Weyrling Crushes - Clutch 41

Weyrling Barracks
Large as it is, the barracks seem small when filled with the constant activity of weyrlings and dragonets, working, learning, or playing. The couches each show touches of the individuals who occupy them, all of them kept swept clean as the WLMs demand, but with a variety of cushions and coverings neatly folded or scattered across them. The clothespresses are full, some not so tidily closed as they should be. Fresh glowbaskets are strategically placed about the room, ready to cast their light over the dark walls. At the northern end of the room are shelves containing a variety of supplies necessary for the care of young dragons, and over the shelves hang a number of charts and pictures…. [look closer]
Blue Nokith, green Izlasth, brown Khonsath, bronze Azmaioth, and green Safuriketh are here.
Lzi is here.

On the autumn evening, Minka and Ryazusith are completing a task, which most weyrlings have been stuck at for the last few days. Well, at least /Minka/ is attempting to finish. There's a pile of blackened leather on her lap, and she's sewing something on with deliberate care whilst Rya's steadily largening head manages to linger close enough, whirling eyes watching the progress with fascination. Every few moments, Min raises her head, pulling back a little to shed more light on the fine detail she's stitching, "Rya, please! I can't see!" There's a shuffle and an anxious croon that follows, the gold slumping mournfully on the ground and exerting a large weyrling version of a sigh. Leathers are thrust to the side, "Don't be silly, I'm doing those flowers for you. You want them right don't you?" But Rya's downcast look and pitiful sighs hit right where they are intended to, and Min ends up sitting next to and thoroughly scritching a cheek.

"I give up! I. Give. UP!" Lzi practically shrieks, throwing down her set of leathers on the floor, giving them a swift kick. Manual labor isn't her bag, baby. "Look at my hands, Izlasth, look at them! I can't keep working on your sharding straps if they are going to rip up my hands!" Her green, on the other hand, just snorts, nosing the girl towards the leathers. "NO! I'm not doing them anymore. I quit! I can't do it!"

Minka looks up, paused in her dutiful scritching. Lzi's semi-tantrum is given a worried look, the candidate remarking, "It's not that bad.." She turns her gaze down to her callused fingers, noting the stubby nails and such. And the dirt to boot. Ok, so it's no glamorous, "You'll have to do it eventually, or Sapha will /make/ you. And that'll probably entail some punishment as well." Though, judging by Lzi's looks - she might be able to persuade some young man to assist her. Min settles back a bit, using the nook between Rya's paws as a comfortable seat, "So how is Izlasth going? They grow so darn quickly.." There's a hint of concern in Min's voice, the girl absent-mindedly twisting a patch of her oil-stained orange tunic, "But.. At least we're almost done with our straps. If Rya will ever be satisfied." She reaches up, dragging the leathers back down into her lap - pointing at two flower-shaped patches already sewn on, "She /insisted/."

"Sapha. Right. Shardit!" Lzi had forgotten about her. And she already thought about having someone else make them for her. Lib shot that down. So, she's stuck. The leathers are scooped back up, but not yet worked upon just yet. "She's fine. Complaining to be oiled and trying to get me to work, as always." The green is given a small pat just because, before she finally gets back to working. "Ryazusith is lucky. I would never go to that much trouble for this blasted straps. They're just gonna grow out of them anyway!"

Minka grins, "Eh. You've still got a sevenday or so to get them done so don't panic." She pulls out the thick needle she was using earlier and continues working at the flowers, "I know. I told her - but apparently it would be unacceptable for her to wear something without them. Or so she says." Min laughs, "And I can just imagine she'd make a scene in front of someone like Tasi." She snuggles back a little, propping an arm up atop a foreleg, "It's so hard.. Keeping some thoughts to myself. I mean, Rya told Ph'rick's bronze the other day that I thought about him quite too much. I don't think I've ever been more mortified in my entire life." Rya brings round her muzzle now, inquisitively poking at the straps.

Lzi snorts at Minka, and at her dragon as well, shaking her head as she begins to work with the leathers again. Well, if they are going to share… "That's nothing. Izlasth tells everyone embarassing stories that I've told her. Not very fun when you are trying to have a pleasant conversation with a rider, and suddenly they start laughing at you." Izlasth rumbles, thoroughly pleased with herself. "Thankfully, the one person that I would /really/ be embarassed if he heard the stories, Izlasth doesn't like." But, moving right along, since Lzi doesn't feel like explaining her crush at the moment. "So, you like Ph'rick, huh?"

Minka blushes, a little mortified to realise she's just blatantly informed Lzi of one of her more delicate secrets, "Well. Yes. But Anyway." She tosses a look over her shoulder, spotting the weyrling pair far down the other end of the barracks, then returns to Lzi, "It doesn't matter. I'm sure he has feelings for Neana.. They were always together before the hatching." Her blush spreads a little, but she quickly adds, "But.. Who? For you?" Minka is curious now, guessing tentatively, "R'yn?" She shuffles to the side a little, flowers forgotten and straps left on her legs as she peers back at the girl, "U'ric?" On the tangent of U'ric, Min comments with a smirk, "Rya likes Khonsath. She thinks he's a bit soft in the head because he's consistently dirty.. But otherwise, she likes him." Of course, she could add that no dragon in this barracks could possibly rival the conversations of insanity she has late at night with her own.

