Dhiammarath's Leadership Flight

Logfile from Hannah.

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The time is 21:11.
It is late night of the twenty-eighth day of winter.
It is the forty-first Turn of the Tenth Pass.
It is a winter evening. Stars emerge amid the clouds, and the gentle breeze rustles leaves and grasses. It is a lovely night. To the east, the twin moons peek above the horizon.

You go into the living cavern.
Living Cavern (#4190)
The smooth, rounded walls cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient, lustrous tables run along the axis of the cavern, and at the far end rests the raised dais and high table, where Weyrleaders and honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is embedded into stone: a smoking mountain in black on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.
Perched near the food are thirty-one firelizards.
You see Moss, Manokimo, and Oogly here.
Irieshya is here.
Obvious exits:
Northeast Caverns Kitchens Bowl Southern Caverns

Dhiammarath> Main Beach
Dhiammarath> The beach here is of a fine, glittering black sand… volcanic sand, remnants of a long-past eruption. The beach is fairly wide, which is a good thing since many of the Weyr's dragons like to come here and lounge in the sun. The crystal blue waters of the ocean roll up in gentle hissing waves on the shoreline, sometimes leaving shells or other treasures from the sea in their wake. On the north and south ends of the beach, the cliff from the plateau retreats into the forest, and trees flank the beaches.
Dhiammarath> It is a winter evening. Stars emerge amid the clouds, and the gentle breeze rustles leaves and grasses. It is a lovely night. To the east, the twin moons peek above the horizon.
Dhiammarath> To the east, you see a green dragon.
Dhiammarath> Out on the pier, you see one ship.
Dhiammarath> Curled up in the sand are eleven firelizards.
Dhiammarath> Green Zoryanth, green Miravith, green Belissaith, blue Valanth, green Phirath, blue Agzanth, and bronze Nverath are here.
Dhiammarath> You see Minecraft Booth, drink tray, Prize Box, and Tirek here.
Dhiammarath> You notice Nanli, Galena, Darcy, Ariah, and Kia asleep here.
Dhiammarath> Trik is here.
Dhiammarath> Obvious exits:
Dhiammarath> Plateau Hillside Path North Beach Pier Water South Beach

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Dhiammarath has finally begun to glow, much to Hannah's dismay! Some pre-flight RP to start in the LC while Dhiammarath languishes on the beach, reveling in her proddyness. (LC: @go ista weyr, sb, lc if you want to join in! NPCs welcome, but the final outcome is pre-determined)
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Dhiammarath> Aboleoth arrives with a callous swagger down the trail from the plateau.
Dhiammarath> Bydelth shuffles awkwardly down the trail from the plateau.

Hannah scoots through the doorway of the living caverns, quickly making her way to the back of the room where she takes a seat and buries her face behind a rather large hide. Her intent is quite clear as is her body language which distinctly says: Leave me alone.

Irieshya's already settled well in place within the Living Caverns, situated at a table all her own, no less. As Hannah enters, she's drawn to studying the woman rather quietly. Though that body language stating to leave her alone is more than enough incentive to quickly avert her gaze back towards the meal she'd chosen for herself, and with her head bent over such, Esha returns to her meal.

B'ane traverses solidly in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath has curled herself up on the beach, puddle of liquid white gold that seems to shimmer in the moonlight giving her an even paler look. Her eyes whirl with interest at the arrival of two healthy, breedable bronzes, but she gives them a warning croon. Can't have them too close and crowd her… moonlight. Her beach. Her ocean. Her moonlight.
N'ano is sweating. Being left with not one, not two but /three/ little babies is not exactly his idea of a fun time. But alas, N'ano's on babysitting duty. Doesn't that figure. "C'mon—owow… stop grabbing daddy's ear, 'k? Please?" So with twins occupying his arms and a toddler waddling beside him, N'ano settles upon the closest chair, giving a brief look around in idle fashion.

< Local> Dhiammarath senses that she hisses softly, rolling her words into the sound of the ocean with occasional bursts of lemon-citrus. « Welcome, my friends. » Her voice turns over, changing into the warmth of black velvet, at once soft and warm as well as endless. « Stay awhile?»

