Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr, Ki’ar!! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just
a guideline for how to play your dragon. You don’t have to follow it to the letter, because ultimately this blue dragon is /yours/. Kazra, Minka and K’rru have put many fun hours into the creation of your dragon and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own signature way! Wooh!!

~~~~* VITAL STATS*~~~~

Dragon: Emianth
Color: Blue
Name: K'rru, Kazra & Minka tweak
Egg: Fried Ice Cream Egg
Egg Desc: Pippa
Dragonet: East-Meets-West Blue Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: K'rru. Minka & Kazra tweaks.
Messages: Kazra & K'rru, Minka tweak
Inspiration: Minka, Kazra and K'rru

~~~~~**MESSAGES & DESCS**~~~~~

Clutching Message:

Jeyth pauses for a moment in her laying, whirling eyes studying the heat waves
that rise off the shimmering sands. Carefully, she positions herself just so,
and out of the frying pan, into the fire, comes Fried Ice Cream Egg.

Fried Ice Cream Egg

Cinnamon and sugar, flecks of red cinnabar and crystalline white lavish generous
attention upon the burgeoning curve of this smaller egg. Tempting sprinkles are
but a sweet addition to the otherwise rough shell coating. Deep-fried golden
brown covers near to the entirety of the egg with a crispy cookie-crumb coating of delicate caramel. A flaw in the shell coloring cuts a jagged trail along the wide curve, leaving a virgin white gloss to breach the casing and melt down in a milky cream pool along the base.

Hatching Message:

The Fried Ice Cream egg doesn't seem to shatter or crackle…instead it sort of
oooozes apart, first from the top where a muzzle of cerulean blue appears. Then
in one smooth movement there seems to be no shell left at all, instead leaving a
blue dragonet shaking himself gently to and fro.

East Meets West Blue Dragonet

Light meets dark, east meets west, this dragonet is a fusion of colour and shape where richness is flavoured with delicate lightness. Oriental lines trace his
sinuous body-longer, leaner, finer than most of his blue brethren. From afar
he's glazed in a deep cerulean, almost reflectively glossy at some points- there
over his almond-esque eyes, and again where his headknobs seem even darker
cobalt. But closer to this supine dragon, is where you notice the light and
shade to that undertone of his hide- delicate karakusa vines in indigo wind and
wend their way down his surprisingly lengthy neck, twisting and tumbling over
neckridges –their tips blended with miso misted blues and sake-sheen. His tail
is a whipcord, forked tail stained in that glossy cerulean. Against that rich,
deep blue of his body though, comes a flash of brightness against the darkness.
Feathery-fine wings, where his hide is tempered by blue-ginger china wingbones
that stretch the sails of hirado and blue pearl.

Impression Message:

East-Meets-West Blue Dragonet delicately makes his way across the sand. He
sidesteps the broken shell of his sister, ducking past her as she flaps about
with his almond-eyes whirling. Where is the one whose flavour matches his
perfectly? Where is one like him? He ignores one tall candidate, flickers his
pearl-blue wings past another and then he spies the one-the same light and dark as him! He confidently comes to a stop in front of Kirar and leans in to nuzzle him with his dark-glazed snout.

Personal Impression Message:

It’s not a sound, not quite, it’s not a feeling either. Instead it's a delicately
gentle wash of flavour that sneaks up behind you, starting to warm your belly
and tickle your tongue. «We are One» a subtle voice-smooth and charming
overwhelms your mind, bringing with it a hint of spicey heat with it «Ki'ar, we
are in fusion. The ying to my yang, the east to my west, the sake to my sushi…»
The heat fades out with a blue-ginger chuckle «I am Emianth and is there
anything decent to eat around here?».


Name Inspiration:

Emianth. ~~~~~ Em-EE-anth. OR Em-EE-Ahnth

Your blue dragon’s name reflects his overall theme- it's a "fusion" of eastern and western words. His name is meant to remind us of east-west fusion cuisine- food that’s typically gentle, nothing harsh (which means no hard-sounding letter combos) and definitely not fussy at all. It rolls off the tongue and is easy to say!

So we combined east and west- the “Em” comes from Christophe Eme, a famous French chef (oh la la!) and the “Ian” comes from the chinese term Xiang which can mean “to soar”. Ultimately though, we thought it sounded nice and sophisticated and just plain liked it!

