Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. —Elle and Kita

Dragon: Fiviath
Color: Green
Name: Elle
Egg: El Dorado Aztec Egg
Egg Desc: Emphee
Dragonet: Sunken Treasure Green Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Elle; Kita
Messages: Elle; Kita
Physical Inspiration: Elle; Kita
Personal Inspiration: Kita and Elle

Clutching Message:
Vaelyth squats — the journey is almost over, the destination near arrived as she moves to lay the last egg. There is a glimpse ocher and brazen green behind the half-shielding sails, as the orb tumbles down a slight hill to lay in next to a mound of gold. Vaelyth moves, wings lifting to reveal: El Dorado Aztec Egg.

El Dorado Aztec Egg
Ever dwindling spirals of maize-brushed ochre tint a brilliant trace across this jewel-bright, mid-sized rotunda-orb, a fire of sun to bronze and brazen all green behind it. Although vivid, it is the dark that dominates the staggered, pyramid-step striation between flickered jade and hazy saffron, a stern jungle maze that ducks all notion of sweet fruit and heady perfume.

Hatching Message:
El Dorado Aztec Egg looses itself within the ever encroaching greens of the jungle. The heady vegetation splits the golden pyramids asunder, cracking the egg down to the shell's foundation and casting the remnants to the heated sands. Treasures of gold and treasures of green, the last of the ancient holdings are but a memory as a new mystery awaits.

Sunken Treasure Green Dragonet
Far beneath the surface of a roiling ocean, where a sun's ray is rare to grace, exists a green of such fathomless abandon to be portrayed anew upon dragon's fluid hide. From crest's dioptase ridges to the trough of sunken orbs, marine-imbued emerald washes her compact form 'til all is submerged in the inky hue. Wave's chaotic shimmer dances across the sheer canvas of spar-braced sails as a stolen treasure to charm her corsair's power. Despite her aquatic depths, the twinkle of lost plunder glimmers now and again with exotic doubloons of verdigris-tainted gold.

Impression Message:
Sunken Treasure Green Dragonet glances askance at a seaworthy lass, quickly sizing up the girl as a vessel not yet plundered. With sails unfurled, she strikes a course to claim her prize. A sailor of the high seas and a pirate of mischief? This newly hatched dragonet has found her Captain, her Mhairie.

Personal Impression Message:
The warm caress of tropical waters plunge within and without your every sense with the tidal force of it's creator's will. <> Iridian bubbles tickle as they float to the surface of your emotions, popping with joyous frequency to leave you intoxicated. »Fiviath«


Name Inspiration:
Fiviath was a name born of pure imagination. Do you have any idea how much I labored over this 'simple' thing? It had to be just right. Perfect in all ways great and small. Name after name after name was considered then dismissed until I came upon a name in a fantasy generator that began with 'Fivia-' I fell in love. We were looking for something spunky, not long, but with a flavor of unusual, if not rare, letters and combinations. I found that in Fiviath. It just sounds fun. It can be pronounced as fihv-I-ath, fih-VI-ath, or FIHV-ee-ath. We are kind of partial to the first ;)

Egg Inspiration:
I admit—I don't have much information of use to give you with this desc. I mainly was inspired by what I saw in the Disney version of El Dorado in the movie about two months ago. Very nice pictures there, but I touched it with the more priestly aspect than anything else. No weblinks, sorry, though I could probably see it related to the Aztec calendar…I got some of my imagery from a book I have about Aztec art, since the movie pictures didn't stay in my mind, and it was only the fleeting idea that *that* really lent.

Description Inspiration:
I had the idea even before the description theme for the clutch was known. I had the idea even before you sent in your dragon questionnaire.
When I heard that the theme was to be jewels/treasures/minerals and that you wanted a dark green dragon, it could not have been more perfect. I wanted to work with shipwrecks, sunken treasure, pirates. You know, that whole genre. So, your Fiviath is that dark green of deep water with a touch of treasure's gold with a ship captain's panache.

Mind Voice:
When Fiviath calls in your mind, she has the sound of a clear alto. She doesn't stumble over words, slew them together, or anything of the sort. A very concise speaker, if you will. Nor is she very soft spoken, but when it is, her voice goes very low, nearly husky, and is meant for the most intimate of secrets. A touch of a spicy scent seems to linger, tinged with lemon zest and citrus. Salt. And just barely there, almost hard to decipher, is the hint of rain on the wind, a touch of a summer storm possibly. At odds with her dark colorings, she comes across with lighter colors: sand, summer sky, bleached driftwood, turquoise of tropical waters, and even a bit of storm-cloud purple.

As Fiviath first hatches from the egg, her most obvious trait is her dark coloring in egg-goo. When she dries, a glow remains, leaving you wondering if only you notice because you adore her so, or maybe she appears that way to all. She looks kind of 'squashed' at first, everything being short and shoved close to her rotund torso. Even her toes are a little pudgy. Pah, its just baby fat and it makes her look all the more cute and cuddly.

