Craziness In The Lc

[[logged by Yla]]

Living Cavern

The smooth, rounded walls of the vast living cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light up toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient lustrous tables run along the long axis of the cavern, and at the far end is the raised dais and high table, where the Weyrleaders and their honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is chiseled into the stone: a smoking mountain in black, on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.

Naomi bounces in from the South Caverns.

Aera walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

"Tankoo, Jhia!" The girl squeals happily as she backpeddals into the living caverns, a bronze flit tucked beneath her arm and a rather long sweetstick in her mouth. Another rider, stopping to watch something outside stands in Aera's way and, as the girl's back is turned to said rider, she bumps into his leg, then spins away, waving happily, "Hewwo, T'wis! I's gotta go, but I'll tawk ta ya watew." And with that, the girl with the speech impedament continues forward, skipping happily in the midmorning, near-desserted caverns. Fortunately enough for her, Kwa decided not to send her off to her bratling group today. Bright green eyes scan said cavern, attempting to pick out someone she knows so that she might get a sweetstick for later off them.

For once, Naomi's neither tired nor moody, and a glowing aura of cheeriness preceeds -her- entrance to the cavern. Eyes are shut, however, so her winding path through the tables and chairs is done by memory, and a chair moved or toy dropped by some careless child comes in the way of her steady stepping, causing her to trip, stumble, and eventually — fall. It was too good to be true, really. Eyes nearly pop open, and she pushes herself off the ground, though staying low to it, eyeing the cause of her fall: a stuffed toy. "Whatever drooling anklebiter left -this- trash in my way is gonna get it…"

Beyla rather viciously stabs the slice of fruit on her plate with a fork. Muaha. See if you can escape her! Munching it quietly, she offers a wave to Naomi as she enters, and her eyes slide towards the girl entering the caverns. She wasn't one of the ones she had to deal with in the nursery is she?

Aera hates Eranel. She despises him. He's the bane of her existance. Unfortunately, he's also her twin brother. And as such, she has to stick up for him. Now you have to understand, Eranel has a very active imagination and doesn't need many pre-made toys. That which Naomi stepped on — a somewhat evil looking doll — is one of the few. Green eyes widen and Aera darts forward, scooping the morbid thing off the ground, "'tis Ewanew's. You be nice ta Ewanew." She scolds Naomi, brandishing the doll at her and thusly allowing K'el to squawk, then flitter free of the girl's crushing embrace. 'Ra doesn't appear to notice.

"You did this?" Never expect Naomi to hear it how it's told… no, this candidate is positively fuming. "Didn't anyone ever tell you to clean up after yourself? You grubby little…" Rant… rant… rant. Eventually, however, after a series of wild hand gestures and loud shouts and muttered expletives, she calms some, and proceeds to move right along, though not without a little shove first to Aera, the -obvious- cause of her sudden lack of enthusiasm. "Beyla, would you lock that thing up? Stick it in the cage, where they can keep it from dirtying this place… just washed… grr." Finger is pointed towards Aera, and then to Beyla. "Please?"

Beyla looks up at Naomi, fork speared fruit just passing her lips, and freezes in the action of doing so. "Eh?" she says, somewhat incoherently. She obviously wasn't paying that much attention. "Cage? Is there a ferret loose?" If so where?

Aera stamps her foot, "Yew wowse dan Jhia! /I/ didn't do 't…/Ewanew/ did it." Not that Naomi knows who Eranel is — although she should. Who doesn't know? Well, lotsa people, but just see it from Aera's perspective. As she finishes /her/ little outburst, however, Naomi shoves past her. Now, Aera isn't really the most graceful little girl /anyhow/ and even that little shove sits her right on her butt. Which is no longer padded. Not only that, but it causes her to bite off her sweetstick which goes tumbling to the floor, shattering into innumerable pieces. Cages are ignored in favor of her sweetstick. Tears well up in the girl's eyes as she once again climbs to her feet, appealing to Beyla as well, skittering to her side and clinging to her skirt. "She…she…/hewt/ me! An' now," This directed at Naomi, "You owes me a sweetstick! An' 'm gonna tell Momma on yew! An' Jhia's gonna eatcha awe up!"

"Jhia?" Is it clicking yet? Oh, Naomi -tries- to put the pieces together, but none fit just yet… "Would you shut up?" is thrown Aera-wards, as she picks up her own selection of fruit and starts around towards Beyla. "That, Beyla. The whiny thing." That, being Aera, and specified through another accusing finger-point. "It's… as irritating…" Pause. "You." Eyes find Aera yet again, as she slips a slice of fruit into her mouth. "Who's your mother? Is Jhia the same as Jhiateshyrth? Kwa?" Shudder. "No wonder."

Beyla rolls her eyes, setting her fork down for a moment. "Naomi, in spite of your wishes, dear, I cannot simply lock up children at your whim. I think that's get in trouble for it. And I don't want to do that really." Beyla has spoken, and raises her eyebrows as she takes another bite of her fruit.

Aera stamps her foot. "No! Yew jus' wike Ewanew, on'y…" And now, the girl seems almost perplexed. "On'y you's a gew." Rather than becoming angry, 'Ra actually looks interested in this young woman who would insult someone of her own gender. "Momma. She's Momma." And Aera doesn't know anything else. Kwa's always just been, Momma, no matter what other people say. "Jhiatesh…wyf." There. That's about as good as she's going to be able to do with that name — hence the usage of Jhia. Meanwhile, let's move on. An abrupt moodswing takes the easily-distracted child and she, looking almost crafty, gazes past the pair, "What kinda dwagons d'ya wide?"

Now it's Naomi's turn to start stabbing viciously at her breakfast, fork savaging the fruit so much that juice sprays up and dots her face. "Uck." This, too, must be Aera's fault. "Go home. Or better yet, go find yourself a cage!" But after a few bites of food, her reddened cheeks pale enough to seem normal, and she sighs, softly, leaning back against the back of her chair. "I don't wide any dwagons, kid. I wash 'em, I oil 'em, and I wait on 'em hand and foot, but I don't -wide- 'em." Beyla is given another wistful sigh, and she looks back at the food. "She's Kwa's, I think. Met 'er once, and she was nearly as irritating as the miniature…" Another point to Aera.

