Dragon Washing

[[logged by N'ano]]

Logfile from Nanoc

Filli arrives from the Weyr-paths, accompained by the crash and tumble of the waterfall.

Piper has left.

Tierza pokes the candidate next to ehr.. "look at /that/ stunning blue.. I've never seen him before.. what a beauty, huh?"

Orbit beams up at the assembled candidates, pointing at the dragons and the buckets of sweetsand waiting for them, along with the dragons, "Well.. you've all been in the weyr long enough to know what to do.." Orblet plans on sunbathing while they work? "Ivrylth at least won't bite you.."

Chiqueth bounces, much like the oversized canine he seems to be, water-wards, and with a flying leap, wings held tight against his body, throws himself waterwards, landing with a great big *splash*. Leave it to him to always show off for the ladies, and Ivry, now that's a lady. Wet to the core, he offers a gentle rumble Ivry-wards.

Tierza says, "Hey Filli, how are you this afternoon? Tstar, Naomi, Jozelle.. " NOds to Hannah.. hrmm another one she hasn't met yet.. "Hello, I'm Tierza from Gar." She grabs a brush and some sweetsands and wades out to Ivry.. "Hey Beautiful, may I scrub you again?"

Naomi hurries along the path, muttering to herself still, but with slightly less offensive language. As she finds in her line of sight more than the average amount of people… quite a few of them candidates, and quite a few of them dragons, she pauses, looking about helplessly. Head is inclined in a nodded greeting to each, before staring, blankly, at Orbit. "/Bite/ me? I hope not…" As for knowing what to do, well… Ivrylth seems like a good bet, seeing as how she's been /assured/ this one won't bite, so the candidate steps forward, picking up a bucket of sweetsand to move it closer.

Ivrylth is reminiscent of a neon-glow worm. Tail curls for a moment before the green begins scanning the candidates. Oooh, who's gonna wash me? Wait… Chiqueth is spotted and the little sexy, dragon kitten rumbles coquettishly at him. A male. Everyone ooh and ahh appropriately.

Jozelle comes down to the basin, beaming at Orbie like a long lost sister. She cringes as Chiqueth manages to splash water in every-which-direction. The girl places her hands on her hips for a moment as she eyes the buckets laid out before Orb. "She would not dare…" Or would she?

Tierza says, "Well, since everyone else wnats the green lady.. may I wash you, handsome blue?" She smiles and slowly approaches him, then stands where he can sniff or snort her.. just in case, and waits.. Figuring he will let her know. "Um, Orbit.. what's the blue's name?"

Orbit settles back into the dry sand along the edge with a contented sigh. Ivrylth is getting a bath and she doesn't have to do it, Planit is being baby-sat by her other momma, and she has some free time to relax. Ahh.. fun as a greenrider. Orblet peers at the blue, "That'd be…" a pause as she consults Ivrylth, "Chiqueth. His rider is K'lis."

Filli hurries in with sight confused look on her face. She still has no clue what was going on in the caverns but. "Oh Hey Tie." she calls back trying wondering which dragon she should offer to help clean today. She stands back and waits to see where the others go she will head to the one with less candidates swarming.

Nanoc has done this enough to know he's not going to come out dry no matter what. So, shirt and all, he jumps into the water, standing somewhat 'tween Chiqueth and Ivrylth, eyeing the green as she rumbles. Meep? Well, all is forgotten for the time being as he shuffles over to the sweetsand, grabbing a large handful "Can we start?"

Jozelle wanders near Orbit, "Would Ivrylth mind if I washed her?" she inquires. She glances quickly at the other candidates before smiling back towards Orb. Oh course Jozelle would choose a greeen first!

Tierza says, "Well met Chaqueth.. would you like a bath?" She stands and waits just so he knows she isn't planning on hurting him.. showing him brush and sands… "Or shall I just admire you for now?"

