D'baji Decides To Build A Sand Weyr

Logfile from Hannah.

Dhiammarath> D'baji snorts lightly at the thought of sheltering in a weyr. "If we have to, we will. But it's that… pioneering kinda spirit. I mean, it's like digging our own weyr, only in the sand. On a beach. We're providing for our own needs, all by ourselves. It's reaffirming, in a way." An affection grin ensues. "And I know I could come over to yours, but this is… I dunno… A reason to bond?" Nverath begins on the next wall. "Hey, y'wanna help?"

Dhiammarath> Sapha rolls her eyes. "No, it's cold and it'll start raining any moment you draft buggar." She replies to his invitation to build a pioneering sand weyr. "Sides Thread'll seep through that in no time, I'm silly I prefer a large mountain between me and that. Or my Phirath." Because she's usually out fighting the good fight when Threads a fallin. "I'll stick around and watch though." She offers, jerking her head so that Phirath can shelter her and keep her warm while she does so.

Dhiammarath> "Well, it's not for Thread," D'baji states rather indignantly- the same sort of indignation displayed by five year olds when someone points out an error in their logic. "It's just for fun, after all." A nod is given to the greenrider, and he prances back to his sand castle to begin body-slamming the towers into a vaguely round shape. Nverath has gone on to the third wall. "Don't be afraid to join in at any time, though," is yelled back.

Dhiammarath> Sapha is very definately concerned at the body-slamming innovation. "Uh…" Is about all she's able to manage for a while. "Are you sure you are okay?" She'll just keep on asking until he admits he isnt, she suspects she'll be asking for a while. "My idea of fun is obviously different to your's. Y'sure you wouldn't prefer a game of draconic pub-crawl." Not that she is drinking anymore.

Dhiammarath> Flux Capacitor transends feverish auric and caramel, coming forth from ::between!::

Dhiammarath> D'baji bounces off the sand-pile, and nods. "Sef, really, I'm totally fine. Good, even." Is that the beginning of a manic grin we see on his face? "And I'm not in the mood for pub crawling tonight… Though if y'want, we could-" And at this point he's interrupted by a rather chilly gust of wind, "-I say, we could go somewhere for something warm afterwards?" Though when afterwards will be is debatable.

You go to the Landing Overlook.

Here a stair, there a stair, you work your way across the landing and down towards the bowl.

You go to the Central Bowl.

You walk west across the bowl, emerging on the plateau.

You feel the cooling breeze coming off of the ocean.
You head down the trail to the beach.
Main Beach (#590)
The beach here is of a fine, glittering black sand… volcanic sand, remnants of a long-past eruption. The beach is fairly wide, which is a good thing since many of the Weyr's dragons like to come here and lounge in the sun. The crystal blue waters of the ocean roll up in gentle hissing waves on the shoreline, sometimes leaving shells or other treasures from the sea in their wake. On the north and south ends of the beach, the cliff from the plateau retreats into the forest, and trees flank the beaches.
It is a winter late night. Stars are visible off to the east, but darkness looms to the west, as a storm front approaches.
To the east, you see a green and a blue dragon.
Out on the pier, you see one ship.
To the south, you see a Brown dragon.
Curled up in the sand are eleven firelizards.
Green Zoryanth, green Miravith, green Belissaith, blue Valanth, gold Dhiammarath, bronze Nverath, and green Phirath are here.
You see Minecraft Booth, drink tray, Prize Box, and Tirek here.
You notice Nanli, Galena, Lib, Darcy, Ariah, Aemergin, and Kia asleep here.
Sapha and D'baji are here.
Obvious exits:
Plateau Hillside Path North Beach Pier Water South Beach

Sapha is sheltered by Phirath luckily, otherwise that gust would have had her kidnapping D'baji somewhere warm and comfortable, and with no sand. "Why not now? I mean it's a marvellous sandcastle, with lovely detailed turrets, and strong walls, and stuff. Do anything more to it and it'll look fussy." She attempts persuasion next, just cos she can.

D'baji sends an appraising glance over the castle as Sapha describes it, and gives his head a firm shake. "It's not. Look, that last tower there," and he points diagonally from him to an undefined mound, "hasn't been touched by 'Ver -or- me. And the detail isn't lovely. We've just started, after all…"

Dhiammarath stirs from her silent slumber long enough to shift to look at her lifemate wandering out beach-wards. She settles back down, strangely lethargic, once Hannah's made her way to the beach. She wanders along, pausing long enough to kick her shoes off, keeping her gaze down on the sand, not actually paying too much attention. The murmuring of voices reach her ears, but so far she ignores them.

Sapha stamps her foot. "It's finised if I say it's finished Debajirin." She scowls. "And it will look to fussy if you do more to it. Right Hannah?" While she may not be able to see the weyrwoman, Phirath can. Hopefully Hannah will be able to see the patent insanity of builing a huge sandcastle in the middle of the night, with a storm approaching.

D'baji, in the process of winding up for a body-slam to his tower, pauses to stare. "Oh," is said simply for the greenrider's sudden demonstration of authority. "But… we'd hardly be able to shelter in -that-." And he points at a wall recently collapsed by Nverath's packing attempts. "Right, Hannah?"

