Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he or she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way.
— Elle

Dragon: Djarreth
Color: Brown
Name: Elle
Egg: Earth's Wrath Egg
Egg Desc: Silvera; Saria tweak
Dragonet: Heavenly Might Brown Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Elle; Annie tweak
Hatching: Elle; Annie tweak
Impression: Elle; Annie tweak
Personal: Elle; Annie tweak
Inspiration: Elle

Earth's Wrath Egg
Burnt umber pricked with roan extends over the curve of the egg shell, hue sunburnt and parched with shadowy cracks. Anger blooms, a fiery inferno blazing over the earthen solemnity. Ripples of the darkest chocolate extend from the heart of the flames; between one ripple and another, water falls to drown the ground. Between the others, traces of purple fire extend, jagged daggers delicately sharp against the gentle background, while others are immersed in shadow and an avalanche of grainy grey.

Hatching Message:
Earth's Wrath Egg shivers faintly, gathering strength before the explosion. Shaking morphs to quaking, as tiny fragments of shell flake away from the whole, cascading onto the sands in a dusty shower. Abruptly, all stops — a pregnant pause — and there is the unstoppable eruption as purple-slashed shell is torn asunder with the power of the creature within. Wrath is shattered by strength — a strength that is drenched from talon to pinion to muzzle with sticky goo and those few remaining egg shards.

Heavenly Might Brown Dragonet
Sunlight's brilliant warmth casts its radiant beam, burnishing a golden brown bulk with relentless might. Scintillating topaz glints bespeckle his stately muzzle and dust heavy eyeridges; they are fiery sparks upon a field of sullied amber that dissipates down the length of his hardy neck. Burgeoning muscles ripple magnificently over a youthful form, adding robust swells to an extraordinary length crested with trenchant gilt-streaked ridges. Body's tawny richness shimmers with honeyed browns, blanching to an ivory-veined khaki along a rounded belly, gradually fading to a sun-bleached teak at talons' hardened crescent, tail's spade tip, and wings' distant point. Sturdy spars — splayed rays of ethereal gold — set expansive canopy of gossamer-thin fingersails, further building upon this gentle giant's august appearance.

Impression Message:
Heavenly Strength Brown Dragonet hesitates for a long moment as his heavy head turns toward her, taking in the young Harper with the warm brown eyes and an inner strength akin to his own. A lilting croon escapes from his throat as he approaches her with agonizing slowness and wobbling steps. Liquid orbs aswirl with rainbows raise to lock with her own. She could not be more perfect: his soulmate, his lifemate, his Kitessa.

Personal Impression Message:
Cautious strength gradually seeps into your inner being, growing… growing… expanding until its tidal force floods your every thought. Cascading shimmers of auburn-glittered sorrel create a torrent that envelopes your every sense, both drowning and uplifting you at the same time, heady with the heat of boundless power. A gentle rolling thunder, a rustling whisper with an intoxicating aura comes: « I am Djarreth. » Silent intensity drenches your all. « We are together. »


Name Inspiration:
Djarreth: It is a name born of imagination, inspiration, and left for you to define as you will. It came to me as I began to outline your dragon, it just seemed right. Sounding much as the name you mentioned in your application, yet with a character all its own. It fairly emits a sense of strength -it looks strong- but with an inner, silent depth of gentility. The 'Dj' in the beginning gives it its own special nuance -emphasizing from the start the power within and that first looks aren't always what they seem. There is no real obvious syllable stress, but it could be pronounced as: JAHR-reth.

Egg Inspiration:
The natural disaster of earthquakes inspired this egg; the sunburnt hue represents the earth, the cracks formed by the earthquake. Fires are often caused by earthquakes; thus the inferno at the epicenter. The pulses of chocolate stand for the ripples of the earth, and the different catastrophic results are represented between the pulses; electric faults (fire, again), the rubble as an avalanche of grey, a tsunami of water.