Lzi's brows raise at hearing of Minka's crush, but keeps up working on her green's straps, if only so that she doesn't have to hear any more 'get-to-work' songs. They drive her crazy. But she immediately shuts up when the girl turns the tables on her, shaking her head. "R'yn? No. He likes Sorcha." Lzi's got all of the gossip, really. "U'ric? No way. He's a boy. I like /men." But she says nothing of who her man is, as she's not sure how he feels yet. No use telling the whole weyr of something that may never come about. "Really? Interesting. Izlasth doesn't really like anyone, I don't think. She likes herself."

Minka laughs at the rundown of comments on R'yn and U'ric, "I see." Now enlightened, she queries, "Then who?" She glances about the room, looking for a suitable candidate for Lzi's affections. Pause, "Are they even in the barracks?" Considering most of the male population are actually younger. And Lzi wants a man, "One of the riders?" Even Rya is intrigued. Her head is angled at Lzi. Eyes whirling that interested green. Minka leans forward a little, interested. She, too, likes her gossip. Served with a side of intrigue, "I won't tell. 'Long as you don't spread the word about Ph'rick." Another glance is shed that way, gaze lingered atop the hairy-man's face. Sigh.

This might just be a first. Lzi actually starts to grin girlishly and a faint blush rises to her cheeks. Izlasth grumbles, obviously displeased at the amount of gossiping going on. After all, if you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all. Lzi, however, doesn't share her sentiment. "He lives here at the weyr. Not a rider, not a weyrling. A /man/." Again, a broad smile crosses her lips as working on her dragon's straps is forgotten once more. "And he's /rich/! Just a resident, but his father is a holder, so he's got marks!" But, he also is emotionally unavailable and a pain in the butt, but…Lzi seems happy enough about him.

A man! Minka is completely absorbed in the story unfolding, "Really?! How'd you meet? How old it he? Where's he from?" Her excitement is reflected in the widening of eyes, arms now clasped about her knees as she leans forward in anticipation, "He sounds wonderful!" Min smiles, then adds with a mock-frown, "I'm jealous. Seems everywhere, everyone has found someone." She pauses, laying a hand gently down on Rya's outstretched foreleg, "I guess I really shouldn't think much about it. After all. I've got enough on my plate to last me for quite some time." Shedding a yawn, Rya lays her head down now, nestling it on the ground and closing sleep-ridden eyelids. Min grins, "At least she won't be broadcasting anything now!"

Lzi grins at Minka as she rises to grab Izlasth's oil. « If you are going to sit there and chat, might as well oil me at the same time. Don't want to be a waste of time. » So, as she oils her green, she also chats about her man. "Uhm, I'm not sure exactly. Maybe twenty five, twenty six? He told me where he's from, but I don't remember, really." A the mention of him being wonderful, Lzi purses her lips slightly, shrugging. "I guess so. He's very….odd. Doesn't like to talk about how he feels, very aloof, just…weird." Or, Lzi in man form. "Oh, don't say that. I'm sure you'll find someone. Plus, we're not even allowed to have relationships, so anything between me and this guy will have to wait. Izlasth comes first." To which the green rumbles with delight, partly due to Lzi's comment, partly due to the oiling.

Minka nods, "That's a good age. He's past that stage where all boys think of.. is. Well, you know." She bristles a little, cheeks flaring red, "Anyway. I know, I know. I hear others complaining, but it doesn't bother me really. When you think of how much time has passed already, it feels like it's flying by." The sleep of Ryazusith is disturbed only momentarily, the gold rumbling darkly in her exhausted state. Dreaming perhaps. As the breathing settles back down normally, Min gently reaches over, rubbing Rya's cheek, "And it's not like I'm ever pressed for something to do." The comment about Izlasth coming first earns a nod, "Yeah. But I guess it's going to be that way always now. Not just 'till we leave weyrlinghood. I don't mind. I've gotten settled to getting the meat now, so it doesn't bother my stomach as much." She falls silent, recalling the first day they butchered their own meat. Not pretty, "Will he stay here? Your man?"

Lzi rolls her eyes, chuckling under her breath as she oils Izlasth's stomach. "Oh, not this one." It's all he talks about. But, since she really doesn't want to really get into /that/, the topic of talking about their dragons is quickly picked up. "You are right. Time is really going by fast. I'm just amazed at seeing how quickly they all have grown!" Izlasth is awarded an affectionate pat, moving the oiling onto her tail. "Uh, stay? Yeah. He lives here, so I'm guessing he'll stay here. I haven't talked to him in awhile, busy, you know, and we haven't talked much about the future, but yeah, I would imagine that he would stick around." If Ryazusith was awake, surely Izlasth would bombard her with bad comments about the man, but as she's sleeping, she can do no such thing. Pity.

Minka listens to the goss with interest, almost falling flat on her face as Ryazusith chooses to roll over. Hands steady her, but she manages to falls back and end up waking the gold. And causing a bit of a startled screech from Rya. Which, of course, manages to get everyone's attention. Red-faced and looking exhausted, Minka apologises to Lzi, "He sounds great. I wish I could stay and chat but Rya's got herself in a mood now." A nudge indicates it is indeed time to return to their couch, Ryazusith managing to mope behind Minka the entire way, Minka wincing as she is no doubt awarded a barrage of mournful comments from the gold. She pauses before sliding into Ryazusith's hollow in the wall, waving over to Lzi, "Night!" With that she climbs in, followed by the awkward-looking gold moments later.

Lzi smiles softly at Minka, nodding at the gold's antics, Izlasth providing the girl with most of her amusement. Such a sight. "Good night, Minka. Good night, Ryazusith," she nods to both as they depart, finishing up with her green before picking up her leathers to start working again. Surely, she'll be working on them until she falls asleep herself.

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