Dragon Swim Log

Log Courtesy of Tilla!

Southern Weyr Beach
This wide strip of sparkling white sand is a popular hangout for the Weyr's dragons; at almost any time you can find them lounging in the sun. The clear blue waters of the ocean roll up onto the soft sands with a gentle hiss. Fairs of firelizards wheel and dive in the air, some popping in and out of nooks and crags on the cliff, others diving and playing in the waves. Occasionally you spot a firelizard dive into the water and emerge with a wriggling fish in his claws.
It is a winter evening.
Curled up in the sand are seven firelizards.
Green Lenculoth, gold Aevryscienth, blue Tosiekoth, green Izlasth, and green Amuirnith are here.
You see Eating Contest Booth, Rib Eating Sign-Up Sheet, Ista Weyr Preparation Tent (iwpt), High Reaches Weyr Preparation Tent (hwpt), and Order of Events! here.
You notice K'rru, Kangarru, and Mhaer asleep here.
Andru, Rhaeyn, Lzi, and S'lo are here.
Obvious exits:
Cove Stairs

"I'm really the one helping you run it. Or, rather, you're the one helping /me/ run this," Lzi amends with a smug smile that's only for S'lo, pushing a filled basket to the side as she begins to work on the next. "I was told to come up with prizes in case my parter didn't, so…this is what I came up with. Everyone likes fruit, and people should eat healthy." Or at least that's her excuse for not coming up with a better prize.

Sphinx blinks in from ::between::!

Tilla dismounts, and she and her lifemate quickly make their way down to the beach where the others are situated. Waving to all she knows, she simply says, "Hey, did I miss the competition?"

"But I—" S'lo starts off, cutting off his words as his forehead wrinkles and hands move to fold over his chest, at least until he decides to bite into that banana. And then an all-too-familiar face appears and her voice is heard, causing S'lo to turn his head to wave at her. "Hasn't started yet. Not for a bit, actually."

Ah yes. It /is/ an all-too-familiar voice, isn't it? Lzi smirks as she spins around to face the greenrider looking all too smug at the moment as she leers at the woman. "Hello again, Tilla," is her low greeting for her, completely ignoring S'lo for the moment. She allows herself a slow look up and down her frame before brown eyes return to look into Tilla's. "You look great, as usual."

Tilla sighs in relief and unhooks a bag of paints, namely blue and black paints from Amuirnith's strap side hooks. She grins at S'lo, "Good! That means I have enough time to paint you. Off with your shirt now, off!" Tilla of course is wearing her midnight blue tank top with black shorts from earlier with the blue and black paint on her midriff, freshly reapplied to say 'HRW'. Then, she looks over at Lzi, with a smile, "Thank you! And your dress is very fetching, as usual, Lzi."

S'lo's eyes narrow once again as he reaches up to tighten his bandana again. It's supposed to make him look tough. he then busies himself with rolling up his short sleeves to make a pseudo-tank top. But at Tilla's instructions, he pulls the tunic off entirely, causing him to readjust the bandana once again. It's his old Kippy one! "Warm it up first! It pro'lly got really cold between."

As if S'lo's not asking to be totally oggled there. Lzi's eyes are locked on him as the shirt is removed, taking a nice long look at what he's got under there, bringing about a throaty sound of approval. Any chance to look at half naked men, she's going to take. The greenrider is so entranced by looking at S'lo that she completely misses Tilla's words to her. Hey, it's been awhile since she's been laid, give her a break.

Nemykai comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

"Okay, good idea," the redhead remarks to S'lo, as she holds the containers of paint up to her lifemate's nose. "Please breathe on these, love," she asks, and Amuirnith is only too happy to oblige with some huffing and puffing and snorting, which does clear away any frost that may have formed on the containers. She did notice Lzi's reaction to S'lo's shirt movements, though, with a grin, "Nice, huh? He doesn't run around without a shirt nearly as much as I'd prefer. Oh well?" Tilla shrugs as she starts to brush the paints along his nicely muscled abs. "I'm going to draw the seven spindles and maybe a smiley face using your nipples as eyes. Is that ok?" She giggles mischeviously.

"He doesn't run around period. I would've died if I had done that foot race," S'lo admits, half in the third-person. "That tickles. Still a little cold, but I guess I'll survive," the bluerider sniffs, looking down to watch the progression of the painting on his torso. And then he laughs. "Okay. Do what you want."

Overhead, Cojiroth soars in from over the Weyr cliff.
Overhead, Cojiroth glides down for a landing on the Weyr Beach.
Cojiroth glides in for a landing.

R'lar descends from Cojiroth's neck, only to land with a faint thud of his boots.

There's a final sweep of her eyes over S'lo's frame before Lzi gets back to work putting those baskets together. It's her job, and she's going to do a good job at it, that's for sure. However, their Weyr spirit gets the greenrider to remember something, and so she pulls the pink sash off of her dress as she heads in Izlasth's direction, digging around in a pouch until she finds another sash, but this one with orange and black polka dots, of course, to match her bandana bracelet. Ha. Take that. Ista rawks.

Tilla laughs! "You know what I mean, S'lo." She shakes her head, dotting in some black 'snow' at the tops of the seven spindles. And then tracing above the spindles in black so that the black and blue is equally represented. His nipples are painted blue with a black smile in between. And she steps back to admire her handywork. "I KNOW!" Tilla says and starts painting a blue form right underneath S'lo's collarbone. "There. Tosiekoth is flying near the Starstones above the weyr. Now, you have /custom/ spirit art from me to you for our weyr. Do you like it?" She also has a small shard of mirror in her pocket, which she holds infront of the bluerider so he can see what she's done.

"Polka dots?" S'lo asides to Tilla, wrinkling his nose as his eyes follow Lzi's progression. "That's kind of ugly. I like our stuff better. Black and blue's better anyway." And then he's looking back down to view Tilla's artwork. "How long does it take to dry? Should I jump up and down or run around a little?"

