Search FAQ

Q: I want to get Searched! How do I do this?
A: Of course you do! What you'll need to do first is make sure your character is eligible. On Harper's Tale, please read 'help Search' and all the appropriate files under it. Next, @send your area's staff to get permission. Some areas and crafts have quotas with a limit to the numbers of people that can be Searched. If you are already resident of Ista Weyr, you do not need permission.

Q: My character is eligible and I have permission. What now?
A: Fill out an application. Details on how to apply will be shared via the *Announcements mailer on Harper's Tale.

Q: I currently have a rider on HT. Can I try for a second?
A: Yes. As of 2006 each person can have up to two dragonrider characters. However, each Weyr may have different qualifications. Please read "help iw second impression" and "help iw second rider." If you already have two rider characters, then you are at your limit and may not apply for any more.

Q: What is the application for?
A: The application is your chance to introduce your character to SearchCo, and to explain what you're looking for in candidacy and a possible impression.

Q: I still want to get Searched! Tell me more.
A: Have you filled out the application? If you have, you'll need to be in a public place and available or already RPing. Riders can't Search you if you're in a place where they can't go.

Q: I've been Searched! Now what?
A: Congratulations, you're now a candidate! You'll need to fill out at least one more application down the road. You may also have an interview so SearchCo can chat with you and ask questions that don't show up on the application. Don't worry, this is normal. Lastly: RP, RP, RP! Try to gain as much as possible. It'll help you, other Ista residents and Search Co. get to know your character. For more information, see the page about Candidates.

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