Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he or she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. —Eshe, B'ane and S'eron

Dragon: Dedanseth
Colour: Gold
Name: S'eron
Egg: Empty Ocean Egg
Egg Desc: Eshe
Dragonet: Twilight of the Pass Gold
Dragonet Desc: S'eron
Messages: Eshe; S'eron tweak
Inspiration: B'ane, Eshe, S'eron

Empty Ocean Egg:

The base of this egg's shell is a deep ocean blue. However, dotted here and there all over there are fluffy puffs of white, imitating clouds and looking closely, one might even see the greenish shape of an island or two as seen from above. And looking even more closely, one might see - near the bottom of the egg - a shape resembling a dragon in flight, though it is very much stylized and silvery in colour.

Hatching Message:

Empty Ocean Egg rolls and dips, a wavy crack appears in the hard shell and expands to become a gap, from which a trickle of egg goo escapes. There's a pause as the ebb and flow of movement slows for just an instance, like the calm before the storm. And then.. The egg shatters in a cascade of tiny pieces to release the newborn dragonet from her previous cramped home. She crouches there, silent and glistening, biding her time before stepping from the wreckage in search of someone.

Twilight of the Pass Gold Dragonet:

Twilight casts a gray glow to the sheen of her body, transforming a warm, rich gold into an incandescent platinum. This soft, iridescent hide coats the delicate features of her face, blending a long, well-shaped nose with round, high cheekbones and a firm, elegant jaw line. White gold specks arranged in the shape of a teardrop rest between her eyes, surrounded by tiny filaments of light, cornflower blue that interlock to create a minute lattice. The configuration of lines cascades down her neck, across her shoulders and over the backs of her wings, deepening the color without marring the brightness of her hide, the evening-washed gold showing through the mesh. Upon this backdrop of shimmering blue, flecks of white gold and platinum dot and dash across the expanse of her body, appearing at times as crisp pin points or casual traces of light that fade from sight at their ends. Bright gold and titianesque platinum mingle over the bottom side of her wings and chin, gliding across her wingspars and down her throat, erupting brilliant white-gold flares at her wing joints and breast. The luminescent gold slides underneath translucent shades of inky cobalt wrap around her hips and shoulder joints in a swath of darkness before reappearing on her willowy legs. Midnight blue envelops her claws, footpads and ankles and spirals up her limbs, dissolving into honeyed limbs. This same blue flows down from between headknobs, traversing her spine all the way down her sapphire tinted tail in the permanent peaks and waves of neck ridges, each capped in brilliant golden platinum, culminating in a gold edged tail tip, as delicate and as bright as her face.

Impression Message:

Twilight of the Pass Gold Dragonet has explored, she has searched and she has come to a decision. In a few moments she will make that decision official, but first she wants to make absolutely sure that it is the right decision. Sitting back on her haunches, her whirling eyes make a close inspection of each girl available on the Sands and they come to rest on one particular girl. Red-gold hair and sky-blue eyes are the beacon and the mind that the skinny body harbours is the one that is Twilight of the Pass Gold Dragonet's port of call. Quickly and smoothly the young gold makes her way to claim Lanti as her own.

Personal Impression Message:

It is subtle at first, but it builds and builds until it is impossible to ignore. A presence in your mind, something there calling to you. A sudden burst of scents, all intermingled and near impossible to identify accompanies a rainbow of colours, flashing by in rapid succession. Then a voice. Dry and calm and utterly convincing. « It's you, Lanti. You are the one who will complete me and I will complete you. I am Dedanseth. Together we will explore this world. »

Name Inspiration:

Dedanseth is from dedans, which means "inside," used in ballet (en dedans) to signify when something is drawn inward toward the body, AND de danse, which means "of dance." An inward dance, if you will. She can be called Deda as well, for a casual playful name used in private or public if you two agree on it.

