Confrontation With T'rell

[[logged by N'ano]]

T'rell strides in from the Southeastern Bowl.

T'rell's traditional crossing of the cavern is marked with a large yawn, and he runs a hand through very random hair as he arrives blearily at the klah pot.

"Evil. Evilevil." Beyla's current ire is directed towards the thread in her hands, no, not the icky sort, the weaver-sort. As she tries to thread it through a needle. "Why these things have to be small… beyond me…" she mutters, as she repeats her attempts at threading the eye.

Nanoc grins, glancing up from his morning meal "Out partyin' late last night, eh?" He couldn't help it. It was called for, wasn't it?

Khaelyn is sitting under a table, leaning against a chair leg and evidently reading a book there. Mentions of evil and partying distract her; she peers out at the world above, lifts an eyebrow in unspoken question, and goes back to reading.

It's only once T'rell takes a few sips from his fresh mug of stimulant and approaches the Candidates' table that he deigns — or perhaps is able — to answer Nanoc. "Aye, that I was," the man half-smiles until he covers another yawn, taking a seat.

Beyla pffts slightly, blowing her hair out of her eyes. Although it could have been a 'it's alright for some' gesture, if it had been accompanied by an eyeroll. Might have been… "I wondered what the noise was…" she says lightly, bobbing her head as she almost kills the thread in her attempts to make it behave.

Nanoc polishes off the meal on, or that was on his plate, pushing it off towards the center of the table as he leans across to retrieve a fresh roll just recently placed there by one of the drudges "Aye.. good to hear ye can still have some fun when you get older… not that you're old or anythin'…" And he'll just shut up now.

T'rell watches Beyla's efforts with a fascination born of exhaustion. "You should've come for a look." He shakes off the reverie with an effort. "It was a cracking good party." And he's not even all that hung over. "Hey." He raises a single eyebrow at Nanoc, an expression that would be intimidating on better days. "You watch it, ye young whippersnapper."

Beyla snickers, somewhat tactlessly, at the whippersnapper remarks, and finally gets the needle threaded. "Aha!" She picks up the shirt she's fixing. "Ah… but I would have gotten in trouble for sneaking out of the barracks to go to a party." Such a goodietwoshoes, ain't she?

Nanoc just cringes in his seat, being intimidated despite the lack of intimidation in the rider's tone "I didn't—-er…" it's really no use in fighting so he just reprimands with a quick "Sorry.. I'll uh, watch it.." Oh, by that comment, /whippersnapper/… he can't help but smirk slightly at it. Afterall, the one people he's heard /that/ from were, well, old men.

That seems to snap Khaelyn out of her bookish reverie. "Huh?" She peers out from under the tbale again. "Whassa whippersnapper?" she inquires, adding a "Sir," after a moment.

T'rell chuckles low as he downs another swallow of klah, then wipes a hand across his face, scratching over rough, now four-day-old stubble in an attempt to shed his tiredness. "Aye, you might've at that," he agrees with the girl. "But then, what's life without risk?" Actually, just teasing Nanoc is a better morning tonic than the klah, for he laughs quietly at the fellow's reaction. "A whippersnapper," he turns to tell Khaelyn with a wink, "is a person that can't keep his foot out of his mouth to stand on it."

Beyla pauses in her stitching of the rather large tear in the fabric, pondering for a moment. "A life without risk… is one where I don't get sadled with latrine duty for the rest of my candidacy." She waves the needle in the air before plunging it back into the fabric. "I'm meant to be playing nice, aren't I?" So she will. For the time being.

Khaelyn blinks at the odd answer, thinks on it for a few seconds, and shrugs it off.

"Whatever…. sir." She scoots around from under the table, rests the book on the seat of the chair in front of her, and goes back to her reading, glancing up at the people overhead every now and then.

Nanoc sighs, looking around for the nannies before leaning back in his chair, propping his knees up on the table's edge "So…" nice start to a conversation, no? Another roll is stuffed into his mouth as a distraction from who knows what.

"So." T'rell, with a laugh, echoes. "What're you folks up to today, other than calling your elders old?" The bustling activity of drudges in the cavern and the klah finally begin to both relax and wake him up for the morning's duties, and he sits back in his chair, cradling his mug.

"Us?" Beyla shakes her head slowly. "Just contemplating the day when we'll rise up and take over the world. Or what's for lunch… I can't remember."

