Clutching 33b

Log Courtesy of Yulianna

Tier and tier of benches rise high in these galleries, encompassing a sweep along a full third of the cavern's wall. Seats worn to slippery-smooth likeness, they are broad enough to offer security — but each one is also high enough to offer a clear view over those in front. Several lines of rope cordon off this area from the Sands below, and a precariously narrow pathway offers access to the multiple layers of draconic ledges that line the walls.

To view things on the sand, see <help here>.
Perched around the galleries are sixteen firelizards.
Sarah, Brid, Boric, Resani, Tiller, Ellianna, and M'er are here.
Obvious exits:
Ledges Stairs

Danse walks in.

Kylianna walks in.

Sarah pads gently in from Suith's back and smiles as she heads over in M'er's general direction. "It's so nice to be back, you know. I've been visiting B'ane and all, so I've been in the Weyr, but not here. Brings back so many fond memories," she says with a Sarah-ish beam, which is followed by a slight cock of her head. Bronzen locks are set free today, cascading in curls down her back. "And thank you for giving me a lift," is said to M'er as she chooses a seat close to the railing. Eyes are brimming with excitement. "It's just like last time, 'cept I didn't actually see the clutching." Sage nod.

From the hatching sands, Yulianna strides onto the sands like the seat of her trousers is on fire and marches straight toward her lifemate, but pauses a few feet away from her and glances toward the galleries, "I'm sure they're fine, love, they're not gonna try an' steal 'em. Just like last time, ya' know?" She takes another step forward and rests a hand lightly on her lifemate's neck, "Take yer time, there's no rush ya' know." Try telling that to the eggs.

Danse runs in, waving to the old greenrider that brought her. "Thanks, A'han!" Quickly she slides into what appears to her to be the best available seat, but she doesn't stay seated. She soon pops up to peer down onto the sands.

Resani strolls in. The peculiar redhead wears a self-confident look, 'brows arched expressively and a subtle grin rests on thin lips. Flamed curls are tied into a strict upon atop her head, giving a more plain view of her odd expression. She quickly strolls over to the nanny Brid with a welcoming smile to mask her grin for the time being. "Hallo there, Brid," she greets then adds, "Eggs!" with a certain amount of mysterious excitement, waggling delicate fingers to go along with the exclamation.

From the hatching sands, D'baji is more than just a little worried at being on the Sands with big clutching golds. So, following Yuli in particularly meekly, he stops a fair ways away from said Miyakath, and blinks. *ahem*

Boric sits quietly and watches the goings on with great intrest. To anyone that knows him, they know that quiet isn't his usual state of being.

She's kidless this time, no need to deal with thoseterribletwins at a time like this again. Besides, they are busy scrubbing every pot, pan and dish the weyr owns at this point. A grin is flashed to Season as a thank you for warning her to be here, alone. settling herself on a seat near the rail, she studies the eggs already hatched and ponders. So 'different' this time. And what star pattern is that, anyway?

Resani whistles to Saein, who glides over and lands on Resani's shoulder with a chirp.

M'er follows the path down to the Galleries, chagrinned. Suith is up on the ledge, fluttering about like a proddy firelizard. Well, no, Suith isn't proddy. You don't have to hide. But she's excited. "Yes, yes, Auntie Suithie," he answers his dragon out loud, chuckling at the tiny (for a) green. "I'm glad you're visiting again, Sarah. We've missed you!" he notes to the Baker with a grin. "You should come bake for me once," he continues, chuckling. He's so skinny. /Someone/ should try to fatten him up. He doesn't live with his mommy anymore.

From the hatching sands, Contrary to popular belief..or the belief of a few certain individuals, Miyakath is not a rapid fire gun that pops eggies out like hotcakes. Squishy hotcakes. No, the young gold rests heavily in the sands, sides heaving just a little with her breath, somewhat strained, despite the almost scathing looks she's sending at the galleries. They want omelettes! She can tell! Maybe she'll just keep them all inside and stay fat forever. That's right. Then they'll never get them. HA! Blink.. A low croon gets issued to Yulianna, somewhat grumbling, before shifting about again, nudging out depressions with her forepaws. Fine, fine..she'll pop 'em out..really.

Rorschach> Brid looks up at the familiar voice and greets the redhead adressing her, "Hello Resani, come to watch round 2 as well? Mel and Cal are well out of things, so it should be relatively calm today." Hopefully, anyway. No saying when any of her charges may decide to appear.

Graiham walks in.

Beaming, Sarah laughs and raises a hand to her mouth. "Oh, M'er, of course I'll bake something for you. What do you want? Pies? Tarts? I am a Journeyman, so you name it and I'll make it. Within reason," is added as she shrugs her shoulders and peers out at the sands. Sarah may be an adult now - isn't that scary? - but she still has her usual childlike naivety about her. "She's going to start soon," is said gleefully as she wrings her hands together. "I'm so proud of both Yuli and Baji," she says with a laugh. "Who'd have thought that back a couple of turns ago that it would be THEM out having a clutching, instead of in the stands!"

Boric looks around at all the people here. He looks over at Brid, then his attention is drawn back to the sands below. If only… A couple of blinks, and he's once more entranced by the sight of so many dragons.

Danse is suddenly shy for possibly the first time in her life. Here she is in a place she's never been before, surrounded by people she's never met, seeing something she's never seen before… She suddenly slinks quietly back to her seat, peeking meekly out onto the sands at random intervals and saying nothing.

Tiller goes home.

From the hatching sands, Yulianna shuffles a bit and strokes the gold's neck for a moment before turning back to the big hairy guy that, yes, she is aware was following her. "How many do ya' figure? Dhiammarath laid twenty-three. I bet we have at least twice that, eh?" she shoots him a wink and murmurs, "'Specially since our flight was a bit longer…" And can't you just hear the evil cackle in her voice. She turns quickly back to her lifemate as the gold begins making the little depressions in the sands and starts towards her as if to help, then takes a little step back, bumping into D'baji and proceeding to drag one of his arms around her shoulders. "Twenty-six, at least." she adds, stating it as fact.

Resani snorts lightheartedly at Brid, folding her arms across her chest as Saein lands upon her shoulder. "Aren't we all here, eh?" she comments lightly, eyes scanning the coming of others. She just smirks a white-toothed grin at the comment of the nanny's kidlets that she watches, "Calm? At at Clutching?" she just shrugs to fill in the space for the rest of the sentence. Resani stands upon the tips of her toes to peer over a head blocking her line of view…she wants to see Miyakath…pffft…the Gold's hardly invisible…even through this crowd.

Boric peeks over at Danse, smiles timidly, then goes back to watching the sands.

"You'd think it'd get awfully crowded out there," Graiham can be heard to comment as he and a couple of other Healer Apprentices make their way in to the galleries. "I mean, there's already a bunch out there." He turns, peering toward the Sands as he makes his way toward a bench somewhere, pausing near Danse's. "These taken?"

Nverath furls his wings once more upon his back. Apparently, despite his normal aura of calmness, he's catching some of his riders nervousness. His Lady Love there (Miyakath, not Yuli), is rumbled to softly, and with an obvious intent he waddles forward a bit, turns around, digs his tail into the sand, and starts on a trench.

From the hatching sands, Nverath furls his wings once more upon his back. Apparently, despite his normal aura of calmness, he's catching some of his riders nervousness. His Lady Love there (Miyakath, not Yuli), is rumbled to softly, and with an obvious intent he waddles forward a bit, turns around, digs his tail into the sand, and starts on a trench.

Healer patrol. Kylianna lurks in the galleries, seeming quite content to hide away. But hey, it's safer than hanging from the railing, drunk, and ending up a dragonsnack. And finally, a time away from the rigors of the Hall, at least for a little while… And away from /apprentices/. Though as she glances around at the crowd, she notices the Healer Apprentice lot with a wince. Okay. So. Not so far away. But she'll pretend.

Danse sees a cute guy look at her and moves as if to go nearer to him, only to have another walk right up and ask to sit with her. She grins and shakes her head. "Nah, you c'n sit there if'n y'want." She eyeballs Boric again though.

M'er sends out an approving glance to Yulianna, Miyakath, D'baji, and Nverath. He sidles close to Sarah, with a grin. "I like redfruit pies," he comments with a wink, "With lots and lots of spices." Oh, getting a bit daring, are we, M'er? The congregated recieve a finger-wiggle. "Hello, all. I'm M'er."

From the hatching sands, Miyakath gives a vague hiss for a moment, pausing in her activities as the muscles along her sides ripple, glimmering faintly. Mm..contractions. Don't you love them? The gold moves again after a moment though, with a bit more care, nosing about in the sand before sending a whuff of it in D'baji's direction. You! You helped make her fat! Somehow! Grr. Oooh..a croon goes to Nverath though, rather pleased with herself. Yes. That's a good Nverath. You make her fat, you get to help make her /unfat/. Or something like that.