Tstar walks in from the South Caverns.

Tierza walks in from the South Caverns.

Beyla blinks at Naomi, sighing slightly at her attitude before shaking her head at Aera. "We don't ride. No dragons for us." Hopefully that won't be the case in the future, but… She smiles at Tstar at the other candies entrance, twirling her fork in her fingers for a few moments.

Tierza sighs, why does that mending basket keep appearing? Really, she /does/ empty it.. every day.. Grabbing a large mug of klah, she sits down and just eyes the thing, trying to make it disappear as if by will. Nodding to everyone else in the cavern, she sips the klaha nd flexes ehr neck.. trying to relax.

Aera wrinkles her nose, "I can't, siwwy. Jhia aweady weft an' I don't wanna bother anothew dwagon." How nice /is/ she? Well, actually, it's probably that she doesn't want to be stuck up in that stuffy weyr any longer. "You don't? I wide 'em. Dey fun. An' I oiw an' wash n'…I don't wait. Dey sometimes wait fow me, but I nevew wait fow dem." Obviously, 'Ra doesn't see wait as the seame verb Naomi does. "Momma's nife." She then notes, almost stubbornly. Even if /she'd/ never refer to Momma as 'Kwa,' she recognizes it when others do. "Why doncha wide?" The girl then asks, crunching down the last of her sweetstick and pointing an accusing finger at Naomi, "You owe me's a sweetstick." And /Eranel/ owes her bigtime. Tierza gets a bright grin and a, "Hewwo!" That's soon widened to encompace Tstar as well.

Tstar quirks an eyebrow and chuckles from her spot near the entrance. got in just intime to hear Beyla's last comment. She idly pours herself a mug of cider and moves towards Tierza. "want a hand with the mending?"

Geraint walks in from the South Caverns.

Geraint stumbles in very tiredly, grabs a mug of klah and sits down

"Because we don't -have- dragons. It's a simple concept." Naomi is now content to sit and babble with the child, rather than offer to assist Tierza. Really. It's not her job. However, she sends both Tie and Tstar wide, encouraging smiles, before turning away from them. "Ah… Right. I'll get you a sweetstick. Eventually." Fork sinks into a piece of fruit in her bowl, and she tears at it a little more, until finally, popping that into her mouth, as well. Sigh. "Scorch this. Tierza, d'you need some help from me, too?" She turns around again, grimacing a little.

Beyla rolls her eyes as she bites into her fruit. "What she said." she says, jerking her head towards Naomi, munching softly, mind mainly elsewhere.

Tierza says, "Oh hello .. Aera? right.. And any help anyone wants to lend to the mending is welcome. But don't force yourselves, it is my chore. I opened my big mouth. "She is still cursing ehr mother for teaching ehr those sewing skills. She may never pick-up a needle again. "Tstar, Beyal.. any luck with those charts for T'rell? Last time I saw him, I ahd to tell him we had yet to find any similar anomilies."

Quite obviously, it's not a simple concept to Aera. "But I dun 'ave a dwagon." Even if Jhia does spend half her time with the girl, "Jhia's Momma's. But I stiw wide 'ew. An' Vewjaf. I wide Vewjaf." Because everyone loves E'ral and how he gives her rides, right? "Eventuawwy?" The girl stumbles over the word, looking quizzical. As Tierza reminds her of her name, Aera brightens considerably, "Yeah! 'm Aywa. Who're all yews?" Gotta know their names, after all. Tierza gets a bright grin, "Hewwo." Not that she remembers Tierza's name — we'll just have to remember. "I wike T'wew. An' Sejif's nife." How she remembers all the /dragon's/ names and not those of people, we'll probably never know.

Geraint walks to the Bowl.

Shaggy treads to the Bowl.

"Charts? Oh! Charts…" Beyla drops her fork and digs into her bag, pulling out a small notebook, having left the rest of the charts back in the barracks by her cot. She flips through a few pages, hmming to herself. "No… no luck at all. No similar anomalies to the ones I looked at on the charts I got at least." She shrugs, snapping it shut. "Maybe mine just don't go back far enough." She shrugs, half an ear on the other conversations in the cavern.

Tstar grimaces. "I'm beggining to wonder if any similar occurances might pre-date the Starcraft. Which would limit what we could do for him…"

Tierza says, "I am Tierza, that's Tstar, Beyla and Naomi… we are all candidates to stand on the sands for Quarith's clutch. And we have all riden dragons, we just aren't lifemates, like your Mommy is. I think that's what Beyla meant." Nods to Beyla. "That's what I figureed, Tstar was going to try and get some older ones from Starcraft Hall. T'rell was pleased we kept looking though."

Naomi steps out of her chair to reach Tierza's basket, piecing through the soon-to-be-mended items and picking one or two out, before returning to her seat and drawing a needle. Fingers are deft through practice, and in nearly no time, she's sewing up a large hole in one sleeve. "Just forget it," is hissed to Aera, and she continues sewing, grunting as she hears her name from Tierza's lips. "M'name's Khaelyn." Grunt. "And I didn't find anything, either. Not on those charts, not on any."

Tstar snorts at Naomi. "Naomi. don't tell the kid tales. Khaelyn's not here right now." She shrugs as the last is directed towards Aera.

Beyla shakes her head at Naomi's assumption of another's name. "I'm beginning to think you like Khaelyn's name more than your own." She sighs as she slips her notebook back into her bag. "How far back do your charts go then?"

Tierza says, "Well, as longa s we keep looking, we make T'rell happy..a nd personally, I thinking that cannot be a bad thing." Sighs as she thinks of all the charts she has already looked at. "I don't anything about the dates, I just look at what I'm given and compare 'em to the origanal copy T'rell handed out. I compare dots, 'x's and whathave yous."