Nanoc rolls a shoulder as he stifles his own yawn "Chores… what else?" It's the first thing that comes to his mind anyway "It's our life, right 'bout now, ain't it? Ye get up, eat and clean or do whatever." Yep, and that's about all. Suuuure it is.

T'rell raises his eyebrows to Beyla. "Either one seems like a worthy pursuit." He grins. "Oh… Nanoc. Speaking of partying…" he would've pursued this earlier, but, well, he hadn't had his klah yet. "How was Infirmary duty?"

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Nanoc half grins, giving a single nod "Excellent… though I think it still needs some cleanin'…" Yep, sure it does. "You know… cause people are always walkin' in there and gettin' it all dirty and stuff like that." Uh huh.

Beyla turns the shirt over in her lap, examining it carefully. "I thought so…" she idly comments.

"They sure are. Funny, though," T'rell muses, draining his mug; he doesn't immediately go to refill it, apparently needing to build up the energy first. "I didn't see you in there when I stopped by a few hours ago. In fact," he points out, "The healer on duty seemed to think that nobody had stayed over for several days."

Beyla holds up the shirt, turning it this way and that, making a sound of satisfaction and knotting the thread to stop it unravelling. She raises an eyebrow at T'rell's remark, eyes going to Nanoc.

Nanoc blinks a few times, dropping his jaw, but shaking his head some "Well… I don't know what he—or she, whoever's on duty… I don't know what they're talkin' 'bout… cause I uh, scrub that place clean with redwort! Oh! And that's why it always needs cleanin'! 'cause it gets so filty /that/ quick!"

"She." T'rell pushes up from his chair, taking his mug with him to the hearth again. "Her name was Ser.. Sarif? Ah." He calls over. "Serafa. That's it. Somehow," he considers, an eyebrow raised toward Nanoc as he pours seconds, "that sounds familiar. Now, *where* have I heard that name recently?"

"Serafa?" Beyla frowns for a moment, pausing in her folding of the shirt. "Hey… wasn't she the one who stalked out of the infirmary, not looking too happy, and you followed after? After that egg touching?" A person can read all sorts into that.

Nanoc just chooses now to remain silent but no, he has a plan "Uh… don't know why… oh! But she um, she always complains that it's filthy.. and oh, that was the healer that I was um, helping… y'know.. yeah, she helped me to clean the infirmary 'fore and I helped her with her chores and" and now he's just rambling on. And Beyla /has/ to mention more, doesn't she "Yeah.. she's m'friend.. y'know… a fellow healer? I wentto see what was wrong…"

T'rell returns with his mug, leaning his elbows on the table as he watches Nanoc ramble. "Keep going, you're on a roll," he advises the younger man.

Beyla settles the shirt into the basket by her feet, leaning back and folding her hands into her lap as she listens to Nanoc's answer. If it comes.

Nanoc slightly tosses his arms up "There… really isn't much more to say than that?" Or at least nothing that he wants to talk about, that is. And of course the /other/ healer won't admit to any incident related to him, being a truce-like thing, so he's a little out of luck, isn't he?

With a slow nod and a sip of stimulant beverage, T'rell considers. "Isn't there. Now, what I'm sitting here wondering is, if nobody's been in the infirmary lately and you weren't in the dorms the other night, well." He shrugs; the remainder of the question is obvious. "You weren't walking on the beach, and you're mighty hesitant to talk about it." Even twenty-plus turns on Ista haven't completely erased the man's 'Reaches hillhold twang.

"Beach?" Beyla echoes, turning so she can face Nanoc more fully, interest apparent on her face. Ok, let's see if she can get some juicy gossip here…

Nanoc isn't going to lose /this/ battle! Nope… he's still got stuff up his sleeves "Annnd?" No, that's really not going to work in this case. New plan "Um, I told her nod to tell anyone I /was/ there—you know, when I fell asleep in those dorms… 'cause… I didn't want to get in trouble? But you know 'bout that… and I haven't had the chance to tell her that she doesn't haveta lie 'bout it?" he rubs his nexk as the guilty sweat starts to take over his form, not that he's guilty of anything… riiiight.

T'rell breaks into a grin. "Oh, and don't mind if you see a couple of kids shadowing you tonight. They're just…" He shrugs nonchalantly. "… Curious."
Beyla muffles a snicker behind her hand, trying to smooth out her expression before she removes it, once more looking attentive.