Hannah glances out over the ocean, watching the gathering clouds before calling out in the general direction of Phirath, "What will?" The mound gets a curious glance, but then D'baji gets a confused look. "What are you guys talking about?" Altering her path to take her closer to Phirath, and by default Sapha, and D'baji. "What is that?" is asked with a quick gesture to the mound and collapsed wall.

Sapha snorts. "D'baji decided that his weyr wasn't good enough, so he had to build one out of sand. In the middle of the night. With that." She gestures westwards. "It's finished though right?" She asks for confirmation, her expression worried. "So we can go pub-crawling right?" Right? Cos this really can't be healthy.

D'baji pointedly ignores Sapha's apparent disrespect for his masterpiece-in-progress. "It's gonna be a gigantic fort made entirely out of sand," he offers to Hannah with a dramatic sweep of his hand in the direction of his mudpiles. "Showing off our especial talent and toughness, because we can build it at night, when it's cold out." And as an afterthought to Sapha: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Hannah gives the sand an unbelieving look. "You can't mean to actually think this would work…?" she asks incredulously of the bronzerider. After giving him another strange look, she points out, "What happens when the storm comes? It will turn your fort into mud and cause it to fall down around your ears." She gestures to the horizon, "And those clouds look pretty mean."

Sapha cocks a brow, as her point of view gets validated and his doesn't. He refrains from the traditional Hah! however. "See, you can build it again, becuase it would be a waste to make something that wonderful, then have nature destroy it just like it wasn't even there." She quickly leaps on Hannah's point. "It would be far more constructive if you came back to my weyr or something and drew plans." Or something.

D'baji glares quite defiantly at the clouds. Defiant to the point that Nverath offers a sympathy rumble- which he'll rarely do in these cases. "Yeah, well… Well…" Weyrsecond stumbles, mentally, while searching for an appropriate word. "Well it's good exercise, which is plenty constructive. Keeps me fit, for any future physical endeavors. Such as the rebuilding of my incredibly wonderful fortress."

Hannah gives Sapha a considering look, "Mmmnn, indeed. Physical exercise is a good thing." Giving the mound one last dubious look before she takes a seat in the sand, watching the horizon. "Fruitless work just doesn't have the reward, though. Knowing you'll only end up having to redo it all seems somewhat pointless. What exactly is wrong with your weyr?"

Sapha nods, see Sapha is right, again. "And if you drew up plans you could build it again ever so effiecently." She attempts to wheedle. "Efficient is good right?" She asks generally before leaning back against Phirath.

"You ever hear that cliche phrase about how life is a journey, and not a destination?" D'baji asks of Hannah. "It's one of those. It's like… I enjoy it, so who cares if it accomplishes anything?" He runs his tongue over his teeth to clear off some sand. "So efficient isn't always good. Sometimes getting dirty and tired is good, just for the sake of getting dirty and tired." Though his defenses are beginning to wear thin.

Hannah is more than happy to stay on the fringes of getting dirty. "I don't think I've gotten, ah, dirty since my youth." She carefully smoothes her hands through the sand, "Though it is a bit late in the night to be building a, ah, fort. And with rain coming. It -is- winter, even if it doesn't get as cold here as it does elsewhere." Sapha gets a quick nod, "Yes, efficient is good…"

"Aww, come on D'baji, I promise we'll have lots and lots of fun indoors where it's warmer, and much more comfy…" She winks, Sapha isn't above using the sensuality ploy if all else fails. Not that D'baji is likely to notice, but is sure is worth a shot. "Please?" She adds, plaintively. Anything to get him to come out of the cold.

D'baji's shoulders slump noticeably, and, with a sigh, he takes a tentative steps away from his half-shaped sand dump. "Well… 'cause you said please," he whuffles Saphawards, peering over his shoulder to Nverath, who has paused in his own packing and digging. "Though, y'know, one -day- we could maybe all go and build one? 'Specially if we plan it out beforehand?"

"It really is much better to be in a nice, warm, and comfy place. Rather than on the beach, in the cold, just waiting for the storm to come," Hannah offers, all about practicality. "Besides, wouldn't you rather build your, ah, fort in the bright sunshine?"

Sapha nods solemnly. "What ever you want D'baji." She agrees brightly, she may regret it when he actually remembers. "It'll be fun, you'll see." She nods firmly. "Where'd you want to go?" She asks again brightly, she won, she can afford to be generous.

Jozzie moves gracefully with a habitual swing of her hips, down the trail from the plateau.

D'baji slinks the rest of the distance to the two female-type riders. "Sunshine's nice and all, but there -is- something about the evening, you've gotta admit," he protests lightly to Hannah. Nverath, for his part, trudges -through- the sand castle, pausing only once to draw a decent circle in the middle with much shoulder rotation. "Anywhere you want, Sef. You lead, you know I'll follow."