Tierza * Chiqueth..:>

Waterfall's Basin
The weyr's fresh-water pool flows clean and clear, almost undisturbed by the river that rests here after crashing down from the heights above. This small bay is neatly surrounded by a series of smooth stone steps and hidden beaches, a haven from the wider lake beyond before the water drops further to the sea below.
One gnarled, ancient tree has survived the ravages of time and Thread, reaching up towards the cliff above and the water below. A set of cruide boards makes the climb an easy one. The beach stretches, wide and warm, the waterfall quite a swim distant.
It is an autumn afternoon.
On the perch are Zeus, Kokomo, and Kamas.
Bronze Orbyth, green Ivrylth, and blue Chiqueth are here.
You see Flamer and Calista's Cool-Cat Cot here.
You notice Zi'n and Aziza asleep here.
Orbit, Jozelle, Tstar, Hannah, Tierza, Naomi, and Filli are here.
Obvious exits:
Branch Forest Path

Hannah follows the train of candidates to the waterfall's basin. "Orbit!" is called out from the shy Candidate, her face lighting up at seeing her friend. "Dragon washing.. how fun!" she mumurs with excitement to herself. Feeling quite shy, she stands uncertain what to do and where to go.

Orbit gestures toward the water, "You're all free to wash Ivrylth. She loves play… erm, bath time.."

Tstar hangs back from the chaos for a moment or three waiting for the others to choose which dragons to scrub then goe where she's most needed. She waits patiently. Eyes going from Dragon to dragon.

Naomi * ughs. Gotta run. *hug* Wish I could stay for this…

Naomi goes home.

Chiqueth looks Tierza over as she speaks to him, leaning close enough to her so that his hot breath pours toward her skin. Large orbs whirl, slowly, a soft content blue, but watch out for the tail, because it has a mind of its own. Silently, it creeps Tierza-wards and nudges her gently.

Rap and Rac, as always, are there and in it up to their ears, and already drenched! They make for the nearest dragon, utterly unconcerned as to which color, they reach Chiqueth first.

Sorcen arrives from the Weyr-paths, accompained by the crash and tumble of the waterfall.

Jozelle beams at Hannah, "Hey Hanna!" she gestures a wave at the candidate, "Help me wash Ivrylth!" She takes a dive into the surface of the water. She comes back up like a bobber as she watches everything around her. This will be fun, she thinks.

Tierza laughs as she feels the tail against her.. "I'll take that as a yes.. very well then good sir… I'll start under your neck and work around.." Grabbing her brush in one hand, sands in the other, she lathers up and proceeds to gently swab his neck as far up as she can reach, always moving in small circles, gently, delicately, but throughly…

Filli pulling off her boots one at a time tossing them up the shore, then pulling her belt and knife off she tosses it up there as well. Walking towards the water she dives in. Wet is wet after all. She heads towards the blue, "Hello Chiqueth." she says with a warms smile, "If you guys wants some help I'm willing." she says with a large grin.

Chiqueth lifts his head from the water, posing almost still as a statue, and letting the candidate get to work. Tail continues to move though, curling a bit this way and that, like a snake that dances on water. *Splash!* It lifts and then slams down to hit the water, sending bubbles of water everywhere.

Hannah scurries over to Jozelle, "Okay… where are you starting?" She eyes the green with wide eyes before gently extending a hand.

Khaelyn arrives from the Weyr-paths, accompained by the crash and tumble of the waterfall.

Hannah luxeriates in the feel of the water on her heated lime hide. Dragon washing is her favorite time of the day. No one's mentioning that this is not a regular occurance, of course. She rumbles back towards Orbit in a nice contented way before allowing the candidates easy access to necks and feets and legs. Especially tails. See hers? Pretty?

Ivrylth luxeriates in the feel of the water on her heated lime hide. Dragon washing is her favorite time of the day. No one's mentioning that this is not a regular occurance, of course. She rumbles back towards Orbit in a nice contented way before allowing the candidates easy access to necks and feets and legs. Especially tails. See hers? Pretty?

