Sk’ar! Welcome to Ista Weyr! We are so glad to have you and your sinister bronze Dzyveth at the Weyr (finally, someone for Vrykth to … not play with!) We fell in love with Skylar’s twisted character and feel confident that with this dark and mischievous bronze, he can do great (not necessarily /good/) things! Dzyveth is a creature of the shadows, and while we had a fabulous time delving into the darker recesses of our minds to create him, he is ultimately YOUR dragon. With great power comes great responsibility and all that jazz… so… enjoy… or… tolerate… or subdue… or whatever you have to do to deal with this, your Turn Away from the Light Bronze Dzyveth! - Rushka, T’ab, Sienna, Kanga, Lida

Sk'ar's Turn Away from the Light Bronze Dzyveth

Nine, Ten, Never Sleep Again Egg
There's something just a bit off about this egg, perhaps the optical illusion of a jagged edge or two. Friendly holiday red and green stripe the contours of the ovoid, the colors blending into one another seamlessly — save for those dark marrings which blotch in haphazard patterns. These areas almost appear as if they've been burned into the side of the egg, at their very centers revealing a pinkish flesh tone which almost shines, seeming to reveal the sinister creature growing beneath. One, two, it's coming for you…

Clutching Message
Dedanseth, while certainly still carrying eggs, is less than half the size she was when she started. The ease of movement is combining with the exhaustion of this bizarre tradition to create a tired, claw-dragging sort of state. Franken and Stitched are lovingly surrounded by sand… then a little more. They're kinda weird looking after all. There, that's better. But wait, there's more! The tenth egg of the day joins its fellows, but when Dedanseth turns around to tend to it, she ends up just staring instead. Uh… was that… She looks to Tyroth. Must be his fault. Lanti eyes /both/ dragons. They both did this, after all. "This is why we're forced to watch, you know," she calls up to Sin, et al. "So the bookies can continue their trade." Surely.

Hatching Message
Nine, Ten, Never Sleep Again Egg simply cannot wait any longer. The time for pleasant dreams is over, and the nightmare is about to begin. With two fissures appearing towards the sides of the egg, the first part to crack through are CLAWS. Sharp jagged claws proceed to tear through the rest of the hard shell, revealing the shadow encased form of the Turn Away from the Light Bronze Dragonet. Watch out, he's coming for you…

Turn Away from the Light Bronze Dragonet
Cast from the forge of a wrathful demon, spectral light is overshadowed by devilish bronze darkness in a juxtaposed expression of good versus evil. The embittered arch of his handsome muzzle is swirled with new penny brightness, cast back over curved headknobs which echo the soft-edged ridges that crest the length of him from serpentine neck to whipcord tail. Flame's mischievous passion glows from within the molten metal of his burnished, dusk-whorled hide, swallowed by the charcoal umbra of his sturdy limbs and singed paws. A canopy of otherworldly night, his wings are overlarge and a cloak of deceptive darkness, flecked with flyaway sparks from the hellish fires that line his burning belly.

Public Impress Message
Turn Away from the Light Bronze Dragonet cocks his head juuuuuust so to the right, catching a whiff of conversation from somewhere. And suddenly, he’s on a rampage — dark limbs moving at breakneck speeds, unafraid of who or what he should destroy in his path. A foot here. A candidate robe there. All fall prey to this beast’s massive claws as he moves towards the One. That One. With a low guttural growl, whirling red eyes meet Skylar’s hazel dead on; a challenge, a persuasion even as blackened bronze tail moves to curl possessively around the boy’s feet.

