Egg Touching Again

[[logged by N'ano]]


Logfile from Nanoc

Hatching Grounds Entrance (#4385)

The imposing height of this tunnel is a mere shadow of the cavern beyond. Worn smooth by time and touch, the walls and floor reflect turns of passage by candidate and observer alike, dusted gently by a smattering of coarse black sand; heat and excitement are palpable here as well, cooled somewhat by the breeze that filters in from the bowl. Broad, shallow stairs sweep up to the galleries for more general observation, while a broad, lower tunnel leads towards the sands themselves.

Nyla, Relian, Serafa, and Naomi are here.

Obvious exits:

Sands Galleries Bowl

Serafa wipes sweaty palms along her leather-like trous, glancing to each of her fellow candidates in turn. "Hey" Is murmured quietly, Being pulled out of chores unexpectedly can do that to a girl, make her all nervous and wary. She hasnt been in trouble lately so it cant be that.

Whistling mingled with humming — and the occasional interspersed lyric or two to this strange song — are audible, in Naomi's voice, long before the greenrider herself appears. But appear, she does, swinging her hips and looking downright /jolly/. "Good day, Candidates! Guess what? You're allowed to go to see the eggs. I bet you know that, 'cause you're here. Anyhow. Let's get going, shall we? No loud noises, no kicking, screaming, fighting, kissing, etc. Behave. You know how it is. Try to touch as many eggs as you can, 'cause you want them all to get a feel for you." She clucks her tongue and looks to N'ano. "Here to help me out, are you? Or do you just want to see the eggs, too?"

Relian trots cheerfully through the entrance from the bowl, hands digging nonchalantly into his ever-necessary pockets; his expression is amused, but lazy, a certain lethargic manner taking hold somewhere between eyebrows and lips. "Egg touching, woo," he observes, decisively. It sounds a peculiar word to come from his lips, but at this particular point, he doesn't much notice. "Hey, Seffy." He blinks vaguely at Naomi, peering thoughtfully, but nods. Firmly. "All right."

Z'diah cartwheels in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Z'diah cartwheels up into the galleries.

N'ano grins mischievously, intertwining his fingers behind his back as he rolls lightly on his heals "Oh, y'know… I've gotten bored with Byd—thought I'd try for a new dragon… he's gettin' old and laggy," he chuckles, shaking his head "Yeah, I'm here to help ya babysit."

Nyla doesn't know that. She's not quite with it today, having been pulled alongside a few other of the candidates and whilst the majority of them mingled, she merely followed and.. arrived here. Odd. Hair is brushed back in an attempt to neaten it somewhat, and the girl blinks a few times before shuffling 'wards Naomi and giving her a nod. "Right then." She's caught on.

Naomi bounces onto the hatching sands.

Hatching Grounds BROADCASTING (#4321)

The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered no even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified. Latest clutch dominates the view — a veritable garden of eggs. Somber Myrrh Egg is watched over carefully by it's golden mother, who allows none near her newly laid golden egg. Every sound resounds twicefold as loud as was intended.

Gold Dhiammarath and bronze Tynabith are here.

You see English Country Garden Egg, Exotic Spices of India Egg, Bakery Fragrance Egg, Heady Incense Egg, Fruit of the Loom Egg, Biting Autumn Morning Egg, OO! So Hot n' Spicy Egg, Feeding Time at the Zoo Egg, Sunwarmed Olive Oil with Za'atar Egg, Herbal Essences Egg, Sour Milk Egg, Mornin' Cup o'Klah Egg, Fruit Gone Rancid Egg, Heavenly Frankincense Egg, and Somber Myrrh Egg here.

Hannah and Naomi are here.

Obvious exits:


Relian traipses easily out onto the sands.

Nyla sparkles out onto the sands.

Serafa slinks out onto the sands.