Dhiammarath> Pfft. What is Dhia, a wolf or something? Or maybe a gremlin. Fuzzy. Neverntheless, Bydelth's oblivious to any warnings as he pads his way to the softer, more moistened sands by the shore, ready to—hello Goldilocks. She's certainly a sight that this particular bronze doesn't wanna let out of his view.

B'ane meanders into the room with the look of a prisoner who's been mining coal as he serves out his sentence. Having been sweeping and cleaning the ash pits and firestone stock, every inch of the bronzerider is covered in a powder fineness of soot and spent firestone. "Something isn't kosher," becomes his first gambol as black dust forms in his wake. Ha. You're telling /him/.

Hannah sinks further into her chair at the back of the caverns, hoping with every ounce in her being that no one notices. Or if they notice her, they don't comment. She keeps her face buried beneath the hide, though a bit of white-blond hair can be seen over the top as the hide's not quite that big. She's nearly crawled herself under the table, truth be told. N'ano's and B'ane's comments cause her to jerk and twitch nervously which shows in the sudden trembling and jerking of the hide.

Irieshya quietly surveys the newest arrivals with a curious enough eye, though it switches back towards Hannah once more towards that jerking and trembling of that hide. Towards such she settles down the fork she'd nearly lifted to her lips, speared upon it a piece of food. Caught inbetween the indecisiveness of asking the woman if she was alright and simply allowing her to be, has Esha's gaze turning downwards in thought. Before at long last the comment does come, if not murmured quietly enough towards her, "Ma'am.. is everything alright?" Strangely enough, not the first time she's asked Hannah such a question, and given the rather concerned look.. it's entirely safe to say it won't be the last either.

Dhiammarath> Digging wallows in the sand is Aboleoth, the bronze drudging mass quantities of Ista's black diamond sand with his clawed feet. Like a stallion enjoying his turf with a dust bath the bronze whumps onto his back and begins to roll in his bed, feet kicking empty air and his undersized tail thrasing about. Dhiammarath is given little detectable due, but there's nary a doubt that will change.

" Shards man, take a bath! You reek! And I know it ain' from the runnin' this morning…" It's a different kind of smellsweat. Muwah. "What /have/ you been doin', swimming in the firestone again? I told you to leave that for the miners. They seriously love that stuffchose to live with it, they did." Or something to that extent. With a beam, N'ano shifts the two babies onto his lap while watching the other toddle off to play with a few friends nearto the nanny in the nook. It's then though that his gaze falls upon first Irieshya, and then Hannah. As a brow raises in question, he chooses to listen in instead out of curiosity.

B'ane aims to keep his figure as still as possible to save the drudges as much time as he can from having to clean the results of his current untidiness. A spark of darkness quirks towards the Weyrleader's direction as B'ane embellishes N'ano with a glance from his dark brown eyes. "Some of work for a living," although austere in his position, the rider's voice is suggestively light-hearted and jibing. "How are you this eve, Hannah?" The Weyrwoman deserves a polite welcome and Irieshya is given a dust producing nod of his head.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath stretches slowly, her intent is to capture their attention while maintaining her attention. A low rumble slowly emanates from her throat as she stretches, her eyes whirling a sultry scarlet hue. She watches them as she would a choice piece of herdbeast. Hungrily

Hannah folds enough of the hide over to give the nosy headwoman a good glare. "Yes, I'm fine." Immediately contrite for her non-too-friendly tone, she only gives the other woman a sorry look and quickly ducks behind the hide again. But not before she gives B'ane and N'ano worried looks. From over the hide, she responds to B'ane in clipped tones. "I'm fine. Just fine. Really."

Have you ever seen a person wilt? Well Irieshya does just that come the glare, along with tossing quite the apologetic murmur in the weyrwoman's direction. Though come the apologetic look, Irieshya's once more left quite at odds. Until some particular thought or another catches up with her and it has her glancing more curiously at the other two riders in the Cavern. Not one prone to jumping to conclusions, she simply decides to pass it off as stress, and instead turns to offer both of the other riders a small enough smile. Words however, are quite held back, and her food is once more returned to.