Private Impress Message
Darkness overcomes anticipation and excitement, wrapping your mind in a velvety pitch to hide the presence lurking in the self-created mental shadows. Slipping into what feels like a dream state, it is unclear whether this is real or not, because there is something, /something/ that feels not quite right, as if there are unseen eyes with their beady gaze pinpointed on you. Smooth, seductive words sneak with a silken edge out of the darkness; but can you trust them, for all their gilt? « Sk'ar. » The darkness presses in, almost uncomfortably so, as tendrils of ghostly grey mist add a bitter chill. « Your dreams are mine to haunt. I am your Dzyveth. »


The devious ways of your Dzyveth fit quite easily into this clutch’s dragonet them: Haunted Legends. Your delightful (if you can call him that!) bronze is themed on poltergeists, with hints of Vetis, Heath Ledger’s take on the Joker and Freddy Kreuger. Poltergeists tend to haunt a person, rather than a place, causing all sorts of mischief and trouble for them. Guess what, Sk’ar? You’ve got a poltergeist all of your very own now. Here is your Turn Away from the Light Dzyveth - the lurking darkness in the back of your mind, the haunter of your dreams (or should that be nightmares?), and the shadowy side of your existence, from now until forever. We hope you enjoy him.

Wordlessly pleading,
Silently howling,
Waiting for the nightmares to go with the night.

Tossing and turning,
Feverly burning,
Begins to realize that something’s not right.

Teeth and jaws,
Blood and claws,
Unearthly cries and screams.

Sleep is gone,
Something’s wrong,
Nightmares kill all his dreams.

Wide awake,
Starts to shake,
As the reality set itself in,

The nightmares are real,
Real enough to kill,
All because of a life of sin.

Sleep comes like the knife,
Which murdered his wife,
And commended him to a endless nightmare.

If the past could die,
The demons would fly,
But I doubt if the demons would dare.

For here in the pit,
On a throne doth sit,
The nightmare king kills all the hope.

So the sinner sleeps on,
The nightmare grows strong,
And the sinner, he’ll just have to cope…
- Sins of the Demon (poem) by Jennifer Macvicar

Egg Inspiration

My favorite scary movies of all time are the Nightmare on Elm Street series. This egg is based on the main villain: Freddy Krueger, a brutal child murderer who killed with a makeshift glove with knives attached. The townspeople performed vigilante justice and burned him to death inside of the boiler room in which he worked. In the afterlife, he is given powers by the Dream Demons to be able to return in to Elm Street in the dreams of the children, continuing his murder spree.


Name Inspiration

Dzyveth. D-see-veth. Zee-veth. However-you-wanna-say-it-veth. A name born of your suggestions; Vetis, Dilith, Z and Y. We took what you said you liked and tumbled it around, creating a name that has what we think match the elements you requested; it’s short, it ties into the theme, and it has (in one pronunciation, at least), a semblance to the word ‘deceive’. It’s fluid, soft, enticing and masculine, and sums up the devious (dzyvious!) nature of your dragon to a ‘Dzy’.


While no hulking menace, your Dzyveth is sleek grace embodied in a powerfully large form. It’s as if he’s built for speed and styled on predatory poise, with slender extremities that lend themselves well to the ropey musculature he sports. There’s very little that’s angular about him; even the tips of his ‘ridges and the cusps of his ‘spars have softened edges to them, as if it’s unclear where he begins and where he ends. Of course, he always /is/, no matter how he may look, but there’s something inexplicably /spectral/ about his presence.

Perhaps the darker aspects of his whorled hide help with this shadowy sort of camouflage, as his extremities tend towards the darker scale of bronze and near enough pure black in the case of his legs. This assists him with blending into the shadows. When it’s dark, it’s sometimes hard to tell where the background ends and Dzyveth begins – but then the light will catch on his more brilliant highlights, and the game will be up.


His overall colour is nothing short of show-stopping, being a combination of luscious shades that vary from the brightest bronze to the darkest. There’s something about him that looks as if his hide is a work in progress; the swirl of shades and colours melt together as if the Smith that forged him did so in such a way as to make the molten metal he’s cast from stay alive and liquid for all time. That heated metal glow shines out from within, giving his burnished hide a sense of light that’s almost flickering in its varying quality.