Cojiroth picks a spot far away from the gathered crowd to backwing and land. Unhooking himself first, R'lar removes his helmet and most of the layers required to travel *between*. One leg is then swung over the bronze's neck and he slides downward, landing in the soft sand below before heaving a sigh. "Why are we here again?" he grumbles to his bond. Well, it's a valid question. Ry has no pride in himself, let alone his /Weyr/, and Cojiroth nagged him into showing up at this event. "This better be worth it." Reluctant to do so, he slowly strides toward the large group of people while his larger counterpart trails behind.

Lzi finishes up tying the sash off to the side so that it hangs down off of her hip before heading back over in the Reachians' direction. "Shouldn't people be getting here soon?" she questions S'lo with raised brows after a quick glance around. As the greenrider starts to do the finish basket, the weyrling basket, she does so hesistantly, mind wandering to her daughter, if she'll show up. If she'll earn a point for High Reaches. But then, Linny's the farthest thing from her mind as her body goes tense after Izlasth informs her of the newest arrival. If she turns around, she'll scare R'lar away for sure. As if that ass of hers doesn't give her away, though.

"Polka-wha?" is Tilla's response, she hadn't been looking at what Lzi was doing moreso than concentrating on painting the bluerider. "Oh, well, I think its kinda cute, I mean is their weyr colors. I always kind of wished we could have bandannas that were midnight blue with white snowflake polka dots but I think alot of people think that's just silly." she winks, and then turns to see the newcomer who is apparently a bronzerider. "Hello!" she waves with a smile over to R'lar. "Welcome to the event. I'm Tilla, rider of green Amuirnith, Tsunami wing, High Reaches Weyr, and you are?' she wipes off her paint covered hand on the behind of her shorts and extends it out to shake the fellow's if he will take hers.

When S'lo turns back, Tilla's already turned into a social butterfly which just causes him to stand there awkwardly for a second. He looks back down, poking his finger at his painted belly before sidling his way back towards Lzi. "So um. So we should pro'lly set this thing up then, huh?"

R'lar doesn't look very presentable to be showing up at a public event of all things. A five o'clock shadow is haunting his chin, his hair is tussled (and may have bits of hay in it) and his clothes are filthy - it looks like he came straight out of a barn. Oh, wait, he /did/. As he draws closer to the crowd, he notices Tilla and her greeting. He, too, wipes a grimy hand on his shirt before shaking the greenrider's. "R'lar." Chin nod toward his dragon, "Cojiroth." Nothing fancy here. Lzi, however, is not noticed right away so he stays put for now. "Not sure what we're doing here. Guess we're just…visiting." Or something.

Overhead, Nylanth soars in from over the Weyr cliff.
Overhead, Nylanth glides down for a landing on the Weyr Beach.
Nylanth glides in for a landing.
G'deon slides from Nylanth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Nemykai wanders down from the designated Infirmary Tent over yonder, void of any particular colours that might suggest where his loyalties lay. He whistles approvingly of Tilla's artwork on S'lo and grins, eyes flanked by wrinkles and mouth framed by boyish dimples. "Better you than me," he remarks to S'lo. "If that were my stomach, that smiley face would look more like a frown." And he affectionately pats the subtle curve of his belly. He heads for wherever refreshments are being concocted and gets some really fruity and tropical served with a wedge of citrus fruit on the rim of his mug, meandering somewhere around R'lar. "They make good drinks over there if you're interested," he notes for the bronzerider's benefit.

In a low murmur, Lzi replies to S'lo, "Yeah, I guess so. Since I'm doing the prizes, why don't you go and get the rest set up, huh?" And since she can't go about avoiding him forever, the greenrider spins around to face R'lar, expression surprisingly nervous. "Hey," she greets him, offering up the tiniest of grins as she looks him over. His appearance certainly doesn't seem to bother her. Probably as the opposite effect, as a matter of fact. And then she stands there, fretting over what his reaction to her will be. Race, what race?

Tilla smiles and shakes R'lar's hand firmly. "Well met, R'lar. Glad you could make it out. Have you seen any of the other competitions? Its been an exciting set of events. S'lo here," she gestures towards the bluerider, "And Lzi over there," she also points, "Are judging or organizing this particular one, the dragon 600 meter swim. Is Cojiroth good at swimming?" Then she hears the healer's greeting. "Would you like to be painted too, ah, Healer…Nemykai, right? I could paint a listening tube on your stomach!" Tilla laughs.

Overhead, Cimarroth soars in from over the Weyr cliff.
Overhead, Cimarroth glides down for a landing on the Weyr Beach.
Cimarroth glides in for a landing.

Overhead, Veriameth soars in from over the Weyr cliff.
Overhead, Veriameth glides down for a landing on the Weyr Beach.
Veriameth glides in for a landing.

Overhead, Kaelidyth soars in from over the Weyr cliff.
Overhead, Kaelidyth glides down for a landing on the Weyr Beach.
Kaelidyth glides in for a landing.

S'len slides from Cimarroth's neck and settles onto the ground, and not a moment too soon.
Linny descends from Kaelidyth's glistening honey-colored neckridges to land safely on the ground.

Palia slides from Veriameth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

"Oh. Oh! No, that's my um — " S'lo starts to reply to Nemykai, eyes a bit wide as he turns his head to watch the healer's progression. But back to Lzi… "Oh uh. Well, what are we using for the marker in the water?" But since she starts talking to R'lar, S'lo's left to his own devices. Hm. He does offer a little wave as Tilla introduces him, but otherwise eyes the shoreline. "Alright um — uh, everybody?" Maaaaybe he needs to talk a little louder.

Nemykai snorts at Tilla's offering and shakes his head over the rim of his fruity drink. "Thank you ma'am, but somethings are better left unseen," is his amused reply. He finds a comfortable place to sit, out of the way of any possible participants but with a good view down the beach and out to the sprawling ocean at its edge. And close enough that he can hear S'lo's timid attempt to garner attention. So Nemykai, being the helpful Healer that he is, puts two fingers in his mouth and emits a sharp, shrill whistle bound to carry for some distance.

S'len is here and ready to party! He and Cimarroh emerge from Between, the young blue giving a triumphant bugle. They circle down, using the blue's small size as an advantage to find a place close to the action. S'len immediately strips off Cimarroth's straps and gives him an affectionate snap on the neck, his eager expression matching Cimarroth's quickly whirling eyes.

