Dhiammarath S Maiden Flight


Logfile from Hannah-HT

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that she uncurls in subtle haughty shades of Jade and Royal blue. »And the great debate begins!«

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that Taberuth spices apple-cinnamon attention. » ..what? «

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that Tynabith perks up, his normally cheerfull liquid metal mind voice tinged with boredom, «A debate? On what?» he grumbles not to hopefull it will turn out to be something more then mildly interesting.

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Ista's newest queen has that definitive shine that indicates proddyness. For those who are interested in being clutchdaddy for Ista's upcoming clutch, come join the fun! To be a possible winner, the PC/NPC chaser needs to be bronze and you need to @send me with why you want to be clutchdaddy and how much time you can devote! There will be Pre-flight RP in the Living Caverns of Ista Weyr.
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Living Cavern (#4190)
The smooth, rounded walls of the vast living cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light up toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient lustrous tables run along the long axis of the cavern, and at the far end is the raised dais and high table, where the Weyrleaders and their honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is chiseled into the stone: a smoking mountain in black, on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.
Perched near the food are twenty-three firelizards.
You see Snowball here.
Obvious exits:
Northeast Caverns Kitchens Bowl Southern Caverns

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that she prrs hinds of jasmine and inscence weaving with sinuious patters of gold through her voice. »On the value of subtlety and guile.«

Dhiammarath senses that Hannah touches your thoughts, sensing a difference. "Love?" Single word bespeaks a mound of questions.

You sense Dhiammarath enfolds you with reasuring sky blue and gentle shades of the orcid. »It is time, love. It is time to fly.«

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that Taberuth spits idle reds and sharper greens to melt like wax amidst her voice. » Subtlety and guile? My, that'll take a while. « Pause. » Is it simply for shinies or all dragon-hinies? «

Dhiammarath senses that Hannah seems quite stunned at the thought. "You mean.. You are.. proddy? But the healers — they said the illness may have messed that up!"

Dea toe dances in from the Southeastern Bowl.

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that Bydelth seems to awaken a little more as his tones deepen, « I'm sure they have their value…as any other virtue does. » Though his tone of mind may not sound so conceeding as his words.

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that Tynabith catches onto the subtle quickly, «Two of my specialitys..I'd be thrilled to discuss them over say a blood filled beast?» like his rider he's skilled at dropping his voice into a sexy mind vibrating barritone.

Hannah seems to be lost in thought from her place curled up on one of the chairs. Her half-filled mug is held half-way from her face to the edge of the table. Indeed, she looks quite stunned; and not paying attention to those entering.

Dea enters, looking around, she too seems nervy and seems to be listening

E'an squees in from the Southeastern Bowl.

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that she laughs like a trickle of mother of pearl across a laquered surface. »Any who dare try and catch me may enter the debate. I think none here are either so bold, or so skilled as to win this debate!«

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that Tynabith rolls his mind into a derisive snort, «I'll not dare try, I will. And I'll do it with style even» a trickle of surprise tinges the last part, he'd not intended to try, but what would be left of his reputation if he boldly declared as he has just done, then left for a bath in high reaches cold pools.

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that Taberuth retreats in a flurry of spice, shutting mental doors and watching from behind. » Oh my oh my. Dhiammarath is to fly! « She'll just stay out of this.

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that Bydelth replies archly, and very clearly, « I suppose it would be possible to just agree with such a statement…that cunning and subtlety are above all virtues. And what would that prove? That one can't think for himself. »

R'lai slinks inwards with a suspicious glance of amber-brown eyes, slight form shimmying sideways and shoulders hunching. Now, where is She To Be Avoided?

P'ol saunters in, he stops and listens. Then a sweet smile crosses his face. "Welladay. It's a good day to be alive." He says to no one in particular.

Hannah finally brings her mug up to her lips to take a sip. Her attention seems to be focused inward, however she finally notes that others are in the room. Wiggling her fingers in a shy wave, the small goldrider ducks her head, blushing.

Serafa slinks in from the Northeastern Caverns.

N'rak steps into the caverns aparently on his way to the food table. A fairly middle-aged rider he walks with a slight limp eyes scanning the cavern with an interest only he seems to sense at the moment. Or perhaps it's just in the air?

Kita quietly pads in from the Southeastern Bowl.

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that she snorts in delicate white derision. »Or that one agreed because one /was/ what one claimed… or are you still intent in proving me wrong?«

"Fardles, Moranth's at it again…" R'zan mumbles to himself as he swaggers unconsciously into the 'Caverns. "Any food? Shardin' hungry, I am."

N'ano walks nonchalantly in from the Northeastern Caverns.

Something isn't quite right. Djarreth knows it, and so Kita knows it. The brownrider walks into the caverns, a slight frown on her face as she tries to ascertain what is going on. She notes everyone within the room, but greets nobody. Instead, her frown deepens. She heads straight for a mug of klah for something to do whilst she watches and observes.

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that Tynabith is black to the golds white, his mindset and mindtone much rougher around the edge's from his riders less then perfect example on how to behave. «I love to prove others wrong, when being wrong will bring them such pleasure in the end» as always the suave flirt, another thing gleened from being around R'ley a bit to much.

Ah-hah. There she is. R'lai beelines the /other/ way, sidling to the food tables and nervously picking up a handful of dried fruit. He'll just … not-focus on Hannah. Kita is spied, and 'psst'd at. "Hey there."

Serafa stumbles into the living cavern scroll in hand. It seems that no matter how many times she reads the sharding thing it never seems to make sense. Grapping a mug of klah she almost colides with a brown rider. Making her way much more carefully to a seat, she settles herself and once more engrosses herself in the aforementioned scroll.

R'zan chews on a juicy bit of orangefruit as he can be seen with glazed eyes off into the distance. A sign of communication with his dragon? Or… not. He jerks up after being bumped into by Serafa, and nods a "Hello" in her direction.
Harvey blinks in from ::between::!

Sweet-faced, dark-haired bronze rider saunters to the food table. P'ol whistles a silly tune as he fills his plate. Turning, he surveys the cavern. Nodding to one or two folks he knows, heading to that interesting gal with the brown rider knot.

N'ano muffles a fake yawn as he drags himself into the caverns, sidestepping awkwardly to avoid the helter-skelter array of people assembled in what else, but the living cavern. Serafa's presence is noted, as is Kita's… and E'an's and Hannahs, and well, everyone else, but he shuffles towards the first, greeting her with a "'sup?"

Hannah hunkers down as her lifemate's influence seems to have reverted her back to her extreme shyness. Knowing that the people are here because of her lifemate makes her face flame. Biting her lip, she tries to appear engrossed in her mug of now empty juice. Maybe she ought to have something stronger; wine, perhaps. She lifts her eyes and murmurs a very soft, "Hello…" to those entering the living caverns.

E'an waves at N'ano, forgetting the other day's random knife attacks, and takes giant leaps towards the bronzerider and brownrider. "N'ano! Kita! What a surprise… sort of…" Right. "Why is everybody here? I mean, there's /lots/ of people here. I mean, I swear, if I wasn't the brains of Ista Weyr, I would swear that it was gold's flight or something!" Ha, ha… ha. "So. Ahem." Laughing stops, and E'an clears his throat. "What's happening here?"

