Egg Touching 2002

Egg Touching #1 (Impromptu)
Candidates: Remy, Brid, Nadine, Brenon, Sobi, Jash

And on Pern …
The time is 06:03.
It is before dawn of the sixty-eighth day of summer.
It is the thirty-second Turn of the Tenth Pass.
It is a summer before dawn.

Hatching Grounds Entrance (#4385)
The imposing height of this tunnel is a mere shadow of the cavern beyond. Worn smooth by time and touch, the walls and floor reflect turns of passage by candidate and observer alike, dusted gently by a smattering of coarse black sand; heat and excitement are palpable here as well, cooled somewhat by the breeze that filters in from the bowl. Broad, shallow stairs sweep up to the galleries for more general observation, while a broad, lower tunnel leads towards the sands themselves.
Obvious exits:
Sands Galleries Bowl

Dhiammarath> Hannah walks with youthful grace off the sands.

Brid walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Remy walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Nadine saunters in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Brid shifts in, how odd to be here under such 'unique' circumstances. Since she has never been on the sands, only watched from the galleries, she's a bit apprehensive. "You know, I spend all my time telling the children not to come here, feels odd to be breaking my own rules." A pat tot he white knot Izz'y once wore. "I guess this makes it okay." Gulp.

Hannah fidgets at the sands entrance watching as the Candidates gather around. "Good. I'm glad the drudge was able to catch some of you." She offers a timid little smile, "As you know this is a sort of, ah, egg touching." Nibbling her lip, "But there are some rules. Don't touch to hard and you must bow before the queens as soon as you get there. They're touchy, ah, especially Dhiammarath." She rambles and blushes when realization hits. "Understand?"

Appearing in some vacant space in the back of the lot, Remy tilts his head. His queens have taken flight and hidden themselves, refusing to go upon the sands — somewhat smartly of them. Thief gives a nod towards Hannah, privately longing to stay off of the sands, if not for a secret sort of reason.

Nadine shifts uneasily, unsure of herself and her abilities. She calls out nervously, "Um, what if we accidentally make one of them mad?" She has her hands clasped behind her back to prevent herself from fiddling with them, but that doesn't stop her from rocking from side to side, moving her legs into different positions, cocking her head, and generally giving the appearance of being nervous.

Brenon gathers 'round with the rest of the candidates and takes heed of Hannah's decree. Yikes. Nobody likes irritable queens, especially when they tower over their clutches very protectively. Pause. This is his first time that he's ever seen a gold dragon up close, but, it's different because there's /two/. Oy. Double shot. "Yessum.." he says in response to Hannah's query.

Brid gulps and nods.. "Yes Hannah.' but nanni-date eyes are busy studying the young woman in front of her. "Oh, I heard from Sudanna recently, she is coming to the weyr to help Hyti and she wanted to know if you needed more tea." Noting Danna's specialty isn't necessary, let Hannah think about it. "So, a gentle touch, right?" Two issues with one breath, not bad.

Hannah nods her head, "Yes, soft touches." Nadine is noted with a somewhat nervous look, "Ah, well, ah, then we'll do our best to calm them. If the queen looks like she doesn't want you touch a particular egg, then don't try." Smoothing the palms of her hands along her legs, the timid woman gives a small smile, "So, everyone ready?" Brid's comment is noted with a shake of her head, "Ah, no. Tell her thanks, but the worst has passed." Okay, here goes.

Oh ho ho! You had better be a Rider or a Candidate to have business on the sands! Brooding dragons are not reknowned for their good tempers.

Hatching Grounds BROADCASTING (#4321)
The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered no even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified. Latest clutch dominates the view — a veritable garden of eggs, separated into the two distinct clutches of Ista's newest queen and her pale mother. Sands are cordoned off with invisible lines as each golden mother carefully guards her clutch; Older queen's strange pattern of eggs is somewhat visible from around her watchful form. Every sound resounds twicefold as loud as was intended.
Gold Dhiammarath, gold Miyakath, and bronze Nverath are here.
You see Dark Side of the Moon Egg, Footprints on the Moon Egg, Ringed Gaseous Giant Egg, Moons of Saturn Egg, Spiral Galaxy Egg, Inescapable Darkness Egg, Planet X Egg, Cosmic Frequency Egg, Industrial Flotsam Egg, RunnersHead Nebula Egg, Coming of the Asteroid Egg, Celestial Infant Egg, Rip in Time and Space Egg, Andromeda Galaxy Egg, and IstaWeyrBldr here.
Obvious exits:

Nadine saunters out onto the sands.