Not sure what to do now that he's here, R'lar places his hands on his hips and tries not to make eye contact with the people here. And when Nemykai meanders by with a drink, he perks up a bit and smirks at the Healer Journeyman. "I'm gonna need something stronger, unfortunately." Turning around to see where said booze is, he also shakes his head at Tilla. "Cojiroth won't be swimming, or so he says. But, we'll probably stick around and - what?" When the greenrider mentions Lzi, he looks around to see where she is. Panicky much? Cough. "Since when do /you/ have Weyr spirit?" Eye.

Even though Linny's still pretty sore from running, and losing, earlier in the day, Kaelidyth's ready to go and do her part and compete for High Reaches. It's a good thing that the weyrling just gets to sit and watch this time. She's quick to dismount, removing the gold's straps so that she can run off and go socialize. Of course, Izlasth is noticed, which then leads her eyes to find Lzi. And R'lar. Despite her brother, Linny makes a mental note to stay away, at least from her mother, and she latches herself onto S'len. "Save me."

"Since when would you know if I have Weyr spirit since you've been gone for the past Faranth knows how many turns," Lzi fires back, obviously not pleased with his reaction to seeing her. Sighing, she spins around to go back to continue placing fruits within the basket, flicking her eyes occassionally over to check on S'lo's progress in getting things set up.
Tilla takes more charge, "S'lo, stand on this box here, and yell." She says, pushing it towards him. She winces at the shrill whistle, but it does the trick for garnering her attention , other than the arrival of the two weyrlings. "Linny!, S'len!! C'mere!" Uhoh, she's going to offer to paint them. "Want a little blue or black paint for your arms or stomach or cheek or anything? Its for weyr spirit!" she says, waving her paintbrush about in the air. She belatedly responds to R'len, "Allright, well still glad that you came and nice to meet you!"

"Okay!" Nemykai is given a grateful look before S'lo climbs atop the box in an attempt to make himself more visible to everyone. "Alright! Everybody! So this isuh, this is how it's goingyou know uh, gonna go down. So, weyrlings are going to be in one category. I mean the dragons! The dragons are swimming. Greens, blues and small browns will be in the next category, and lastly, large browns, bronzes and—I don't think we have any golds, do we? But anyway, everyone will race together! They'll swim to that mark waaaaay out there, swim around it, and swim back. The first dragons of each category to make it back to shore, wins. And I'm not telling you what the prizes are yet!" Never mind that Lzi, who's working on them, is clearly visible.

S'len is in his weyrling uniform, so he's already well decked out in High Reaches colors. But he strips off his jacket and heads over in Tilla's direction, Linny presumably in tow. Cimarroth is left to his own devices, which include looking around at the strange dragons from else-Weyr with a look of avid curiosity. "Let's get painted," he says to Linny, then throws Tilla a grin. "This should be exciting." But he quiets down at least a little to listen to S'lo.

Linny stays close to S'len as they make their way over to Tilla, exchanging a quick look with him before she nods. "All right. How about…something on my cheek?" Her right cheek is pointed to before she gets distracted by S'lo's instructions, nodding along with them. "Hey, look," Linny then says, gesturing over to Kaelidyth. "She's almost the size of a small green now!" Lookat her little baby all growing up to be huge. Aww.

R'lar really, really does not want to be anywhere near Lzi at the moment. And since she caught him off guard, he shoots Cojiroth a nasty look as if saying, 'why didn't you /say/ something?' to him. The bronze's eyes whirl an amused green-blue and he greets the new arrivals with a whuffle. He /does/ let Ry know that Kaelidyth just showed up, though. "Oh, stop whining, Lzi." he responds with a smug grin. When Linny is spotted, he chin nods to his kin in greeting. To Tilla he asks: "Did you want to-" Well, /started/ to ask until the greenrider calls out to his sister and distracts him. "You know my sister?"

G'deon and Nylanth have been here for days, really. Just… chillin'. They don't get to do that too much. Gid comes walking down the beach just shy of the water line while Nylanth lumbers along beside him, dark talons splashing in the shallow water.

Nemykai happily sips at his fruity drink while people-watching, heels digging into the pale sand. Other spectators have begun to find their way down from other areas of the Weyr and crowd his view resulting in the Senior Journeyman getting his feet underneath him to escape the crowd. He wanders over to Lzi and her basket-making. "Need any help? I'm pretty good at tying bows," he offers, as if bow-tying is a skill in high demand.

"Alright! Can we please have all dragons line up according to size and—well, type. Weyrlings to the far left, smaller dragons in the middle, and larger dragons on the right! The sooner you line them up, the sooner we can begin!" S'lo hollers with surprising oomph in his tone. Lzi, in the meantime, is gestured at to help him out already.

Tilla grins up at S'lo, so tall on his box, and then turns to regard S'len and Linny. "Splendid!" she says, jerking the paintbrush around, and trying not to spew droplets. "Great, S'len what do you want and where do you want it? I painted the letters HRW on my stomach and I painted the seven spindles on S'lo, for example. And Linny, would you like a teeny little seven spindles on your cheek in blue? I think it'd be cute." She turns to regard R'lar, "Yes sir, I know Linny, great lass. Did I want to what?" she asks him, surprised but smiling.

Not exactly the response she wanted to get out of him, but hey, Lzi probably isn't likely to get anything nicer out of R'lar. Nemykai gets a little grin as she nods. "Yeah! Yeah, that'd be great!" When the baskets are finished up, she brushes her hands together, rather proud of the work she did, and, feeling rather forward, when the greenrider brushes past the bronzerider to go help S'lo get things set up, she grabs herself a handful of his behind, tossing a smirk at him over her shoulder as well as a wink. Who loves ya baby? Then, she's at S'lo's side, grinning as she gives him a little pat on /his/ behind. It's all about the butts today. "Good job."

Nylanth definitely qualifies as one of the bigger dragons. One of the older ones, too. Unintimidated, he lines right up with the other dragons, large eyes whirling in excited swirls of blue, green and golden-tinted violet. He shares short greetings with other 'Reaches dragons, cordial comments with known dragons, and quick introductions with all the others. G'deon, meanwhile, joins the closest knot of riders.

