Welcome to the land of Ista, tithe-claimed Reana! We have you for really reals now (whether it says so on a ship’s manifest or a little white knot). So, in the immortal words of T’ab: 1) We like you, 2) We're happy to have you, 3) Here is your dragon, play it however you want.  — Pippa, T’ab and Kanga


Reana's Benevolent Trickster So Dapper in Blue Eabryllth

Clutching Message
Creepy? CREEPY? Dedanseth heard that one, all right. Her narrow head whips around to fix one of those red heads with whirling eyes of even deeper, darker red. Her entire demeanor suddenly seems to shout: watch it, pipsqueak. At a small sound from her rider, however, the gold grudgingly turns around. Right. Not done yet. BUT WHEN SHE IS…! "Des!" Lanti hisses quickly, eyes wide in befuddled alarm. Dedanseth just digs a deeper hole in the broiling black hatching sands. The better to BURY HER ANGER.

Cheshire Grin Egg
Mottled orange forms the base of this squat, rounded egg. Hardly uniform in color, the orange tapers to umber at the flattest points, and eases to almost cream on the edges. Speckles of black are flaked in, like a piece of fruit that's beginning to soften and rot from within. The black specks begin to increase in frequency as the center of the egg is viewed, clustering around to form geometric shapes. Two triangles, and then a jagged line are visible from certain angles, as if the egg is grinning out at the viewer, only to have the illusion vanish when your back is turned.

Hatching Message
Cheshire Grin Egg shivers and quivers, quakes while it bakes.  That smile, that ghostly smile of blackened shapes begins to open wide, open huge, cracking and smacking while maw opens wide, wider, wider yet until there is a POP.  Shell fractures, splinters, snaps, chips, splits, and goes POP — again.  Curiouser and curiouser.  That grin now has a face.  A dragon's face.  Gooey-goo and shardy-shards and bluey-blue on that face.  All the rest flakes away, shakes away as the creature within casts the bits away, away, away.

Benevolent Trickster So Dapper in Blue Dragonet
'Twas bryllyg in this dragon's prose, of slythy design and flare; such marvelous mimsy champions his slender form from spaded tail to muzzle's lip and wing's sweep tip to pinioned tip.  Watchet blue, watchet wide, watchet winds and winds and winds to twistiurl 'cross chest so proud, haunches slim, and paws neat, side by side.  The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!  Teal's quirk hooks his spars - Snicker-snack! - as peculiar periwinkle fashions to fascinate and furl upon wings rippled, stippled, and spanned.  Gnarsty dark fork his 'knobs, dashing fine gleam his eyes, dapper snostrils whiffle quite smartly upon a muzzle bowed right dandy.  Dashing, flashling, skipsy-zippsy cobalt blues that flare frabjous and frivolous play tricksy games of peek-a-boo amongst rimples as skewed as crooksy-cant ridges can crooksy-cant be.

Public Impression Message
Benevolent Trickster So Dapper In Blue Dragonet grinds to a screeching halt, floomping and hollering in his own endearing way. Finally, he has found someone who is worthy of his tea party. Looking a person of the female persuasion in the eye, he bows, causing that infernal egg shard to tippety top and flippy flop off his head, shattering on the sands below. A whuffle and a chuffle does he give to a young lady with dark brown, crazy curly hair. Do not despair, the hair that he cares belongs to a Breannah, so there! A long stare at the hair and the glare of a blue is true and whoopsy doo!

