Quick Guide to Egg-Touchings!

(The current clutch of eggs can be found on this page.)

Egg touchings can be one of the most creative, interesting and interactive moments of a candidate's life, IC or OOC. When done properly, they can help influence the candidate's character development or the player's choices in eggs, dragons, and other such future things. They allow an interaction unique only to this type of event that you can't get from firelizards, their eggs, or even from dragons.

You probably know the drill. The clutchmother announces to her rider that she feels the eggs are hard enough to be out of the worst of the danger from inquisitive candidates. That rider then either engages the candidates directly or notifies those in charge of the candidates that sands visits are now permitted, provided ample supervision is available, and either the clutchmother or father are present (and awake and willing). Candidates are then ushered out onto the sands with their escorts to run their grubby little hands across eggs of their choice. Sometimes they get strong reactions, sometimes not.

Every egg is different. Every candidate is different. You do the math!


Candidates' Guide

Egg touchings are the incomplete dragonet's interaction with a candidate's mind, transmitted through contact with its. That means this only works if the candidate actually makes skin-to-shell contact. The scenes can last anywhere from one to two hours depending on the number of candidates and on SearchCo members' availability.

Candidates pose to a specific egg (using the egg's OOC name somewhere in their pose), and a member of SearchCo sends that candidate a private emit that only they will see. It's a lot of work, and usually one SearchCo member is trying to send these emits to at least two or three candidates, so please be patient! There are a lot more of you than there are of us. If you don't get anything at all, though, please ask about it on the candidate channel. Egg touchings can get rather spammy.

Please remember these are OOC egg names only. Dedanseth did not go around claiming she has a Grilled Cheese Sandwich egg. It seems silly to mention this here, but it's been known to happen.

Please don't hog any one egg. All eggs are equal opportunity! Please respect that. Two poses maximum at one egg, or expect to be shooed.

Please remember that egg touchings are a rare opportunity, and a privilege the clucthmother (and her rider) grant the candidates. It can be revoked at any time!

SearchCo's Guide

A team of escorts must be supervising any candidates on the sands. If it's just you, please have some NPCs there with you, or expect the clutchmother to do some aforementioned revoking.

So here's what you do once they're there! Those of us on Co who are going to help do the egg touching usually each claim a candidate or two once they're on the sands. We wait for that candidate to pose touching an egg (remind them to use the egg's name somewhere in their pose), then we use the 'em' command on feature #2787 to give that candidate a private emit that only they'll see.

What that emit is depends on your creativity and interpretation. Base it on the candidate, the egg description, whimsy… whatever you like! Just please keep it kind of vague. These are dragonets not fully formed who are simply reacting to the presence of another mind. They're not communicating. They're really not even dragonets yet until the very end. They don't have vivid imaginations, just sensations and possibly things they picked up or inherited from their clutchparents.

Usage: em Player with Message. So, I could type 'em Lanti with All llamas spit in your drink eventually.' What I would see on Lanti's screen is:

All llamas spit in your drink eventually.

Try it on yourself! Please remember to share your finished emit on the Search channel so we can get everything in the RP log, and please, please don't recycle your emits. Its tacky and rude. One of SearchCo's jobs is to make candidacy a unique and enjoyable event. For the candidates. ;) Thanks.

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