Cimarroth is one of the smallest, sadly, except for a few errant green weyrling dragons who have deigned to show up. Despite what might be a disadvantage of size, he trumpets eagerly an trots over to where all of the other weyrling dragons are headed, jostling in between a Fort brown and a Southern green to take what he feels is the best starting position. Farther away, S'len says to Tilla, "I guess some stripes around my biceps." Hawt.

Kaelidyth follows the directions well and quickly, going to the far left as she was told to do. Linny checks to make sure that her dragon gets in place before turning back to Tilla, nodding her head. "That sounds wonderful." Her big brother gets a big smile and a wave, obviously thrilled to see him.

"Was just gonna ask if you wanted a drink." R'lar asks Tilla, turning to face the lass with his hands still loosely on his hips. "Or later if it's more convenient for you." After speaking, he grins a bit and observes the rider's knot. Might help if he paid attention to details every once in a while. Speaking of doing just that, he glances over his shoulder at Cojiroth who is choosing to stay behind and watch the competition from a distance. And after a moment of searching, Linny is spotted so he calls out to her, "Hey, where's your boyfriend?" Mwaha.

Amuirnith is finally released from her straps and she runs on over to where the other greens are situated. Lean, serene and ever green, baby! Tilla claps her hands and gets to work painting some blue and black stripes along S'len's biceps. "Wow, you got some nice ones!" she says with a wink, giving them a little squeeze and laughing softly. She also paints a few zigzags to represent the mountains, yo. She then turns to Linny, "Ok, close your eyes, this is a very delicate painting there.." she says, leaning over to start delicately painting the mountains with thin strokes. To, R'lar, she grins, "A drink, I'd love one! Some red wine or a Gar cider would be wonderful, two of my favorites. Thanks!"

Esryth jumps off the cliff from above, and floats down to the beach on outstretched wings.
Aislinn slides from Esryth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

S'eron has arrived.

With the baskets done, Nemykai stands around looking uncertain. See? This is why Healers generally don't get free time. They don't know what to do with themselves when given free time! So he'll just linger around, meandering here and there to try and find a better view of the race.

Linny has one particular finger to hold up in her brother's direction, but it's done with an oh-so-loving expression on her face. But then, she closes her eyes for Tilla, making sure to keep her face smooth so as to not ruin the work being done on her cheek. If it tickles, she gives no apparent signs of it.

Overhead, Jeyth soars in from over the Weyr cliff.
Overhead, Jeyth glides down for a landing on the Weyr Beach.
Jeyth glides in for a landing.
Pippa drops from Jeyth with a slip over her shoulder and a quick drop to the ground.

S'len laughs at Tilla's comment. "Well, tossin' firestone bags back and forth can do that to a guy." He's buff. He looks farther down the shore, where Cimarroth is prancing in place, waiting impatiently for the cue to start. He gives a verbal whoop of encouragement along with a few
mental words.

Rordan comes down the stairs from the cliff above.

As R'lar prepares to get himself some strong ale and some red wine for Tilla, he's caught off guard, /again/ by Lzi who grabs his behind. "Shards, woman, can't keep your hands off me, eh? Or any other guy for that matter." This puts him back into a sour mood so he folds his arms across his chest and completely forgets about his drink offer. For now. His attention is then focused on the dragons lining up on the beach, and now it's Cojiroth who surprises him. So much that his jaw drops a little. The large bronze slowly makes his way up to the others and joins his comrades in this little race. Nothing to lose, yes? "Well, I'll be damned…" Ry's almost speechless!

Lenculoth is all business and ready to begin. She nods a graceful head to her clutchmate before turning her attention to the waves and the marker.

G'deon shades his eyes as he and Nylanth both gauge the distance out to the marker. The dark bronze turns toward his rider for a couple seconds before he hunkers down, waiting for that all important signal. Gid loosens the top button on his shirt and shrugs uncomfortably, then crosses his arms and stares out to sea.

Aislinn has been here the whole time, absolutely! Cheering on her Weyr and all that business, yes sir. Nevermind that blue dragon winking into view in the skies above, gliding down without much fuss or flamboyance. Though, that's probably due to an extra passenger he bears today, and one who hasn't quite adapted himself to the aerial life yet. Swinging herself free as soon as Esryth's settled a marked distance from those lining up for the race, Aislinn reaches an arm back up to help her company down too. "See, Ror? I told you Southern is beautiful." Where's her weyr! And her booze!

Pippa has already lost her sandals to wherever sandals go to be lost upon the beach. Barefoot with coral-lacquered toes, the young weyrwoman crosses along in Jeyth's wake. Said gold drags her tail through the very unIstan and not-at-all black diamond dust sands, waggling behind provoking quite the sinuous line. In a breath though as they reach where the surf strikes the sand, Pippa flashes forward to stand before the gold, give her some works of advice and startle the dragon with a big ol' smooch to her muzzle. This evokes something of a squeak, if it is possible for a dragon that big to squeak. "Aye, you're my girl." Dawwwwh.

Tilla smirks over at R'lar, "Not a swimmer, eh?" She laughs and continues to work on Linny until she's just about done, dotting small black snowflakes about the tops of the spires. "I'm done!" She proclaims, holding up the little mirror, "Tell me what you think!" Over to S'len, she winks, "Why yes, yes it does. I even started to get muscles as a weyrling I never even knew I had?" She shrugs. And then spots Rordan and Aislinn, "ROR, AIS!!" She waves excitedly over, "Come over so I can paint you with weyr colors!"

S'eron watches from the rider-sideline, looking as if he is shaking off a serious mood. He gives quick smiles to those he brushes into, looking around desperately for the wine peddlers. "Oy," he asks a passerby with a delicious looking goblet. "Where did you get that? Is the seller moving or stationary?"

Linny checks herself out in the mirror, giving Tilla thumbs up. "Good job." And then, since the race is about to start, she wanders down closer to the action, to keep a close eye on Kaelidyth and how she does in the race once it starts.