Private Impression Message
Steam curls, twirls o’er swirls your consciousness, and  it appears as if a dragon is peering at you, from the long end of a table. « A very merry un-turnday to you! Yes you! It is not my un-turnday so it must be yours, my dear. Oh yes. » Clanking of teacups and the delicate aromas of a fine leafy blend fill your senses « But there’s no room. Is there no room? No, there’s plenty of room. Eabryllth  will make room for a pretty girl in a white dress. Yes, it’s decided. You and I have many things to discuss, Reana. Why is the sea boiling hot? And do porcines have wings? Have a cup of tea, and do sit down, this is going to take a while. » Emotions ranging from fear to  excitement, nervousness and pure joy bubble and fizz and pop like the soda bubbles tickle your nose, in all manner of pinks and teals.   « I have drained fifty oysters of every last drop of hullabaloo so that you, Reana, can taste what it feels like to win !!   What is an oyster? I’m not sure, but we will find out. Together. »  As he ponders, the table streeetches into about ten times its length, making Eabryllth  appear very tiny, but then, all at once, he’s IN YOUR FACE as large as can be, and there’s no getting rid of him now.


And now we present to you, your host,  Eabryllth! Get yourself a fine cup of Earl Grey or Chai or whatever sort of tea interests you this fair and fine day. Take a seat. Get comfortable. Welcome to a new world, a fascinating and fabulous and exciting world full of wonderful wonders. Welcome to a world where Eabryllth exists, cavorts, and hypothesizes. He is your dragon, your twisty Alice in Wonderland creation with the teal and the riddles and the crazy. He is bouncy, he has those gnarled eyeknobs, he is a dragon born of the best and the worst of the Wonderland genre. We borrowed from Syfy, Burton, Disney, and so much more because there is so much out there to borrow from. Eabryllth is also Celtic. There is a music to him inspired by your own interests. Lastly, Eabryllth is the ghostly Puca, one of those tricksy Celtic spirits that tend to have a bit of fun with humans. Sometimes terrifying, sometimes funloving, they will often give advice and prophesies to the humans they encounter. They have been known to take the form of a quite a few things; often dark in coloring, they can be small or even larger like a  horse. I don’t think it is a stretch to see a puca as a goat, do you?

Egg Inspiration


Jack-O-Lanterns are an iconic piece of Halloween! Some of them are funny, others disturbing, but there's always that hint of strangeness when you see one lit from within with a flickering candle on a cool autumn's eve. - Sienna

Name Inspiration

Eabryllth is based on a combination of the Celtic phrase ‘glan as a mheabhair’, which means ‘completely out of his mind’ and the Jabberwocky poem in Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carrol. It starts with:

Twas bryllyg, and ye slythy toves
Did gyre and gymble in ye wabe:
All mimsy were ye borogoves;
And ye mome raths outgrabe.

And of the first stanza is the word ‘bryllyg’. That is such a sweet word that we wanted to incorporate it into the name somehow. So we got Eabryllth. Then T’ab looked up the actual meaning of the word bryllyg, or as best he could and, according to Wikipedia, “Brillig means four o'clock in the afternoon, the time when you begin broiling things for dinner.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jabberwocky) So, while it may not exactly make sense as to why the name was picked, does it need to? Maybe it means ‘When I begin to broil things, I go clear out of my mind’ and that certainly sounds Hatter-esque.

We’ve pronounced Eabryllth a few ways: ee-brill-th, ee-aye-brill-th, ya-brye-llth, ae-brill-th. You could also nickname him 'Abe', like Abe Lincoln, who (coincidentally) also was famous for wearing a hat.


Eabryllth comes from the shell but a fine-boned thing, all kinds of starved from a life within that hard egg, incubating forever and ever. He was so hungry! Granted, he may possibly be a bit half-baked, but that has nothing to do with coming out wanting so desperately for some food. Just look at him?! So thin!

Actually, that will be Eabryllth’s lot in life. He’ll always be a bit on the thin side for a dragon. Sure, he could be called svelte or sinewy or something along those lines. But, lets face it, the dragon is slim no matter what sort of flattering word can be placed upon him. This will probably be a state that will plague Eabryllth throughout his life, and never more so than during weyrlinghood. He could eat and eat and eat some more, tea-time, wherry-time, snack-time, ‘beast-time, porcine-time, whatever-time, but he’ll always retain a rather slim appearance. There are times in his youth when he may almost look skeletal, and you could despair ever being able to keep some meat upon his bones. Don’t you worry though, Eabryllth will be just fine when it comes to size… if you don’t mind the angles, the narrow legs, the sinewy neck and tail, those knobby joints, and so on and so forth.