" All too true, B'ane. All too true." Yeah, N'ano works too, y'know. Hard! Turning his attention back towards the weyrwoman, N'ano's brows quirk again, preceeding a shake of his head, "I 'unno 'bout that…" But that's all he says on that matter. The twins are then eyed which probably isn't the best of ideas since they like to poke and prod, particularly N'ano's eye. Once hiss and wince later and he's standing. A few paces to the left land him near the nanny, and after a few words with her, the twins are handed off, relieving N'ano of his fatherly duties. What a simple life.

Dhiammarath> Bydelth is a shexy piece of meat. Ahem. But he's not to be eaten, definitely not. N'ano might get upset or something. One eye remains peeled upon the gold while the other sags in restlessness. Paws dig into the sand to retrieve the cooler portions while the rest remain fixed to the setting rays of Rukbat, soaking up all that's left of the day's heat. For now.

B'ane did not originally come here to fill up the spot of the deipnosophist and so joins the club and doesn't utter another word. It was drink he initially sought, you see. The hobnails on his boots clicking metallically against the stone floor, the man harnesses a clay cup of water and indulges in a heavy sluice. He concludes with a small flick of his tongue to capture the moisture still clinging to his lips. Well at least now his mouth has returned to its normal pink color.

Hannah sighs, setting down the hide to rub her temples. "Headache…" she mutters, giving B'ane a disgruntled look with his noisy walking. N'ano's little ones are eyed warily but not really reacted too. "Why…oh…headache…" is muttered again. "I think I must be coming down with something." She gives Irieshya another quick look, murmuring an apology. "I'm suddenly feeling quite odd."

Dhiammarath> Aboleoth rights himself into a traditional sitting stance and shakes his neck absently to rid his skin of the clinging particles of wet sand grains. Grunting, the adult male seems to have worked his creation into a suitable recreational spot and eventually transfixes a thorough look upon the senior queen. Deliberate and in languor, the dragon's eyes do not bear any traces of the violet color of rut. Still the placid turquoise they've been, Bo then sizes up Bydelth - again, in leisure mode.

Irieshya proffers Hannah with a small smile, "You look as though you could use a rest, ma'am. Is there anything I can do that'll be of any help so that you could at least get a bit of sleep?" Yes, pile off your work on the girl and she'd gladly do it. N'ano's comment, and whatsmore B'ane's loud walking has Esha studying them both rather curiously, before she looks back towards Hannah yet again, "Would some fresh klah help?"

Like dragon like rider, N'ano definitely knows it's not an oncoming flu. He eyes B'ane to see if he catches the drift before turning a look back towards Hannah, and then Irieshya for good measure. Maybe she knows too? "Ummm…" Yes! N'ano's turned his love to Budha. Or not, but he's definitely lacking something to say. Biting his lip, he settles back onto his chair. "Eh, you should give the woman some Benden. That'll tame her headache."

" You know, it's at a time like this when I miss having weyrlings around." Stated quickly in between his first and second helping of water, B'ane should not tempt the Fates… "I don't think that area's been cleaned in a solid turn." A turn towards the group at large is made and the assistant headwoman's suggestion becomes seconded. "Yes. I was just going to suggest some tea…" N'ano's intuition is much better than the younger rider's as B'ane starts to ignorantly lean against the rim of the serving table, alternatively checking its sturdiness in the process. Oy.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath snortted once at the pair of them, delicately of course as she raises herself with serpentine grace. As she passes by the bronzes she reguards each of them as if with a personal challange, turnning the same look on a brown and another bronze that happen to be out there that day, She says nothing else, but heads up and over the plateau easily aloft, to find herself something more appetizing…. for the moment.

" Benden," Hannah ponders thoughtfully before nodding her head, "Yes. I think that would do it." She shoots the Weyrleader a suspicious look, "But maybe you," she looks at Irieshya, "can get it for me?" Since getting it herself would mean getting near B'ane.