Tierza smiles at Filli. "Great, we work well together on these guys. Pick a spot… I'm already ehre doing the neck and working backwards.

OOC: Hannah just blushes and admits to being a wee bit out of practice. Ignore that little slip up? Pwetty pwease? ^_~

Tstar sighs and moves towards the blue away from the overly scrubed green, she nods politely to Rap and gives Rac a smile, yes she can tell them apart, and moves to the /other/ side of chiqueth just in time to get drenched by his tail.

Jozelle looks to Ivrylth, "Where'ver she wants?" she inquires puzzledly as she glances back to Hannah. "I am suppose her side would be a good place to start." She dunks her head back under ther water before resurfacing.

Rac grins and gives Tstar a wave, while Rap just looks innocent. /He/ didn't do anything, or he'll never admit to it. He just is suddenly interested in the spot he's scrubbing. "HEY!" Bot of them exclaim as they too get hit by water from the tail.

Filli nods softly and heads for the right side. "I'll start over here." she says smiling at the blue, "That is of course if you don't mind Chiqueth." Always good to be polite around a dragon they may not eat ya but they can slopper you till you drown.

Chiqueth rumbles happily, taking a deep breath that causes him to puff up, and then releasing it slowly, almost like a pleased sigh. Ahhhhh. Shifting blue deepens in his eyes, a slight change, but enough to be noticed. Once again, the tail goes up, threatening to send more waves flying with a thump. It doesn't crash, though, but rather shifts Filli-wards, nudging her as well. He likes the ladies, even the human ones.

Yes, Sorc is a little late, but better late than never, right? In any case, it looks to him like all of the dragons are sufficiently covered by hard-working candies, but it can't hurt to find out. Harper-Candie heads over to Orbit, who looks to be in charge, here. "D'you think they need any help, ma'am? Or are there more coming later?" Sorcen really would like to wash a dragon, but too many people working on one would get in the way of each other, and that wouldn't be much help.

Tstar chuckles and scrubs at shoulder level right now noting where the tail is going. Seems they've got a lady's man on their hands. "Looks like you're out of luck, boys, he doesn't seem to be paying much attention to you." HEr voice is teasing.

Rap gives Tstar a mock wounded look. "Of course he isn't. He knows we don't need as much supervision as you!" Rac pokes him, then chuckles. "Or he's got enough sense to ignore this egotistical dimglow."

Nanoc gets lost in the scrubbing motion, back and forth, back and forth. It just keeps going on and on… kind of hypnotizing. More sweetsand is reached without self-notice, and mixed with the water to create a rich lather.

Tierza working down from the neck, she scrubs against his foreleg, encouraging him to lift it so she can clean his talons.. "My goodness dear, when was your last manicure?" Yes it's an old line, but she likes it.. "Let me make sure I really get the grit out.. easy Chiqueth, I'm not hurting you.."

Hannah nods to Jozelle, "I think that'll be a good starting point." She thoroughly soaps her rag up and begins to gently rub the green's hide. "We'l make her all sparkly, pretty, huh Joz?" Shy grin curves the girl's lips before attention is turned back to the dragon.

Filli snickers at Chiqueth as she watches the tail. Starting to scrub on the side use a gental, massage like motion. "Manicure?" She ask working her way down across the blue's hide, being careful not to hurt but get all grit and make him shine.

Jozelle swims out to Ivrylth, beaming proudly as she reaches her hand up to light scritch the green's side. She looks around to spot Hannah, giving her a flashy grin. "It is kind of odd to see Ivrylth all grown-up." she giggles, "I saw you hatch out of your shell." She seems to be very proud of that, of course, she was standing on the sands as she watched Orbit impress. Jozelle holds no regrets now that she is older, she has become more mature and has learned a lot since that first candidancy. Ringlets that have been soakes against the face bob as Jozelle smiles, "Oh yes- I am quite an expert at this sort of thing now. Also, it is not as different as grooming a runner's pelt." She wanders back towards the shore, getting her own rag covered with soapy-sand.

