Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he or she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. – Naomi and Hannah

Dragon: Esmeyath
Color: Green
Name: Naomi
Egg: Biting Autumn Morning Egg
Egg Desc: Yla
Dragonet: Daughter of Bast Green Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Hannah; Naomi tweak
Messages: Naomi, Hannah, Yla; Hannah tweak
Inspiration: Naomi; Hannah tweak

Clutching Message:

Dhiammarath almost shivers as her next egg makes its appearance, rolling once on its long side before coming to a halt in the sands. Biting Autumn Morning Egg looks almost cold among the other eggs, and you might need mittens if you're around it too long.

Biting Autumn Morning Egg

Russet, auburn and darkly shaded orange adorns the surface of this egg, dappled as leaves discarded from trees are as they lie upon the ground, the edges of their shapes so crisp they might almost crunch if one were to touch them. Soft grey tendrils wrap around the egg, their source unseen, perhaps from somewhere under the layers of dappled autumnal colours, and dominate the ovoid's surface with its tantalizingly smoky hue. Along the edges of those leaves, icy white is sprinkled upon them, chilling the egg to a biting cold so out of place on the burning sands, and stings the senses. Combining with the just-detectable smokiness, it forms a uniquely seasonal combination.

Hatching Message:

Biting Autumn Morning Egg seems to heave on the sands, swaying forward in its space as its inhabitant applies pressure from within. A faint cracking noise breaks the tranquility surrounding the egg, hairline splits weaving out between the earthy tones dappled on its surface. Another heave follows, stronger than the previous, and the egg relents at last to the force of its occupant. Pieces of shell, as leaves from trees, fall to the sands, revealing the hatchling previously hidden inside.

Daughter of Bast Green Dragonet

Rich ebony mixes with forest greens, giving rise to the darkness that colors her wedge-shaped head, spilling along her throat and wrapping around to color the back. Lighter, but still dark, green curls itself in the tendrils of the ebony-green to trace the contours of wingsails, ending in the faintest drops of gold at the tip of each wing. Quickness of color races across the verdant landscape to wrap itself around her the tail, mixing dark and lighter green into the harmony of dark and light. Feet are dipped in such a dark jade as to appear almost purely black, while the faintest twinge of ruby colors the tips of her toes. White-gold glitters along the tops of headknobs, curling to give the shadowed green a glimmering appearance.

Impression Message:

Daughter of Bast Green Dragonet lifts her head to view the assembled white-clad ones, moving further from her sire and dam in search of her own among them. A soft rumble is emitted to them, reminiscent more of a purr than a growl, as she plods deep into the throng. Carelessly, she passes by candidate after candidate, now quite determined in her quest. But before long, she stops, gaze centered on a redheaded StarCrafter of just the right spirit for her. Eyes whirl with a contented blue, as she’s found /her/ match: Zella.

Personal Impression Message:

Slowly at first, fine grains of sand begin to billow into your mind, bringing with it the dry, gusty heat of the day. A light tinkling follows the wake of the sandstorm in your mind, bringing with it a gentle purr that vibrates the very center of your Self. « Zella. » Dignified, the deep alto rumbles through your thoughts. « I am Esmeyath. We are together, finally. » Retreating enough that your senses are regained, yet still entwined in your very being. « Us. Always. » is the final, dignified comment.


Name Inspiration:

Well, you asked for a Spanish name, and we do aim to please! I looked up a name dictionary, went through it looking at the names with Spanish origins, and then picked the ones who seemed to fit your dragon’s personality best. After that, it was just a matter of putting them together into the perfect name for you. The result: Esmeyath! It’s derived from ‘Esmeralda’ (meaning emerald, I don’t think I need to explain that one) and ‘Leya’ (meaning loyalty, of which she has an endless supply). It had a feminine ring to it that seemed fitting, while still keeping a Spanish-y sound. I’ve been pronouncing it ez-MAY-ahth, though you could just as easily come up with another pronunciation.

Egg Inspiration:

I was walking across campus in the middle of November, and the scent that filled the air was that of burning leaves, and the characteristic cold sting of the air. And all I could think of was, 'this is how you know autumn's arrived'. I love that time of year, when the air is crisp and the leaves turn lovely and rich burnt colours. And that's where the inspiration for this egg came from.

Description Inspiration:

You wanted dark, and you got it! Your Esmeyath is unusually dark in color. While she is large in size — in fact, she will be the largest green among her clutchmates — she is not cumbersomely so. In every movement there is grace and femininity. The slightest movement is grace embodied, making it a wonder to watch her. She inherited a bit of coloring from her dam, though one can't see it unless the right light hits her darkened hide. Yet, when the rays of light do strike her hide at just the right angle, the faint presence of dark jewel coloring can be seen. Esmeyath is truly her mother's dark daughter, an attribute that is unique to Esmeyath, for no other of her clutchmates are colored quite the same.

Mind Voice:

Subtlety. She never shouts, never cries, never even whines; and when she tries, it still seems muted. It’s not that her nature to raise her volume, instead allowing her thoughts to blend into yours in such a gentle and inconspicuous way that you may well find yourself accepting them as your own. Her voice seems to tremble somewhat, almost like she’s purring as she says it, and she tends to speak a little bit slower than is absolutely necessary.

Her mind voice exudes warmth and protection, but at the same time, passion. Imagine the feel of velvet against your bare skin, for this will be how her mind voice feels against your innermost thoughts. She never fails to captivate an audience, be it another dragon or her lifemate, when she’s telling a story. Red is the predominant color in her tone: a color of excitement, of action, and of determination; not a color of anger. It carries with it a faint, dry heat, much like a desert. It’s calm and comfortable, but never dull.