Aera once again brandishes her finger Naomi's direciton. "Yew shouldn't steawe. It isn't nife. Momma said so." And whatever /Momma/ says is law, right? Of course. "Whatch'all wookin' fowe?" The girl theninquires, canting her head to the side as she leans against the bench, looking actually rather helpful. See, Aera has one of those spirits that's just so kindly — when she's not being a brat or arguing with Eranel.

Naomi sighs deeply, ignoring the occasional poke from the needle into her fingers, and continually stitching along the hole in the shirt. "I'm not lying. I could very well -be- Khaelyn, and none of you would know the truth. 'Sides, it's not the name that counts 'round here. It's the reputation." Hand reaches out to snatch up a little more fruit, the juice spilling onto the shirt as she brings it to her mouth. "What would Momma know about being nice?" is growled at Aera, as she looks up from the sewing again. "Momma's not exactly perfect, herself."

Bully blinks in from ::between::!

Tstar shrugs. "I'd know, Naomi." After all, she was at the hall wiht Naomi for years. one does not change itentities that easily between one place and another… especially with people around who know you.

Tierza sighs.. "Nao, don't be a tease to the poor little girl. She's just a kidlet. And youa re right.. "This directed to Aera, "Lying /is/ bad. Your Momma is correct." Glares at nao, even if she is helping with her chore. "And..w e are trying to match a starchart of Pern for T'rell. And don't worry if it doesn't make sense to you, I don't really get it either. But Beyla, Tstar and Nao are all starries.. so they understand better.

Aera wrinkles her nose and points a finger at Tierza, "But she said yew wewe Naomi." So there. And whatever Tierza says is law, right? Well, her name starts with a T and basically everyone who shares 'Ra's weyr with her's name starts with a T so…maybe that's something. "Momma's /vewy/ nife!" The girl notes, eyes flashing, foot stomping, "An' a'couwse she's pewfect!" Aera sounds aghast that Naomi would even consider her /not/ to be perfect. "Yew dunna know whatcha talkin' 'bout." So there. Nice comeback, now isn't it? "Momma's a'ways wight." So there. And then, a bright clap and a jump from foot to foot, "Canni hewp?"

Naomi snorts a little at that, turning back to stare at Tstar a moment. "Do I -really- look the same to you as I did at the hall? I don't look the same t'me…" Hand moves to go through her hair, taking the needle and juice with it, and, inevitably, the needle becomes stuck somewhere in the mess of blonde curls. "Ew. Ew. How… where?" And muttering to herself still, she pieces through, strand by strand, to find that needle, only to realize all-too-late that it's on the floor, where it fell out earlier. Aera gets a hiss, as she jumps forward, bringing her face right up next to the little girl's. "Keep your mouth shut. Children have no place speaking in public." Such a philosophy as that might not go over so well with the kids, but…

Bully suddenly disappears ::between::!

Tierza says, "I'm not sure how yu can.. I guess there really isn't much to do with the charts right now. But, "not wanting to hurt the little one's feelings, "if you want to hand me mending to work on, that would be a help."

Aera jerks her head back, whimpering as Naomi brings her face right up against her own. "You's just a meanie moe!" Good comeback, if you ask me. *huddle* Beyla's skirts are tugged on as a source of comfort — until Tierza speaks. Too bad for 'Ra that she doesn't know it's a chore for she shoots between Naomi's legs shooting a fist out to punch one knee as she goes. Living with Eranel does have its advantages, apparently. Tierza is finally reached and Aera skids to a hault, "Canni hewp? How canni hewp?" Awww…how sweet.<repose>

"Naomi," Beyla says, her voice containing a hint of reproach. "No threatening the kidlets." Bad Naomi. No cookie. "Why don't you sit down and have something to eat and drink." Surely the grouchyness is just down to low blood sugar… or something.

Naomi would kick the kid, if she wasn't so shardin' -fast-. "You little…" And more ongoing expletives, before, suddenly, she drops from her chair to the ground, on her knees, and eyes filling with tears. Dipping her head forward, practically bowing before Aera, she wails out: "I'm so… so sorry! I was wrong. Forgive me. I'll never, ever do it again." Wail. Shame-faced, she turns away, crawling — over the needle on the ground — towards Beyla. Wince is made as the needle meets her knee in an unpleasant way, but eventually, she moves close enough to rest her head on Beyla's leg. "Beyla… I didn't mean to. It just came out. I'm so… so tired…"

Tierza says, "well, why don't you find something in that basket for me to sew on? I am sure there are all sorts of challenges. let's see if you can find me something I can't fix. If I cna't, I'll get you a special treat somewher. And mind, it may /not/ be food and you might not get it today. Okay?"

Tierza stares at Nao and decides the best thing is to keep Aera distracted. Watching Beyla for signs she might need help, Tie continues babbling at Ra about possible prizes and mending…

"There, there…" Beyla gently pat's the top of Naomi's head, the only part of her she can reach without bending over. "Come on, dear, have a seat…" She reaches down and tugs on Nao's arm, pulling her up so she can take a seat on the bench beside her. "Have something to eat…" she pushes the remnants of her fruit over to Naomi. "And if you're still tired, I'll take you back to the barracks." She'll lie and say Nao had a heart attack or something and couldn't work. Or something.

Tierza mouths to Beyal.. "heart attack? How about she passed out?" 'Ra? I know she upset you, but would you get Nao some juice and bread? I don't think she's feelingwell and that would be a big help."

/Blink/. The girl whirls as Naomi breaks down into tears. Isn't that the meanlady? She shouldn't be crying. Apparently she's pulling the same act Aera has countless times before. "Ummm…" Fortunately Tierza's there to help and, a pink flush coming to rest upon her cheeks, the girl turns back with a wide grin on her face, "Canni sew some too? I's good at 't." Too bad she's not — we'll just have to pretend, now won't we? Into the basket, however, she delves, taking out a pair of trousers with a rip along the seam in a rather comprimising position. Not that 'Ra would notice. As the girl hands over her prize, she inquires, "Canni 'ave a sweetstick?"