Egg Inspiration:

This egg is based on the myth of the Bermuda Triangle. There's been a lot of speculation about this region of the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Miami, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, since many ships and airplanes have apparently disappeared without a trace there. There's really too many opinions on what exactly is going on out there, but there's no lack of information on the subject. Googling 'Bermuda Triangle' will get you about 3,400,000 hits, so there's many, many hours of reading out there.

Description Inspiration:

Imagine a dragon wading or swimming in the dark ocean at twilight or later. Her skin is wet, so the stars (or the last remnants of Thread) reflect off her hide and the surface of the water casts bright colors on the underside of her chin and extended wings. The image is also supposed to invoke the costume of a ballerina, complete with a small tiara on her forehead, layers of completely transparent tulle over her body and toe-shoes. The palate would be mostly platinum, white gold and other types of gray golds, with bright gold accents, almost silver markings, covered with translucent blues that get darker around her feet like the swirling darkness of the ocean or the way toe-shoes lace up the leg with ribbons. Gold peaked blue waves for neck ridges with a gold accent around the base leave a more permanent mark of the egg's presence on the young gold's body.

Mind Voice:

Not everything of Dedanseth is innate, in fact her voice will change in its fundamentals. Those attributes will evolve starting from the moment she finds her equal in you. As a dragonet, new born, she will take on the characteristics of your own voice before she can shape and illustrate her own. Why, what better a muse than her chosen one? This of course will run the gamut from outright unnerving to confusing before time will ripen the young gold with greater gifts of confident identity.

Differing mind voice fragments from your own will start to appear a month or two after hatching. When finally Dedanseth's true voice dawns, it will bring about wild change. Her final style is that, upon recommendation, of Dame Judi Dench. I had no idea what this woman sounded like so after some beseeching and YouTube clips, I tried to reduce it to words. :) This Brit has a no-nonsense sheath around a core of level consistency. A friend of mine put it as a "very crisp and precise way of speaking, proper but not too prim. Stately but not snobbish, commanding but not loud." Seldom does she 'yell' or hurl exclamations. Firm, not fanatic. What she says is clean and articulate. There is a coolness to her voice that speaks of a dragon who doesn't do the extremes of excited furor, brimming rage, soggy melancholy or whiny desperation. She is not by nature usually tiresome to listen to. She is not lack luster. There are enough dales and hills to her standard steadiness that makes pinning her emotions down a playful (and perhaps sometimes irksome) challenge.

Even when young, this gold will employ scents as easily and subtle as body language or as forceful as a punch to the sternum. This is her craft. Most of the time their exactness is ambivalent. It might be once like some sort of vegetation, not strictly mountain heather. With your dragon, there is always a cocoon of scent that surrounds her presence that is lingering if she is distant or concentrated when emotions arouse. It doesn't matter if she employs a structured sentence or a slapdash parol, each word may invoke a different trace of smell so that a simple question may bring a slew of images: water, broiled cabbage, sandalwood and antiseptic. It will be trying, on you especially, to separate resulting recollections and mental pictures from a plain request or statement.


We strove to build her like a ballerina, giving her long limbs, a graceful neck and long willowy limbs. She's long though, making up for her thin frame with a lean length the other golds would die for. Her wings are not too long and not too short, giving her the ability to be as graceful as possible in the air and small and compact on the ground.


Like the grand dame of a ballet company, Dedanseth has power but does not flaunt it. She knows that she's important and must be obeyed, but it's not in her character to force this upon others. In the beginning, this concept may fascinate her, questioning at times why you're receiving special treatment and testing the limits of what she can influence others to do, but in the end, she will be far less fixated on things being "her way" and "what she wants done" and more about what's good for the rest of the troupe, wing or weyr. She'll be interested in the more subtle ways to keep tabs on everything that happens in the Weyr. She'll inform you, in detail, about the behaviors of the herdbeasts in the pens, both when dragons are hunting and when they are not, as well as give you little hints about your spatial relation to other riders and dragons at any given moment and what they might be doing at the time.