Cojiroth greets his sister, Lenculoth, before R'lar interrupts his train of thought.
Apparently he needs to concentrate or something. Digging his claws into the sand near the water's edge, the bronze prepares for a quick departure. R'lar, on the other hand, rolls his eyes and shakes his head at Tilla. "He always does something like this. Never tells me anything." His brows narrow slightly as he watches the group of dragons and then shrugs. "Whatever."

Rordan reaches down to accept Aislinn's help, himself looking the same tint as some of the palm leaves, but managing to keep from falling as he lands his feet on the ground. A wobbly bow to the blue dragon and he keeps a hand on Aislinn's shoulder just to steady himself. "Thank you," he manages, but closes his mouth again quickly, as though to keep from losing his lunch out of it.

"Alright! Everyone lined up? No snouts past this line here!" S'lo indicates after he hops down off of the box. "Remember! You must make sure your lifemates go /around/ the marker out there, else they'll be disqualified! On the count of three… ONE… TW—wait. On your mark. GET SET…. GO!"

*SMACK* That'd be the flat of Pippa's long-fingered hand smacking against Jeyth's considerable rear end as she passes by. Oh yes, she can strut while walking upon sand, dark hair flopping off her shoulder and to her back, fingers dropping back down to reknot the wrap about her waist. Slanting, murky sea-green eyes cast to the side, taking in the 'competition' with a sly smile towards the closest dragon's rider, G'deon, "When that thing flounders, want me 'n Jeyth to help you out? Bit too much ballast in the belly of that ol' ship."

And they are off! Lenculoth performs a graceful spring which arcs into the water, clearing the length of sand she'd have to wade before swimming. She goes deep too, finding room to stretch out her wings and sweep great sail fulls of the sea, propelling her forward faster and faster. Legs work in a coordinated effort, one she's been perfecting her entire life, to further speed her toward the marker.

Amuirnith leaps to her feet, fluttering a bit before doing a full on body slam into the water, FLUMPH! She starts paddling for all she's worth , using her tail as a rudder and for extra boost and making sure to keep those wingsails fully collapsed towards her body to reduce drag. She's shortly after Lenculoth but gaining on her.

Aislinn doesn't seem too fazed by her companion's queasiness, giving him a quick swatting thump on the shoulder in evident pride before keeping an arm loosely on the small of his back. "It could have been worse," she informs him cheerfully, and then jerks a thumb towards Esryth. "He could have been entering the race, and then we would've have to hustle twice as fast." Grinning, she turns towards Tilla's hailing and raises an arm in greeting. "Paint? Oh, I'm not… sure about that," she laughs with uncertainty, before hustling the recruit at her side forward a little. "I bet Ror would like some though, right?" And she gives the guard a sidelong look that could be described as devious, were it anyone other than Aislinn.

Cimarroth is off from 'go', pushing off with his hind legs to leap into a water, chest expanding as he takes a mid-air breath. He hits the water with a large splash, soaking the more timid weyrlings around him. He keeps his already sleek body tightly compressed. His forelimbs are drawn close against his chest, reducing drag and allowing his hind feet and wings to do the majority of the propulsion while his low-set tail steers. He isn't saving anything for the finish, doing everything he can do go as far as possible, as fast as possible, right from the onset. He remains underwater, draconic lung capacity being used to his advantage here. From the shore, his painted lifemate cups his hands, screaming his name and jumping up and down enthusiastically, as if he can somehow help through sheer exuberance.

"Go baby, go!" Linny shouts out to root Kaelidyth on as she launches herself into the water, floundering for a few moments until she gets situated in the water, finding a good rhythm. The gold chugs along, being careful not to use up all of her energy now so that she actually has a chance of at least finishing, keeping her eyes on that marker.

At S'lo's command, Cojiroth digs his claws into the sand and launches himself into the sea with one gigantic leap. When his body hits the water, the splash is enormous and causes R'lar to blink a few time. Co did /that/? He's never seen him move so fast! On land, that is. Bronze paws pull through the water and propel him forward while his tail does most of the steering. He's just shell-bent on getting around that marker. "Well, I'll be…" Ry's speechless for the second time today. Must be some kind of record.

"I did suggest he tie some buoys to his belly," G'deon says right back to Pippa, eyes focused on Nylanth. Dragon and rider tense at the same time, then Gid unconsciously rises on his toes as Nylanth leaps out into the water, dark underside skimming the water before his body settles. Gid's statement is meant to be a joke, but the focus elsewhere makes it miss a bit.
Once Nylanth hits the deeper water, he keeps his wings pulled back, only the ends furled to help his narrow backside stay afloat somewhat while he uses his massive chest and foreleg muscles to pull himself forward. Sadly, his skinny back legs aren't all that much help. G'deon relaxes as the race is truly underway, finally looking at the Istan gold rider and giving her a crooked smile that just misses being a leer. "Of course, it would take her a Turn to catch up."

Jeyth digs talons into the unforgiving sands, gaining what purchase she can. Haunches bunch, forelegs collapse in a crouch of sun-ripened maize, sails ripple upon a wayward breath from the very waves of the sea, and then she is off. Launching, belly eclipsing a foamy wave before she literally CRASHES into the water, bulk wresting to life a typhoon of mini-proportions. Neck extended, lids closing over her lavender-light eyes, she stretches out and swims!

Hardeth may not be the first out of the figurative gate, but the brown weyrling certainly looks determined once the dragon makes his first dive into the water. The young dragon makes an arc-and-dive pattern more like a serpent of the sea than a creature with wings, the up-and-down motions reminiscent of a butterfly stroke, and presumably uncomfortable should anyone be unfortunate enough to try and ride him while swimming.

Tilla grins over to Aislinn, "C'mon. I could paint a tiny spire on your cheek and for Ror-" she pauses, now spotting Pippa. "Oi, Pippa!" she waves and cheerfully grins over to her. Amidst keeping her other eye out for her swimming green. "Keep it tucked in, no, don't lean port..and now you're too much starboard, keep it even!!" Apparently her friend Shrik's boating lessons have not left the girl entirely.