Egg Inspiration:

I haven't had this in ages, but I've always loved it. Fried ice cream is where
they super cool the ice cream and then cover it in a coating of tempura or
cookie crumbs, and deep fry it for a short amount of time. Often enough it is
sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar for some extra goodness

Description Inspiration:

Our theme for this clutch was "cuisines" and when we started thinking of
something which would give dark vs light colouring, what came to mind was East Meets West fusion cuisine that is so popular these days. Chefs like Ming Tsai, Tetsuya and Masaharu Morimoto all epitomise this cuisine. So you will see that interplay in his physicality- he is almost delicate, fine boned, much like
oriental food but he is larger than most of his blue brothers- longer and leaner
like traditional Eastern dragons. You'll see some eastern inspired shadings like
miso and sake and his hide is glossy- think Japanese glazewear. As you
requested, his wings are much lighter than the rest of him- pearlised and hirado
(a colour from oriental ceramics).

Mind Voice:

As you can probably tell, Emianth has a mindvoice not like most other dragons.
He does not describe in shape and sound, rather preferring to use colour,
texture and flavour to speak to you. With you, he's quite confident- he knows
that you are just an extension of him and vice versa, so he'll use more spice,
more punchier flavours, more heavy textures with you. There's even a slight
French-lilt to the way he rolls words from his tongue.

He can with you, get a bit demanding diva-like at times, just as any Chef can.
Then his mindvoice will be just all flavour (typically something soy-salty or
sake-sharp to get your attention) that completely overwhelms all your senses
until you can calm him down enough to tell you what he wants. When he's
irritated though, the acrid smell of a pan left too long on the stove, or too
long dirty dishes will be present.

Emianth though is not as confident amongst other dragons, he's sort of shy and
refined. You'll be able to notice how his mindvoice is more subtle-there might
be less warmth, more simple "flavours" to how he speaks to them. Anyway, they
wouldn't get it like you do, if he showed them what he really thought!


You asked for your dragon to have light and dark colouring and also to be a bit
bigger than your average blue. Emianth is just that- he's not showy-big though,
no bulging muscles and oversized wings. He's larger in a leaner, longer sense,
he's still delicately boned and refined in shape. Some people might not even
notice his size until he's standing next to another blue because he's not out of
proportion- his tail will simply reach further, and his wings will clearly in
flight be much wider.

That brings us to his wings. Of course, they are his pride and joy, and he'll
often ask you to polish them, care for them, rub a bit more oil into them.

« It’s supposed to be –pearly-, Ki'ar, not dull and drab. More oil, please! »

And you'll probably quickly come to realise that when he's obsessing about his
wingsails, that indicates he's trying to impress someone he likes- be it his
weyrlingmaster, wingleader or a pretty green proddy dragon.
« Ki'ar, they are my signature after all. More oil! »


Emianth is of the firm opinion that riders take themselves too serious, and that
its his job to bring them down to earth. And as you are his rider, that means
that you're likely to bear the brunt of his jokes. A casual tail left where you
might trip over it, a pile of herdbeast offal in your shoes, a pair of your
underpants displayed from his tail, if its even mildly humerous, Emianth will
try it.

He's mildly awful at keeping secrets though. His neck will twitch in
anticipation, ridges shivering. And when you, or any other rider is close to
discovering his little surprise, his tail tip twitches rhythmically back and
forward.Learn the telltales, and the surprises may be avoided. Emianth won't be
annoyed if his plans don't work, after all, it just proves that his rider is one
of the sharpest in the Weyr!

When it comes to work though, he's all seriousness. Thread may be in the past
now, but as sure as he's a dragon, Emianth knows that it will be back, and that
he has to be ready for it. He'll be prompt for drills and training (dragging you
out if he has to), and will always make sure to finish one job before starting
the next. Work before pleasure.


On the ground, he's a shyish blue, awkward in his dealings with greens and
golds, a real sort of bachelor dragon. But when he falls, he falls hard (as he
will during every green flight!)

In the air in flight some of that gentle French romance and charm comes to the
fore, leaving any shyness behind. Luckily, because he's larger than the average
blue, he'll catch more times than lose. His body is made for the chase- he's
long, lean, muscular and striking to look at! He'll show off those glorious
wings of his, catching the winds in order to display them to his best advantage.

When he catches, he'll hang around the green, bringing her presents (fish,
herdbeasts), enquiring if she's alright, trying to convince her to join him on
romantic "dates"- does she want to come on a flight with him over the ocean at
sunset? But as he's really just an awkward boy underneath, he'll tend to come on a bit too strong-so solicitous that the green nearly has to go between to avoid him, pushing him away.

Eventually he gets the hint (it may only take a day or two!)and so he returns to
his friends, vowing that greens are too much trouble and never to get involved
with one again, that is, until he wins the next flight.

Ki'ar's East-Meets-West Blue dragonet
Harper's Tale: 53rd PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Pippa's Gold Jeyth and Coora's brown Sidaaeth
Sunday, April 19th, 2009
Clutchmates: Takazyn and green Nymerith and Toba and bronze Tyroth

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