Naomi sniffles a little, still crouched over on the ground, but finally with Beyla's aid, rises to take a seat on the bench. "I… didn't mean to be mean. It was wrong. I'm so horrible." She goes silent now, save for a few barely audible sniffles, and accepts a little of Beyla's fruit, chewing it so gently, it's as if she doesn't want to hurt it… Name escapes her as she turns to face Aera again, eyes widening, and finally, she murmurs: "I'm sorry. I'll get you another sweetstick as soon as I can. If I can find some." Then, after a moment's pause, she rises to trudge over and hug Tierza around the waist. "Tieeeerza. I love you."

Woe betide the weyr if this girl impresses a green come proddy-time. Beyla watches in quite well restrained, for once, amusement as Naomi heads over to Tierza. She picks up one of the slices Naomi discarded and chews on it slowly. "Aww… that's sweet." Yes,she couldn't resist that little dig, could she?

Tierza says, "S'okay Nao.. just sit and let us help you out, okay? Sure 'Ra, you can have a sweetstick." And Faranth help her if Kwa finds out she was letting her eat those things. "Go back to Beyla and I will get you something. When was the last time you /did/ eat, Naomi? And what did you have?"

Blink. Blinkblink. Can we say /moodswings/? Still, Kwa has a whole arsenol of teenaged girls as fosterlings, not to mention the fact that Aera has a greenrider for a mother and a green /dragon/ for a companion. Moodswings are hardly foreign to this poor little girl. "'tis okay," Aera consoles as she steps forward, patting Naomi's shoulder comfortingly — much like a mother or somesuch. Kwa does it for her, after all, "An' sweetsticks awe nice. Mebbe I'we come by 'n gettit from ya. Or have jhia come pick 't up. Owe…K'ew!" The bronze squawks ever-so-elegantly from where he sits, up on a little ledge in the caverns. "Oh…I c'n getter somethin'." The girl finally notes with a bob of her head. "Whaddya want?" Her own head is stuck into Naomi's field of vision, forcing her visage upon her.

Naomi slinks back away from Tierza, and looks positively gloomy. Aera is given a shake of her head, as she rests hands on her hips. "Thank you, but I can't accept anything from you." Eyes widen even more, nearly anatomically incorrect at this point, and she kneels again, looking right into the child's eyes. "Can I get something for you? Anything? I have to repay you for what I've done." Which, at this point, she doesn't remember. But it must have been bad. And then, back to Beyla she goes. "I didn't mean to," is whispered, and she buries her face in the girl's shoulder.

Tierza stands up and heads to the food and drink table, beckoning Aera to join her. "here dear, take this juice to Naomi.. I'll get her something to eat and a swetstick for you as well. Did you want some juice?" Sweeps around the hall.. "Anyone else?" She adds sliced meats and cheeses, breads and sweetsticks to a plate and sits back next to Beyla and Naomi. "Here, try and eat something. It's really good for you."

Beyla quickly pops the fruit slice into her mouth completely as Naomi heads back towards her, wrapping her arms around the girl's shoulders. "That's ok, sweetie, it's alright. I know you didn't mean to…" Sure, she's comforted siblings like this before, but none of them were as big as Nao. Ah well, she can't quite reach her arms as far, but she can gently pat Nao's back. "Don't worry, it's alright…" she repeats, almost like it's something of a mantra. Yes. Food for Nao. Good idea.

Naomi's protestations are pretty much ignored. After all, Aera's already turned her back on the poor Candidate and her short attention span is now taken by Tierza and her juice. Said juice is taken and a bob given Tierza, "Yah — some juice wewd be nife." And with that, making /extra/-sure she doesn't spill a single drop of the stuff, 'Ra brings the juice over to the poor Nao, "Hewe ya go! 'tis a'wight. I wike gettin' stuff fer peopwe. Dwink it — it's good few you an' 't tastes good too!" Gotta love it!

"B-but… I just ate. Didn't I?" Naomi curls up against Beyla once again, nearly trembling now. "I don' need any juice. Really." Becoming somewhat less frantic, she turns back to look at Aera, and accepts the juice, but merely looks at it for a moment, before setting it down on the table. Cue mindless, unemotional staring, straight at said juice. "It's pretty." So easily entertained…

Kwa creeps, delicate ebon material swirling about her form, in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Kaorru waddles in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Egan squees in from the South Caverns.

"Come on, dear," Beyla doesn't remove her arm from around Naomi's shoulders, not wanting to let go of the girl when she looks so… unbalanced, but pulls the juice a little closer with her free hand. "Just a little drink? Aera was very nice and fetched it… just a little drink?"

Tierza says, "Nao? I think you should drink it. The juice will help calm you maybe?" and she adds in a whisper.. "And I think it makes Aera happy to help you, as well." Louder to the child. "THanks Area, well done."

Kwa has disconnected.

Kwa's pale rose lips part, a hand is raised to cover the yawn that takes place before she murmurs something about needing sleep and slumps delicately to the ground. (Disconnect)

Aera is easily amused and she climbs up onto the bench beside Naomi. "'tis pwetty, isn't it?" And she then places her hands upon the table, leaning her chin against them and staring at it as well. "An' it tastes good too!" Gotta love the childish charm, doncha? Tierza's whisper is probably not heard — seeing as Aera isn't really very good at those arts of deception and evesdropping and all of that. 'Erza /does/ get a beam, however, as 'Ra gets praise, "Yah! Canni 'ave a sweetstick, now?" How blunt /are/ we? "Pweaze?"

Egan has no idea whats going on. But he's here, ayup. Yup. "Hello," is beamed to pratically everyone, and he stretches. "Bleh. Chores. I need a break. Big break." Nice, loong, break, in nice, coool baths… "Alas, more chores to be done. But here's a break." Nod. Or something, and he moves to snatch up some pastries and drinks. "Anyone for jumping onto the runners and galloping madly around the feeding grounds waving cyan bedsheets?" Oh, nice idea.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Kwa off to bed.