Nanoc rolls his eyes. Wonderful. "Ain't like I have anythin' interestin' to do anyway.. they'll just be bored outta their minds!"

T'rell slides his mug from the table, taking it with him as he leans back in his chair again. "Well, maybe so." He pauses. "Did I ever tell you about the time my brother and I caught our foster-sib sneaking out nights?" He chuckles slightly as he sips, reminiscing.

"How old was he?" Beyla asks, picking up a long flowing skirt, and finding that a seam has split. She tilts her head in question even as she reaches for the needle and thread once more.

Nanoc shakes his head "No sir… do tell though…" as long as it's a distractment from himself for a while, then that's good. In the meantime, he can plan an escape route or something.

T'rell glances at Nanoc consideringly. "Oh, about his age." He turns and grins to Beyla. "'Course, he wasn't being fostered any more, but he was still apprenticed to my da." He takes a deep breath, then a sip of klah; at last, sleep is no longer the urgent necessity it was a short while ago. "So we noticed, my brother and I, that Dorran was, oh, a bit more tired than usual." Sound familiar?

Nanoc doesn't have a clue about the familarity, nope. That's why his body temperature seems to be a little warmer than normal… and is that perspiration? Nah, not from fear or embarassment— sure, just sweat from the heat of Ista. Nodding every now and then, he continues to look on with interest towards the rider "Do go on…"

A smirk is slowly creeping its way over Beyla's face. She had older brothers, well, one older, the rest were younger, so she has a pretty good idea what's coming next. But she holds her tongue and continues to stitch quietly.

"Well," T'rell shrugs, as if it were the obvious thing to have done, "of course we cooked up a plan to follow him. We all shared a bunkhouse, so it wasn't hard to pretend to fall asleep, but keep an eye open…" He grins slightly. "Even so, we nearly missed him. He was pretty good at being sneaky." Probably much better than certain Candidates.

Nanoc just kinda hangs his head there, waving a hand in the air in anticipation "Oh, please go on Sir… what happened after /that/? Did he ever get caught? Did you ever find out where he was sneakin' off to?" Not that it should matter to him *cough* He's just interested in the story, really.

Beyla yawns slightly, flapping out the skirt. She can be sneaky. She just hasn't had call to do so. Yet. Heehee.

T'rell sips from his mug, prolonging the suspense by a moment or two. "So we woke up my sister — a more innocent little kid you'll never see." A touch of admiration colors his tone. "Still puts on quite an act, even today. But we all three snuck out and followed him, and him being so careful an' all — but he never saw us until it was too late." He chuckles low, briefly, fixing Nanoc with a knowing, mischievous glance. "We sent in Lika, my sister, to catch him with his girlfriend, there having fun in the weeds as they were. You should've just seen his face." He pauses. "Nearly as red as yours. You warm, Nanoc?" Innocent question? Not likely.

Nanoc nods his head briskly, shedding the tunic off his tank top "Uh huh… gettin' warmer out, y'know? Ista's hot… hot in here…" he makes a fan with his hand before jumping up to run over to the table, retrieving a nice big glass of orangefruit juice "Ah… nice 'n cold… I'll be fine…" and with that said, he makes his way back to the table, staring at the glass and no where else.

"Ista's always hot." Beyla says, raising an eyebrow, smoothing out the skirt. "You haven't gotten used to it by now. It being a tropical island and all."

T'rell just chuckles into his klah before he tips it back and swallows the last of it. "Where are you from again?" he queries Nanoc.

Nanoc blinks a few times, seemingly needing to think about that for a moment "Uh… Originally? Igen…" Nah, he'll refrain from commenting that he grew up every turn after that on Ista Hold and Paradise.

Even so… it's just as hot at Igen. "Ah, the lovely desert," T'rell comments blithely.

"Well, Igen's quite warm itself, if I recall correctly." Beyla says, tilting her head, nodding to T'rell's comment.

Nanoc is getting stuck here "Uh.. well, then maybe I'm coming down with a cold or somethin'… now that I think of it… I think I had a sore throat earlier today… yeah, so maybe that's it… or wait! I know… I haven't drinken enough water!" hand frantically searches around his rucksack for that savory skin of water which he soon after waves about in the air before downing.

T'rell clucks half-scoldingly. "And you in the infirmary all the time, cleaning and cleaning with redwort… You'd think you'd take better care." Supremely calm, he's obviously enjoying this.

