Clutching 37


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Logfile from Hannah.

The ground is a-shakin', the earth is a-quakin', but it's not a hatching, oh no! Miyakath is laying her eggs, so hustle up to the weyr to watch. @go ista weyr, sb, hc, galleries.

— entered by Yulianna on 2003-10-31 19:07 MOO Time. (22 minutes and 59 seconds)

From the hatching sands, Yulianna ambles off the sands.
Yulianna ambles up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

N'ano walks nonchalantly up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Rielle relaxes on a bench, just enjoying the new sights. A few charges play around her feet, either with cards or imaginary things of their own design. Hearing footsteps, the nanny turns her head, raising her hand in greeting to, and waving, at both N'ano and Yulianna. She bounces one of the younger kidlets on her knee, as the boy peers out at the sands. Ooooooooh.

Oralia heads down the stairs.

Oralia walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Yulianna strides up the stairs into the galleries and offers a fierce look around. Her gaze lands on the nanny and kids and she marches toward them, "Oy, isn't it a bit warm here fer play time? Not to mention m'lifemate's -tryin'- to sleep." The last is added as the petite redhead's arm extends out to one side and points at the sleeping gold dragon on the sands. "The nursery get flooded or somethin'?" Attribute her attitude to her lifemate's condition, if you would be so kind. She, luckily, fails to notice N'ano initially.

"Hey Rielle," N'ano greets the nanny on his way up the stairs, hesitating at the topprobably 'cause Yuli's blocking his way… and thus why she doesn't see him. "Kids don' need to be cramped up in the nurseries all day, y'know. Fresh air is good for 'em!" N'ano chirps, tapping Yuli's shoulder in indication towell, to move, really. "I'm startin' to get worried, y'know… you're lucky Miyakath's on the sands! I swear half of 'em dragons and lizards outside in the bowl are lookin' quite sluggish—think it's that thing goin' round," N'ano says, concern ringing in his tone.

Rielle blinks, wide-eyed. Uh oh. Fierce gold-rider. "I-I'm sorry." stammers the nanny, scooping up the child and standing a bit abruptly. "We can leave," she murmurs quickly, "They wanted to come up here, and see, and, and—" she trails off, hanging her head slightly. Uh oh. She's done it now! A sigh of relief washes over the nanny as N'ano comes to the rescue. Perhaps she will escape with her head today. "Yeah," she comments to N'ano's concern, frowning. "Three of my 'lizards look kind of dull in the eyes, like they're over-tired or somethin'. They've been sleeping in my hammock all day."

Yulianna waves a hand brusquely and dismissively, "Oh, I don't suppose it's any trouble. Just keep them quieEEEEEEK!" So much for quiet. The goldrider all but leaps behind Rielle at the "sudden" appearance of N'ano. She points at the man and blurts, "Keep 'im away from me. I won't have any blood spilled in here ya' hear! An' Miyakath said absolutely -no- N'an' yer dragons are all gettin' sick to boot! This is all yer fault. Yer fault for gettin' Miya preggers in the first place," she gushes, levelling an acusatory eye on N'ano and clutching at one of Rielle's shoulders.

Rielle stands quite still, slightly confused, and a slight fearful as well. "Yes ma'am," she squeaks. "They'll be quiet." A few of the kidlets look up at Rielle in confusion. It's /just/ a gold-rider. Hmmph. As for Yulianna's words to N'ano, this girl is stayin' out of that! A little shaken from Yulianna's first words to her, she just looks around somewhat nervously and tries to keep quiet.

"I hope it ain' anythin' serious. I mean, Bydelth ain' lookin' his grandest'n there ain' no way I can miss falls, y'know? Hannah'll pro'lly hang me or somethin'! I already missed so much with that t/what/!?" Dood. Yuli's proclamation results in nothing more than a mere snort and smirk combination, "My fault that Miyakath's preggers? Shards woman," N'ano rolls his eyes, stepping around her to settle upon one of the nearby chairs. "My fault too that she happened to go proddy 'n Bydelth just -happened- to beat out Nverath?" Woop.

Oh, not the best words N'ano could have chosen. The goldrider draws herself up and steps around in front of Rielle, all five feet and four inches of her towering over N'ano's six-foot frame. She glares at him and replies in a perfectly demeaning manner, "Yes, I suppose only someone as slimey and tricky as you -could- have beaten him out." Don't mind her. She's just mentally preggers. "Hmph!" and with that, Yuli sticks her nose in the air and plops herself down on a bench, turning to "play" with one of the kids by taking his stuffed firelizard and glaring at it.

Treirluperak comes slowly up into the galleries, making sure he actually got to the right place, since he kept getting lost. He stops, and looks around at the people gathered, and nods to them, having left his firelizards behind at the hold. "Good day." He greets lightly.

Six feet and almost an extra inch with those boots of his, to be precise. "I ain' slimey or tricky!" N'ano protests, prodding a finger back at herwell, wherever it happens to land. "'n I had nothin' to do with itIt was alllll Bydelth." That's it. Hoist the blame onto the bronzened lump. "'sides, if you think of it, it's kinda sick—ain' you my cousin's cousin's cousin or somethin'? Y'think I actually asked for -that-?" Yeah baby. "Well, whatever. What's done's done… speakin' of which, I gotta finish collectin' the bets!" Since P'rru's slacking these days.