Talons? Ooh yeah, those need attention, and Chi isn't afraid to admit that. Balancing himself on the other three legs, he lifts the forth, showing off those lovely sharp claws of his. All the better for dinner time, ladies. Neck is all clean, tail is all swishy, wings, those are in the way, and they lift, ever so slowly, 'causing water to glide down from them toward the unsuspecting candidates.

Tierza says, "Sure, like when your nails are all cleaned up and buffed nice and shiny? I learned from my cousin. It actually helped them when I was gardening. Learned to care for them. Use oil to keep the nailbed smooth and the nails from drying out."

Filli blinks as waters starts to rain down. Looking up she gets a face full of water. Sputter, "Well I guess I needed that." she says chuckling before looking at Tie, "Ahh..Being a herder I don't waist time on my nails just end up messing them up." she says with a shrug as she starts scrubbing agian.

Tierza says, "Hey! Chiqueth!" sighs as she gets dripped on, no /rained/ on.. Oh well, at least it's a nice day for a swim. Let's see those nice talons.. ummm… is that one broken? "Orbit? I think one of these talons is broken.. is that very bad? Or will it grow out okay?""

Tstar jumps back surprised, fortunately she was already soaked, so she plunges towards the wing and grins. "Now that yo've got it out, you're going to get it cleaned," and she proceeds to do so. "Let me know if I'm rubbing to hard, please?"

Rap is taking completely by surprise by the wing thing and while Rac manages to jump out of the way he lands flat on his back *sploosh!* and blinks in surprise when he surfaces glaring at his brother as if it had been Racilon rather than Chi who'd done that.

Chiqueth is tough, he can take it, especially if it means it gets him clean. As one candie scrubs a side, another a wing, and yet another staring at his talons, he chooses to eye Tierza's work. A broken talon? No way, not on *this* blue. Once again, he releases his breath, sort of whuffling in dismay. Tstar-side wind is adjusted to her height, might as well make it as easy to work with as possible. Right?

Tierza says, "I bet, Filli you would find that it would help your nails stay cleaner. I know when I'm diging in dirt all day and such, that extra attention makes a difference. Otherwise my hands would /really/ be a mess. Hey.. Chi.. Let's see the back leg now, then I will ask about the broken talon again.. " She had been slowly working her way down his side, circles upon circles upon circles. "Easy fella.."

Nanoc is just mildly—no, sopping wet, from head to toe. No worries. He's not allergic to water, nope. Sighing, he scoops up some more sweetsand and begins working the hind region of the blue. Well, someone has to do it, right? So, he might as well.

Chiqueth watches his new manicurist with a look of, is that, dismay? Nevertheless, he shifts his weight, lifting his back leg with less surety than he did the front. Tail snakes Tstar-wards, just beneath the surface of the water, reaching for her ankles. Ooh, a toy!

Jozelle spots all her little 'pets spawled out over the small shore. They seem to all be taking naps in the warm afternoon sun. Jozzie giggles a bit as she watched Chiqueth, she happens to adore blues as much as greens, although greens seem to come first. She shakes her head as golden ringlets cling against her face. Jozelle is very wet, but she does not mind at all. Actually it is a good time to take a bath herself, she could certainly use more than one with all of the chores she has to do around the weyr.

Tstar grins. "Thanks," She murmurs and pays carefull attention to the places where sail joins spar, he may be tough, but this isnt' supposed to hurt! H'es not /that/ dirty is he?

Filli shrugs softly, "I guess your are right Tie, I just didn't really think about it." she says as she works her way back on the side. Scrub, scrub, scurb. "A broken talon? I doubt it on such a fine blue." she says her hair clinging in her face because of being wet she swips it out of the way and returns to scrubbing.