His growth will be awkward. Oh, so awkward. It will come in fits and starts, seeming to happen to a different part of his anatomy from sevenday to sevenday, or even day to day. One could swear that simply overnight his tail would grow at least three handspans longer, or his chest would become large enough to grow out of those adjustable straps you made him Just Last Night dammit. At least his wings will seem pretty regular in their growth. That is something right? Just before reaching a full turn in age, he’ll finally even out. Eabryllth will look just like your typical medium-sized blue dragon. Whew.


Eabryllth is a creature of angles, and never more so than those cresting ridges of his. They are not regular or even or anywhere close to being absolutely perfect in size and make-up. Oh, hell no. Crooked. Each and every one of those ridges of his are crooked. Every other ridge angles a different way than the ones before and after it. Large or small, they can be jagged, rounded, hooked, bell-shaped, shark-finned, triangular, whatever: all shapes and angles are welcome along Eabryllth’s spine! Just before the start of those ridges, Eabryllth has a set of eyeknobs that are as gnarled as they can be. Looking a bit like the twisted bark of some old tree, those exaggerated eyeknobs angle not just backwards but away from the sides of his face. Not something to be embarrassed over, those ‘knobs are actually something of pride. Not every dragon has eyeknobs as amazing and unique as Eabryllth’s!

Just as his size and proportions will change he grows, so will Eabryllth’s coloring. When he comes from the egg, he will appear far darker than his final shade as an adult. Inky, glossy blues will possess most of his coloring for quite awhile. In his early months he’ll be quite deep-hued.  After a few months, Eabryllth will tend to more purpled blues as they start to lighten. In another couple of months, he’ll change hues again as those blue-purples fade into jewel-blues. A little later, he will have highlights of greenish-blues striking here and there. Honestly, it is somewhat like the dragon is actually trying on colors to see which best suits him for adulthood - you know, as if that was possible or something. It is all perfectly natural as his hide grows and stretches to accommodate his form.

In the end, Eabryllth will be primarily a rich watchet blue. Watchet? Watchet you say? Watchet is a steely blue color born from the cliffs of Watchet, England. Come to Pern? You betcha. Across most of his body, from head to neck, chest to haunches, feet to tail, that color takes on an almost striating hue. There are no straight lines though, for whimsy shifts those lines all across his hide. Perhaps they becomes more concentrated upon his long talons, the striations more clear upon the regular smoothness of those curved claws.


The beauty of that watchet blue is by far and away not the only color on him. For only as fashionable a dragon as Eabryllth would manage to take the colors of dark cobalt, rich periwinkle, and that confused flash of teal into account as well. On any other dragon it may be a hot mess, but on Eabryllth it is pure, style - if eccentric. Periwinkle colors the sails of his wings, almost like a speckling color over the watchet, thicker near the spars and more sparse along the falling edges. Speaking of spars? Those are teal. So very, very, very teal. It proves to be a rather dramatic shift of coloring, emphasizing his rather dashing style. Lastly, rich cobalt blue dyes those crooked ridges of his, playing ‘peek-a-boo’ between them and upon them with yet more whimsy and not a bit of rhyme or reason other than, you know, caprice. That darkness of the Puca in him is never more obvious than upon those gnarled eyeknobs of his with that rich, cobalt blue to a point that it is almost sloe-dark. Oh yeah, it accentuates, making it all the more the perfect little ‘top hat’ for that extra bit of style all his own.

Speaking of caprice, every movement that Eabryllth engages in is animated, almost exaggerated. If he is going to walk, he is going to Strut, Stride, Bounce, Ramble, Stroll, Parade, Saunter. If he is going to fly? He’ll Swoop, Zip, Dive, Skate, Soar, Barrel Roll! Considering how boundless his energy seems to be, Eabryllth will prove to provide action in every movement initiated. Dramatic and dashing, he’ll provide his own style of panache to make each and every movement Eabryllth Approved (tm).

