OOC Set-Up
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Week 1: OOC Set-Up


In the first month of weyrlinghood, the focus is entirely on getting to know your dragon while keeping him or her well-fed and well-oiled. Simplicity is the order of the day: you will be provided with a few sets of clothes, all the same uniform of an orange shirt and black pants. All the riders will have to cut their hair to no longer than shoulder length, and will be required to keep it trimmed from here on until they move into their own weyrs. For the first month, you weyrlings will essentially be cut off from the rest of the Weyr, allowed only to be in the barracks, the northeastern bowl, or the pools for bathing. The reason for this restriction is two-fold: on the one hand, you and your dragon can explore each other's minds in relative peace, and get to know your clutchmates (with whom you'll be going through a whole lot over the next turn). On the other hand, baby dragons are notoriously bad at keeping their emotions and voices to themselves, and hearing dragon thoughts or experiencing all the emotions of a clutch can be a rather intimidating experience for an innocent bystander.

Tips and Limitations:

  • Remember not to stray beyond the Weyrling Barracks, the Northeastern Bowl, and the Pools.
  • You will be cutting up an awful lot of meat (provided to you in the barracks), going through jar after jar of oil (also provided), and washing your little lifemates whenever they need it.
  • Until your dragons learn to go between, they will be doing their business (i.e., poop) primarily in their couches. It's definitely your job to clean up after them, no matter where this happens.
  • Your food is being brought to you in the barracks, and it sure doesn't include alcohol or other sorts of drugs. Your little lifemates might think you're dead if your brain goes all wonky and between themselves away before you have a chance to stop them, otherwise.
  • You've got a whole other brain linked up to yours. This hardly means you have time to pursue romantic relationships, and they are indeed forbidden.
  • You and your dragon are real close and that's never been the case before. It's going to be hard to differentiate who's got a sore muscle, or who's hungry, or anything like that, for the first little while. Play with it. There's also a wealth of creative RP available when you consider how a mindlink will affect your character; have fun with things like sleep patterns, speech patterns, eating habits, etc.


A new dragon means a new bit of coding, and now's a great time to get all the messages on the dragon object set up. You're also going have to change your character object to reflect the weyrling uniform and, if applicable, the new hair length.

To see which messages can be set on your dragon, type '@messages <dragon dbref#>'. (You can find the dbref# by checking your '@audit'.) For more information on how to set messages, go here. For information on the pronouns (%N, %t, etc.) in the messages, see 'help pronouns' on the game or go here.


  • Reset your character description to show their short hair (if it wasn't short already).
  • Reset your @wearing so that your character is in a basic orange tunic, and black pocketed pants. Weyrling uniforms will also consist of boots and possibly a belt, but no fancy additions like brooches or anything, please.
  • Reset your @knot message to show your new rank. The junior weyrling knot is an orange and black double-cord with a single loop. Dragonriders add a thread of the same colour as their lifemates, so you might want to mention one of those twisted in there. (See 'help knotchart' on the game for more info on knots.)
  • Set personalised messages on your dragon.

WLM Guide

The weyrlingmasters are charged with guiding the newly-impressed in their new lives. For this week, weyrlingmasters will simply be seeing to the meat and oil supplies in the barracks, supervising the daily care of the dragons where they feel it is necessary, and answering any questions the weyrlings may have as best they are able.

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