Rordan shakes his head firmly, "No, he was very careful." That's as far as the recruit manages before he's gulping back an unpleasant reminder of what he had for his last meal. He raises both hands to rub at his face, swaying a little, but the motion could be mistaken as a nod, though Ror only glances toward Aislinn and says, "Like some?" His eyes make a quick dart down and up the rider, as though checking her attire, but it seems apparent he hasn't been following the conversation. "I…sure?"

"Go HIGH REACHES GO!" yelps S'lo as he pumps a fist in the air, jumping a little in excitement. He's even partially in the water, too. Who would've thought!

Lzi's got her eyes on the race…for the most part. She can't help it that her eyes keep sliding in R'lar's direction, an oddly soft and tender expressio on her face as she does so. Every time she gets caught looking at him, her expression drops and she clears her throat, looking back out toward the water, but it's only a matter of time before her brown eyes return to him.

Nemykai visably straightens with the excitement of the race starting, joining in the hoots and hollering of the crowd as Pern's dragons hit to the surf. "Come on, High Reaches!" A-ha! So the Healer /is/ biased! "Let's go, Ista, let's go - woo! Woo!" Just kind of biased then.

D'ie watches from the sands, his eyes on his brown lifemate in the water, but he refrains from shouting or jumping up and down. Instead, he rubs at an eyebrow with the palm of his hand, eyes moving ahead of the dragon and, from the young man's expression, making a plan and giving the brown silent instructions. The shaved-headed youth grits his teeth and mutters the instructions to himself under his breath, but is mostly inaudible. The shouting of observers for High Reaches gets a little grin at the corner of his mouth, but no rejoining cheer.
Nemykai enters Ista Weyr Preparation Tent (iwpt).

Pippa drops her hands to her hips, tanned fingers splayed as she looks after where Jeyth has gone, the dragon receding from view yet vibrant among the many others stretching to the buoys. At G'deon's quipping remark, the young woman chuckles faintly, the tone vaguely amused at the banter, "Keep up with him sinking to the bottom? Aye, you might have that right. Fuck me, is that floundering I see? Oh No… No. My bad. That's just his stroke." Blink, peer back over towards the man, "Makes a girl wonder…" Oh look, there is Tilla, and she'll twiddle-finger wave back to her, smile flashing in enjoyment.

"Great!" And Aislinn gives Rordan a little push towards Tilla encouragingly. "How about the weyr crest, right on top of your head," she suggests to the guard merrily. Hey, that shaved skin is good for something! Her attention twitches back towards the dragons as they shove off, giving an obligatory cheer to the ones from her weyr. "Go Cimarroth!" Blue bias? Her? Never. Back to Tilla, she grins. "Oh, did you enter Amuirnith? Well, good luck to her too! Esryth still hasn't forgiven me for making him miss her flight."

Lenculoth tucks her wings in tight along her body as she performs a twisting roll, overshooting the marker point and curling back toward it just as quickly, exploding outward again, her wings winging strongly through the currents and waves like a fish's fins as she starts her way back toward the beach. She doesn't bother resurfacing.

The relentless drills and exercises that Cimarroth has insisted on every day, in addition to those scheduled lessons, seems to be doing the small blue well. He approaches the marker with energy still in abundance, though there is some confusion when he almost turns without going around it. That is cleared up quickly and Cimarroth twists his body sharply, managing to place himself on the inside loop by virtue of his slight size. He lifts his muzzle, taking a new breath, and hunkers down for the race to the finish. On shore, S'len doesn't seem good for much other than cheering his lifemate on, caught up in the energy and drive coming through the bond. All the excited yelling is going to make him hoarse if he keeps it up.

Nemykai has arrived.

Tilla grins, "All right then, the seven spires atop Ror's cute little shaven noggin it is then! Now, Ror, as you remember, I'm short so can you bend over here so I can reach your head?" She gives a wry smile over to Aislinn, "Yep, Amu is out there swimming about as fast as she can. Don't worry about her flight, there'll be another one in some months, I'm pretty sure. Althought it would have been interesting if you'd been there, given there were punches being thrown?" She snickers and then looks like she is concentrating, sending thoughts to her lifemate.

Kaelidyth has fallen towards the back of the pack, going around the marker a few seconds after everyone else has. But she's just sandbagging it, saving up all of her energy for a final burst at the end. For now, she's content to just hold her position, daintily lifting her head out of the water for a quick breath before she's under the water again, passing a full grown green idly.

Rordan looks more than a little surprised at being sent to Tilla to 'get some.' He blinks at the greenrider and then at the bluerider, and then toward the racing dragons in the water and finally says, "Uh." But Tilla gets a tentative, green smile, and Rordan says, "Whatever you like. I'm…just going to sit down if you don't mind." Problem solved, he settles right on the ground, and Tilla my have to lean over a little even to mutilate his head.

Amuirnith makes her way to that marker, weaving about it like a green serpent in the water, happily gulping any fish that happen to leap her way. She's about the middle of the group of dragons who are furthest along at the moment.

Jeyth dives, head and neck stretching underneath the jem-clear waters, wings drawn close to her sides with water-mark ripples flashing over them, and Oh, look at that. That'd be her considerable butt sticking right up in the air so she can show all those beachwards her unfavorable end. Tail lashes, slicing through a cresting wave before she disappears underneath, turning, slowing because of her bulk yet having learned from her lifemate's dolphin buddies to use that current and those waves. Around the turn she comes! Nostrils peek first, flaring wide and pale before the rest breaches like some kind of deep sea whale. Thar she blows as well as water is snorted from those nostrils.

Nylanth seems to be doing fairly well with the straight-ahead, ducking his head under the incoming waves until he's clear of the breakers. He just can't seem to keep his narrow rear and hind legs close enough to the water's surface and is definitely dragging them behind, relying solely on his forelegs and what little help his tail can offer. As he nears that marker, the more cumbersome bulk of the larger dragons becomes more obvious. How do you turn the Titanic around? Slowly. He dives, pivoting under the water to change direction and come around the pole, but picking up speed is going to be tough.