Farro, the victim of Yuli's 'playing' just stares at the gold-rider. Hey! My firelizard! Even he knows better than to argue with a goldrider, being the weyrbrat he is. "Good day, Tre," Rielle chimes, remembering him from her expedition to Ista Hold. "Nice to see you again." Her head swivels back to look at N'ano, eyebrows quirked downward in confusion. She doesn't know a sharding thing about mating flights, so don't look to her for backup. Wisely, however, she continues keeping silent until the topic turns away from that, before adding in in a hushed voice. "Is it really a sickness?" she murmurs, concern flooding her face. "Is there something I can do for my 'lizards?" She directs this at either of the 'riders, hoping they'll know.

B'ane traverses solidly up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Tasi saunters, hips swaying gently as moves up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Yulianna shoves the firelizard back at poor Farro and stamps to her feet, again. "N'ano! That's disgustin'! I can't believe ya'd put it that way. We're only related by 'fastin' for Faranth's sake! Don't make it sound like we're a couple of back-hills Bitrans!" the goldrider exclaims, folding her arms across her bare stomach and glaring at the man a moment, until she spots someone else. "B'ane!" and the girl scuttles around N'ano and heads right for the -other- bronzer, a dirty backwards glance shot at the Weyrleader. A bright grin, however, is B'ane's award, and she makes to latch onto him.

Tasi walks slowly up into the galleries, belly protruding impressively from her otherwise slim form. "Mph," she mutters, lowering herself down thankfully to take a seat somewhere near N'ano and Yulianna, waving around politely and offering smiles of greeting, but very much intent on sitting down.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath gives a rumble and shifts in her sleep, something pricking at her to wake up, though she's loathe to do so. Golden hide shifts and shimmers on the sands in the dim light, and finally one iridescent eye cracks open and the dragon offers a low, disapproving rumble.

"Sickness? Yeah, I think it isseems like somethin' infectious too… lots are sharin' the same symptoms. 'n I think some of the healers are workin' on -somethin'- for it… 'least I hope so, anyway." And since Yuli's reaction is far moreinteresting, N'ano can't help but turn a wink to her, "Hey baby… I'm just statin' the facts!" Well, beside the fact that it is indeed, through marriage. But still. "Hey Tasi," the man greets fellow rider. B'ane's only noticed 'cause Yuli called his name, and thus, N'ano sends a salute in his direction as well.

B'ane braces himself upon reaching the peak of the stairs, a fifty or sixty-turn old woman latched onto his arm for support. "There you are ma'am, look, there's a sight right there up near the front for you." Nodding, she makes her way towards the identified spot to converse with her neighbors. But right when it seems his days as an escort are over, a Yuli adheres to his arm. "G'eve Yuli, how uh, how are you and Miyakath doing?" The ground below the ledge is looked at, but no eggs are seen. "N'ano, Tasi," A hand also lifts in greeting as he peers in their direction with a smile in his eyes.

Tasi smiles up at N'ano, tossing him a salute. "Hey, you," she says with a grin. "How's things?" This question extends to Yulianna, and a nod down toward the sands prefaces the question of, "How's Miyakath doing?" She laughs as she echoes B'ane with this question, and leans forward a little further to peer down onto the sands.

Rielle stands and bows politely to the other bronze rider, having not met him before. A bright smile is directed at Tasi as she edges over, peering at the 'riders belly. "Oooh," she coos, nearly squeaking. "You're almost there!" Rielle croons, flipping into Delighted Nanny Mode. Yulianna, N'ano, and B'ane forgotten, she draws the kidlet in her lap tighter into her arms, and gibbers intently to Tasi. "You know, my offer still stands if you're interested!"

Livesta trapises up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath shifts and rumbles and clambers to her feet, swollen sides shifting in an awkwardly painful looking way. The gold offers a mere glance for any curious onlookers in the galleries and begins by stretching, feline-like, digging her forward claws into the sand and raking the earth toward herself.

N'ano actually frowns in response to Tasi's inquiry, a roll of his shoulders to follow, "I'm hopin' alright… well, on the subject of everythin' aside from Yuli, who'd pro'lly kill me in m'sleep if she could." And that's all he'll say for now. Maybe. "'n how are -you- doin'? Gonna name your kid after me?" Hey, it's worth a shot. Just look at that genuine grin to follow!

Jaryn stalks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Tasi laughs a little at the enthusiastic nanny, nodding her thanks. "I appreciate it…next time I get myself out of bed and lumbering around, I'll be sure to stop by the nurseries," she says with a grin. "No promises, though…this is the first time I've been up in a while now." She grins at N'ano, rolling her eyes dramatically. "Oh, sure…let's make Sainin as annoyed with me as possible, shall we?" She chuckles tolerantly, though, and then shuts up abruptly as movement on the sands captures her curiosity.

Livesta slips up the stairs, giggling softly under her hand as she peers about the galleries, seeking a totally bear ledge before clambering up to a nice perch, complete view of the sands at her disposal. Ah, just in time as well! Miyakath is just gettign set to start, hmm? TIme to settle, then, and keep quiet! Maybe nobody will notice her?

Crepe walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Yulianna beams up at B'ane from her position on his arm and shrugs, "We're fine. Ya'd be amazed how hot it is this time, though! Hardly able to breathe! It's stiflin'. I can't find little enough fabric to wear," she jokes, waving at her rather riske outfit. But then there's a rumble and something in her mind that jerks the goldrider's attention toward the sands and she drops B'ane's arm. "Oh—'scuse me." And it's as simple as that and she's gone back down the stairs and toward the sands!

Jesiya steps swiftly up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Yulianna heads down the stairs.
From the hatching sands, Yulianna ambles out onto the sands.