To get that point, however, Eabryllth will have his accidents. Youth and figuring out his own motility will leave him as a dragon with more than his fair share of bumps and bruises. Considering he is a dragon that doesn’t do things by half, when he scuffs his knees he Scuffs His Knees. Buffeted leading spars, bruised muzzle, tail caught in a thicket, scraped pinion tips, and so on and so forth are all examples of injuries he will more than likely suffer. Flying? Heh. Good luck with that, Reana. There is no doubt that first flight will be a doosy. Make sure those straps are in good condition. Don’t eat beforehand. Put on a helmet. Hang on tight.



“Pink nectar, filled with a thrill of human excitement. Fifty oysters were drained of every last drop of hullabaloo so that you, Ratty, can taste what it feels like to win, just once. Warning, don't take it on an empty stomach and only one tiny little drop at a time otherwise the experience might burst your shriveled up little heart. Got it?” - Hatter

Eabryllth has quite the range of mindvoice, and it is very difficult to put it in just one discrete category. Overall, the timbre of his voice is towards the higher side and may vary in volume, depending on the nature of the message, and his intonation resembles a Benden accent (think a touch of Cockney British accent).  His emotions are never hard to read when he speaks to you, popping across your consciousness like the fizzy bubbles of a soft drink tickle the inside of your nose. The feeling when he talks to you is sort of wet, as the vapor that rises from a delicious cup of tea on a cold day, and the colors that accompany his thoughts lean more toward effervescent pinks, teals and blues than darker colors. When he is really pondering something and brainstorming within his own mind and yours, the bubbles can be multiple colors laced with emotions, each one more complicated than the last. Confusing!  As light and airy as his thoughts usually are, when he is upset about something, black oppressiveness, as dark as the deepest firestone pit creeps in.

It is not easy to interpret, at first, your dragon who can speak in riddle for no apparent reason « Why is a wherry like a writing desk? » or even in random rhyme « Twinkle twinkle, little feline, if you’re smart, on me you’ll not recline ». And that’s not all; the images you will receive from him tend to be distorted, hazy, like looking at a fun-house mirror. That is partially because of the convoluted way in which his mind works, and partially for his own enjoyment. What is more amusing than envisioning a nasty lower caverns girl as having a HUGE bottom, so huge that she falls over backwards when she tries to walk, or a clutchmate with a tiny head and huge wings..struggling to fly up even a meter and then falling flat on their side? With practice you can rearrange those images into something more coherent, at least on your end.

And as if taking a card from Lewis Carroll's writing style, you may find that Eabryllth quite often will make up nonsensical words to further emphasize the randomness. Bryllyg? Slythy? Mimsy? These may not make much sense to you, Reana, but they certainly are full of meaning for the blue. And he's more than willing to offer you a definition, although it may change from time to time… based on his own mood.

« Why, this piece of scruffly fabric looks absolutely magtastic! We must have it Reana! »
"…. scruffly? Magtastic?"
« Well, my whuffle-welted woman, magtastic merely means both magnificent and fantastic of course! »

“Oh, painting the roses red
And many a tear we shed
Because we know
They'll cease to grow
In fact, they'll soon be dead
And yet we go ahead
Painting the roses red

The Queen she likes 'em red
If she saw white instead
She'd raise a fuss
And each of us
Would quickly lose his head
Since this is the part we dread
We're painting the roses red!!”

—Red Queen’s Card Servants,
Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Cartoon

All the randomness that Eabryllth may exhibit when he speaks to you is all part of a plan, even if it may be far from apparent at the time. While, from the outside, he may seem wacky and random and… dare we say it?… mad, he is most definitely not. That conclusion will be reached when you have a chance to experience Eabryllth at his most sincere, something that only you will be privy to; those striking moments of clarity he brings forth just for you, when you need him most. His voice will even out, and temper into a soft set of utterances. Gone are the nervous squeaks or popping myriad of bubbles. He can be your rock and reassure you, helping you get though any fears or problems you may have as swiftly as a goat clambers up even the most precipitous mountain slopes with ease.  