Unbeknownst to those watching the competition, R'lar /does/ encourage his bond when the race starts. The front he puts up in front of everyone can't completely mask his competitive edge. Cojiroth, on the other hand, is trying his hardest to keep a steady pace and stroke while watching the water marker draw closer and closer. It isn't long until he has to slow himself down a bit to round the marker and pick up speed again for the stretch back to the beach. Stroke, stroke! Meanwhile, back on the sand, R'lar's fist clenches as he watches his lifemate put up a damn good fight to win.

S'eron does indeed receive information about where to procure wine, but he doesn't do anything with it yet. He is too busy watching the race from his dragon's eyes. He is delightfully distant as he sways from left to right while his green passes other dragons. Or are those rocks? Who knows.

Hardeth reaches close to the marker and dives right under water. An overhead view would show the brown passing so closely to the marker that he nearly knocks into it. But a brief breach of brown ridges is all the indication that the brown reaches the outer edge of the marker before arcing around it. His head pops up over the water's surface for a deep breath, and he angles again toward the beach.

G'deon glances at Pippa, but that's all. He unbuttons his shirt's cuffs and begins rolling the sleeves, and otherwise just goes on watching the race. Either he has no witty comeback, or he's just not in the mood for the banter. He's lame. And old.

"They're around! They're around!" S'lo yells out, as if the other spectators couldn't see for themselves. Still, his fist goes flying in the air while "WOOOO!"'s are screamed out towards the 'Reachian competitors.

And now it's time for Kaelidyth to make her presence known. With a sudden sharp flick of her tail, the gold starts wizzing her way up through the crowd of dragons, using her still small frame to easily maneuver though them. Such a shame that soon she'll be too big and bulky to move with such agility, so this race really comes at a perfect time for her. Linny's bouncing up and down on the beach, clapping and cheering loudly for her dragon as Kaelidyth buzzes in the direction of the finish line, giving it all she's got.

Aislinn grins some at the 'cute' bit, though the smile is an apologetic one that she flashes Rordan. He's a good sport about it, or else seems too disoriented to make an earnest complaint, but Aislinn is satisfied. "I'll let her beautify me next," she assures, and then offers Tilla a laugh. "So I heard! I'm almost sorry I missed that, I've got a mean right hook," she teases, fisting one hand for emphasis. She doesn't cheer much beyond a sharp fingers-to-teeth whistle now and again for her weyr, but it's presumably because she's not sauced enough yet. Esryth makes up for it from the shore, alternating between exciting rumblings and short, barking bugles of encouragement to the dragons in the water.

Dragons, dragons, everywhere! Lenculoth feels the rush of energy from the others surging forward toward the end of the race. The blood rushes to her lifemate's ears as she puts on an extra burst of speed to match, all of her limbs involved in thrusting her forward through the water. Once she comes upon the shallows, she starts skimming the surface as she streamlines herself and grabs great claw fulls of sand, desperately urging over the finish line.

D'ie is there, and now he starts shouting, calling encouragement to the other dragons from his Weyr, as well, by simply repeating, "High Reaches! Go High Reaches!" The brown Hardeth breaching and diving has most of his attention, and the straight shot back to the beach requires no direction.

Tilla snickers at Aislinn's punching comments. "Ahhah. Well next time, just, next time?" She winks and bends over to delicately start to paint the spires atop Rordan's head, dotting the little black snowflakes above the peaks. And when she's done, she paints a tiny blue dragon there. "See, there's your friend Esryth flying around! There you go!" She laughs and looks over towards Amu again, "C'mon, Amu, Goooo Reaches!" she yells.

Back where his swimming is best, Nylanth puts all his strength into pulling himself forward toward the beach, using his wingsails to catch the waves as he tries to use his bulk to his advantage this time, narrow end now aiming him toward dry land like the rudder on a ship.

Rordan sits with his head bowed for the duration of being painted on, calling lowly, "Come on 'Reaches!" Not that anyone can hear him yelling at his knees like that. "I heard S'lo's dragon caught you, Tilla, was that right?" His grammar may not be strictly correct, but hopefully he has the right idea. When the spires are done, he immediately reaches up to prod at the still-wet paint, getting it on his fingers, but at least he's not green anymore.
Dragons, dragons, everywhere! Lenculoth feels the rush of energy from the others surging forward toward the end of the race. The blood rushes to her lifemate's ears as she puts on an extra burst of speed to match, all of her limbs involved in thrusting her forward through the water. Once she comes upon the shallows, she starts skimming the surface as she streamlines herself and grabs great claw fulls of sopping wet sand, desperately urging toward the finish line.

Jeyth's autumn-harvest colors show bright in the seawaters, cutting through sea's transparent green and crest's falling white. Those bovine-wide nostrils of her's suck in great lungfulls of air, dominating her forward figure while her booty takes up the rear, literally. The leading spars of her wings extend out just the slightest, allowing sails to add to her streamline as hind legs kick against the seafloor. Push. Push. Push!

S'len glances over at Tilla as, grinning as he notes the little dragon she's painting. "Can you paint a blue on my arm, too, Tilla? Maybe on my upper arm?" He looks frequently back to the water churning with dragon bodies, but he's all out of breath for cheering. Cimarroth, on the other hand, seems to still be doing well. He might be flagging some, but he's at a fast enough clip that some slowing might be excused. Maybe. Either way, he's giving it all he's got as he's making his way toward shore.

Tilla grins at Rordan, "I think you won't be able to see it as well since its on the top of your head.." She holds up the mirror and angles it about so maybe if he looks up, he could see it. "Yeah, S'lo's dragon caught, it was sort of an accident. It was a weird flight." She laughs nervously and turns to S'len, "Yeah, c'mere and I will paint you a little Cim right on your arm!"

Pippa starts bouncing after Jeyth rounded that turn. Yes, bouncing. And she isn't shy at all about it. It starts at her toes, managing to lift up and down a little bit, and heels off the sand and then the rest of her long body gets into the movement. Hands are lifted high, dark hair shaken loose so that it is its own wild creation, her wrap flapping up about her knees as she yells at the top of her lungs. "Goooooo! Gooooo! Move your arse!"
Amuirnith flicks her tail in and out of the water, pumping her legs with all her might and spewing seawater out of her nose and mouth. Her spars start to drag from her body out of tiredness, though, and so she jerks them back towards her torso abruptly, which slows her down a tiny bit before she leans her neck and head back into the water to reduce the drag even further. Off towards the shore she goes.