R'ley walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

You sense Dhiammarath caresses with the faintest hint of lilacs. »Do not fear, love. This is natural… And should they harm you they will face /me/.« Her mind tone deepens to a menacing red, like the bloody hue popular in lacquer.

Kita jerks when addressed, almost as though she were coming out of a trace, so engrossed in her communication with Djarreth is she. "Oh- hey E'an, N'ano," she greets in return. Kita frowns again and glances out to the bowl, very distracted. She blinks once at Hannah, her frown growing ever deeper. "What brings you out of your weyr N'ano- awake no less?" she asks teasingly, but without her usual cheerful demeanor as she attempts to fathom the cause of strangeness she believes she is feeling within the room.

Dea looks up as the strange rider heads her way. "I don't remember seeing you around here. Dea, Brown Rider of Stormcrest." The strange rider smiles as he slides gracefully into a chair oposite of her, "P'ol, Bronze Rider just transfered over from Telgar Weyr. Mind if I join you?" Dea smiles, "It's a free world."

R'ley strides in, his footfalls so hard that the steal heal and toe of his boot ring audibly. A scowl is firmly intrenched on his rogue's face, though thats not unusual it as usual doesn't bode well for anyone seeking to actually communicate with him. Showing a scrap of inteligence for once none of his firelizard brood is anywhere near their dark mooded bond. Hannah when spotted is the recipant, even if she doesn't notice, of an even worse scowl if possible then the one he was already giving the rest of the room. She just /had/ to let her dragon start when Tynabith was bored didn't she.

Dhiammarath> Tynabith walks in from the Central Bowl.
Dhiammarath> Bydelth shuffles awkwardly in from the Central Bowl.

Serafa blushes and hides her face deeper into her scroll. "Er Hullo" She murmurs, not that she's rude or anything, just she had come here for a bit of peace and quiet, and from the looks of things it is unlikely that that was going to happen anytime soon. N'ano's presence is noted, but her attention remains on the scroll in front.

N'ano just kinda eyes E'an warily for a moment's time before offering a half grin and a quick turn towards Kita "Eh? Oh… well, yeah… hungry… munchies?" There ya go. It's good 'nough. Squeezing between the hubbub of weyrfolk and riders alike, he manages to toss himself down on a chair… not his chair, but a chair nonetheless.

Dhiammarath> Tynabith has spent many a'threadless day practising walking on all fours, it's not enough he's a master of the skies, he must also be able to dominate on land. So it's with more then the usual grace for something so large he ambles from the far southeastern bowl all the way over to the north without faltering or misteping more then once.

Dhiammarath senses that Hannah curls deeply into your thoughts, making the connection so deep that she can almost literally feel the pulsing of your hide in her own skin. "I am afraid. They look at me. They see me."

Cozano glides in from the Kitchen.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath is coiled like a regal lady, appropriately cleaning her tallons, a minor matter a proper use for an idle lady of high birth… or at least for the moment. The arival of the males is noted with cool detatchement, as if sizeing up their relative worth.

E'an glares at Kita. "So you say hello to him, not me? Why doesn't anybody ever talk to me? It's always N'ano, N'ano, N'ano! And N'ano's not even a good person! He's had about a bazillion… /girls/, I'll call them, and then he doesn't even take care of his children, and he's.. bad! But I'm good! And he's bad! And still you think he's good. You people are too weird!" And E'an runs off to hit a wall.

Argante makes herself comfortable on a rafter, peering curiously with one eye down at all the 'pets.

You sense Dhiammarath enfolds you like a deep blanket of silk and fur. »When I fly it will be their dragons, not themselves. YOu need not fear them, for I will not let them harm you. It is for you to enjoy, not fear.«

P'ol smiles as he looks around. "So who's who? I'm still learning names."

Dhiammarath senses that Hannah is comforted by the presence of the mind-link. "I will try to not fear." Still, shyness radiates off her inner self in waves of deep indigo.

R'lai plops himself down broodily on a table-edge, gnawing gracelessly on the fruit. "I'm R'lai," is offered, vaguely.

Dhiammarath> Bydelth strides slowly into the northern bowl, his eyes whirling in tints of deep crimson and gold as they glance at the others, and end on Dhiammarath. He eyes her for a moment, gaze heavily assessing, then he turns in a liquid motion, assuming a place under the shadow of one cliff, remaining well away from the brooding queen, as any intelligent dragon should.

Kita stares after E'an's little outburst- okay, things in here are weirder than she originally thought. "E'an! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-" she calls out, stopping as he runs off. "Shards, what is going on in here?!" she blurts out, exasperated, to no one in particular. Probably to N'ano, since he's nearby. "Excuse me a moment," she politely states to the bronzer, moving away in an attempt to undo what she has done. "E'an?" she asks gently, approaching him. "E'an I'm sorry, I'm just a little distracted- Djarreth is nattering to me non-stop…it's not that I didn't notice you, honest! I was about to say hello to you too…please believe me!"

Hannah hunkers down even further, blinking rapidly at the growing entourage of people. Setting her cup down, hand trembling, she begins to scoot herself towards the end of the bench she's sitting on. Maybe she can hide? Still, she sees friends among the mix; and an inner conversation does seem to ease her trembling a bit.

Hynolonie walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath simply unfolds, coil upon coil, wings tightly folded and saunters past the males with disdain. Flicering the brightly painted gold tail tip tauntily at them, like a challange as she heads towards the feeding grounds.
Dhiammarath> Kyoei glides sluggishly in from the Central Bowl.
Dhiammarath> You go to the Central Bowl.
Dhiammarath> Central Bowl
Dhiammarath> You walk west across the bowl, emerging on the plateau.
Dhiammarath> Weyr Plateau BROADCASTING
Dhiammarath> You feel the cooling breeze coming off of the ocean.
Dhiammarath> You go to the Corral.
Dhiammarath> Corral
Dhiammarath> This part of the plateau has been fenced-off to provide an enclosed pasture and grazing area for the Weyr's herds. Grass covers the fields, rippling like waves in the wind. Herds of herdbeasts wander about, grazing lazily. To the north is the exit to the plateau, and from here you can also see the forests and beaches below the plateau to the west, as well as the ocean, stretching off to the horizon.
Dhiammarath> It is a spring afternoon.
Dhiammarath> You see Gratza, Diza, and Gava here.
Dhiammarath> Obvious exits:
Dhiammarath> Plateau

R'ley gets himself a glass of something with surely a proof level off the charts and slides himself onto the slip of bench still visible after Hannah scoots over. "Is this her first flight?" he inquires, eyes still scowling but fake half smile on his face.

Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Bydelth shuffles awkwardly in from the Northeastern Bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Tynabith walks in from the Northeastern Bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Kyoei glides sluggishly in from the Northeastern Bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Kyoei glides sluggishly west across the bowl towards the plateau.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Bydelth shuffles awkwardly west across the bowl towards the plateau.
Dhiammarath> Kyoei glides sluggishly in from the corral.
Dhiammarath> Bydelth shuffles awkwardly in from the corral.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Tynabith walks west across the bowl towards the plateau.
Dhiammarath> Tynabith walks in from the corral.
Dhiammarath> Djarreth has arrived.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Ftoranth walks in from the Northeastern Bowl.