Rielle beams, before realizing she's probably falling into the Ditzy Girl Syndrome trap. Coughing to clear her throat, Rielle directs a sincere apology toward Tasi, her words trailing off as Yulianna excuses herself, and Miyakath moves out on the sands. Her head turns, blue eyes focusing on the gold and whatever it is she's doing.

Ambling about is a certain wandering Vintner, tossing blonde hair out of his eyes every five minutes or so. Amusedly, his eyes flicker to the sands, then back to the people of the galleries; it will be known that Jaryn has his sketchbook tucked leisurely under one arm, and those dark, dark eyes of his are scouring for an open seat with a good view. Choices, choices…

"Hey, does Sainin really despise me that much?" N'ano smirks, rolling his eyes as his head shakes briefly. "C'monit'd be cute! If it's a boy, he can beuh, Nanoc 'n if it's a girl, Nanny!" And since Yuli's departing back down the stairs, N'ano's attention follows her to the sands. It's the most he can do, anyway, since the gold won't even let Byddie down there as the father. Sniff. "Hey—think she's 'bout to clutch!" he suddenly exclaims, loud enough for whoever might be around to hear.

From the hatching sands, Yulianna scurries out onto the sands, losing a sandall on her way but staying well back from the gold. "Everything alright, love? Nono, I -know- that's what's goin' on, but is everythin' -else- alright?" She seems to recieve a favorable answer, for she nods and clasps her hands behind her back, offering a rather helpful, "Let me know if you want anything…water…wine…" That'll be Yuli later, no doubt. She has -her- bet in as to how many eggs there will be!

From the hatching sands, Miyakath rumbles and turns to overturn more sand, and before long the sands look like a construction site with piles of sand here and there. The queen turns an eye on her lifemate and offers an appreciative rumble for the girl's offers and sets to levelling out the now-softened sand. Soon, now. Very soon.

Jarjar blinks in from ::between::!

Tasi opens her mouth to respond to N'ano, then shuts it again as he and Yulianna head down toward the sands. She smiles, eyes wide with excitement as she seems to have picked the perfect moment to drag herself out of bed. She grins at Rielle, shaking her head as if to head off the apology, clearly not worried. But that's about as long as her attention stays off the gold, her eyes return inevitably to the sights on the sands.

B'ane notes an oily sheen on his jacket that wasn't exactly rubbed in all the way and completes the required effort with a circular motion of one of his thumbs. "Ah, some new faces here I see," that's his way of referring to Rielle, Oralia, Livesta, Treirluperak & co. "Welcome." Although his expression remains bland enough, the word is infused with distinct authenticity. "Ahhhhh, what a day it's been…" Just another day in the life of a plague sufferer. Well, for the dragons and flits maybe. "Certainly." A stretched smile fastens onto Yulianna's retreating figure and the bronzerider teeters cautiously over to a seat. Can those be shadows under his eyes? Something within him burns to start getting info from the Weyrleader, but swallows this questions for a more appropriate time and setting. "Tasi, when is your wee one due?" He's so behind on things, help catch the dear boy up.

Jarjar suddenly disappears ::between::!

Tasi opens her mouth to respond to N'ano, then shuts it again as Yulianna head down toward the sands. She smiles, eyes wide with excitement as she seems to have picked the perfect moment to drag herself out of bed. She grins at Rielle, shaking her head as if to head off the apology, clearly not worried. But that's about as long as her attention stays off the gold, her eyes return inevitably to the sights on the sands.

Livesta carefully makes sure the cusions she was carrying are arranged to her satisfaction, then clambers onto the top of the pile. About then, B'ane's greeting catches her attention. Eep, she's been spotted! Ah, well, what's it matter? Still, the lass peers about from her slightlu better vantage, watching the golden dragon below, anxious as all-get-out.

From the hatching sands, Yulianna raises a hand to run her fingers through her hair, then trots the long way around the sand toward a pile of things where a hammock is strungapparently her temporary bedroom. She settles herself on one of the cratessand up the shorts is rather unpleasant at any time. "S'alright, love. It's my job, you know. Just relax. No—no he's up in the galleries, don't worry, he won't be down." That's right, just keep reassuring the gold.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath Miyakath shudders rhythmically, before stretching, really getting into the spirit of the process. Opening her mouth she allows the emotions boiling under the surface some expression with the baring of her ferocious teeth, swinging her neck this way and that so that all may get a good look. As the laying progresses however her head ducks down again swiftly, as with one last dramatic effort she brings forth Shang Yuan Lanterns Egg to grace the dark sands with it's good luck brightness.

Gacea walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Jaryn lankily strolls to a spot to a side of the apparent bustling crowd, sprawls into a seat, and untucks his sketchbook, snagging at the nearest writing utensil on him. There's a pause, however, when he peers around slightly- then a blink at the moving queen. "Come here to sketch dragons, and suddenly I find myself attending a clutching," he brogues to the air, tone nothing less than as dry as the sand below.

Rielle smiles brightly at Tasi, relieved that she's not 'in trouble' for the giddy syndrome. Despite her lack of knowledge of weyrs, clutchings and hatchings, she has a vague idea of what's going on, especially when she catches snippets of Yulianna's words. "Ohhh!" she breathes as the first egg is laid. Forget everyone else! This nanny's eyes are riveted below, watching with deep admiration. "Oh how beautiful," she murmurs, clutching the kidlets close to her as they all watch.