A wince is displayed upon Relian's face, as his footsteps carry him onto the sands. "Hotter then last time," he decides, glancing about his fellow candidates with a decisive nod. "I suppose that's supposed to happen." He's less certain in picking out an egg to touch: he visibly avoids the Bakery Fragrance Egg, ending up, instead, by the English Country Garden, upon which he lays his hands with something slightly less than reverence.

Toliey bounces out onto the sands.

Dhiammarath watches, this time a little off of her normal center, permitting a glimps of the melencholy gold of the Somber Myrrh Egg and it's commpanion to be visible from most points on the sands. Her long body still blocks access, as one eye follows the encroach of candidates onto her sands.

Serafa makes her way out into the sands, mincing her steps a little as the heat hits her delicate little soles. She nods in agreement with Relian before turning her solemn attention to the dam and sire. Bowing respectfully, as is her habit once she is upon the sands fully she makes her way to Fruit Gone Rancid egg to begin her exploration of the beautifully ugly shell.

"Just make sure ya'll have some good soled sandals—if Dhia over there'll let ya, that is," N'ano pronounces while giving a courteous nod towards Dhiammarath at the mention, adding "And how is the lovely lady today? And you too, Hannah, you hangin' out okay here? Need any water?" he grins, reminicing somewhat from their own candidacy.

Nyla utters out a single sound of surprise as her feet are burnt into, and she meanders over towards the gold, giving her a bow and a quaint smile, before pressing a finger to her lips as to which egg she should touch. The Sour Milk Egg is given a quick glance, and the girl wanders over to lay her tentative touch against it.

Toliey runs in from the bowl, dragging on her other boot as she hops with another. "Oooh! Hot! Hot!" she cries as for a moment her bare foot touches hot sand. Then she stops dead for a moment and gives everyone a big, if goofy smile. "Uhm… hi everyone!" she says sheepishly, curtsying to Dhiammarath, "Hello Queen Mother, you're looking awfully pretty today. Not that you don't look awfully pretty all the time…" Tols bites down on her lower lip and adds, "Sorry if I'm kinda late. I was swimming and forgot and stuff." To make her story look a little more legitimate, she pushes back her soaking hair out of her face, "Helllooo Hannah, Naomi, N'ano. You're all looking lovely too."

Dhiammarath just eyes Toliey indifferently then bobs her head in a brif acknowledgement, ignoring the flattery. Attention Sharp on Nyla as she comes close, then easing away as she moves away from the closely guarded treasures.

Relian fondles the egg in front of him with blithe interest, peering across the contours of its green form. "Too pink and—stuff." His interest, caught briefly though it was, is removed, as he glances about vaguely - searching for another egg to grope. The Exotic Spices of India Egg finds way to his eye, and towards this one he moves, stretching out his hands to consider its ovoid form. "There's a lot of…richly hued eggs, I see. Is that normal?"

Serafa pats the Rancid Egg fondly once more before making her way to the Heady Incense Egg, lovingly she traces the smoky reddy patterns her eyes following the delicate journey her fingers are making. As always she remains silent, perfering to ponder each egg carefully before selecting another.

Toliey scratches her side, trying to think of her next move. "So… can I like, touch them now?" she raises her eyebrows at the dragonriders and rocks slowly back and forth on her heels, glad that her boots are so thick. "I mean, I've touched them before, but…" Noticing that everyone else is touching them she cuts off her conversation with herself quickly and just nonchalantly walks over towards the first egg and nicely pats it, whistling some unknown harper tune all the way. "Nice egg… yup…"

Nyla tilts her head sidelong, sinking her front teeth into her quivering bottom lip and using acute peripheral vision — if marred by the wavering heat of the sands — to watch Dhiammarath with skeptical curiousity. The Sour Milk Egg is given a last final pet, her fingers dwindling over a lump and finally retreating with the toucher only muttering a few words of contentment. Then, she shuffles off to the English Country Garden Egg, and settles to give it a few strokes.