Hynolonie slips into the Living caverns quietly and looks around a bit, wrinkling her nose at the way the room just.. felt. She raises an eyebrow as some of the room's chatter finally starts to make sense to her. A small little smile creeps up on her face and she makes her way towards her sister, dodging riders and residents alike till she's finally at Hannah's table. She quickly ducks under the table and crawls around people like R'ley and sits right next to Hannah's feet, lightly tickling them from out of sight.

Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Ftoranth walks to the Northeastern Bowl.

E'an giggles feverishly. Demonically. Or whatever "Okay, then. Sure. Whatever. All better now!" Giggle…. err. Flop. So he just sort of fell into a chair. He's alright, really.

Dhiammarath> Ftoranth has arrived.
Dhiammarath> Bydelth pauses a moment, then whirls in a quick, fluid motion, and strides darkly after the gold, still maintaining his distance. He moves to one side of the corral, eyes staying locked on the queen almost like a guard protecting his charge, then shifts backwards to his haunches, unfurling his wingsails and cloaking himself with them…prepared to wait.

"Aie," Kita mutters to herself, amazed at E'an's moodiness. "Greenriders," is then muttered derisively, and Kita turns away with a slight shake of the head and a roll of the eyes. She returns to her previous companion, N'ano, still staring at E'an. "Is he always like that?" Kita asks. The tension the brownrider feels within the room makes Kita less tolerant, or is that feeling being echoed from her dragon?

N'ano sage-nods, half grinning as he quirks a brow towards Kita "Aye… 'fraid so. But that's what we love 'bout 'em, y'know? He's… different." And he'll just leave it at that.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath is already in the air, flowing through it as if her wings were superfluous and her radiance suported by the air it self, but she folds them and dives, neat and efficient she spies what she wants in an instant, and in the next instant it's neck is broken and she drops to the coral floor not bothering to carry her prey away, simply starts to blood, and yet even in carnage she remains delicate, ripping nothing, simply sucking the carcas dry.

Dhiammarath> Euonomyth shifts swiftly to the pens with a flurry of amber-air wings, sinuous breadth of bronzen from twisting and dropping to land fatally on a herdbeast. Awww. Poor thing. Regrets aside, however, he carelessly rips its throat out.

Hannah spots her sister just when R'ley asks his question. Giving Lonie a grateful, shy smile, she turns and answers the bronzerider, "Yes.. it is." Her lifemate's proddyness makes it hard for her to meet his eyes, instead she stares somewhere at his shoulder, her hands clasped together tightly to keep from betraying her trembles. Biting her lip, she turns her attention — almost desperately — to Lonie, "Hey, Lonie." Voice is a bit wobbly, however, she can't keep from giving the crowd small quick glances. R'ley is given another skittish look — he's awfully close. Reminiscent of her first days at High Reaches, this is.

Dhiammarath> Djarreth is not such a quiet suitor. Arriving in the corral, he spreads his massive wings wide, throws his head to the sky and bugles a loud challenge. Eyes so often a shade of blue/green whirl in a frenzy of scarlet lust, and he begins his traditional 'dance'. In an attempt to intimidate the other males and attract the proddy female, he begins to flex impressive muscles, the skin along his hide rippling as one by one each muscle is contorted, revealed, and then relaxed.

Dhiammarath> Bronze Belgareth circles lazily as he comes in to bloody his kill, but not before he shows off his fine mature physique and devil-may-care attitude to everyone that happens to look his way. Spying his prey, pounces on it, with one on on the gorgeous young golden babe and the other on his chosen prey. Blood. Hot. Fiery. Just the thing.

E'an * must idle. Meh.

Dhiammarath> Tynabith arrives between those first and those last, still not making a big rush of it. Once fully in the corrals he emits a low gutterul purely male sound as the palpable scents of both eroticly glowing gold and terrofied bleeting herdabeasts hits his mind at once. Feeding, or in this case blooding, is instinctive after so many turns of doing it, requiring little to know active thought. First viral young beast is killed in a mating dragons ritual blood thirsty way while passion tinged eyes whirl always on Dhiammarath. Leathery wings are never fully retracted from balancing him on his way over, hence remaining flight ready. Steal leg muscles quiver visibly under irridescant hide, awaiting the moment when she doesn't rise for a kill, but for the real thing. The long flight, with the option for a sweet or disapointing ending. The signs of one young to this type of event are not visible in any amount in this veteran chaser of glowing dragon tail.

P'ol turns to the young gold rider, "First flight? Ohh the poor thing." He sips his wine, watching her. "Well, I hope they've told her all she needs to know what's going on." The bronze rider watches the girl as his bronze courts the gold. "Welladay. This good to be alive." Is all he says.

"Different is right," Kita growls, her knuckles wrapped around her klah mug turning white through the sheer ferocity of her grip. Finally she knows what is going on, and can understand her bad temper. "Shards I hate this," she mutters irritably, wiping her hair back from her face in an attempt to relax herself. She doesn't cope with flights nearly as well as others, not until her dragon's emotions overwhelm her.

Dhiammarath> Bydelth seems simply contented to wait…no indication showing that he has blooded save his already satiated appetite for the beasts. But his crimson eyes flash like the forge as he continues to follow the gold's every move. He doesn't retreat from his post for any reason—be it lust or threat, but his muscles ripple under his lit bronze hide in carefully controlled anticipation.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath lifts into the air again, but the move is premptive as she doesn't stay there long, simply drops like liquid lighting onto her next victim, her brilliant glow starting to turn the other of the rarer shades of gold… the strange red that is so prized by jewlers. She torments her watchers, taking her time. Letting them squirm, revling in her power… the power of subtlety!

R'ley isn't completly thick skulled, he knows his presance is at the best unerving to most females. Especialy the innocent young ones. Huge paw of a hand pats young gold rider's shoulder once in surprising to any know him reasurance, then quick as he came the bronzer moves off. He'd rather keep his distance from anything female, like his dragon he's familiar with how these things go.

Celira walks with dignity and purposefulness in from the South Caverns.

Hynolonie crawls up from underneath the table and pushes and wiggles her way onto the bench between Hannah and R'ley. She smiles sweetly at him, then lays her head on her sister's shoulder. "Hi Hannah. I hope this seat isn't taken." She narrows her eyes and smiles at R'ley. Sure, she was being more vocal than normal, but this wasn't a day that she would be playing games. She's a little taken back when she spies that R'ley is at least keeping his distance, and smiles a little gratefully. "So.. how are you feeling?"

Dhiammarath> Djarreth thirsts: thirsts for blood, thirsts for Dhiammarath. He opts to satiate his first desire. With a loud roar, the large brown takes wing, scanning the ground below for a suitable buck. One spotted, he plunges down from the sky, a killing strafe with deadly intent. With expert precision he obtains his catch, quickly breaking it's neck before the poor beast suffered in it's terror. Wings wide he lands, slicing the throat and sucking the beast dry. All the while his dark eyes are on his other object of desire: she, eventually, will be next.

R'lai sort of … twitches. And scowls blackly. Darn.

