoc's question, she quickly adds, "Tatia. If you're anything like Tatia, I think I'll go back to bed." And at the flicked food coming from Beyla-wards, the candidate shoots several dark looks. "I…" She leaps from the chair to the ground, slipping on a spot of spilled food or drink — whichever it is is uncertain — and collides with the other starcrafter, making … odd faces. "Am Naomi," is added, almost as an afterthought, as she looks back to Pyrene.

"Beyla, Nanoc, Khaelyn, Naomi," Pyrene mutters, mentally tagging each one, if not necessarily with the correct name. "And all candidates…. it /is/ kind of obvious." Nanoc gets considered for a moment, before she suddenly laughs. "You only met Hyzen recently, didn't you? My, she shouldn't be taking Imbriath out if she's this affected…" She shakes her head, and then abruptly looks challengingly at Naomi. "Right then, Khaelyn was it? Take me to your cookies. I'll be the judge of whether or not they rival Reaches'."

Beyla oofs as Naomi crashes into her, stumbling against the table and gripping the edge to support herself. She rolls her eyes and glowers at Nao for a moment, conveying dire thoughts about watching where she's going, but says nothing, just sighing in a long-suffering manner, and attempting to swipe at her top. "Yes… Hyzen was the one." she says, gesturing to the adjoining cavern. "One of the drudges I walked past mentioned it." Oooh… cookie challenge? She must see this. Just save some for her.

Khaelyn is on that track again when she hears her name, attached with cookies and Reaches. She pauses in cleaning for a long moment. "I don't make cookies," she mutters, wiping up a particularly spread-out glob of mashed tuber with a bit of orangefruit inside. It could look interesting if the orangefruit was positioned more off to the side. "And I don't want to rival Reaches.."

Nanoc blinks "This affected? She said she wasn—-" eww, shatter the thought "Well, anyway… I ain't too fond of the greens… ain't nothin' I particularly like runnin' into at any costs." And he vows to stick by that, really.

Naomi stands up, managing to muss Beyla's hear a little bit as she does, and smiles gently down on her. "Oh, oops. Did I run into you, sweetie?" Gaze shifts back to Pyrene. "Yes, I'm Khaelyn. And there aren't any left. They're so good, everyone ate 'em already." Beam. Candidate marches around the tables, poking the various candidates around their ribs as she heads towards the goldrider again, hands on her hips. "Just trust me."

Hey! Watch the Hair! Beyla pouts, cutely you understand, as she attempts to return some semblence of order to her stripy locks, a hard task on any given day. "Actually, I have one here." she rummages in her omnipresent bag, producing a cookie. "I swiped it for later." She smiles innocently, proferring the cookie to Pyrene.

Nanoc could share a few words about a few other people in particular, but he'll refrain. He's good like that. Sighing, he slaps the rag down to swipe some more before holding up a few crumbs "I /think/ this used to be a cookie." No harm in trying it, is there? It only just fell off the table. Five second rule?

Char moves with slow, deliberate strides, a slight limp marring their fluidity, in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Pyrene decides she doesn't like this Khaelyn—this being the Naomi-Khaelyn. "How convenient," she observes to the girl, waving a hand negligently at the real Khaelyn. "Oh, don't worry, I wasn't talking to you." Beyla distracts her with the cookie and she makes a little bow of thanks. "Aha! So, we can judge after all…" And here's Nanoc to further assist matters. "Is that one of Khaelyn's cookies… er… Nao-noc?" She never claimed to be good at names.

Sya sidles sideways in from the Southeastern Bowl.

See. Beyla does, quite literally, have everything but the kitchen sink in that bag of hers. Giving her section of the table a final wipe down, she tosses the rag back to Nanoc with a 'aren't you done /yet/?' expression, and a mischievous glimmer in her eyes. Her table is clean, but her top is beyond all hope. Shards.

Will the real Khaelyn please stand up? Khaelyn-the-herder pauses again in her cleaning, looks over her shoulder at Pyrene, but decides to let it go. There's worse people to be called her. Or maybe not. Eyebrows flick skyward, as she resumes cleaning th e squashed remains of a slice of orangefruit.

Naomi nearly hisses at Beyla, gesturing quickly to put the cookie -away-. But, it proves futile, as the goldrider notices too soon. "Well, that was one of the worse batches…" she mutters, cheeks going a little red. Indeed, the cookie looks more fit to be buried than chewed and swallowed, but perhaps Pyrene won't live long enough to tell anyone of how they -really- taste. Aiken's snatched up again, a salute is tossed Char's way, and then Sya gets a glance. And arms tighten around Aiken. Slipping into the crowd again, she does her best at being inconspicuous.

