Dragon-Only Flight
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Flight (Dragons Only)


  • FINALLY! It’s time for the dragons to take flight! However, you riders must stay on the ground. Don’t worry. You get to join in on the fun next week.
  • To take off, type 'cd<dragon code> fly' or 'cd<dragon code> up'. To land, 'cd<dragon code> down'.
  • Dragons need to be under WLM supervision for the first half of the week in the bowl. After that, they can fly in the air and follow you around where ever you go.
  • Your first lesson is this: take off, fly to the other end of the bowl, and land. Piece of cake, right?
  • Everyone must wait their turn with this one. Only one dragon is allowed in the air at a time, so form a line while you wait for your dragon to be up. Try to keep the complaining to a minimum, but if you don’t want to, all the more fun!
  • Also, if you're interested in being Wingleader or Wingsecond for the Senior Weyrling wing, let us know at *wlm.


  • Dragons must be accompanied by a WLM’s dragon for this week. They should never leave your sight when in the air, so keep them on an invisible leash.
  • Still no hunting for the dragons.
  • Everyday, you should be out in the bowl with your dragon while he or she practices flying. This will phase out wing exercises and stretching.
  • Everyone will continue to switch Wingleader and Wingsecond position in ground formations until the positions are filled at the end of next week (hopefully).
  • You’re free! You are now allowed to roam about as you please, having no confines now. (Read: within the weyr area.) Please just don’t forget about your dragon and your responsibilities, ie: no playing in the living caverns for hours at a time.
  • Keep up with that bathing, oiling, and feeding too!
  • Relationships and alcohol are still a no-no. Keep it in your pants and out of your mouth. Or…something like that.

WLM Guide

This week will be much like the mounted riding of last.

  • Only one dragon in the air at a time for the first flight. You'll probably want the WLM dragon airborne with them to demonstrate take-off and landing.
  • If you have time, maybe demonstrated take-off and landing once before anyone goes up, and then fly with each individually.
  • Be sure to get those 'lings stretching before and after flight. No point in straining those muscles more than required.
  • Dragons flying together will be at the end of the week only. Throughout the course of the week, 'lings will have to work on control in the air.
  • ICly, each 'ling will have to be approved separately before being allowed to go up with their clutchsibs.
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