After about three months, her growing will begin to effect her roundness. Yet, she will always be defined as stocky. Oh, but her growing will be slow compared to the others. The fellow greens of the clutch will quickly dwarf her in size. At around a turn, you will begin to wonder if she will ever grow —easily the smallest 'older-green' in the Weyr. But, it is right at that moment of despair when she finally explodes in size. Arg, the growing pains! Just when she was all comfortable being very petite, practically overnight she grows in double-digit feet. There will be a lot of oiling and strap making going on in that month or so. Eventually, she will stop and at that moment she will be on the larger side of the average green. Fiviath is not a skinny, slender dragon, nor is she a particularly overweight belle. She has got a nice cushion of comfort padding her. Again, very cuddly. It makes her soft, not angled.

Her head is lined with gentle curves, making her able to cut through the air currents easily. Nostrils are narrow while her eyes are set deeply in her head. The ridges that begin at the very crest of her head are half-moon shaped *rounded instead of sharp*, moving down her neck to shallow to non-existence at the joint between wings. Almost immediately and at the point where the wing sails end, the ridges start up again to extend down the length of her stout tail. Her wings are huge. Like a tall ship, the sails unfurled are the most evident; they capture the wind to propel the vessel onwards. Same with Fiviath's sails, they are long, wide, and simply beautiful to watch at their full glory.

Fiviath's colors are dark. The coloring doesn't differ all that much, no fading, brindling, or anything of that sort along the main bulk of her body. Nearly everything is that same rich, dark green. But, twinkling here and there are glints of gold -just bare flecks that seem to play peek-a-boo with your eyes. Not thick, just rare. It is the same with the 'verdigris' which is the corrosion of metal by a substance like salt water, kind of like a milky silver-green turquoise. It is spotted here and there also.

You know when you stand in a room with an indoor pool, how the light reflects off the water to dance upon the walls in mimicry of the ripples? That is how her wings are colored, with those ripple colors in the form of the webbing veins and arteries of ichor. They are a shade lighter, mostly more of a blue cast, than the overall dark green of her frail sails.

Are you wondering what dioptase is? I suggest that you look it up on a specific book or site that deals with rocks and minerals. It is a beautiful mix of color often called emerald copper which looks exactly like that, emerald green mixed with copper. It is what her ridges are colored as, except that they are dunked in the same dark greens as the rest of her hide.

Her tail is her flag, her call-sign, her Jolly Roger —most especially that being the spade-tipped end. While her flag doesn't show a skull and crossed bones, it is a sign that all will immediately recognise as being Fiviath's. The spade-tip is wide and quite a bit darker that the rest of her. Yet, it is also struck with the lightness of verdigris with some sort of likeness much akin to a snake? — S-curved and thin. Maybe… but it is hard to tell for sure.

Fiviath is your Pirate Queen. Your hunter-stalker. Your warm and fuzzy comforter. Your partner in crime. Your ship of the skies. Your nonconformist. Your boosted ego. She is your lifemate, your Fiviath. No matter what Fiviath is 'termed' as, she is a dragon like no other. She has a force of will all her own that might just leave Mhairie in her dust. This means that Mhairie is going to have to work /very/ hard to keep Fiviath in check. She will need to be extremely strong by all accounts, not just to match the green but to keep up with her.

Fiviath is your hunter-stalker. Captains, even those of the pirate variety, are watchers. They study everything before they make a move. As a captain studies the wind, water, position, and their own ship and crew, it is the same with Fiviath. She is a watcher, studying the moves of her prey, be it a victim for a bit of mischief or a herdbeast for dinner. Catlike prowess as she prepares for the 'kill', she makes sure to check out all the angles and all the posibilites before she strikes. And as a predator pounces, that poor victim won't know what hit them 'til it is all over.


Fiviath is your warm and fuzzy comforter. Comfort is the key —security. Boundless love. There is nothing more satisfying than snuggling up with the one you love. To snuggle, to just sit in companionable silence, or to talk. Whether it is discussing the future (possibilities, plans, dreams, conjecture, and hopes) or the past (*mis*adventures, good times, vivid images, and tall-tales), everything is left to be discussed. Seeing as pirates tend to boast of their adventures and experiences, there is a very good chance this will take up the majority of your conversations. And then there is also the flip side: when the pirates get together to work out plans for attacking or plundering something new. Good or bad, one of the best parts of the day is the quiet time before bed where you two will get together to have one of your regular conversations. It helps to wind down after a typically active day. Always appreciated.

Fiviath is your partner in crime. As Mhairie is rather well known, even going so far as to term her as infamous for being a touch on the mischievous side, it would be a given that her lifemate would be just the same. When in weyrlinghood, it will begin small and simple… maybe a little snake in someone's oil bucket or a weyrling's couch. Later weyrlinghood is when things get a little more elaborate, but are oft to backfire. Having Fiviath hide behind a curve in the Weyr's wall to pounce on someone —only to have it be the WeyrLeader. Adding a bit of orange dye to an oil bucket that ends up getting slathered all over a Weyrlingmaster's lifemate. It is during this time of learning and slap-stick humor that her sneakiness is perfected and built upon. Mhairie and Fiviath will work together so well that it will seem as though they know what the other partner has in mind to do before the other one even thinks it; a perfect teamwork so that two are one.