Remy walks out onto the sands.

Brenon walks out onto the sands.

From the galleries, Rakishimono slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

Brid walks out onto the sands

Nadine follows, eyes shifting nervously from one queen to the next. She halts just in view of the two and starts to bow quickly. One the way back up, she slows as if remembering that she's supposed to be respectful. At the top of her quick-slow bow, she stands stiffly and looks up at the dragons to see their reaction.

Dhiammarath is not napping this time, instead she is curled protectively around a clump of eggs that includes the small, tiny Planet X Egg. Eyes are alert and watch the tiny group with suspicion but she does nothing. For now.

Brenon is overwhelmed by the sweltering heat upon entering the Sands. Before he takes another step, or does another action, the lad respectfully bows to both queens — Dhiammarath and Miyakath, and also to the sire. Now that he's paid his respects, he then gingerly steps onto the Sands and slowly meanders towards the closest egg, which happens to be Coming of the Asteroid Egg. Green oculars observe the egg, but, he doesn't touch it.. yet. Instead, he gives a quick glance up towards the queens and takes another small step closer. A hesitant hand slowly reaches for the shell. He's never touched a dragon egg before.

In all honesty, Remy isn't concerned too much with the Queens, less Miyakath starts the trouble. Following the group in, the thief, stiffly bends at his tapered waist, and some sweep of his hand forward in a gracious bow. Erecting himself to his full height, a brow is lofted, glancing at the pale queen known as Dhimmarath for a long moment; letting a simple thin smile coat his masculine lips before he moves away. The field of eggs is fairly impressive - as they are no small thing at all. "Ya've a nice clutch." Speaking towards Dhiammarath, yet he doesn' look all that anxious to get to the clutch within the grasp of the brooding mother. All he needs is to be eatten today.

Brid bows to both golds, regardless of sleeping status and slowly approaches the area where the eggs are nestled. Still convinced of a pattern to the arrangement, for the first time she wishes she could reason with a dragon. Nontheless, she takes a deep breath and prepares to feel that whiuch she has only ever seen.

Dhiammarath settles down again to watch the Candidates as they begin to gravitate to the eggs. Miyakath is eyed as well, but she hasn't moved from her position and thus all is well. This pale queen is a bit grouchy this morning. Hannah, meanwhile, is just standing off to the side, watching the group while giving nervous looks to her lifemate. "Remember, soft touches.."

Nadine slowly moves out farther onto the sands, taking quick, mincing steps in the hopes of keeping the heat of the sands, felt already in the warm air on her bared skin, away from her sandaled feet for a little bit longer. She makes her way to one of her favorites, the Inescapable Darkness Egg, and stretches forth a hand to it. She glances up at Dhiammarath once and then, a look of determination on her face, places her palm on it and lets it rest there softly, getting the feel of the texture.

Brenon glances up at the queens once more. A fingertip then gently touches the shell, observing that it's soft and smooth in texture. The index finger tip is then traced down the shell and the lad grins. His first egg touching. Green eyes blink as he observes the Coming of the Asteroid Egg.. such a beauty. It's almost like he's imprinting, emotionally, to the egg itself. Now, two fingertips gently run along the shell. Beam.

Brid eyes the eggs and then slowly, caustiously approaches one. Keeping half a glance on the golds, one hand, roughened by recent srubbing and such, reaches out, ready to feel the shell of Dark Side of the Moon egg

Remy slips forward, following the students yet again. He doesn't take the same path as the others, weaving carefully between the large ovids to a certain one that catches his eye. Moons of Saturn Egg gets a little touch, gliding his fingers gently along the textured shell. Brows furrow, lost in his own little world for a moment, as hand sweeps the back of the egg once in some thoughtful manner before moving to another random.

Brenon goes home.

Sobi trundles with passion out onto the sands.

Brid surprised at the smoothness of the shell, she allows her hand to drift across the surface, leathery shell warming under her hand. A gentleness, against all reason, reaches her from within.. maybe. Or maybe she is just being overly dramatic. pulling herself back, she heads to the one egg that always calls to her.. Rip in Time.