Dhiammarath> Belgareth, handsome Begareth, thirsty Belgareth licks the last of the blood from his prey and snatches yet another one. Torment away, proud golden beauty. You will fly well and strong today. Great will be those that you clutch. And with cunning, guile and speed, Belgareth will win the day. He flexes his muscles as he flicks up the blood of his second prey.

Dhiammarath> Tynabith kills again, in his quick efficiant way. Though nothing of what he does after breaking the bleeting animals necks is even remotly nice. Eye teath designed for such a purpose rend open the animals throat letting coppery life blood well into his mouth without care for any that might spill over onto his muzzle. The moment the flow slows he takes one last draw then immediatly leaps wild cat quick to over take another beast, in the blink of an eye that one to is drained. Whirling eyes stay always on Dhia, something is differant about him and really all of the dragons presant. He's stopped being a normal sentient being, and become the animal held always within check but for the rare times mating allows it to be unchained and relished in.

Celira slowly makes her way into the Living Caverns, squinting a bit at the light. How long did she fardlin' sleep, anyways? If you call it sleep, with her left hand throbbing all night. She pauses briefly…Faranth, more riders? Scowl appears on her face, replaced by a wince. She needs klah. Now. Waving faintly at those she knows and those she doesn't, she makes her way towards the klahpot and pours herself a rather large mug, then settles herself in a corner table. Head falls into her uninjured hand, and she groans, softly.

Dhiammarath> Bydelth bears no subtlety in his hard gaze, but patience he has a wealth of, even as he surpasses even the other bronzes in his size. Only the flicker of his tail, like that of a hunting feline, belies that he is alive and hot to the touch, not a frozen bronzen monolith. His gaze of molten gems flickers only momentarily to regard the other bronzes with slight distain as they gorge, but the flame in his eyes quickly returns to the queen, his wings now slowly beginning to unwrap from their tight embrace of him.

Dhiammarath> Euonomyth snarls silently as another herdbeast eludes his long-taloned grasp, and lashes out with sinuous tail to knock a herdbeast over. Form hunches, wings mantling as he drains the blood and keeps a wary, whirling eye on the other bronzes. /His/.

Xylon blinks in from ::between::!

N'ano's pangs of dissatisfied hunger cause him to rise from his seat, though hesitate with the actual process of… eating. It's all the way on the /other/ side of the cavern, and N'ano's hardly the one to exert such an amount of precious energy to voyage over, especially when there's practically a mosh pit forming as more and more commonalty press themselves into the close confines as it almost seems to this point. Rather, he tosses his attention span back and forth for a potential conversation with society's pawns.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath eyes the males with unconcealed disdain, her long, sinuious length reaching out, not even bothering to fly this time, she reaches out and simply /grabs/ a third that dared wander into range of her mouth, but this one is drained only with enforced patience. For this is a war of dominance… one of subtlety and guile. Let them bicker amoungst themselves.

Hannah gratefully clings to Lonie, "I'm okay," she whispers, "But.. having all this attention is unnerving. I don't.." Voice trails off and she takes a deep breath, "I feel so.. /awkward/." Biting her lip, she eyes the growing crowd and trembles a little. "This is so.. different. Wish I'd gotten to talk to Momma more." Last is said as her attention goes back to Lonie. She did manage to give R'ley a grateful little smile. Again her gaze takes in those gathered, "All the /males/…"

Kita growls low in her throat, dreading the feeling that she knows will overcome her, dreading that which she values most: a loss of control. She quickly moves away from N'ano's side, opting to take a seat in an out of the way corner. From there she rests her arms on her knees, head bowed, klah mug shaking slightly in her hands. The brownrider rests her head in one hand on her forehead, just waiting for the time to come. A quick glance is stolen to Hannah.

R'ley doesn't talk to anyone, but makes a pretence of trying to mingle by walking around and covertly checking out women. A pass time of his latly stopped as he makes a real go at monogomy, something this night could very well ruin. By now though all thoughts of the pregnant women surely wondering where he has gotten to have faded, bronze's mind is linked with his and the whiskey being slowely downed can't do anyting but help numb what his dragon's gone and decided to do to fill his time.

Dhiammarath> With blood on his coppery bronze maul, alert Belgareth watches the golden beauty as she schrieks her disdain at the males, bides his time. Let her waste energy, let her wear herself out. Patient Belgareth.

Dhiammarath> Tynabith has killed four, his usual number before an expectedly long flight. Haunches though are never sat back on, he is full of strength and all out of patience. Tail twitches, muzzle is tossed about with a growl ever now and then, a bit like an excited runner. Wings russle as they're sweapt back and forth, an exercise taught so long ago by Igen's weyrling master to keep them at ready for sudden flight.

Hynolonie shrugs a little and smiles. She didn't expect much conversation out of Hannah at this time, but well, if she was able, Lonie was more than able to comply. "Well, Mum never liked talking about it much, but I did get once sit down and talk with Damia and R'sli about it." She smiles sweetly, mentally digging up that conversation. If Damia knew she remembered it, the baker would like blush and die of embaressment. "Its a good thing, Hannah. They told me so. And since you're old enough and all, I think you'll be just fine." SHe grips her sister's hand gently and looks around the room. "And. .when its time, I think you'll know who you want.. and you'll actually not mind just wandering off with them." She doesn't say anything about the running around the room and the other things they talked about. "till then? I'll take good care of you."

Zoar blinks in from ::between::, his shadow casting a large dragon-like image on the ground beneath him.

Dhiammarath> Euonomyth drains yet another herdbeast and settles back, blood-thirst sated. Molten eyes churn magma, incandescent, as he coils in a deceptively slack arrangement of tail — wings — limbs and body, draped watchingly near Dhiammarath.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Zoar lazily glides in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Zoar looks up brightly, eyes whirling, and disappears ::between::!

Xylon hovers silently before disappearing ::between::

Dhiammarath> Etera glides in from the corral.

Dhiammarath> Bydelth's wings continue to stretch, their tips spanning a good part of the corral, and he begins drawing his muscles into themselves. Everything about him is liquid heat and molten bronze as his controlled movements all begin to turn toward one goal. As his wings stretch comepletely, he pauses for one exaggerated moment, then draws them back behind himsef, pressing himself lower toward the groundhunched like a warrior preparing for his lunge or a snake coiling for attackhis eyes calculatingly on Dhiammarath, emblazoned with expectation and now finally showing their desire.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath unfolds into the air, as if it had accepted her and was bearing her of it's own will rather than through the steady beat of her wings. The lacquer red glow, twines with the air turning the area around her a menacing red, a challange? A warning? The lady or the tiger? The single bright splotch that caps her tail does nothing to mitigate this effect, simply flicks to torment those arrogant enough to think they could dominate in this battle of wills.

Dhiammarath> Djarreth slowly rocks back and forth, shifting his weight from foot to foot, large head swinging from side to side as he impatiently waits for the inevitable. A low rumble is a constant accompaniement to his movements as he holds his wings wide, ready to launch himself with just one massive downward force.

Dhiammarath> With a deafening crack Bydelth's wings snap open and in a pistoned movement he hurls himself from the ground of the corral, seemingly in a direct line of chase. Powerful beats from his wings ring through the air, all but bugling his presence to any who have ears to listen. Finally he moves to close the distance between himself and the gold, his patience all geared toward this moment now released, and in it's place is a driven desire, and a flash of something else in his eyes.