Description Inspiration:
You wanted strength? Well, you got it, babe. One can't get much more stronger than the famous Hercules. Fairly bursting with muscles, your draconic hero has a body of legendary size, a physical powerhouse perfect for Kitessa. As for his coloring, I used the general idea of the dragon you described on your application, contrasting colors and fading at the edges. Alas, I wanted to swathe him in golden browns, warming his bulk, giving manifestation to his inner self…and the gold? I added that to show just how regal, noble, and heroic he can be…that he is truely Godly-born.

Mind Voice:
When Djarreth speaks to you, his touch seems a tenuous thing, as frail as his fingersails, but with a strength impossible to mistake. The rustle of leaves in a gentle breeze, early autumn's beginnings of dryness, just before harvest, with a warmth still ahold of the air, yet a hint of things to come. He has the sound of a whispered baritone that caresses your very mind, slipping into your thoughts -the calm voice of reason. A soft hypnotic call transcending his physical extremes. It merges with the colors of autumn: antique golds, dusty vermilion, weathered dun webbed with the veins of dark sepia, muted tones that capture your attention without harsh or dramatic blasts. Of musk and leather, cinnamon and freshly-brewed klah, a warmth permeates all.

Djarreth is undeniably huge, more than enough to rival those bronzes. From the moment he hatches from his shell, this is blatantly obvious. If not for his brown coloring, one would almost consider him a bronze. When one imagines the hero, Hercules, you see a man absolutely bulging with muscles upon a huge frame. Well, take that to draconic extremes. If it weren't for his long frame, that excess of muscle would make him look rather husky. And these aren't just muscles for show, these things are toned to perfection. He is strong and uses it, builds upon it with draconic necessity.

Seeing as how big Djarreth is, he tends to eat to an excess too, compensating to keep up with his size. And he would eat and eat and eat 'till full, then eat some more just because it /tastes/ so good. Alas, you are gonna have to put a stop to that, watch his diet carefully or that heroic physique of his is going to turn to fat.

Throughout his youth though, his bulk will be a hindrance of sorts, not knowing his own strength or size he will oft bump into things, accidently crush your favorite hat, butt you playfully with his head only to knock you on your rear -and will instantly apologize with a shade of embarrassment as to what he did, accidently naturally. And with that heaviness, his movements along the ground will take on quite the waddling look; You know…when someone dismounts from riding a horse for hours straight and walks away. But, he can't help his movements, it is just how he is built.

His head has a soft-lined roundness from his gently curved muzzle across the wide plane between prominant orbs. Eyeridges arch enough to nearly shadow his eyes. The ridges that crest his spine begin at the joint where head meets neck, each ridge shaped much like a shark's fin, a curved leading edge coming to an almost hook-point, then to a sharper edged crescent afterwards. They shallow out to near non-existence just before wings' joints and reappear at the crest of haunches. Feet are enormous, but they fit in with his form rather well, each taloned finger/toe rather sinuous compared to the rest of him, basicly the only slender part of this brown.

His wings are more wide than long; their taut fingersails covering an area enough to support his hugeness. For he is far more at home aloft than lumbering along the ground. Although, with that great bulk his isn't all that maneuverable in the air. Not a fancy flier, he relies more on his raw strength, his stamina, his intelligence to get him to where he needs to go, do what needs to be done. A graceful glider, he could stay aloft forever.

Djarreth's coloring is cast with the warmth of golden browns. His head and neck are swathed with the darkest of the hues, 'sullied amber' which isn't all that dark, just more so than the rest of him -sort of the color of brandy illuminated faintly from behind. Contrasting are tiny topaz sparkles, looking like someone stood at his head and threw a bucket of glitter at him -heavy along the bridge of his head, his muzzle, eyeridges…far more rare back along his neck. The amber slowly lightens to a golden-brown tawny, the main hue of his hide, but if you were standing right beside him, looking closely, a far more subtle coloring would be revealed, something that not everyone would notice, an inner grace and subtlety of liquid whorls, eddys, curls, and sweeps of a mixture of honeyed brown and other colors -a merging of hues to produce the tawny effect.