Sobi taps her chin with her index finger, and bites her thumbnail thoughtfully, as she pushes her booted feet forward over the sands. With each step, her eyes fall over a different egg as she allows each a second of thoughtful musing. Circling to her right, she approaches the bright aqua aura of the Planet X egg, allowing her fingertips to casually brush the smooth surface.

Hannah spots the newcomer and offers a timid smile. "Hi there.. ah, well, remember to be gentle, and, ah, bow to the queens before you start." Dhiammarath is sedate and merely watching, her wings spread protectively across her 'special' eggs — including the Planet X Egg — which causes Hannah to add, "Oh, yeah. And don't touch any eggs if the dragon doesn't act like she wants you to."
From the galleries, Thierero walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

From the galleries, Thierero gives a small wave to Reasa, "Mind if I join you?"

Sobi eyes the queen with a respectful air, bowing deeply and casting a friendly smile upward. "Nice to be here…and thank you for our chance at seeing your children…as they are." She comments, and continues toward her current destination.

Dhiammarath hisses at Sobi and coils tightly around her special egg. "Ah, I would back away from that one…" Hannah offers nervously to Sobi.

Sobi grimaces at the sound and steps back, nodding toward Hannah in an apparently well taken understanding. "I see your point…" She turns, cautiously, and edges back to her left. Ahh…so many eggs, so little…common sense, as Sobi seems, sometimes, to apparently lack.

Nadine bites her lip and pulls away from the Darkness egg, taking a couple steps back. She gives Dhiammarath a thoughtful glance before turning and moving to one of Miyakath's clutch. Fair's fair. She jumps at the hissing of the paler queen and looks at her again for a long moment. She walks towards the Andromeda Galaxy Egg, head turned more towards its mother than the egg itself to make sure she doesn't feel the same about this one as Dhiammarath does about the small Planet X.

<Local> Dhiammarath senses that she seethes in sudden aggitation. « Keep them away from /these/, Hannah. »

From the galleries, Reasa blushes a bit, "No I don't mind. Aren't those eggs pretty?"

From the galleries, E'an scatters down off one of the ledges.

From the galleries, E'an heads down the stairs.

E'an sings, "This is the song that never ends, it goes on and on my friends, some people started singing it not knowing what it was, now they'll be singing it forever just because…" as he bounces out onto the sands.

Although the aforementioned thief doesn't move towrads the Planet X egg, it is definately something that has caught his eye, and although he doesn't really care to get within biting distance of the Queen, especially after that angery little rippled thought that threaded through his senses. Making some half little sound in his throat, he politely moves away from the clutch all together, "Dun' think we should be here.. if" Loss for words, he simply lets his redden-irised gaze settle on the vanilla=colored queen for a moment, and then turns back to Hannah. "I should go?…" Intimidated, slightly, by just everything.

From the galleries, Thierero sits down and leans back a bit, his eyes going from Reasa to the eggs on the sands, "Yes, they are beautiful. I still wish I could be down there. I'm not about to though…not when I could get stepped on by those big beauties out there." Grins a bit sheepishly. "I've gotten one queen mad once before where I used to live. Won't ever do it again."

Brid is now at her egg, the one she has been watching since it was first clutched, dare she reach out to it? With another deep breath, that's exactly what she does.. but expected coolness isn't there.. For some reason, this one is warm already, as if maybe there is more then meets the eye churning below the surface. Deeper she is pulled, absorbed by what is and more by what isn't there. Shell is almost ignored as her eye follows into the shadows.

Hannah gives E'an a jittery little wave while watching her lifemate posture to the Candidates. However, Remy manages to catch her shy attention with his question. "Leave?" is asked, confusion wrinkling her brow.

E'an trots out onto the sands, Phatpig held close to him, to help supervise the candidates during their egg touching. A nod to Hannah's wave, and he clears his throat. "How are these candidates doing? Giving you unnecessary trouble, Weyrwoman?"

Sobi still seems just a /tad/ hesitant, but squares her shoulders and moves left, this time, a tad more intent on the strangely blunt darkness of an ebony oval, nestled well into the sands beyond her. Building her spirits, she glances up at the queen, query evident in her eyes, bright with the effects of the surrounding heat. "May I?" She regards the egg, circles it from a far distance as she continues to bring her eyes to and from the protective queen.

From the galleries, Reasa looks over the Sands again and then back at Thierero with a little sigh, "I won't ever be able to get Searched. I'm too old. I turned twenty three turns four sevendays ago. Now I'm in search of a job or something that I can do. I like children and am hoping maybe that the Weyr would allow me to help out with the nannies. It would let me do something."