Dhiammarath> Gallant Belgareth watches the gold as she she lifts gracefully into into the glorious spring afternoon. Mighty Belgareth launches after her. The brilliant spring sun of Ista dances off his hide adds to his profile. His whirling eyes tell of his need and his longing for the golden beauty soaring before him.

Serafa draws herself in a tighter huddle as the crowd continues to pour in. Perhaps there is something going on that she should be aware of? Taking a peek over her scroll she notices immediately the number of male riders and decides that for the moment her curiousity should be restrained.

Dhiammarath> Tynabith growls deap in his throat as a blue who fancies himself gold flying material comes to close, that moment of distraction is /of course/ the moment golden body is lifted majesticly into the Istan sky. With a roar nearly as deafening as the crack from Bydelth's wings Tynabith hurtles his own body up up and away. Wings always considored a bit large for his body come in handy when making a quick take off. Pounds of air are thrashed out of the way of gleaming bronze arrow as it shoots towards one of the philisophically termed 'hearts of the weyr'.

Dhiammarath> At last! Once again with a deafening roar, Djarreth brings his mighty wongs down, the muscles within his honeyed brown hide bunching with the effort. Equally as powerful back legs kick up a minor dirt storm, leaving tension and expectation in his wake. For the time is now upon them- all that is left is determination, desire, courage and strength.

P'ol leans back in his chair, closing his eyes. In his mind's eye, he is with his dragon. He runs a hand absently through his dark hair as he concentrates.

Dhiammarath> Euonomyth has a moment of thought, of amber-glass pause — and then he erupts in a sinuous blur of bronze motion and flashing wings, merlot-accents flashing bright with each broad sweep of strong wings. Legs tuck upward — one-two-three-four — and claws clench carefully as he throws himself into the fray. Ready or not!

Hannah nods at Lonie, while watching the ever pressing crowd. She clings to her sister, grateful for her presence and just watches with big, wide eyes. She doesn't mingle; her lifemate's lusty feelings leave her trembling in shyness and embarrassment. However, she can't help the sudden compulsion to /watch/ the riders. "Keep them away Lonie. They want me.." the goldrider mumbles, intermingling Dhiammarath's feelings with her own.

R'ley freezes in place, drink mid-way to his lips. The moment he freezes co-incides perfectly with the one his dragon takes to the skies in. Eyes half lid and the most serene purely pleasure filled look ever seen on bronzers face emerges, even more pleasure filled then the one he gets when spotting a beautiful women. He indulges in it for many long moments, feeling the wind beneath his wings, feeling the rush of it like a lovers caress on his huge soft bellied stomach. Then when eyes open again feeling himself, standing there with a glass half-way to his lips like a fool. Though completly glassy eyed, and not from the drink, R'ley can still manage to spot Hannah in the crowd like she was glowing as brightly as her other half in the skies above. He takes two steps closer, then half realizing better takes one backwards.

R'lai wants absolutely no-one, staying rigid and unmoving on his table-edge. It's safer this way. Really.
Dea shots Hannah a look of pity and compassion. She's been on the receiving end of Ftor's lust as he chases a lusty green. But then she has her needs as well. Leaning over to the girls, "Can I help?"

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath seems in no rush, or at least the ease with which she twists through the air belies the speed at which this largest of golds travels. She wheels, seemingly on her own axis, wings catching up to body or seeming to, a simple evasion, and half her attention follows those behind her. Half concentrated on the sky. See how they deal with the obvious first.

From her seat in the corner, Kita visibly stiffens as the rampant emotions threaten to overwhelm her. Teeth gritted, eyes hard, she attempts to keep some sense of self before she must give in to the stronger instincts roaming through her dragon's body. "Can we move to the ground weyrs?" she almost pleads, very softly, obviously dismayed at the thought of anyone seeing her lose her self control. It won't be long now.

Kelana moves fluidly and with almost feline grace in from the South Caverns.

"No, we're gonna stay here and scandalize the visiting Holders," R'lai mutters cynically through his own gritted teeth.

N'ano's fingers death-grip, twisted within each other as the suavely slide alongside his neck, head bowing in the meantime to stare at the table beneath. But alas, it's complete nothingness within his conscious mind for unconsciously, he /is/ Bydelth, content with only one goal to seize for himself.

Hynolonie nods slowly, a very serious look washing over the young girl's face. She narrows her eyes a little and picks out from the crowd any that seem a little nearer than the others and she just glares at them. A quick glance at Dea yeilds a raised eyebrow. "She's not paying attention to girls yet.. but, just keep people away from Hannah till her mood changes… ok?" Lonie hasn't been here long enough to know who rides what color, and Dea could have been a greenrider for all she knew, but just keeping everyone away was a good priority.

Touga blinks in from ::between::!

Touga chirps and lands over on Kelana's shoulder, and spies… food! Yes, food! Gimmegimme! Bronze wings are mantled in a greeting.

Cozano glides to the Kitchens.

Dhiammarath> Bydelth, bumped by another bronze's wings, hurls himself out of the way at an angle so as not to be caught in the throng, and is thrown off-guard for a moment as the gold wheels at the same time. Whether luck is truly a lady or not is yet unseen, but Bydelth's 'direct approach' is suddenly shifted as he spirals upwards, wings beating with the current he's accidentally found, sending him hurling forward. His body streamlines, angling with the gold's angle and hurtling his determination forward as well.

Managing to lift her head for a moment, Celira senses some rather potent tension that one could cut with….a knife. What is it with her and knives lately, anyways? Taking a rather lengthy draught from her mug, she eyes the room, blue orbs coming to rest on Kelana. Ah…someone who's /not/ a rider. She waves, then drops her head back into her hand. Ow..
Walking nonchalantly into the room, Kelana blinks as she sees a crowd of strange people in the Living Cavern. Noticing a grand total of one person whom she knows, she crosses the caverns to Celira. "Celi? What the shards is going on?" Touga is chirpled at by the two flits on her shoulder.

Dhiammarath> Watchful is Belgareth, wily is Belgareth. He admires the vision of the golden graceful loveliness before his whirling eyes. Greddy Belgareth as he feasts his eyes on that whipping tail as he stays with her. Clever girl, admires the bronze.

Hannah lifts her head, her eyes wide. "Ground weyrs? Oh!" She blanches a little, but then seems to lose herself for a bit in her dragon's flight. Forcibly, she jerks herself out of her reverie and turns to Dea, "Help me.. get them to the Ground Weyrs?" She clings to Lonie's hand, whispering, "You won't leave me?"

Kelana releases Ariane, who is airborne in a single fluid motion.

Kelana releases Dante, who explodes into the air in one powerful movement.
Dante disappears ::between:: in a fiery flash!

Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Dante blinks in from ::between:: in a fiery flash!

Dea sighs. "Maybe we should get to the Ground Weyr." Poking the bronze rider, "hey. give me your arm." She smiles at Hannah, "You want me to stay with you, kid?"

Dhiammarath> Tynabith loves flashy moves, dips and twirls, barrel rolls and sudden dives. He and his rider regularly indulge in such dangouros moves together. Yet he shows none of his usual passion for such aerial acrobatics this early into the flight, he only follows. Wings taking on a steady beat, changed each time he drasticly goes higher or lower in the sky. When Dhia trys her trick, he quickly moves with the least effort and most efficiancy to follow.