Boric peeks back towards Danse, shrugs as he sees that there others about to join her. Boric blushes a bit as he sees Danse look at him… Caught! drat!

Brid says, "So, how many eggs do you think Miya will ckutch? I wouldn't be surprised if it's more then Dhiammarath let loose on the sands. I bet.. 25, I think." She hasn't said what she will bet, but make an offer, the nanny is open to haggling a bit. "Wonder if they will prove as interesting as well."

From the hatching sands, D'baji offers the most innocent of grins to Yulianna. "It was a rather, hmm, spectacular flight?" is said with a minorly shakey voice- blame the excitement. "Twenty-six?" is asked in a rather rhetorical manner, while he'll happily allow an arm to be dragged around the goldrider. He even goes so far as to offer her shoulder a little squeeze. Aww. "I'd say a few more than that, if you're so confident, but I don't think more than thirty-three."

The handful of Apprentices range themselves in a general cluster, with Graiham parking himself on the end of Danse's bench. "Thanks," he says pleasantly, leaning forward to see toward the Sands and catching a look at Kylianna in the process. "Hello, Journeyman," he offers, tossing a wave in her direction. "We're all allowed to be here," he adds, gesturing to the group. Just in case, y'know.

Sarah turns to face the rest of the crowd as well, face turning a slight shade of rouge at her lack of manners. "And I'm Sarah, Baker Journeywoman," she says with a laugh and a finger-point to herself. "Oh, /M'er/," is said with an eye roll. "What KIND of spices? If you mean sweet stuff then fine, but I won't be putting pepper and such on pies! It just isn't done!" Blonde hair is tossed behind her shoulder as she looks down at the sands and waves to D'baji and Yulianna gleefully. Miss her? Sitting back down, she peers over the railing - still excited as a child. Did I not warn you?

Danse eyes Boric yet again in what she hopes is an inviting manner. She gives a subtle pat to the still empty seat on the other side of her and smiles. Then she promptly turns to beam at the other guy. "Hi. I'm Danse."

Ellianna walks in, still a bit flushed from her ride. Mumbling to herself, something about never getting used to riding dragons, she makes her way in to survey the crowd. Having spent a few turns at High Reaches, her shyness isn't as pronounced as it was but this large of a crowd still intimidates the Nanny. She finds a seat squished between two people she doesn't even know. "This had better be worth it." She is quite fond of muttering I'm sure you can tell. Maybe it is a nanny thing.

Boric blushes again as he notes Danse looking at him… Blinks as he sees the blatant invite… Pauses to decide what he's to do, then stands and walks over to Danse, "Hello, I'm Boric," is offered in a rather timid tone, though to look at him you wouldn't expect such a tone from him. Perhaps its just nerves?

Shardit. She's been spotted. But a quick glance over the group shows that it's not /too/ bad a group, and Kylianna's smile seems genuine as she offers a little nod. "Well, good day, apprentice. Apprentices." Too many of them. They multiply like bunnies. But the smile turns to a wry smirk as she gives a little nod. "Mmhm. Suuure you are." Wink.

Resani is close enough to hear the dragonrider's general greeting, "Hallo greenrider," she gives a nod of her head respectfully. To Brid, she shrugs, "I'd say around twenty-seven, myself. She's a young Queen, her," she shrugs again. Azure eyes seep over to Baji and Yuli, spotting the two..she chuckles to herself as a hand goes up to wave at them both. She returns her attention to Brid, "I'll see ya around," is all she gives as she takes her leave, shoving her way through the crowd, lacking any manners in doing so, to get a closer look.

Tiller walks in.

Dejah walks in.

Kira walks in.

Graiham's choice of seating apparently had little to do with Danse's appearance and more to do with finding room for five or six Apprentices all in relatively close range. He looks over at the other girl, blinking twice (the second to keep the first one company, of course). "Oh, hi. I'm Graiham. G-R-A-I-H-A-M." It's important to him. "No, really," he adds insistently toward Kylianna. "There's some classes here." He beams. "Convenient, huh?"

Brid also spots her friend on the sands, but knowing they have more important issues on thier minds, just sits, watching everything and not missing anything. The eyes and ears of a nanny catch an amazing amount of information most think goes unnoticed. A wave is directed to Resani's back, seated in the front row is good enough for her.

From the hatching sands, Yulianna nods with approval at D'baji's estimation. "Probably not more'n thirty-three. I was talkin' to Hytiafya' know, the Weyrhealerthe other day, an' we decided, it bein' past the half-way mark of the pass an' all, the clutches'll probably start gettin' smaller, ya' know?" And somewhere, it seems as if a note of impending doom should strike. *ahem* She wriggles a little closer to the man who is easily twice her size, and peers at Miyakath and Nverath, "Aww…look, they're diggin' together! That so sweeeeet!" Maternal Yuli rears her ugly head…dun dun dun!

Danse turns to grin up at Boric now. "Heya. I'm Danse." Then, having received also an introduction from Graiham, she starts talking. They can both listen if they care to. "I'm from Gar, but I ain't never been to the weyr 'fore. My mom's kinda phobic. I been to 'Reaches though. Fostered there…blah blah blah…"

From the hatching sands, Miyakath pauses, head waving from side to side majestically as her contractions start once more. Almost rhythmically her sides pulsate, undulating in a silent tempo only she can hear. Darkness emerges, peaking between her brilliant goldness as she brings forth the first egg, punctuated by random chaos, it already appears quite settled in the crater it's dam created for it.

From the hatching sands, Arid darkness consumes the expanse of this swarthy ovoid. Not uniformly black, it appears to have an oily sheen reminiscent of midnight rainbows. Spikes and wiggles in glittering shades of zaffer, viridian and heliotrope etch deeply into the somber opalescence. Random patterns are formed by the thread-like colors suggesting shapes despite the individuality of each track of color. In the end they all serve to lend brightness to the otherwise drab egg.

"Pepper would be bad on a pie," greenrider agrees. "I like, you know, sweet stuff. And spicy kind, like cimanimanina — er. Forget it." Grump. M'er then enters the conversation with a: "I'd say… 22. Miyakath seems like a 22-egg-dragon," How the young man can figure this out is beyond me. He's probably just stupid, that's all. "Eggggggs," he says, nearly drooling.

Boric ooohs as he notes the movement on the sands, is that an egg?

From the hatching sands, Aww, even maternal Yulis have pretty heads. *cough* D'baji's attention, naturally, stays rested on- the dragons? Yes, oddly enough, though he's got a Yuli right there, he's watching the dragons and giving a dull nod. "Yeah, well… Still, y'know, I figure it should be a bit bigger." Because it's Nverath's clutch, and 'Ver is manly. "Funny, that. Would've that Nverath wouldn't be /allowed/ to help out," bronzerider muses with a sniff, head canting faintly with the curiosity for that statement. But yet, there's Nverath, trenching away, and returning Miyakath's croons with his own little melodic rumbles of sorts. Mellow, of course.

Dejah goes home.

Sarah just eyes her green-rider friend and laughs. "You mean klah powder and such?" she asks and muses over that thought for a minute. "I'm sure that could be arranged!" is said brightly as she looks over the ledge in time to see something begin to happen. "Oh! Yuli's dragon is going to have an egg!" she says with a bright grin and an excited giggle. "I think twenty three eggs will most likely be the magic number," she says with a wink. "One more than twenty two - the perfect number." Amazing. Sarah is actually egging someone on. She must be in an excellent mood. Oh no.

Graiham is no doubt pondering the geography of that, his brows furrowed into a knit in his forehead. "Are you still fostered at the 'Reaches?" he asks doubtfully. "I got to watch part of the one here the other day," he adds, leaning to nod toward Boric pleasantly. "Bit odd," he commits thoughtfully, settling back with a nod. "Odd."

Danse shakes her head. "Ain't never been to Igen, but my brother has. He wants to be a runner breeder. I don't live at 'Reaches anymore. I got homesick an' came back. I'm gonna be th'sistant gardener at Gar if'n I don't impress, but I hope I do."

Sarah goes home.

Resani has disconnected.

"Oh," begins Graiham, still with this slightly puzzled edge to his tone. Apparently, the conversation is a little difficult for him to grok. "Are you a Candidate then?" he asks, blatantly looking at Danse's shoulder for a knot.

Boric nods in return to Graiham, "Me sister was posted to Dolphinhall as a messanger, and me Da sent me up to her on account of some difficulties I… er.. was indirectly responsible for?" Boric blushes a deep crimson at that thought, then blinks hard a couple of times to keep the painful memories from spilling tears down his face.