Dhiammarath> You scramble up the sandy trail to the plateau.
Dhiammarath> You go to the Corral.
Dhiammarath> Corral
Dhiammarath> This part of the plateau has been fenced-off to provide an enclosed pasture and grazing area for the Weyr's herds. Grass covers the fields, rippling like waves in the wind. Herds of herdbeasts wander about, grazing lazily. To the north is the exit to the plateau, and from here you can also see the forests and beaches below the plateau to the west, as well as the ocean, stretching off to the horizon.
Dhiammarath> It is a winter evening. Stars emerge amid the clouds, and the gentle breeze rustles leaves and grasses. It is a lovely night. To the east, the twin moons peek above the horizon.
Dhiammarath> Out on the plateau, you see a green dragon.
Dhiammarath> You see Wineskin here.
Dhiammarath> Obvious exits:
Dhiammarath> Plateau

Dhiammarath> Bydelth shuffles awkwardly in from the corral.
Dhiammarath> Aboleoth arrives with a callous swagger in from the corral.

" Benden for a headache?" Irieshya reiterates, looking from B'ane to N'ano to Hannah before promptly pushing her chair from the table and standing. Her hands drop back down to grab the napkin atop it as she wipes her fingers clean upon it, only to quietly enough state, "Of course, ma'am." Sure, Esha'd gladly fetch it for the other, and shows no qualms about having to get closer to B'ane. Then again she was still slightly ignorant of the situation, and so it's safe to say it's more of a 'blind' calmness that has her moving towards the other and reaching for a flask of Benden. Followed shortly enough with, "I've never quite heard of it taming headaches, I'll say that much.." More like causing them. Then again it was often when such was drank in excess. Esha returns with the flask and promptly presents it to Hannah, before moving to return back to her own chair to partially resume her meal.

Dhiammarath> Gee, it's no surprise that Bydelth caaaaasually follows the gold towards the pens. Coincidence that he's craving the very same thing? Perhaps. But no less, he's just as quick to snatch a fleeing buck—and no, that's not the sounds of rice krispies in the backround, but the sound of death. It's a beaut, eh?

" It works all the time." N'ano should know. He lives for the stuff! "I'll take some too, if you don't mind," he asks of Esha after tossing Hannah another quick look. "I'm just feeling parched is all." Sighing once, he pushes his chair back, if only to settle upon the one beside it. Go figure. Restless? You better believe.

Dhiammarath> Aboleoth had taken is time to spur aloft, but as he draws nearer to the sight of food on the hoof a necessity becomes apparent as all evidence of that quaint sapphire in his reflecting eyes is chased by a darkening red; an omen to come. At the figurative doorstep of the pens, his wings snap quickly once in sharp descent, the bronze's front hands reaching out to sequester a domesticated wherry and a herdbeast. Wings once more dart rapidly, though this time at an incline. Height sufficient both animals, braying and squawking, are dashed to their doom below to two simultaneous thuds. Alighting by his grizzly mess, Bo then begins to seek their escaping blood.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath lands in the pens, her execution is perfect. The rest oft he herd only scatters /after/ she's succesfully, and cleanly broken the neck of her chosen beast. She glances back over her shoulder, as if taunting the males who dared follow her, then lowers her head to blood.

B'ane also seems to exhibit signs of discomfort. Hannah's mysterious disease must be spreading like plague. "Well I should go put my tools away and go clean up. I just hope I don't pass a looking glass - I'd be afraid I'd break it." His figure does indeed go out the exit to the Bowl and remains lost for several moments. Three. Two. One. B'ane's filthy head pops in. "Hey, I'm not sure, but I think a dragon is Rising." Just maybe. "I can't… really tell from over here." Eyes strain against the darkness to seek the colors of dragon hide.