While Dzyveth’s physique suggests he’ll be quick as a swift in the sky, his typical movements are far from it. Have you ever seen a lioness on the prowl, stalking her prey ( Each paw touches down with calculated accuracy, delicately set into the scrub with a predator’s perfect placement. This bronze certainly has all of that; when he moves, it’s with purpose, and with the sinuous, slinking quality that a predator should have. That doesn’t mean to say he’s incapable of speed – if there’s a reason for it, he can really crank it out and look good doing it, too.

He’s got a bit of an unusual habit, which will probably get you into trouble more often than not. Those scimitar claws of his will constantly need sharpening, and he doesn’t care what he’ll rake them against. Weyrling couch? No problem. Herdbeast? Gory… but no real problem. The trader wagon at the Gather you go to visit? Yeah… not so good. It doesn’t matter what it happens to be, because Dzyveth wants to get his claws literally into everything, because he gets a kick out of the different sounds and sensations that come from different mediums. Does it matter that they don’t all sharpen his claws? Not really… because he knows he can buff them up in his favourite spot, anyway. Where that favourite spot is is for you to decide.



To hold a conversation with Dzyveth is akin to living through a lucid dream, to be experiencing an alternate state of mind that has been darkened by Dzyveth's presence. When the dragon first invades the mind of his victims (most often Sk'ar), it will feel as if nothing at all is wrong, his projected surroundings seem fairly typical and yet… something will always feel amiss. His ghostly presence will always be there in your mind, it may be a dark shadow that flits quickly across their peripheral vision or just the general sense that of being watched.

If ever you are to slip into the darker recesses of his mind, things will start to get weirder… and weirder. The landscape is twisted. Everything will resemble his mundane physical surroundings, but will be distorted. Eyes will become wider, teeth become sharper, the secrets people betray that Dzyveth is able to intuit are manifested physically… the once cheery light of the sun becomes a burning hot flame threatening to incinerate, the gentle twinkling of stars becoming like sharp razor blades placed precariously above. It is not a safe place to tread. Do so wisely.


When he speaks, his voice has incredible range, though it tends to be smooth, appealing, seductive even. Varying from sinisterly playful to manipulative and dark, there’s always something shady on the edge of whatever he has to say, something that you can’t /quite/ put your finger on, but you’ll know it’s there. It’s irrefutably creepy at times, because whatever that unknown quality is, it begs not to be trusted – and yet at the same time, he’s got an undeniable appeal that makes you want to listen. When he’s up it’s smooth and almost pleasant (note the almost – there’s nothing entirely enjoyable about this particular mindlink), when he’s at his darkest it’s manipulative and harsh, an aggressive umbra that captures you in its bitter claws.

During his most positive moods, when he's feeling sly or mischievous, the shadows will dance playfully across his mindscape, enticing his victim to join in the game and embrace him. These are fairly dangerous situations, for those unfamiliar with Dzyveth's nature will be easily swayed by these visions and his smooth voice, allowing him to further manipulate them.


When he’s feeling especially devious, Dzyveth will slip into rhyme. Not in the flowery, romantic poetry way, oh no – he’ll have an appealing rhythm to his words, and he’ll twist them in the most manipulative ways to make the darkest of suggestions glitter like spun gold. He’s also got a habit of rambling about his dark thoughts, slipping into villainesque monologues that will give you all the deep-down, gory details that are in his head. Sure, you’ll be able to see them just as well as he can, but Dzyveth takes pleasure in explaining everything, detail by painful detail, just so you know how determined he is on his dark mission.


If a man harbors any sort of fear, it percolates through all his thinking, damages his personality, makes him landlord to a ghost.
- Lloyd C. Douglas

Surrounded by darkness, you're alone, with the sense of something watching you. A presence rises, quickening your thoughts. At the same moment, your breath catches in your throat. Instinctively, you know that no danger exists, you know that the presence with you means no harm to you and yours. Still, irrationally, this has you bolting for the nearest light switch. Sweet, sweet light that floods the room, and chases away all the shadows. You don’t know why, you may not understand it, but however irrational it may feel, there’s something comforting about having all the lights on in any encounter with that presence that’s with you forever more.