I'm freaking out
So where am I now?
Upside down
And I can't stop it now
It can't stop me now

I, I'll get by
I, I'll survive
When the world's crashing down
When I fall and hit the ground
I will turn myself around
Don't you try to stop it?
I, I won't cry
—Avril Lavigne, ‘Alice’ from  Disney and Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland'


Hatter: Do you know why they call me Hatter?
Alice: Because you wear a hat?
Hatter: No. Because I am always there when they pass the hat. So to speak. Philanthropy, generosity, I mean you can call it what you will, it's who I am, and right now, looking at you there, there's nothing I want more than to… help you find…
Alice: Jack.
Hatter: Jack and return you both to your charming world of childrens' stories.

There have been many portrayals of the Hatter over the years, from the fairly goofy Mad Hatter in the Alice in Wonderland cartoon to the relatively insane Johhny Depp-Hatter to the cool, man-with-a-plan Hatter in the Syfy miniseries. Eabryllth is a blend of all of them.

An awkward, bumbling fool who speaks in riddles and rhyme, that is certainly what Abe will appear to be from outside onlookers. To anyone but you, Reana, Eabryllth will seem downright mad at certain times. You know the truth, Eabryllth is a master of disguise and he merely acts mad to throw off everyone else and make them think he's merely a rambling idiot, but that is just all part of the plan. He actually pulls off the act quite well. But deep down inside, Eabryllth is truly a cool-headed dude with sharp wits and a silver tongue.

One day you may find him trying to sneak a stock of glows out of a peer's weyr (you never know when Pern's supply of glows runs low and becomes the world's currency, and then who will be laughing at your stockpile of glows in the back of your weyr?):

«  Hey, Jhiovharameyth, How many wuddle-headed wherries does it take to change a glow? »
« Well, that would of course depend on the overall mass of the wherries. Are we talking… male or female? Southern Boll or Fortian wherries? »
« T'was a trick question my jabbering Jhio! Wuddle-headed wherries can see in the dark, you nanny-wagging nullabaloo! »

And while poor Jhio is stuck trying to figure out Abe's logic, off the lanky blue will run with his basket of glows.

“If I’m the frying pan then that out there… is the fire.” - Hatter, Alice (Syfy series)

With a lifemate like Eabryllth your life will never be boring, that is for sure. He is a man with a plan, and it will seem that included in every plan there will be a bit of adventure! Some of the adventures will be grandiose in nature, Eabryllth won’t give you the details (possibly because he doesn’t actually have one fully developed, yet) but it will certainly be a great journey! Maybe you two will escape down to Southern continent to capture a few felines and sell their furs so that you can fill up your weyr with various trinkets! « One must always have a nice tea set around for when we have guests! » Or maybe it will be a stealthy trip down to the hunting grounds to kidnap a few of the goats for your weyr, so that you can raise and breed the goats yourself and one day you will possess a monopoly over the entire goat economy. While it may not always be some fantastic far-out scheme, remember to always be prepared for another one of Eabryllth’s plans!

And one of the things that will lead to the success of many of his plans is that your Eabryllth, under most conditions, is quite the smooth talker. When he needs to be, he can be eloquent and quick-witted or maybe he'll throw in a bit of his random rhyming, just to send someone into a whirlpool of confusion. You can trust that Eabryllth will be able to squeeze himself out of any situation that you and he find yourselves in with a few well placed statements and an escape plan.