N'ano slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

From the hatching sands, Yulianna shifts to her feet as the first egg is lain and clasps here hands together, craning her neck to get a look around her lifemate. At times like this it's really much better to be in the galleries. But her duty is to her lifemate and she falls to murmuring words not audible to those in the galleries due to distance.

Jes wasn't smart enough to bring cushions for the benches, herself sliding by knees and eyeing about her with a slight smile towards the sands, "Has she laid anythin—-" She pauses and oh ho hos, "Nevermind." This said to whomever she's just settled neck to, her hand reaching to to pat the persons knee, "Oh oh! Look how beautiful that egg is." That excited hand keeps on patting the knee, other hand up to chest, "I wonder how many she'll lay…"
From the hatching sands, Miyakath strains to bring forth the stubborn Floating Lanterns Spirit Egg into the world. It joins the sands like it belongs to them, ethereal; the great golden dragon moves on. She's more to do than watch the ghosts of one egg.

Tasi stares down at the egg, smiling widely. She leans over to poke N'ano in the side, whispering, "What d'you think?" She smiles down at Yulianna and Miyakath, enjoying the sight. N'ano's name suggestions are ignored, although whether this is out of pique or simply due to distraction from the eggs is anyone's guess.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath shifts position and the sun almost seems to shine brighter as she starts digging a shallow trench to serve as home for two smaller eggs. Turning to survey the first one, and then the other; it's Dia De los Muertos Egg that she turns to with infinite care, piling the sand 'round both forms.

Treirluperak tilts his head as he watches the queen clutch, and then looks to the others.

Livesta oohs and ahhs along with the rest of them as egg after egg graces the sands. So dark yet luminous, those Lantern eggs, and that Dia De los Muertos egg is such a contrast, bright and splattered with colors. If these first few eggs are so wonderful, what will the rest be like?

Rielle ohs softly again, nudging Tasi and pointing to the Floating Lanterns Spirit Egg, murmuring softly. "That one's my favorite so far…" before falling silent again, eyes still locked on the events down below.
From the hatching sands, Miyakath is hungry— mm, she's hungry. It's been a long clutching— she /deserves/ a treat, Faranth be flamed! That same old hunger for something bloodygorymmsogoodherdbeast transmutes into something much more delicious, as seen in the next egg to be laid: an ooey-gooey plop of pure teeth-rotting sugar.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath wobbles a bit, knowing what is next; she carefully makes a nice mound of the black Ista sand. Feeling the pressure she knows what it means and turns to lay the egg on this special mound of black sand. Thankfully Miyakath gazes at her life mate, eyes whirling in rainbow colors, as she is so -proud- of this egg! *Popping out* the -Pumpkin Pie Egg- falls onto the mound. Sweeping back Miyakath adds just a bit more sand to the outside of the egg with her muzzle. She glances around to check if anyone may be close.

B'ane produces a slightly more animated effect when the queen dragon starts to squeeze out a few rounds of eggs. Weary thoughts and the promise of relaxation are put onto the back-burner as the Maverick rider straightens his slouch-happy pose and witnesses the birthing of another generation of dragons. Someone had better brought the wine, right? Subdued, B'ane will be rather silent for the most part.

Tasi smiles at Rielle, nodding distracted agreement to the statement. It may not be her favorite egg, but she certainly thinks it's beautiful. As B'ane sits up straighter she smiles, leaning forward to place a hand on his shoulder and whisper softly, "Amazing, isn't it?" While Tasi's first instinct may not be silence, she seems to understand B'ane's quietness, her own voice soft, and her question carefully worded so as to require only a nod, if her fellow rider so wishes.

Jaryn gets his knee patted. Sha-blink. Beginning a rough, vague sketch along the paper, he silently watches- well, not too silently. "I like that last one," he remarks to Jesiya— "It looks so… delicious. Bah." The Master Vintner digs through the saddlebag that was languidly straddling his arm, snagging out a bulging skin of something, and taking a draw directly from it. He offers it to Jesiya distractedly, other hand working on the outline of the eggs themselves. Eggs, ah— eggs.

Moss glides up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Livesta gets her own gnawings of hunger as that yummy-looking egg is plopped upon the sands. Sugar-delight, that it is! But no, no eating when watching, too much of a distraction! So the lass settles herself once more and focuses, closing off the sounds of her tummy.

Rielle gives an unsure glance to the sands, tearing her eyes away to nudge Tasi again and point at the Pumpkin Pie Egg. Its glimmering, light colors intrigue her. It's still not her favorite, but she's still eager to point it out to Tasi. Shards, she's excited to point out anything. So beautiful. So… mysterious. The kidlets too lean forward, oohing and ahhing, pointing at a variety of the eggs, murmuring soft, quiet comments in reverence.

N'ano scatters down off one of the ledges.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath pauses in her laying and offers a low, crooning rumble. Apparently the pains have ceased for the moment. The gold takes the time to arrange the sand around the eggs, buffering them with little piles of sand which half-bury and steady the soft ovals. A low sound for her lifemate and a fond look for the eggs are indulged in, and then the gold's sides are shifting again, heaving slightly.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath shivers as her body once more starts the process of bringing a new egg into the world. Judging by the increasing intensity of the huge shakes, it is entirely possible that the world may not be ready for what it is that she is bringing forth. With one last trumpet off effort she deposits Winter Solstice Egg upon the sands, bringing her shivering to an end, but not her labor as she quickly moves onto the next egg.

"I think it's gonna be a nice, strong and healthy clutchin'—I mean, Bydelth's the father so…" So egotism plays a large factor in N'ano's opinion. Why wouldn't it? So there's his much belated response to Tasi's inquiry. Blame it on eggie distraction, eh?