This is Dzyveth.

Like the soft whisper against the back of Sk’ar’s neck, or the distant sounds of a creature approaching through the woods. He is the voice in the back of Sk’ar’s thoughts that is his temptation. The devil on his shoulder that whispers, « What’s the worse that could happen? Go for it. Do it. You know you want to. » This is Dzyveth.

Dzyveth is a dragon that pushes the boundaries of the mind. It’s difficult sometimes to tell if he’s brilliantly intelligent, or is simply without a conscience or care for others. Perhaps he is both, and it will be left to Sk’ar to sort out his twisted dragon’s thoughts, and endure the struggle with that constant influence. Dzyveth will always seek to keep Sk’ar on his toes. He will constantly search for weaknesses in those around him, and push at those weaknesses until the other either rises to the offensive, or crumbles beneath the subtle onslaught. He’s not so blunt as to outright cut someone down. There will be no « Wow, you’re fat, » or « You’re a few blades short of a Guard. » No, his pushing will be much more subtle. Like mist creeping between cracks in stone, or a large feline prowling noiselessly through the branches above its prey, he teases, he toys, he *pushes* until he gets a result, and then he relishes in that result.

You are not helpless to your lifemate’s personality, however. Above all, when push comes to shove, Dzyveth will back down and bow to your wishes. In the dance of shadows, it will be your responsibility to keep your bronze in check. He might push, but when you gain control, Dzyveth will dissipate like shifting shadows. Of course, this leaves you to clean up the mess.

A nickname is the heaviest stone that the devil can throw at a man. It is a bugbear to the imagination, and, though we do not believe in it, it still haunts our apprehensions.
- William Hazlitt

One odd little quirk that the bronze has is his apparent inability to come up with a good nickname for his rider - and sometimes for others as well. Perhaps he never remembers what he wants to call Sk’ar, or perhaps he throws random names out there to keep Sk’ar on his toes, but the nicknames will rarely be the same twice. They will, though, always have an oddness to them. A slightly creepy twist. And perhaps /that/ is his true reason for them.

Dzyveth lurks, all shadowed darkness and nightmarish tension, his thoughts prowling forward against Sk’ar’s like the gathering darkness as the moon is suddenly enveloped by clouds bristling with cold rain and lightning. « Sk'ar…my little fingerroot… we must be off, the night has come… »

Carrot, Cloud, Stone, Squishy, even words he completely makes up, they’ll always be barbed parodies of some sort of term of endearment. If he ever calls Sk’ar ‘love’, look out, because it means a dark mood is truly upon him.

And sometimes, lighter moods will overtake him. While these playful times are never truly playful (think of a charging bull elephant compared to a happy little kitty), they are darkly mischievous in nature and will consist more of creeping out Sk’ar than anything truly happy or light. For example, if the mood takes him, it won’t be beyond him to awaken his rider by breathing softly across the bottom of his foot, until Sk’ar awakens in a fright to find a dragon’s maw open over him as if he were about to be swallowed whole.

And sometimes these more playful moods will also be carried into his behavior around other humans and dragons, as he will gain sheer delight in frightening others. To Sk'ar, his little scares will probably be harmless for the most part, but to Dzyveth they will be a source of constant entertainment. Often the bronze will be found lurking in the shadows or trying to fit himself behind a copse of trees, just for the opportunity to instill a little fear in someone. And the more innocent the victim, the better.

"Dzyveth… what are you doing hiding behind that rock?"
« Just… watch, my little pudding pop. »
« Did you /see/ how scared they were? Stupid little children. »

One of the dragons that he will be particularly interested about is his clutchmate green Auralyth. Given her extreme innocence and excessive optimism, she will be a regular target of Dzyveth, part because of the joy he receives from scaring her and part because he just cannot figure her out.