"Just be wary out here, eh? And remember, if Dhia gets tempered, back off… we don't need to give excuses for missin' candies!" They make great appetizers, no? "And if you're gonna go touch the gold, y'might wanna ask her firstincase she doesn't want you tojust to avoid any accidents, 'k?" N'ano advises while staying off to the side somewhat.

Zella peeks around her at the other candidates and where they're heading. She pays homage to the sire and dam before pausing, arms crossed over her chest. "I feel like I'm in a splatter-painted dream," she remarks, slightly sarcastic, before offering hellos to riders and candidates. Then, with slow, lazy steps, she moves toward the Biting Autumn Egg, tentatively reaching to caress the hardening shell, a soft smile crossing her face as her hand moves outward.

Relian queries, as his footsteps take him towards the Biting Autumn Morning Egg, "I think they feel a little harder - but how hard to they actually get?" His brow furrows in thought, his fingertips traipsing the smooth edges of the egg in front of him, as he inadvertantly kicks up a small measure of black sand.

"Faranth, this is so… amazing. It's like you can feel the life within them." Nyla comments softly, addressed to no one in particular, but apparently meant for someone to hear it. As the girl circles the English Country Garden Egg, her head lopsides and she brushes a few strands of her hair back as her fingers, all ten of them, wander across the verdancy of the 'shell, following a streak of scarlet and watching with interest as the rich hue fades into a more subtle jasmine.

"They'll get very hard… and that's when you know that they're ready to hatch—that and the fact that every dragon 'n firelizard in the Weyr starts to hum… if you're not ready, it could very well scare you to death!" Again, N'ano states the fineprint of a hatching.

Zella chuckles as she looks up at Relian. "Hard enough to aggravate the Shell of the dragon inside," she remarks with a small nod. Eyes scant toward Hannah for a moment before she looks over at Naomi. "Ever find out if she has your blanket, Khaye?" she questions the greenrider with a snicker before returning to the protected being beneath her hand. She looks up toward Nyla with a soft smile and nod as her fingers trace along the shell. "Quite beautiful," she remarks before looking toward N'ano. "Think it will be soon?"

Dhiammarath snorts at N'ano. Eat them? He's warning them about her /eating/ them? Hardly. they look most indelectable. The gold gives a massive, almost bored yawn and watches the candidates, as if calcualting the repairs she's going to have to have Tynabith make.

Serafa smiles and she leaves the Incense Egg to its own devices, eyes searching for another egg that she has yet to introduce herself too. Scanning eyes settle upon OO! So Hot n' Spicy Egg and she is off once more. Careful steps bring her close enough to the egg to place her fingers upon its complex surface. Her eyes widening as she discovers its texture.

N'ano rolls a shoulder as he responds to Zella with "Well, I'll tell you the same thing they told us day after day—soon… they'll be hatchin' soon… of course, it might be another few sevendays… even months! Just sit back and be patient, that's the best advice I can give ya."

Relian's head tilts to the side as he considers N'ano, his head nodding in thoughtful repose. "Ah," says he, nodding his head, a grin made towards Zella. "It seems a little incongruous, that these eggs could hold a dragon as big as — well, Dhiammarath, over there." His eyes flicker towards the queen, watching her with wary respect, while his roving hands continue to slide across the form of the egg in front of him.

Toliey once again carefully follows the lines that Dhia created during the Clutching. All to not disturb the great pattern that has been created. This leads her to the rather attractive and well placed Feeding Time at the Zoo. What exactly is a zoo? Hm. She benignly pats the top of the egg and gives it a tiny-hug, very lightly of course, before quickly removing her hands, as if she had stolen a bubbly from the bubbly plate. "Good lookin' eggs. Nice texture. Good color patterns. Shaped kinda funny, but over all, a good set…"

Naomi looks up at the mention of her 'name' — or, well, the name she's been referring to herself for who /knows/ how long — and beams at Zella. "Lib found it! Dhia didn't take it after all." A wan smile is awarded to the gold, and she starts stepping back towards N'ano, trying to nudge him at the side. "They're not being bad, are they? I lost concentration."

