Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that Febanteurigith is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. – M’er

Dragon: Febanteurigith
Color: Brown
Name: M’er
Egg: Shall We Dance Egg
Egg Desc: B’ane
Dragonet: Not So Noble Steed Brown Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: M’er
Messages: M’er
Inspiration: M’er; Hannah tweak

Clutching Pose
If there ever was a time to unleash a burden, it is now. Quarith squeezes her wings to her side, choosing a direct spot that has not yet been littered with the presence of dragon eggs. Crouching, as if about to spring onto an assailant, she snorts heavily at the price she has to pay for this titan-sphere. Forepaws clench at the scalding sand that sifts through her claws like tiny rivulets and the I Stand Alone Egg is dropped into its new environment. The mother looks at her creation with a sharp glance, glad that she is finally free of it. Now Fate is the one that has to deal with it.

Egg Description:
I Stand Alone Egg
Eggs are not supposed to be this large, nor should they hide so much
seemingly dangerous intent. It does not stand, it /looms/. Dirty colors are found here, but they have not melded. No, the wind-hardened caramel that makes up a very small portion is flanked and swathed in cosmos black. An assassin's cloak makes it a child of the night, but on the mounds of fine-grained basalt, it seems like it is merely a dune that lies in waiting. Who knows what, or who, lies within. A small red patch, the size of a dime, banishes the darkness for a time, the hard indifference of a ruby, or the warmth of a heart. This ovoid exists far from its brethren, it's only comfort the grains of sand and the murderous heat. It does not utter, whisper or imply, it /sings/ I Stand Alone.

Hatching Message
In a fit, I Stand Alone Egg lunges to the side, bits and pieces of shell falling here and there. Soon, a dusty muzzle appears, allowing wide nostrils to take a breath. A pause, and then a brown hatchling bursts forth from the large egg.

Not So Noble Steed Brown Dragonet
Pale gray splatters a base dusty tawny like gentle rain on a desert plain that washes over his body. Sunlight gently touches and lightens the soft curves of his muzzle and lower jaw. The same color highlights his eyelids and chubby cheeks. Burnt umber darkens his blunt eyeridges and then sweeps upwards to deepen softened dorsal ridges. His skin lightens slightly along the underside of his thick neck, and flows down to the slight bulge of his belly. His stout limbs and rounded are the hue of mottled dust, and claws slightly off-white. Following the trend, his tail stump-like tail is tan and ecru. Unlike the rest of his, his wings are large and spindly, almost elegant. In color, they're a mud-smattered and dusky, allowing a break from the norm of the rest of his pudgy body.

Impression Message
Not So Noble Steed Brown Dragonet pauses in his search for the One. He throws his nose into the air and inhales, as if to sniff out his future lifemate. Suddenly caught by something, he dashes along a line of white-clad Candidates, and nearly trips as he comes to an abrupt stop in front of his favorite of them all: Drutoley.

Personal Impression Message
Sunlight weaves into your mind, rummaging quickly through your thoughts and memories. You suddenly feel thoughts that aren't yours, and here a deep chuckling. Hunger suddenly seers through your stomach. « You! » a voice shouts and dissipates back to quietness, as it pondering. « Dr'ey. I like you, » it then continues, « and I'm hungry. Will you feed me? Pleeease? » Another pause occurs, and then another thought settles into this new mind, « Oh, and my name is Febanteurigith. »


Name Inspiration
Febanteurigith is actually the shortened (believe it or not!) and tweaked version of two German words: Abenteuerlicher Feigling. It literally means 'adventurous coward' which, if you think about it, was exactly what Donkey was. I'm allowing you to come up with your own pronunciation, because I really don't want to type out all of the syllables. ;)

Egg Inspiration
I based this egg on Matthias from the action movie "The Scorpion King" whom is played by The Rock. Matthias is an Acadian, a race known to be famed assassins. Now The Rock is a huge man six-foot five, 255 pounds and that's why I made the egg was so huge. As an assassin, you need a cloak and the red spot on the egg is a ruby (if you saw the movie, you'd recognize it). The tan portion is like the color of The Rock's complexion. The theme song of the movie is the song "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack. It's a great song to listen to.