Brid leans forward and places her elbows on the ledge. It's not like she is big enough to block anybody's view anyway. Remember, this is the nanny who is occassionally mistaken for one of the older sharges. At least her kidlets know her, right. But I digress.. it's another of those 'interesting' eggs again…

Resani has connected.

Danse also eyes her shoulder. Oops, lost her knot again. "Ain't one yet, but I hope I get Searched. I still could, y'know. Even if it ain't but a short time to the hatching now. I mean, they still gotta harden, right?" She doesn't know what to do with Boric's comment and so she says nothing about it. He /is/ cute though. *eye*

From the hatching sands, Yulianna starts to laugh at the thought of Miyakath not letting the bronze help, but clutches D'baji's hand as the gold's sides spasm and the first egg is deposited onto the sands. Not that it's that visible—certainly not very bright. But, by Faranth, it's an -egg- and that's the important part, right? Couldn't have her lifemate laying wherries or something ridiculous like that. "Oh! Lookit lookit!" Yuli exclaims, hopping up and down a little with excitement, Baji's hand still clutched between both of her's. "That's one! What did ya' say? Thirty-three? So only thirty-two left to go!" she exclaims, then pauses, frowns a little, and leans against D'baji's side, "It's goin' to be a long day."

Graiham raises his brows at Boric's candor, but politely turns his attention back toward the Sands a second or two later. "Well, it must be kind of interesting at the Dolphin Hall?" he offers conversationally, but is all too willing to nod after Danse. "I don't know much about it, personally, but I always heard that they don't even _start_ looking for Candidates till after they've already got eggs. I'm sure someone around here would know better, though." It being a Weyr and all.

With an intense look of concentration, Kira's eyes unfocus as she wanders off to think about verbs.

Kira wanders back into the room, after having considered verbs for a time.

Boric shrugs, "If'n you don't mind the pervasive smell of fish? Me? I'm terrified of water, only thing its good for is drinkin' and cleanin'," Boric turns back to watch the sands.

From the hatching sands, D'baji's neck straightens and cranes upwards some, so that he's more peeking across his nose to view the first egg to go 'shooting out.' Hotcakes? And attempt at a return squeeze for Yulianna's hand, though it's difficult when his own hand is surrounded, ambushed if you will. "It's… Sorta… Dark… Shiny…" Master of the Obvious at work again, though D'baji is starting to get a somewhat awed look. Nverath, meanwhile, rumbles encouragement or congratulations or something all too similar. There's one!

Danse nudges Boric with her knee. "If'n y'don't like water, why'n't you move away from it? You could come live at Gar. Ain't hardly any water but the lake there. Y'like bunnies? We raise bunnies. My mom's the gardener an' we got cider that'll make y'pregnant. Well, I mean not you, cause you're a guy… blah blah blah"

From the hatching sands, Yes..quite a long day indeed. But hey, Yulianna just gets to hop around and squeal over the eggs. What's Miyakath get? She gets to strain, huff, and go into labor an equivalent of..what'd they guess? Thirty-two more times?! That's /so/ unfair. Let's let Yuli lay some of these. And Baji too, cause that'd just be fun. Oh yes. The rippling effect takes hold again, the gold's head lowering just a bit as she strains, two eggies plopping out one after the other. Ooh. Now aren't they pretty? One rather pale white, patterened with slightly grey shadows, and the other one rolling with orange and red, billowing celestial clouds all over the surface. Yes. Pretty. Miyakath's head turns, inspecting the newest arrivals for a moment before gently nudging them into place, careful not to damage the squishy items.

N'ano walks in.

"Fish is pretty good," says Graiham certainly. "Not every day or anything, but it's better than some things. Like…" He pauses, searching for something with his eyes tilted ceilingward. Coming up short, he just seizes on a later part of the conversation: "Right. If you don't like it, why not move?"

Boric chuckles and blushes just a little, "My sister needs me right now. She ain't been feelin' too good, and I promised me Da I'd watch out for her."

N'ano slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

On the ledge, N'ano comes up from the galleries looking for a dragon — I know I parked around here somewhere.

Hytiaf walks in.

Hytiaf slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

On the ledge, Hytiaf comes up from the galleries looking for a dragon — I know I parked around here somewhere.

G'deon walks in.

Jash walks in.

Brid notes from corner of said 'nanny eyes' that the galleries are filling up fast. Season is up with the other 'lizards, humming and chattering away and no signs of unrest from any of the crew she would normally be responsible for, so scooting a little closer, she starts counting eggs, still puzzling out the arrangement and wishing she had maybe studied starcraft.

Resani's eyes widen as the egg is dispelled from the Gold. Not like she hasn't seen it before…but it's always fresh excitement every time to see such a spectacle. She pushes back a rouge fiery curl from her face and attempts to peer over the shoulder of one blocking her way. Grrrr. Azure eyes narrow dangerously, but she decides not to start a confrontation at the moment…so she goes around. She doesn't even attempt watch where she's going, seeing that she's muttering to herself and cutting her eyes at said-person. What /does/ stop her is the two newest eggs. Her mouth goes into a child-at-the-zoo gape with a, "Oooo."

From the hatching sands, Yulianna does more than her fair shair of ohing and ahing at the next two eggs, "Look, that'un's lighter…and that'un almost looks like the Red Star!" Her hands tighten a bit more on Baji's (by the end of all this, his hand will be crushed if he's not careful) and she bounces up and down a little more, unable to contain her excitement. A chastened look is offered toward her lifemate, and she offers, "Sorry, love, it's just so neat to -see- 'em all. An' it'll be over soon, I promise." Well…soon in relation to the colonization, settlement and growth of Pern, at least. She nudges D'baji in the ribs a little with one elbow and adds in an under-tone, "If ya' ever get -me- fat, I'll sit on ya'." And that's no idle threat, either.

Graiham nods vaguely, saying, "Well, that's a very grown-up thing to do. Taking care of your sister, I mean. Very admirable." Not that his opinion matters a hill of beans in the grand scheme of things, but there it is nonetheless. "I hope she gets better soon. I'd hate to be stuck so near water if I was afraid of it. How many eggs have there been so far?" The last is put to one of the Apprentices with whom he came in.

Danse eyes the newcomer (Jash). Oooh, another cute guy. Maybe he'll want to be in her harem too. She eyeballs him invitingly. To Boric, "Well'n after she don't need you no more you c'n come live at Gar. I can getcha a job if'n y'like. Whattaya do?" To Graiham, "I'n't like fish. I like chicken better. We got chickens in the kitchen yard at Gar, but they're kinda stupid… blah blah blah…"

Resani has disconnected.

M'er has disconnected.

Row row row your boat. Yep Jash got the memo from his lizards that a clutching was going on. Having no friends with dragons *insert sympathy here* He had to find an alternate means of transportation. Running into the galleries red, out of breath, sweaty, dusty and a little damp, (Wouldn't that make him muddy?) Jash pulls out his slate and begins taking notes. His eyes are only for the eggs and the large being bringing them into this world. He remains standing so as to have a better view of things.

Boric watches the Sands, and oohs as two more eggs appear, blinks a bit stupidly for a moment, then, "I was trained to run messages, but I'm not much good at that. Me Da was hopin' I'd be Searched, but it don't look like that's 'bout to happin anytime soon." Boric shrugs, as he glances at Danse and Graiham.

From the hatching sands, D'baji almost winces, though it comes out as more of a bemused smile, for the whole hand squashing going on. "Well, it sorta counter-acts the other dark ones, right? Ooh, that one is red…" Peer. "I think m'favourite is still the dark one though. It's sorta… Dunno how to describe it." He's already used dark, so really. "Shards, so that means, if we're right, there's like thirty to go? Or, if you're right, there's…" Pause for the mental math, "twenty-three? Somewhere like that." Bronzerider gets that scared look for her next comment. "Or you could just break my hand when y'get un-fat and it'd be equally painful?" Hintnudge. Nverath, meanwhile, is managing to look as smug as a dragon can look. Fatherly pride, y'know. And they're only on the first few eggs. Wait until the end, the dragon might explode. And then it'd be messy.

On the ledge, "We have a much better view up here, I think," N'ano comments as he leads Hyti towards a good spot upon the ledges "And it's quieter… but if you wanted to mingle—" he shrugs, motioning towards the others below "I ain't got no objections."

Kagosi blinks in from ::between:: in a flutter of shining bronze.

Graiham shrugs carelessly. "Fish is a lot easier to come by for some folks. And it keeps better, salted and barrelled. So I guess a person would just get used to it." When Boric mentions Search, he leans over and raises his brows questioningly at the other young man. "Well, did you ever think about a Craft instead?"