From the hatching sands, Yulianna nods, "They are lovely. Faranth it's hot," is added under the young woman's breath as she fans herself with a hand, but offers her lifemate a grin. "Doin' lovely. Just keep poppin' 'em out an' I don't think this could possibly last more than two days…" Is she serious? Well, Faranth only knows, really. And Miyakath.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath can barely catch her breath as hot on the heels of her last egg, another makes it's presence known with the muscles on her sides bunching she settles on her haunches to birth the last of the quartet. Almost reluctantly her body brings forth the actuality of Autumn Equinox Egg to decorate the sands. Indeed it seems that Miyakath has treated the Hatching sands to four seasons in just this one day.

B'ane looks his he's awakened from a day-dream or the beginning stages of dozing off when Tasi taps the stiff leather on his shoulder. "Oh, for sure - a display of life's little miracles. Speaking of which, do you think your little bairn will get the hint after attending something like this?" The Sunfiree's swelled stomach is glanced at with the slightest of quirked grins. "Your due date can't be far off I can imagine.." To the best of his knowledge. He tends to give a wide girth to pregnant women.

Those same patting fingers give a squeeze as the orange delight pops out, "Oh I believe that's one mine as well." Her voice is just above a whisper, this being her first hatching, well..almost..since the clutch that spawned T'am out, "Ahhhhh.." That is one of wonder for the next egg that makes its way out, "Could you imagine something that big comin' out of you…" Unerringly her hand reaches up for the bulging skin and she brings it to her mouth and takes a deep drink, handing the skin bag to the Master Vitner, "Thank you…" Eyes don't veer from the sands however and another egg graces the black gems of hot sands piled.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath doesn't have time to enjoy the heat of the hatching sands, as yet another egg makes it's presence known. The time passes quickly as her body heaves to expel her latest offering, and what an offering it is, as the delicately hued leathery shell of Summer Solstice Egg appears to pulsate with the rising heat. However there is not time for her to admire its grace as duty makes it's presence known with yet another set of contractions.

Tasi grins, far more tolerant of N'ano's egotism today than she's ever been before. "Between Byddie and Miyakath, this should be one impressive clutch," she agrees with a smile, nodding to Rielle as she looks over the Pumpkin Pie egg and leaning down to point admiringly at the Winter Solstice egg. She laughs softly, nodding to B'ane. "Should be soon," she says softly. "I hope sooner," she adds with a wry smile, quite eager to get rid of the extra weight and have the child in her arms rather than in her belly. "I hope you're right, and the little one's inspired by this show of birthing," she agrees with a soft smile, partly joking and party in earnest.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath recovers rather swiftly from her chilly offspring birthed only moments before, as she prepares a divot for the impending ovoid next to grace the sands. This one it appears doesn't tax her so much, and it's almost a surprise when Spring Equinox Egg is finally settled upon the sands.

Rielle rests her head in her hands, still fixated on the sands. Eggs, in all their glittering, beautiful glory. Rielle nods in agreement with Tasi's comment about Bydelth and Minoyath, as well as Tasi's pointing at the Winter Solstice Egg. She now has /two/ favorites! The oohs of adoration continue echoing from the awed kidlets, as they try to inch forward, halted by the soft scolding of their nanny. "No, no. Stay here. You can see fine."

Livesta hisses with suprise as the Seasonal eggs begin appearing, Winter and Autumn the first to emerge. Brilliant, those, and what's this? Summer appears as well! What a delight, eclipsed by the graceful arrival of the Spring egg. Ah, a perfect quartet! And a sigh of appreciation escapes her.

"Maaaaybe as good as the ones that Bydelth 'n Dhiammarath have produced," N'ano beams, tossing Tasi a wink before refocusing his attention back down to the sands. "So how many y'think we're gonna get? Ooh! I'll have to take bets soon for colors as well…" Gotta pay off those bar tabs, afterall.

Neiana walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath rumbles and nuzzles at the last egg and then settles right back to what she was doing before. After all—Yulianna wasn't joking that there are quite a few more lined up. And just for proof, the gold offers a final hasty shove of sand toward the Spring Equinox Egg and moves to another part of the sands.

Treirluperak smiles lightly as she watches the eggs and the queen. "A very nice clutch so far." He remarks lightly, and looks around nodding. "How many she had so far?" He asks. "I lost count.":

From the hatching sands, Miyakath golden hued body trembles with exhaustion or rather another contraction as she nears the end of her clutch. Crouching low she deposits another egg on the sands. Moving away from her newly laid egg at first nothing can be seen. Miyakath however knows better and with a nudge of her muzzle the Chinese Lantern Egg can now be distinguished form the sands.

Racee walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath lifts her head, eyes swirling with anticipation as body seems to twitch from tail tip to her golden rump, Head reaches forwards to seek out a bare spot of sand, forearm following to hollow a spot out before she shifts her great body to deposit Goddess Of The Moon Festival Egg into the crater. A pause is taken as she twists her head around to gently brush against the egg, eyes dancing with prideful protectiveness. /Her/ baby.

Livesta has disconnected.

Jaryn quietly smirks. "Those four are— interesting," Jaryn opines at the seasonal eggs, filling out the sands and working hard to keep up with the laboring queen. "Somethin' tha-no, I couldn't. But think 'bout it— women give birth to something that's proportionally bigger." He gives a little shiver. "Insane." Capping the skin, he settles it back into the saddlebag, and squints at the sands, musing a bit. "Is that last one—" He squints, /hard/, blinking rather owlishly.