Rap grumbles and gets up and moves towards that tail. "/You/ deal with that wing, Rac, I'll get that tail." Rac chuckles. "The tails more likely to dunk you than the wing…" And the wing already has.

Tierza says, "easy boy.. I'll be nice and gentle, as always.. but this stuff between the talons has /got/ to go.. There, see.. one already clean." Deftly, she manages the first claw, then aswiftly and lightly brushes and rinses the second… "It's on his left front leg, I'll ask Orbit about when we are done. He is a fine one, isn't he?""

Hannah goes home.

The tail? Someone wants to get Chiqueth's tail? Well, they've got to catch it first, which won't be an easy task, as it's still attempting to wrap itself around Tstar's ankle. She's a nice one, he might just take her home with him, K'lis needs some attention as well.

Well, since Orbit seems to have dazed off, Sorc had better find something to do. He can't just sit here and wait. Still, he gives the 'rider one more shot. "Rider Orbit?" *Hopeful look* Still no response. She must be asleep. So he heads towards the water, nodding towards those working on cleaning Chiqueth. He addresses Tierza, the closest one to him. "Hey, Tie! You guys need any help?" Please. He wants to do something, and scrubbing dragons is a lot more fun than scrubbing floors.

Tierza says, "Um, Tstar?? Have you looked at your ankles lately?" She is still srubbing the hindquarter, but noticed a distinct swish noise. "You may want to move."

Tierza says, "Sure.. this is Chiqueth and no-one has gotten on him and scrubbed up there yet. Help yourself!"

Filli nods softly as she scrubs and whistleing a small tune at the sound of you may want to moves she looks up from her spot wondering why. Okay so only Filli is likely enought not to pay any attention to a dragons tail.

Tstar blinks and looks down skittering back wards, but is it in time? Unfortunately not, she's not /quite/ fast enough and the tail catches her. She gulps, butkeeps scrubbing. "I think I'm caught Tierza… the question is what's he going to do with me now?"

Rap scowls as the tail moves away from him. "Un hand that tail!" He declares at Tstar with a flourish and grin. Rac laughs and calls to Tstar. "don't listen to him, or you'll never see it again, scrubbed away indeed!"

Tierza says, "Hug you? Hopefully?" What does a blue do to a small, insignifacant human. "Ummm… play with you?"

Chiqueth is harmless, really, but he likes this candidate creature that's he's managed to capture. His tail may be strong, but his grip is gentle enough not to cause any damage. Besides, he doesn't *want* some strange boy playing with his tail, it's sensitive!

Tstar grins and tries to turn towards teh tail. "Well if you insist, I'll wash that instead!" Then to Rap. "You get the wing unless you can get the tail to unhand me!"

Tierza says, "I'll help with the wing, I'm done with the talons." Grabbing sand, she scrubs to a rich lather and gentle spreads it on the wing, feeling for grit or other material to come off with her fingertips, rinsing profusely as she moves from tip to body and back.. lower with each swipe. "There Chi, how is that feeling?"

Chiqueth seems to agree that this arrangement will work better, not wanting some strange boy tickling his tail. Goodness gracious no! Tail keeps a good hold on Tstar's ankle, and he holds his wings as steady as he can, which is actually a little difficult in the moving water, but he's a trooper.

Rap snorts once and speaks to the blue. "Permit me to wash the your tail? or at least pass by without knocking me over?" Rac mutters softly to Chiq, "Don't let him… knock him over again." Not often he gest a chance to turn the tables on his brother and he jumps at it.

Jozelle goes home.

Filli chuckles at the blue as she finishes up on the side. "Does this wing need to be washed yet?" she wonders looking around at the others. "If not I'll get it." she says making sure she didn't miss a spot on the side.

Tierza says, "Well, it can't hurt to make sure… Chi seems to be enjoying the attention, that's for sure. Sorc, you going to do his back?"

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