Hannah thanks Irieshya while gently taking the Benden. She sips the drink carefully, not at all about to down the stuff, but seems to be happier that she has something in her hands. However, suddenly she gasps and nearly drops the drink when she grasps onto the table. A quick look is given to N'ano and B'ane. "Oh… Faranth. I had hoped…" She begins to make her way to the door, almost as if she's trying to escape everyone — or perhaps just the men. Her drink forgotten. "Ground weyrs…"

You head out to the bowl.
You go to the Ground Weyrs.
Ground Weyrs (#4213)
Dark stone arches upwards to vault high above the entrance to these ground-level weyrs. Large enough for more than a few dragons, pillars define the expanse of one smooth dragon-couch from the next, to offer at least the hint of privacy. Redolent, the air struggles towards the vents high above in an attempt to escape the prevalent odors of redwort and numbweed that drift and lurk in every tidy corner. Tunnels branch off like tentacles, heading into dragon-healer's quarters and the infirmary further southeast.
Obvious exits:
Weyr 1 Weyr 2 Bowl Infirmary

Inaho> B'ane traverses solidly to the Bowl.
B'ane traverses solidly in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Inaho> "Uh—yeah um…" Sucking in his breath, N'ano pushes his chair back, offers Irieshya a helpless look, and follows the crowd.

Inaho> Lucky Irieshya was quite blind to all that was happening about her, and indeed would remain such until it was rather obvious as to what was happening, otherwise the girl would be high-tailing it for 'high ground'. As it stands, N'ano's request is met with a small nod and a smile, and Esha once more standing from her seat. Trained well, this one is. Right up to the point as she's walking across the cavern floor to retrieve that drink for N'ano. B'ane's words would be heard in time with Hannah's words, and Irieshya turns to spot the weyrwoman walking out even as a murmured, "Oh my.." is stated. N'ano's request.. momentarally forgotten, yes.

Inaho> N'ano walks nonchalantly to the Bowl.
N'ano walks nonchalantly in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Dhiammarath> Perhaps the three herdbeasts that Bydelth consumed for breakfast was plenty enough to keep this bronze going. It's no wonder why he's hardly able to suck the life out of a mere buck before he's crouching on his haunches, wings spread eagle in balance and preparation to take aloft as eyes fixate upon the golden hide.

" I knew it," N'ano mutters, heaving a sigh as he follows the others down into the lower caverns of the ground weyrs. "They're already bloodin' too," he comments, as if the others weren't able to tell for themselves. "Well man, let the best man win," he offers, clouting his wingmate on the back, though given the tone he gives it in, there's no doubt in his mind who he's seeing as the victor.

Hannah sighs raggedly, staying as far from the pair as she can. "Yes… why now? Oh, Faranth, but my head is pounding." She rubs her forehead with her fingers, watching the pair warily. "She bloods… she rises… soon she'll be free," is murmured softly.

B'ane follows Hannah in vague sequence although his gait is listless and not like the ground-eating pace he usually administers. "Soon she'll be /free/?" Dhiammarath starts to be thought of as some great creature that's supposed to be under lock and key (and maybe chains) most of the time. "Oh uh, right N'ano. Here's hoping," that N'ano wins is the part refrained from being spoken. A flurry of black sedge-like insects that followed him in are then mildly swatted at. No, B'ane is not your master.

" And caught in the wings of another," N'ano adds to Hannah's comment, giving her a once-over. "Guess this beats a turnday dinner, eh?" Sniffsniff. Poor Jozzie—she's probably sitting alone in the weyr, awaiting N'ano's return from taking the boys out for a bath. Oops. Though if he's unfortunate, there might be other plans for their evening, rather than a nice visit to the Hold.

" Perhaps," Hannah says slyly in N'ano's direction. "Just you guys stay over there. I … B'ane is too dirty. You should have had a bath." She wrinkles her nose, her thoughts plainly clear: Ew. "Perhaps she won't be caught. That is her extreme desire."

Dhiammarath> Aboleoth has left the broken carcasses as empty shells and works his hooked snout sideways along the ground to wipe the red blood and green ichor from his muzzle. Patience. A brief picking at the exposed flank of the bovine is indulged in to test just how much B'ane will let him get away with. Not much it seems, for the bronze retracts his head and begins to pace closer towards the queen though he keeps a healthy spatial girth.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath struck twice more and then took to the air without a single more sound. They would either follow or not. Her great wings glittered in the starlight as she gained altitude, leaving the unwarry brown completely behind before things even got started.