N'ano's attention turns Nao-Khaye-wards, as he half shrugs, idly reaching his hand up to scratch at his shoulder in the meantime "AyeI mean, no, they're bein' goodso far, anyway… nothin' bad's happened yet, so I guess that's a good sign, eh?"

Nyla tips her chin downwards, scraping across her chest as those pine-needle green eyes wander around the English Country Garden Egg just as she does. A slight ripple in the shell catches her attention and the Weaver-turned-candidate concentrates on thumbing over that, narrowed optics fixated on discerning the actual name of this hue that so languidly appears on this shell. "Scarlet? No. Perhaps.. cerise. Or… dawn." Hmmm.

Serafa dedicates some time to the Hot n Spicy Egg, tracing delicate little designs along the clumps of colour and enjoying the feel of hardening shell beneath her fingers. Eyes drink in the mgaical greens of this egg as she murmurs "Perhaps this one will be a green?" To no-one in particular

Zella chuckles toward N'ano, nodding. "Just keep peeling till the dragon crows. That should be the candidacy theme," she remarks in a mumble with a wink. Hand slowly lifts from the shell it covers, and she turns to Relian with widened eyes and a nod. "I'm curious to see if the dragons will be as pretty as their shells," she adds with a grin before chuckling at Toliey's assessment. "Well, that's great, then!" she remarks to Naomi with a smirk as she moves toward another egg, slipping her hand across its surface.

Dhiammarath watches the candidates and her neck snakes out to peer over one's shoulder, trying to see what she's trying to identfy in the egg. She makes no sound, just breathes peering at English country Gaurden egg with the same intensity as the candidate, unconsiously moving away from her little treasure trove.

"It's not 'pretty', so much, I'm interested in," notes Relian, as his fingers trace the patterns upon 'his' egg. "I've never seen a dragon hatching before, so it's more a matter of what they're like, as hatchlings. Are they like human babies?" he adds, glancing towards the riders about. "I mean…kind of ugly, at birth?"

"Kinda ugly? Wellmy kids must be the exception to that then, eh? 'cause they were /really/ good lookin'… but wellthey're like caring for a baby that can walk… you really gotta watch over them non-stop and feed them constantly and clean up after them," N'ano says, wrinkling his nose somewhat.

Hannah is leaning against her lifemate's side, watching the candidates touch the eggs. "Mnn. This is always the fun part." Lifting her feet off the sand, she watches the candidates with a lazy expression.

Relian wrinkles his nose; he's well known for being less than baby-friendly, although he nods. "Sounds…" Somehow, he doesn't make it to the end of that particular statement, looking glum. He slips away from his current egg, taking solace in the Olive Oil-like egg, which is subjected to his smoothing fingers.

"Yes, yes, dawn." Sage nod, and Nyla lowers her 'brows, moving her teeth across her lip and nibbling on it a bit. She tends to do that. "Ohhhhh." There's a.. head, a gold one, very close to her. Eyes dart from candidate to candidate pleadingly, before the girl sets those dark peridot eyes on the gold and swallows a lump. "Hello there…" Cough. Just continue touching the egg. Looks normal 'nough. Her thumb lowers and rubs at a little spot adoringly, before the girl sidles around the egg and allows her palm to slide across the apex of the egg.

Serafa moves on now, her examination complete. Making her way to the next closest egg she uses her fingers once more to introduce herself to yet another egg, glancing N'ano-wards she pokes her tongue out at him. "Yeah like you looked after either of em much, Thankfully the weyr has nannies right? She teases, her eggs already returned to thier dreamy contemplation of the surface.