Mirroring the Weyrwoman, towering over the slight built female, he simply looks towards Dhiammarath, chewing on his own thoughts of how to explain why. 'Eh. Sh' dun' sound too happy for us t'be here.. Specially fingerin' what is hers." It's explained with a simple shrug of his shoulders, hands nestled in his pockets, looking instead towards the small cluster on the gallery ledges andn what not. "N' dun' fancy myself to be bitten any time t'day, Lady Hannah." Thick southerny voice of Remy purrs lowly, meant for her ears.

From the galleries, Thierero says, "That sounds like fun. I never got the idea of what I wanted to really do in my life. I was hoping that someday I would really figure it out, but haven't quite yet.""

From the galleries, Orlie blinks in from ::between::!

Nadine gently reaches forward to the Andromeda egg, eyes still locked on Miyakath rather than the egg itself until contact forces her to look down at the object to which she was originally attracted. She softly moves her hand up and down on the egg, surprised at the size of them compared to how small they look from the Galleries, dwarfed by their dams and sires. She closes her eyes for a moment to concentrate all her attention on what she's touching, ignoring, for the moment, what will come from it eventually.

From the galleries, Niton walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

From the galleries, Reasa another soft sigh and another thought of why didn't she decide to become an apprentice healer instead of going with the abusive boyfriend. Luckily they had never gotten married…only she got pregnant. No one could know…it was disgraceful, "I like children. I wanted to be an apprentice healer, but never got the chance."

Sobi sees no harm, no objection, and continues to circle the darkened shell, reaching to gently brush her fingertips against the surface, eyes fluttering closed as she takes in the feeling of warmth. "Must be comfortable in there…" She murmurs, and hangs back, fingers coming to cool themselves on the edge of her tunic. "And warmer that the kitchens."

Hannah tries to give Sobi a smile of encouragement before turning to E'an. "Ah, no. Not really. Sobi, here, just tried to touch an Egg that Dhiammarath didn't want touched, s'all." Shifting her feet in the hot sands, her hand absently pats her slightly rounded midsection before she turns a surprised look to Remy. "You can hear her?" Timid gaze is shot E'an wards before going back to Remy.

Still deep, deep in thought, the nanni-date Brid moves on, reluctant to leave but knowing she must. The celestial egg is spied and considered. A sweep around her shows the others busy with different eggs so again, with an eye always toward the golds, she moves on it. Such sharp contrast to the last egg, and a feel just as different as well. Smooth, secure, glowing almost with the life within… safe to a nanny's hands.

From the galleries, Niton wanders into the galleries, a look of stark terror on his face. I mean…there's big dragons, and soon-to-be little dragons, and /walls/. "I shoulda stayed in the dorm," he mutters, leaning on the rail to watch. "At least in there it's not so scary."

Nadine gives the egg a soft pat and drifts away, back over to Dhiammarath's clutch and another egg she liked the looks of from the Galleries. Her steps are hurried and short though her progress slow, and as she finally halts by the Spiral Galaxy Egg she hops softly from foot to foot, no longer able to endure the heat of simply standing still. She glances up at the pale queen as she lowers both hands this time to the shell's surface and rests her palms upon it.

E'an blinks at Remy, then at Hannah, and clears his throat. "You hear Dhiammarath… speaking?" He's finds this very curious, indeed. "What about Fiareth? Have you ever heard /her/ speak?" Faranth forbid not. The things dragons will do behind your back, and the things they'll tell about you that you don't want heard… ahem.

Sobi nods, smiling a tad bit more as she regards E'an. "Yep- that'd be me," She comments, drifting back to give the other candidates a bit of a chance at the dark and intiguing mass of shell. As she turns, her eyes catch on a glitter of heat and light against flowing velvet blue, swirls of black darkening the shades. Eyes drift upward toward the queen, and she cautiously makes her way for the thrill of the Industrial Flotsam egg.

