Dragon: Fiareth
Color: Green
Name: Orbit
Egg: Everything But The… Egg
Egg Desc: Jessika; Saria
Dragonet: Lotus of the Nile Green Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Teza
Messages: Orbit
Inspiration: Orbit, Saria

Clutching Message:
Quarith pauses for a moment, settling her head upon her forepaws with a
weary — but still sweet — croon. The pause is only momentary; soon
enough, her flanks begin to ripple rhythmically, honey-hued hide straining
with nature's timelessness. As timeless as that birthing, another sweet-topped
egg makes its way onto the sands, bursting with every delicacy known to man.
Sundae-treats notwithstanding, Everything But The… Egg has just that:

Everything But The… Egg
The surface of this smaller-than-normal egg appears to have large bumps
forming on its outer shell, the pure cream of vanilla and dark brown of
chocolate swirling, pausing in places, allowing other features to show
through - dark and light brown, chunks of chewy toffee; smooth, white
chocolate and crispy bits of peanut butter cups peek to the surface while
hearty chocolate almonds settle lightly on the surface. A certain murky
grayness surrounds the candy, adding depth to the toppings on this sundae.
Almost good enough to eat, this egg has everything but the spoon.

Hatching Message:
Everything But The… Egg shifts in the sands, a slow wiggle as it topples
over into a different spot, rolling over until it finally settles into a
hollow of sand. A chunk of chocolate shell drops from the side of the
egg, perhaps chipped off in it's small journey to the it's new resting
place? The bit of shell that rests upon ebony sands is soon joined by
another, this time a flake of vanilla, then another bit of toffee hued
shell. Yet another and another fall to the sands, the egg finally
bursting in a sudden torrent of shell, revealing it's occupant: Lotus of
the Nile Green Dragonet.

Lotus of the Nile Green Dragonet
Sun-chased citrus coils teasingly upwards along the curve of a slender
snout, branching over eyeridges colored the intense green of spring grass;
faceted eyes flash coyly, ever-changing gems set against a backdrop of
eye-rending emerald. Warmth seeps along shapely wings, dripping along
delicate wing spars; lemon's bright touch adds a swirl to wing sails
fragile to the point of translucence, pale green jade shaped by a Master's
touch and kissed with a subtle shimmer of gold. Shapely and lithe,
sensuously curved neck and tail lead the eye to assuming a greater length
than the green possessives, a decided trimness marking all her features.

Impression Message:
Lotus of the Nile Green Dragonet makes her way across the sands,
investigating first one, then another white robed candidate, finding none
to her liking. She lifts her head up and turns it from side to side,
looking, seeking, finally eye contact is made. She presses forward,
lifting her head to nudge oh so gently at the emerald eyed candidate
standing before her, tail lashing as she chooses her one, her only, her

Personal Impression Message:
The scent of rich flowers on a warm summer night drifts through your mind,
wrapping you up tightly, exploring a moment, then releasing you. A
shimmer of gold swirls throughout, painting your mind in luxurious
landscapes of desert golds and turquoise nile, until finally a low, soft,
almost purring voice speaks, « Well… hello there. I am Fiareth, and I
think that you are mine. »


Name Inspiration:
Fiareth, from the italian for flower, fiore. Fiareth is based off
Cleopatra, the flower of Egypt, the lotus of the Nile. I had to find the
perfect name for her, a very feminine name, a seductive, sultry name. I
enjoy using different languages to find different words and sounds, it
gives me ideas. I especially enjoy italian, I believe it has a very
musical sound, so I typed in a few different words. Fiore just caught my
eye, turning almost instantly (with a bit of thought) into Fiareth.
Delicate, feminine. Perfect for Cleopatra. I like to pronounce it
Feee-AH-reth, or it could be pronounced Fee-ARE-eth, or even, FEE-ah-reth,
however it sounds perfect for you.

Egg Inspiration:
Ice Cream, what else? That oh-so-yummy Ben and Jerry's that is the woe of
dieters everywhere.

Description Inspiration:
Fiareth's description is based off of what you asked for in your dragon
questionaire. Eye blindingly bright, nimble, light, quick. All this was
taken from what you suggested, in order to attempt to bring the dragon of
your dreams to life.

Mind Voice:
Fiareth's mind voice is soft, sultry, she speaks very slowly with just a
hint of a southern accent. She has a low alto voice, all the better to
purr quietly in your ear, seductively, softly, occasionally even
soothingly. Her mindscent is rich if the fragrence of flowers, heady
gardenia, roses and jasmine. They mix together to form an intoxicating
aroma in your mind, the scent lingering even after she is done speaking, a
constant reminder of her presence within your mind. When she speaks, the
richest hues of deep burgundies, golds, jades, sapphire blues, all swirl
within your head, occasionally touched by pristine white and desert tan.

Fiareth is, in most respects, the light flower her name implies. Her body
is small but not thin or wiry - like Cleopatra, she's got curves in all the
right places. Her movements on ground and in air will ever be light,
agile, ladylike and sensuous. Lemon-gold touches on her wingsails lend her
a luminescence in flight when touched by sun or moon, and a tail that
appears, to the eye, longer than it actually is gives her a catlike
fluidity as she moves. Her tail is be expressive, flirtatious,
tantalizing, and an essential part of all her movements - one minute
curling demurely around legs as she gives a coy tilt of her head to a
passing bronze, the next moment flicking out behind her as she tosses her
head back and sniffs peremptorily at /that/ blue. Her neck is also a great
expressor of her feelings, arched flirtatiously or extended to its' utmost
in curiosity as her slender muzzle pokes toward a new smell, sound or
taste. Her delicate appearance masks a hidden strength, though - she's
blessed with a hardy constitution, great endurance and stamina that will
make her mating flights and battling Thread long, involved and (perhaps
more for you than for her!) arduous endeavours.