Tasi smiles, staring down and quickly counting the eggs already on the sands. An appraising glance is sent to Miyakath, too, and a knowledgable squint from the girl who's grown up around dragons. "I'd say 24, 25?" she guesses with a little shrug, turning to glance questioningly at N'ano to see what he thinks of her estimate. "A goodly clutch, certainly," she says with a nod of approval, her smile extending back to Rielle and B'ane as if to include them in the conversation whether they're speaking or not.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath shifts uneasily, muscles twitching anxiously beneath her hide to echo the imminent egg's impatience to arrive. A rushed flurry of movement deposits Canadian Thanksgiving Egg, the golden mother hurriedly pushing sand around its base to prop it in its place, where its ugly top may be readily viewed from any angle.

Rielle breathes softly, squeaking, as she watches the eggs continue to be deposited on the sands by the golden queen. Rielle nods. Yes, a good clutch. She's a little occupied though, what with watching the eggs and all…

B'ane blinks languidly and is just suddenly amazed at how fast this is going. Or maybe it's just because he /wants/ it to go by quickly. At this juncture, he's so fogged up that anything's possible. "They say that mothers-to-be tend to synchronize their birthing rituals, so you never know.. Y'got a healer on call just in case?" Just a warning, B'ane may or may not make a whole lot of sense. An over-tired bronzerider is just an accident waiting to happen. "Miya sure looks like she's passing them easy. Which is a good sign."

From the hatching sands, Miyakath stretches luxuriously as the heat of the Hatching Sands provides some comfort against the birthing process momentarily. However such respites are short-lived, and her sides ripple again as another contraction rocks her golden form. After carefully preparing a little divot for the next of her offspring, she positions herself to the greatest advantage so that the newly laid Pohutukawa Christmas egg has the best posse upon the sands.

"Aye—'n she's lookin' healthier than ever!" Which is certainly more than N'ano can say about his own lifemate. Speaking of which… shifting uncomfortably in his seat, N'ano turns a look towards B'ane, inquiring: "How's -your- lifemate doin', eh? I've seen a few, includin' m'own, that ain' lookin' too fresh, if y'know what I mean… gettin' kinda worried." And he very well should be! The last is said somewhat quietly, as to not be overheard too much.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath poses oh-so-prettily, with neck high-arched and.. well, okay, haunches spread and wings precariously outreached as so she can lay the next egg precisely where it should go. Something goes wrong, however, when the false pink glamour of Trite Chalky Sugar Hearts Egg squeezes out with a noise vaguely reminiscent of a sound-effects kiss… Cheese, anyone? Or how 'bout some trite chalk?

Tasi grins at B'ane, nodding to both questions. "Yes, I have a healer, and yes, she seems to be doing quite well." A frown is sent to N'ano, and an uncharacteristic exclamation of "Don't talk about that in front of the eggs!" bursts unbidden from her lips, far louder than she intended. She has the grace to look sheepish, but the fierce glare continues toward N'ano, and just for good measure gets swung around to B'ane, as if to quell any thoughts of discussing the same.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath stretches and shifts and sets to nudging eggs into a particular area—far, far away from the door. That's right, anyone who wants at them will have to get through her. But then it's time to do a little more again…a little more laying.

Jesiya nibbles on her lower lip as all the eggs seem to be 'popping' out rather quickly, "Is it normal for the hatching to take this long?" Definately not like having a human woman give birth where it takes /days/. She watches another egg come out, herself having a hard time choosing a favorite one, "I can choose a favorite one." Reiteration from the mental to the audible, "And oh, I didn't think of it that way…They just look so huge on the sands.." She has no idea who she is talking to, hands on her own knees now as she leans forwards so as not to miss anything, "Insane isn't the word. I'm never going to pop out kids…I'll leave that to T'am."

Neiana goes home.

From the hatching sands, Yulianna shifts around and heads after Miyakath. "Anything you need, love?" she asks, pausing a little bit away and waiting. "I could stand somethin' to drink myself," she adds at length, then heads back to settle on her crate, again. After all, the only -real- thing to do is wait.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath seems to pause, falling into a quiet stupor even as she prepares herself for the next egg to clutch. Muscle and sinew ripple beneath the golden hide, causing stomach to clinch with the coming contraction. Relaxation of muscles and form come as the tiniest little egg rolls out and into the trench the gold created just for it. Miyakath peers at the little egg and it's small size a moment before swiftly burying it in the hot sands.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath has a fairly easy time with this egg, though she seems to spend a little longer examining it before she tucks it neatly into the sand and moves aside revealing Fall Bazaar Egg.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath lets out a short rumble, her body contracting for a moment. This one is taking it's precious time to join its brethren on the hot sands, but finally Slurred Guinness And Green Egg settles neatly where it ought to and Miyakath moves on.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath goes about, lumbering ponderously about the eggs already in place, muzzle dropping to nudge over that egg, scoot over this one. And, with no more than a low rumble, she stalks full circle — by the time she comes 'round, Orient's Lantern Egg has been deposited into the newly-vacated space.

