Dragon/Human Surfing

IC: This event will take place on the Beach off of Southern Weyr. Riders and their lifemates will catch waves in sync (dragons probably just move forward while riders can do more maneuvers), have three tries to get a successful wave, judges will score each ride (based on pose, judges will assign points) and then the winner will be the one with the highest single ride.

Participants Judges
T'ab and bronze Tyroth (IW) Teric (Smith)
P'rru and brown Dsalth (IW) Abot (SH)
Tilla and green Amuirnith (HRW)
T'zyn and green Nymerith (IW)
Andru (IW)
Bajiren (IW)

Results: A broken board, a few disqualifications, a few spills. In the end, T'zyn and Nymerith came out as winners for the dragon/rider competition, with Andru winner as best overall. Both T'zyn and Andru received surfboards as prizes.

OOC: Both riders and non-riders are welcome to participate (through NPCs or self), just @send T'ab with who is going to participate (names of NPCs if that is your choice). Awards will go to best dragon/rider pair /and/ best overall surfer!

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