Zella grins toward Relian as she looks up from the egg she currently hordes over. "I dunno, maybe? I think they're kinda awkward." She grins toward N'ano, nodding. She grins toward Nyla, whispering, "Just no quick movements, and she probably won't attack."

N'ano's attention is drawn towards the galleries for a brief moment's time as Hyti's presence is given to the various seats, and a wave given to the woman before his head cocks back to the candidates, in particular Serafa with whom he returns a mimic tongue sticking-out "Enough to know what they looked like!" he responds, crossing his arms over one another in the meantime.

Dhiammarath seems to fail to find what the candidate was trying so hard to decipher on the shell of the egg and turns to other quarters. Ooo a group of two, possible plots. One of them seems to think she'd attack the curious one? Fascinating. And her attention moves towards Zella and Rellian.

Relian, under Dhiammarath's gaze, is for a moment like a small rodent-like animal, caught in a bright like. At least, however, he refrains from scurrying, and merely smiles - if somewhat stiffly - towards her, while his hands continue to rest comfortingly upon the Sunwarmed Olive Oil Egg. "Awkward, ah," he agrees, Zella's comment reaching his ears, although he's somewhat distracted. "Right."

Serafa giggles and makes her way to yet another egg, her previous one failing to hold her attention. "Amazing, dont suppose you know thier names as well?" She continues to tease, placing her hands delicately upon the surface of Feeding Time at the Zoo Egg. Delighting in the mash of colours,

Zella moves her hand from the egg to waggle her fingers at Dhiammarath. "Hullo there. Nice thing you've done with the Sands. I would've added a few more tapestries, but it's your home…" She winks and puts her hand back on a nearby egg, smiling as she runs her fingers over the warm surface. "Yeah, you know, like a newborn runner," she continues to Relian. "Don't know how to control their legs and such— falling everywhere. That's what I imagine."

From the galleries, Hytiaf smiles a little and waves back to N'ano, before taking a seat on the edge of the galleries and hugging the rope barrier that seperates the stands from the sands. She smiles as she leans on the rope and watches the egg touching.

Dhiammarath snorts at Zella, somewhat startled. She moves to inspect the candidate closer, curious. Relian having gotten off lightly, as Zella provides a distraction of sorts. And what prey tell are they talking about /here/?

"As a matter of fact," N'ano starts out, waggling a finger about "I do, thankyouverymuch… all two and a half of them," he grins, nodding a confirmation at that. And now he decides to pace himself, back and forth, eyeing the candidates warily before backstepping somewhat back to his original spot.

"Fascinating," breathes Relian, the scholar in him thriving on this information - which he evidently thinks about very long and hard. "Eep, careful, Zella." Scarcely breathing, as he watches the queen and Zella, he takes a step backwards, around the perimeter of the egg at hand, although his hand hardly strays.

Serafa widens her eyes as she see's the golden mass that is Mommie bear down upon Zella, but wisely refrains form saying anything. Instead she takes the oppitunity to scurry towards her favourite egg. Exotic Spices of India Egg becons her onwards she reaches out reverently as she reaches its spot, hands eager to explore the changes it has developed since she was last able to have contact. "Oooh this one is harder" Of course only fractionally, but she would notice that she examines it throughly every time she's able.

Zella chuckles toward the gold, shaking her head. "I'm not gonna hurt the egg," she says in a soft voice, not knowing what the gold wants. "I'm just… playing with them, really." She caresses the egg and turns back to Dhia. "Do you touch them much? Growing young ones need that, you know, to feel loved." She turns to grin at Relian. "If she starts to attack, I'll just… scream for mercy and maybe she won't think I'm a herdbeast," she tells the candidate with a wink.

Dhiammarath snorts at Zella again this time in disgust. Foolish human. She with draws making her way back to her treasured pair to watch from a distance. Is she so very upsetting? On last glance is cast at Relian, almost with a sigh. Humans. Who understands them?