With your hijinks, you are bound to get caught. Most pirates do and when that happens, it isn't pretty. This will happen so much (especially in weyrlinghood where the reputation is paved) that if anything goes wrong in the Weyr, it will more than likely get traced back to you, guilty or not. Kin looses her hairbrush and you will be blamed. Lilli finds her bubblies have all been salted and it is again your fault. As pirates can often get through on their reputation alone, it will preceede you. Watch out. Some of the weyrbrats might just take advantage of this opportunity.

Fiviath's reputation might just get her to places good as well as bad. She might not have to do a single mischievous thing. All she will have to do is show herself and everyone about will suddenly be on their guard or quick to take flight as they expect something to happen. Use this for all it is worth, your reputation will cause just about as much of bedlam as if you actually put effort into doing something. Naturally, it will be a great laugh. But Oh, what fun it all will be. And isn't that the most important?

Fiviath is your ship of the skies. Captain and ship. She is a magnificent flier and she is also a touch on the flashy side. Already assuming she is the best, Fiviath has to take it one step further by extending her reputation to new heights of amazement. She must have style. Her moves will be upon the brink of theatrical. Dramatic dips, turning with a flourish, and stooping to pull up but a breath from splattering the two of you all over the ground, are all there. The gasps of amazement, the 'ooh' and 'aah' factor, the wide eyes in awe, and the murmur of voices spreading the sky-high sight in gossip just seem to spur her on to more feats of aerial superiority. Naturally, Fiviath and Mhairie will get reprimanded time and again for such frivolities and for endangering the life of each other. But, what is the point if you don't live life to its fullest? To have fun and dare the boundaries? So, after the scolding is done, she will just do it again and even 'better' than before.

Fiviath is your nonconformist. She tends to go against the grain. Just like your 'typical' pirate, they don't exactly work the same way your average sailor would. Pirates tend to be a lawless crowd with few rules except one, to plunder. Fiviath doesn't seem to have many rules either. Or maybe the best way to term that is that she doesn't tend to /follow/ many rules, except those that suit her. Nonconformist? You bet.


Fiviath is your boosted ego. Perhaps the best way to put this is that Fiviath /has/ an enormous ego. You could call it a warped superiority complex that is Ista wide. She will always consider herself the boss, the leader, the best. As one of the best, she can often be seen 'sniffing' at her clutchmates to Mhairie over the fact that she is /so/ much better at doing this or that. Granted, she enjoys the familiarity of Her Crew, but she does recognize the fact that she is better and she is the boss: a pure and simple truth to her. A captain is oft to be the ruling party. She /hates/ to be ruled by others. So, if you want to stay out of trouble in at least one way, it might be a good idea to try as soon as possible for the wingleader/wingsecond position in your wing. She wants to be the leader of any games, any actions, everything and everything. Fiviath demands to have her way, all the time. If not, she will be sure to fill Mhairie's head with just how /she/ would do it and have the audacity to just go and do it her own way anyway. And while she is at it, she will be sure to recruit a few others to go with her.

She is an aerial goddess and will show it off to her advantage when it comes to flights. Ah, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. First off, she must get proddy. And when she does, you will know it. Not only will her hide take on a glow that seems to lighten her darkness but it will also be proven true in her very emotions. Males are sneered at. Considered weaklings, considered as… well, as /guys/. Ew. Ah, but it is rather amusing to toy with them. Sidle up to the smaller blues just to watch the browns get jealous. Make a point to give a certain bronze a seemingly innocent tail-brush just to see him squirm. Yummy. And then when it comes down to the moment, she is all boss. She will show off her superiority agility, quickness. Your lifemate will /demand/ a real male with the cunning, ferocity, and leadership to pair her. No dandies or the 'flowery-pose' guys. She wants a 'man's man', one who isn't afraid to break the rules. Color doesn't matter, she just wants /power/. The leader. The best.

Again, she wants to be the leader. Formations are something that she does appreciate in her mariner's mind with their effectiveness in a fight. But, she still wants to the the one giving the orders. She wants to be at the head of the wing. And, if she isn't? She may try to fly a touch out of formation just to be nonconformist. Yet, she will not let her ego rise abover her mission to protect Pern and eliminate all Thread. That is /always/ foremost. She will fight with an economy of movement, but still manages to be flashy as she does so. Her moves are something born of elegance, yet retain a hard-core quality that leaves nothing to be interpreted. That clump of Thread will be history! -even if she conducts a daring swoop followed up with a barrel-roll to get just the right lethal angle.

Mhairie's Green Fiviath
Harper's Tale: 27th PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Torey's Gold Vaelyth and D'ven's Bronze Bith
Thursday, 5th October

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