"Indeed… aren't you always telling me to drink more water?" Beyla tuts loudly, shaking her head as if disappointed. "Forgetting to take your own advice, dear?"

Nanoc nods his head "Yep, must be… y'know.. 'cause the healer oaths—it's in there… somethin' 'bout treatin' others 'fore you treat yourself… or somethin' like that…" Like he remebers word for word. Unlikely.

T'rell replaces his mug on the table. "Maybe," he speculates aloud, "I should tell those curious kids to make sure you're drinking enough water."

Nanoc grins, holding up his rucksack with about 8 or so skins of water contained in it "No need sir… I've got plenty and I won't forget… really. I'll be all set."

"No really," T'rell insists, smiling generously. "But then, I nearly forgot to finish my story," he states in didactic mock-surprise. "See, the three of us forever had blackmail-worthy dirt on Dorran after that," he points out. "Well, at least until he finished his apprenticeship, and that was a couple of turns. And by then I'd left, anyway."

Blackmail material is always useful." Beyla says, bobbing her head, reaching for a new garment to fix. Although she usually just turns it into gossip and spreads it to anyone who cares to listen.

Nanoc gulps slightly, raising a 'brow "Black—blackmail? That's not very nice… I mean.. he should be able to have a little privacy, don't ya think?" Apparently not "Well, what did you blackmail him with?"

"Oh, it was useful," T'rell agrees, smiling broadly. "With what? Faranth, kid, you're clueless, ain't ye?" But a wink lends a joke to it, and he elaborates slightly. "'Course as an apprentice, he wasn't supposed to be out seeing girls yet. Especially," he adds confidentially, "When that girl happens to be your master's daughter."

Nanoc shakes his head "No no… I know /that/ rule, but what I mean iswhat did you /do/? Like or… what did he have to do so that you wouldn't tell ory'get what I saying?" Not that it's really his business… just a little curious, that's all. Yep. Sure.

T'rell shrugs slightly, leaning an arm over the back of his chair. "Oh, little things, here and there. Pacts of silence, mostly. The occasional dirty chore or scapegoat." Oh, they milked it alright. "Lika got the most out of it, I swear she did. Had the poor guy walking on eggshells."

Nanoc winces only slightly. Ow "Egg shells? Shards… that must've hurt a bit… I sure wouldn't wanna be in his boots!" Heh… really now. There's no reason at all for him to be anyway, right?

Well… that wasn't meant literally, but who is T'rell to disabuse innocent candidates of notions? "Oh, it's amazing what little girls can think of."

Beyla looks up from the mending at the mention of 'little girls', wrinkling her nose slightly.

Nanoc continues to raise his brow "Such as? I've never really hung 'round with one.. or had any younger siblin's, so I really wouldn't know… elaborate on that?"

T'rell turns graciously to Beyla. "I'll wager this one can tell you better'n I can," he suggests to the innocent young woman, so busy at her mending… quite a good alibi, really.

Beyla peers up from her stitching, hmming at T'rell for a moment. "About having younger siblings? Oh that's easy… five of 'em… nightmares, the lot of 'em." Blinkblink. Was anything else being referred to? She's innocent, really.

Geraint walks in from the South Caverns.

Nanoc cocks his head over as Beyla is spoken to, and contributes "Ye ever get blackmailed by 'em?"

Beyla ponders for a moment. "Get attacked by them… yes… blackmailed…? No… not really. My first youngest sister took part in many more scandalous activities than me, after all." Meaning she never took part in any. Really.

T'rell quirks an eyebrow. "You ever blackmail them?"

Beyla purses her lips for a moment. "Like I said.. my first youngest sister was quite scandalous." She tilts her head, running a finger along the seam of the garment she's sewing. "And what's the fun of knowing the dirt if you don't tell others about it?" Read: hopeless gossip.

And they don't know any dirt /now/ do they? Afterall, there's no evidence of anything, is there? Calmly, Nanoc nods his head a couple times "True.. I mean wait… uh… no, 'cause that's just bad for the other person.. I mean, what happens if all the dirt was on /you/… and then one of your sisters blabbed it all, how would that make y'feel?"

"Somehow," T'rell postulates, studying Beyla with a twinkle in his eye, "I get the feeling that this one never let any dirt get on her."