Dhiammarath> Aboleoth does not immediately spring into the air from a standstill position. Haunches gathered, the bronze leaps onto the ledge of one of the lower residential weyrs and plays leap frog on other ledges thereafter, each action taking him higher and higher until he eventually allows the wind to reclaim his body by simply jumping off the outcrop where he is. But his little stunt cost him a place in the front, so already he starts this race from a rear perspective to fight his way up.

" Perhaps… but the likeliness of that happening?" N'ano snorts, taking a step towards Hannah unconsciously. "Ever wonder what a broody queen'll be like if she ain't caught? Pro'lly cause chaos all over the Weyr, and lead to the utter distruction of mankind." Or not, but it's amusing to think so, isn't it? It's causing a smirk, anyway.

Dhiammarath> Well then, Bydelth completely missed -that- move… he must've been staring at an avian or something, but as he realizes that he's the last one in the pens… the rotten egg, nevertheless, he quickly springs into the air, catching whatever thermals that happen to be in his wave of direction, which isn't much, unfortunately. BUT, he's at least within ear shot of the others? Eh heh.

Hannah coughs, "Maybe." She leans against one of the walls of the Ground Weyr, her gaze watching the pair warily, but she's totally consumed with controlling the gold. Keeping her from folding too soon and relishing in the air of freedom that always comes during the intensity of her proddy times.

B'ane could pass for a member of the special ops force on a reconnaissance mission in night camouflage. Albeit dirty camo. "I know, but I can neglect doing the dirty stuff just to see when and if a queen's going to rise and it her rider will find me pleasing to the eye." Little true censure is obvious in his brief tirade and he blinks a few times to cleanse an irritant from his eye. "Who ever heard of a queen who wasn't Caught? It's not possible." So says Mr. Logical.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath wasn't having any mercy on anyone slow off the mark. She veered to the left, a long lazy arch, deceptive in that it looked like a slow manuver. She kept an eye on her persuers, watching to see who'd follow and who'd try to cut corners… and how much she could toy with them…

" %#@$!" —ew. Now who's the dirty one? That was some explicit coming from N'ano's mouth. Focusing on his own lifemate, N'ano clutches his hair at his dragon's antics, or lack thereof? Back sidles against the wall before eyes turn hawk on Hannah. Oh yes, let the creepiness begin.

Hannah can't help but let out a squeak at N'ano's creepy look. She edges further away before giving B'ane another look. "You… stay still." She thinks she's seen him moving, which could be true or not. "You both, just stay there. Don't look at me." She can give commands. After all, she's the tender vittle.

Dhiammarath> Bydelth wasn't slow… he was just… y'know, not paying attention. He's all here now though, and quite determined to get himself some of that honey. She's a sweet one, most definitely. With a slight veer to the right after catching an upward thermal, Bydelth's hot on Dhiammarath's trail—until some jacka$$ youngen decides to break his three foot bubble and bump him from the bottom, sending him in a forward tumble. Lucky for Mav-skillz, Bydelth's just as quick to toss himself back in place, after giving the younger bronze a good shove in much the same manner. Perhaps now would be a good time to remind a certain lifemate to fooocus?

Dhiammarath> Aboleoth is his mother's son and so trickiness begets trickiness. The delay he generated is not catastrophic in itself, but it will cost extra energy to gain Dhiammarath's pace and so with a second's hesitation, Bo vanishes Between and comes out several furloughs ahead of his previous position, though it's still not immediately up to par with everyone else's rank since even Betweening is inaccurate when their location changes so frequently. Scrabbling for old fashion ingenuity, Aboleoth sweeps more air under his wings as he lays on the acceleration.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath twisted sidwise, back exactly /reverse/ of where she had been heading, rolling then catching a thermal and rocketing up before finishing the roll as gracefully as a dancer… DAring whoever would presume to mate her to match her, one way or another.