"Yes," Hannah murmurs, thoughtfully, "There is something alluring about the evening." She gives the pair of them a curious look, but doesn't say much, but seems to draw conclusions. "If I could go anywhere right now, I think I'd pick some place where I could spend my days frolicking. Where responsibility didn't follow." She hasn't yet noticed Jozzie, being that her back faces the approaching rider. Even Dhiammarath doesn't rouse herself from her slumber.

Here comes a third, dragonless and mateless. It is a sad, sad sight. Although the bluerider is still smiling. She waves her hand towards those gathered on the beach, "Hello!"

Any conclusion Hannah may draw, are undoubtedly wrong. Sapha has been very sneaky lately. At jozzies approach she looks a little cornered but that soon passes as she focuses upon D'baji. "Um, I dunno, somewhere where we won't get rained on. And close. Phirath doesn't feel like going between tonight." She makes the excuse with ease.

D'baji takes the moment of near indecision to brush some sand from his pants. "Well… We could always wander over to caverns. Or wing it up to mine and 'Ver's weyr, though I don't think we've got anything warm there. Though I don't know how much frolicking could be done there," he adds for Hannah, in as sympathetic a tone as he can manage. Jozzie's entrance is reason for him to break from his place musings. "Jozz! You should come with us."

"And Dhiammarath is in no position, really, to move," Hannah offers with a gesture to the sleeping gold behind her. At that point she notices Jozzie and then hears the bluerider's hello. "Hey, there!" She tucks her knees beneath her, turning back around to face the ocean. "My weyr is comfy and warm, but boring. Nothing to amuse ourselves there." Pondering for a moment, she shrugs, "I'm drawing a blank. No ideas are coming forth from this end."

Jozzie looks across to D'baji with a blank look across her face. "Where might you be heading off to?" she asks the bronzerider. She flickers a strand of loose tress behind her ear a she looks back in the way, which she had arrived. "I cannot seem to find Riyth nor N'ano anywhere," she murmurs stubbornly. "Our Weyr has the normal amount of clutter, but…"

Sapha wrinkles her nose. "My place is good. I have wine, and stuff." Pliffered from Faranth knows where. "And a fire, and um. We can steal food from your place right Deba?" She asks, it's what good neighbours are for. "And I have a couch and stuff." She adds before turning a sad expression Jozzie-wards. "Don't you have the twins though?" She asks, she's fairly current…not.

"We don't know yet," D'baji offers in response to Jozzie's inquiry. "I could deal with yours, though, Sef… You have any teas or that?" He's so macho. "Though we should decide soon." A dubious glance is sent towards the sky. "It's getting closer." The storm, that is.

Hannah adds sympathetically, "I haven't seen R'ave in nearly a turn… or has it been longer? Anyway… Family business and such." How lonely and sad. "I actually wouldn't mind a spot of wine. Not too much, but maybe just a smidge." A look at the night sky, then, "Yes, it is getting closer. We'll likely be very wet soon if we don't hurry and decide."

Jozzie lightly sratches the back of her head. "I am not sure what's in my old weyr. I am sure that it has been ransacked of what little I left behind. N'ano and I have out… stock." Or, probably a whole pantry fill of good drinks. Jozzie is still living up to Teza's glory. "Yes, I do have twins." she replies to Sapha.

Sapha nods her head. It's hard being desicive when she's the only one. "My place it is then. With food from somewhere." She mumbles, she very rarely remembers to restock. "Sounds like a plan?" She asks all and sundry. "No children either." She adds as a final incentive.

"Well, I can bring some food from my place," D'baji offers, helpful as possible. "Nothing spicy, I promise," he adds to Sapha as something of an aside. "And running back'd give me a chance to change- I'm absolutely covered in sand. It's -everywhere." Cue the shudder.

Hannah stands, dusting herself off. "No children with me. Rhavie is with her nanny." Turning her attention to the others, "Sounds like a plan to me. Some munchies and something to drink. A good way to spend a rainy night." A faint smile curves her lips.

Sapha nods. "Great, anyone need a lift? I'll just go make sure I've got enough wood. Just in case." She nods once more. Not that her hearth gets much of a work out in Ista's tropical heat. "Thank you Deba." She grins, in reference to the spicy comment. "You could go help him if you like Jozzie." She says innocently enough, in reference to the food of course, not the cleaning of sandy Deba-bodies.

Hannah hugs Pyrene! Pyrene sniffs critically. Call /that/ a hug?

Jozzie nods her head in offering to assist D'baji. The woman gives a lazy, teasing salute. "Alight," she replies.

Hannah takes Sapha up on her offer, "Sure, I'll take a lift. Dhiammarath's a little extra cranky these days. I think she's eaten something bad." She rolls her eyes, shaking her head. "Just a bit more temperamental lately."

D'baji gives a delighted crow of, "It's a plan, then!" He's appropriately forgotten any trauma over being talked out of building his fortress of wonder. "I'll meet you on my ledge, Jozzie?" he calls over his shoulder as he half-jogs towards Nverath, grabbing hold of a strap and swinging himself up.

Jozzie goes home.

D'baji vaults to a seat amidst foamy neckridges with the help of an extended liquid-golden forearm.

[End of Log]

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