Brid is counting eggs.. and decides it's futile, each time she totals, a few more roll out. Okay, to be fair to the Gold, they don't just rioll, but the general impression idea is there. That red is .. almost uncanny and as to the light, pretty, but the cosmic one is the one her eyes wend back to on a regular basis. For this clutch, that is.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Resani off to bed.

The housekeeper arrives to cart M'er off to bed.

Boric shrugs, "I'm not really that good with much of anything… I can cook… sortta… and most animals like me, but I just can't seem to get the knack of most things?"

Danse rolls her eyes at the mention of crafts. "Oh, shards," (where /did/ she pick up her language?) "I wouldn't join a craft if'n y'paid me to. Too many silly rules. I mean, /really/! Why go to classes to learn stuff I already know? Ain't gonna be nothin' but a gard'ner an' the farmcraft classes are all about transplanting and what plants are what an' stuff an' I been doin' that since I could hold a trowel…"

With an intense look of concentration, Kira's eyes unfocus as she wanders off to think about verbs.

On the ledge, Hytiaf grins and settles into a seat beside N'ano and wraps an arm around his waist. "NOw why exactly would I want to mingle?" She grins merrily and winks at him before casting her eyes down on the sands. "I must say.. that the eggs Bydelth fathered were better, but then again, I am biased and there are only a few eggs on the sands so far." She grins and leans her head against N'ano's shoulder. Ah. Public displays of affection. She hoped not too many people minded the lower caverns woman… nevermind that she was the weyrhealer… snuggling up with their weyrleader.

Kira wanders back into the room, after having considered verbs for a time.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath is gripped by a contraction once more, great haunches quivering in the effort to push yet another of her dragon-spawn into the world. This one's irregular surface makes it a bit more difficult to pass, but as the egg is finally deposited upon the heated sands with an unceremonial whump, it is apparent that it is no less deserving of attention. Miyakath offers this new, jagged baby a sound whuffle-over before moving on to continue her maternal duties.

From the hatching sands, A shade bluer than black, languid velvet folds drift, rivulets shimmying over the uneven slopes of the egg to laze in pools of liquid darkness. Against the backdrop of ebon curtains, a distant whorl phases into view, the veritable mist of metallic particles drifting, bobbing, and free-falling ever closer to the orbs matte surface. It would seem that some of these particles have reached the outer limits of their ovoid world- the surface of the egg, itself, is coated in dings and dents of all shapes and sizes. Near the eggshells tapering end, a rusted bolt cruises into view, various royal shimmers underlying its dingy surface. Close behind it hovers a sluggishly gyrating sheet of metal, reflecting the glare of some unseen star for one ephemeral moment before receding into the darkness once more.

G'deon slowly enters the galleries, eyes more on the sands than the stands, though he keeps enough attention on the area at hand to keep from tripping or stepping on anyone. Riding jacket already left with his 'mate, Gid takes a moment to loosen a few more buttons on his tunic. You'd think that after months on this island he might have formed a tolerance to the weather, but the hatching sands are just a bit too intense. Eventually satisfied with his attire, the bronze rider continues on his way until he finds enough space on a bench to take a seat.

Graiham blinks at Danse, and drops his eyes very pointedly to his own shoulder, and his very spiffy Healer Craft knot. "That's not what Crafts are like," he says rather insistently. "They don't teach you stuff you already know. They teach you stuff you _don't_ know. Like… what kind of bone your head is." He squints at Danse and Boric repeatedly; kids these days…

Kira goes home.

On the ledge, N'ano has disconnected.

On the ledge, Hytiaf makes her way carefully down into the galleries.

Hytiaf scatters down off one of the ledges.

Boric grins at Graiham, he could really like Graiham, if he wasn't so set on getting himself Searched, "I've thought some about the Healer Hall, but… I get too upset when my sister gets sick. Caiti's been having lots of chest pains and she can't ever seem to complete a run as of late."

From the hatching sands, Yulianna pauses as Miyakath strains with the next egg, her own face puffing up somewhat and turning red, as though she is somehow trying to help push the egg out—doing D'baji's hand no good in the process. And then *pop* there's the egg and Yuli takes a breath and grins. "Four!" she all but sings, "That's four, and four is…four is good, right?" At this point it would seem that anything is good. Of course, it's obvious that Miyakath isn't done, yet, but it never hurts to count as you go. But Baji's comment doesn't go unheeded, "I don't -wanna- break yer hand an' I don't wanna get fat." so nya, she all but adds. "Nverath looks like he's going to faint." she adds with a bit of a giggle, loosening her hold on D'baji's hand with some mental effort.

Jash is standing glued to the scene in front of him. He is trying to count the eggs as well it seems from his pointing and writing. He watches both sets of dragons. "Interesting to see the interactions. Too bad I can't visit more often." He is speaking to no one in particular. He seems to be speaking to his slate. How odd.

Hytiaf slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

On the ledge, Hytiaf comes up from the galleries looking for a dragon — I know I parked around here somewhere.

Danse pouts that the other boy won't pay attention to her. All boys should pay attention to her. "Well, /I/ ain't gonna join a craft an' why d'I needta know what kinda bone my head is anyhow? That's a silly thing t'wanna know."

On the ledge, The housekeeper arrives to cart N'ano off to bed.

Hynolonie walks in.

"Doesn't she go see the Hall's Healer?" asks Graiham, tilting his head curiously to one side but having absolutely nothing useful to add about Boric's sister's condition. Being an apprentice, see. "It's not a silly thing," he adds defensively. "It's a perfectly good thing. Nothing wrong with being educated." He folds his arms crossly.

Boric shrugs, "I dunno, Danse, might'it come in handy to know? I mean, supposin' someone cracks his skull, an' there isn' a healer anywheres to be found? Whacha do then?" Boric arches an eyebrow in an unconscious immitation of his father.

From the hatching sands, D'baji just grins for the fourth, nodding quite emphatically to the whole little 'four' declaration, and resulting rant. "S'okay, chances of you getting fat are pretty much non-existant, don't worry. I promise not to sabotage anything." Though he manages to appear rather amused for the idea. "Nverath won't faint… I'd say more he likes like he's going to go and trumpet the fact that Miyakath and him've got eggs all over Pern… Though I doubt he'd leave 'till he's done," is added with a glance towards the bronze, who's still looking downright proud.

Hynolonie wanders up and down the galleries, looking about, taking random seats and trying to get comfortable. Inevitably, she doesn't find the location satisfactory and moves on till she finally finds herself sitting next to a rather familiar bronzerider quite by mistake. "G'deon." She blinks up at him blankly and grins a second later. "Hey.. long time no see.. eh?" She grins and looks over to the sands for a moment before glancing back to the former Reachian Rider.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath turns her head 'round, nostrils flaring, as she settles on her haunches in preparation. Tail lashes, muscles bench, metallic hide gives a jerk, and a rather long, minorly bulbous egg is deposited to the Sands, hovering for a moment on its end before rolling to a comfortable stop.

From the hatching sands, Crimson and gold explode over an otherwise bleak and dreary surface, interlacing and blending liberally with each other in a mellifluous declaration of light. The colours fade to softer pinks and yellows as the burst relaxes, giving off final scarlet wisps towards the darkened ends of the lengthy egg. A cloudy conglomeration of the original colours marks an imperfect bulge in the shell, managing to create the impression of a gilded roseate runner's head.

Boric blinks as he realises that Graiham just asked him something about Caiti, "Um, no… she doesn't trust healers." Boric gives the healer 'prentice and apologetic look, then continues, "She hasn't trusted healers since the time one told her it would be in her best interest to never marry and have children."

Danse shakes her head at Boric. "I still don't see how knowing the type of bone could help if someone cracks it." She shakes her head. "People should just not crack their skulls open an' then there won't be a problem." Well, no one ever said she was a /logical/ thinker.

Sobi walks in.

Graiham's mouth drops open for a second, working soundlessly. "But." He shifts uncomfortably. "Look, if she's sick, she really ought to see someone about it. Stuff doesn't just get better all on its own." He turns to face the Sands, adding a mumbled response to Danse's comment. This conversation is going badly; best to watch the Clutching.

Boric ooohs over the newest egg on the Sands… He chuckles softly at Danse's reasoning, "Precisely the logic my sister uses."

Sobi steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

G'deon had been staring rather intently at the scene far below, but as Hynolonie speaks his name, he gives a quick blink and glances down at her, face splitting into a pleased grin. "Lonie! Shells, girl, how are you?" Gee, somebody's in a good mood.

Sobi returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.