Beyla grins broadly at T'rell. "Precisely." she says, reaching for the spool of thread. She can be as sneaky as anyone. But is sneaky enough that people don't get it. Like that.

Nanoc can be sneaky too, but stealth isn't his friend, apparently. Or at least lying, anyway. Sighing, he shakes his head "Honestly? You've /never/ done anythin' bad to get caught?"

"No…" Beyla says slowly, with a smile. Whether that's she's never done anything bad, or she's never been caught, though… is up for speculation.

T'rell chuckles, pushing up from his chair. "My guess is that she's just never gotten caught. And there's an example for you, friend." He smiles to Nanoc. "See you kids later. Time for me to find out how to lead drills with no sleep." How cheerily he considers it, too.

Nanoc nods his head once, giving a hand sweep in the air towards the rider "See ya…" Unless of course Nanoc dies first—now wouldn't that just be a tragedy?

"Have fun…" Beyla says, with an absent wave. She's half tempted to watch, just for kicks, but that'd be mean. Right?

Right. Ahem. "Thanks, guys." T'rell grins at the pair as he salutes casually. "See you when you're done with chores." He just *had* to remind them, didn't he? He raises his eyebrows once, then turns and, strides out.

T'rell strides to the Bowl.

Nanoc watches the rider stroll out before slumping down on his chair, shaking his head and facepalming "I'm a deadman, aren't I? Shards… if they find out—no no… they /aren't/ gonna find out 'cause you're gonna help me!" That comment of course directed at Beyla, knowing that she'd probably just tell him to drop the whole thing, but there's still a chance, right?

A crawler in the corner crawls on itty-bitty little sucker-feet in from the South Caverns.

a crawler in the corner skitters up the wall and disappears into the shadows.a crawler in the corner skitters up the wall and disappears into the shadows.

Beyla looks up from the stitching in her hands. "They who? Who is they? Find out about what? You've been denying everything as I recall, m'dear." She quirks an eyebrow. He going back on anything here?

Nanoc rolls his eyes, keeping his voice low "I told ye a while back… 'bout Seffy.. and 'sides, even if you don't 'member, ain't it /obvious/?" Seriously now, the master of deception doesn't have a clue? Very unlikely "The bad—er, the riders… and the healers.. they can't know.. so /you/ gotta help me… give me some of your brilliant tactics!"

Beyla looks up, dropping her hands into her lap. "T'rell already called you on something." Whatever that may be… "I can't stop ideas from circulating… but you want to know how to stop people finding out stuff, am I right?" She tilts her head, hands still in her lap for a moment.

Nanoc nods his head vigorously "Yeeees? And you're the perfect person to find that out from, eh? Unless of course you were bluffin' back there…"

Beyla? Bluff? Well, yes she is quite capable of doing that, but… "Alright… easy thing is… when someone brings it up… don't react. That's the simplest thing. Don't jump, stammer, or look like you want to run for the hills. That's always a dead giveaway." Lesson the first, no?

That being exactly what Nanoc did, huh? "Okay… got it… I mean, I can try that… can't guarantee success though… anythin' else?"

Beyla sighs, folding her arms. Lesson number two. "Well, in my experience, guilty people attack the evidence. Or don't answer questions directly. Simple yes and no answers to questions about rumours are generally the signs of a clear conscience. In my experience."

And yet another thing Nanoc's at fault for. Sharding wherrybrain. He's a genius. "Oh… gotcha… you're /not/ supposed to… shards." he sighs "Anythin' else?"

Beyla grins broadly, trying not to burst out laughing. "And whatever you do," She punctuates her next words with a definitive tap of fingernails on wooden table. "Don't. Get. Caught." Here endeth the lesson.

Nanoc can at least grin at that "Well, I haven't yet, I don't think… otherwise I think he would've probably brought at least that up… but thank you /so/ much! I am forever in your favor!" Consider him a clinger for services rendered.

Beyla chuckles slightly. "I'll remember that…" she says with a grin, and a wink as she picks up the shirt she was fixing once more.

Nanoc is able to de-tensify and sit back in a relaxing manner now that all is clear for the time being. He should probably stay away from the infirmary now "Huh… ain't safe for me to /actually/ go clean the 'firmary now, is it? I should probably stick to the tubers or the latrines, huh?"

"That," Beyla says, tossing the shirt aside upon seeing that it needs no repairs, only a good wash. "Would probably be a good idea." She agrees, bobbing her head.

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