« Why is she always so cheerful? It is sickening. I must do something about this! »

Dzyveth, however, does not live to constantly instill fear. That would be counter productive — there will be times when his little tricks will serve to unify as well. Rare, and few and far between, but your bronze — as dark as he may be — understands and will understand the consequences of moderating this tactic. A Weyr is the sum of its parts and he can’t always be the gum that gums up the works!


Other tricks will be of a more physical and baffling nature. Say Sk’ar and Dzyveth have just returned to their ledge, and Sk’ar has removed his riding jacket and Dzyveth’s straps. Walking inside, he returns a few seconds later to find the straps and his jacket moved elsewhere, and Dzyveth in a doze. Sometimes the entire weyr will be rearranged, the bed out on the ledge and all of Sk'ar's furniture stacked into a tower, but Dzyveth was with him the entire day… wasn't he? Sk’ar’ll never actually catch his dragon doing these various pranks, but it’s pretty clear *something* is moving things around when Sk’ar isn’t looking.

You see, madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push!
— The Joker, The Dark Knight

Dzyveth is constantly pushing at Sk’ar and toying with him. He toys with everything of course, from other dragons to his food to the very stone beneath him and the sky above, but Sk’ar is his favorite game. He relishes in testing his rider. There is never an issue that will be easily decided upon, a thought or feeling easily defined, or a clear course of action. He seeks to needle and to be the whisper of darkness on his shoulder that pushes Sk’ar to not necessarily make the best choice. Not that Sk’ar will be so lost to his dragon as to lose sight of right and wrong, just that it will be so easy to fall prey to temptation. Where Skylar might not have allowed his baser nature to rise up to the forefront, Sk’ar will. It might be very difficult at times for Sk’ar to identify his own thoughts and feelings, within the maze that is Dzyveth’s manipulations, and remember what his original choice may have been.


All men are tempted. There is no man that lives that can't be broken down, provided it is the right temptation, put in the right spot.
- Henry Ward Beecher

Like the devil on Sk’ar’s shoulder, Dzyveth will be constantly pushing for him to do whatever it is he wants to do. Overindulge in drink, get into that fight, cheat on his girlfriend with that flirty waitress - if Sk’ar wants it, Dzyveth thinks it’s a good idea and will push for him to do it. Not because he wants Sk’ar to be happy. No, he wants Sk’ar to indulge in his desires, to give no care to consequence, and to watch the chaos unfold around him. Faranth help him if Sk’ar ever tries to be in a monogamous relationship. It would be a constant battle, with Dzyveth wanting to undermine it at every turn. Stealing a pair of underwear from Tyroth’s ledge to plant in Sk’ar’s bed the next time his girl came to visit, for example, and then lounging idly on the ledge to watch the resulting fight. It’d be a strong woman indeed, who stayed with Sk’ar for more than a night. Not to say that it’s impossible - just very, very difficult, like most things in Sk’ar’s life after his Impression. Not only that, but Dzyveth will seek to push others to submit to their temptations as well. Sometimes his encouragement will be for direct personal gain, and other times it’s simply to cull more chaos, and sit back and watch the storm unfold.

Despite this natural inclination to be the voice of temptation, Dzyveth will know the line between merely causing chaos and truly hurting Sk’ar in the process. Should any decision come along where the choice will cause physical or actual, true emotional pain, Dzyveth will use all the tricks at his disposal to make the choice that’s to the benefit of his rider. He is the trickster, yes, but not the destroyer. For in all things, the pain his rider feels is also felt, threefold, back to himself. So be wary making choices that are wrong on deeper levels, for they will have far deeper consequences.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
- Albert Einstein

Like a child who sets a fire just to watch everyone panic around him, Dzyveth gets pleasure from chaos, and from watching the reactions of others to the chaos he’s caused. He is a dragon who loves to study behaviors. He likes to know why someone reacted the way they did, and then test to see if they react the same way if those circumstances are presented to them again. If they do, then Dzyveth will know their weakness and will occasionally push those buttons again, to see if they still react the same way. If they react differently, that’s good too, because it gives him something new to study and test.