Dhiammarath> Euonomyth deals as simply as he can — by checking his forward motion with a fast backward beat of thin wings, banking sideways to soar without a flutter of 'sails around one already straining brown. The prize — the prize! The prize of palest desert sand, of creamy scintillation and jewel-bright hues — the prize is followed, lazy bronzen 'lids dipping once over polychromatic orbs in a moment of quick thought that brings him past yet another contestant.

Dhiammarath> Djarreth is now quiet: conserving his energy for the long chase that is no doubt ahead of him. He is somewhat stuck at the end of the back: his larger than average brown form hindering him from getting any closer to the glowing gold. With an irritated snort he drops below the pack, attempting to make up distance. A small brown is quickly passed, his plaintive wail echoing in the darkening sky. Djarreth then risks soaring upward, risks collision with the other pursures to once more glide above the acrobatic queen and gaze down at her. Djarreth is too large for acrobatics himself: he must rely on speed, strength and endurance.

Hynolonie smiles and shakes her head. "No Hannah.. I won't leave you." She nods and smiles to the goldrider before looking at Dea. "I think she means me." she half exposes the nearly whiteknuckled grip Hannah has on her hand. Lonie then looks to Hannah once more, letting Dea guide the others out. She'd leave when Hannah felt ready.

R'ley is begining to think, well think as much as his mind so high in the sky above will allow him, that the ground weyrs..where he lives with Tstar..might be a good idea to head to afterall despite the chance of her see'ing him there. A full two fingers of whiskey left in his glass is tossed automaticly back, wouldn't want to waist it. The empty glass is dropped randomly on a table, one that happens to have people at it not that he notices.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath veers upwards curling almost negligantly up a thermal, taunting the lesser males below her leading them in a dance to the rhythem of a half heard drum… A drum that is much a part of the dance itself as the steep flight of the queen, she levels out amoungst the thin whisps of clouds using them as camoflage, see how those below deal with deception.

Celira tickles Zaphyr's tail, causing him to twitter and drop off her shoulder, opening his wings with a *snap* and gliding into the air.

P'ol stands up, a dazed look on his otherwise handsome face, willing to be lead but his mind, heart and soul is with his dragon, allowing the young shapely brown rider to lead him out.

Zaphyr stealthily glides to the Bowl.

Hannah keeps her glance down and stands, grateful that her hair has regained it's length; she can hide behind the curtain fall of shimmery pale hair. Giving Dea a grateful glance, "Help me.. get them.. to the Ground Weyr?" Her voice is a strained whisper. She gives the males a rather hunted look before moving toward the entrance to the the living caverns. "Shall we..?"

Kita quietly pads to the Bowl.
You head out to the bowl.

Southeastern Bowl (#529)
This area of the bowl is the highest point of the bowl floor; from here, it slopes down and to the northwest, spilling out to the plateau below the wide gap in the Weyr rim to the west. Various tunnels here lead into the Weyr's inner caverns; the living caverns, hatching grounds, and main Weyr tunnel all branch off from here. To the west lie the stables where the Weyr's runners are housed. There is also a stone stairway that leads up to the Weyrleader's weyrs.
It is a spring afternoon.
Perched on rocky crags about the bowl are Restless, Miki, Nuh, and Zaphyr.
Bronze Nhamarath, brown Morath, green Fellrath, and green Fiareth are here.
Kita is here.
Obvious exits:
Hatching Cavern Central Bowl Weyr Tunnel Living Caverns

Dea toe dances in from the Living Cavern.
Kita quietly pads to the Ground Weyrs.
Hynolonie walks in from the Living Cavern.
Touga glides in from the Living Cavern.

You go to the Ground Weyrs.
Ground Weyrs (#4213)
Dark stone arches upwards to vault high above the entrance to these ground-level weyrs. Large enough for more than a few dragons, pillars define the expanse of one smooth dragon-couch from the next, to offer at least the hint of privacy. Redolent, the air struggles towards the vents high above in an attempt to escape the prevalent odors of redwort and numbweed that drift and lurk in every tidy corner. Tunnels branch off like tentacles, heading into dragon-healer's quarters and the infirmary further southeast.
Gliding about is Prushal.
You see Natel's Cot here.
Kita is here.
Obvious exits:
Dragonhealer Weyr Weyr 1 Weyr 2 Bowl Infirmary

Hynolonie walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.
Dea toe dances in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Dante glides like a small mobile flame to the Southeastern Bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Sora ping-pongs haphazardly in from the Southeastern Bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Touga glides in from the Southeastern Bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Dante glides like a small mobile flame in from the Southeastern Bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Sora ping-pongs haphazardly to the Southeastern Bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Touga glides to the Southeastern Bowl.
Touga glides in from the Southeastern Bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Zaphyr stealthily glides in from the Southeastern Bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Dante glides like a small mobile flame to the Southeastern Bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Zaphyr stealthily glides to the Northeastern Bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Zaphyr stealthily glides in from the Northeastern Bowl.

R'ley walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

You go into weyr 1.
Ground Weyr 1 (#754)
You enter into a comfortably sized weyr that is large enough for two dragons to curl up in peace without disturbing the other. A few tapestries hang on the walls giving the place a feeling of home, instead of a place to just convalesce away from the others. In the back a divided sleeping chamber with a couple of beds is curtained off so the riders can sleep with a bit of privacy.
To the south, you see four people.
Gliding about is Imbri.
Obvious exits:

Kita quietly pads in from outside.

Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Zaphyr stealthily glides to the Northeastern Bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Zaphyr stealthily glides in from the Northeastern Bowl.

Dhiammarath> Bydelth's wingsails measure the off-beat of Dhiammarath's, his wingspan so nearly matched with the gold's that the tempo is flawless. His attention, however, is not on this beat or that beat, but the angle at which he stays under the gold…perhaps even intentionally directly in her line of sight. After all, when all is said and done, the truest subtlety is that which hides itself until the moment when it's revelation will secure it's master's victory.

Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Zaphyr stealthily glides to the Southeastern Bowl.

R'ley walks in from outside.
Hynolonie walks in from outside.
N'ano walks nonchalantly in from outside.

Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Sora ping-pongs haphazardly in from the Southeastern Bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Sora ping-pongs haphazardly to the Southeastern Bowl.

Dhiammarath> Catching the same thermal, Powerful Belgareth isn't a lesser anything. He is bronze and all male see him roar! Graceful Belgareth soars after the golden vision in front of him, letting her tire, letting her have her moment in the sun. Wise Belgareth?

Dea toe dances in from outside.
Ariane glides silently and gracefully in from outside.

Touga blinks in from ::between::!

Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Zaphyr stealthily glides in from the Southeastern Bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Zaphyr stealthily glides west across the bowl towards the plateau.
Dhiammarath> Zaphyr stealthily glides in from the corral.
Dhiammarath> Dante blinks in from ::between:: in a fiery flash!