"If I drink it, it'll die," Naomi protests instantly, cuddling up against Beyla, still. Aera gets a nod, and Egan a somber wave, before she goes back to observing the juice. "I don't want to hurt it. What if it gets angry? What if it kills me? Is it poison? No… it's so pretty… medicine? No… still too pretty to be medicine. But still. I can't hurt it." Noticing Egan about to actually -eat-, she blanches. "Don't do that, Egan! Don't hurt the pastries!"

Tierza says, "Of course Ra. I put a few on the plate just for you. Hey Egan.. help yourself.. " She indicates the plate of cheese, meat and bread. "There's stuff here. And I miss my runner…"

Kaorru tumbles in, nanny in tow, or the other way around. "Cokkee," he says, tearing as he mentions the word, however, and immediately clinging to his nanny's leg. "Mommy, cokkeee…"

Alright, when Beyla finds out who's been slipping Naomi magic mushrooms, there's gonna be trouble. "Naomi, darling, the food's not going to hurt you." She gives the girl's shoulders a quick squeeze. "How about we just take you back to bed? Would that be better? I promise not to make you eat anything…"

Egan eyes the just bitten pastry, now. "Oh…" *spit* A glomp of mush bubblie hits the floor. "Sorry about that. I didn't know our fellow food friends were having a revolution." Egan gives a cough at that, and slides over to Naomi. "Hush, dear. The food won't eat you." And if you don't be quiet, they'll found out about the magic mushrooms Egan's been hoarding Naomi. Cough.

Merra walks in from the South Caverns.

Naomi's eyes well up with tears again, suddenly, as she pulls at her hair. "Everyone's… crowding me… I need space." She stands, and marches off towards the food table, selecting a redfruit, a few pieces of fish, a slice of bread, and carrying the pitcher of juice along with her. All are carried over to her own, unoccupied table, and laid out according to size, color, and shape, and arranged into a shape resembling a flower, somewhat. "Did Egan hurt you? Did they all try to hurt you? I won't let them eat you. You're all so gorgeous. I love you."

"Naomi…" Beyla slips off her bench and approaches the food-hoarding Naomi. "Honey, people will be annoyed come lunch time when you're protecting the food with your life." Maybe this might be a good time to mouth 'get a mindhealer' at someone. Although Naomi seems to be acting at her own norm. *cough* "I think the food will be safe for now… didn't you say you were tired…? Wouldn't a nice sleep be nice?"

Tierza walks to the Southern Caverns.

Merra saunters in… to madness? This is probably very debatable as the 'Reacher detours around the main huddle and pours herself a glass of redfruit juice. Once a simple task, her concentration is broken by Naomi's sudden… taste… in food, and she stares rather blankly. She does, however, remember what she's doing when she pours juice on her hand. A muttered curse and she grabs a passing drudge to clean up the spill. "What in Faranth's name is… no, maybe I don't want to know. Never mind."

Aera wrinkles her nose, but looks more closely at this stuff that Naomi claims is going to be injured if she sips it. A gulp slides down Aera's throat as well. "Mebbe ya shouldn't dwink it…" The girl is already going over to the magic mushroom side. Everyone run. Sweetstick is swiped up as the plate is passed and stuffed into her mouth even as she squeals with delight, "Canni wide a wunnew wif ya?" She demands of Egan who has just blundered his way into the living caverns and Naomi's moodswings and 'Ra's bubbliness. Fun times.

"Naomi…" Beyla slips off her bench and approaches the food-hoarding Naomi. "Honey, people will be annoyed come lunch time when you're protecting the food with your life." Maybe this might be a good time to mouth 'get a mindhealer' at someone. Although Naomi seems to be acting at her own norm. *cough* "I think the food will be safe for now… didn't you say you were tired…? Wouldn't a nice sleep be nice?" (repose)

Kaorru continues to roll, away from his nanny. "Cokee. Mommy. Cokkee. Mommy. Cokkee. Mommy." And a nice slice of fruit is noticed, discarded on the floor. "Cook. Ee." And the baby-one reaches for it. "Uhh..weeeedj."

Naomi twitches. One eye, then the other, then her nose. It's so perfectly patterned that it seems almost intentional, but… it couldn't possibly be so. "Merra. What in Faranth's name are you doing?" Reluctant to leave her food unattended, yet more filled with adrenaline and an urge to help the spilled juice, Nao dives forward onto the floor, pushing away the drudge called to clean it and nearly wrestling her way to the juice. "Nobody touches the juice! Don't come near here!" She leans forward, as if trying to hug the juice-covered floor, and comes up with a stained tunic and a smile on her face. "I love you too, Beebo…" And then, suddenly, she looks to Beyla. "I'm tired? Oh… uh… I think you're right…"

Egan eyes Naomi. "Um. Well. I didn't bite the redfruit, fish, brad, or juice." Pause. "Well, the juice, maybe. But anyhow." And he throws the juice over… away. "Listen, dearest… insane one. Why don't we let the fruits decide what they want us to do with them?" Nod, nod. Bubblie says: Eeeeeaaaattt meeee, Eeeeggaaaaan. I daaaare youuu toooo. Aera: "Mmm. Then again, is that allowed?"

Beebo? The creature that Naomi ate? Are we sure this girl's entirely sane? Well, no. Beyla crouches down, trying her best to put on a reassuring smile, "Don't worry, we'll cordon it off, we'll kill anyone who approaches, and why don't we just go back to the barracks where," We'll tie you down… "Where you can have a nice sleep safe in the knowledge the food is safe?" While we check with the Healers…

Merra yelps, canting backwards and nearly falling onto the rest of the juice. As it is, her alottment is quickly gulped down, her expression almost triumphant. "I was thirsty. I am no longer thirsty. There, the juice died for a good cause," she says without so much as a twitch.