And that color also fades from the main bulk of his body to lighter colors at his extremes, gradual and nearly imperceptable to see the change, as close to white as possible, but not quite there. Even his rather rotund belly is bleached with lightness, marbled with a fine webbing of ivory over that Oh! So popular khaki.

Gilded highlights give accent to his colorful warmth. Those shark-fin ridges of his have just the faintest of frosts of gold along their leading edges, streaking back with the force of the wind into tiny rivulets along their plane, rare none-the-less and are nearly unseen amung his browns. Stolen gold hints are also painted along the fingerspars of his wings, cutting across the gradual fading of the sails themselves, a heavy contrast of thickness.

Djarreth is the perfect draconic Hercules. The Hercules of mythology was a symbol of strength and energy, much well appraised as a hero. Known for his excess of eating and drinking, a representative of justice who fights evil and is 'a sublime model of courage in the face of mortal perils that beset man.'

And your dragon is all of this and more. Reliable, comforting, calm, tolerant? You had better believe it -those are his most redeaming and well-known qualities. Your very own gentle giant. With that extraordinary size, he /could/ be quite intimidating…until you get to know the big guy. Does he use his bulk to purposely intimidate others? Rarely, but that is not to say that he won't use it if need be. And what better place to show off all those rippling muscles than around the females at proddy time, intimidate those smaller blues and the others of his ilk with his sheer physique.

Initially though, he has to get through his weyrlinghood, a time of exploration and excitement, adventures and learning…or just plain having fun -and you can trust that will happen. Kitessa with be hard pressed and have her hands full with this brown. Just a draconic kidlet, Djarreth will oft be sticking his muzzle into every new experience, often causing his own excitement and misadventures with his bumbling about.

« Oh! My legs will not work right, Kitessa! » -moments after spilling a tub of oil over the floor.
« I just wanted to swim with you. » -after trying to follow you through the Living Cavern and into the Weyr baths.

From a romp across the bowl to a simple feeding session, somehow or another, Djarreth will manage to find/create an adventure of sorts…how much trouble he will get himself into is purely an academic question.

As he grows, all of those experiences will merge to create the layed-back dragon you know and adore. As you cater to his early turns, he will return the guidance a thousand-fold while you grow together. He is a constant in you life, always there in your mind, more than willing to 'snuggle' with you for for the reassurance of physical touch, be it after a hard day or just because. Together -always and forever, a constant to rely upon, to build upon. There is no questioning it, as intrinsic as breathing, if not more so. Djarreth is something to fall back upon, as reliable as dawn.

« We are together » -your theme.

As your hero of legend, Djarreth will often become a bit too overprotective of you, a looming presence just over your shoulder as you take a walk across the beach.

« What if a wave carried you away? I will keep watch. »
« I don't like those clouds…it may storm…You may need me to keep you dry. »

And with his protectiveness, Kitessa is going to have to take a strong stand if she is ever going to want some privacy now and again. He will be ever watchful over you, and will be there in a flash should you ever begin to feel threatened -be it a scolding weyrlingmaster or a too-forward guy, Djarreth is more than eager to help you out. «Stand back, Kitessa. Let me take care of this.» As how shall he do that? Muscular intimidation would be an excellent start…

A champion of the cause, any cause. He is quick to defend the just, the weak, those who are smaller than he, and most importantly /you/ -whether it is needed/wanted or not. A crying child, he will take great pains to produce through the gentle touch of his tail a sense of comfort…a boy who lost his ball, and he will be more than happy to help in looking for it, leaving off a much needed nap after his great deed is done.

His inner gentility and patience is boundless. Sleeping upon the sand at some Hold beach when he is assailed by giggling children, climbing over him, playing Lord of the Mountain on his back, trying to bury his tail in sand. Tolerance at its best.