Nanoc hasn't heard that one before, but, he waves the piece in the air after uh, sampling another piece of it "Aye, I believe it is…" he say, walking over with the bits and pieces "I think they're good anyway…" But that's Noccy talkingthey guy with no negative feedback when it comes to food. Feeling a chill run down his back, he cringes "She's ba" no, this isn't Hyzen, but rather, that /other/ greenrider. Eww.

Char absently returns Sya's salute, brows lifting in wonder as she comes upon the candidates. "What in the name of Faranth is going on here?"

"Cookie challenge." is Beyla's prompt response. They're just following orders. They ain't done nothing, and if they did do something, it was all Carelocks fault. That's her story, and by Faranth, she's sticking to it. For now, she just smiles sweetly at Char. Isn't this just a sweet, innocent expression?

Sya follows Char, somewhat anxious in her search. "I don't know, but one of 'em has Aiken, and I need to make sure that he's okay. Y'know, alive and everything." Because, if he really is, it justifies her leaving him with Naomi for another seven-day, at least. "Were we this odd as candidates?" She sure wasn't. Char might have been. Jenret .. well, was.

Pyrene takes a nibble of the cookie, and swishes the crumbs about her mouth for a moment. "Not bad, not bad," she admits. "Not that it's on a par with Reaches, but you'd certainly be worthy of making cookies up there." She bobs automatically to the green and blue riders as they enter. "Reaches duties to Ista and its clutch."

Uh oh. Taking a firm gulp, Nanoc about turns to find the cavern's surprisingly almost in order once again, though not as presentable as it had been before the fiasco. Grinning, he holds out a piece of the cookie to Char "Try a piece?" Innocent little offer, really.

Beyla snugs Hannah! Hannah peeks up at you through her lashes, then launches herself at you to give you a tight *squooshie*!

Naomi lets out an audible sigh of relief at Pyrene's answer, then straightens her posture again, one hand going to her hip, and baby Aiken going to the other. Oops. As Sya enters, she continues shifting through the other candidates, ducking behind chairs and under tables, and just… being silent.

Char frowns at Beyla and then turns the expression towards her clutchmate, subtle changes turning the expression into one of surprise rather than disapproval. "Odd? I suppose some of us were." She turns at the shoulders, the rest of her body following, to face Sya. "You actually let one of them take care of your child?"

Khaelyn tosses her back, plopping down in the nearest chair to just stare at all the other people around. Blink. She just nods, like she actually understands what's going on, and sits there. Interesting.

Sya mumbles something reasonably polite back to Pyrene's greeting, and blinks innocently at Char. "I'm teaching them about life and dragonriding and what happens when you have a flight." And, in the process, she's teaching them how to manipulate others in the weyr. Especially ones with all white knots. "Why?"

Beyla smiles at Char again, ignoring the frown. She's nice, really. She's just being all prompt in her responses, like. She sits down at a table, surreptitiously trying to wipe her hands completely free of tubers on her skirt.

Char takes the cookie and then, after inspection, sets it on the table, wiping her hand free of crumbs on her pants, lips twisted in a grimace of distaste. "Sya. Dear. It doesn't /always/ happen with flights."

Pyrene is happy to accept a mumble. "If Khaelyn here doesn't Impress, Reaches will take her on as a cook," she tells the riders hopefully." And by Khaelyn, she means Naomi, of course. Who else? Ahem. "Although I'm not sure about the others' idea of food preparation."

Naomi ducks under one of the tables, pulling a rag from her pocket, and scrubbing at the floor diligently. Meanwhile, Aiken's put on the ground beside her, and shoved under a chair, where hopefully, he'll stay still. Or maybe not. But at least she's hidden from sight. "Khaelyn dislikes Reaches, ma'am," she chirps out, lifting her head outside the table for a moment, before dragging it back under to continue scrubbing.

"Does for me," Sya reminds. "I don't think that neither of /my/ weyrmates are gonna get me pregnant or nothing." Not when they're both females, at least. Or one would certinally hope that they didn't. "Where is she, anyways? Need to make sure that he's okay." Her maternal instincts exist, really! They're just rather stunted. "Naomi. That's her name."