Little will escape her notice and from time to time, she'll use her natural intuition to divine what another's next course of action will be. This will give Dedanseth an unusual talent for memory. Unlike many other dragons, her speculation on the future will inevitably influence her to remember past events with almost perfect clarity. She'll ask casual questions here, make a random inquiry there and eventually, she'll put all the facts together in her own mind and tell you if she feels you have the need to know. Which won't always be the case. Sometimes, she'll take matters into her own hands (or talons) and try to do something about whatever trouble she might have discovered herself. But don't worry, she'll only do that when she's absolutely certain that she can handle the issue. And she will tell you about it later, once it has been resolved to her satisfaction. She'll remember more things in detail than most and will recall events from long ago and sometimes surprise you with a comments such as; « Remember that time during weyrlinghood when Pygaroth got all tangled up in that puce blanket? » She will also add the smell of the memory mingled with the scent of her amusement.

This might make her seem strange (at least to other dragons), but you know better, Lanti. She is far more strange than anyone would guess. As she matures, she'll begin to notice the stars and how their patterns change from one month to the next. If this attention to celestial formations wasn't a sign, then every other detail relayed to you about the sky will make it clear. She can tell you when it will rain, which direction the wind is blowing and how hot it will get on any given day. She might see a particular cloud and relate its exact shape and size to you. She seems to have been born for flying. Her favorite activity will be performing aerial stunts with extreme skill and grace. Her love of flying will dominate everything, giving her the seriousness of her mind an ulterior motive. She wants things done and done correctly so she will not be bothered while she is flying free and acrobatically. Along with her physicality comes a love for the open ocean. She'll want to take you to the beach or long flights over the waves as often as you two can get away with it and it's during these trips that she'll let you in past her nearly perfect exterior and show her softer sides. Her love for the unconventional will be expounded at these times, noting the simplest objects as being things of beauty and worthy of devotion.

Like the grand ballerina, Marie Sallé, everything must come natural for her. Mademoiselle Sallé was the one that discarded the cumbersome dress of 1734 and danced in a muslin costume, her hair down and unadorned. Dedanseth will be very similar. Everything is natural to her and you maybe surprised how inhibited she is. She'll tell you dirty jokes that she's overheard or have come up with on her own and she'll often want to just hang out on the beach, watching the waves crashing onto shore. She's a free spirit with a love for getting out there and testing the limits of conventional thought, which might get you in trouble during weyrlinghood more often than not.

Thread won't be falling anymore once you two are out of weyrlinghood and it could be hard for you to get her to take things seriously, Lanti. She'll want to take things easy, « Dragons have been fighting Thread for fifty Turns now. It's time to relax now. » She's not lazy, though, she might just appear it, bumming at the beach as often as possible and lazing in the sun on her ledge. She merely knows how to take her time and use it well. She'll pull you in that direction too, getting you to stop working all the time and asking you to go to the beach because that's her favourite spot to relax and just chill out. This is the place where she can just disconnect and let her mind wander, while she watches the waves, the sunset and the people and dragons playing in the water.


There's no casual pole dancing for this dragon. In mating flights, Dedanseth will become a completely different dragon. She will finally be that prima ballerina that everyone fears. She'll abandon the casual side and take the whole thing very seriously, making absolutely sure that the result of the flight will be correct. If she goes right, it's because there's a purpose to it, if she goes left, there's a very good reason for that as well. And if she decides to make a sudden dive for the ocean, it's not because she wants a dip to cool off, but because she has an intent with it. Dedanseth will make twists and turns in the air that will seem impossible for a gold and she will do this with a plan with a design as if she had made a blueprint from the very beginning to make a flight a success. Don't question her logic. Don't try to tell her what to do. Just sit back, hold on tight and enjoy the wondrous sight.

Harper's Tale's 45th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Sorcha's gold Madigyth and R'lar's bronze Cojiroth
August 20th, 2006

Tessa's green Nvdoth
Nalla's green Qimath
N'shin's brown Pygaroth

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