"Too well… But not like ya' can't or anyone else can't… S'easy.. De'hard part is ignorin' what dey' say." Nonchalantly Remy shrugs, not too terribly concerned about the heat that has definately has started to worm through thick boot soles, instead, he somewhat slumps, reburying his hands in trenchcoat pockets. "But' dun' go lookin' all startled now, Lady Hannah." Politely purring and fetching a small smile, "You'll end up like Kazra when Xylyth mentioned it to her." Blink. Startled by the addition and now swelling attention towards him, the tall man tilts his head towards E'an. A small nod given. "Few times.. She was at Ista. Wit' a brown n' another a while back, I t'ink. Bad memory… Wasn't much, n' not bout you — Flirtin' n' singin' with some others." Uncomfortibly he moves back away a step, "Anyway.. touched d'egg.. N' should go before Dhiammarath bites." Flashing a half-teasing grin.

<Local> Dhiammarath senses that she thinks « I do not bite. Just do not come close to this section of my eggs and you'll be fine. »

Jash skulks out onto the sands.

Brid releases her hold on the egg in front of her, ears listening to the quiet conversations around her. "I know of a little one at Tillek, Dea's Ftoranth speaks to her. She was quite excited and now has decided all browns are wonderful" S'true, it's Master lared's young daughter. Nannies keep each other informed of such things. But for now, she moves herself toward the Spiral Galaxy egg, another bow to the golds, just in case.

From the galleries, Carnie heads down the stairs.

Hannah gives a quick wave to Jash, explaining the rules, "Touch softly, gently and bow to the queens before you start.. Also, leave alone any eggs that the queen may not want you to touch." Remy is again turned to, "Really? Can you hear them all? Or.. only certain ones?"

From the galleries, Thierero frowns a bit. "Why didn't you ever get the chance?" He blushes then as he realize that he was asking a private question, "I'm…I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude or anythig."

Nadine removes her hands as Brid approaches the egg she was touching. "Hot out here," she mutters to the fellow Candidate. "How long d'you think we'll be here?" She glances at the egg once more and waits a moment for Brid's answer before beginning to glide/hop-hop-hop to a random egg, eyes searching for one to catch her attention and beckon her forth. No indication is given of hearing the rather unusual conversation taking place between Weyrwoman Hannah, Candidate Remy, and Wingrider E'an.

From the galleries, Reasa smiles softly at his embarrassment. He was truly a nice boy. But could she trust him? "I was involved with a man for a while. It didn't work out. And don't worry. I know you didn't mean to intrude or anything."

E'an nods with Hannah. "Yeah… what she said." Pause. "And, if Fiareth /does/ happen to tell you something about me, ignore her. It's most likely not true." Ahem. "And, um, how long have you had this… 'ability'?" Curse. Gift. Whatever. 'Ability' is a nice, neutral term.

Claret eyes shift calmly towards Dhiammarath. No comment. But he does give the Queen a little curl of those thin lips, and some polite nod in her direction for acknowledgement as the thief known as Remy looks back towards the rider pair — "Yes. " mouthing that softly, in reply to hearing them all. "But some get more chatty dan' others when dey find out you can hear'em.. Depends honestly… Dun' know - nor does it matter- that Yulianna knows dat' I hear'em like you and she can, but dun' want her to know. She'll tease me. "It's a sibling thing. Fear. Remy's arms fold across his blocky chest. E'an gets the next smile from the Istan man's narrow lips, "Will do… Try t'ignore'em anyway. Personally, some gossip as bad as drudges and giddy girls — Den again, ya'll know that." Broadly shrugging. A calculated glance down, "Since I was little. Got in trouble for it." Yes. Well not like the actually /believed/ him. But thats another story.

From the galleries, Niton can't help overhearing the two talking near him, but he will /pretend/ he doesn't hear them. Don't make trouble; the walls will get you. Or the dragons. Or the girls. Or all three. Watching the candidates on the sands is much safer than talking to people in a place where the walls are Evil.
Brenon walks out onto the sands.

Brid nods to the younger girl.. "Very hot." is offered, but she refuses to give into it. "I guess til one of the golds decidesd we are not wnated any longer?" She waits politely til Nadine moves on before touching any eggs.

Sobi has connected.

From the galleries, Thierero looks down at the Sands for a moment as he gathered his thoughts. He couldn't believe he had asked her that. Stupid, stupid, stupid, "I've never had a girlfriend or anything. Ow." His shirt had rubbed on the nice sunburn he had aquired the other day.

From the galleries, Reasa looks over at Thierero with a worried expression, "What happened?"

Sobi ponders the black-blue mass for quite some time, pinching her chin thoughtfully, as she often does, and tilting her head from side to side in wonderment. "It's amazing what beauty dragons can produce…although they /are/ quite delicate, themselves…I still never quite get over the detail on some of these eggs…"

From the galleries, Niton would like to know the answer to that, too. Looking away from the scary soon-to-be dragons, he glances at the two.