From the hatching sands, "Oooooh…it's pretty!" Yulianna releases her grip with one hand to point at the latest-arrived egg, and flops back against Baji's arm. "Like a sunrise." she adds grinning broadly. The mention of sabotage has her shooting D'baji a suspicious look, "Ya'd better not. I'm careful to take that green stuff an' if I hear that ya've been plottin' with Hytiaf an' I end up gettin' fat, I'll have yer hide in the next batch of tunnelsnake stew." Goldrider lass, wields her whip with a steady hand, wields her knife with a steadier hand. *cough* "Ya' have enough kidlets to suit me already, an' I'm not lookin' to donate to the total—but it's so -pretty-!" she adds, the last bit for the egg, of course, with a fond look for her lifemate thrown in there.

Ivanova blinks in from ::between::!

G'deon calls to Ivanova, who flies over and lands on his shoulder.

Boric blinks a bit as he watches the sands, then adds almost in an aside to Graiham, "I agree, but she's every bit as stubborn as Da was. More, Da didn't want her to run in the first place."

From the hatching sands, D'baji narrows his eyes in an attempt for better focus on the newly arrived (and, apparently, pretty) egg. "It's got a lump in it," he notes rather apathetically. "Interestin', though." A wry little smirk goes towards the goldrider, while the not-previously-squashed hand is raised defensively enough. "S'okay, I don't /really/ need anymore either, an' sides. Y'know I'd hate to fall into disfavour with you, after all. Could Hytiaf even /be/ plotted with? Though Healers were supposed to be all honest and such…" A little shuffle is given to refresh (and the term is used loosely) his feet on the sands. And now Deb starts inheriting some of Nverath's proud fatherly looks.

Danse frowns slightly. "Why'n't he want her to run?" She puts her hand down under the bench and comes back with a crawly bug, watching it crawl over her hand. "Hello little bug…"

Graiham just says, "I'd just like to reiterate that, if she's sick, she needs to see a Healer." He nods firmly and leaves his stance at that, watching the eggs now.

Adrenalin rush slowly receding, Jash finds that his legs are starting to feel like wet noodles. Perhaps he should have taken more time getting here. He hadn't missed too much. Looking around for the first time, he is becomes aware of the crowd. An overwhelming urge to sit and not be noticed takes hold in the young man. He searches the stands for an empty spot to settle.

Hynolonie grins a bit at him before her eyes drift to the dragon and eggs again. "I'm Well. Good and all that." She nods for a moment before her hands develope a mind of their own and start fidgiting with the hem on her tunic. "Working a little more seriously on promotion right now. I've got less than a turn before I'm eligible and I want to walk the tables on my turnday, if possible." She grins. She's ambitious, but not full of herself. Nope. That was easy to tell because she didn't consider herself gifted enough to get the promotion before her 18th turnday. "How are you? Are you liking Ista? Used to the warm weather yet?"

Soujourner gives a happy whistle as she slips out of [[between]], pleased to be safe once more.

Boric shrugs, "On account of the fact that she can't run far without gettin' chest pains. She's fast mind, but she needs to take lots of breaks." A nod for Graiham's wisdom, then, "If'n me Da couldn't get her to not run, and him bein' station master for Igen's waystation, what makes you think I can get her to see a healer?"

From the hatching sands, Miyakath moves to lie down, glimmering in the heat of the hatching sands, and rest from the intense hours which pass, but she hesitates, sensing another egg on it's way. She shifts, making the next divot in the sand with a single scoop of her forepaw, and then waits. Finally, the egg emerges. With a look that might, suggest something of concern and apprehension, Miyakath turns her head to peer at the egg with narrowed eyes. That egg is a strange sight to behold, fiery crimson and charred atmosphere surrounding it. Somehow the egg bears a sense of warmth and comfort as Miyakath extends her neck to examine it. However, her muzzle is pulled back in surprise, as the apocalyptic egg already emanates an impression of heat, even for the sands.

From the hatching sands, A foreboding navy blue, almost black, colours the top of this egg, fading into swirls of periwinkle, fiery red-oranges, and ash. Around the bottom fifth of the egg are splashes of ocean blue and grass greens and dirt browns. A large tannish-brown spot disrupts the pattern in the atmospheres of light blue, the blotched tail sparking up towards the sky in crimson and the brown itself surrounded by an aura of scarlet and ginger, falling towards the rounded point of the egg half-buried in the sands.

Falada walks in.

Caitilin walks in.

Graiham shrugs as if resigned, obviously finding his interest in this argument waning. (One can only do so much, after all.) "I don't. But you could always try to reason with her. But, in the end, it's her decision what she does." Somebody Else's Problem.

Caitilin grins as she spots Boric, she gives her brother a wave, then finds a seat not too far away. Drat, he's seated next to a healer's 'prentice.

Falada slips in silently, searching for somewhere she can see, but not be seen. Her sketch book is already out, pencils in hand. Ahah! There's a seat… no, that shy kid from Paradise got there first. Oh well, he won't bother her much. She chances it and waves a hand at Jash for his attention. signing something >

Boric gives Caitilin a nod, then waves to her, "Caiti, come join us?" Shaking his head, he knows she won't. Stubborn… that's what Da said about her, and he had to agree.

"Good to hear," G'deon begins to reply, smiling down at Hynolonie again as he leans back on his hands a bit, long legs stretching as far as they can before running up against the bench in front of them. "And, uh… speaking of promotions," Gid gestures to the knot at his shoulder as he struggles to keep his smile from breaking out into a full-out dorky grin. "I'm back at 'Reaches already, actually. I'd just caught the word that Miyakath was clutching, so Nyls and I decided to drop in to watch. And found you!" There's a dorky grin for ya. The rider glances around the galleries quickly, blue eyes glimmering as if a continuation of his good mood. "But shells, Lonie… when is your Turnday again? I can't believe you got so old on me!" It's a compliment, really.

Kodisan walks in.

Caitilin sighs and works her way over to Boric, "Hello, I'm Caiti," she casts a disparaging eye at her brother, yep… One can certainly see the family resemblance in these two. They seem to wear the same face.

Brid Pis totally lost count-wise now. Sure that eventually she will catch up, like /after/ all is said and clutched, she starts studying individual eggs instead… The last one is certainly.. unique..

From the hatching sands, Yulianna gives D'baji a look to let him know that she knows precisely the reason that he'd hate to fall out of favor with her, and then turns her attention back to her lifemate. "They're so bright this time." she states, obviously in reference to the eggs, "Seems like last time they were all greys an' greens an' browns…but look at that'un." She nods toward the next egg, drooping a little against D'baji. "We're gonna have to get a bench out here or somethin' fer the next clutchin'…I can't take standin' up for all of it." she sighs, then eyes D'baji, as if considering if there's some way to turn him into a bench.

Graiham leans forward on his bench, eyeing Caitilin briefly. Note that it's not just _one_ Healer Apprentice; there's a little cluster of them localized around where Graiham, Danse, and Boric are seated. "Nice to meet you, Caiti. I'm Graiham. G-R-A-I-H-A-M."

Caitilin chuckles a bit as she notices the other 'prentices, "Well met, Graiham." She looks over at Kodison and chuckles. If he isn't taller than she when standing… well why should she want someone not taller than herself?

Ellianna goes home.

Jash sits in a nice reclusive spot. Ahhh perfect. He then notices Falada (well he notices her hand waving at him). He looks over to watch her sign. Speaking as he signs he says /Sure, you can sit here./ <Sure you can sit here.> A friendly, familiar, face is always good to have around.

From the hatching sands, D'baji obediently turns his eyes towards the indicated egg, giving a quick nod of his head. "Well, colour's always good… Nothing like keeping the interest, right? Though I can't see how people could lose interest, personally… But maybe that's 'Ver's fault." For said bronze is looking rather entranced by the whole thing, wingtips twitching occasionally- he's over the first bursts of pride by now. "Well, if Miyakath's done with Nverath he might lend us a forearm?" is suggested, though a dubiousness to his tone would suggest he doesn't put a whole lot of faith into this possibility. "Though if y'want I could carry ya' 'till I get heat stress an' fall over?" Evilgrin.

Boric throws Caiti a concerned look then glances at the Sands, "Are you sure you should be here?" Yup… going into concerned brother mode… someone stop him?

From the hatching sands, Miyakath strains under the pressure of releasing her next egg. Of odd shape and colors, the egg comes to rest after rolling quite a distance, due to its nearly spherical shape. The gold mother lets out a worried bugle, a sound reverberating throughout the hatching grounds, and hurries to dig a deep hole in which to support the shapely egg, keeping it from getting away again.
Oddly faint colors smear the surface of this orb, swirling around and mixing together in strange tones. With hues of orange and green, the shell appears as though lighted from within. Near the zenith of the nearly spherical egg is a bright spot, a white beacon surrounded by a scintillating turquoise. This spot gleams in the midst of a clear area of deepest black, giving extra strength to the searing star, and allowing no one to ignore its existence.