B'ane does not make himself at home and flounce in a chair although he does remain a gentleman and chooses to occupy the opposite end of the room for Hannah's comfort - and his own. "Would now be a bad time to bring up the suggestion of having more tables commissioned for the living caverns? It's starting to get dreadfully crowed in there." What? It's not everyday both the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman and caught in the same room.

Hannah needn't worry about N'ano's predatory looks as he's too busily consumed in knocking a punch into some recently graduated rider's face. Gotta love flights. "You bloody dimglow! Stay the heck 'way from me! She's /mine/!" After giving the younger man a quick shove, one enough to knock him off his feet in a tumble against the wall, N'ano resumes his former posture, only this time his eyes slant towards B'ane, a mere sneer given to his wingmate, "Build 'em yourself." Oooh, someone's a little cranky.

Dhiammarath> Bydelth could almost mistakenly be considered lost… if it weren't for the flury of shininess above him, barely caught within the facets of his eyes. The younger bronze is forgotten about and used as a boost to push himself upwards in grave attempt to match the gold's own pace and flurry.

Hannah shudders, snapping, "I'mshewe're no one's." She watches the young rider fall down with indifference, caught up as she is with the gold who's determined to out-fly them all. High and far, the flight bodes well for the potential clutch.

Dhiammarath> Aboleoth is not above admitting the gold's exploits caught him off his guard. In fact, he was completely clueless. A small legion of other bronzes and a more buxom brown speed above and around him in hot pursuit of their worthy adversary and Aboleoth gears ever higher on their coattails to have them cleave the atmosphere while he capitalizes on their hard work. Freeloaders are merely opportunists.

B'ane does not ship a rebuttal to N'ano's cantankerous behavior as all is fair in love, war and Flights. It is then where Aboleoth's vision of evening stars becomes transparent over his own and B'ane starts to think there's little glow bugs running rampant in the room. "Someone get those bugs outta here." Is commanded to no one in particular, but hoping someone will heed his wish.

Dhiammarath> Azimuth is in that crush of dragons speeding past Aboleouth. In fact he'd be that buxom brown. Shoulder knocking a few of the bronzes near him he rumbles after his golden prize. Darker shaded wings flare as he grabs an upward airdraft and remains intent on his target. Not one to be caught sleeping this brown who's come out to try.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath was starting to wonder if this mightn't have been such a good idea afterall, though the antics below were amusing… She arched upwards, this time keeping it simple… Maybe they have stamina since they can't seem to keep up with direction changes. After all there would be no honor in flying and /not/ getting caught. The buxom brown does draw her eyes, as she reaches the peak of her ascent and seems to hover there waiting.

Dhiammarath> It's almost like watching a herd of new recruits going for a run for the first time… panting, sweating and completely disorganized. Pity. Bydelth can't really say much for himself, other than the fact that he's none of those, save the latter. Definitely doesn't have his act together as he's too busy knocking other bronzes and browns out of the way. At least if he can do that, he might stand a chance as most of his chances are completely blown at this point. Hiiiya?

Hannah, meanwhile, is making her way around the Ground Weyrs toward the infirmary, as if trying to sneak out of the room before the others notice her. Inch. Scoot. Inch. See N'ano and B'ane watch each other. And not the fleeing weyrwoman who's not quite to victory yet.

N'ano would slap B'ane upside the head, but he's too busy with—more staring. Staaaaare. He's also ready to pounce Hannah. Be wary. be very wary. But eyes refocus on B'ane yet again, even more predatory looking than what was casted towards the petite woman. It's more of a battle look than anything, however. Faranth, he's even hovering his hand over his sheath! Too bad there's nothing inside of it. Haaaar.

Dhiammarath> Aboleoth never could stand being sandwiched and closely flanked by so many pressing bodies and with an angle of his wrists, drifts higher to survey all that's occurring. After his belated start, the male never did find his true element and so claiming a lone stretch of sky to entertain his rogue position, the bogie becomes aware of Dhiammarath's shooting star velocity. A newfound burst of adrenaline courses through his system and assembling his reserves of 'oomph,' extends his wings like the coming of war banners to claim new lands. Or dragons. Whatever Fate throws at him.