Relian returns Zella's wink with a low chuckle, whilst his steps carry him further away, another egg catching his light grasp. "Mayhaps she will. And - well, at the very least, you'll have been a martyr for us all. We'll remember you." A wink follows, lips twitching in amused grin, although his eyes catch Dhiammarath's glance towards him, and he rapidly smiles more politely.

Nyla raises both 'brows in bemusement as she overhears Zella talking to the Queen, and she gives a last touch of contentment in the form of a finger-trace over the English Country Garden Egg. Wandering towards the Sunwarmed Olive Oil to Za'atar Egg, she shoots a bewildered glance at it and continues on to the Heady Incense Egg, a grin playing at her lips at the very sight of it.

Zella smirks and shrugs at the gold as she removes her hand. She chuckles toward Relian, murmuring an "Oh, you flatterer you…" and winking before shaking her head. "I'd better head back to the caverns. This was lovely, though!"

Zella goes home.

Relian winks cheerfully after Zella, calling, "That's me!" Bemused expression remains gleefully upon his face, as he toddles towards the Sour Milk Egg, which recieves his thoughtful touch with a liberal hand.

Serafa smiles lovingly as she allows both hands to play along the bejeweled surface of the egg. Her mouth open in a delighted 'o' she explores everything that had delighted her the first time that she touched the egg, making sure that there was nothing new to discover. Relian gets a glance and a brief comment. "I thought for sure that she would be one to make you blush and stuff"

Nyla glances down at her feet, toes wiggling inside the thick sandals and the girl managing to keep her balance despite the consistent shifting of weight from foot to foot. After the Heady Incense Egg is given a final hand-kiss, the girl passes by at shuffles over near Relian to run her fingers over the middle of the Bakery Fragrance Egg. Both the Queen and the Somber Myrrh Egg are watched curiously out of the corner of her eye — just to be safe.

Dhiammarath shifts, but does not /exactly/ protest, simply watches and curls a little closer to her coveted prize. She's played enough with them for now. So now waht are they doing?

"I might blush yet," states Relian with a rueful grimace, dipping his head towards Serafa. "I think you're all going to get a blush out of me, before too long. It's *embarrassing*." To blush all the time, evidently. He glances up, catching a glimpse of Nyla, who earns a brief smile. Fingers still playing tunes upon the edge of the Sour Milk egg, he adds, curiously, "Does Dhiammarath freak you both out, too?"

N'ano clasps his hands together, stifling a yawn as he waves a hand about and shuffles his way towards the exit "Alrightstart to wrap it up… it's time to go back nowbut don't worry, you'll be out here again, no doubt," he says.

Nyla lets out a few belated giggles at Relian's waffling, and shakes her head afterwards. "Nah, she's just being maternal. Protective. We're not doing anything wrong, and we wouldn't hurt the eggs, of course. So why should we be afraid?" Although her tone is just slightly less audible, the quivers are rather obvious. N'ano gets a frown, "Already? Awww. Oh well." Shrug. Bakery Fragrance Egg is petted with for a few more moments.

Relian regards Nyla sagely, although with something less than amused interest. Make that two phobias: children, and queen dragons. "Oh, all right. Thank you, for letting us come out here." If he's more than a little quick in his response, bobbing bows every which way, it could all be down to heat. Really.

Relian traipses easily off the sands.

Serafa pats Spices Egg once last time before making her way slowly to the entrance, her eyes darting back towards her favourite egg longingly. "You promise?" She asks quietly of N'ano. Before sending a wicked wink to the departing Relian. "Thank you from me also" She smiles before stepping of the sands and back to her chores.

Serafa slinks off the sands.

Nyla nods at N'ano and slinks after Serafa and Relian, her steps swift, but she *does* pause to bow respectfully towards Hannah and her lifemate. "On behalf of us candidates.." A pause. "Thanks for letting us view your clutch." Sage nod, and she shuffles off, seemingly thankful to be released.

Nyla sparkles off the sands.

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