Cojiroth is quickly drawing closer to the beach and he can feel the water becoming shallower with every stroke he takes. Large paws pull through the water's resistance and he's going at a pretty good clip despite the initial lack of enthusiasm. Like a runner wanting to go faster than the other, this bronze has built up a little competitive edge like his bond did while in the water. He has tunnel vision, unaware of how the others are doing at the moment, and concentrates on finishing. Water droplets and mist are snorted from his nasal passage just as he feels the sand beneath his paws again.

"Perfect!" Aislinn declares, looking pleased with the addition of her lifemate as she gives Rordan's shoulder a squeeze. "That's really cute, Tilla, I didn't know you could paint." She looks up as S'len ceases his hollering and edges over. "Hey, Cim's doing really well! He's got a lot of stamina for a young dragon," she approves, before glancing towards the paint coming out again, and bouncing on her toes slightly. "If you're doing dragons, I might want one," she admits. Aha, so the spirit of competition gets to her.

Hardeth stretches his neck out and takes a breath to dive under the water and propel himself forward. The weyrling is clearly starting to tire, but makes a valliant effort to add speed as he swims toward the finish line.

It's further hooting and hollering from Healer Nemykai while he nursing his fruity drink craddled in his redwort-stained hands. "Go Ista! Go High Reaches! Eat bubbles, everyone else!" There will be no love for that Telgarian dragon swimming out there in the waves.

S'len goes over to Tilla, sticking out his arm for a little miniature Cimarroth. He looks aver at Aislinn, grinning at the compliment. "Thanks. He works the both of us real hard, so I'd hope he has stamina." He shades his eyes, trying to spot his blue. "He is doin' well, though." There's obvious pride in his voice.

Rordan nods to Tilla, and tilts his head to try and see what's going on up there. But the name S'len has him glancing a curious look toward the Weyrling. "Your dragon racing, S'len?" He pushes to his feet and looks toward Aislinn again. "I thought you said you were going to get painted on." But the squeeze to his shoulder actually gives the young man a bit of a glow to his grin. "Thanks. I didn't smudge him, did I?" he asks, ducking his head so Aislinn can make a judgement.

"Yea, I have a whole sketch book, some of which is colored, although I haven't had that much time to work on it lately.." Tilla grins, "Yes, where do you want your dragon, Ais, on your cheek? Your forehead? Let me know!!" she cries out, waving the paintbrush around, amidst reaching out to S'len to start painting his dragon and towards where Amuirnith is making it down the home stretch near the front of the pack.

"COME ON REACHES!" S'lo hollers, his voice cracking at the end. It's there that he hops back off of the box and stumbles a little, but really, he makes it look as if he's purposely going to his knees. It's more level with the dragons, see. "YOU'RE ALMOST THERE!"

Well, because everyone else is cheering, well, Lzi probably should too. "GO ISTA!" is shouted as she cups her hands around her mouth so that her voice carries. Yeah, take that.

It's her butt. It had to be her butt. Something that considerable will obviously produce a bit of drag. Jeyth comes from the water, dripping, head hanging low as her sides heave with each and every breath she takes. Pippa darts towards her lifemate, pumping a hand in the air for those that won before meeting up with her gold. Dripping Jeyth means a now damp Pippa. "You showed them boys what a woman can do. Aye."

Cimarroth might have been flagging, but a sudden shout from S'len and a realization of how close he is to the shore sees the blue putting on a sudden burst of speed. He's going to be in need of a long recovery once he reaches shore, but he puts his all into the last stretch, passing the few weyrlings in front of him, hind legs bunching up once the ground is present underneath him to leap onto dry land and the finish line with a triumphant roar. S'len's excited screams echo him as he pulls away from Tilla, likely upsetting the picture, and runs over to thump against the blue's hide, raving loudly about how incredible he is.

Kaelidyth gives it the last little bit of energy she has, but unfortunately, it's not enough to push her past Cimarroth. Linny keeps on clapping, since hey, it's a High Reaches Win. But that's two losses she's suffered in one day. The poor girl just wants to crawl into bed at this point. "Congrats," she tosses over to S'len with a grin before a thumbs up is given to R'lar. Kaeli pulls herself out of the water, and comes to her lifemate for consolation, which Lin gives her in the form of lots of kisses on her nose. "You did a good job. Great job. Just wait until you're bigger. You'll kick everyone's asses then."

Lenculoth scurries along the sands at lightening speed, managing to nudge her way in just enough to cross the finish line first and secure her victory. She slows down afterward, lazily, clearing the end space for those who come after her, still moving even when she's stopped to keep her limbs loose.

Hardeth is visibly puffing as he achieves the finish line…behind several other dragons. But he finishes and promptly flops down on sand, puffing sand and water in D'ie's direction as the rider runs forward to pat the dragon's neck and scratch at his eyeridges, giving low-spoken encouragement.

"I am!" Aislinn assures with a grin, "Just… with a dragon. It'd take a fair bit of paint to cover /his/ hide," she tosses a nod towards where the noisesome Esryth is making rounds up and down the beach, wings flared out for emphasis of his encouragements. "Oh, surprise me," she laughs as Tilla flails her brush, then seizes the pause where the artist begins work on S'len to inspect the top of Rordan's head. "No, he's fine. High Reaches just has eight spires now," she chuckles, and loops an arm carelessly through his without seeming to think much of it as she gives a more vocal cheer to the winners crossing the finish line. "Cimarroth!" Yes, she's pleased. Blues for the win.

"Yay, go Ista." R'lar says, trying his hardest to not care about the race. But deep down it's hard not to care when his dragon shows speed an effort throughout the whole event. And when Cojiroth crosses the finish line ahead of the others in his class, R'lar can't hold it in anymore and actually /claps/ for his bond. "Well done, Co!" he calls out to the bronze. Cojiroth emerges from the water and does the classic canine shake, causing water droplets to fly everywhere, and heads back to his 'spot' by himself. "Now I know why he wanted to stop by…" Time for some booze in celebration. Beam.

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