Oddly enough, Aera is able to ignore Naomi. Almost completely. Then again, she lives with Jhia and licks people. Oh — which reminds her. The girl skitters up to the juice-stained Nao and, without further ado, lifts the other's tunic as far as her little hand will reach, leans forward, and runs a tongue all the way across the candidate's stomach. That done, she tastes Nao, rolling her taste about in her mouth. Tunic isn't dropped. "Kaowwu! C'mere. Dis 's /better'n/ a cookie." 'Ra then beams up at the licked-Nao. "Yew taste /good/." Just so that she knows. And meanwhile, Egan gets a perplexed look from where Aera stands in front of Naomi, holding up her shirt, "Why couldn't we wide wunnews?"

Egan pats Aera on the head. "Because, dear… err…" He'll try to translate. "We kwan't wide thew wunnews bekwase… vi'm a cannie-doot." Nod. And he eyes Naomi, now. "Mmmmm. Beebo sure did taste good last time I had him." Beebo. *twitch*

Kaorru flops onto his back. "Aywa?" He doesn't feel like walking, so you'll have to carry him. Tastes better than a cookie? "Cookeee. Test." Test. Taste. He's learning new words, either way. "Coke. Ee."

Beyla glares unhappily at Egan and Merra. She's trying to /stop/ Naomi going even further off the wall than she already has, not help her along. "You're not helping…" she hisses behind Naomi's back. At least the licking's relatively harmless.

Tstar has disconnected.

Tstar falls asleep.

Kaorru has disconnected.

Kaorru falls asleep.

Naomi's shirt's being lifted by a 4-Turn-old. Naomi's stomach's being licked by a 4-Turn-old. The rumors'll fly about this one. "Aah… ah… H-help me…" Harmless? Aera? Seemingly paralyzed, the starcrafter/candidate winces, wiggling around in that pile of Beebo. Yes. Beebo has been found, again. Merra's words send her lips quivering, and Egan's spur a whole -new- bout of tears. Instinctively, Nao's arms wrap around whoever's closest to her — this being Aera, naturally, and she sways back and forth, chanting to herself: "I love you… I love you… I love you…"

Glare all you want at Merra. If she can handle High Reaches, she can handle a fellow candidate. Sidling away from Naomi, she slips into a seat, for once observing the insanity, rather than be part of it. "Nao, Beyla's right. A nice nap will make it all better…"

Blink. Blinkblink. One time, she's licking. The next, her brother's asking her to pick him up so /he/ can lick Nao. And now, she's being hugged against the candidate, just beneath her boobs. Nice height, really. Fortunately, she /doesn't/ get a face full of boob, but she does mutter things into the young woman's ribs. Words such as, "Jhia," "Taste!" and "Kao…?" Might be heard through the fabric, but you never know. Finally, Aera gets the brilliant idea to turn her head and say, "So?" Egan's direction. He's a Candidate? So what? All she knows is that someone makes soup out of them…

Beyla squeaks slightly as Nao throws herself at Aera. "Uh… Naomi… It's nice to know you love the kid, but… ah… maybe she needs to breath?"

Egan has disconnected.

Egan falls asleep.

"Who… do I love? I love me. I love Beebo. I love…" Now, Naomi lists the name of every other person in the room, and then every object, every place… every noun in general. "I love -everyone-. And everything." And then she glances at Merra. "Do you think so? I believe you, Merra. Tell me what to do. Can I help you with anything?" And still, Aera's held far too tight, and rocked back and forth.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Egan off to bed.

When you are lazily sailing along on your blue dragon and easily glide past a few hard-flying blue, and then fly straight into the side of a mountain, thus causing your dragon to *splat* in a rather nasty mess, this tends to set you off your stride in much the way this situation sets Merra off hers. "I… yes, Naomi. I think a nap would be a very good thing for you. Let go of Aera, and mayhap Beyla will help you to your cot…"

second blue=bronzes

Tatia slips in from the Southeastern Bowl.

"What a good idea…" Beyla extends her hands towards Naomi, as if to pry her away from Aera. "Let the child breathe and you can come with me back to the barracks… that'll be nice… a nice nap…" No really. Sleep good, remember?

Naomi loves everything. Apparently. Just now, Aera's head is pressed into the other girl's ribcage, just beneath her boobs and it's turned to the side so that she can actually breathe. "Erm," Can be heard and she then puts her hands against the Candidate's stomach and begins to shove, squirming to free herself. "I love you's too," she offers with a great big beam, green eyes happy, if a little starved for oxygen. At this point, she wants to ride that runner with the turquoise whatchamacallit. Plus, she's gotta tell Jhia how good Nao tastes.

"Ooh," Naomi seems entranced by Merra's words, and instantly drops the child and scrambles out of the juice-puddle to creep towards the other candidate. She giggles, smiles, then turns, walking back to Beyla. "Merra thinks I should take a nap. I think Merra's wonderful. I think I should do exactly what Merra says. So should you. Merra says you should take me." As though Beyla had -not- just heard it all, herself. But then… the arrival of Tatia sets her heart skipping a beat. "Tat! I love you!" Zoom. Nap is forgotten, and Nao is clinging to the greenrider's lower legs, like a parasite, cooing cheerfully.

Tatia looks like a greenrider on a mission. Most likely because she /is/ a greenrider on a mission. Feet carry her forward with intent strides, and she tugs viciously at her gloves as her eyes scan the caverns. The gathering gets only a vague glance before her eyes move on.. and then back. Ah /ha/. The familar face she's… "/Oooof/! Naomi. What are you doing/?" The 'rider glares down at the Candidate, hands settling on her hips as one leg twists in an effort to disentangle itself from Naomi's grip.

Darnit. And just when they were on the verge of getting Nao to come back to the barracks of her own free will. Beyla sighs in a long-suffering manner and folds her arms. "She's just…" a vague hand gesture. "Being Naomi… At her best." Well, that's an interesting way of putting it, ne?

"Tatia!" Save me. Please. Merra tosses a wave towards the greenrider, expression decidedly wry. "What brings you down from the frigid wastelands, greenrider?" she adds, tongue in cheek. Upon spotting the other's reaction to the psycho candi, she falls silent, watching the scene that's unfolding.