Jash seems to be having second thoughts about continuing onto the sands. Are late-comers still allowed? He watches the large golds carefully, not wanting to be eaten or stepped on for going somewhere he shouldn't be.

From the galleries, Thierero reaches behind him and tries to get the shirt off his back a bit, "I got sunburned yesterday. My shirt just kind of rubbed against it. Pale skin y'know."

From the galleries, Reasa says, "Maybe we should go to the Infirmary and see if they have some kind of salve for it. Then…would..would you like to go for a cup of klah?""

From the galleries, Niton knows much about sunburn. Or he would like to think he does. "If you go to the infirmary, they'll give you numbweed for that," he suggests, hoping he's right about that. "Sunburn hurts. Oh, but if you go, don't go near the walls. They're not nice in this Weyr."

From the galleries, Thierero looks over at the other boy, "Hi, and thanks. I think it might be an idea to get to the Infirmary. I'm Thierero, and you are?" as he awaits the other boy's answer he looks back to Reasa for a second, "I would like that. If you don't mind be seeing with a kid."

Dhiammarath lifts her wings and gives them a big stretche before settling them down against her back. She stands, a bit more active than she has been thus far, and grumbles in a crotchety sort of way. Hannah, seeing her lifemate's posture, turns to the Candidates, "Ah, Dhiammarath's had as much as she can take. I think we need to leave the sands." She gives E'an a pleading look to help her round up the Candidates and usher them off the sands.

Sobi hears the call for abandoning the sands, and gives Dhiammarath a rushed bow, before scurrying into the crowd of candidates being ushered away.

Sobi trundles with passion off the sands.

From the galleries, Orlie suddenly disappears ::between::!

Nadine looks up as she notices movement from the corner of her eye, and waves Jash in. "Bow to 'em and get away if they hiss," she explains, explaining nothing at all, and moves onwards, back to Miyakath's clutch. Back and forth. This time she moves for the RunnersHead Nebula Egg, the bright crimson and gold attractive after so much darkness at Dhiammarath's side. She reaches out with more confidence now, having become more accustomed to the presence of the large, but usually still, queens. She lets one hand fall to the shell and again closes her eyes and ears to the sights and sounds outside, delving within the egg instead. "To think," she murmurs, "that inside this, there is life…" Uh-oh, being thoughtful. And uh-oh again, Dhiammarath's not happy. She yanks her hand back from the egg, glad she's no longer in the particular clutch of the cranky gold, and hurries out, having no wish to remain on the sands any longer. Anyway, they're hot.

Brenon walks off the sands.

Nadine saunters off the sands.

From the galleries, Niton has to think about that. "I'm Niton…I'm a resident here. But I'll be a harper…someday…I hope…" If he ever works up the courage, that is…

From the galleries, Nadine saunters up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Brid drops her hand and bows, abrubt movements for the nanny, "Thank you Dhiammarath, Miyakath." And she moves with grace as fast as she can and still not run. no need to anger a gold for no good reason.

Brid walks off the sands.

From the galleries, Reasa smiles shyly, "And I'm Reasa. It's good that you want to become a harper. It's nice to meet you, but I'm going to get Thierero here to the Infirmary." Stands up and pulls at Thierero's arm to get him up even though she is so much shorter than him.

From the galleries, Nadine leaves the sands only to turn around and come up to the galleries. Dragons can't eat her up here. Right? She raises a hand in greeting to those already up here and then marches determinedly to the rail and leans over to peer down at the eggs she was next to and touching only moments before.

From the galleries, Carnie glides up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Remy glances towards the comment, and with a final little nod towards the rider pair and bow towards Queens' ways, he too leaves.

Remy walks off the sands.

From the galleries, Niton has disconnected.

Dhiammarath settles down as the Candidates leave, hovering protectively over her eggs again, though allowing herself to slip back into a /light/ doze.

From the galleries, Thierero stands up "I'm coming, I'm coming."

From the galleries, Thierero walks out.

From the galleries, Reasa walks out.

E'an sings, "This is the song that never ends, it goes on and on my friends, some people started singing it not knowing what it was, now they'll be singing it forever just because…" as he bounces off the sands.

Too hot for you? Or you just need a break? No matter, this way is out!

[End of Log]

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