Livesta trapises up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

B'ane's sienna eyes are still watching the ordeal below, since things like this are almost like the Play-Offs, but he shifts closer to N'ano's direction and replies, hush-hush of course, "I'm not sure exactly; Aboleoth looks mostly normal, but I know he's been hanging around those that don't look so hot with their fading hide and all. I don't know what to make of it all, quite frankly." But wait, N'ano's a dragonhealer, he could trace every symptom to any possible diseases or deficiencies, right? "What do you make of it?" Tasi's warning is either unnoticed or the question he had imprisoned is just too much for even the bluerider to quell. And he's in perfect striking distance too. Shucks.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath drops another egg on the sands, gently pushing it to join the others. Ooh, that one's pretty! She stops for just a moment, admires it, keeps walking. Her shadow covers it for a moment, then moves on following the bulk of her body, letting the sun shine full on Peaceful Heart Doll's Daydream Egg.

Jaryn stares at the Chalk-Hearts egg with a certain detailed amount of trepidation. "That one scares me," he comments to Jesiya. "Is it just me?" Shudder. "Reall— yes, actually she's going pretty fast," he comments. "T'least, from what I've seen of clutchings." Flicker, contemplate. "Insane? Yes, it goes beyond insanity, I suppose. Hn. You can choose a favorite?" Pause, blink. "Which one?" Fingers fly.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath hunts now for the spot of perfection — one that works to hide the darkest of the eggs. Finding a spot with other eggs, a nice 'happy' spot, the gold settles Black Thursday Egg upon the sands to cause more trouble for those enjoying themselves. The egg, with the stocks, plummets to the sands. Oops.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath readjusts her position, shifting away from the last egg to make room for the next. A shudder ripples through her body from tip to tail. She hisses sharply as though burned, lowering her body to the sand. It is with relief it seems, that she deposits Flames of Prosperity Egg on the sands. The burning sensation seems to have been relieved as she silently leans over to inspect the egg.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath shifts her weight, nosing gently at a nearby egg as she nudges it aside, rumbling gently to herself. As she prepares for the arrival of the next egg her noises echo and intensify, a gentle drum roll growing into the rumbling sounds of cannons, fireworks, and flames. And so, with a foreboding fanfare heralding its entry into the world, the Bonfire Night egg slides onto the sands to settle, a study of contrasts against the black sands of the hatching cavern.

Livesta ahhs delightedly, watching egg after egg after egg after egg… Well, you get the picture. So many eggs gracing the sands, each beautfil, stuningly diffrent, and well worth the wait to see. Ah, such fun! Now, how many so far? One, two, three, four… seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty? Oh, no, Twenty-one with that Bonfire Night egg. So far so good!

N'ano shrugs, shaking his head whilst readjusting his posture to face B'ane a bit easier, "I 'unno—like I was sayin' earlier, I think it's some type of infectious virus that's floatin' 'round 'n bein' spread 'tween the flizzen 'n dragons in proper. I ain' seen any humans comin' down with anythin' as of yet so…" After a long pause, he adds, "I'm just hope we can create -somethin'- to alter the symptoms." Though if it's a virus, they're doomed. Silly metabolism thieves!

From the hatching sands, Miyakath heaves a heavy sigh and settles back to eye her work, eggs are really cumbersome things to carry around. They are, however, much more trouble to lay. The gold fixes an eye on Yulianna, likely for some conversation, and then stretches: neck, legs, back, tail. Once that's done she readies herself for a little more heaving.

From the hatching sands, Yulianna regards her lifemate, the gold's flanks and nods, "Are ya' sure, love? Anythin' I could do for ya? Ya' probably need somethin' to drink." Of course, dragons don't really drink alcohol, but it -is- hot on the sands. "Oh, right, I fergot yer used to it," she allows and pulls her feet up, wrapping her arms around her knees and continuing to eye her lifemate.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath is ready for a break, for a rest, for it all to end- for to every good thing, there must be a beginning and an end, both well-defined and celebrated. The end of this torture /will/ be celebrated- ironically enough, by the dropping of the Giant Disco Ball Countdown Egg— well, as soon as it chooses to edge past those final handspans and plop down into the heated sand. Almost ready— /almost/ ready— Three… two… one…

From the hatching sands, Miyakath is no stealth bomber, especially not one with the wrong directions — no, she knows what she's doing. Working with tactical precision, the gold aligns and targets Living On In Infamy Egg in exactly the right position. Missile down.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath makes haste to dig a suitable cradle for her next kid-to-be and lowers her posterior to the ground. An icy chill seems to sweep across her very skin, yet is then almost in turn chased away by artificial warmth. With little other trouble, the Homage to Spring Egg rocks a few times before it settles to endure a lengthy hardening period. Depositing three other children, the queen dragon then trudges on to birth the rest of her cumbersome load.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath lowers herself to the sands and voices an evenly toned trumpet followed by a short series of staccato notes to welcome the new egg into being. When she quiets and moves away, left on the sands is a sweet looking egg left with the clutch - the Apples n' Honey Egg.

Jesiya blinks, head shaking as the eggs continue to just roll out, "I'm sorry..not payin' attention to what I'm sayin'…" She shifts her hands from her knees to under her thighs, effectively sitting on the fingers as the flow of eggs causes a certain amount of excitement, "I can't pick out an many..and they're comin' so fast my eye goes to one and then flickers to another.." If only her dragonets were here..they'd /love/ it. The sketching of the Master Vintner finally catches her ear and she turns it momentarily, "Trying to capture the moment?" But Apples n' Honey egg is birthed and Jesiya is once again all for the sands.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath offers a final stretch, shifts and yawns grandly. But before she can rest there is a final deed to be done. The gold circles her clutch, eyeing each egg, counting and re-counting them. At last, after nudging more sand around this one or adjusting the position of that one, she turns and shoots a warning glare toward the galleries before settling herself quite neatly between the entrance and her clutch. Anyone who wants to get at them will have to get past her. And with that, the gold's inner eyelids close and she falls to a steady breathing, one eye on the eggs, the other on the entrance to the sands.