When proddy, the dominant color changes to a butter, sandy gold that is scorched with the reds of her mind. Fierce and strong, it is quite unlike the norm. This is the voice that gains the attention of those around her.


Imagine the hot, dry deserts of Egypt. Imagine again, putting yourself back in ancient times when the Egyptians would bow before the shrine set before the Goddess Bast. Her scent is faintly cloying at times, but light. Never musky nor heavy; instead it is compelling and full of the scents of ancient times. Dusty pyramids, dim corners, the faintest whiff of the river Nile, all of these are mingled together to give your lifemate such a unique scent.

When proddy, her natural scent doesn’t change, but rather becomes stronger. She is exotic, yet feminine. Not so exotic as to seem out of place, but exotic enough that sets her apart from even her clutchsibs.


As was mentioned before, you’ve got yourself a big dragon. She’ll be the largest of the clutch from very early on, simply growing at a faster rate than her clutch siblings. The size might make for awkward movement at first, but she’ll soon adapt to her added bulk and take on a grace that’s simply unbeatable, even by a smaller dragon. She’s very dark, to the point that she might receive a few odd looks, but it’s all part of that uniqueness she enjoys.

Being so large is again attributed to the fact that her mother is large herself. Even in this, her physical form is so remarkably like Dhiammarath’s, yet with quirks that are all her own. Being the largest green in her clutch, and one of the largest greens of Ista Weyr, will not give her an arrogant demeanor. In fact, while you may notice this interesting fact, she will not. « I am just me, dear. » But her largess will be you’re bane, for she’ll want you to wash her and clean her, all the while she’s growing like a weed. Despite her size, she’ll demand that you keep her clean, for she is a /lady/.


The original inspiration for Esmeyath was the Egyptian goddess, Bast. She was the goddess of a whole lot, actually, but most importantly, the home and the arts. She’s depicted as a beautiful young woman with a cat’s head, and commonly associated with domestic cats. She was described as a benevolent goddess, however, she acted as the instrument of the sun god’s vengeance, taking on the war-like aspect of a lioness.

Esmeyath, like Bast, has many cat-like qualities, and has a harsher side when it’s necessary. She’s as carefree as they come 99% of the time, but she’s got a strong sense of the necessary – i.e. she knows when to buckle down and work! She loves Zella unconditionally, but that doesn’t mean she’ll keep quiet all the time. She’s got a dominating personality, which might prove interesting when she disagrees with Ze. She’ll never raise her voice or throw a tantrum; rather, she’ll use tact, logic, and an irresistible personality to fend off any arguments that might get thrown her way.

On the off chance that Zella should win one of said arguments, she won’t hold a grudge. She’s very positive, all in all, and finds anything not so as a waste of time. When the other young dragons complain about their wing exercises, she’ll be the one to step up and seep some optimism into the conversation. « You know that if we do it all well now, they won’t make us do it again later, don’t you? We’ll have more time to have fun! »

And that’s one thing she’s always going to be good at: fun. She’s laid back, and when the work of the day is done, she’ll still have the energy to go out and find some action. She’s going to encourage Ze’s adventurous spirit and most likely keep the poor newly-made greenrider up all night. (Not that Zella won’t enjoy every minute of it…)

She’s a complement for Zella’s personality, but with just the right amount of edge to keep her from getting out of line. Whatever happens, the two will have one another, and there will never be a dull moment!

She has some quirks in her. Esmeyath is very picky about her food. In the beginning, she’ll want you to cut it into /round/ chunks rather than just chopping up her food into random chunks of unorderly meat.

Her hide will gleam like the darkest of well-kept emeralds, mostly because she demands this of you. A little fussy in getting dirty, she’ll eventually grow out of her scorn of dirt. Yet after a day of Fall, you will not be able to rest until you’ve given your green some attention; some tender loving care in making that hide beautiful again.


Whoo, boy. Well, while not a vain sort, per se, Esmeyath knows she’s desirable. She’s not one to lack in confidence, and, when proddy, she doesn’t let anybody forget it. She’ll likely have many would-be suitors, and will never turn them down until the time comes that she absolutely must make a choice. She’ll flirt, yes, and she’ll show an aggressive side to those blues, browns, and bronzes who happen to miss the subtler gestures of her interest. It’s the only time she might seem pushy or overbearing, but with the added sweetness of her attitude and overall pleasant attitude she sports, there’s no way they’ll hold it against her.

In the flight, itself, she’ll give those boys a workout. She’s a large green, which means she’ll probably have a bit more stamina than the average green, while still keeping the maneuverability that comes with her color. Intricate, weaving paths are not beneath her, and neither is goading on the chasers as she flies circles around them all. It’s quite likely, too, that she won’t be one of those females who gives up in the end to the most able male. She has too much fun leading them all on to give in; and, likely, she’ll prefer leaving it up to the males to make her decision for her.


Since she’s such a large green that she’ll physically be able to handle flying longer than average. She’s still a green and will not be able to last a full fall, yet she has a massive oasis of stamina that does her a credit to her color. Esmayeth will be very accurate during a Fall, a tribute to all those ‘practice’ lessons she’ll have you do in your weyr. « No, dear, I should turn /this/ way if there was a thread coming at me from that direction». As a perfectionist, she’ll rarely miss that clump of thread, but when she does.. beware of having an irritated lifemate on your hands. Failing is not a concept she makes herself close to.


Zella's green Esmeyath
Harper's Tale: 31st PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Hannah's gold Dhiammarath and R’ley’s bronze Tynabith
December 15, 2001


D'baji's Bronze Nverath, Ny’s Green Rionath, Yulianna’s Gold Miyakath, M'er’s Green Suith, R'ian’s Bronze Bralath, Kia’s Blue Valanth, Kazra's Gren Xylyth , J'den’s Bronze Heliuth, B'ane’s Bronze Aboleoth


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