Aera is released! She's free! She can /breathe/. Aaah. Deep breaths are taken before she skips after Naomi, coming to a rest at her side. A wave is given Tatia and a beam as well, "Hewwo! I's Aywa." And without further ado, she closes the gap, lifts up the rider's jacket and tunic all in one and, at a convenient level, licks her across her belly. Smack. Smacksmack. Mmmm. Good. But not nearly as good as Naomi. Who, by the by, gets another lick across her stomach. "Y'taste good. But not as good as Naomi. Wiw you come outside so's I c'n show Jhia?"

Tatia has no hope. Not with this particular former fellow-mentee all wrapped up around her limbs. Naomi's withstands the continual licking with a slight smile to Aera, and a murmured: "Thank you, sweetie. I do try…" Before… zip. Attentions back on Tatia. "Tat. Tat. Take me away with you. They… they…" Voice lowers to a mere purr, as she stands, slowly, grabbing at the greenrider's clothing all the while, until finally, resting her hand on the woman's shoulder and looking her in the eye. "They make me clean -babies- here. Babies, Tat! You wouldn't believe how they smell…"

"Well, I /did/ come to talk to… /ack/!" Wow. Tatia's just /full/ of expressive noises today, isn't she? The last, of course, is in response to Aera as the girl's tongue slides across the 'rider's stomach, and quickly Tatia yanks her legs backward violently as she scrambles away from the crowd. "I will /not/" she intones swiftly, voice hard.. evidently she's surprised enough that that's her only reaction. For now. "What's /with/ you people? I come down here to get /away/ from this!"

"I think she's just under stress…" Beyla says, stepping forward, hands briefly outstretched to grab at Nao should she need to. "I mean, she ate Beebo and everything… that has to be stressful for a person. Come on, Naomi, leave Tatia alone…"

Hannah walks with youthful grace in from the South Caverns.

Naomi turns away from Tatia, gazing at Beyla adoringly. "You… you understand! You understand me!" That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but… "Beyla. I love you." As though she didn't already hear it a thousand times earlier. "Dance with me!" Um. Arms outstretched, Nao doesn't wait for an answer to her request, merely dragging the poor, dear Beyla across, through the puddle of juice, slipping a little there, and then up to the table where her 'protected' food rests. "Shh, Beyla. They're sleeping." This said, as she points to the fruit and fish. Tatia is ignored. Evil, evil woman.

Merra looks rather wounded. After all, -she- hasn't attacked the rider in any way. "Nice to see you, too," she mutters, sinking further into her chair. Naomi is eyed almost distastefully, and 'Reacher candi stays silent, eyes the various actors in this parody of Weyrlife.

Naomi gets a grin from the girl. Look! She's a sweetie. But Tatia gets a frown, "You be nife." The girl admonishes, shaking a tiny little finger at her. Nose wrinkles. "Pweaze? Jhia weawwy wantsta see whatcha taste wike. An' Jhia's weawwy nife. You shewd meet 'er. Pwus, Vespuwaf wikes hew…" How does /Aera/ know about Vespurath? Are we sure we want to know? "Pweaze? "'twill on'y take a minute." Beyla gets an appealing glance from Aera, "Hewp hew come outside? I want Jhia t' get a taste. She doesn't b'weive me."

A parody? Nah… that implies something being turned on its head. This seems to have leapt up from nowhere. Beyla muffles a squeak as she's hauled across the floor, about to protest she can't dance before she's brought to the table. "Of course… we'll be very quiet to let them rest." When all else fails… just join in. Saves on the headaches.

"/Absolutely/ not!" Tatia responds as her eyes harden to match that voice. So what if Aera's a kidlet - or a brat? So what if she's completely ignored her fellow 'Reachian? Tatia's visit is not starting out well.. and she ahd a /purpose/ remember? "I am not going anywhere. Vespurath is quite happy by herself. And there will be /no/ licking of my dragon!" Just in case, you see. Now Naomi is eyed skeptically, and Tatia pauses for a moment before a mutter escapes under her breath. "Maybe I /shouldn't/ have come."

Hannah slips into the living caverns hoping to not be noticed too soon. Keeping her head down, she moves so that she can get herself some water, peeking at the others through her pale hair. She wriggles shy fingers at the others while finding herself some place to sit, murmuring a soft, "Good afternoon.."

Naomi smiles demurely at Beyla, giving her a pat on the head. "Good. You're very pretty, too. I couldn't ever eat you. Or spill you." Face goes pale. And at the same time, her mood goes dark. "Merra hurt Beebo, didn't she? Merra isn't wonderful. I could eat Merra." But… she'll refrain. Hannah gets a broad smile. "Be careful. Don't step too hard, or you'll hurt the floor. Don't sit in the chairs. They're on a break. And don't eat any of my friends." Finger is pointed towards the bread, fish, fruit, and juice on the table. "Especially while they're asleep." And then, she marches forward to see Tatia. "Why did you have to go and hurt the old man like that? He came here bawlin' an' cryin' and beggin' me to…" And she cuts it off right there, eyeing the other suspiciously.

Hannah blinks rapidly as Naomi rambles about eating her 'friends' and looks down at her water. Hmm. Easing herself out of her newfound seat, she stands sort of awkwardly, not quite sure how to take the other Candidate. "Why..?" is asked softly, eyes wide and eyebrows raised.

Tatia looks like she wants to turn and run. Fast. Back to the safety of.. 'Reaches? It's not the insanity that scares her. It's Naomi. Her Ex-fellow-mentee is eyed for a long moment, and then Tatia's steps start carrying her backward.. toward safety. Suddenly, the greenrider halts, and her eyes go wide. Still silent, she is, though he expression speaks volumes. Disbelief etches its way across her features before anger puts in an appearance, and /now/ she speaks. "He /came/ here?" There's no question in her mind who exactly the 'old man' is. "Crying and bawling and…" Tatia trails off. It's not the crying and bawling that upsets her. That is, after all, what she was going for. "Begging? Begging you to /what/?" And Naomi's suspicious look is returned.

Beyla narrows her eyes, pausing in her step towards Naomi, folding her arms and frowning slightly, her overactive imagination already hard at word as to who and what's going on.