Dhiammarath> Azimuth strains upwards his wings working harder as his neck stretches out. Almost as if he thinks that if he gets ahead of most of them by even a small margine. The shiny glory at the end of this trial wafts above. Clawing the sky for more altitude he climbs trying to reach the space above Dhiammarath, only to be knocked aside by a larger bronze his course vering off to where he's completely out of the running.

B'ane presses his folded arms to his chest and licks his lips before blinking and binding his vision onto the Hannah in flight. Wait a sec! She can't do that, can she? Quickly the topmost button on his jacket is unfastened and parted to allow air to circulate as the man is carried forward by the steps of a drunkard. Only he's not drunk, so it's all clumsiness. "I can't… see." Panting, the night sky echoes darkness once more through his brain courtesy of Aboleoth.

Dhiammarath> Dhiammarath twists and turns, trying to evade the closeness of the males. Their ever present desires push in on her, causing her to careen out of control as she loses herself in the overwhelming feelings. Like melting silver, moonlight highlights the gyrations her body makes in her attempt to escape, but instead she is caught unawares, and falls headlong into a body. Wings tangle and enfold as she cries loudly in both rage and desire, a rumbling that carries with it the depths of the sea and dreams of far off lands. Aboleoth has claimed her. She is his… this time.

Hannah is busy backing away from everyone, intent on escape when she feels the connection. Her own shout of denial mingles with Dhiammarath's, causing her to double over with the strength of the gold's lust. She opens her eyes widely, and is inexorably drawn to B'ane. Uncertainty is nearly crushed with dragon-lust, but this male is still an unknown. Then all is lost when Dhiammarath's desire overpower's her own.

Pfft. Whatever. N'ano's got better things to do than sit here and a) watch the pair go at it, b) dwell in the fact that after nine solid turns, he's freed of his weyrleadery duties, and c)… he's got some own 'celebrating' to do back in his weyr next door. Convenience? You bet! Swallowing hard once the realization that Bydelth lost sets in, N'ano takes a few steps towards the door, but not without giving B'ane a swift punch first. Where it lands, well, who knows. "Joooooooozzzzzzie!" That's one lucky chica.

N'ano walks nonchalantly to the Bowl.

Dhiammarath> Aboleoth does indeed conquer some foreign lands tonight as his body unites with the gold's for a shared blessing. But it's a short-lived one as time and gravity would have it. The bronze does indeed ensure his legacy will live on and without the glamour, disentangles himself from Dhia as they near the outer boundaries of Ista Weyr. Tired wings bare the dragon immediately to the ground below as he will spend the majority of the night outside.

Dhiammarath> Azimuth has been beat it would seem. Not that he wasn't expecting it of course his hiss of displeasure can be clearly heard even as the two entwine and unwind. Drifting off towards another part of the weyr the brown heads for any particular cuddly greens.

B'ane threatens to keel over forward as his life mate's strain, but N'ano so kindly provides some backwards momentum in the form of an upper cut. It's not enough to upset his balance, but it does cause his head to jar back. And then the little bugger bails out of the room. "Bloody shell," the bronzerider's cheek bone already begins to throb hotly, but at least any bruises will be hidden by his ash-covered skin. B'ane, still black as a boot, captures the Weyrwoman in a very dusty hold and well, you know. It's old news.

*Announcements (#2050) has just been sent new mail by Hannah (#18654) with subject [Ista's Senior Flight!]
Message 2 of 2 on *Announcements (#2050):
Date: Mon Jun 21 23:40:46 2004 CDT
From: Hannah (#18654)
To: *Announcements (#2050)
Subject: Ista's Senior Flight!

Dhiammarath Came, she flew, and she was caught. Ista has a new Weyrleader! B'ane and Aboleoth managed to snare Ista's Senior Queen, giving him both Weyrleadership and makes him Clutch dad for the upcoming clutch! Everyone make sure to give him congratulations. :)

Special thanks to N'ano and Bronze Bydelth, and Maiwi and brown Azimuth, who came out to play too!

—Hannah and her Lady Dhiammarath.

[Log Ends]

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