Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. Cojiroth is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. – Lzi, Sapha & N’ano

Dragon: Cojiroth
Color: Bronze
Name: Sapha
Egg: Paths & Crossroads Egg
Egg Desc: R’yn
Dragonet: Twilight Masked Hero Bronze
Dragonet Desc: N’ano
Messages: Sapha
Inspiration: Lzi, Sapha & N’ano
Picture: R’yn

Clutching Message:

Ryazusith fusses over the latest egg, protectively wrapping a tail about it for the moment; her gaze lifting only to scan the galleries as she offers a new-motherly hiss in the general direction of the crowd, then ducks her head down once more. Lifting from the ground once again, she settles upon a fresh patch of sand, this time only briefly preparing the surface before yet another ovoid makes its debut into the world.

Paths and Crossroads Egg:

Speckled splotches of silver bunch together like cobblestones that fade off into the distance around the circumference of this small egg. Sprouts of sage peek out from between the stones, marking old, unused pathways like so many untold stories. Dark motes of emerald shadow over the egg like light peeking through tree branches onto lush grasses below. In the center of everything, where paths converge is a form of angular stone. Like some guardian of the watch, this moss-tinted patch of shadowed gray seems to be a protector to all who travel these roads.

Hatching Message:

Paths and Crossroads Egg has been relatively serene through out, but now cracks appear in its surface, the rhythmic erosion taking its toll against the once hard shell. The tock tock tock that could be heard all hatching increases in volume, as if finally the traveller draws near. Without fanfare the gentle pecking culminates in the disintegration of the shell, leaving Twilight Masked Hero Bronze Dragonet sitting in the ruins which he created. The traveller has arrived!

Twilight masked Hero Bronze Dragonet:

Aphotic molasses soaks bronzen hide, seeping into every curve and crevice formed by muscle. Within each neckridge, it burns, color rid through the shadows of darkness until it spills onto a near-mahogany muzzle, unflawed despite darker creases that spider up his neck and fade into oblivion. Honey taints wingsails, the hue lightened with each of Rukbat's rays filtering through. Sap smothers his tail, shading its way into each flank that pools into a dark penumbra. Lean sinew creates the bulk of his large body, each limb perfectly proportioned with the rest, marking a virile beast.

Impression Message:

Twilight Masked Hero Bronze Dragonet is really sick of all this searching. Surely treasure isn't that hard to find is it? With a sharp little yawn and a shake of his head he resumes his weary quest. Dodging one particularly clumsy candidate he collides with a shaggy haired young man with amber eyes. As their gazes lock, it becomes evident that the young bronze dragonet has finally found his treasure. His Ryran.

Personal Impression Message:

A gentle crash of waves intrudes upon your mind. « Man, do you have any idea how tiring that was? » A lazy voice drawls in the spaces before retreating into the dappled patterns of sunlight and shadow. « I'm like, Cojiroth. And we're gonna have a lot of fun together. » This announcement is accompanied by the melting colors of the seaside, blues and yellows disintegrating into waxy bubbles. You have been claimed, for now and ever more.

Name Inspiration:

Cojiroth! It's his name, and he's all yours! Essentially certain members of your team *coughcoughSaphacough* had a deprived childhood, and never encountered Link or Zelda, so they went searching on the web. They discovered this lovely little encyclopedia ( Within this Encyclopedia was a name, Cojiro. Cojiro was a blue cucco that hatched in Links pocket, and had a particularly shrill cry. While cuccos are similar to chickens, they are also known for their independent spirit. We decided that your dragon should share some of that spirit, so we named him Cojiroth. And they all lived happily ever after. The End.