From the hatching sands, Oddly faint colors smear the surface of this orb, swirling around and mixing together in strange tones. With hues of orange and green, the shell appears as though lighted from within. Near the zenith of the nearly spherical egg is a bright spot, a white beacon surrounded by a scintillating turquoise. This spot gleams in the midst of a clear area of deepest black, giving extra strength to the searing star, and allowing no one to ignore its existence.

Kodisan slides in, quite as can be, his slim form moving through the crowds to huddle against one wall. Peeking over the shoulders of a few other spectators, he concentrates on the clutching going on below on the hot, Istan sands.

Tiller goes home.

Graiham has the sense to stay out of this brother-sister thing, instead turning to face the Sands and actually going silent for the time being. Sometimes, it's just better that way.

Caitilin sits down between Graiham and the 'prentice closest to him and turns her attention to the Sands, pointedly ignoring Boric.

Hynolonie grins a little at G'deon and ponders. "Hm. Simply amazing. I haven't been back to the reaches in a while. Kind of trying to avoid a reputation." She nods and wrinkles her brow at that one. Not that she didn't have a reputation already, but well, a girl had to do what a girl had to do. "its the 40th day of Spring. Just over 2 fortnights ago. And I'm not old. I'm getting near the age you were when you Impressed Nylanth, Aren't I though? and didn't you think you were young when you did that?" She grins a bit more, trying to point out a flaw in his logic. "Hannah's Dhiammarath clutched a few days ago. I was here for that. I decided to stay for a while and make my visit a touch more social before heading off to Smith again." Falada is waved at, if she was looking, before Lonie blinks back over at G'deon. "Is heading back to High Reaches a Promotion? did…. Did Mum rise again." Lonie goes pale. Shards.. did Ysbryth rise again, and she had no idea.. and G'deon was weyrleader again? The timing wasn't right.. not at all, but the thought of it caught Lonie off guard.

Danse has had plenty enough with sibling-things and also turns her attention to the sands, still pouting that that silent boy in the corner ignored her, and now he's got that harper's attention, too. *pout*

Jash looks over to Falada after watching a couple more eggs make their appearance. signing something >

From the hatching sands, Yulianna eyes the gold and bronze, "They look busy." she murmurs, and rolls her eyes, "I'm not -that- weak." she states, puffing up her chest a little as if top prove as much. She goes to such extents as to drop Baji's hand all together, you know, just to -prove- she doesn't need the support. After all, she -is- the -tough- one here, right? Her arms are firmly folded across her chest and she shifts her weight a little from one foot to the other—away from D'baji. "Oooh, that's pretty, too…they're so -odd- this time!" she adds, shaking her head a little at the whole thing.

Brid says, "That's another .." muttering to herself, nannies do that all the time, actually.. especially if they are mated to a rider who does it as well. "Definitely a starcraft thing going. Wonder if that means all the Impressed will be from the craft?" Could be an interesting 'ling class if so, and maybe there is a sign to be found here?"

Ellianna walks in.

Caitilin throws Graiham a brief glance, then asks, "How long you been 'prenticed with the Healer's?"

Knowing that Caiti will no longer answer him, Boric turns to Danse, she's pretty after all, and since Graiham seems more inclined to stay out of a sibling tiff… Which really is the wisest choice… Boric asks, "What do you like most about Gar, Danse?" as he continues to watch the clutching.

Falada shakes her head no as she sketches. Her eyes never seem to leave the sands and one might wonder how she saw the signs, but she apparently did. Her pencil stops scratching long enough to reply, signing something >

From the hatching sands, Miyakath whuffles an egg here, an egg there, pausing, making a divot, laying eggs in no particular pattern. They do tend to stay fairly close to one another, no egg being so far away from the rest that a good roll wouldn't push them all into a pile. But a continued meticulousness is displayed in her digging of the little holes, and her tail is moved delicately so as not to bump any of the leathery eggsit wouldn't do to put a dent in them, after all. But they keep coming, each anywhere from a few minutes to a half-candlemark apart in timing. Blues and icy greens streak across the surface of one egg, another a mottled pale and dark blue, looking almost like it has been spattered with two halves of the skynight and day. One egg emerges, a particulary bright color of white-gold, almost perfectly matching the tints of Rukbat at midday.

Graiham hedges a moment, his expression becoming thoughtful though he doesn't bother looking up from the Sands to consider it. "A little over a month? I took my Oaths not long ago, anyway. Your brother said you've got an ailment and won't see a Healer about it. Bad form."

Caitilin casts a glare at Boric, "It comes and goes. Mostly I'm not bothered by it." She too continues to look at the sands.

Graiham ahhs, nodding as if thoughtfully about that. "He made it sound like it's a pretty big deal. If it's just a little thing, it probably wouldn't take much to help make it better. You ought to see if the Healer at your Hall can do anything about it. Couldn't hurt, anyway."

Danse grins. Cute boy, talking to her. "Gar? I dunno, the gardens I guess. Yeah, I like the gardens. Makes since, 'cause I take care of 'em, y'know? But my brothers take me ridin' sometimes on their runners. Jay's runner's Keroonbred and Shaney's was born at Gar an' is kinda just a mutt."

Jash nods to Falada's reply as he turns back to the clutching and his notes. Sitting in companionable silence as she sketches and he takes notes, only muttering to himself every now and again.

From the hatching sands, "Suppose," D'baji says as way of passive agreement, furrowing his brow a bit for being left altogether. Though there's hints of a smile too- too out of it to figure whether he should be amused or hurt to have been left. Though he does sidel after the goldrider, if only al ittle. "I'd say more interesting than odd," D'baji adds with a whuffle. The next ones are oggled for a moment, and then a brow is raised. "How many is that now?"
Rorschach> Boric glances up in time to see the glare thrown his way, then back to the sands. Why couldn't she just see that he was concerned for her?

Brid blinks at the bright spot amidst all the dark, oh look.. hope rising from the ashes, maybe? Or maybe Miyaketh was just tired of all the dimly lit, but certainly intriguing *cough* eggs already deposited? And what is the pattern to this clutch, not that she has figured out Dhia's yet. She really needs to go back to Starcraft Hall and get someone to explain it to her.

Caitilin ponders Graiham's words a moment then, "Seen one… Nothin' to be done… I'm taking appropriate medications for it," okay so she isn't, but unless a 'prentice is going to check with someone, how's he to know?

Sobi goes home.

From the hatching sands, Yulianna glances at D'baji, covering a yawn and slouching a little, "Seventeen." she nods firmly, certain of her calculation. "That'un's pretty." she adds, pointing out the Rukbat shades of one egg. "If it was any bigger I'd say it would be a goldjust from the colorin'" she breaks off, then shakes her head, "Miyakath says it's not, though." She sounds a tad disappointed at that, but takes a little step toward Miyakath, clasping her hands in front of her and canting her head a little to one side, "Need a break, love? Water er…er somethin'?" Yulianna may not be familiar with the details of having children, but she's perfectly and completely aware of ever discomfort her lifemate is experiencing at the moment—and the heat of the sands isn't helping much, as Yuli's just -human- after all.

Boric nods absently as he watches the Sands, "I liked Igen… Liked… " his voice trails off as he glances at his sister, nope… that was personal, "Liked the fact that it wasn't as humid as Ista seems to be," he finished instead.

Graiham nods and shrugs, resigned. "Well, it's good that you're getting it taken care of. Better that way." That's kind of all the more he can say about it, hm? "Ever seen a Clutching before?" he adds presently.

Caitilin nods, "Once, I was pretty young. I don't remember much about it, other than Da was upset about Mum not being able to attend. She had a hard time of it with Boric."

G'deon blinks a little at Lonie, then goes back to watching the sands as Miyakath clutches another couple eggs. "Reputation?" he questions curious, though in a bland enough tone to get Hynolonie ignore the obvious inquiry if she so chooses. "Ah… I'm sorry I missed it again, Lonie," the bronze rider adds quietly, looking genuinely remorseful. "I got so distracted with training and all…" He gestures slightly but lets his hand fall in his lap again. Well, next Turn I'll have to make it up to you, that's all there is to it. And you're right, too. I was about nineteen or so, almost twenty." He pauses then, again watching the dragons and riders below before glancing at Lonie for a long moment. "No, not that kind… I'm a dragonhealer now, that's all. No longer a student…" Nor weyrleader.

Caitilin glances at Graiham, and notes privately that she could get to like him. After all, how many healer's did she know that didn't press her to see them about her various problems? 'Specially after Da had sent word to someone about the fact that he hadn't wanted her to run at all?