Either Naomi's gone back to being Naomi, or she's talking about herself in the third person. EIther would be acceptable. Khaelyn nods, agreeing to everything everyone says for now. Or not. "Not really," she half-protests. "I mean… I've never been there.."

Nanoc takes on the rag once again, putting the finishing touches on one of the tables, scooping the bits and pieces into a bowl. No one saw, right? Once done, he plummets onto a chair cautiously, idly listening to the conversations going on around him as bordom strikes noon.

Char gestures at the one who Pyrene apparently thinks it Khaelyn. Yes, she knows all of them by name, though she doesn't always show it. "Why don't you foster him, Sya? Give him to a nurse or something?"

Tierza walks in from the South Caverns.

But let us not forget, Naomi is Khaelyn right now. Unless someone can identify her… And then Char does. Grunt. The starcrafter/candidate pulls herself out from under the table and sends a salute Sya's way, before hastily moving along. Aiken is left under the chair, and she goes about finding herself some food.

Pyrene is getting confused. "Naomi? Who's Khaelyn then?" She gives Beyla a suspicious glare, still not quite registering Khaelyn's own words. "Names! At any rate… the cook person… She's got potential."

Hannah walks with youthful grace in from the South Caverns.

Beyla meeps under the goldriders gaze, and points in the direction of the herder-candidate a little distance away. "She's Khaelyn." Sorry, but she has a reflexive must-obey urge when it comes to Big People. read: authority figures.

Char points at the herder lass, eyes narrowing in uncertainty. "That one, I think." She lets her hand drop. "Though I could be wrong. Sometimes they all look so alike."

"Um… Yeah." Khaelyn nods. "I'm Khaelyn." She knows her own name, really. That done, she starts picking leftover pieces of dried mashed tuber out of her hair, flicking them to her just-cleaned spot on the table. Eeew.

Hannah attempts to make her way silently — and without causing attention to herself — into the living caverns. Hair hangs mostly in her face, allowing her to peek at the others without being too obvious. Though gaze doesn't rest on the crowd for long, instead she sort of shyly shuffles to pour herself some nice, clean water, before finding a place to sit. Usually she has some type of chore to do while sititng in the 'caverns, but today she had latrine duty and has already finished that icky chore. There is one person that looks familiar and speaks of home.."Pyrene?" is said softly, so softly that Pyrene mightn't have heard.

"No!" Naomi shouts suddenly, spinning on her heels. "I'm Khaelyn. She's Beyla." Finger is pointed towards the self-proclaimed herder Khaelyn, and then she turns towards Beyla. "That's Naomi. Can't you guys get anything right?" Eyes are rolled, and the entering candidates are given a nod of greeting, before Naomi continues looking at the food.

Sya puffs her chest up, easily offended. "Why should I do that? I'm a perfectly good mother." That insult obviously took a long time for her to form. Poor greenrider. No brain. "Where's Naomi, though?" She just wants to check up. Not take Aiken back, no! (repose)

Pyrene stares suspiciously at the candidates before shrugging. "Whiteknots the lot of them. But /that/ one's Hannah." She throws a wink to the familiar face. "While I'm taking Naomi or Khaelyn or whatever her name is, I could take Hannah back if she's causing trouble?" Candidate-poaching. All the best people are doing it this year.

Beyla-Naomi blinks at Naomi-Khaelyn in confusion for a second, before her brain choses the easy way out. Blankness. Well, not total, she's still breathing, after all, but she's resigned herself to being caught up in confuzzlement now. Finger starts twining round a curl as she looks at everyone quietly.

Tierza eyes everyone as she heads for the klah, just as she feared the 'littlescreamer' as he has been dubbed did keep her awake in the nursery all night. And why is Nao saying she is Khaelyn? Maybe it's just Tierza who is hearing wrong. After all, the kidlet (okay, brat!) did do a number on her ears.

Well, at least Nanoc's name is distinguishable, isn't it? he'll just sit back for now, yeeeeah. It's probably safest, though it's hard not to toss in his own two marks "Ya'll need some help now." Consider it the phrase of the day, his contribution to society.

Khaelyn just… shrugs. Fine. If Naomi wants to be Khaelyn, Naomi can be Khaelyn, as long as Naomi takes over Khaelyn's chores with her identity. Herder Beyla-Khaelyn Candie-person just goes back to staring at the ceiling.