B'ane doesn't like it. He doesn't like it at all. Something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark and it's not the man's socks next to him. "None of my personal flock of firelizards have anything suspiciously wrong with them, but I think I'm going to start quartering them off just in case. So far, I haven't witnessed anything, you know, critical," meaning corpses for those not attune to secret rider-lingo. "But is this going on else where too?" Maybe Ista's just got a case of the Mu-Shu Flu.

Tasi reaches forward with all the dignity and fury of a pregnant woman and smacks each bronzerider, not too hard, but certainly hard enough to make the point. She keeps her mouth firmly shut, turning suddenly to focus her attention on the eggs instead, not even dignifying the riders' discussion with a reply other than the quick, sharp smacks to the shoulder. An angelic smile returns to her face, somewhat forced, as she tries to focus, instead, on the beauty of the eggs and the clutching. The smile becomes wider, and a whoop of triumph escapes her lips. "Check it out," she chortles, "My count was sharding close!" Wow, Ista'll be lucky when Tasi's done with this pregnancy thing….moodswinging, pissy blueriders do bad things to the Weyr.

"Ow! Hey! What was that for?" N'ano protests, sending Tasi a pout and a quirk of his mouth. Turning his head forward once again, he observes the sands, standing halfway and leaning forward to count. "Oneseven…eighteen… twenty fivetwenty six… Huh. Not too shabby! Y'know what this means though… we're gonna have to celebrate! Well—with cake or somethin' since you can't drink yet." Tasi's sent a beam, naturally. "Need help gettin' down the stairs, ma'am?" he smirks, beckoning B'ane over with a headjerk to Tasi's other side.

Livesta oohs once more as the last egg graces the sand and Miyakath settles down. A full twenty-six eggs! What an awesome queen Miyakath is! So many, and so beautiful, each placed so nicely by their loving and guarding mother. Well, what a delightful performance, and worth the persuasive work Livesta put into getting a rider to bring her for this!

Ashlao walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Jaryn just grins amiably over at Jesiya for the main part, when he's not studying his growing work-of-art. "Er— good sized clutch, I'd say," he grants with a broad smile, then- to answer her question, "Yes, indeedy- always tryin'," he muses, re-sketching out a line and pausing to methodically add a lump of sand to balance out the picture. "Lovely clutch."

The smack to B'ane causes Tasi's original point to hit home with the force needed to shut him up, so to speak. "Right sorry. I guess this isn't exactly the place," is squeezed through his teeth. "If this continues though, she should call a Weyr meeting or something.." Perhaps he needs yet another clout 'side the head.. "Yes, here," sliding his boots under him, he offers his forearm to the rider with child. Lookit, N'ano and him are the model of chivalry, no? "Great clutch indeed." No, B'ane didn't forget about the eggs.

Ashlao walks in. She had just finished some of her chores, she had checked in on her firelizard, she was just a baby and tales of this plague had her worried- just her luck to impress a firelizard days before a plague affecting firelizards. She gave an amiable grin to those who were here. "'lo, how is the clutch?" She peers down, though with so many people it was hard to get a good view.

Tasi sighs softly, seeming to forgive the bronzers their indiscretion. After all, the hatching seems to have gone without a hitch. She smiles gratefully, reaching up toward N'ano. "I would /love/ some help getting down the stairs," comes yet another less than typical response from the woman who rarely admits a need for help with /anything/. "Cake would be good too," she muses, "And you'd better start stocking up on the wine," she says with a poke aimed toward N'ano's stomach, "'Cause I don't have all that long before I can join you in drinking again." She nods to B'ane, taking his arm as well and nodding her thanks as she stands up, wincing at the strain on her knees. "And a Weyr meeting might be smart…just let's wait to talk about all of this until we're not here." Okay, she might be happier but she's still sticking to that idea.

From the hatching sands, Yulianna hefts an answering sigh to Miyakath's and looks relieved. A moment's pondering and she shifts to her feet and tip-toes toward the gold. "Alright love? Yes?" She nods to the dragon and frowns lightly, "I will, if ya' don't mind." And apparently the gold doesn't mind. So the girl offers the gold a light pat and then heads toward the door with a backwards glance toward the dragon before heading off the sands.

"Hey, your half of you know where's just been collectin' dust," N'ano winks, adding, "It's all ready 'n waitin' for ya after you pop!" With that said, he tugs the small chain down the stairsgently, of course. "Easy nowhey B'ane, maybe we should just carry her or somethin', eh?" He's kidding, honestly. See the smirk?

Jesiya isn't just content with saying 'lovely clutch' to the inhabitants of the galleries, oh no, instead of answering Jaryn she stands up from her seat and waves an excited had into the air towards the Gold Queen, "Amazing clutch!!!!! Very beautiful!" There. Her outburst for the day. And then Ashlao is heard, Jesiya turning on her feet to look at the young girl, "The clutch is /good/." She turns looking now at the person she was speaking to, emerald eyes dancing to note it was the vintner, "Wasn't it?" This said to Jaryn, Jesiya making her barefooted way out from the stands to head with the rest of the people milling out.

N'ano heads down the stairs.

Tasi heads down the stairs.

B'ane just looked at baby Logger.

Livesta slips off after the others, hoping to listen more to all these delightful people.

Livesta heads down the stairs.

Ashlao heads down the stairs.

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