M'hael struts decidedly in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Speaking of which — there's a flutter of wings outside and, surprisingly enough, the girl's eyes unfocus. "K'ew!" She shouts and, muttering, the bronze glides down to be crushed in the sweet-stick sucking girl's mouth. "I'we see ya watew, gweenwidew!" How /does/ she know that? We'll never know. Well, maybe, but let's just pretend. "An' Jhia weawwy does wanta see ya. Mebbe we'we come and visit." Little does she know that she'll soon be /living/ at 'reaches. With no further ado, she waves widely at Naomi, "Byeee! You taste good an'…don't dwink juice!" With that, the girl whirls and trots out of the living caverns to be borne up to her weyr by the snowy green dragon outside.

Aera walks to the Bowl.

Naomi chuckles, almost nervously, and steps back from where she stands just in front of Tatia, increasing the distance between them even more. And she turns away, eyeing Hannah carefully. "Because they love you. You wouldn't hurt someone who loves you, would you? Or do you want to be mean? No. Be tough; be strong. Stand, like the rest of us 'good' people." Nao wraps her arm around Beyla's shoulders, and gives them a squeeze. Then, inevitably, her gaze falls back on Tatia. "I… don't quite know if I'm meant to say it to -you-. I take it y'nearly killed the guy this time. I mean… I knew that was the plan 'n all, but it was supposed to be -later-. After I didn't need 'im anymore. And we were supposed to do it together." Sniffle. She's hurt. How could the greenrider go ahead and nearly murder someone -without- dear Nao?

Beyla is a 'good' person? That's something of a relief, to be sure. "Naomi…" a glance first to Naomi, and then to Tatia. "What are you talking… no. Never mind." She really shouldn't ask. She'll just be content to go along with the flow and save her sanity from utter ruin. Yes, indeed. The safest course of action without doubt.

M'hael strolls through the entrance and hawks the nearest food tray, stuffing bits of everything into his mouth in a less-than-cordial manner… which he hurriedly washes down with a cup of juice. He slides onto a bench at a nearby table and commences twiddling his thumbs, kind of nervously.

Merra nearly falls out of her chair. Killing? This is a little much, even for her 'Reaches sensibilities. She spares a chagrined look for Hannah, as if silent begging to be left out of this. "Hi, Hannah," she does murmur before snapping her attention back to rider and candidate. There could be blood-shed, and she doesn't want to end up with stained clothing. Entering Istan gets a brief wave, and she greets, still quietly, "Good day, rider… M'hael?" She can remember names. Really.

"I tried," Tatia growls, spitting the words toward Naomi as she continues to eye the candidate suspiciously. "He just wouldn't hold still long enough." Suddenly, she straightens, and the quiet anger now flares into the safety (in relative terms, of course) of the more familar sort - hot and completely irrational. "How?" she snaps. "/How/? Quite easily.. he /deserved/ it! He's lucky I only broke his nose.." A faintly satisfied smirk flickers amidst the anger, though it quickly returns as she fixes that oh-so-practiced glare on Naomi. "Naomi. Tell me. Now." Or else… right? That /is/ what comes next, right? Oh.. there are other people here? People that ettiquette would dictate she greet.. or at least manage to acknowledge? But this is Tatia. She's unlikely to even notice.

M'hael is pulled from his anxious reverie by the sound of his name. He looks up and, having difficulty adjusting to the dim lighting, presses his fist into his eyes and rubs. "Um," he starts and clears his throat, "Yes—I'm M'hael. And you are…?" That memory fails him at the most inopportune times.

M'hael feels the invisible tendrils of dragon mindtouch, jumps from his seat and sprints out to the door, shouting something about 'Don't you dare!…' * grr. gotta run.

Hannah nods to Merra in greeting and then eyes Naomi again before silently finding herself a comfy place on the wall. Leaning she sips her water and watches the others with curiousity, letting their conversations drift over her. "Why.. Naomi.. how do you know they have feelings?" She must ask this because never has she heard that chairs loved her.

Thrace shuffles conscientiously in from the Southeastern Bowl.

"Because they told me!" Naomi snaps at Hannah suddenly, looking very, very upset. "Tat… I… Well, I've no doubt he deserved every punch, every broken bone, and every slap, but he comes cryin' to me when you assault 'im like that." The others are given another nervous look, anxiety building up. "If… if you really wanna know…" Back to Tatia. "I think it has to do with Vesp. He seemed very, very angry at Vesp. And he was all worried 'bout how I might turn out…"

The housekeeper arrives to cart M'hael off to bed.

"It's not my fault he's nothing but a rather large 'brat," Tatia notes, anger fading for a moment as a smirk settles quite firmly into place. Something snaps into place at Naomi's next words, and Tatia's arms rise to cross over her chest. "Naomi. Come. Now." Evidently that 'very, very angry at Vesp' deserves more attention - and Tatia's intent on dragging Naomi off so /she/ can complain to the candidate. One hand latches onto her arm, and then she'sn dragging her toward the bowl.

Beyla moves silently to a seat, drifting into a comfortable, if a slouching, position by a table, making careful mental notes about everything being said. How else do you think she gets gossip? Of course, she doesn't have the first clue what's going on, so what else can she do about the conversation…

Naomi looks back to the others, and murmurs something quiet along the lines of: "I'll take that nap later. Beyla, keep watch over my friends. Make sure they don't get hurt when I'm not here…" And off she goes, trailing alongside the greenrider with … fear? in her eyes.

Naomi bounces to the Bowl.

Hannah's own head snaps back at Naomi's comment, her hair falling over her face. Luckily that hides her wide eyes suddenly a little glassier than before. Gulping, she lets her gaze drop back to her glass of water and manages a small nod. Now quite afraid of Naomi, she finds a corner of floor in which to sit and try and stay out of other's way.

Tatia slips to the Bowl.

Beyla looks rather put out at having been totally excluded from what's likely to be a good bit of gossip there, taking a piece of fruit from one of the plates and rearranging it to look like none's been taking, and taking a rather sour bite. Hmph.

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