"If it be love indeed, tell me how much."

Fiareth will be a needy dragon; there's no denying it. She'll want to be
cosseted by you, insisting on your scratching that most itchy spot right
then and there. « /There/, E'an.. no, a bit farther down..ah. There.
More oil, if you please. » She wants to be pampered, petted, told and
shown how much you love her and are devoted to her. Being her lifemate,
this won't be that much of a problem - but on her demanding days,
especially when proddy, she'll insist on specifics. Any weyrmate you have
will have to be quite the understanding person on those days, most days,
actually. Fiareth will always demand to come first with you in anything
and everything, even moreso if you have someone extra actually living there
with the two of you. Anything distasteful to her will be absolutely out of
bounds. Fortunately for you, she'll at least give you a guide as to what
she wants, so you've got a pattern to follow. « I want to hunt /now/ and
bathe /after/, E'an. Otherwise I will get all dusty again! But you must
get me some of that special oil that Alishath's rider gave you, not the
regular kind the Weyrlingmaster gave you. »

"Then was the time for words: no going then;
Eternity was in our lips and eyes,
Bliss in our brows' bent; none our parts so poor"

Words, words, words.. oops! Wrong Shakespeare play. Sorry! ….Fiareth
will love to talk with you, and could be quite a chatterbox, full of
questions like a child in the phase where "Why?" is the favorite response
to any statement expressed to them. In fact, she may be so chatty with you
at times that you'll find yourself hearing double if trying to converse
with another human friend. You may have to ask her to wait.. » 'Reth,
love, I'm talking to Castaliath's rider now. Just a moment.. « She may
be indignant, but not for long .. her desire for attention is too great,
and soon she'll be back to her merry patter. She wants to know you deeply
and intimately, and may tend to overanalyze a bit in her zeal to understand
every ounce of your being and the meanings of all your feelings. It'll be
nigh on impossible for you to keep anything from her for this reason, for
your link is quite deep. You might find that it's nigh impossible for you
to keep anything from Ista Weyr!
It isn't that Fiareth is a gossip, exactly, she just
chatters away at everyone else's dragons too, telling them anything and
everything that pops up into her head. « Oh Ivrylth, you should have
seen E'an when he almost fell off the ledge this morning completely
naked, I was so scared.. Does your rider ever do stuff like that?»

"And all the gods go with you! upon your sword
Sit laurel victory! and smooth success
Be strew'd before your feet!"

In flight and Threadfall alike, Fiareth will be a singularly determined
green. Her stubbornness may make for some difficulty, for true to her
instinct, she loves to fight and destroy Thread, and she loves being
airborne. This may make it hard for you to convince her that she needs to
rest, for she will desire to fight Thread from leading edge to trailing,
right to the bitter end. She'll fly hard, and fast, and without complaint.
Her ever-so-lithe body will be sensuous, graceful, and nimble both in the
air and on the ground, and she can turn on a mark (dime?) without even
batting an eyelid. This agility is instinctive, and will serve her well,
as long as she doesn't get too cocky about her prowess at flight - for she
does *know* how lovely, and skilled, she is at doing what she does. If
injured, she'll be hard-pressed to stay within an invalid ground weyr, the
instinct in her to fly Fall is so strong, and she'll be a handful for even
the most experienced dragonhealer, even despite your presence.

"My salad days,
When I was green in judgment.."

Fiareth has an opinion on everything and everyone around her, and she's
quick to whisper it in your ear in her most secretive tone. She is capable
of being *almost* malicious, at times, with her gossipy whispers, but never
intends to hurt feelings. She'll mostly keep it between you and herself,
but occasionally, her idle tongue might slip a bit and say too much. If
so, she won't deny it, but will be quick to smooth her error over with a
few softly drawled words to the offended party.

"Give me some music; music, moody food
Of us that trade in love."

Fiareth will be drawn to music like a moth to a flame. She enjoys being
entertained as much as she enjoys being a-wing, and you may find that in
order to feed her desire you arrive at harper concerts and gathers more
often, and that she may dally longer than most dragons before retiring to
the fireheights to rest and wait (sometimes impatiently) for you. She will
enjoy singing along, and you might find that while you're listening to
music, she may be humming, thrumming, crooning or warbling along, either
within your mind or aloud. This could make for a few embarrassing

Fiareth. The harper is giving me sour looks again. You really must

stop that for at least a little while. «
« But E'an! It's so lovely! If I stop now, will you sing it to me again
when we return to our weyr? »

Fiareth will tend to go proddy almost instantly, giving almost no warning.
One minute she'll be the normal flirty Fiareth, the next minute you'll have
to pull her off of the male dragons. Well… maybe the reason there's
almost no warning is that Fiareth acts almost perminantly proddy, even when
she isn't proddy. Your best clue will be the sudden increase in the
southern accent in her mind voice, as it substantially deepens, and also
the fact that she glows, like a traffic flare. Your normally eye blinding
green will almost literally provide reading light when she goes proddy.
Once she actually decides to go up, she'll blood the animals quickly, then
take to the air for a fast and furious time, where only the quickest and
most nimble dragons will catch her, most likely blues.

Egan's green Fiareth
Harper's Tale: 29th PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Saria's gold Quarith and T'rell's bronze Sejith
Sunday, April 29, 2001

N'ano's bronze Bydelth, Lib's green Alishath, Hannah's gold Dhiammarath,
Izz'y's blue Nuadayth, Khaye's brown Itazurath, Yla's green Castaliath,
Tstar's green Elbareth, Sorcen's brown Neolyth, Jozzie's blue Riyth, and
Naomi's green Kaith.

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