Dhiammarath> Tynabith would, if asked, declare himself better infact then the gold. But no one has asked, and he doesnt think it'd go over to well if they did. The golds tricks become more complex, and as such Tyna's flying follows. A little tip or turn of a wing can easily send one in the direction they wish with less effort then directing flight with tail could on occasion, this is one of them. With a tip of wing spars up Tyna is thrown upwards, more by the wind then his own effort. He sences it coming, then impacts the thermal Dhia took and uses it himself. Then she's gone, he doesn't panic, he searches never pausing or looseing speed. There it is, a flash of gold in the clouds and he alters direction minutly to end up fast on her trail again.

Hannah clings to Lonie, keeping out of reach of the males, while watching them suspiciously. Suddenly, however, she is plunged into the flight with Dhiammarath, and she can feel what it's like to fly. Gasping, her eyes fly open and she watches the males with renewed suspicion.

Once inside the relative safetly of the ground weyrs, Kita can relax, and allow the full force of Djarreth's firey emotions to take over. She leans against a wall, eyes closed, slowly sliding down it to sit on the floor. She fights a brief internal battle for control, and swiftly loses. A small shudder passes through Kita's small frame, and she quietens. The next minute her eyes open, a look completely foreign to the brownrider flashing within. Her eyes zero in on poor Hannah, and she stands up, her movements becoming more sensual: enough to contest even the most experienced of greenriders.

Typhoon blinks in from ::between::!

Hynolonie continues to hold Hannah's hand, keeping up her watchful glaring. She knew, that probably at any moment, her sister would let go of her and just go to the male of choice, but for the time being. .they better all keep their distance girls included, or they'd likely see the young girl snap.

Dea pulls a couple of the riders with her as she enters the weyr, pushing them into chairs, looking around for Hannah. Ok she's in the care of her sister. Well she better get the wineskins. There'll be alot of disappointed riders when this day is done.

As soon as N'ano's within the confinements of the weyr, he slides his back against the wall, melting in the empowerment that is of his own lifemate, lost in a surge of mixed emotions and unwitting blindness, even as his eyes too, like the others', follow the path to Hannah's.

R'ley should be watched with fright and suspicion, for his thoughts if visible would bring blushes to even a Bitran's face. His months of frusteration living with Tstar, compounded by the fierce dragon lust controling him, plus his natural horn ball nature all combine to create the look of fiercly fought for control in his moodily dark green eyes. Hannah of course is the object of that half here half not lustfull look.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath could almost be seen to smile, as her climb turns into a back flip and she spins on her lateral axis then down! charging back at those bronzes that did not choose to follow her manuver. Face her? all must! On with the masquerade!

"Chante oohs. I'm in love with you. Let's run off to some area we could never ICly reach so quickly and have a picnic." Or something to that effect. Yla and I watched it… gave me a good laugh. >_< *eyes E'an* I truly am not surprised. *ducks*

Dhiammarath> Euonomyth brings his thin 'spars forward with a sharp snap that is almost lost in the passing of the wind, gentle upward slope frantically brought to a hip-swinging, barrel-arching twist that blazes him back past several bronzes. Black-masked eyeridges quirk in sudden surprise, molten gaze whirling — clever. But not clever enough. He continues, straightening his course to slip, an amber wraithe, between another bronze and brown fighting neck-and-neck.

Dhiammarath> Amused Belgareth as he watches the gold toy with her followers. he dives behind her. Where she leads, he will follow. But soon, lovely temptress, who knows? It will be a bronze who leads and he bugles his intent to the four winds of fate. Gambling Belgareth?

Dhiammarath> Djarreth certainly wears no mask to fool the beauty by: he could not hide his dismay at her clever flying manouveres even if he tried. A small wail of despair comes from his throat. His momentary display of weakness shown and swiftly forgotten, Djarreth's infamous determination kicks in, honed sharp by years of tolerance and understanding. He bugles a defiant roar: defying Dhia to lose him via her acrobatics, defying the other males to beat him at this game of lust and endurance. His roar deepens in an effort to distract Dhia, and intimidate the other chasers.

Dhiammarath> Bydelth's ruby eyes narrow at the gold's sudden about-face in direction and he stretches his wings ubruptly, retaining his horizontal projection, but spinning over so that his forelegs and wings are litterally open for the gold to fall into. His muscles tensing, readying for and willing the impact to come…precisely where he guesses that what went up will come down…

Dhiammarath> Tynabith gives an almost disapointed sound as the gold flips, but then heads towards them potentially ruining his chance to mimic the flip. For now everything is rushing forward at full force and he's more then willing to expend energy on flashy tricks. The time has come to impress, knowing full well she'll have to go past them because of the speed she's flying at Tyna dives down. Yes down, into a front flip that brings him facing the opposite way, hence the way Dhia is. With a quick barrel roll he even flys with his upside up and downside down again! Looking quite smug he even hums a bit to himself, can you say cocky?

Kita strides forward quickly, the expression on her face matching that of her beloved brown, were they able to see him. Kita rudely shoves a hopeful bluerider out of her way as she approaches Hannah, her uncharacteristic behaviour no doubt going to cause her much grief after this event. Small body slightly trembling, Kita stands near the goldrider, her own muscles bunching in an unconcious mimicry of her dragon.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath this time stays level but barel rolls in a tight spiral of fierwork gold/silver/red blending together in a blur, darring ayone to stop her, Let them choose amoungst themselves! Present their best! The bright frame gives them one last chance to prove the point.

Hannah closes her eyes, feeling Dhiammarath's building lust humming through her mind. Clinging tightly to Lonie's hand, she is closely tied with her lifemate.

Hynolonie has never been creeped out by so many blank stares… She shudders a little bit and is eternally grateful that she is not the object ..or the target of those stares. She keeps an eye on Kita though, a little more wary of her, considering she was the only one with a little bit more clear look in her eye. She tries her best to look imposing, but the girl's short stature and thin frame really doesn't add much umph to the look she's trying to achieve. "Hey.. that's a tad to close, Lady…"

Dhiammarath> Djarreth bugles a last defiant challenge, seeing the gold move herself into a position that is almost presenting herself as a platter. With a last final burst he wings forward, trying to get lower, closer to the queen. Yet too many dragon bodies hinder him, and Djarreth is unable to swerve between them. His challenging bugle twists to become one of despair: he knows he has lost- for once his massive, strong form being a handicap against the faster, more acrobatic males. His endurance is never ending: but this was not a flight of distance, but rather one of skill and pre-determination.

Dhiammarath> Euonomyth presents himself with a lilting flourish of amber-glass 'sails, lengthy form finally — finally — unwinding in a full sprung-coil sinuosity that reaches his true mettle's ambitious rank: power. Power charges the unrestrained sweeps and undulating shimmer of bronze-glanced body, and melts any inhibitions holding back his reserves. All it takes is a bit of heart, and perhaps the best costume; but who needs a costume when one looks as this? Instead, the full force of ale-gold's fired heat blazes through him, and dragon cants sideways to angle in for the catch.