« But I like their noises. You make that same sound when you are happy. It makes me happy. »

A big brother of sorts, protector of those smaller and weaker than he and utterly devoted to you. Djarreth is a quiet listener, he will remain attentive for hours upon hours to his beloved lady as you tells him your every thought, problem, any tribulations, that cute guy who you are sure doesn't know you exist -or seems to show in interest in you. No matter if you talk of the tough mechanics when composing an instrumental score…or wondering what to wear to So'nSo's turnday party tomorrow, he will be hanging off your every word with an unequaled raptness….and when you finish, he will be more than happy to help you out, be your hero. Any problems?…ideas? Djarreth's first response is to cater to your wishes -to champion your cause as but another mere labor of Hercules. Were you to mention a crush on F'lirt, you had better be quick to discourage or Djarreth will be off your ledge and quick to pay a call of blue Myth, so that they can have a little 'talk' about this new change of events. And should you and F'lirt think a walk in the moonlite a good idea, watch out, your protector will be right there, keeping an eye on you.

« I do not trust Myth's rider. Something could happen and only /I/ can protect you. »

Alas, Djarreth isn't always that gentle giant that most view him as. There is a tiny facet of him buried deep that is just begging for the right moment to surface for just a wink, and then bury itself again 'till the next perfect moment -his sense of friskiness. It is a rarity, but one that glimmers now and again, is eluded to with a simple comment.

« So…think we could maybe do a fly-by of Snootieth? »
« Maybe? »

or given testament to when he purposely 'breathes' on you just to ruffle up your hair after you spend quite some time to get it just so.

« But you always look nice to me. »

As for firelizards, Djarreth is as tolerant of their antics as he would be a gang of weyrbrats, even a bit amused at their spirited actions and dramatic pictures, especially enjoying Dizzy's take on events, even though he does take it all with a grain of salt. Yet, when he is lounging in the sun or sleeping upon his ledge, it is a common occurance if a firelizard or two…or two dozen are eschoned upon him an any haphazard way, snoozing with their gentle protector, their accepting friend.

Much akin to Threadfall, all calmness is cast aside as he once more throws his all into the matter at hand -a female in need of a little lovin'. And if it is Djarreth who can help her out, all the better. Gold or green, color is not important to him -but it is those Golds that he has a far better chance of catching with his raw power and strength; greens have an agility that would be difficult to compensate for, so he would need to approach those flights by outsmarting her. Djarreth is quite the stud, you have to admit that, more than happy to show his prowess and virility to the ladies. And before the flight? Just watch him flex those muscles to impress the females and intimidate the males -show them just how 'great' he is. He will be quite the 'mindful' to control during the flight itself, Kitessa's own strength would have to keep him in check…hold him back until the perfect moment to /strike/.

Another labor of Hercules, Djarreth's previous sedateness vanashes in a flash, replaced with eager anticipation and the need to protect the world, to protect those of Pern from the evil that is Thread!

« Just let me at 'em. Let me at 'em. »

And the only way that he can keep on protecting you is letting you ride along upon his back so he can personally keep you from the menace. Should the unfateful occurance of a Threadscore ever to happen to another of his wing, or worse yet /you/, our hero would be crushed beyond words; he has failed in keeping you and others from harm. It will take your strong mind and will to drag him from his devistation…just let him know, we shall fight Thread again, you can save Pern once more.

He battles Thread with his all, throwing his raw strength, boundless stamina, and flaming beltchs relentlessly into the battle. Awesome to behold, to protect -he is in his element that he was bred for. You will be hard pressed to keep up with him, and fatigued with exhaustion by fall's end.

Kitessa's brown Djarreth
Harper's Tale: 23rd PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Saria's gold Quarith & Z'diah's brown Chelath
September 7, 1999
Idhra & green Sazuth, Lli & green Taberuth, E'ral & bronze Verjath, Azae &
blue Dezaith, Kitessa & brown Djarreth, D'ven & bronze Bith, Sharyn & green
Cheyth, W'ark & bronze Umeth

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