In order to grow, dragonets eat, a lot! You'll be feeding them at least once a day at the moment; however soon they'll be content with eating once or twice a day - larger meals, less often. Once they are able to fly, they will be taken out by older riders and taught to hunt; till then you are responsible for feeding them. And for chopping up the meat they'll eat.

Young dragons do eat very fast, and you will need to keep a careful check to ensure that they don't overeat and make themselves ill. If this does happen, contact a WLM, and they'll get a dragonhealer if necessary.

Firelizards and adult dragons excrete between, from the fork of the tail. Until they are old enough to between, your dragon will be mostly evacuating in your couch or outside - hence the piles of rushes, and the dunging forks stacked around the barracks. This is something I'm sure you've already discovered, anyway. Something to watch out for is if your dragon isn't excreting. Young dragons can become easily constipated; you can tell this by the thickening of the tail. And you'll have to purge them… There's a plentiful supply of the necessary medicine in the barracks, but any dragonhealer can mix more up if necessary. Purging is unpleasant, but will relieve your dragonet considerably…

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