It will sometimes feel as if Dzyveth feeds off the emotion of others, as his own emotions seem to depend on his surroundings. He seems to need the chaos that has been created, Sk'ar will notice that Veth is at his most happy, almost giddy sometimes, when everything around him is in a state of panic, fear, passion… really any intense emotion will stir him. Blandness, tedium, and static, these are conditions that will drive Dzyveth completely up the wall, and it will be during these times that he will be at his most dangerous; when his plans have the most severe repercussions.

Nightmares exist outside of logic, and there's little fun to be had in explanations; they're antithetical to the poetry of fear.
- Stephen King

Especially during the earliest portions of weyrlinghood, Sk'ar may find it quite difficult to get a full night of sleep. It will seem purely accidental, but when both dragon and rider are asleep, Sk'ar may find the dark, frightening mindscape will leak into his dreams, filling them with shifting shadows and the scary scratch of steel claws against stone. Sometimes Dzyveth's dark playfulness will bleed into his rider's dreams, and leaving the dreamscape will be twisted and surreal, strange and dark. These images may inspire nightmares or disturbing dreams from Sk’ar’s subconscious. It may be a dream of being chased by some unseen stalker with ill intent or it could be as simple, yet equally disturbing, as suddenly standing in front of the entire weyrling class wearing not a shred of clothing. There will be a way to combat this, and after much mental training and diligence, Sk'ar may find it possible to (almost) completely block out these thoughts and return to sleeping well. Dzyveth is chaos, and this bleeds into the land of dreams, not entirely on purpose — it is merely his nature — that will be a constant battle to hold at bay.


Look, Sk'ar is crying because all of the weyrling class sees him naked.

Dragonkind was no less cruel than mankind. The dragon, at least, acted from bestial need rather than bestial greed.
— Lessa, Anne McCaffrey's Dragonflight

While Dzyveth is not necessarily dangerous to anyone, he will be not the best dragon to be placing in charge of others, especially Weyrlings. He will always be seeking to twist and corrupt the thoughts of those dragons around him, giving them ideas that their riders (and their weyrlingmasters) won't want them to have. Once again, it will never be anything harmful, he will just offer seductive ideas to fellow dragonfolk. « Auralyth, why do you let your rider tell you what to do? You want to go swimming, so why not just…go? I won’t tell, I promise, » he will purr, and when Auralyth bolts off with joy in her heart, he’ll be reaching out to one of the Weyrlingmaster’s dragons to tell on his little sister, and then, again, sitting back to enjoy the aftermath and punishment she must endure. Sometimes he’ll get caught and he and Sk’ar will be punished, and other times the thread of who-said-what will be so vague (and what with dragon memory and all) the initial seed of discontent won’t be traced back to Dzyveth. It doesn’t matter, he enjoys it all. If Sk’ar is upset they’re grounded, all the better, and Dzyveth will use that to push at his rider, letting his own frustrations flow freely through the link until Sk’ar dreams of flying, and wakes up with his arms aching from desire.

Dzyveth isn’t one who is bound by duty or honor, or submits to authority just because they are authority. Honestly, he doesn’t submit to anything unless he’s forced to or has an ulterior motive in doing so. Unless she happen to be queen — Dzyveth, for all his darkness and shadows is made weak to the nature of queens. Should Sk’ar not gain the right amount of control over his lifemate, you’d better bet that Dedanseth will be there and then Lanti, too. Which could prove… chaotic for Sk’ar. Though, perhaps, even in submitting to the queen’s strength, Dzyveth is fostering chaos, which is right where he wants to be.