Egg Inspiration:

Chimata no Kami - Literally meaning: 'God of Busy Places'. Chimata no Kami is a phallic Japanese god who is also the protector of roads and trails, but his main concern were crossroads. His followers would create monuments at the sites of crossroads in homage to his positive, life affirming responsibilities. —R'yn

Description Inspiration:

You wanted dark, you got it! His hide is nothing but sweet! The color may be lighter in some places, but for the most part, it just gets dark… darker… darkest, especially wherever skin folds or shadows out the light. Think of yummy dark brown sugar. Mmm. Sugar. He also has distinguished marks—-the creases. They almost look like scars, but really, they're just little folds of skin like wrinkles only, well, not. They just make him wicked cool, y'know? And strong looking. I was thinking of those veins that people get when they work out a lot? The ones that pop out and seem really -really- green if they're pale to begin with? Yeah. Something like that, only his aren't green.

Mind Voice:

A soothing melody will fill your mind when your beloved Cojiroth speaks to you, reminiscent of a flute or possibly even an ocarina accompanied by the crashing of distant ocean waves. The accent your bronze has is completely and totally surfer, dude. He's like the most bodacious dragon around, man! This is the tone he will usually take with you. With other dragons, especially the females, he'll drop the surfer dialect and pick up the voice of an absolute charmer, perhaps acting more like Zack Morris then. During the rare times when he's angry or upset, his melodious tone will disappear and the crashing waves will completely take over your mind, drowning out any other sound and disrupting your ability to hold any coherent thought.

The scent that complements Cojiroth's intonation can vary greatly. Much like he does in real life, he'll take you on great adventures with the aroma that lingers in your mind. Sometimes your eyes will burn from the sharp smell of the ocean waves, other times he'll bring in the softer scents of the beach. Other times he may leave a trail of heavy evergreen forests or possibly the light fragrances of a single flower. Those are only a few examples of the journey he'll take you on with his scents. There's no rhyme or reason to his essence, so every time you speak with him will be a brand new experience for you.

With a background of a blue-green ocean, colors of sunshine yellow, everest green, and sandy orange melt and mix together in blurbs and bubbles, much like they would inside of a lava lamp. When Cojiroth is happy, expect the colors to be lighter and the balls of lava to move around much more slowly, carefree in their path. However, when he's upset, you can anticipate the hues deepening significantly and the bubbles to be crashing into each other with great force.


"Link is generally physically fit, and in addition to his fighting skills he can perform certain actions on his own or by using powers granted by non-weapon items." …Well guess what? Cojiroth isn't too different himself. He's buff and he knows it. He'll try to outfly the others and succeed in doing so. His body's perfectly proportioned much like a body builder's. Though he may be a bit on the short side in the beginning, he'll shape out and be one of the larger bronzes in the Weyr. He's tough in thread and isn't afraid to give it a piece of his mind. It's too bad that there's only a couple of turns left before the interval because your lifemate was definitely meant to defeat it. No worries though, he'll find something else to occupy himself with to assure that he doesn't turn into a couch potato which might allow that lean beef to turn into body fat. That's just not tolerable.


Someone apparently introduced Hide and Seek to Cojiroth bright and early. You better keep him away from those lovely gardens of Keroon, that's for sure. Your lifemate loves to—-well, explore, to say the least. He's always on a treasure hunt. Maybe there's a trundlebug hiding under that boulder. Or that flowerbed? Bet there's something under those flowers! Whether he's on the loose in search of a spare mark for an ale to cheer you up when you're feeling down, or if he's just curious to see what lives beneath, he's surely bound to cause havoc /somewhere/. And guess what? He's ready to pull you into the fun, especially when something's just too big to move himself. Just be careful though! The mind is much more powerful that thy physical self. He's definitely bound for a few muscle strains if you don't tell him enough is enough!

Cojiroth loves to push his limits. There's very few things he fears in life. He's willing to sample every bit of life if it means something different and new to do. « Hey, wanna jump off that ledge and see if we bounce back up? » Again, /just be careful/! He sometimes just needs the little reprimand on your behalf to tell him if something's unsafe. Yet, he'll continue to persist. You just have to stomp your foot down and tell him no. It's going to be hard, especially when he starts in on the « Pretty please? » bit. He'll understand why after and he'll love you for it.