« Eabryllth! Why are you leading all of those goats into the ground weyrs?! »
« Oh, Ruenalth, well, what you see is me seeming to lead these goats into the weyr, when in fact I am trying to get them out of the weyr. And, really, wouldn't it be just a gas if those riders sleeping in there woke up with all their clothes eaten? »
« No, Eabryllth, that wouldn't be that funny. »
« But Rue, my most splendiferous friend, have you thought what would happen if instead of letting the goats eat the clothes, we take them and blame the loss on the goats? A scapegoat of sorts? And then we can split the treasure, 80:20 »
« … … .. 65:45 »
« 75:25 and I'll let you have the prettiest underwear. »
« Deal »

In fact, it may be that Eabryllth and Ruenalth find a friendship with each other, due to sharing an interest in get-rich-quick schemes.

To call Eabryllth a hedonist is an understatement, your jolly old fellow does not do well with those more… negative… emotions and would much rather have a cup of tea and ignore a bad situation than confront it head on. Abe will glaze over the problems of the day of weyrling training and will instead focus on what fun he can have with the remainder of the evening. Auralyth, with her constant positivity, will be a source of inspiration to Eabryllth, especially when he is in need of a little positive energy. In addition, he will do everything to avoid getting in trouble with any of his superiors, since punishments can be a real buzzkill, and so very often part of his mischievous plans will include a way of circumventing any chance of getting caught.

If he does find himself in trouble with some of the higher ups, do not be surprised if Bryll tries, in any way possible, to weasel himself out of a situation, be it verbally or physically. He's a master of escape, especially when situations are getting heated up or if there is a chance of danger to himself (or Reana). He'll always have an out, knowing the closest exit or a nearby shadow that will conceal him quickly. It will take some time and training with Reana for Eabryllth to begin to develop a bit of a backbone, and his most likely demonstration of bravery will only occur when he is meaning to defend you. And even though he will defend you, he will always be a reluctant hero.

« If you are going to intimidate anyone, Dzyveth, try me instead of bothering Reana! Well, or… y'know, you could shove off… or something. If… y'know… you wanted to. »

And with all of his bumbling and babbling, his stumbling and rambling, Abe will always be in the situation where he is constantly undervalued by his peers and his superiors. It may be an eternal point of frustration that Eabryllth will have to deal with, that quite often he will never be trusted with any tasks of importance. Sometimes he will surprise everyone with a stunning show of brilliance, or a graceful flight, but too often these will be few and far between. He is the eternal underdog in most situations. But while he may feel like way, and you may also sense it, it will be a topic never to be discussed and something that he will never admit, instead he will continue to act with his constant confidence and wily mannerisms.

« They do not trust me. »
"Well, maybe we should just show them they can trust us, let us take the initiative and come up with some new ground formations!"
« I have a better idea, rabbituous Reana, instead we should scatter chicken feed throughout the weyrlingmaster's office and while he is distracted we'll merely erase the records of our mistakes and they will be none the wiser! A fantabulous plan, indeed! »


Style. Eabryllth has style. He also has straps. Oh, how he loves his riding straps. He mostly loves the fact riding straps can come in a variety of amazing styles and colors that he has the ability to wear, and wear well. The more elaborate, the better, to be honest: patched,wherry leather, bovine leather, color-variety, braided, twisted, padded in wool, suede or patent-shiny, tooled or smooth, buckles of brass or silver or gold, wide, thin, grommets, stitches, patterns, bangles, multi-point harness, show and utilitarian. There are so many options. With this great variety, you, Reana will be left to provide of these choices. So… yep, get ready to have quite the ‘clothes horse’ of a dragon, which will require quite a bit of investment on your part (time, patience, and well… supply).

And it will not be just straps that Abe will find necessary for his stylish ensemble, no, any type of clothing that is possible for a dragon to wear, the blue will feel the need  to possess one… of every color! Mittens that fit on his tail, a bedsheet turned dragon-cape, and even scarves! Scarves (well, they probably originally started off as curtains) will be quite a collector's item for Eabryllth, scarves of blue, green, red, purple, gold, and even brown (now and then). It is just a shame that hats most likely do not fit on his oddly-knobbed head (although once in a while Eabryllth may insist on trying on a few hats), because those would be a fabulous accent to this dapper dragon.