Dhiammarath> Tynabith lives for this, was created for this in fact. Flight, such a simple word with so many intricasies all important to master. By now Tyna has done every move possible in the sky, and some always assumed not to be. Dhia, though gold unlike most of his conquests, is all that he see's now. She represents the sun thats risen by, the moon thats slept below, and the stars that are a constant beauty above all of the world. Moments pass quicker then thought, and reactions hang somewhere between reality and thought. Without that span of time normally reserved for thinking ones body into motion Tynabith is already echo'ing the twisted barrel roll. He though is a blur of silver/green/blue/copper all twisting around together dizzyingly. Then she is within reach, so close, yet so far by the standerds of flight. Every ounce of Tyna/R'ley, for now they are pefectly one united by passion, is put into grasping for a hold on the gold while staying in this difficult twisting rolling dive.

Dhiammarath> Belgareth, Proud, Male and All Bronze. Here's the chance he was waiting for. Patient Belgareth no more. Valiant Belgareth will win this. Here is where the flame hits the Thread. Truth or Lie. He will win. He will catch the gold prize that is just out of reach. With a last burst of energy, Wind to his wings, he Belgareth pushes upward and onward. The golden fire of her hide adds to the chase. Coppery fire/green fire/ gold fire is at the heart of Belgareth.

Kita turns her head to glare down at Hynolonie, the expression on the normally sweet, gentle brownrider truly terrifying. Yet she does not move any closer- even as her muscles are bunched as if ready to pounce. Dea is glanced to, her scowl at being distracted irritating her beyond all belief. Kita at the moment is a living embodiment of redheads having a bad temper. "Not yet," she hisses to the other female brownrider, reaching down and taking a large swig of a beverage she normally avoids. Eyes glittering, she looks defiantly to Hannah as if saying 'try and lose me!' whilst wiping her mouth with the back of her arm. Suddenly, Kita's face falls, her eyes widening in shock. "NO!" she calls out, stepping back as Djarreth's despair becomes her own.

Dhiammarath> With a liquid wringing of his lissom muscles, Bydelth twists his body so that he's facing almost directly upwards and executes two sweeps of his wings, hurling himself just slightly upward at an angle to throw himself directly into the gold's path. His muscles, still tensed for the impact, form their own wall which is intended to stop the gold's torpedo-path, his wings executing one more beat to propell him toward the shooting star that Dhiammarath has turned herself into.

R'ley leans against a wall, eyes closed, he's flying. He's so far above the ground, it's spinning, gold comes closer. All he see's is a blur of many faceted emotion, the sights as his dragon see's them in the sky. It all has built to here, these final moments when every dragon/rider combination feels /they/ and only they will be the winner.

Hannah shrinks back from Kita's look and into Lonie's form. Her own small limbs tremble slightly as she knows she is no match for those around her. "Lonie.." she begins in a tortured whisper, ".. they want me." Inching away from /all/ the riders, she clings to her sister before she is suddenly back with her lifemate, soaring the skies above.

Dea sighs, with compassion and sympathy as she moves to stand by Hannah, "It's alright Hannah. Go with it. It'll be alright."

It's almost like one of those crazed rides that makes you wanna throw up—the motions and thrusts of lifemate to lifemate, minds interlocked within each other, forming one body… one soul that is of the pursuit, thus defining N'ano's current actions of lust towards the gold rider, his antics so pure as he uncrouches himself from the ground, staring intently at Hannah for all she's worth and makes his way to await next to the others.

Touga creens toward Hannah. What wrong?… Oh. Picking up mating vibes? Touga starts making passes at Ariane, despite his age, with meat. Stupid thing he is.

Hynolonie is semi-startled by an actual comment from Hannah, and she looks briefly at her sister in a bit of concern. "I know, Hannah.. its ok. It'll all be ok." SHe nods and continues to hold her hand, a stare at the crowd. She was now beginning to wonder why exactly she was here. Sure, it was for moral support, but should Dhiammarath get caught, which was going to happen… only one of these riders would end up with Hannah.. and there was a whole room full of scary riders to contend with afterwards. She shoots Dea a half scared look.. then looks at the ground, then looks serious again, ready to stand by Hannah till the end.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath chooses, falling back to the throng, or letting them catch to her, and brilliance spirals towards brilliance, the shooting star molding back into dragon form and in the clutches of one… who's efforts seem not in vain. Tynabith is accepted and raised from the ranks of the others who dare tempt nobility.

Hannah squeezes her eyes shut, panting lightly. Afterall, whoever ends up with her will end up with an Innocent. She bites her lip hard, caught up in the her lifemate's choosing. Suddenly gasping, she lets go of her sister's hands and stares almost fearfully at R'ley. "You.." she chokes.

Ariane cocks her head coquettishly at Touga's offered meat and gracefully takes it from him, chirping amusedly, then resumes watching the strange behavior of the humans.

Typhoon suddenly disappears ::between::!

Kita knew she had lost even before Dhia caught. Her whole body tenses and she gives a wail of despair most likely just as her dragon does, flinging the wineskin from her so it splashes messily against the far wall. Now she has to content with the slow ebb of dragonlust coursing through her veins, telling her to do things she would never consider. And she must go comfort a disappointed dragon.

Dhiammarath> Bydelth veers off sharply as the two dragons meet in mid-air, his incline immediately reversing and sending him rushing toward the ground…twoard his weyr and his lifemate.

Dhiammarath> Tynabith snaps out his wings reflexivly to their fullest length as the full weight of his golden lover is joined with his own massive weight. Neck is twined, tails mimic neck. They are one, a whole, and from them will come many little ones who one day will join the fighting ranks alongside their parents.

Dhiammarath> Euonomyth peels away with nary a disappointed shimmer. That's that, apparently.
Dhiammarath> Euonomyth moves heavily ::between::, a flash of silver claws marking his passing!
Dhiammarath> Djarreth drops his wings to start his descend towards the bowl, and the sweet, comforting ambrace of his rider.
Dhiammarath> Djarreth lumbers out of the corral.
Dhiammarath> Bydelth shuffles awkwardly out of the corral.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Bydelth shuffles awkwardly down from the western bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Bydelth shuffles awkwardly to the Southeastern Bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Djarreth lumbers down from the western bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Djarreth lumbers to the Southeastern Bowl.
Dhiammarath> Disappointed Belgareth spirals down to land.
Dhiammarath> Etera glides out of the corral.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Etera glides down from the western bowl.
Dhiammarath> In the central Weyr Bowl, Etera glides to the Southeastern Bowl.

R'ley looses control, but slowely, "Am I that horrible?" he manages to teasingly croak out as if useing his voice for the very first time. Three quick steps brings him to her side, "I won't hurt you." he says more seriously in a sudden moment of clarity that quickly fades.

Hannah abruptly nods her head, letting herself be propelled by her dragon's mating lust.

Kita quietly pads out of the weyr.

Dea toe dances out of the weyr.

Touga suddenly disappears ::between::!
[JapaneseGardens] Decadre grins and will take that answer.

And the of course, the ride eventually comes to an end, and dislodges its passengers, some excited, and others… well, not feeling so great—but here, it's the overpowering of emotions that dislodges N'ano from the ride, and there he goes, to seek what he needs the most… his lifemate of course!

N'ano walks nonchalantly out of the weyr.

Hynolonie decides this is the end. She pulls herself away from Hannah.. not that she'd notice or anything, and begins to back away from the pair.. staying only to sneak a peek or two at R'ley..and how he handles her sister. She finally just bites her lip and flees.. running back to Hannah's weyr before she runs into any other riders.

<Fade to Black>

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