Hannah blinks in confusion at Naomi proclaiming herself as Khaelyn and Beyla as Naomi and Khaelyn as Beyla. Blushing she offers Pyrene a shy grin in response to her wink, though eyes stray to the three who are calling themselves by the other's name. Sipping her water, she just tries to think of herself like the furniture. Wait… Her? Troublesome? Surely… Eyes slip up to blink at Pyrene again. When did she ever cause trouble? "Me?" is squeaked softly.

Khaelyn's eyes glaze over, and her attention drifts elsewhere..

"Her." Naomi turns, hearing Sya's question, and jerks a finger towards Beyla. "She's the one you're lookin' for, and she doesn't have your baby. She put it somewhere. But it's her fault." So the starcrafter's grown a little attached to the ugly little anklebiter, eh? The chair above Aiken is given a little shake, and she moves to stand by Hannah. "Oh, c'mon, Hannah. We all know what you do late at night…" A wink is supplied, and then she winks, once again, at Beyla. Stick to the story.

"WHAT?" Beyla glares at Naomi, her voice jumping several decibels in volume. "That's not true!!" Yep. Beyla is as subtle as a brick through a plate glass window. She just stares in incomprehension at Naomi at the wink she receives. Why on Pern is she getting winked at? When they're attempting to get her in trouble.

Merra walks in from the South Caverns.

Char rolls her eyes at Sya and then turns again towards the candidates. "What have you lot been up to? And what's with the name switch?" She peers suspiciously at Naomi.

Hannah gasps softly at Naomi, blushing to the roots of her pale, pale hair. "Uhh…" is squeaked again as the shy candidate tongue trips over her own words. "Naomi.." she manages before gaze sweeps to the floor while her slender hand grasps her drink.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Khaelyn off to bed.

Pyrene sighs. "Hannah's been up to her late-night tricks again?" she asks, her tone grievous. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em after all. She's not going to get the names straightened out so she may as well join in the trouble-stirring. It's not like she has to sort it out afterwards. Hah.

Sya mutters something back at Char — given her personality, probably something verging on rudeness — and eyes the candidates with confusion. "She —" a finger indicates Beyla, "Isn't Naomi. I think. Is she?" Better memory could be rather helpful forh her, right now.

Nanoc tosses his arms up in innocence "It was all them." *cough* "I'm still NocNanoc, I think." he blinks a couple times just to reassure himself "Yeah, I am. And that" he points to the diminutive glops of tuber and orangefruits left around the cavern floor "Was all Carelock… really." If you're not here to defend yourselfm then you're out of luck, right?

Naomi clears her throat, mussing up her own hair, and lowering her voice slightly. Just slightly. "What name change, ma'am? I'm… Khaelyn. Just changed m'clothes an' took a bath. I look good, don't I?" She turns away from Char, resting her arm familiarly across Hannah's shoulders. "I'm just teasin' ya, dear. You're about the only candidate I don't have dirt on…" No explanation is given for that, and she's off again, under the nearest table and crawling on hands and knees.

Merra has been up to nothing. She swears. She does, however, do a double-take as she enters, spotting Pyrene and not quite believeing it. Hopefully, however, the goldrider isn't proddy; proddy Hyzen was enough for the 'Reacher to handle. "'lo, Hannah… Naomi… Beyla… Nanoc," she greets, not entirely sure she wants to know what's going on. "Good day, Assistant Weyrlingmaster… rider. 'lo, Pyrene." Safe to greet her by name. Right? She chooses a seat prudently -not- by Char. Personality conflict, anyone?

Beyla doesn't say anything now, just stares intently at those around her. Come on… you can't mistake /her/ for Naomi can you?? They're so totally different! Right? Oh please tell her you can distinguish between them.

Hannah gulps and blinks and nodes mutely at Naomi. Merra is given a shy wriggle of fingers while the candidate finds a place to sit. Curling her legs close to her chest, she wraps slender arms around her knees, making sure not to spill the water everywhere. "Dirt?" she belatedly asks Naomi.

Char scowls. "And what's with the mess?" She gestures at the orange and tuber covering the floor. "And why have none of you cleaned it up?"

Tierza is totally confused by everything at this point and just hugs her klah to herself, glad she isn't NaomiBeylaKhaelyn. She is confused about everything at this point and just slips into a chair and stares at the whole mess of people here. Okay, so she's not the brightest glow right now, she just woke up.

"In that one's defence—Naonoc or whatever his name is, he /has/ been making a start on it," Pyrene pipes up helpfully. "And she's been helping him. The one who might be Naomi." This unfortunately describes half the girls in the cavern right now, but she's referring to Beyla.

And then we all scarpered for the Colour Seminar…

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