It might take Sk’ar a long time (perhaps his entire life) to learn how to control his manipulative and prowling lifemate, and it will take an iron confidence and will to finally bend Dzyveth to his own whims, rather than to the bronze’s. Like a wild feline, Dzyveth does what he wants, when he wants, and he has his ways of punishing those who dare try to control him. He is bronze, and he knows the rank that his hide grants him; he is not above using it to intimidate those around him. And if that doesn’t work, there’s always manipulation, or eerie noises in the night, or strange, creeping thoughts until the other agrees with what he wants just to be rid of him.

When Dzyveth hunts, it will be a long affair. He is not a dragon who swoops in for a quick kill. No, he would rather go hungry for a few days and wait until the time is *right*. Until the weather is to his liking and he has the time to be as meticulous about his kill as he likes to be. He is a true born hunter, that much is certain, with a feline grace that might send shivers up people’s spines to watch him work. He prowls, he stalks, he follows his kill patiently until it collapses out of exhaustion and terror. And then the real fun begins. With the delicacy of a surgeon and the patience of a saint, Dzyveth will carve apart his still living prey until its life’s blood has stained the ground red, and every vein and artery has been cut. He wants his bites *tiny*, and he will work as long as he needs to to achieve that, watching with mild fascination as he peels meat and skin away from bone, and takes them all apart. He will have an almost eerie knowledge of anatomy by the time he’s a few turns old, and there’s really no way of knowing how he’ll turn that to his advantage. But you can bet that he’ll find a way.



Dzyveth’s flights are, in a word, freaky. An extremely calculated chaser, he prefers to push all the suitors (and the lady to be won) in a dark room in the mindscape where it appears that nothing at all is visible while he readies himself to make the ‘kill’ (so to speak). Suddenly, out of nowhere, he appears! Materializing just behind something that seems far too small to hide a /bronze dragon/ but he’s just gifted that way. Or,perhaps, the lady to be is confronted with three virtual boxes, to tempt her fancy. One box will shoot forth a bloody, dead herdbeast, a special dinner cooked just for /her/, and one will catapult a drunken Harper?? And the third, well, that’s just Dzy in all his skulking glory. Any other suitors who get too close will be put on deceptive platform of security and then sucked, dragged down into the depths of losertown, never to be released. He will attempt to lock the lady and himself in a virtual mindcage with strong iron bars, the only way out is through him!

Now if Dzy loses a flight, watch out. You’ll find him not only infuriated but plotting mean ways to get back at the dragon who did win. Not that these will be carried out but you may be surprised at the level of passion /and/ detail that he lends to these schemes. » Don’t take it so seriously, its just a flight « « Now I’m playing with /power/ priming for /my/ time! » » Siiigh. «

Sk’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaar. Our little redfruit slice! We hope you enjoy your nightmarish bronze as much as we enjoyed creating him for you. Welcome to a lifetime of inner struggle against the little bronze devil on your shoulder. Remember… he knows where you sleep! <3


Egg desc: Lida, Lanti tweak
Dragonet desc: Rushka, Team/Lanti tweak
Messages: Rushka, Lida, Team/Lanti tweak
Name: Rushka
Puppetted by: T'ab
Inspiration: Kanga, Lida, Rushka, Sienna, T’ab, Lanti tweak

Sk'ar's Bronze Dzyveth
Harper's Tale: 61st PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Lanti's gold Dedanseth and T'ab's bronze Tyroth
November 20, 2011


Ada (Adalaya) and green Fionabhairth
Nerai (Arienne) and green Auralyth
Reana (Breannah) and blue Eabryllth
Iili (Yaiili) and brown Jhiovharameyth

Candy and green Cornth
Bunn (Bunnia) and green Iculath
Meiji (Meisjin) and green Leitanith
Mary and green Sanderth
E'gan (Eagon) and green Slimerth
S'rah (Sarrah) and green Ssonth
R'ler (Rydler) and blue Derbith
J'ack (Jovack) and blue Sallyth
M'rry (Murray) and blue Shelleyth
J'ber (Jiber) and blue Wokth

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