Description Inspiration
Well, obviously, Donkey from Shrek. He's got the color and the short legs, and the slightly lighter muzzle, and of course, the big nostrils. Can't forget the big nostrils.

Febanteurigith's voice has quite the impressive range, sometimes a slow, calm baritone, yet sometimes a whining higher voice. And, boy, he does show the whole range very well, as it flucuates like his amount of fear or bravery towards certain things. The images with this change quite similarly, and it all resembles the weather quite nicely, both in unpredictableness and images portrayed. Sometimes, his voice in your mind will feel like a sunny day on the beach, yet sometimes like a chilly rain on a dreary day. Though always, towards you, it seems like the perfect day; sun, a slight breeze, and fluffy, friendly clouds above.

Febanteurigith is a pretty big brown, not only in length, but in girth. In fact, he's downright chubby. He's very round, and even his neckridges and eyeridges are smoother than other dragon's. He has pretty short legs, but that doesn't stop him from being able to move pretty fast on land when it's needed. Speaking of which, Febanteurigith is pretty slow, normally, almost lazy as he walks, unless frightened or feeling the need to protect his One (that's you.) Plus, he isn't all that graceful, but he doesn't often trip, so it's not that much of a problem. And let's not forget that galloping movement when he does get into motion.

His muzzle is rather rounded, and his headknobs are pretty blunt when compared to other dragons. This only seems to add to the chubby appearance.

However, his wings are quite different. They're a bit bigger than normal, and seem a bit stronger than the rest of his body, which would make sense; he has a little bit more weight to carry than most other dragons. This allows him to be a bit more graceful in air than on land ("I'm a flyin' talkin' donkey!")

In color, he's pale and mottled with a grayish color (You know, like Donkey's color, sorta) all over, except for his eyeridges and neckridges, which are darker, and his wings. His wings are more 'normal' brown, being soil and chocolate colored.

Definitely not quiet or humble in any way, Febanteurigith is one of the more vivacious dragons at the Weyr, totally shattering that image of a stoic brown. Certainly not afraid to say something, but this tends to make him often put his foot (paw?) in his mouth. Of course, he'd never say anything /mean/ — oh, no, especially to someone bigger than could actually cause some sort of harm to him. He isn't stupid, after all.

His favorite sentence has to be, "I need a hug." and he isn't afraid to use it on just about anyone, and he usually adds a bit of a draconic pout to it, to make him seem all the more pitiful and hug-deserving. In fact, he'll use this on female dragons, both green and gold, which may or may not end in a good way.

Of course, no one can compare to you; you feed him, you bathe him, you oil him, and you even protect him, though he's very liable to take credit for scaring off any bad guys. Speaking of which, he's actually quite adventurous, and will usually beg you to take him out flying or even just a stroll somewhere, especially places you've never been. Don't be surprised if you suddenly hear a, « Dr'eeeey! Help! » though. For his sense of adventure, he isn't all that brave.

Any other time, Febanteurigith would be perfectly fine with talking and even flirting with a female, but during that glowiness, he'll be shy and quiet. Oh, don't doubt that he'll chase those girls, but he wasn't be lavish with praise and adoration as the other dragons may be.

But fear not, once in air, he's quite fast and tenacious. Perhaps not the most agile, but he moves rather easily after those glowing greens and golds, and he even has a sort of appealing cute charm, to boot.

Drutoley’s brown Febanteurigith
Harper's Tale: 35th PC Clutch Ista Weyr
Saria's gold Quarith and G'deon's bronze Nylanth
April 27, 2003
Clutchmates: Rhaeyn’s bronze Akamieth, Thistia’s blue Aeokiath, Ozeunzi’s brown Beniodyth, Kaefe's Brown Tanzheth, P'renn's brown Cinestioth, Ajala’s green Myrrheth, Khristeen’s green Imacinth

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