Many adults often bring the child out in them from time to time. After all, being a stick in the mud isn't always -that- fun. Once he's older, you'll find Cojiroth being much like Link in Ocarina of Time, hopping back and forth between the present time and childhood. Now, we're not talking -between times-, because that'd be a naughty no-no. We're talking a combination of reminiscence and regression. When time allows, you mind find yourself with a BIG dragon acting like one of those little, playful dragonets down in the weyrling barracks, but it's all for good fun. Being serious all the time just isn't cool.

Of course, when you're not out searching the seven seas for treasure, Cojiroth /loves/ to sleep. Sometimes it'll be hard to coax him up in the morning, especially if he spent the night thinking up little a little rendezvous (or three!) that you two can go on. This in turn might rub off on you. Don't be surprised if you find yourself late to a few formations. When you two -are- in drills though, his demeanor'll certainly make up for the tardiness. If Pern had report cards, Cojiroth'd be on honor roll. Conscientious and diligent are just two words to describe him at work. Focus focus focus! Even though you may spend time and time again trying to ward him away from his own distractments elsewhere, the second your mind starts to even think about how bored you are, or even about that pretty girl over there on green, you're sure to get a sharp mental whip to draw you back to THE IMPORTANT STUFF.

Life isn't all work though. When off duty, and not on one of those little trysts, you might find him cozying up to one of those greens… over there. Not particularly one of his clutchmates, but the /older/ women. If they pay no attention to him, that just makes him try even harder! He'll win their love and utter devotion eventually! He's quite sarcastic, a helpless flirt, and—-oh yes, he's more than willing to hook you up, R'lar. It's not fair for him to get some dragon-booty and you to be left out in the dark! Don't be surprised though when one of those greenriders he prods you towards is old enough to be your grandmother. Those younger ones just haven't lived life to the fullest yet! They can't -possibly- be that interesting, yet.


When Cojiroth rises in his first flight, that'll be the day. No seriously, that'll be the day that you realize the true nature of your dragon. First off, he'll only chase after the older, more experienced greens. « I don't want to be a father just yet!! » And secondly, if the chase lasts too long in his opinion, be prepared to be majorly let down. « Let Dragonth have her. How about we go find some treasure on the beach instead!? »

However, there may come a day when you both are older and more mature that the idea of chasing after a gold dragon and becoming a father may appeal to Cojiroth. When that time comes, you'll see your dragon in a way that you've never seen him before. He'll be a caring and doting father, but expect him to immediately go back to his flirtatious ways as soon as the eggs are hatched.

"It's over…it's finally over… " -Princess Zelda, Ocarina of Time

Seeing Cojiroth fly in threadfall will surely be a sight to see. Not only will he be graceful, but he'll also be rather courageous. Cojiroth will risk his life, but not yours, R'lar. Much like Link himself, your bronze will put himself in danger if it means saving another dragon, especially greens and golds. Once the fall is over, he'll think nothing of it. It's all in a days work for him.

"The right thing.. what is it? I wonder, if you do the right thing, does it really make everyone happy?" —Child on the Moon, Majora's Mask

Sacred Space:

It'll soon be pretty clear to you that Cojiroth has an affinity for greenery. What might not be so apparent is his reverence for the forests of Pern. Yep, your boy is a tree worshiper at heart, nothing makes him happier than exploring the woods…or the glades within woods, seeing as a bronze dragon isn't exactly built for traipsing through the trees (Be warned that you are however). He may choose a particularly large venerable tree to return too time and time again, perhaps because he is awed at its ability to survive.

« Wow R'lar! Can you imagine, this tree has seen 700 turns! That's 3 passes! »

Or more likely, because he's buried the numerous treasures he's collected within its roots. There is nothing more magical for your Cojiroth than the rustle of the wind through the leaves, and the long sunny afternoons spent dreaming in the dappled shadows.

Harper's Tale's 43rd PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Minka’s Gold Ryazusith and D’baji's bronze Nverath
Date: 28 December 2005

S'eron's green Lenculoth
Tala's green Tsukiath
Sin's green Iqiazath
Vri's blue Tirynth
S'ke's blue Saikath
Ayla's brown Jhakkarath
Sorcha's gold Madigyth

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