From the hatching sands, "Shards," is emitted quite reverently from the hairy bronzer. "Seventeen already… Although… Not so much already, is it?" Here D'baji shoots a sort of apologetic look towards the gold, wrinkling his nose just a bit. "/Can/ she take a break?" As D'baji's about as familiar with dragon clutching as he is with behavioural patterns of wherries. Which isn't very familiar. Nverath goes into a sort of stretch, narrowed wings fanning and glistening rather prettily while some comment or other is rumbled in reference to the eggs that are plopping out.

Danse nods. "Yeah, I can see how the humidity might get t'someone as was used t'dry climate." She ooohs at the new eggs appearing on the sands. "Ain't they pretty, Boric?"

Graiham looks over at Boric for a second, then leans back, resuming his seat with another terse nod. "Little brothers can be like that, sometimes. Don't envy you," he says conversationally. "Suppose it must get uncomfortable," he adds, nodding to the Sands to explain taht remark.

Ellianna goes home.

Caitilin chuckles as she continues to watch the Sands, "Yes, I suppose it would?"

Falada turns the page in her sketch book, sketching a different part of the scene, pencils trading out from behind her ear, always scratching on the paper.

Boric shoots Graiham and Caiti a sullen look. He was flirting first… No _fair_! Boric sighs and nods, "Yep, they sure are."

Kodisan stretches up on his toes a moment as the crowd shifts, suddenly opening up a little in front of him so he can move a little closer to the edge of the galleries, leaning over just a bit to get a good look before he moves back towards the others with a small smile.

Hynolonie is passified that she didn't flub and miss one of her mother's clutches. She sighs and smiles whistfully. "Too bad. I think you made a smashing weyrleader. If Ysbryth can't see how wonderful and powerful Nylanth is next time… she has interesting tastes." There. That didn't insult any dragon right? A person's tastes were their own business. The senior gold did pick good leaders though. "Don't worry about it, G'deon. Likely, the day fell in the middle of your final lessons and whatever tests Saria was putting you through before she declared you fully trained. I'm glad your done though. Its easier for me to find you at High Reaches. I never did find you here." Lonie fidgits a bit more with her tunic hem before replying to the subtle inquiry. "I… broke the apprentice code once.. while I was up at High Reaches. It got back home rather quickly, and to save myself from having people wonder whether I was doing it again and every time I visited home, I have simply refrained for a while. I'm being.. a .. model apprentice." Despite the fact that she roams freely on Ista Island.

Brid catches bit and pieces of conversations, not really focused on any one in particular, mostly paying attention to the sands and trying once again to count.. Dhiammamath has 23 and Miyaketh has.. what, 17? So that makes .. 40 so far. Looks like the nurseries will be getting all sorts of extra help soon. A gleam in her eye, maybe now would be a good time to convince a certain bluewrider a vacation is in order..

From the hatching sands, The youngest gold offers a long stretch and a yawn, and cranes her neck around to whuffle her lifemate. Then Miyakath turns and treads all the way around the eggs laid so far in a circle, pausing to snuffle Nverath before moving on. That's right…good boy…you get a cookie for digging. Ahem. She pauses, digs a hasty divot and shoots the crowd in the gallery a suspicious glare before extending a wing. A little privacy here, people! Omlette-hungry throngs. Hmph. She folds her wing back to display egg number eighteen, an egg the most velvety tints of violet imaginable, with what looks like the reflection of two Rukbats—but it's two spots of bright white, almost seeming to orbit each other in a double-binary arrangement. She nudges the egg carefully into place, and prepares a divot directly next to it. A moment passes…another moment…a few moments. Then the next egg emerges. Almost exactly the inverse of the eighteenth egg, egg number nineteen is a lilac so faint that it looks almost white, four or five deep purple blotches gracing one end. It, too, is snuffled at, and carefully packed into place.

"I mean," Graiham begins thoughtfully, "with it being hot and all. I wouldn't want to be down there for that long."

Caitilin laughter bubbles from Caiti, "I quite agree," has she disconcerted someone? No most likely not… after all Healer's were supposed to be as unflappable as any Harper… ;)

From the hatching sands, Yulianna laughs softly over her shoulder at D'baji's question, completely missing the next two eggs, "Not really, but…well, I thought I'd ask, ya' know?" Someone calling and pointing from the galleries has her turning back toward her lifemate with a blink and an almost frantic, "What? Wha'd I miss? Two? Where?" She finally manages, likely with a word from her lifemate, to spot the next two eggs, and huffs a relieved sigh. "Nineteen…how many more? What's thirty-three minus…" she trails off and comes up with, "Fourteen more…I'm sure glad that -people- don't have that many…ya'd be bedridden fer, oh -turns-."

A large bronze firelizard pops in from between. Flying down to Jash he twitters a little as he lands on his shoulder. Jumping up suddenly, Jash says "Sorry, Mother needs me. I have to go." He starts out before turning back to sign it to the girl.

Jash makes some seemingly random gestures.

Jash goes home.

Oh, definitely don't mistake Graiham for disconcerted. He's just preoccupied, having now turned his attention more where it should have been all along. After all, it's not every day a Healer Apprentice gets to watch a Clutching. "You'd think it would make for quick tempers, but they seem to get on pretty well."

Brid sighs and amends that count to 42. Tilts, dark eyes tot he sands for a closer look, a sligh squint bring them all in sharper focus.. Much better.. Ohhh, that one with the two spots is nice. And what is Miyaketh doing with her pattern? The nanny will figure this out, it's all a matter of time.

Kodisan goes home.

From the hatching sands, D'baji can't quite hide a little grin for the goldrider. "Oh aye, you're so considerate," he says with definite hints of approval, despite himself. Nverath is shot another glance as the bronze's tail returns to the sands to start with the trenching, efforts renewed by the recent attention paye to him. "Her little digging techniques are nicer than his, I think. She seem sto have a purpose. He's just… digging effeciently."

Caitilin chuckles, "I've heard that a clutching can bring two people that would ordinarily be at eachother's throats quite close. Of course… " here she pauses to glance at Boric, "Considering where I heard that, I'm not too sure I would trust that." She too is a bit preoccupied in the clutching.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath sifts through the sands and finally selects the perfect spot. She digs a small hollow, parting the sands with golden forepaws before shifting. Distorted seconds drag before a small, rounded black egg drops into the new nest and settles amongst the volcanic heat, out of place in the abundance of color. With a rumble, the queen pats the sand back into place and moves on, leaving the egg alone to absorb the curious glances of those gathered to watch.

From the hatching sands, The surface of this shell reflects the unfathomable vast of space, blacker than the human eye can comprehend, seeming to be a split in space and time itself. Terror of the skies of space lies the black hole, color sucked out of nothingness. Deep hues of purple swirl around the innermost circumference of the black hole, dotting the beginning of a plunge into the unknown. Cavernous blues churn around the outermost regions of the space tornado in a billowing dance. Unfortunate stars amidst the blues and purples are dim, their glow faded in despair as they slowly descend into nothingness. The only bright light in the vast lands of desolation is an old sun, slowly being pulled into the tide. It gives off its last hope of life as it's tugged into the gloom. The blackness of this perfectly round egg pulls in the viewers as would the black hole pull in its victims, trapping them in its shadows.

Boric now sits totally ingrossed in the happenings on the Sands. He ooohs at the latest egg to clutch, and seems to only have eyes for the Sands. He doesn't even seem to notice Danse sitting right next to him.

"Yeah?" asks Graiham, hrming thoughtfully over that one. "That might be interestnig to watch." He muses over the concept for a while.

Brid shies back from that last egg… a not-quite-distasteful feeling in her stomach. But certainly an unsettling one, and yet, she cannot seem to keep her eyes from sliding back to it, time and again.

From the hatching sands, "Three purple ones in a row." Yulianna musses, shifting from one foot to the other. "Wish I hadn't worn my boots…I'm gonna have to bathe three or four times just to feel clean." she murmurs, to nobody in particular. Though, her eyes shift to D'baji appraisingly for a moment, before she sniffs and adds, "Ya' need to bathe, too." And what she -really- means by that is anyone's guess. She heaves a rather loud sigh, "My feet are -killin'- me." And another of those appraising looks is shot Baji-wards…but this time she doesn't actually -say- anything.

Boric's gaze is drawn to the first of the eggs to have been clutched, wondering idly who the lucky candidate will be to Impress that one?