A dragon with this much style is bound to be a social creature, and never is this more obvious than during meal time. Eabryllth tends to be a bit of a regular eater. He’ll be hungry at a specific time of day and only that time of day. None other. Everything else will simply have to be placed on hold as he heads out to feed. Nor is he a solitary eater. Oh no. Feeding time is social time. He must have a companion, and more than one companion is all the better. Once he does get himself a fine buck, he won’t just serve himself. Eabryllth may also insist upon going out and getting a couple more wherries for his companions. It is only proper considering he is hosting the social hour. Once he has the food before him,  Eabryllth’ll grouse over the meal forever, enjoying the company while enjoying the sustenance.

« Would you like a leg of this fine beast, Auralyth? Come, come!  There is plenty of meat to go around, and invite Dzyveth, if that billy-bellied bronze is willing to not eviscerate his portion and make me lose my lunch /again/. »


Eabryllth's got a plan for everything, or at least almost everything. He can come up with a scheme to make you a multimillionaire or become wingleader, but for some reason, when it comes to romance (i.e. mating flight) with the green dragons, he'll be caught completely off guard. Flirtation is definitely not his thing, he just doesn't know how to say things right without completely offending the green.

« Oh Auralyth, you should finish off the rest of that wherry. I like a lady with nice curves. Err… not that you are curvy, I mean you are but.. a nice curvy, y'know like a redfruit… not that you look like a redfruit! … »

Needless to say, without a plan and without his normally smooth personality, Eabryllth will not be very successful in most mating flights. And his skewed views of the world will not  help his situation; you've got to be clear minded to put up a proper chase. And you, Reana, will have to learn how to deal with the constant disappointment that comes with every time Eabryllth attempts to chase.

That isn't to say that Eabryllth will never catch a green, it will just be an event that is few and far between and it will never be because he had a good plan, most likely he will catch due to a complete accident. He'll make it seem like it was completely skill, « Of course I meant to collide with her while she was doing a barrel roll, Reana, that was all part of the plan! »

His lack of success in the flight department will not affect his love for the ladies, though, and boy does he love the ladies. He's like Ducky in Pretty in Pink (Lida came up with the reference), constantly pining after the beautiful ladies all over the Weyr, but with his friendly personality he's more likely to be trapped in the friend zone with the greens instead of having any sort of romantic relationship.

« Oh, Fionabhairth, I love you. »
« What did you just say, Eabryllth? »
« Uh… olive juice. I said 'olive juice', I thought that would go well on your herdbeast. The humans seem to like it. »

Animation of Bryll’s flight: Bonk.

**YouTube Playlist:
Welcome to the Tea Party -- Kerli
Painting the Roses Red - Disney
A Very Merry Unbirthday - Disney
Alice - Avril Lavigne
Mr. Brightside - Hatter/Alice/Jack
Where Did You Get That Hat? - Syfy Alice
Best Hatter Moments - Syfy Hatter


Egg desc: Sienna
Dragonet desc: Pippa, Team/Lanti tweak
Messages: Pippa, Kanga, T'ab
Name: Kanga, T'ab
Puppeted by: Kanga
Inspiration: Pippa, T'ab, Kanga

Reana's Blue Eabryllth
Harper's Tale: 61st PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Lanti's gold Dedanseth and T'ab's bronze Tyroth
November 20th, 2011


Ada (Adalaya) and green Fionabhairth
Nerai (Arienne) and green Auralyth
Iili (Yaiili) and brown Jhiovharameyth
Sk'ar (Skylar) and bronze Dzyveth

Candy and green Cornth
Bunn (Bunnia) and green Iculath
Meiji (Meisjin) and green Leitanith
Mary and green Sanderth
E'gan (Eagon) and green Slimerth
S'rah (Sarrah) and green Ssonth
R'ler (Rydler) and blue Derbith
J'ack (Jovack) and blue Sallyth
M'rry (Murray) and blue Shelleyth
J'ber (Jiber) and blue Wokth

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