G'deon's eyes glaze just a bit as he stifles a tiny snort at a comment given him from his 'mate. "Nylanth said the choice was never hers to make, as he was not at the last flight," he informs the Harper, deepening his voice slightly in an imitation of Nylanth's. "Life happens, that's all. I'm more than happy to finally be able to finish the training I started so many Turns ago." He stops then, however, as Hynolonie continues, Gid's brows rising in innocent surprise as the clutching seems to come to an end and the crowd begins milling a bit more. The rider suddenly reaches out to put an arm around Lonie's shoulders in a quick squeeze as he gives her an encouraging, private sort of smile. "Hey, things happen. And it's not like you're running rampant, ruining your studies, right? It's often those unexpected, unplanned events in life that make the biggest impact on us." He then grimaces a little and begins to get to his feet. "Sorry, kid, I have to get going… I'll stop by the Smith Hall soon, though, I promise. With a turnday gift!" But with that, he's rushing down the stairs to join his lifemate for some unexplained reason, the two quickly gone from the Istan skies.

G'deon walks out.

Danse wriggles in excitement as she watches one egg after another appear on the sands, but soon the old greenrider appears again and waves to her. She pouts, but nudges Boric. "Hey, if'n you're ever in the Gar area, stop in an' say hi. I'll prolly be in the garden, k?"

Boric sits enraptured by the sight of the newly clutched eggs, he nods absently at Danse.

Kagosi suddenly disappears ::between:: in a flash of bronze.

From the hatching sands, "Yeah, it's, umm," how to put this, "a wee bit hot, eh?" Though D'baji, despite his understating, does feel inclined to shuffle about again now that attention has been drawn back to the foot situation in general. Power of suggestion and all. "A bath. That could be nice. Might go for a swim first, cool off, and /then/ a bath…" Another awkward shuffle as he goes back to thinking of his toes. "You have to wonder, though, what's worse… Being barefoot on the Sands, or being in boots on the Sands." Mighty Nverath sends a quick snort towards the shuffling hirsute rider, which has Deb's attention back where it belongs: eggs. Bwah.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath crouches, a musical thrum rumbling in her throat as the queen heralds the next egg's impending arrival. Eyelids close as she concentrates; one final massive effort, and the egg arrives at last, rolling slowly out onto the sands. Aided by its dam's gentle nudge, the egg makes its stately way over to a depression in the sand, content to settle there as sand is piled up against it, scattering over its starry surface.

From the hatching sands, Star-studded blackness delineates the base of this ovoid, folds of night-sky velvet sweeping up to swathe the egg's surface in its soft caress. Constellations of pinprick stars beautify the smooth curve of shell, but its dark splendor is completely eclipsed by the magnificent spiral of silver gracing the egg's equator. Floods, rivers of stars cascade down each curving arm, radiating out from an almost luminous center; cloudy nebulas, shades of silvered red, yellow, even blue, all are visible within the galaxy's embrace. If one were to look closely enough, one might glimpse near-identical spirals in the egg's remote depths, each seeming to slowly turn, uniting in a vast, eternal cosmic dance to the unheard music of the stars.

Danse goes home.

Caitilin blinks as she looks on, wondering idly wether she should stay… Or return to the Hall?

Kylianna walks out.

Graiham looks over when Danse leaves, lifting his brows toward his hairline. Boric gets an amused, sidelong glance. "She sure cut out fast, didn't she?"

Brid would chuckle at the little shifting figures down there if she weren't busy trying to figure it all out. Now Dhia was definietly creating some pattern and Miya seems just as intent on a circle?? A shake of her head, the heat sifting even upwards to reach her as she ponders… Rather nice right now, no kidlets, no Izabril, no responsibilities. For now, anyway.

Marek walks in.

Boric grins a bit foolishly, and nods. What else can he say?

From the hatching sands, Yulianna quickly replies to Baji's ponderance, "Boots. It's not -that- hot on the sands, ya' know. Not as bad as on the beach after it's been sunny all day." She nods decisively and squints a little to watch the next egg emerge. "So many dark 'uns with…er…-stuff- on them." she musses. She tugs a bit at the front of her top and rolls her eyes, "Faranth, remind me not to wear leather out here anymore…I'll have to dig out that light dress I'd put in my trunk."

Caitilin chuckles softly at the look on Boric's face, "It's good to see you smiling again, Boric." Caiti's comment isn't left unheard by her brother, and likely not by her seatmates for that matter.

Caitilin stifles a yawn as she stands, "It was nice meeting you, Graiham, but I'm afraid I must be running now. If you'll excuse me, I'm late for a run."

Graiham nods pleasantly, saying, "Don't run out of breath, now." He tacks on a very nice, polite smile, then turns back to watching the Sands without further ado.

From the hatching sands, D'baji bob his head in some sort of acknowledgement. "Right, but it's still hot." A scratch is given to his arm, and a little grimace. "And I'm far too insulated for m'own good." A blink towards the most recent egg, and appropriate oohing and aahing take place. "I like that one there… Dunno why for sure, but I do." And in final response to her last comment, eyebrows go up in evident surprise. "You have a dress?"

Caitilin squeezes Boric's shoulder and leans in close… She whispers a comment that causes Boric to scowl, "Don't look that way… You know as well as I do, why Da wanted you to be a Candidate." She grins back at Graiham as she finally leaves the galleries for home, and her missive tubes.

Caitilin goes home.

From the hatching sands, Miyakath wuffles the Andromeda Galaxy Egg, adjusts it's position delicately with a forepaw, and begins her circling, again—but this time much more slowly. A bit of sand is heaped up around this egg, and a fresh divot is created for that egg, and they're shifted and arranged so that they're each just -so-. The gold pauses, lowering her muzzle to almost-touch each egg, almost as though tucking her children in for a good sleep…the offspring of the Goddess -must- be treated with great respect, you know. A warning look is offered those in the gallery, along with D'baji and Nverath, a look indicating that anyone who even -thinks- about disturbing -her- eggs with have to deal with the Ultimate Wrath. Then, with everything seemingly set in order, the gold offers a little whuffle in Dhiammarath's direction, before stretching out along the line of Nverath's Trench and curling a tail protectively around the clutch of eggs.

Boric is left to scowl after his sister, and her somewhat telling remark. Scorch her anyways! Fine see if he'll come running the next time Caiti starts to have problems? Boric turns back to the Sands.

Graiham sits up abruptly, lifting his chin to look toward where Miyakath is circling. "Does that mean she's finished?" he asks of anyone who might have an answer, looking over his shoulder toward a couple of people standing up to leave.

Brid stretches, but her eyes still study the eggs, the dragons and the patterns. Who knows what made them what theya re (the eggs) and who knows why the dragons chose those designs, but this little nanny will puzzle it out, and once that is decided, she begins the count, agains…

Boric blinks and wonders the same thing, is it indeed over?

Boric has disconnected.

From the hatching sands, Yulianna rolls her eyes, "Of -course- I have a dress! Ya' know, I -did- wear clothes before I was a rider." And lucky her, she can still wear every last stitch of it. No fat Yulis here, no sir-ee. She turns back toward her lifemate, trudging across the sands to lay her hands on the gold's muzzle. "You certain love? Of course—I understand…I'm sure Nverath'd be glad to keep anyone from disturbin' ya' while ya' rest." she croons to her lifemate. A final caress is offered to the gold hide, and Yulianna turns back, calling partly to the crowd in the gallery and partly to D'baji, "Twenty-one! Miyakath says that's all of them!" Does Yuli seem concerned that the clutch size fell somewhat short of her estimations? Not at all. As a matter of fact, she's positively beaming as she heads back across the sands to attach herself to D'baji's arm. "C'mon, I'm -dyin'- fer somethin' cold to drink. Cool drinks in the Livin' Caverns!" she calls to the group of onlookers, and with that, she begins dragging D'baji off the sands.

Tsunami suddenly disappears ::between::!

Falada goes home.

The general consensus from the Healer cluster is to groan a little despondently. "Well," says Graiham, getting up along with a few others. "I guess that's that." Back to the proverbial grindstone. Dragging their heels, the group of them depart.
Rorschach> Graiham slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

On the ledge, Graiham comes up from the galleries looking for a dragon — I know I parked around here somewhere.

From the hatching sands, "Well forgive me for not rememberin' everythin' about you," D'baji retorts, some sort of relief dipping into his tone for the fact that, it'd seem, they're free for at least a while. Nverath, meanwhile, ruffles his wings, attempts to look the part of the fierce guardian- something he can do surprisingly well, actually- and galumphs to a properly protective spot. And D'baji is happily dragged.

On the ledge, Graiham goes home.

Brid sighs, finished at 21, with the other 23, certainly enough new candidates to warrent a vacation. Excellent! With a last glance to that one that sems to pull to her, she rouses herself enough to head away… making a full report to izz'y and Nuadayth.

Brid goes home.

From the hatching sands, Yulianna ambles off the sands.
Yulianna wanders off the heated desert of dragon-sands.

From the hatching sands, Yulianna leads D'baji out.

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